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The journal of a certain cleric. Part II by Alyssea on 09 Sep 2007 : 14:38
The Journal of a Certain Cleric Part II - Life, Death, and the Conscious of a Cleric.From the journal of my druid alt Alison.

I was at the bank, sitting on the steps just chatting and absorbing the gossip. Then, all of a sudden, i got a messenger pigeon. It flew down and landed next to me, and so i took off the small piece of paper tied to its leg. Solsra was in trouble, and I had to help.

Unfortunately there was no cleric skilled at the Lerilin bank. Holding back the tears, I asked who could come. Steph, Plaz, Zak and Goldemort volunteered immediately. After about 5 minutes, we had left those great, almost crumbled, Lerilin gates.

The trip was quiet, almost too quiet. I knew something was bound to happen, but as we had safely crossed the bridge of the road to Mirith, I dismissed that thought.

We had just turned Northeast towards Marali, when just past the mountains, hiding in the trees, was a Bracken!

As we passed, it hit us with everything it had. Luckily, we managed to slip past before we had any losses. Although we all had a few singes and scratches.

After the Bracken attack, we made it almost safely to the Aborek/Tree Maze fork. We had been attacked by a harpie, but, me quick to the function buttons, tamed it before to much damage. And now I had a harpie.

One we reached the forks bridge, we crossed it and a herd of monsters attacked. We had lost Plazray and Goldemort. We all heaved in grief as we now all new, that without them our chances of survival were slim.

"Go! Save them!" They said, and so, holding back the tears yet again, we left them standing on their bodies. Guarding their things from the monsters of Oberin.

Peering into my foggy orb of seeing all the way, we finally reached the place where we could just go straight NE to find Solsra guarding her own possessions.

Heading NE we were attacked by many brackens, and harpies. But alas, we survived, and I saw Solsra's grey shape on the horizon.

As I come near Solsra, with my harpie following close behind, a Giant spider struck. I am poisoned, and so is my harpie. All seems lost for me, and unfortunately it was. As I run east from the spider, a bracken strikes. I die right along side Solsra, and start to cry.

What were we going to do? Luckily Sephfarn was still alive, and came to guard Solsra's body. But, as he stepped one block to far, Solsra's body rots away. We all weep.

Carrying with grief, Solsra takes a run to Marali.

Unfortunately, I had to go it had been a long day, and i needed sleep. Shouting to Solsra to try and save just my RoP.

I head towards the inn, leaving everything behind.

A joural of a certain cleric. by Alyssea on 25 Aug 2007 : 21:06
The Journal of a certain Cleric

Part I - The Brigand attack.It was another old day in Lerilin. I had been sitting outside the bank, mixing potions and filling up the chests in my account. Waiting for someone to come along. Eventually, i had blisters over my hands from holding so many bottles, and thought i could use a nice hunt. Luckily, at that very time, Gwen popped up. I asked her if we could head to andris together, and amazingly, she had wanted to go to. Grabbing her bow out of the bank, slipping into her armour, we set off. Just as we were about to leave, Solsra popped up on the paved steps, and asked if she could come to. And, if the party couldnt get any bigger, a nice young druid named Ariana came from the docks.

It was set, we had decided that we would head to andris to vanquish the bone mages that threatened that lovely city. As we left those stone gates and headed past the guards, I had no idea what i would encounter.

We made it to the marble walls of Brigobaen nice and easy. It had been a quiet trip, with only one harpie attack. There, standing near a hedge, was Bree the cleric, asking if we could escort her to hermits house. We couldnt resist it, we needed a hunt, after the quiet trip...

Although the red moon was high in the sky, again, there seemed to be very little monsters. As we trudged our way through the forests, we started to become suspicious. As Gwen and Bree were making the crossing to the hermits house, Solsra shouted something that made all our heads turn; BRIGANDS!

As the brigands enclosed around us, Gwen took out her bow, and shot so many arrows, that she soon ran out. Taking out her battle scared katana, she swung at one of the brigands. It fell, and as Gwen claimed its head, she looked sadly at her katana. It now had a huge dent in its blade. With her katana lost, she pried the long sword out of the brigands dead hands.

Meanwhile, back with Ariana, she was battling a brigand with her harpie. Casting healing spells like mad, it was going quite well. Then Gwen came in wielding her new Long sword. She took a swipe at it, and another brigand fell. Ariana claimed its head, her first, and set off with Gwen.

After we had dispatched the brigands around hermit lake, we faced the problem of the shelter. Still, we figured that we would encounter it along the way. Once Bree had got her Magic rune off the old hermit, we started of down the dusty road.

Along the way, we encountered a few Brigands hiding, but no shelter. it was very strange for them to stray that far. Still, dismissing that though, we continued.

Once we had reached Brigo once more, we were sitting in the main hall waiting for Bree to finish with her haggling, when I saw someone coming down the hall. It was Treth.

As he came running towards us, he shouted; Brigand Shelter! South East! Near the Beach!

Immediately we jumped up, and ran down the hall.

Just as i exited Brigobaen, i discovered a brigand hiding in the bushes. Stave of Power equipped, i started to strike. With Solsra at my side muttering spells, i quickly dispatched the Brigand. Almost as quickly as Gwen. Stuffing its head into my bag, i followed Treth to the shelter.

As i arrived, i found that a few people were already there. Seeing that they were managing fine, i decided to go right into the middle of the action.

Maybe it was the right thing, maybe it wasnt. All i know is that now I have done something i never imagined a cleric could do.

I took out my stave of power once again, and started attacking the brigands temporary homes.

Eventually, i took it down, snapping the wooden supports. As it crumbled, i saw the other two shelters. As i started to head towards the other shelter, when out of the furtherest one, a brigand appeared. Immediately he looked at me, with a toothless grin on his face.

I turned, and ran, trying to guzzle down an invisibility potion at the same time. I spilled half of it, but i drunk enough to disappear for a few seconds. It was enough for the brigand, with his small mind, to look for some more prey. He turned, and targeted Treth who had come stumbling. Shooting bolts at all the brigands he saw, he quickly dispatched the one that had just targeted him.

Then, just as i was thanking him, i saw an old wooden chest hiding under some of the tattered canvas of the broken shelter. The lock had been broken, so with my lack of lock-picking skill, i could still break it. Inside i found a most wonderful thing. There, sitting beneath some mould food, was 7000 gold pieces.

Once The rest of the party had come in, we shared the chest contents and headed back to Lerilin.

Covered in scars, we headed back through the stony gates once more, a whole day of adventure behind us.

Even with the pain shooting through my body, i didnt want to heal myself. Instead, i left the wounds as a reminder of the day we set out to do, and the day we ended up doing.

Smiling to myself, i went to the inn, pulled the covers over myself, and slept. All the time dreaming about one of the best adventures of my life in the world known as Oberin.
By the Bleeding Moon by Tiphereth on 20 Aug 2007 : 20:16
Kharoon stared defiantly at the bleeding moon, the apex of it's cycle had come at last, and never would more beasts roam the countryside until it's waning. He stiffened,' he had given the ranger his choice; his conscience was clear'.

Kharoon finished his preparations for the journey and then awaited while his new companion sorted through his gear. "Do you have the stomach for this journey?", he queried; the ranger was not discouraged. Kharoon nodded approvingly, although he could see the tension in the ranger's face bathed in the blood red glow of the rising moon. Kharoon stared defiantly at the bleeding moon, the apex of it's cycle had come at last, and never would more beasts roam the countryside until it's waning. He stiffened,' he had given the ranger his choice; his conscience was clear'.

The effects of the moon were evident to the ranger, scents hung on the wind and fresh tracks revealed a hostile trek before them. Hands that had swung a pickax and hammer more than they had hefted a weapon tensely gripped his spear as he followed the wizard along the now more sinister northern road of the eastern isle of Oberin.

Tiphereth the ranger traced every step of the wizard. It was very obvious that Kharoon had followed this trail many times, as he wove through the wild lands disregarding the screams of nearby beasts lurking in the sanguine woods. The ranger was accustomed to a stealthy trek, but Kharoon hacked through the wilderness with complete disregard, a feverish glint in his eyes.

The ranger pondered if the wizards recent demise by a fate beyond his control spurred him on so, or was it the thrill of the quest that drove him? He remembered the wizards humble beginnings as a fisherman, but now he fished the seas for serpents and dared fare alone the dark trails others seldom trodden.

As he tore through branches the ranger read the signs on the forest floor but there would be no time to warn the wizard. The combat was swift and merciless, they slew beasts as quickly as they set upon them. Kharoon rushed into battle like a warrior, brandishing his spear with uncharacteristic speed and grace, he was no common spell caster, content to wield his spells at a distance. Nor was Tiphereth satisfied with the slow but sure death delivered by his bow, spear in hand he joined the fray. One after the other they slaughtered gapers, like forager ants, while harpies and the undead surrounded them... still Kharoon pressed on, and Tiphereth followed. The wizard rarely looked back, a lagging ranger would not cost him his life, he would keep up or turn back, or die.

Marali was a welcome sight on the horizon. Tiphereth had managed to stay with the fervent warrior-wizard, despite hoards of snakes and the slaying of a giant bent on crushing the life out of his battered body, but it seemed luck and the poison on his spear tip would prevail that night. Kharoon almost seemed to have a skip in his step, the several near death experiences that had taken their toll on the weary ranger seemed to stir the blood of Kharoon. He pranced into a Marali like a conquerer, occasionally skipping back a few steps to lend a hand to his companion. Tiphereth longed for a hot bath and a few good stories at the tavern but their stay would be a brief one before returning... he took some time to turn in some brigand heads and have a stiff drink. It was over, he had made it. Were heading back, were welcome words from Kharoon. Tiphereth longed for the safe warmth of his forge, feeling that after this excursion he would be content with the hunts around Lerilin for a some time. But he should have read that gleam in the wizards eyes, Were heading back, they were returning once more to the trail along that cursed coastline.

Tiphereth grimaced at the Bleeding Moon. This was the treasure trail he had wanted to find, he would see it through and not abandon the wizard. So back they went, Kharoon revealing hidden signs to follow, once more ignoring the beasts about them as he foraged through hostile woods with pure determination. But this time it seemed, luck was not on their side; beasts of all kinds sprang up around them, so many that the ranger couldnt track them all... Kharoon ran and Tiphereth followed, he sprinted through the woods, dodging claws and fangs, every turn there was a different beast or undead monstrosity. He glanced once over his shoulder, the ranger was gone...

The last time Tiphereth saw the wizard, a hoard of monsters surrounded him, cutting off the trail and forcing him to hack his way through a harpie in the other direction. Disoriented, he was driven further away from a Kharoon, and toward the forsaken lands of Aborek. The bleeding moon hung high, at every turn there were too many creatures for Tiphereth to take alone, he ran south, hiding when necessary until he crossed the bridge to the eastern isle... the ranger was home.

Back in Lerilin, while he crafted arrows by a warm fire and recounted tales or the red horrors spawned by the Bleeding Moon and he wondered what ever became of the wizard Kharoon. Some where deep in those cursed woods, not even death would keep the spear weilding wizard from searching...
The Tales and Myths of Oberin Part II by Bodwine on 11 Aug 2007 : 00:20
*editors note: This is pure fiction smile*

This is Part II

The First Humans

I promise this part is longer than the last.

It's much more well writen and very interesting. And once again this is different then what Jinker and Stefan wrote in the player guide.

ENJOY!!!One day, while Bronden and Hinden were walking through the forests of Oberin. They noticed how quiet it was. They didn't want quiet they wanted to hear the sounds of nature just as they could hear there love through each other. So, they created a new creature. This creatures was different from the others. This creature was made to resemble themselves. This creature also was much wiser and creative then the others. And to make them more interesting they filled them with curiosity. This was the first human to live in Oberin. His name was Andre and he was a ranger. When the intelligent and magical creatures saw this new creature they felt threatened by him and created one for themselves to protect them. His name was Merlin and he was the first wizard and the first cleric. The trees saw this human being walking threw the forest and became jealous of the creatures and, because the trees hated the creatures of Oberin for being able to walk around, they created their own human but this human had the ability to tame the creatures and make them obey her will. Her name was Miria and she was the first druid. And lastly their was the sea. The sea only wanted peace between the creatures and the trees. So they created a human to assassinate the rest of them so that there wouldn't be any more fighting. Her name was Lerilia and she was the first rogue. But they had made the humans too smart. Soon they realized that they shouldn't be fighting there own kind and created peace between each other. This enraged the trees and the creatures to breaking point and the creatures went rampid and many of the trees became the first Bracken all swore their vengeance against the humans and fled into the forests. The humans decided to go their seperate ways and so then the first cities were created. Lerilia settled near the sea and created the city Lerilin. Andre settled near the forests and created the city Andris. Miria settled near a river where many creatures dwelled and named the city Mirith. And lastly, the wizard Merlin, who settled in seclusion believing he was stonger than the rest and made sure the roads were covered with creatures to block anyones way into his city and he named it Marali. This is the story of the firs human beings.
Tales and Myths of Oberin Part I by Bodwine on 10 Aug 2007 : 22:06
*editors note: This is pure fiction smile*

The Beginning of Oberin......

This is how I believe Oberin is created

Well not really but its a cool story!

I hope you enjoy!In the beginning of time there was a god named Hinden and a goddess named Bronda. These gods loved each other so much they decided to express their love for one another by creating a beautiful land that they named Oberin which means love in their tongue. Hinden created the trees, the grass, the moons, and the mountains. Bronda created the first of the creatures that to grace the land of Oberin. Many of the creatures that are here today weren't created until humans came to Oberin. The first of the creatures were the Sea Serpents, the elementals, the ants, the bats, the spiders, the turtles, the Tuskers, the dragons, and the harpies. And this is the beginning of Oberin.
The Mountains of Hrothgrar and Urgroth by Therart on 21 Jul 2007 : 04:36
Join Ugroth on his journey for eternal beauty and his travels in the Mountains of Hrothgrar where Urgroth meets a new friend!The Mountains of Hrothgrar and Urgroth

We return to our story when Urgroth reaches the Mountains of Hrothgrar. Urgroth is going well, the only problem is HE HAS ABSOLUTELY NO WEAPONS! All he brought with him was his hammer and the close on his back. As you might know this could be a problem. For one he has no food. And another he has no weapons, shield, or armor.

Urgroth, having no food, went hunting. On his way he met a giant ant! The ant crawled up to him and was right on top of him but Urgroth wasnt just about to give up his life dream! So, he wrestled and wrestled the ant for hours on end. Until finally he threw the ant across the road and it hit a tree with a crack. But the ant wasnt about to give up. It came up and had Urgroth locked up against a tree when suddenly he noticed he still had his hammer! So quickly, he got a grasp on it and shook his hand free and with one quick, desperate swing cracked the hammer over the ants head. Not only did the ant die but its entire head was smashed into its abdomin!

After that Urgroth vowed that the hammer that saved his life would be the only weapon he ever would wield. After hunting, he went and bought himself a suit of armor and some bread and went on with his journey. Urgroth spent many days in the cold, harsh weather of the mountains searching for the dwarves that were in possession of the amulet of grace. When, finally, he found a small cave. He went through it and found an entire dwarf village in that small cave. These particular dwarves happened to be THE smallest dwarfs in Oberin! And he found the amulet securely locked on top of what looked like miniature wathctower.

Urgroth, thinking about how easy that was picked up the amulet. But as soon as he picked it up the dwarfs went into shock. They started screaming and yelling at the top of their lungs. Usually Urgroth wouldnt have thought twice about them but as soon as they started screaming he heard a deep growl. And out from the depths of the cave stepped out the Guardian of the Dwarves. This beast was double the size of Urgroth and five times as strong. The beast almost look like a wolf but it had a long scaly tail and talons like a hawk. It had long spikes sticking out of its back and a serpents tongue that seemed to have a mind of its own. The beast leapt toward him mouth wide open with its sharp dagger-like teeth pointing straight at him when at the last moment an arrow pierced its skin right underneath its right shoulder.

Obviously seriously hurt, it crept back into the cave but with his orcish instincts kicking in, Urgroth swept past the village of dwarves and with a mighty swing capsized the beasts skull. Congratulations young one, you have killed the Great Beast that guards the dwarves you must either brave or crazy. Urgroth turned around to see a tall, dark figure standing in the entrance of the cave. His long black hair covered his face but you can tell he is a ranger because of his bow and his clothes. I hope you killed him with good intentions. It attacked ME! I explained. Yes, but you killed it when it was already down and out. Said the mysterious figure. Yes, I know, Im sorry, my instincts kicked in.

I know, I can tell you are half orc, I can help you with your problem.

You can. Said Urgroth with astonishment!

Yes, I can, if you allow me to travel with you I can help you overcome your instincts.

And from then on the two of them traveled to gether.

Join us next time in Oceans of Unforgiveness an the Rangers Name

Urgroth and the Wizard Part I by Therart on 21 Jul 2007 : 04:33
Urgroth goes on a journey to gain some love.

Once upon a time, there was a man named Urgroth. The poor soul was half orc and half man. No woman would even look at him. Then, one day, there came upon him a magician named Erathor. Erathor asked him,"Why do you weep young man." And Urgroth replied, "Because no woman will even look upon me with my ugly face." The magician thought and thought then replied, "My dear friend, I may be able to help you."

Overjoyed Urgroth asked him how. The magician replied, "To the eternal beauty that you seek, you must first complete the following tasks: First, you must climb the Mountains of Hrothgrar and steal the amulet of grace from the wicked witch of Turnstine. Then you must cross the Oceans of Unforgiveness to kill the Great Beast of Golden Locks Fronthine and cut its hair off and take it with you. And last, you must go deep into the Forest of Darthen and fill a bottle with the water from the Fountain of Beauty. Bring these things to me and I will make you a potion that will make you have eternal beauty."

Overwhelmed with joy, Urgroth got ready for his long adventure to beauty. Ready to go the next morning he had a nice long nights sleep. In the morning he set off for the mountains of Hrothgar. Leaving he told the village, "The next time you see me I will be the most beautiful being in the world." To be continued in my next story The Hrothgar Mountains and Urgroths New Friend.
A Volcanic Visit by KolDrake on 10 Jun 2007 : 09:22

"Lord, what fools these mortals be!"

--From A Midsummer Night's Dream (III, ii, 115)


The white-hot passion burst through his veins, a lava flow of ecstasy engulfing him in flame. The agony of it was indescribable. Little pops of pain-pleasure bubbling in his blood, the bliss of rapturous indulgence seeping into the very cells of his body, mating, dancing, swirling with the blaze of color and light and life. He could feel himself growing ever more powerful, the core of his reality swelling with each wave of bliss as he swallowed the entire universe of delight in a single, unending feast as his blood surged through his veins.

It went on for a lifetime, that burn of ecstasy, and he could have gladly died under its spell. But it was not to be.

Slowly, slowly, the white faded into yellows and reds and black. And Kol Drake fell from the heights of paradise into the grinding reality of the now. Blinking with eyes still half-crazed with the yearning, he found himself kneeling in the center of a circle of dead and dying parts -- things, once alive, that just a few moments before had been intent on making Kol just as dead.

Taking a long, slow breath, he rose to his feet and looked around for his hunt companions. There, off to the side of the tunnel, they all were in the heat of battle -- Fulgencius, sword flashing up and down; Whisp, popping in to work her blades into the back of many a beast; Mokie and Garion intoning clerical spells to keep all alive; Anya screaming *shel rel bol* at the various bone mages; Xil Tok, directing his pet to the attack -- all hard pressed by an assortment of giant spiders, fire elementals, hell hounds and bone mages. Why we thought exploring the volcano would be fun is a memory well forgetten at the moment.

Shoulders squared and helmed head tilted forward, Kol forced one leaden leg in front of the other. With ever quickening strides, he charged into the fray to add his strength and blade to the mix.

Once more into the fray...

Once gleaming blade, now notched and covered in an assortment of ichors, the sword still sings as it swoops and chops and sliced into sinew and hide and flames and rotting, moving corpse mages. Again Kol welcomed the rush as his body responds to the fight. Step back, change angle, slice upward, step aside, stroke downward; his arm seems to grow stronger as he charges from monster to monster. As always, the battle ends -- the passion of the moment slides way to a flitting moment of numbness which gives way to the many aches and pains he never noticed during the engagement. Taking stock of his armor and weapon, Kol choked down a healing potion and tossed the bottle aside. The slight buzz of healing was nothing compared to the power he held while in the thrall of full battle.

The party was talking. Someone finally decided wandering even deeper into the volcano was not a good idea... even though Xil kept yelling about ...just one chance at a draco.... Even I knew we had too few true fighters to attempt such a thing. Slowly, we all turned to follow our own blood out of this hell hole.


It seems, we never get far retracing our steps before more monstrosities pour forth from whatever dark holes they live in. Streaming forth to bar our way and take our lives. More hounds and elementals and lava spiders and bone mages. For all that, the party was doing well and the monsters were being killed or driven off. Blood pounding in my head; vision clearing to an even sharper focus, I gave chase to a bone mage. It cursed at me in that rotted, meaty voice they all seem to have even as I hacked at it's back and legs. With one final stroke, the corpse was still again. Making it a final stillness, I hacked the head off and turned to orient myself to the party. All I saw was dark tunnels and a new wave of assorted beasts converging on me; jaws clashing, eyes black and unblinking. For all the power within me, it was not enough to...


Death, even one as temporary as in Oberin, is a sobering thing. The world as we know it dissolves into a monotone of gray. Its one saving grace is the loss of the dull ache I normally feel after my battle highs. No aches, no pains, no feelings at all...


It had been hours now, since the jumble of fight and flight in the tunnels and caves of the volcano. Kol lay in the darkness of the night, leaning against the stones of the Dragon Rider's guild hall. Gray death shroud damp with the dew of the night and his own blood. Night was nearly as black as the gray of Death; though, now the woods were alive with the chirps and squawks and crashing brambles of the normal denizens of the area. Tears were rolling down his cheeks, mixing with blood and dirt. He knew he was again living, but not yet alive. Soon, his wounds would heal and, once the sun rose, the blackness would lift and he would stumble forth. Though unarmed and unarmored, he knew he would walk back to the small fishing village of Lerilin.

Such is the life of a fighter in the lands of Oberin...

A Day to Remember... by Bartok on 06 May 2007 : 00:15
... and did the GoDs even notice?

It was another typical day in Oberin...

... if only I had paid attention to the signs. Instead, I was too fuzzy minded after an extended meditation -- it must have been for that reason I did not realize until mid morning that I stood on the bank steps of Lerilin rather than Mirith! How addled was I to not notice the difference? Laughing at my mistake, I thought some time wandering the woods and collecting my herbs and plants would help to clear my mind and give me a chance to enjoy the wonders the GoDs had made for all. I must not have been totally fuzzy brained, as I did stop at the stable and had one of my tamed pets come with me. This particular ant, Radorma, was the oldest and most experienced, so I felt little worry at going into the woods alone.

At first, all was as I had hoped. Though the herbs and plants were sparse, the air was clear and the woods pleasant as the wall of Lerilin vanished behind a wall of trees and greenery. Then, as usually happened, I was attacked by a wandering ant. My pet protected me with ease. Yes, it was as I remembered. Or, it was until I looked about and noticed I was surrounded by a large swarm of foraging ants! Radorma was trying her best to wrestle one ant, while four more charged up to me and began furiously chewing on my robes and leather! Healing myself and my pet as best I could while I ran in circles about the woods; my pet and I finally defeated the determined foes. The swarm had taken me by surprise but, we lived -- which should have been enough. Instead, I fear the dark threads of hubris and ego twined about my mind... for I wandered further and further toward the deeper woods -- knowing how dangerous it can be. Though I thought I must turn and go back to Lerilin more than once, I ventured deeper and deeper -- secure with Radorma beside me and only sheep and wolves to break the silence of the woods.

Addled. I truly must have been under some spell of confusion or bedevilment. Danger was the least of my worries as a harpy attacked. I almost yelped in glee as Radorma chased the filthy bird around and about -- never noticing just how deep and far we were racing. Panting, I had to finally call my pet back... as I could see the harpy was just too fast to ever catch and finish off. I stroked Radormas fuzzy head as I looked about to determine just where I was. Trees. Nothing but trees in all directions and no landmarks to give me a clue as to how deep I had wandered. Now, whatever brain fever I had been under seemed to lift and a chill ran up my spine as I realized how foolish I had been. Coaxing Radorma forward, I quickly set off to the north -- hoping to come upon more familiar ground. Would that I had stayed in town and made potions or cut bandages instead of taking this walk in the woods. Within moments of turning back, I was besieged by an assortment of monsters! A hell hound and harpy kept Radorma busy while I ran in circles trying to evade more foraging ants. I thought I was safe as my trusty ant actually ran off the wounded hound and harpy, but I should have known better by now. When so many monsters attack, the blood shed draws even more to the fray. Soon, I was trying to run full out from two gapers and two hell hounds while Radorma was quickly left far behind battling a sludge beast.

Running and healing in quickly spurts, I thought I had almost gained ground on my many attackers when I ran into a bracken -- literally! Perhaps my prayers had touched some GoDs mind and had had other ideas for me this day; for I literally ran into a bracken! I was so busy looking back that I paid little heed to what was ahead and bounced rather soundly against the bark of a bracken. Any other time, it would have been worth a chuckle -- this time my throat was too raw from running to even make a sound. True to its nature, the bracken hit me with a poisonous blast as I bounced away and continued running from the gapers which had come closer. Too close as I was soon to see... as twin bolts of lightning fried my body in an instant.

Gray. The after life is a gray gray place. Neither hot nor cold; bright nor dark... it is a dull, lifeless sameness which would make any sane person drop and pray for salvation.

Light again -- and warmth and the hint of the sea on the breeze. The scents of Lerilin are distinctive. More so after the numbing gray of afterlife. I walked from the temple to the bank; hoping I had time enough to recover my backpack -- for a cleric lives or dies by his reagents and prayers.. and I had accumulated a sizable hoard over the year which I did not wish to lose. At the bank, I pulled all I had left in terms of reagents and protection and set off to find my corpse. A mage, Lenard, came along to aid in my search and recovery of goods. I should have known better. For some reason, I tricked my common sense by thinking the monsters would have wandered off by now.

Quickly, we ran back down to point near where I thought my corpse lay. Again, I brought a pet... a newer ant since Radorma was lost (or dead). This one was barely tamed and I had little hope of surviving gapers or harpies... so I went slowly forward into the deeper undergrowth. In my haste, I left Lenard farther behind than was advisable -- as a hell hound attacked. My pet and I were no match for this beast... it was quickly wearing down my few items of protection and mana trying to keep us both alive. Thankfully, a mighty bolt of lightning shot forth and drove the hound away moments before I would have died again. Standing on shaking legs, I healed Lenard, my pet, and myself before moving more cautiously forward. Again, I should have known. Blood had been shed; the lure of new kill was bringing the monsters our way... all following the sickly scent of my recent spilled blood. Within moments, more hell hounds, gapers, harpies, and ants rushed into the immediate area. Even running at my fastest, I could not outrun them all. Lenard too, was being overwhelmed as chased down -- as I quickly lost sight of him crashing back through the underbrush. For myself, I paid little heed to anything but escape.... which was not to be. I was quickly boxed in by two sludge beasts and a giant snail -- when a bolt of lightning from one of the gapers took me down.

Gray (again). I did not stay to watch the beasts ravage my corpse. A persistent tug pulled my ghost to the Lerilin temple... where I was once again engulfed in the scents and sounds of Life. Saying a prayer with the new brother of the temple, I slowly went to the bank -- hoping I would find Lernard there -- whole and healthy. Sadly, I spied him as he too returned from the gray afterlife... the distinctive gray pallor and shroud standing forth among the various colored garbs of those standing about the bank. Making my apologies, I let all know my corpse was out there and any who could - were welcome to the spoils -- if they lived to claim them.

I think now -- it is a lesson I had to learn from the GoDs. To not let small successes inflate my ego and self worth -- so that I lose sight of the greater needs around me. These two deaths cleaned out my holdings at the bank -- so I start fresh... no different than any other fledgling cleric new to Lerilin and the world at large. Perhaps, as I fish and chop wood in town, I will understand better the lessons I should be heeding.

~ penned this 67th day of the Blue Moon in the year 428

~ Bartok

The tale of Dararothmany:Part II I meet him once again by Dararothmany on 23 Apr 2007 : 01:28
This is part II of my tale.........Dararothmany woke up later that afternoon with his head slightly feeling better. His mother fixed him up a hot bowl of soup to relieve his pain. Dararothmany barely touched his food. He stirred around with his spoon and stared blankly out at overpass of the monutain. The mountain was in clear view, for his house was further from the others next to the hills. He got up and walked out of the door and walked like a drunkman down the road. As he was walking he was greeted by Terim. Terim offerered to help him walk as for he was seemingly looked like he was going to fall every step he took. Dararothmany shooked his head and continued to walk. Before Dararothmany knew where he was, he found himself in front of the altar. He figured he should thank the elder cleric for what he had did the night before. He walked up the steps slowly.

Once he reached the entrance way of the altar,which was nothing more than a small door with a notch for any convienence. He knocked on the door. A old,shrinkled lady answered the door.The lady let him in with no words spoken. When Dararothmany went inside he saw the elder cleric from the night before. He walked towars him and stared. The elder cleric found it rather rude and flickered him with his fingers. Dararothmany fell to the floor staring at the huge man. The elder cleric asked him what he needed. Dararothmany thanked the elder cleric. The elder cleric winked and left into another room he examined carefully.....