Player Stories

Is it me they fear? by Robear on 28 May 2009 : 21:52
He had heard the tales of the gruesome site where the rift had been opened but he had to see for Himself.........

With Lady Moon smiling gently down her warm Harvest glow upon his shoulders he set off. Eronious bid him farewell as he set off to go "foraging". He told a bended truth to save his friends the suffering that may lay before him.

He knew the Moon could protect him much better over water than on land, so his journey up stream was peaceful. On land would prove a different affair. As soon as the soil and grass welcomed him, so to did the the shrieks of a Harpie and the howls of the Hounds of Hell.

His Bow of Power, though battered and worn, shot true and made short work of the lowly beasts. He did not know where this site may be but followed the whispers of his beloved from above and his keen Tracking ability allowed him to sense the evil that lie in wait.

Suddenly the night heated as fast as it lit up with the ungodly glow of Fire Elementals and Rust beasts like shadows in the heat waves following close behind. He had to be close. Out came the War Hammer of Power. Blind Fury and Brute Strength where the order of the day.

The Moons Son lay waste to those who guarded the rift, but there was no end. They poured out like blood from severed artery. As his potions drained and his weapons shattered from battle, he vowed to return with a vengeance not yet seen in this world

The Rift

Robear headed to Mirith to rest his bones and acquire new powerful weapons. He met up with Robert Hood, A Noble Ranger with a story or two behind his eyes as well. Together they went to find the rift together and see what sorts of trouble they could find.

Much to their avail, they could not locate the ceremonial site. They vanquished many Fire elementals, Rust beasts, Trolls and Lions alike yet no rift in site. "I know it was hear" Robear told Sir Hood. "Are you sure this is the spot?" he replied. "Oh well, we shall return another day" said Sir Hood. and they returned to Mirith.

Robear returned alone to find that with calculations were correct. THE SITE WAS ABANDONED!!!
Cowards he thought. All this time the rift had been open he had never seen it. On the day of his visit they all left. "Is it me they fear?" he thought as the moon smiled down upon him.

Tailoring Tryst by Memna on 07 May 2009 : 06:43
It was another lovely day in Oberin. I had journeyed far and found a resting place in Marali where I intended to spend the next few hours or so improving my alchemy skills. I had just stored all my newly cleaned bottles and was getting ready to leave the bank and head towards the inn to freshen up when a finely dressed stranger walked in...

It was another lovely day in Oberin. I had journeyed far and found a resting place in Marali where I intended to spend the next few hours or so improving my alchemy skills. I had just stored all my newly cleaned bottles and was getting ready to leave the bank and head towards the inn to freshen up when a finely dressed stranger walked in.

He gave me a high-spirited greeting, and expressed his excitement of seeing a new face in town. After a few pleasantries I learned that he was a tailor named Clovis and that he had evidently found his muse


He proceeded in a whirlwind of compliments about my looks, all of which left me at the same time both flattered and frankly, a wee bit paranoid. Being a humble traveling cleric I was not used to such praise, especially about my looks since I was pretty sure I hadnt yet cleaned the mud off my boots, nor had a chance to brush my hair within the past 24 hours. Dont get me wrong, Im up on my hygiene, I just wasnt in any shape or form fit to be called goddess-like at the moment, inspirational maybe, but goddess no.

My unkemptness didnt seem to bother him at all, and he proceeded to take my measurements, all the while complementing me on how perfect I was to be a model (even admiring my hair, oddly enough) and how he would be so honored to craft me a whole collection of dresses for the upcoming season. Since he had worded his request so graciously and no girl in her right mind passes down an opportunity to get new clothes, I accepted.

His first creation for me to wear on entering this new era of fashion:

A grey robe.

While this did bring out the purple shade of my hair quite nicely, I wasnt so sure I wanted any more of his fashion help. Its bad enough that my calling in life is to bring people back from the dead, every time handing them a grey robe to wear (hey, I dont want to stare at your bare hinnies, and yes, I do I know theyre cheap. But do you honestly know how many you guys go through?! Im not made of money you know!), but now to find out that these grey robes Ive been handing out like candy are the new in of the Oberin fashion season? No. Thank. You.

The first grey robe was quickly followed by another grey robe in a different style. I was beginning to suspect poor Clovis had a rough journey to get to Marali and was loading off on me, but he then followed up with a light blue, a black and then finally, red.

Ah yes, red

According to him it was the color only a true Goddess could wear. It was also the color I was originally wearing when he walked through the bank door. I must admit his tailoring skills were quite exceptional. All of the robes were very comfortable and the styles fit me to perfection. I just wasnt certain he was quite right in the head.

After I donned the red he asked me if I had a red hat to go along with it. I replied that I did not, since I normally only carry around a universal black wizard hat that would match all my robes to help conserve space. I apparently should have left that comment to myself since this was a big fashion no-no and I absolutely MUST have a red hat to go along with the red robe. After he was done lecturing me on my fashion blunder he regretfully informed me that he did not have any red dye left to make the hat and asked if I had any bottles that he could use. I was a wee bit cranky after his lecture and was about to say no, but decided not to ruffle his feathers any more than I already had and passed over the few bottles of dye I had.

I really wish I hadnt.

I swear on the Life Goddess herself I have never seen anyone throw a fit as bad as Clovis over my red dye. The bottles I had purchased were all fakes (go figure) and their very presence was putting Clovis into a fine rage. I had a brief thought of escaping for my life, but it was quickly extinguished as Clovis planted himself right in front of the only exit. In situations such as this, and being the good little cleric that I am, I did what I do best: started praying.

My salvation soon came in the form of Claire, whom Ive had the fortune to cleric alongside on a few occasions. She had come into the bank for a few items and actually knew who Clovis was and was able to calm him down to a reasonable level. In return, Claire got a robe crafted by Clovis (which, not surprisingly, was grey). I soon found out that Claire had sworn to protect Clovis from a woman named Claudia, and the both of us found ourselves on a trip to Andris to buy some real red dye for Clovis to make his hat for me.

The trip didnt take us very long since Claire had suggested we bring pures to portal with and we soon found ourselves in front of Frebeths potion shop. I was once again thankful Claire was with me, as she made sure the shopkeeper didnt sell me fake dye again. After we made our purchases Claire had one more errand to run while we were still in town and not long after we were making our way back to Marali to give Clovis the dye.

We had just cleared the Andris gate, shuffling our way through the crowd of travelers and guards, when a rather imposing woman stopped us. She greeted us almost disdainfully and told us we looked capable of completing a job for her. Her name was Claudia and her task was to have us deliver a letter to her former husband, Clovis. Thats right, this woman was the very same Claudia that Claire was supposed to protect Clovis from. Oberin was becoming a smaller world than I thought.

Claire immediately agreed for us to deliver the letter. Im not sure if she said that out of haste to get us back to Marali sooner, or if she had some other reason which she never mentioned, but in any case, Claires hurriedness seemed to have been lost on Claudia as she started talking about how her and Clovis had divorced some time ago and not on good terms since she said she had threatened to kill him (hence the whole Claire protecting Clovis thing). Adrienne had apparently talked to Claudia about this and it must have changed her mind since she explained that the letter I was now carrying was her reconciliation of sorts.

Since I figured Clovis was getting antsy back in Marali and Im not big on small talk, I too interjected with our need to make haste, and once again this was lost on Claudia; she continued on. I was beginning to understand what may have prompted Clovis to divorce her

In addition to the letter, Claudia handed me an apple to give to Clovis along with instructions not to tell him where the letter came from, and instead to tell him it was from an admirer. I didnt like this bit of trickery she wanted us to pull, but she said she had signed the letter and ensured us he would know it was from her after he finished reading the entire thing. Claires patience at this point had all but worn out (mine was entirely gone) and she politely said again that we needed to depart, and miracle of miracles Claudia let us go.

During our brief journey back to Marali Claire stated that she was almost certain Claudia had poisoned the apple. We discussed what to do about the apple as I wasnt so sure about this and so we both agreed to let Clovis read the letter first and then decide for himself if he wanted to trust eating the apple or not.

Clovis was back to his chipper mood when we arrived at the bank and I passed over the letter letting him know it came from an admirer. The following is the content, which he read aloud to us:

Dear Clovis,

I am always thinking of you and longing for your strong arms to hold me. This apple is for you. (At this point he asked for the apple and we gently told him to finish reading the letter first)



It burned me a bit that Clovis couldnt read the signature and both me and Claire had to explain that it had come from Claudia, especially since Claudia ensured us he would be able to tell it was from her. It did make me feel somewhat better that I had withheld the apple from Clovis until we could explain, but now we had to decide what to do with the darn thing. Clovis wanted neither me nor Claire to eat it as a test for poison since he considered us too pretty to endanger ourselves that way. I definitely wasnt going to pass it to Clovis since I feared he would eat it in his stupidity and Claudia would get what she wanted. And then Claire and Clovis started discussing that the apple should really be thrown away in some place where a small, innocent child couldnt find it. At this point I realized that there was only one thing to do with the apple. I wasnt about to let some poor innocent stranger find it and eat it by mistake, since if the apple indeed was poisoned, someone was bound to find it. Also, not only did I have a couple of full detoxification potions in my possession, I was in the company of a good cleric should anything go wrong.

And so I ate it.

Apart from the fact that I felt like I couldnt eat another bite, nothing felt wrong. Of course Clovis and Claire both completely went crazy when I told them. Clovis had Claire detoxify me three times even though it wasnt necessary. But the deed was done; I wasnt dead and no innocents were hurt in the process. Clovis was still not sure I was ok and made a comment about how I at least would have made a lovely corpse, but after waving the bottle of true red dye in front of him he seemed to drop the matter quite quickly to start working on my soon-to-be hat.

It didnt take him long to complete, and once again I was amazed at his talent. I put the cap on along with the red robe he had completed earlier and I must have looked good since Cloviss jaw dropped and he started to drool a bit. Then again, his reaction could have been over all the excitement he had had that day since he soon after mentioned that he was tired and asked if we would join him at the inn as it was almost night. Both Claire and I agreed since we were tired as well from all our travels, and so the three of us made our way to the Inn for a good nights rest. As I drifted off to sleep, I smiled a little, thinking of all the events of the evening. This would certainly be a story for the grandkids.

In the Wood to be Found by RobertHood on 14 Apr 2009 : 04:45
~A Ranger's Journey

There is something that a Ranger finds in the wood

In time. There are trees that sway; all that he hears is good.

The trickle of the stream, the chorus of the Harpie wives, and everything

Oh how everything makes sense and just fits perfectly like it should.

There in the cool brisk air through the rays of the sunlight he sees,

Running off over crag and Bracken, a herd of Sheep that scatter and flee

From some unseen enemy. Near or far, short or tall is all as it should be,

But a Human standing behind the underbrush can start, challenge what he believes.

The Ranger can run through the webs that prey and across the stream.

A Giant Snake slithering away from, and sleeping Hounds Blink and wake from their dream

Come, the birds and the bugs and the haunting sound of some unknown ordinary

Being, prowling like the forgotten world of Beasts, where all is not as it may seem.

An old Hermit stoops to get a drink from the streams he had gone passed.

And the Ranger stops to look and smiles again from what was first to last

In all he has seen, this journey, this Maze of Trees and vines and falling autumn leaves.

In past moments he had forgotten to see, and had rushed over so fast,

The changing of the leaves and charm of that presently frozen creek. Now,

He can hear his wife calling him home, and how he made his last vow:

That the next time, he would stay and hunt and seek to find any valuable lost,

Any civilization to be made, to be thought, to be dreamedand take its bow.

Before the crowd of shuffling leaf and hill and glen and forgotten grave,

Of those who have been, that might just exist, below the snow covered wave,

Of fading glory that began in the air. An ended journey in the hard ground,

At the mercy of the memories, love, and treasure that, to us, they gave.

Journey to the Island Chain of Jinker by Robear on 29 Mar 2009 : 12:18
Under the pale light of the last quarter of the Growing Moon a young respectable ranger named Robear searched for his closest kin Maingloe. It was during the Great Festival of Mirith and the finest and bravest in the land had gathered to hear what King Galandir was to announce........

but Robear and Maingloe had other plans, a journey to the furthest most remote island in Oberin, the mythical Jinker Island........

Under the pale light of the last quarter of the Growing Moon a young respectable ranger named Robear searched for his closest kin, the honorable rouge Maingloe. It was during the Great Festival of Mirith and the finest and bravest in the land had gathered to hear what King Galandir was to announce........ but Robear and Maingloe had other plans, a journey to the furthest most remote island in Oberin, the mythical JINKER ISLAND........

Robear stood in front of the bank rambling to all who would listen, looking for more companions on this perilous journey. The crowd murmured with responses ranging from warnings of danger laced with concern for our well being, to laughing suggestions of better,closer locations to Die, to disbelief in the islands existence at all. But not a sole would join the brave adventurers.

The two brothers closest companion the citizen druid Drendon shivered with fear as he begged and groveled for Robear and Maingloe not to leave. They headed none as they set off singing songs of fortune and glory........ but most of all glory. One final challenge to those present at the bank in Mirith was issued by the honorable Maingloe before departure "Who is brave enough amongst you to join us" none responded, or so they thought.

As they walked out of town Drendon came from behind accompanied by the beautiful Lady Keala.

Drendon boldly announced he would accompany the foolish travelers as far as the edge of the continent to see them off. Keala said nothing at all, but did share in the many ales that fuel such a fool-hearty quest. Robear and Maingloe where glad to have company no matter for how long and thought there might be more to citizen Drendon than they first imagined.

When they came to the edge of the continent on their journey to the end of the planet they turned to their companions to say farewell and thank you.

"The road ends here" Said Robear

"and our andventure begins" Said Moingloe

Then Keala broke her silence by quietly saying she would continue the journey with the brave duo. Drendon felt a burning desire to share in the adventures and joined in as well. The four mustered all the courage they had and set sail. "if we get separated by serpents sail swiftly Southwest, that is where glory waits for us.

The moon watched intently as her most loved son and his companions ventured out and where immediately set upon by the vilest sea serpents with the lust for blood in their eyes. Splintered the group. the moons gaze focussed on her beloved Robear and he looked back, peaceful and tranquil as he new the moon had smiled on him and gifted him the ability to sail like the wind blows.

She guided him to the SW edge of the world. The universe span forever before him and Robear momentarily forgot about his companions while in the presence of Elaras beauty. MAINGLOE my brother!!! Robear thought as he pulled out his sextant ( 257N 112E ). What had happened. His companions where gone. His brief realization of total solitude was shattered by the frothing his of four sea serpents surrounding their meal.

Robear navigated a safe path through them close the edge of the planet careful not to float into the beautiful abyss. Finally he arrived at the Island to discover it was a chain of Islands. A signature of sorts. By some omnipresent being. part god part man. Robear felt alive yet tiny in a giant world.

He had given up on his companions altogether when Drendon and Keala arrived being chased by a wretched and feared Gaper. They cried for help from Robear " we are only druids Please HELP US". Robear briefly ranin fear (he had never won a battle with a gaper). His love of his friends overtook his fear as Robear mercilessly slaughtered the gaper.

The three of four drank many ales to their bitter sweet accomplishment. Maingloe was not there share in the glory. But just a s they had gotten stinking drunk Maingloe arrived, stripped of armor weapons and dignity. he lost it all but still made it to Jinker Island. The Crew drank to GLORY.........A peculiar wizard appeared briefly as if to celebrate with us for a brief moment then vanished. Who he was or why he showed himself the four proud adventurers may never know.

Jinker Island

Robear received this parchment created by the moon herself in a bottle at the edge of the K as he walked off the island for his journey home to LERILIN
Asbjorns Proposal by Daedra on 10 Feb 2009 : 09:28
Asbjorn and Daedra to be wed.

The events of this day had been rather strange, Daedra was willing to admit. First a Lich in the Mirith cemetary and then the usually highly respected man accusing Asbjorn of being a cheat. Daedra did not know what would come next. After knowing the report that this man had submitted for the world to see, her face turned red with anger. She clenched and unclenched her jaw many times, trying to rid herself of the desire to retaliate to someone so childish. She stole a glance at her love, Asbjorn Ddhammar, as he removed his helm. Oh how she loved his warm smile when he was not either slaying giants or facing some other danger. It warmed her heart greatly to see him hold his head high despite the rude accusations that had been put upon him earlier in the day.

All anger fled from her thoughts as Asbjorn turned his comforting smile to her. She let out a sigh,"You know, your smile...." her words were cut off by Asbjorn kneeling down in front of her.

In his rumbling tone he spoke very softly, "Dae...its not much.....I will find better when I have more gold....but..."

At that he pulled out a Ring of Lesser Heal. Daedra could not have been more shocked had it been a Sea Serpent kneeling before her. Asbjorn, with all his might, slipped the ring onto her finger ever so gently, staring into her eyes. The dusk light, with all its hues, shimmered brightly off of Asbjorns full suit of black plate armor.

Daedra smiled warmly at Asbjorn "Ohhh!" her breath caught in her throat.

Her eyes began to burn with the tears of happiness as he spoke to her in that ever so soft tone, "When the healing words won't come to your lips, use this."

She giggled with excitement, holding Asbjorns hands.

He smiled again and asked a very simple question, "Marry me?"

She gave a rather energetic response, jumping up and down, "Yes!"

Asbjorn let out a small chuckle as he rose to his feet. No sooner was he standing did Daedra throw her arms about his neck to give him a very loving kiss. Asbjorn was a bit unprepared for the enthusiasm she was going to show for him, but he braced himself none the less and only stumbled back a set or two. After that kiss he laughed a little, with his hands resting on her hips. He did not know she wasn't through with him.

He got in a quick word, "I had to do it right." and laughed again.

She reigned kisses all over his face only to have him stumble back again because of the sudden barrage. She giggled quietly the whole time, keeping a huge grin on her face.

Asbjorn stole another short word, "Ok.......ok you got me I surrender." At that he threw his hands up.

She laughed as she laid one last gentle kiss upon his lips, lingering just a bit as the sun set below the horizon. She slowly slid her hands from his neck to rest on her feet. Asbjorn let out one final small laugh as they walked, his arm around her shoulders and hers around his waist, towards the Inn for the night.

Forest Dragon Family by Flingee on 22 Dec 2008 : 21:27
Once upon a time...

...there was this land full with life and many interesting mighty creatures. The woods were great and lush. One of the mightiest creatures were the Forest Dragons. Most of them could fly but not the little ones - the dragon kids. This story is about a dragon mom and her cute kids in the forgotten woods far far away deep inside the wilderness.

On one sunny morning the dragon mother Carissha awoke and carefully prodded her two kids with her big green snout to wake them up, too.


"Uh ohh", Atarrho squinted against the sun and stretched in a long bending. While his sister Catalhia tried to stand up close to him Atarrho turned by mistake against her and both crashed into their nest again. Carissha chuckled and small flames shot out of her nostrils. The morning was already busy with much life outside of their grass-covered hill. Their mom hissed: "Atarrho and Catalhia, we will make a trip today to the western waterfalls of the great lake. Soon you both will see what else is strolling between our ancient trees. You should know all these creatures."

A word and a blow they wandered the path through the powerful forest.

Before they reached the waterfalls Atarrho ran many steps in front of his mom and sister happily waggling his little scaly tail.


Suddenly he heard foreign sounds. Along the shore of the great lake near the waterfalls some creatures tried just to catch or do something he didnt understand. They were mumbling loudly and slapping with their weapons and claws into the water.

While he was watching it he was amused and began to giggling and hissing.


These creatures were Forest Trolls who had their diffculties catching delicious rainbow trouts. As Atarrhos sound began to get louder one Troll noticed his giggle and alarmed his buddies. Two of those three turned around with sharp daggers in their claws targeting Atarrho. One of these both grunted:"Our lunch is saved!" Slowly turning to the shore both wondered where their third buddy was:"Caprarhhh! Come here to usss! Dinnerrr is waiting!" The third shouted happily "I got one! I have a trout! Its miiiine!" He didnt notice what his pals were just doing and stabbed deep in the water bringing something out of the water. Unfortunately it wasnt a trout - it was something that slipped from his dagger.

While holding it in his claws the lake began to roaring. A mighty Sea Serpent broke out of the lake with a loud hissing voice looking to her end of her tail which was hurted by this silly Troll. The Serpent slipped down to him from eye to eye. An "Erh..." came out of the Troll mouth and the Serpent ate him up with one fast mighty bite.


The other Trolls stumbled out of the water running headless along the beach trying to find fastly a suitable hideaway:"Show mercy! Don't kill us!"

Carissha the mom dragon arrived just this place with her daughter Catalhia. The Serpent hissed to her:"What a sunny day Carissha. Just that good to pick up a good snack." Mom and the serpent winked and smiled to each other and the dragon family strolled further along the shore.

"Mom who is that?", Catalhia asked her. "These running bandits are nasty Forest Trolls and this Serpent is your aunt Emmie. Aunt Emmie and uncle Ommie live here since a long time. There was a time some of us decided to live only in forest, others in water, some inside the volcanos and a part in the ice caves. You will know all of them - time will make you wiser with a little help from me", she smiled and answered.

They had a nice day playing with aunt Emmie and their kids along the beach and the waterfalls.

As the day went by the kids got tired. Mommy dragon stretched their wings and put her kids on her back to get ready to fly back. With great elan she rose up into the sky. The moon was already over the far icy mountain tops as they saw some nicely lights at the ground. It was a little human village and it was the christmas time. Atarrho looked curios down and begged his mother to make another fly-around over this village: "Mommy? What are they doing there?". She smiled to her kids and answered "These two-legged humans are celebrating an old celebration. It is called christmas. Quite younger as our celebrations but well they are humans."

"Ah. Chr-ist-mas!?".


All three looked again down and the dragon family disappeared slowly like shadows in the clear cold evening sky.

Merry Christmas

Flingee and Avynar

P.S. Its a simple drawing. Im not a designer - its just for having fun to reading/seeing it wink
The True Cleric by yori_segra21 on 12 Dec 2008 : 23:43
'WHAT' yelled the fighter, as I handed him eighteen Greater Heal Potions not the 20 he ordered. I quickly responded with the truth 'I'm not done with them need a bit more time.'

'WHAT' yelled the fighter, as I handed him eighteen Greater Heal Potions not the 20 he ordered. I quickly responded with the truth 'I'm not done with them need a bit more time.' (Which I truly needed, you will learn why later) So i started off to the Mirith potion shop. While there I learned two very important things, over the talk of the shopkeeper, that there were thirty men that were going to try and destroy the Mirith Vanguard Guild Hall right to the foundation, that and that they were out of bottles. Not thinking, I went to find a few Rangers and Fighters to prepare to fight the men. But when I found the Ranger I just knew would help, he was talking to twenty-nine other Rangers, Clerics, and Fighters. I quickly found myself running, no sprinting to the Mirith Vanguard Hall, hoping to warn them of the attack that might come at any time.

Then, an arrow shot like a fire ball past my head, missing by less than an inch. Again, arrows were flying like rain, flying past me, then I was hit, I yelled out in pain! Still sprinting I pulled the arrow out of my arm. I was getting ready to heal my self when I herd 'Come here' from the side of the guild hall, so not even thinking, I ran to the Druid (I knew he was a Druid because he had a Tusker next to him). He then said 'to stay back that he was going to surprise the army, which he did, just a little to much, him and a few Wizards, started attacking from all sides 'Yes!' was the only thing that came through my mind. Well almost, I was also healing all of them. We, that is to say the one Cleric, ten Wizards, and five Druids, had with the help of the heavens of this good city. We won, just about lost, but we won the battle for Mirith.

When we got back every one in the great city, seemed excited. But we knew not why, then the King came out of the palace and was joyous that the Vanguard Hall had survived. He ordered the young men of the castle to go out and collect as much of the gold from the treasure room as they could carry! We were excited we had gotten a reward for a good deed. But to our displeasure the gold was to go the the Vanguard. But just then we learned that we were to join the great Vanguard of the city of Mirith. And that a large part of the gold was to go to us. I was the first to join saying 'Thank you Great King, and to you Great Commander of the Vanguard!' and then just weeks later there was a great party under the dancing moon, we were the center of the party.

And then I was renamed the Strongest Cleric in the Full of Oberin.
duped? by Woodsey on 19 Oct 2008 : 03:50

I kick myself as I look back on it Have I have been duped! Am too trusting of strangers? Was my mother right...?

I must apologize if this recollection was not quite as accurate as the truth, but my heart is still beating rapidly, both from the battle, as well as from what happened after.

My fellows and I, while showing skeletons to their final resting place in the Lerilin cemetery, were suddenly swamped by a troop of zombies, bone mages, and bracken. They came from out of thin air.

I was totally unprepared. My friends, however, banded together to withstand the onslaught.

It was an ugly battle, but in time, our group sent the undead back to their netherworld and chopped and burned the bracken into smoldering bits.

Once all had calmed down, someone came across a chest lying in the grass, unearthed by the battle. After all had attempted to open it, with no success, a stranger named Samic appeared, asking if he could be of service. He said he would help us open the chest if he could have first pick of the contents.

Distrusting him at first (but quite possibly not enough), we asked Samic about his occupation. He evaded the question, responding that he worked odd jobs. Lenard gave him the opportunity to open the chest, but only if he swore not to cheat us, and to let Lenard see what was in the chest before he took his pick of the valuables.

Samic agreed, and after much difficulty, including disabling two traps, he opened the chest for us. Samic seemed disappointed when he finally observed the contents of the chest. He told us there was nothing that he wanted. Apparently, he was in search of a silver leaf or some bits of old weapons.

When Lenard opened the chest, he said it contained a yellow and a green robe of protection, a mace of durability, a gm poison glaive, a silver broadsword and a silver scimitar. At the bottom of the chest, Lenard found a pair of boots, and a hat.

With little discussion, the group decided that Samic was to be trusted and was allowed to leave. Once he did, we divided up the items in the chest

But the longer he was gone, the more I started second-guessing myself. Did Samic reveal all that was in the chest? Did he steal away with something of great power or value? Should we have trusted this stranger, and allowed him to leave unchallenged?

On the other hand, if he was honest and didnt deceive us, what was it he was looking for? He wanted a silver leaf or bits of old weapons to what end? For what purpose?

I hope to meet Samic again; Id love to question him further.

(Below is an edited version of the log you be the judge; what did I miss?)

You have failed to pick the lock.

You have failed to pick the lock.

(Woodsey): grrr

You have failed to pick the lock.

(Samic): You seem to have some sort of trouble with that lock I see?

You have failed to pick the lock.

You have failed to pick the lock.

(Kharoon): why yes

(Redde): smile

(Lenard): Yes.

(Woodsey): yes

(Samic): May I?

(Woodsey): please

(Lenard): Yes, try pease

(Samic): I will ask for the first pick however. * grins *

(Woodsey): Scoundrel?

(Lenard): Are you a skilled pick?

(Samic): What?!

(Woodsey): sorry

(Eradael): * whispers to Meg * Can he be trusted?

(Woodsey): can you open it?

(Meg Gleason): IDK

(Samic): Yeah yeah.. ok maybe I am a little..

(Samic): I can open anything!

(Woodsey): your trade? a locksmith?

(Samic): What do you say?

(Woodsey): what do you d for a living, Samic?

(Samic): Me.. well odd jobs..

(Lenard): Samic, if you can swear on your life tht you will not cheat us, and let me see what is in the chest before you take yoru pick,

(Lenard): I will let you pick the lock.

(Samic): Very well.

(Eradael): * eyes Samic *

(Lenard): If I feel you cheated us, I will allow your death.

(Samic): * Takes a look *

(Samic): Ouch! It had a second trap.

(Woodsey): you okay?

(Samic): Somebody must really want this to stay closed..

(Samic): It is open!

(Woodsey): what's inside?

(Samic): On second thought I'd prefer ...

(Woodsey): um...

(Samic): There was nothing I wanted. * sighs *

(Raynovac): so

(Raynovac): what IS inside?

(Meg Gleason): whats there Len?

(Woodsey): what were you looking for?

(Crispin): what is in it Lenard?

(Samic): Many things!

(Samic): A silver leaf or some bits of old weapons.

(Meg Gleason): Len?

(Raynovac): anything worth mentionied?

(Woodsey): old weapons?

(Lenard): Yellow RoR, Green RoP, Mace of Dura, GM poison glaive, silver broad sword and a silver scimitar

(Raynovac): oh my

(Lenard): But, there are also boots, a hat

(Samic): There is nothing like that in there, but a few good robes, and some silver.

(Lenard): The boots and hat raise questions

(Lenard): You, Samic, are still whearing your boots and hat

(Samic): Aye of course.

(Lenard): but that is not to say you had extra

(Redde): (Eradael, thank you so much for your work)

(Samic): * bol flas *

(Lenard): Hmm

(Lenard): I think we can trust.

(Eradael): * smiles *

(Meg Gleason): I must leave

(Lenard): What do you all think?

(Woodsey): I trust him.

(Raynovac): i saw we trust him

(Samic): I wouldn't trust me, but you wanted it open.

(Crispin): I trust Samic, my brother has dealt with him before, he can be trusted.

(Lenard): If you all feel he can leave, let him leave, if you feel he cheated, deal with him.

(Raynovac): i say let him leave

(Samic): Deal with... me?

(Eradael): I have no quarrel with him.

(Lenard): Yes, deal. If they feel you took something they could try to kill you for it.

(Lenard): * bol flas *

(Woodsey): You think he took something?

(Crispin): I would rather not....

(Maryjay): thanks

(Samic): Well, that certainly would end our business.

(Lenard): Well, everyone?

(Crispin): I think I speak for everyone when I say he may leave.

(Lenard): Well, Samic, I believe you are trusted.

(Woodsey): be safe, Samic.

(Raynovac): farewell, Samic

(Samic): Good then I'll be going then.

(Lenard): No one has attacked you, so they all trust you.

(Lenard): Thank you.

The Druid and the Dragon by yori_segra21 on 10 Oct 2008 : 22:06
Upon entering a town, the name of which I failed to ember, with the rest of my party from a hunt, my knight companion heard the sound of blades clashing.Upon entering a town, the name of which I failed to ember, with the rest of my party from a hunt, my knight companion heard the sound of blades clashing. He then donned his armour while I prepared an invisibility potion. The two of us ran in to the fight of our lives. With a wolf, and a few young wolves at my control and him with his swards drawn. We saw, what he took to be swards clashing, was a small dragon.

With him spraying blood with the many gashes in the dragons side, my wolf had put-up a good fight dying only when the dragon ate him for supper. Yet the young wolves were putting up a good fight by out numbering and out racing it the dragon was weakening. Weather from exhaustion or his wounds or a combination of them I do not know, but he was slowing down.

With no cleric in our party, my knight companion was low on health. Blood spattered the battle field, some from the dragon some from dead village people, some still from the young knight companion.

Finally with all the strength he could muster sliced the young dragons neck. We had won, but with the loss of the wolf, a companion like a knight, and the dragon, which is not all that big, I felt a hole where I had always wanted to tame a dragon.

But upon seeing the village people I knew we had to save them from any thing as large as that dragon. And that we need a cleric in our party next time. To think that I thought I would never even see a dragon, boy was I wrong!

This is my story... of fantasy
The Lost Tales of Morvran: Part III by Sinerses on 15 Jul 2008 : 16:35
A continuation of the journey of Morvran.

An envoy sent to the various provinces of Oberin.

And his deeds before the Battle of the Andrisian Heights.Mid-Summer, Year of the Drought, 28 Red Moon

To the west I sojourned to the lands beyond Mirith, to bear witness with a message to the king of Duldrus called Meres. I rode swiftly on horseback through that wooden palisade, dew still sprinkled on the spiked heads. It was yet morning, and I passed the gates with a slight nod and smirk on my face; the ever vigilant spearmen on the ramparts quietly ate their early morning meal of smoked pork. Four men stationed just within the walls shot unpleasant glances at the ragged rider bearing the emblem of an apocalyptic red dragon on his purple and gold standard.

One of them who had been busy tending the smoldering campfire spat on the frozen ground. It must have been a mouthful of ale he guzzled because a mini river of saliva and ale trickled down the indented ground to rest at the soles of his cracked leather boots.

What do you want, boy, he said. Have you lost your way home?

"I am an ally of your king and of noble birth. Quiet your tongue, soldier!

He turned and spat, this directly at me, and walked toward the barracks.

Three others were hunched by what used to be the fire, poking with amusement in the ashes with their sticks. Many noblemen do not even pay a decent amount of homage to mere footmen, especially how unclean they always appeared. They were shod with no more than a plain leather Duldrian tunic and breastplate, spear and javelin. And no skilled skirmisher can do without his boar studded wooden shield. These men were but a portion of the military men who had decided not to join the rest of the vanguard in their trek. Or else word had not spread in time to these men and their families in the far borders of Duldrus.

One of the other fire-tenders spoke up. He seemed to be an elderly man, dressed in gray linen. His long white wisps swirled gently in the cool morning breeze. I figured he might be a seer or the local cleric of the city.

My thoughts were soon interrupted as he spoke for the first time.

Son, tell me what business you have here in the mighty courtyard of King Meres.

I seek entry to your lord. I am a noble of royal birth, from the tributary lands your king lauds sovereignty.

He quickly shot a sharp reply. What business shall we tend? Relay your business and I shall consort it with the lord Meres et Telis.

Let me bear with you the witness of your lord. I wish to speak with him face to face. I am our lord's envoy. Proposition of military aide. And of war, perhaps."

Tell me your name first and what specific trouble ails your people he said.

Very well. I am Morvran Tegid. The Mushetim are ravaging our coastlines...

Ah, you wish aide. I will grant you access to plea to him. First, I will meet you at the stable. There, tend to your tusker.

These badlands of the far west offer only the forest for refuge to the weary traveler. But do not be fooled. You must still be wary, especially at night, for the Brakken. The painted woodland people harass wandering folk with black magic who in unawares trespass across the sacred Teknel stones. They are sacred, for Teknel has blessed many tribes with the eloquence and skill to write of the earth. Large and small pillars bear the ancient rune markings of legendary gods and heroes, tribal dukes and leaders who had built a reputation and begat important sons. These are their boundary markers that represent their tribal region; their land which encompass their derfrycc, or townships, as we call them.

In my hasty sojourn through their land of thorny mazes and traps, I was never too careless to stumble past an Teknel. And I was never too blind in my mind to recognize the runes on those worn out and lifeless slates of bedrock to get caught. I heard once a Teknelyrir, a traditional tale in our language, from my mother as a child. An old fish-wives tale it may be, but say the bards, the Teknellyririad, that many are surely grounded in at least a grain of truth. It is an Teknel tale she would tell me. Listen, my son, as she would lay with me on the boar hides sprawled out in front of the fire crackling hearth.

Mother, what are so special about these stones? We have a thousandfold of these in the fetticen. We even have an old one in the forest behind the armory. I have tried speaking the words of Angresha-Mora, but nothing happens.

She laughed in her quiet tone and I felt the gentle touch of her breath on my cheek and hair as she sat up next to me and brushed her raven hair away from her face.

It is not as simple as just speaking the words. And you are not a Brakken are you, Morvran? She smiled in a way that would melt my heart like butter and I could not disagree with her.

She continued. I dont want you learning the black arts. It is a grievous matter to learn and utter the language of the Tekneli. Anathema. Abominable. And it is entirely another matter to know the language of an outsider like the Aboreans, or as they say, Krikakka. That is why we have men who interpret such oppressors. But such of their kind often are exiled from their kin and are despised for unwanting treason. Many undeservedly so.

But why, mother? I said in a weary-croaked voice.

In these parts, such a man is not to be trusted. It all began with the here-say of one; one of the Abori clan is known to have sworn his allegiance to the nobles in the lands of Kishrak.

But is this man still alive? I asked politely.

Aye. Your father Tehid told me once he now dwells in the village of Jin his father had granted him.

But tell me more of the rune stones, mother! I asked.

There is nothing more to be said, except that we have learned a time ago not to judge the actions and beliefs of our Andrisian ancestors even until now. The victors judge and tell our story, not their subjects. So even now, we cannot judge the actions of the Andrisian warlords and nobles who bid for our lands. Inasmuch as we Hathi hold our beliefs about gods, rituals, or ancient stones, we cannot verbally reject the ways of our Andrisian forefathers. May the gods continue to guide and bless us under this estate.

I was dismayed wholeheartedly. So you cannot tell me anything more of our native Hathi tradition?

I can tell you as far back when the great leader Aurax conquered and established colonies on this isle with the might of his deathly sword....

All she was permitted to tell me I learned. And these were the last words I learned from her for that night, and alas, for evermore. I had dozed off, and had missed the last of her story. I remember only the light peck on the cheek and myself waking up the next morning naked and chilled to the bone with no mother in sight...