Player Stories

The tale of Dararothmany:Part I The Beginning by Dararothmany on 21 Apr 2007 : 05:53
One stormy night.....One stormy night in the moon of the harvest, was birth of a baby boy. This baby boy was very pale when he was born. His mother knew that he would grow up sick and may not live a long life. His mother decided to name him,Dararothmany. Dararothmany grew up like any ordinary kid. He played tag around the docks,he caught butterflies around the field in front of the village. Dararothmany loved Lerilin. Everyone was always so friendly to him and treated him like family. Dararothmany loved to learn about anything he could. He loved sitting in front of his grandfather in the old rug right by the fireplace. His granfather always told him about the old tales of the clerics and hosw they aided people in combat against grusome creatures.

During one night, Dararothmany grew very ill,more than he usually was. He was shivvering,staring into the cold sky. Terim, the local innkeeper of Lerilin walked by the window and saw Dararothmany's mother holding him dearly. Teirm asked if everything was alright. Suddenly a splash of blood came out of Dararothmany's mouth. Teirm knew this was critical. He rushed across town to ask of aid of the elder clerics. One of the elder clerics did not hesitate. They left the altar and rushed towards Dararothmany's house. When they arrived, Dararothmany saw the elder cleric take out a spell book. He chanted the words....*PUR CLAR*. He repeated this over and over. Then a burst of magic shot across the room.....Dararothmany was knocked unconscious.

In the morning, Dararothmany woke up with a massive headache. He tried to get up when his mother came and pleaded him to rest. Dararothmany laid on his be continued in part II

Oberin: The Awakening. A fictional, unfinished story by Jonathan II by JonathanII on 28 Jan 2007 : 01:22
I wrote an intro to a story I started a year ago but never finished. Here it is for your enjoyment.

Oberin: The Awakening

Return and Beginning

Bubbles formed in the center of the lake, a creature's silhouette came rising to the surface. The Bleeding Moon's hot red glow glistened upon the waters, overpowering the light of the stars that shown brightly... The creature's head broke through the surface of the lake, followed by its neck, shoulders, torso, and arms. This GoD-forsaken thing had no legs but a spine that extended out from where the torso ended, and the tip punctured the surface. The eyelids of this thing opened up and no pupils shown, no color, just a blank stare into the uknown. The head appeared lizard, smooth and scaly, brownish green and a bit decayed toward the mouth. Its shoulders appeared bony, durable, had no skin cover, undead-like in a way. Its torso half lizard skin, half skeleton, its organs barely able to stay inside but yet seemed immobile. Its arms were decaying, they appeared skeleton with small bits of flesh hanging on by very little, soaked and bloody. This was a creature that Oberin had never seen before.

Return Home, a fictional story by Jonathan II by JonathanII on 24 Jan 2007 : 06:45

The dancing moon hovered over the horizon as the waters glistened with its light greenish glow. A ship of enormous size crept up to the docks of Lerilin silently. A figure in blue robes stood at the edge of the middle pier, his armour glistening from the light the dancing moon casted. He saluted to the ship as it slowly began to decrease in speed and prepared to dock. The flag this ship wore was of reddish colour with two sword aflame in an X position. A red armoured figure laid down a plank from the ship to the pier and saluted the blue robed man. He saluted back an began to walk across the plank onto the ship...

When he reached the deck of the ship, two lines of red armoured men were seen on each side of the ship. One of them, who was taller and more built, walked up to the man and looked at him with friendly eyes. "Greetings Jonathan II, it has been a long time." said the man. Jonathan II grinned, a mark on his left arm, the mark of The Burning Legion, began to burn slightly and glowed red as all the others marks were doing. "It is good to see you again, Lord Varrock. Let us return to the mainland, I know enough about this land, and its inhabitants to prepare for the reckoning."

The ship then started to break away from the docks, the plank fell into the water and floated on the surface. The ship gave off a reddish glow as it disappeared into the horizon off to the mainland.

The ship creaked as Jonathan II walked to the other side surveying the horizon. A Legion Fighter came up to him, "Lord Varrock wants a word with you Jon.", he then went back to his post. Jonathan II entered Varrock's room and saluted him swiftly. "Ah, Jon, please sit down, I have things I need to ask you.", he said. "Sure Varrock, what do you need answered?", said Jonathan II. "Tell me about Oberin, everything you know.", Jon proceeded in telling Lord Varrock what he knew about Oberin, the cities, the people, the creatures, everything. Lord Varrock looked at him and nodded. "And Lord Varrock?", "Yes Jon?", That ancient city of Aborek, the one with the mysterious portal at the bottom.", "Yes you said a few know how to activate it.", "Yes Varrock, I am one of them." Jonathan II pulled out a silver leaf, an item he found in Oberin. Lord Varrock's eyes lit up, he stood up from his chair and saluted Jonathan II. "With this Leaf, we shall see firsthand what is through that Ancient Portal, and use whatever we find to our advantage." Jonathan II saluted Lord Varrock and was going out the door when suddenly Varrock said "When we get to the mainland, I believe your Burning Armour is still in the Barracks.", "Well Varrock, I hope it still fits." Jonathan II exited the room and went back onto the deck. "Land Ho!" he heard and ran to the front of the ship as the others did. They cheered and celebrated as they saw land getting closer. The skies turned a reddish black, steam was coming out of the water, the heat had no affect to everyone aboard. This was their home, even though some say it is Hell itself.

Jonathan II finished putting on his Burning Armour, after years of its non-use the armour still fit him. It still burned from the forges it was made and he proudly wore his crimson robe with the emblem of the Burning Legion on the back. The crimson robe resembled flames and was made of the finest silk. He left the Barracks and proceeded through town as he headed toward the castle. The townspeople looked at Jon as he walked through town, dropping their belongings and bowing to him. He remembered the time he saved the whole town from an army of renegade Hill Giants with his own force of Legion Rangers. He can still remember hearing the crackling and whistling of the flaming arrows engulfing the Hill Giants, burning their arms, legs badly and then the sound of flesh being seared and ripped by flaming swords. His force was one of the best and always would be. He reached the castle doors and push both of them open simultaeneously and walked in with a confident stride. A man with brown like hair and in crimson robes stood up from a chair and shook Jonathan II's hand. Jonathan II asked if his fellow legionairres were still around, the man told him that they were off fighting a war in a distant land and wouldn't be back for many years. Jon nodded his head and proceeded through the long halls until he came into a room with an amber plated door and a dusty sign embedded in the middle. It looked like this room hasn't been used for years. Jon blew on the sign and wiped it with his arm. The sign read "Jonathan II's Private Quarters-General of Legion Rangers." Jon rubbed his fingers horizontally across the sign, remembering the day of his promotion and those who he saved and tried to save that day. He entered the room closed the door behind him and collapsed on the bed by the window overlooking the Great Sea and beyond.