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(This archive is a reconstruction of RTQ reports submitted in 2005. The formatting and any incorporated links were lost, but the text is true to the original reports.)

Dscussion in Andris

January 19, 2006The afternoon was quietly ending in Andris. As the pleasant sound of the first evening insects slowly grew in the lands, Senator Morgans ended today's lesson on the usual note of hope and trust she suspected the children knew by heart by now. Andris was free, the evil men gone forever, and the three Senators working together to rebuild a stronger city. Soon the lessons would not take place in the city hall anymore, as the school was slowly being rebuilt, Senator Robertson spending most of his days helping the workers. Soon everything would be better, and if they all believed in it and prayed to the GoDs every day, then nothing wrong could happen... Absolutely nothing...

Morgans rose, her old body aching from staying in the same position all those hours, but it was necessary. Anderson, Roberston, and most of the other teachers were too busy rebuilding the city, a task her old body would not allow her to do anymore. Her duty was to teach the children of Andris. To teach them to be good and loyal, for such a thing never to happen again.

With a tender smile she rose her hand and waved all the kids goodbye, already running back home to the promise of a good dinner, a game of tag with their brothers and sisters, a hug from their mother, and the proudness in their eyes when they report to their parents every single thing they learnt today. But not outside of Andris. Outside of Andris is dangerous. When you are older, maybe, but now, stay in the city and be a good boy, be a good girl and help your mother baking, help your father cutting this wood...

All the kids, but that boy. A few minutes after the castle was empty of all presence, he would still stand here. Morgans tried to talk to him, but he would never answer. He hasn't spoken a word since both his parents were executed for trying to escape the city when a breach was opened in the walls. Executed in front of their only child. And now everybody rejects him, kids because he won't talk, parents because he is a living symbol of the treachery of Lancaster.

Lost in thoughts, Morgans watched the sun as it was disappearing in the distant. The Curio, lost somewhere in the lands, or in the hands of another madman dooming history to repeat, once again. Serene, forever traumatized by Lancaster, whose powers seem to have vanished, crying every night trying to forget, praying for those images to leave her mind, and her... She was old, very old, and in a few years...

Anderson's hand on her shoulder brought her back to reality. "They are not bringing good news, Morgans". It took her a few seconds to realize Anderson was talking about the two men dressed in black, looking at the ground as they were advancing towards the castle.

At this moment, her heart stopped beating.


The Royal Guard of Mirith and the Leader of the Mirith Vanguard saluted the two Senators as the Moon started appearing in the sky, fatigue and worries in their eyes.

"What brings you to our wonderful city?" Anderson asked. It was late and the last thing she wanted is to waste her time is useless speech.

- "I... Where to start, actually..." Zexe answered.

- "I think it all began with a evidence stolen from the Black Hand." Birek added.

- "Go on."

- "Well, we... There was that note I was given, some sort of code stolen from a Brigand. A message planning an attack on Port Gast."

- "Port Gast...? Morgans grew pale."

- "Senator? Are you all right?"

- "I.. I am fine.. Please.. Please excuse me a moment."

Morgans walked away. Zexe and Anderson looked at Birek, waiting for him to continue his tale. With an awkard look on his face, his voice broke the silence.

"Senator... The note is not the only thing that was stolen from the Black Hand. During a recent raid on Marali, a book was taken and given to Nafets. This book is... This book is the proof that Lancaster would regularly send parts of Andris' treasury to the Black Hand itself, and that... Since the very moment he was named Senator... "

- "What is that nonsense?" Anderson interrupted. "Are you pretending we did not notice anything during all those years? Lancaster was not even in charge of the treasury! No one would be stupid enough to trust something written by the brigands anyway."

- "Please, Senator... Let him finish." Zexe asked.

- "The book also led us to the belief that Robertson, after being named Senator, kept on depleting Andris' resources and sending them to the Black Hand. More than half the help sent by Mirith ended up in the brigand's hands."

- "Senator Anderson," Zexe asked, "Senator Robertson was in charge of escorting the conveys and distributing the help, wasn't he?"

- "Yes... Yes he was... But... That just is not a proof! Robertson would give his life for the city he... He would never do such a thing and you know it! He is loved by the people... He helped in the liberation, he was always on the front line! That is just nonsense... Robertson..."

- "Senator... The calm voice of Birek contrasted with the anger in Anderson's tone. The code and the book led us into believing Ro.. Senator Robertson would be escorting a prisoners' convoy to Port Gast, this very morning. We sent a few men, hoping they would catch him there and confront him but... Things did not quite go as expected..."

Birek lowered his head, apparently unable to talk anymore. The sound of Morgans' footsteps resonated in the hall. As she came back with a piece of paper in her hand, Zexe told them what he didn't want to say and what they didn't want to hear.

"Robertson was killed this morning at Port Gast. He was apparently escorting Andrisian prisoners with the brigands and attacked our men when they discovered his presence. They had to defend themselves and killed him."

Once again, silence invaded the hall. Birek was looking at the ground, Zexe desperately trying to sustain Anderson's look, as Morgans' tears were spoiling the piece of paper she was holding. After what seemed like an eternity, Morgans spoke, her voice torn by sadness.

"Robertson escorting the brigands... Zexe... Listen to yourself... Zexe... Read that."

She handed the letter to the black armored man standing in front of her. "I was given this letter myself yesterday by a lady at the market. She ran into me and put the paper in my hand. Before I could realize what happened, she was gone... Read that letter Zexe, I do not have the strength to talk anymore."

Zexe unfolded the letter and started reading it. The rapid movement of the paper in his hands betrayed his trembling hands. His eyes grew wider and his mouth opened. After a while, he was still holding the paper, his eyes lost in the vague. His chin started trembling too. "It cannot be..." Birek never saw his friend in such a state.

"May I?" he asked as he was taking the paper and started reading it. mimicrying Zexe, his eyes grew wider as he read the letter a second time, in a trembling voice, as if he needed his ears to confirm what his eyes just saw, he read :

Senator Robertson,

I know about the Moon Curio. I know you spend most of your nights scouting the world looking for it. Look no further. I know where it is.

I will sell this information to whomever has the most to give me. Meet me tomorrow morning at Port Gast. Come alone.

- M

When Birek lifted his head, Morgans was gone. The night was here and all the town looked asleep. Anderson looked straight in his eyes, and broke the silence.

"Morgans and myself were here this morning when Robertson left Andris to Port Gast. He was alone."

- "Anderson... Zexe babbled. It... It might have been a set up... It could... I..."

- "You have nothing left to say, Zexe, Birek. I hereby ask for the names of the murderers of Robertson. You will receive a letter from us, very soon."

And indeed they had nothing left to say.

(as told by the Town Crier)
The Relocation by Liaraen on 14 Jul 2012 : 00:24
(This archive is a reconstruction of RTQ reports submitted in 2005. The formatting and any incorporated links were lost, but the text is true to the original reports.)

The Relocation

December 24, 2005

Arjun bid farewell to Legsalot, Scythe, and Asliendor outside the stubbornly silent mine shaft, and slowly hiked down the mountain, through the town, back to the Nethers' hall. Entering the hall, as usual she made her way first to the supply storage. With a twinge of nostalgia, she smiled at the stacks of recently cooked steaks. "Good timing, whoever cooked them. He isn't around anymore to eat them raw..." She lifted a mass of wooden boards from the lumber box and lugged them over to the forge. "Now I have just you guys left to take care of," she mused, tossing a few of the boards into the flames. "Oh? You're even hungrier tonight than usual, aren't you?" she answered the roars of the fire, throwing the rest of her load into the forge. She walked back to the storage chest for more wood.

Dropping the wood in front of the forge, she pulled a nearby stool a bit closer, and sitting, opened her journal.


Almost as soon as it had started, her pen stopped. She looked up from the page to the fire, watching the swirling dancing forms of the flames. She absentmindedly pushed another board in with her foot. The journal still lying open in her lap, she let her hand and its pen rest next to it. She would form the words in her mind only; it was not yet time for that form to be transfered to paper. Arjun's hand, stayed by secrecy, stayed still, while her mind drifted, buffeted by the twirling flames, forming and discarding again the words her hand would one day write.

It has been almost a complete moon cycle since I first met him, high in the mountains above Duldrus. Legs and I had climbed to the highest accessible peak, while Scythe, Bob and Eve fanned out through town around the foothills. As we paused to admire the view, the sea visible far to the North and again beyond the peaks far to the West glowing gently with the reflection of the gibbous Growing Moon, he appeared behind us. Jextil son of Crausaar, an adorably cute little red draco (oh he'd kill me if he heard me calling him that! hehe). Thinking back, in that brief moment he really was scared. How could we have gotten up the mountain? I offered a reassurance that we were friends of his fathers, and his attitude reverted to that dominant trait I now know so well, supreme confidence, weighed down by the pain of an ailing father.

A short search later, Scythe had found Mexur, the forest draco we had first met some days earlier, and Bob had located their sister Pervil, the most beautiful creature I have ever seen, her scales darker than the jet pulled from the mountain where we were now gathered. With we five humans gathered behind them, the three little dracos faced their great father.

I shiver to think that they may never see him again...

I doubt that they will ever see him again...

The ancient forest dragon told them he could no longer protect them and entrusted them to our care. I remember I cried then, clasping Jextil's neck... In a shared understanding of how the weight of protecting his sister was falling on his shoulders, he and I began to form a bond, and he accepted my embrace. The three little dracos promised their father that they would trust us; Crausaar retreated into his cave with a painful cough; we began leading the dracos down the mountain. Seth would prepare a magically guarded safe-haven for the three, but it would take time. And so it came to be that Scythe, Legs and I were caring for dracos as pets,... Jextil living in a cave near our hall... I had the hall master specially set it... up as a stables... just for him... Jextil... the cave...

The clatter of a pen on the floor. Arjun opened her eyes. The words in her mind had lost form as the fire in the forge had faded. Looking at her hand, she opened and closed it a few times, then bent forward to pick up the pen. Her tired grip was weak. Looking up again, she noticed the languishing forms in the forge before her, and carefully set her journal aside, still open. Lifting the bellows, she squeezed lamely a couple time, then kicked some of the lumber stack in front of her towards the waning fire. The stack of boards collapsed, clattering ineffectually to the floor. The flames seemed to be whining piteously. Forcing herself awake, Arjun grasped the bellows again, with more vigor this time, and in a few minutes the forge fire was roaring again. Arjun sighed. It had not been a day of fighting, but she was exhausted. She had underestimated the emotional drain.

Now sitting again in front of a blazing fire, empty palms resting on her knees, Arjun looked back over the mundane aspects of daily life caring for a red draco. Without structure, her thoughts bounced around aimlessly, feeding routines, Jextil's favorite food, how she would tell him stories, leading hapless harpies from the nearby woods to his cave for him to practice fighting, the first time he called her 'Aunt Arjun,' his unflinching insistence that he did not miss his brother and sister, catching him wandering out of the cave late at night when he was sure she would be sleeping... She had grown so attached to the little rascal. She would miss him... After another few minutes, Arjun fed the fire again, lifted the journal to her lap again, held her pen again, rested her hand again. The forms in the rekindled flames were growing more clear again, her thoughts again formed words.

Today, that era has come to a close. I learned already a few days ago that Scythe had relocated Mexur to the new home Seth had finished preparing. At dawn today Legs found me at the Mirith bank. She had moved Pervil, and all that was left now was for me to bring Jextil to the cave so that Seth could finish the protective spell. With timing so perfect it almost makes you uncomfortable, Eve showed up to offer a bit of extra guidance. Instructions received, I set out to disturb Jextil's sleep in his cave one last time. Legs accompanied me, and Scythe - also summoned by Eve - met up with us in Duldrus. Jextil was so happy to escape his cave, to be moving again. He still wouldn't say he was excited about seeing his siblings again after so long, though. He wouldn't stop to bid farewell to Duldrus, either. He has softened a bit, but still is not big on sentimentality. That's fine, I wouldn't want to trade his energy for anything. And I do know he has been worried about his sister and brother.

When we reached the cave, Seth was waiting for us. We entered, and Seth's spell was quickly cast. We bid farewell to the young dracos, and we left.

While his children were now safe, our concerns for Crausaar himself were unresolved. Seth believes it would be much better if Crausaar also moved from Duldrus to his children's new cave home. Scythe and Legsalot had spoken about it with the ancient dragon recently, and found him stubbornly attached to his old mine shaft and the commitment to protect Duldrus it represents to him. We decided to seek out Asliendor, to ask him whether he might have some greater influence he could exert over the old dragon.

Early evening found us arriving in Duldrus for the second time today. However, though we searched the mountains and mines for hours, we were unable to locate Crausaar. Worried, but eventually forced to give up the search for the day, I bid farewell to Legs, Scythe, and Asl outside the stubbornly silent mine shaft, and slowly hiked down the mountain, through the town, back to the hall. I tended to a few mundane duties, fed the forge for the fire elementals, and finally sat down here to write.

Arjun looked down at the page in front of her. "426.bleedingmoon84. Yes, I will remember this day," she murmured melancholic, and closed her journal.
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(This archive is a reconstruction of RTQ reports submitted in 2005. The formatting and any incorporated links were lost, but the text is true to the original reports.)

A Great Day

December 19, 2005

The Blood moon was coming up, and the sun setting as I sat in its dying warmth on the steps of the bank. Karad, an old friend is passing by with a knot of people all hurrying and bustling. I ignore them. Hurrying and bustling is good and all for the heroic adventures, but rest, as they will soon find out, is a far more worthy ideal. Karad, however stops to talk to me. Taking me in their wake to the castle with a promise of something interesting, we enter the castle, and gather around the forge.

Ah, the good old principle of hurry up and wait. At last as Dusk is on us, Birek and Zexe make their appearance. The plan: Strike Lancaster, enter Andris and kill him. Ah well, death is not pleasant, but how could you miss a adventure such as this? Others are skeptical. Shogun being the loudest voice is offered dismissal by Zexe. Something about it being serious and if he didn't want to be serious he could go to Lerlin. Not sure what that was supposed to mean.

Anyway, after some grumbling and bickering, we gathered at the bridge. Zexe and Birek would meet us there, behind the stables.

The Blood Moon now hung high in the sky, a omen to be sure, but of what I wondered. It heralded blood to be sure, we could only hope it would be Lancaster's. We moved out, quickly cross country. I will not try to list all that attended here, I would merely forget someone and hence offend. Throughout the journey some came, some left.

In good time we made Andris on foot, circling around with the ever present admonitions from Zexe to be quiet we made good time, getting to the rear gate, still locked with Black Magic. Fortunately, though I privately am most disconcerted by it, it was reveal that Birek was prepared with Black Magic learned from Beleth. One by one he did what my teleport could not, teleporting us through the gates. As that magics touched me I shivered. Black Magic has no place in this world.

All on the other side, with the dawn just on us, we stormed the Castle. Rushing through the city, I noticed that under the gleaming morning sun, none of its beauty had been lost in its isolation. The fountains sparkled and the stone shone. At the bridge we paused taking a collective breath, and rushed. Lancaster stood in the Great Hall, oddly, singing to himself. I guess it doesn't take a brilliant person to know his off his rocker. Seeing us, he commented on insolence and Lizards and Mercenaries filled the castle from seemingly nowhere. Blood shed was short but brutal. My Hound saved me countless times to be sure. I will mourn his loss, he was a faithful pet. Knowing that I was of no use in warfare of this sort after the collective swarms shrugged off my magic that would have once made them turn on each other with savage ferocity, I knew the bitter taste of futility. But with the strength of the others and Zexe and Birek, at last the last of beasts, Lizard and Merc alike can be referred to as such, were put down.

Lancaster however, was gone. Zexe, however, was a step ahead, leading us down a secret passage in the Vault of the castle we came to a cave. There the "guards" amounted to little more than rats and some Blink Hounds, with Goo lurking in dark corners. With no resistance offered, we found Lancaster in short order. However magic fire blocked the path. To this hour I still wonder why neither Zexe nor Birek intervened as I later learned they could. Instantly I reached for the magic that once worked, but I failed to Teleport across the fire, something about their magical nature I suppose stops what once worked. I watched helplessly yet again as Lancaster used the magic of a helpless Serene.

We could only watch in horror as he unleashed the power, vanishing with poor Serene and unleashing a storm of Goo. Once again the magical Procation failed against these creatures, and my Hell Hound, Bellorum, was slaughtered protecting me. I once again did the only thing I do well any, and hid.

With Lancaster and Serene gone, victory seemed hollow. The goo was thick on the floor, and the stench aweful. Birek, however, was no done revealing new a disturbing traits. Some how his magics of death, Black Magic, showed a Icey place. Knowing of only one such place, me a few others recalled a small, frosty, island off of Duldrus, across the world. With the awesome power of the Curio, Lancaster had warped himself and another across the world.

Despite doubts on being able to corner someone with that power, we set off. Zexe looted crystals from the treasure of Andris. After moving swiftly through free Andris, Zexe proclaimed its freedom despite it still being held by Lizards and Mercs, if I understood how his brain worked, perhaps I'd be a fighter as well - god have however, spared me that fate.

Using the seized crystals, we followed through the Blue teleporter, and much more comfortable transition than those that Black Magic had forced on us.

Weary but determined we charged off towards the shore. Arjun with a sextant took lead. The hike and the water crossing took time, but passed quickly. Anticipation filled us with energy that battle a chase had drained.

Personally, I had another reason to chase Lancaster. Serene. I remembered as if it was yesterday, the panic filled calls across space. The troops taking down house after house, the mounting dread, and the failure. The dead Mercenaries, and the missing girl. Failed once, I was determined to be there, if I could help or not - I had to be there. Once failure had been enough, and I vowed I would see this to the end.

We found the frosty isle, and a decent into darkness. With eagerly, I waited only second for the other to catch up before I dropped down into the frozen lair of Lancaster the Crazed. Such were the horrors down there, of maze like corridors, or dracos, and hounds, of mountains of blood thirsty goo. I will not record all that happened, at one point a Dragon took its toll, slaughtering the entire party. Zexe engaged it in the end, dealing its end with Birek healing him. There Birek unveiled a new power - resurrection. With minutes the party was once more in the world of living, though with the frozen white that colored everything it was hardly a welcome reprieve from the world of dead. It may have been warmthless, but it was not as freezing as the den that Lancaster had laired himself in.

Through the numbing cold, over wealming odds, illusions and taunts we struggled. Each going on for their own reasons, but going on, and on. Eventually, after legions of Goo, battling terrifying Black Dracos, and the chill seemingly radiating from our very bones, we found Landcaster. Once again, fire formed the barrier between us. Across from us he and Serene were. Having drained her energy, she was collapsing even as Landcaster tried to draw more power, she fainted. Watching was not something I could do any longer, tossing thought and caution aside, I teleported, not through the fire that blocked us, but sidewise and around the fire across a pool of scum. Instantly two Black Dracos were on me. Ignoring my calming magic, my provoking magic, and even my vanishing from sight the killed me within seconds.

From the world of the lifeless I watched as Lancaster tried to force more energy from Serene, eventually, Zexe intervened, somehow quenching the magic fire, the other rushed Lancaster and Black Dracos. A bloody fight, but soon Lancaster was cornered, and cut down. He hardly fought. As I was returned to life I ignored the strange deformed body of Lancaster, rushing over to Serene. As I knelt beside her, Zexe came over. He inquired if she lived. I did not know, nothing seemed wrong with her, but she was freezing cold, and didn't seem to be moving. Picking her up, we proceeded to Mirith as I carried Serene.

Half way out, it occured to us that the Curio has not been found, there was some discussion, but I had little patience for it, Serene must be gotten to Nafets. The sooner, the better. So we moved on. The other ranged ahead and behind as we were on our weary trek, I stayed with Zexe, knowing that I could not fight while carrying Serene.

Using the teleporter, we returned to Mirith, while tired, I could not rest until we had seen Serene to Nafets. Soon, depositing her, the king thanked us. I don't remember much of what he said. I was in a weary haze of worry and triumph.

Rest called. I journalized these events as best I could. It was not something that fits paper easy. Lancaster is gone, its Curio is lose in the world.

From Father Nafets by Liaraen on 14 Jul 2012 : 00:15

(This archive is a reconstruction of RTQ reports submitted in 2005. The formatting and any incorporated links were lost, but the text is true to the original reports.)

From Father Nafets

December 12, 2005

Following is a public letter by Sir Nafets

Greetings, First, as you can probably guess by reading this letter, I am fine. It took me a few days to fully recover my abilities, as our good friend Seth left me totally empty. I unfortunately cannot recall much of what happened this day at the bridge, but I do remember what is important: Elefin is dead, and Zexe is alive. I opened my eyes in what seemed to be the middle of the night; only I was not in my room. The feeble light of the torches surrounding the room casting shadows on the walls made me realize I was not alone. Pain was running from one side of my head to the other, preventing me from thinking straight at all. After a little while, my eyes started seeing again and I could notice someone else was not sleeping. I pulled the sheets and tried sitting on the bed I couldn"t even remember how I got in, but my body refused to move. The room started spinning, and darkness invaded me again. I woke up again after what I was later told was twenty-four hours of sleep. Again, the sensation of not being alone invaded me. I kept my eyes closed and let Divine energy flow in my body, giving me enough strength to sit down and look around. Only then I realized I was in the castle"s chambers, along with three other people. Right next to me, resting so quietly my instinct first told me to ensure they were actually breathing, someone was sleeping. Only because of the darkness surrounding my eyes and the clouds still invading my brain didn"t I recognize him at first: short blonde hair on the top of what could easily be mistaken for a mountain of muscles, sleeping on his back, his right hand ready to grab an imaginary sword at the first sign of alert, Zexe was sleeping. Nothing could describe the feeling that invaded my heart at this very moment, the wetness of my eyes tore the shadows on the wall and from this very moment I knew that I was safe. More than knowing I was in Mirith"s castle; more than guessing that this person kneeling close to the bed next to Zexe"s could only be Zara, Zexe's one and only; knowing that Zexe was close to me was enough to make me feel safe. And then I heard the sounds. And then I realized Zara was not watching over Zexe, but over that third person. And then I recognized the whispers.

"Omines Legion Premines Enel Tara Awerin"

Ancient language. Forgotten language. Forbidden language.

The pain, dizziness, and whatever else was preventing me from moving disappeared in the blink of an eye. Quickly I rose, careless of the noise it made. The cold stone on my bare feet was but a mere obstacle to the bed in which Darkstar was laying. My eyes, accommodated to the night, recognize her purple hair instantly, and chuckles of my memory awoke in my head.

"Darkstar." confirmed Zara, not even surprised at how fast I seemed to have recovered. "She was struck by the Blood Dagger during the fight with Elefin. It is a miracle she is still breathing, while I"m not sure it"s better for her."

But I was barely listening to Zara. Darkstar had all my attention. She was sweating, her face glowing from the light of the torches. I didn"t have to touch her forehead to know fever was consuming her. But the suffering of her body was nothing compared to the inner battle she seemed to be fighting. Her head was bouncing on her pillow. Pain, terror, and the need to scream, all this I could read on her face. And the whisperings... "Omines Legion Premines Enel Tara Awerin"

She was repeating the same sentence again and again... Exhausting herself as if talking was more important than breathing...

I have no idea what"s coming next. Poor Darkstar...Ah, I didn"t even realize Zara was still speaking.

"Sorry Zara, I phased out for a moment, what did you say?"

The Blood Dagger eats the soul of the ones it kills. Darkstar only survived thanks to Seth's power, but... Look at her hands... Nafets... The Dagger is no more... And with it part of Darkstar"s soul is probably gone... I... I just don"t know Nafets..." The light was enough to show me what I didn"t want to see. Darkstar"s hands were covered with huge, black spots... Consumption of the soul. Needless to say, I wasn't able to sleep anymore this night.

The next day was vague, foggy, almost disconnected from the real world. I wandered in an empty town, echoes of the forge hammering in my head like the disease striking our lands, yet one sound was louder than everything, even louder than the Great Horn shall it have blown on this day: Ancient words... Did Darkstar know of this language? Will she ever be able to answer?

Ever since Beleth was gone, I strictly forbid everyone to enter his vault. I wanted everything to be just like it was when it left. But now was the time for this to change. I headed straight for the castle; determinate to find anything that could help me translate this language. I was sure Beleth"s notes could help me, much faster than Brigobaen or Seth would. I headed straight for the stairs down to Beleth"s vault. I think Mattias tried to stop me, but he must have figured out now was not the best time to interrupt me, or maybe I just plain ignored him, which wouldn"t have been the first time anyway. Before I realized, I was running, way too fast apparently, as the shock with the armored man that made me fall on my butt helped me realize. I looked up, ready to nag whoever was standing in the Royal Cleric 's way, only to see a figure of the past I could only dream of seeing again: his black armor proudly wearing Mirith 's insignia, a long, noble sword sheathed on his right hip, holding his helmet with his left hand, the right one ready to help me getting back on my feet, the Royal Guard of Mirith was standing in front of me.

Only he was not the Royal Guard anymore. He was Zexe, and Zexe was back.

Sure I should have been worried, Zexe already wearing so much weight and probably training again. Of course the first thing I should have done is ordering him to remove that and get his body to rest, but the joy that filled my heart at this moment was stronger than everything. And as if he could read my mind, Zexe told me: "You stayed unconscious much longer than you think, Naf, and the body Seth and you gave me is a real gift. I feel stronger than I 've even been. Come, Naf, follow me, I 'll show you something." And for a moment I forgot my task.

I forgot Darkstar and the cryptic Ancient language. Zexe called me "Naf", just like before, and Elefin was dead... Just like nothing ever happened. But what I saw in the castle's training grounds brought reality back in my mind with the strength of a hammer. The usual crowd of guard had gathered here. Something was different thought. Rare are the moments I actually pay attention to the training grounds, for I am most of the time called there when a guard got badly injured during their training, and no other cleric is available, but this day I could tell something was different.

Zexe entered the grounds, and everything stopped from a second. All the guards looked at him, some saluted, some nodded, and everyone went back to training. The guards who wanted to take a break didn 't, those who thought their training was over found the strength to fight more and more, and everyone was determinate. Zara surprised my somehow still numbed senses by coming out of some dead spot and hugging Zexe. She noticed that and apologized for making me jump. She took Zexe 's hand and told him to follow her. For a moment I stood here, watching them, their joy, their love, blessed by the Life Goddess, and was overwhelmed by a pleasant feeling. Over safety, over determination, there was love. There was humanity. Zexe interrupted my thoughts by looking at me and nodding in Zara 's direction. He noticed I wasn 't following them and was asking me to come with him. Soon, Zara released Zexe 's hand and walked faster than us two.

In a relative quiet corner, Senator Morgans, Anderson, and Robertson were discussing. From time to time, a loud glaive sound would have Morgans raising her hand, asking everyone to stop talking, and looking at the couple that was fighting far from everyone: Valencia Falvo and Birek McCalla. Sweating from the effort, the former General of Marali would keep asking Birek to stop going easy on her, that he 'd be surprised of what she is able to do when fighting stronger than her. Birek 's eyes and smile were full of care and compassion, and, when he told her he would fight with all he had, I knew what that exactly meant. Zara tapped on Senator Morgan 's shoulder, and pointed at our direction. Soon, my old friend from Andris opened her arms and walked in my direction.

"Nafets! It is so good to see you again! I was really starting to worry."

fter a brief, but intense (and a bit painful to my bones) hug, Robertson and Anderson saluted us, soon followed by Birek and Valencia Falvo, who decided now would be the best time for a break. And there I was standing, surrounded by people from another city, another land?c But residing in Mirith. Living here because there was no other safe place to live in when you are General or Senator. Living far from their homeland because of an alliance that didn 't prevent Marali from being invaded anyway. Trusting Mirith because it is the last force standing. No, things were not back as they used to be. Things changed, the land was scarred, our consciences were scarred, a wound that would probably never heal. A wound as deep as the darkness that was slowly invading Darkstar 's empty shell. And those ancient words...

"...elieve Elefin 's magic will wear out soon. And then we will free Andris. Nafets, are you all right?"

"I.. I.. A.. Y.. Yes, sorry, Robertson I am just still feeling a bit dizzy and the lack of air here is not helping. I don 't want to be rude but..."

"Go and get some rest Nafets, you are so pale it worries me."

I briefly saluted everyone, and left. Birek offered to accompany me to my room, but I told him the discussion they were having was more important, and that I was not feeling that bad. Of course, I lied. As soon as I was out of their sight, strength went back to my body. I rushed down the stairs once again, and only stopped when the door to Beleth 's vault was in my sight. I was panting so much I dropped my keys a couple of time, before realizing the door was not even locked. I slowly pulled it, preparing myself for what happens every time you open Beleth 's vault 's door. I could waste my time and yours trying to describe that feeling, but there is no way words can be accurate. The accumulated magic energy suddenly unleashed and rampaging through the corridors before dying at the stair 's feet, for which a human body is not an obstacle, but something delightful to pass by and steal a bit of force from, the usual, Beleth would say. But this time, again, it was different. This time there was this foul smell. The smell of old, of emptiness, the smell of accumulated dust, the smell of Beleth 's absence. No one entered here since that day, not even a servant.

From the light of my candle, I quickly went through Beleth 's personal collection of books he decided would be better here than available to the public eyes in the castle 's library looking for anything that could help me translate ancient language. In the process a sheet of paper accidentally fell to the ground, and released what it was holding: a single pebble that rolled to the other side of the room. I sighted at the idea of trying to find such a small thing from the light of a candle, and processed walking to where I thought I saw it rolling. When I came close, and to my greatest surprise, the pebble was *floating* in the air, animated by some unknown form of magic. As I came closer to examine it, the thing started flying around me, and gained speed. I was worried, my senses were alert. Inside me, something was yelling at me to just go away, but I couldn 't leave, fascinated.

The pebble was drawing circles around me, faster and faster every time, and before I realized what was happening it started attacking me. The first strikes didn't hurt that much, but as the artefact was gaining speed and interrupting its never ending circles to hit me in the face, I realized I had better getting out of here. I ran for the door, hoping to be fast enough to close it and leave this room forever, not realizing a door would be but a pathetic hindrance for something as small as a pebble.

I thank the Life Goddess for allowing me to be fast enough to drop the candle and protect my face when I saw that thing coming through the lock. The speed at which it was rushing to my eye would probably have blinded me forever. Fast enough, I managed to close my fist and imprison the pebble in it. I felt it pulsating and burning my palm, but nothing compared to the fear I had just been through. I opened the door and lit the candle again, my right first firmly closed and aching, a strange feeling running through my body as if the pebble was trying to get me to unconsciously release it. I took the sheet of paper that was holding it and read:

I asked that McCalla to fetch me part of Andris' gates and all he could bring is that pebble. He told me no matter how hard he would hit, nothing else would fall, and that he had to leave before alerting the mercenaries. So much for being trapped in Andris now.

The rest was written in a different color.

That thing is incredible. It is like it had a mind of its own! An aggressive one too. I have no doubt now; this is no Black Magic that is sealing the gates. Whatever it is, it is much more powerful than that. And only one name comes to my mind when I think of this pebble.


If she is the one who sealed Andris ' gates, then we can forget blowing these gates up at all. If Elefin is residing in Andris, then we can probably forget freeing Birek. I doubt, however, that Elefin and Lancaster are allies, but that is not the point here. I am warning everyone who freed the pebble and is reading this paper, put it back on the rune I drew at the bottom of it and close it back immediately. This magic is dangerous, and it is made to last, even after the caster 's death. No magic lasts forever, and one day this artefact will be harmless, but, unless you are me, who you are obviously not since you are reading this, consider it too dangerous for you.

I followed the instructions and sealed the pebble again, still stunned and aching. With extra caution I started looking through Beleth 's library again, and finally found what I was looking for. After a few hours, I had part of the sentence translated.

"Omines Legion Premines Enel Tara Awerin"

"We are the Legion and I will burn Awerin"

Awerin. Who would it be? I never heard of someone called Awerin. Or maybe some place? Determinate to do more researches, I still wanted to see Darkstar before the day ended. The slowly ending day when I reached the surface again made me realize I skipped lunch and spent most of the afternoon in the vault. I found myself hoping no one went looking for me in my room and realized I was away. Mattias smiling and nodding at me confirmed I was apparently not declared missing. I went to the castle 's chamber to find Darkstar alone. The room was not lit at all and the windows closed. After cursing whoever left her in that state and aerating the room, I went closer to Darkstar and took her hand. The spots had already grown up, so it seemed, and they were much darker than anything I have ever seen before. Much darker than the usual Black Magic sequels. It was something else. In a corner of my mind, a voice told me:

"She is being erased. She is vanishing."

Ignoring that voice, I drew my ear closer to her mouth. She was whispering again, fighting her inner spirits. And that is when I realised my mistake. The last word was not Awerin. It was Oberin.

-Town Crier
The Fifth Day by Liaraen on 14 Jul 2012 : 00:13

(This archive is a reconstruction of RTQ reports submitted in 2005. The formatting and any incorporated links were lost, but the text is true to the original reports.)

The Fifth Day

December 5, 2005

[this narrative, from Arjun"s approximation of a journal, follows the story in (link lost )this thread.]

I awoke. The air in the small room was still save the slight movement of Immolated"s silent breath. I listened. Over the roar of wind through the broken buildings and rain on the roof, the walls of the fort carried in from outside the sounds of giants and trolls tramping about, and mixed in the clickings and scratchings of what I was sure must be a lava spider. "A druid"s pet," I thought to myself, and opened my eyes. All seemed as it had been when I went to sleep. I rose and stepped out into the main hall of the fort. I greeted Hesterail at the forge, and started moving towards the main exit, checking each room of the fort as I went. There were no giants or trolls in the fort. I thought today would be like yesterday. As I neared the broken gate, I realized the noises were too loud. There were definitely many more giants in the city than there had been the previous days. I dodged the doorway and slid into the last room on the South side, looking through cracks in the damaged West wall of the fort as I approached the corner adjacent to the city gate. The largest army of giants I had ever seen was busily resealing the gate. It was time to be scared. The city had become hell again. I dashed back towards our barricaded room too noisily. The alliance forces began pouring into the fort. I fumbled with the door, failed to get it closed behind me, our sanctuary, our fortress was breached. As I cursed myself for my blunder, Immolated and I made a mad dash for the exit. It was clear that our little sojourn in Marali was up. Hesterail threw a strange smile back at us as we shouted for him to flee. We weaved between the lumbering giants, making for the last unsealed space in the city wall. As we rounded the corner of the fort, a large tree branch torn off by the wind fell across Immolated"s path, breaking a hole in the fort wall. He was forced to slow his run and swerved to dodge it, and in that moment of bad luck his chance at escape was lost. One of the giants inside the fort came crashing through the new opening and grabbed him. There was nothing I could do. Immolated was dead, and the druid whose spider I had heard was surely trapped. I cursed myself again as I ran out into the woods, making straight for the portal. I warped back to Mirith. Apparently, during the night the Twins [Rasha and Varsha, leaders of the Black Hand, enemies of Mirith and Marali] had returned to Marali with a force as massive as that with which they had first taken the city. After four days, they finally were annoyed that control of the city was no longer theirs, and that the trickle of Alliance of troops they were sending to reclaim it was just lost soldiers. The unfortunate party of adventurers who had just cleared the giants in the ruined city when the Twins arrived were quickly annihilated. "As expected, this is what came of Grove"s declaration of victory - nothing. I was right," I thought to myself, as Lucius and Tuck narrated to me the details of what had happened in the ruined city while I was sleeping barricaded in the fort. It was guilt over Immolated"s fate that made me decide that I would lead the strongest party I could to Marali before the gates were sealed, and rescue the trapped druid, whom I learned was my friend Danveld. While I recruited help in Mirth, I sent a messenger to my friend Konkrax in Lerilin, who soon came to join us with several adventurers he had recruited there. Within the hour we set out on a mission I knew had no chance of succeeding. For that belief, I would feel I owed an apology to those I asked to follow me. However, fail as we might, this would not turn in to a suicide mission. That I was committed to. Myself aside, the party included two more rangers Gaara and Clerval, the wizards REDMAN, Konkrax and Lucius, the druid Rikumoto and his spider Gustav - the one sad casualty of the trip , and the cleric daisuke niwa. I would like to take a moment to especially acknowledge daisuke, who did an amazing job keeping a large party alive by himself through a very long and difficult fight. He did great work, and it was a pleasure to watch his skills grow throughout the course of the day. Just outside the ruined city we met up with the rangers Legsalot, who joined our group on the South side of the city, and Jonathan, who joined with the wizard Karad and druid Pamu on the North. At some point in the course of the fight the rogue Tanis appeared as well. I was furious at the time for the inelegance of his entrance, but I forgive him. He made himself useful in the course of the battle. We lay siege to the alliance forces in the ruined city from both of its unfinished gates for hours. But as the giants and trolls were finally dwindling in numbers, and we felt we might soon be able to free the friend who was the object of the mission, the Twins appeared with reinforcements, and Danveld was killed. We moved back from the city gate, preparing to flee. Our goal was lost, we were disheartened, we were too tired from fighting too long, we knew we stood no chance against them. But they had something else in mind than to kill us there. While continuing to fight the swarming giants, trolls, and a large pack of blink hounds the trolls unleashed on us, we spoke with Rasha and Varsha. [super-redacted version of the transcript follows]

(Rasha): So we figured out you have large enough of an army to cause us tiny problems.

(Rasha): Just as you probably figured out the two of us could kill you all easily.

(Rasha): But.. See... We have a common problem.

(Rasha): A wizard.

(Rasha): A very powerful wizard.

(Rasha): She is your enemy, and our leader.

(Rasha): That makes a common target.

(Rasha): We know you have that box that is supposed to kill our enemy.

(Rasha): And we know how to bring the enemy to Mirith.

(Rasha): Only...

(Rasha): If we help you, you leave Marali alone.

(Rasha): Do you want our help or do you want to die here?

(Rasha): Leave now, and I will warn the rogue.

(Rasha): Stay now and... My sword will turn red.

(Rasha): You have thirty.. No, fifteen seconds.

(Arjun): understood. we will be waiting to hear of the wizard"s plans

(Arjun): farewell

It was not so much that I believed them or wanted to accept their deal as that I knew we would die if we fought. We had already failed in the goal that brought us to Marali. I was not going to have those who had come with me die. We fled back to Mirith. I was not in a good mood, then. The day has ended in failure, I thought. I have proven I was right and Grove was wrong about Marali. Nothing has changed. We met the Twins and somehow escaped alive after a pseudo-exchange of empty promises. I slouched to the ground on the stairs of the bank, battle-weary and still filled with guilt. I was back in Mirith after five days of almost constant fighting, and I wanted nothing more than to sleep. But after four days in the ruined city, I thought I should at least leave a note for Birek at the castle about my time there. In the castle, I was surprised to find the first back from our party and Asliendor with the rogue Darkstar, who was following up with the delivery of the Twins" side of the deal I struck with them less than an hour before. We hastened to the sewer to discuss plans. Elefin would be coming to Mirith in an hour. Asliendor would distract her long enough to allow Darkstar an opportunity to steal the Blood Dagger. She would place the dagger in the Golden Box, which Seth would use to destroy it. We would need a large force to defend Seth during this process, as Elefin"s powers would not diminish until the dagger was destroyed. Plans set, and now racing against the clock, we dashed out to try to find Seth. With a clue from Father Cecil at Brigobaen we located Seth at the fire portal. Despite his dislike for Mirith, and obvious unhappiness that the deed would have to be done there, he agreed to come. This opportunity which I had somehow purchased at the cost of a ruined city absolutely could not be missed. With black magic he pulled us all to the Mirith bridge. A horribly unpleasant experience; I shall not endeavour to describe it, lest my body start convulsing again with the memory. We were back in Mirith with thirty minutes on the clock before Elefin"s scheduled arrival. Now that I think about it, it is strange that in that hour I never considered that we might be getting tricked. I somehow trust that beautiful-haired rogue very easily. Unbelievably, the battle went perfectly according to plan. I cannot list now everyone who participated; almost all of those who had been at Marali with me fought, and many others joined in as well. To recount the details of the fight would be to repeat again the plans Darkstar laid. The one tense moment was when Darkstar was holding the dagger, between stealing it and placing it in the box. As expected it tried to take over her. Seth"s awesome power guarded her mind and saved her, guiding her to release the evil blade into the box by which it was made ages ago in Aborek, and unmade this day on the Mirith bridge. With the dagger destroyed, releasing Elefin from the pain of her insanity was a simple matter. After the battle Asliendor carried her to the temple for keeping until we can have a funeral ceremony. I watched her body hanging limp in his arms; it is the only time I have ever seen her face calm.(Note to self: I must work out the details for burial, and send a note to Zexe to find out how he would feel about attending. I hope he feels as I do that he should.) There was a still larger surprise in store for us today, though. In the undoing of the dagger, the spirit of Zexe did not disappear from the Golden Box as the others trapped in the blood dagger did. Through miracles of magic I cannot begin to guess at, Seth and Father Nafets, with the spiritual aid of clerics daisuke niwa (whose powers grew awesomely today) and my good friend and clanmate Feyreth, gave Zexe new physical form. Yes, somehow, they brought Zexe back to life. We cried in joy and disbelief. Before retiring to rest, Zexe said, "My next move will be the end of Lancaster." Truly, our Zexe is with us again. There was greater celebration in Mirith this evening than I have seen in many months. Today, somehow, we were able to kill Elefin leaving Andris vulnerable and weak, undo the blood dagger, the most evil weapon I have ever had the unhappiness of seeing, and restore Zexe. "somehow"... Though I tried, I am not quite able to celebrate with the same abandon as many others tonight. I bought us this opportunity at the cost of Marali. I do not believe my decision was "wrong"... but honestly have no idea at this point just what the consequences will be. I need to speak to Birek, but I do not know what to say. I do not know how to tell him what I have seen and what I have done. I do not yet know whether I can face him. If this all has truly been for the best, then I guess Grove was right after all. Grove"s declaration of victory in Marali five days ago has turned into the defeat of Elefin. "You didn"t foresee all this then, did you Grove-san?" I smile to myself at the thought. As I close for the night, I pause for a moment again to acknowledge my deepest thanks to all who fought with me today. It was an honor to have such people alongside me in battle.

The Birek Disaster by Liaraen on 14 Jul 2012 : 00:11

(This archive is a reconstruction of RTQ reports submitted in 2005. The formatting and any incorporated links were lost, but the text is true to the original reports.)

The Birek Disaster

November 15, 2005

It started off one windy day when I awoke at the bank to the footsteps of Leif. We exchanged our hellos when he then told me that Lord Birek was looking around town for my brother Grindan and I. Since my brother was sick at the time and could not accompany me at the time I rushed to the castle and asked Mattias if he had seen Birek around. I learned he was making his rounds so I set off to look for him. When we finally met we thought it best to discuss matters in secret. So we took a quick walk to the inn where we exchanged our plans for Andris. Birek"s idea was to take a party near Andris and make enough noise so Lancaster knew we were there. We would then talk loudly about how Vanderbilt was not dead but a prisoner. After we were sure Lancaster or his army heard us we would make our way back to Mirith. We would wait a few days and then send a negotiation party to Andris to talk about the releasing of Vanderbilt our "prisoner". After a select group of strong and able warriors would be allowed inside Andris, it would of been their job to take out the evil that is Lancaster. After our discussion was over Birek told me he would be on his way and told me to gather a group and meet 30 paces east of the Andris jail. He also told me to check the castle for Beleth because he also wanted a word with me before I left. We said farewell and we went our ways; me, fully trusting Birek would be fine and ther was no danger. I ended up being terribly wrong. When I met Beleth in the castle he had some very bad new to share with me. He told me that while I met with Lancaster, Lancaster may of opened a permanent gate with me and my brother. This meant Lancaster could see, and hear whatever we could.I quickly told him in a rigid voice that Birek was on his way to Andris as we spoke, and if Lancaster did open a gate, Birek would be captured or killed for sure. Beleth, clearly angered becasue he had warned Birek of this, quickly and painlessly closed the gate. After an able group was called to meet at the bridge of Mirith we were on our way. We made our way around Andris to the meeting point Birek had set for us. We were met by a massive force of lizards and a few mercenaries. The dead scattered lizard men around showed that Birek had put in a good fight but the force was much to big for even the best of warriors. As the lizards slowly began to be killed off Clara, the new mercenary general, appeared to us. She seemed a well bit happier to see us than we were to see her. She told us that Birek was alive, but not well; he had less than a day to live. Lancaster"s demands were for the girl, Serene, Heir of Elara, to be handed over for Birek as some kind of prisoner exchange. We, of course, refused to negotiate with Andris and began our attack on Clara. The crafty cleric narrowly escaped and we were forced off by another army of lizard men. Leif and I decided that we must bring this new to Mirith at once, so we ran, as fast as we could, back the the Mirith Castle. We there met Beleth who was not very surprised that Birek had been captured. We all agreed on one thing, Andris could not have Serene. The only other way was to blast our way in. Into the next day the great people of Oberin came together to collect all the ash they were able to. When the time was right, Commander Asliendor Ivanshield gathered the greatest force that the lands had ever seen. When Beleth had shown up at the bank, we made our march towards Andris. On the way there we learned that a portion on the northwest wall had been damaged years ago by a dragon attack, and thats where we would set our explosives. As Beleth set the charge you could almost hear the fear and anxiety from my fellow comrades in battle. After the wall was blown and the Andris Siren was roaring, we rushed in and was met by Lizard men and Mercenaries alike. It seemed to me, and others, that the force was much too large. But we had shown our strenght and courage on the battle field pushing the Andrisian front line back, inch by inch, step by step. Finally the Bank where Birek was being help was reached and Birek, though weakened, took up arms and was ready to take out Lancaster once and for all. It was beiginning to look like a sure victory, when we heard the sound we had not expected to. It was the alarm of Mirith!..We to abandon our mission to save the very city we fought for! We all ran in our full plate and robes back to Andris to a grave sight. The twins along with Elefin..had blocked the Mirith bridge trapping our King and everyone else inside. They demaded the girl and when she appeared she was no match for the power of the Blood Dagger, and was sadly drawn to it. All other events at the catle are much of a blur, but their is one thing I do remember very clearly.... Araine, Beleth"s Daughter, was taken hostage by Duchess Tirana (heir of Mirith i think?)..Since Beleth could not stand to see the sight of his daughter killed, he let Serene to be taken by the Blood Dagger....But any hope of saving his daughter was lost whe nthe Now Traitor Tirana had slit Araine"s throat right in front of her father. The army watched in terror as they were helpless being blocked out of the castle. It was a bitter sweet victory, as we accomlished one goal, but may have to pay the consequences of fighting an even bigger battle.

-Tuck Slayer of Vanderbilt
My Time in Andris..... by Liaraen on 14 Jul 2012 : 00:09

(This archive is a reconstruction of RTQ reports submitted in 2005. The formatting and any incorporated links were lost, but the text is true to the original reports.)

My Time in Andris....

October 20, 2005

Oh where to begin... It started out one night when Grindan and I discussed the war with Andris...We came up with a simple yet genius (if I do say so myself) plan of someway to pose as a friend to Lancaster...We made up a society named the Secret Citizens Supporting Lancaster. Some of you may of heard this name before. Shortly after this we paraded around Mirith with shouts of "Hail Lancaster" and such. We challenged anyone who opposed him on the Black Isle. After killing off our first on Black Isle (it was rather evil I do apologize) we headed to Lerilin to challenge more. Our goal in all of this so far was to get people talking about our allaince with Lancaster so he would in turn hear them and believe we were loyal.. ..With no luck we stayed the night at Lerilin and awoke the next day. After a short hunt we decided to casue some more havoc..only this time...do something radical to draw Lancaster attention even further...We went to Mrith and placed traps all around the city and by pure luck something great in our favor happened....Someone (who we later found out was Elefin) had freed prisoners....Seeing our chance we rushed into the castle to try to "kill" the King..(Sorry Galandir we would not really of killed you) When we entered the chambers we we found by Birek...who yes...did kill us and throw us in jail... ...Jail was a long boring time and somewhat uneventful..although my brother Grindan did tell me he was visisted by a woman (darkstar) who spins alot. And so came the day of our execution...many were present to see us be beheaded but just as we were going to be killed we were saved... ..Saved by The Twins..the leaders of The Black Hands...we were taken into some underground place that was very old (we found out later it was near duldrus)They said they owed someone a favor...and at first were just going to kill us. Luckily they did not, but they did have a special item for us...the Golden Fleece (which my brother still has in his possesion I believe)Lancaster was tricked into thinking the Fleecse had great value and was told we had it so he would come find us... after the twins had left we searched for a wat to get out...Just as we were about to clmb the ladder out....Darkstar (the one that spins alot) appeared....She told us to stay down here until someone came...or else Beleth and his magic would find us...She told us it was her doing that saved us from being executed and she also gave us a very important mission...It was to END THE WAR...Before we could ask questions....Darkstar was gone... ...We then waited in the tunnel..Our food supplies running short...we were getting desperate...Then when we had almost given up hope, Clara came down the ladder...She told us to follow her and to hurry or they will catch us...We followed Clara to the duldrus portal of which we used to get to the Andris portal (she said they werent really broken...the way to work them was)...We ran to Andris wher we were greeted very kindly...We met with Lancaster and he was happy to see us.. ..Most of my time in Andris is a blur...we cut wood for Jefferson....Fought a few Mirithians (sorry about that) and pretty much had the whole city to ourselves... ..It wasn"t until I woke up one afternoon when I learned of a fort being built closer to Mirith...Clara Gridan Eldhor and I waited around for Jefferson to return with news of the fort being built....Finally after long await we recieved news it was done and quickly rushed to see it...After Grindan and i looked around we learned of a plot to capture a girl who , at the time. we knew nothing about. Jefferson told us that an elite unit was sent to capture this girl... ..While Jefferson went ahead Clara Grindan and I (we lost eldhor on the way) took a long trip to the cave near the Tree Maze...After calling in the cave a few times for Jefferson ther was no answer....We decided to go on in despite obvious danger...What we saw astonished me....Tens of Lancaster"s elite mercs killed....and a young girl in the corner, looking scared and weak..At this time Jefferson was no where in site....Becasue the girl was so weakened Grindan and I carried her all the way back to the new fort....On the way we did learn that Jefferson was alive and well.... ..After dropping the girl into the fort Clara told Grindan eldhor and I that we muts not lose her....she is of great importance and Lancaster needs her for something big..She told Lancaster would come to get her but she also said That a Mirithian Army was moving towards us...After some debate of what to do Vanderbilt Showed us to help us fight if needed....Because Rhys Delasang was in clear distance of out archers arrows....we told him to run away and go try to stall the army...we told him to do so to save his own life from Vanderbilt.... ...After much waiting..and attempted interogations of the young girl the Mirithian Army arrived....It was a pain to wacth my comrades struggle while I oculd do nothing but watch but I had to wait for the right time....Pretty soon the force or Mercs and Lizards were dispatched and Vanderbuilt said he was going to make a run for it with the girl.... ...He then asked me if i could repair his armor for him before he ran...I agrred and he set his armor on the floor....pushing his armor behind me and weilding my bow..I shouted..Grindan kill him now!...I unleashed a fury of arrows while Grindan slashed at him with his sword...Vanderbilt fell very quickly and soon the Army entered....But my only concern was the girll....I quckly ran over to her and told her we must leave quickly...Again she passed out and i took it upon myself to carry her back to Mirith...With a mysterious girl on my shoulder and the Army of Mirith behind me I quickly ran to Mirith....The girl was in dire need of medical attention and would die if we did not get her help soon... ...We were greeted with mixed feelings at the bridge to the Mirith castle but were quickly welcomed after the royals heard of our situation....I placed the young girl in a bed in the soldiers quarters while Morgans attended to her medical needs... ...I now ask the Oberin Gods to keep her alive and to help her know she should not fear Mirith... ..After that was taken care of Birek rewarded us with Ale on him....and ale is always better when its on someone elses tab....Even though Birek did have a few too many himself.... -Tuck Slayer of Vanderbilt P.S. Birek: Grindan and I would like to speak with you on a plan we have recently gave come up with, this must be done with haste becasue we do not have much time (sorry for any misspellings bad grammar or small things i left out..gimme a break...its late and thats alot to remember/write)

Marali Under Attack! by Liaraen on 14 Jul 2012 : 00:08

(This archive is a reconstruction of RTQ reports submitted in 2005. The formatting and any incorporated links were lost, but the text is true to the original reports.)

Marali Under Attack!

October 9, 2005In Mirith a few adventurers decided to go to the tree maze. When after the reagents were packed, armor were reapired and blades were posioned we decided to go. myself , romaine , asliendor, matthew , grove , legsalot , starfire, rikumoto ,eve johen , scythe ,shogun and the rest ( sorry guys i dont remember your names) entered the tree maze. Where we saw rasha. Asliendor told us to leave, but then evers showed up with the message that marali was under attack by the alliance. we rushed to marali as fast as we could. When we came near there were brigands camps on the road after killing all brigand on our way we arrived at marali. It was choas everywere were trolls and gaints, the city was burning. We took our weapons and fought with everything we had in us. Giants, frost giants, hill giants , trolls and forest trolls came upon us. they were too much, fighters were running every way they could , cleric couldn"t catch up with healing , druids lost their pets. when we neared the castle , we saw generla falvo running sreaming:"secure the city!" After a chaotic battle we killed every troll and giants. general falvo wanted to give us something , but they had stolen their treasures.She had one last mission for us, kill all the brigand camps surrounding the city.that was quickly done. Marali is very damaged , It will take a lot of time to repair it.

Roman has his voice back by Liaraen on 14 Jul 2012 : 00:06

(This archive is a reconstruction of RTQ reports submitted in 2005. The formatting and any incorporated links were lost, but the text is true to the original reports.)

Roman has his voice back

October 7, 2005

I am still weak from the healing so this will be short, but I feel that I must say something. The heart gem was found, and I gave it to Beleth. Even though we have had our differences, Beleth was honerable enough to put that aside and help me, with Nafets by his side. During the ritual, I felt more pain than I imagined was possible. I started bleeding and, honestly, thought that I would die. Suddenly, Nafets asked me to try and speak. I found that I could. I can"t begin to describe the feelings that ran through my body at that moment. Beleth, Nafets, I want to thank you again for assisting me. Hopefully, this will be the beginning of a fresh start for us. Whatever problems or misunderstandings we have had in the past, I would like to forget them and start over in our association. On behalf of myself, and The Roman Empire, Thank you.

Plea for Help - Failure by Liaraen on 13 Jul 2012 : 23:57

(This archive is a reconstruction of RTQ reports submitted in 2005. The formatting and any incorporated links were lost, but the text is true to the original reports.)

Plea for help - failure

October 6, 2005

I write with utmost regret that out there is a young girl I have failed. I am tired in more ways than one, so I will be brief.

Piece of the Journal of Alimilw

It all started this afternoon, we planned to go to the Lizard Fort on reports of mercs near there. On the way I heard calls for help coming across through my mind. Oh, light I failed her...The screams...hey heard screams...must record it... the voice called for help. We continued only to turn around when I heard the call, more distant, we blundered through the woods, this way and that. In my panic I erred, perhaps fatally for her. Oh I failed...

*in a more jerky handwriting*

We found them dead, the whole village dead, dead in their own homes. Three mercs dead, and a village dead, we killed the merc and the trolls and the lizards, but I failed, I killed the villagers because I blundered. She killed three and got away, but her screams, light forgive me, her screams....

*writting fades into illegibility and the rest of the page is torn out*

*In clear handwritting, clearly by some other hand*

A) There is a girl in need of help in the woods

rolleyes Everyone in Goheran is dead.

C) Someone powerful wants this person.

D) She can speak through minds, but weakly.

Please observe and keep an eye out for further developments. - Alimilw