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The Last Voyage... by Bittel on 17 Dec 2012 : 05:43
Is always the coldest. It's taking that last step into the darkness, the unknown, not sure of what to expect but nonetheless, it still sends a chill down your spine. With that chill, the memories come flooding back. You realize what kept you holding on for so long, the reason you're still sane. You realize everything that has kept you warm that warmth slowly drifts away, the coldness sets in and the color begins to fade.It was his last night at the Hall. Razan removed his plate armor and neatly placed it into his chest. Beside his armor, he set down the collection of weapons he always carried in his pack. He reached to his side to also remove his katana, but something compelled him not to do it. He walked over to another chest and grabbed the essentials: Tools, potions, robes, bandages, food, rum... As he's about to leave, a ring caught his eye. He knelt down beside the chest and pulled it out. It was a ring of strength, nothing too special or valuable but he slipped it on his finger anyway. He was going to need all the strength he could get.

He got back up just as the sun's last rays of light faded away and left the hall full of darkness. Razan liked it dark, any druid that dared to blind him with their spell of light had lost all respect from Razan. Those who knew him knew better than to give him night vision. Razan shouldered his pack and watched as the hall magically filled with candle light along the walls, they seemed to grow a little brighter. He walked past the forge and, it too, seemed to glow a little brighter.

He made his way towards the gate, but stupped to take one last look at the magnificent frost spiders that guarded the Hall. He remembered back to when he first joined Dragon's Gate. Living out his dreams as a dragon slayer, fishing with his love, collecting (and hoarding) all sorts of random things and items that intrigued him. He remembered the day the guards were eaten, the talk they had with the dragons of the Forest, and then the day the new guards were introduced. Seemingly out of place in this environment, the frost spiders made him feel at home. They gave him a sense of security and a mutual warmth that has gone back for years, remembering tales of a distant relative who wore nothing but the color of ice, or frost rather.

He tossed the frost spiders one last steak each, then turned and marched towards the town of Duldrus which was now, probably vacant with the bank being removed but still, Razan loved that town. There was always something captivating about it that drew him closer and closer. Maybe it was the armor shop, where the trader collected furs. Razan used to visit him on a weekly bases, collecting the infamous Katana of Durability. A favored weapon by the fighter, and few others. Vandrovic may have destroyed the town and sent all the shopkeepers into hiding, but Razan never lost hope. He knew Vandrovic feared him, without ever meeting him face to face. One day, Razan hoped to see him but alas, it would never happen. It was this event that led Razan to start up a fur collection, knowing that one day he hoped to be there to slay Vandrovic and the shopkeepers would come out of hiding and he would be able to continue trading for katanas. Although the shopkeepers never did come back, for years anyway, but Razan kept collecting, they had to come back one day, and they did but in a way that was never expected.

The town still kept Razan captivated though. Maybe it was just the proximity of the Ice Dungeon? There has been no other settlement closer to such a place. Razan loved the place, he deemed it as his home and when he received the title of lord, he proclaimed himself "Lord of the Ice Dungeon." He knew the place inside and out, every nook and cranny, every lock and trap, every gooey and every dragon. He remembered back to Lancaster, "Maybe I'll join him one day," he thought. The Ice Dungeon held so many mystery, so many unfinished quests for Razan. But not one unrelated to the other, linking every mystery together throughout the maze of hallways and some even reaching back to the town of Duldrus, some even as far as Mirith.

Razan remembered these mysteries, the Ice Wars. They brought him even greater interest in the Ice Dungeon. It was during the time Razan was change from just a young fighting lizard slayer, to a mature, more respectable dragon slayer. It was during this time Razan craved the thrill and chill of exploring through the dungeon and slaying dragons. To his dismay, the Ice Dungeon disagreed and unleashed its strongest creatures onto the City of Mirith, the Real Mirith as Razan believed. Frost Giants laid siege to the city and Razan was just lucky enough to be there to defeat them. After the defeat of the Frost Giants, rumors spread of Vandrovic destroying the town of Duldrus. Razan heard word of the mighty dragon there and used his speed to try and join in the fighting. Vandrovic must have heard him coming, as soon as Razan arrived at the portal near Duldrus the battle was over, the town was destroyed, and Vandrovic was long gone, flying off into the distance.

Razan was disappointed, but he knew Vandrovic feared him and from there he began to sharpen his skills to prepare himself to one day kill this mighty foe. For years, Razan spent his time perfecting his stabs and slashes, his parries and blocks, his agility and speed, whatever it took to make him a stronger fighter. It took him this long to realize his selfishness, what about Duldrus? Razan cared for the town he wondered why no one has taken any initiative to rebuild the place. He got together with several of his great friends and came to a conclusion. They wished to form the Duldrus Vanguard. Not long later, the five of them got together in Mirith as a crowd gathered around them. They asked to form the Vanguard, but as if nothing could go right for Razan, they were shut down. This angered Razan, something needed to be done and it seemed there was no one else willing to do it.

Razan took off to Duldrus, where he made the Ferrite Lounge his new home. From here, he began to cook and tidy up the place as best he could. Trying to bring more trade and activity to Duldrus. Again, to his dismay, nothing seemed to work. It didn't bother him that much, though, story of his life. Even after all that happened, he still felt that connection to Duldrus. Razan kept walking, he passed through the small Gohoran Community. Not feeling the mood to greet the small community with a simple "hello," Razan floated in the small lake and reminisced about the times that had been had here.

He remembered back to the day Ice Golems were born. Not sure where they came from, Razan always loved them. He was there to fight the very first one. He was in awe, it was such a sight to see. He then remembered the day Gohoran was attacked, before the community even existed here. He remembered Ice Golems and Frost Giants invading the community. He can't clearly remember why or exactly when, but just fighting the "Iggy," as he called it, brought him much joy and excitement.

He drifted to shore and continued walking. He was almost in view of the mountains now. Without many interruptions, Razan walked slowly and quietly. Thinking to himself all of the great memories that he carried with him. He walked up to the mountains and follows them all the way west until they opened up with a small path running through them. He then followed this path into town. There is no sign of anyone, no surprise there. "At least those trolls are out of here," he thinks to himself but then remembered there's a troll in charge of this place now, "yeah, as if he even stands a chance against something like Vandrovic. Ha." Razan decided to take a quick break, he walked into the forge and over to the barrels in the northern end of the store. He pries one open and tosses a small journal into the barrel. "Maybe Jedd or someone will find this one day and continue it," he thinks to himself, he knew Jedd was really the only person who enjoyed blacksmthing out here.

As Razan approached the Inn, he remembered back to the weeks before when Mirith was liberated. He wasn't there to see it or to fight for it, but he definitely knew what had happened. Mirith was freed, Tirana was killed, Halforth is crowned king, Amere is now a royal guard, and Razan is tossed out onto the street. Razan thought back to wonder how this all happened. He remembered his first meeting with Halforth, out on his island by the Dojo. Razan talked to him about a change of government. He didn't expect this, but it seemed somehow like Halforth already knew and kept it secret. Halforth promised fame, glory, and riches when we took back Mirith but yet, Razan received none of it.

Razan remembered the day Mirith was liberated, after hearing word of it he sailed as quickly as he could back to Mirith to see it for himself. He walked into town and heard Shayde calling him to the castle. Halforth, or N'eroth, was asking for his crew. Razan walked in and greeted Halforth. Halforth hardly returned the greeting and began practically drooling over his "new crew." The crew that Razan recalls always tried getting him to spill his secrets when he was "undercover" with the privateers. The crew that, to his knowledge, didn't even like the privateers. And now, he stood there and watched as they faked their joy and excitement for working for a Privateer. As excitement made its way to the bar, Razan stood and watched as Halforth was questioned. He heard several people ask Halforth what he was going to do about the privateers, what about his old crew, and what your first mate? Surely the first mate of your crew had to be important. Razan listened closely, Halforth didn't mention a single thing relating to privateers. He ignored and avoided every single question relating to it.

Razan spat, thinking about Mirith made him sick. He continued to wonder, "What is the Real Mirith?" He kept walking, passing the potion shop and the GYPSY guild hall. A gapers bolted him from behind a tree, and thankful for still having his katana, Razan slayed the magical eye. He wiped the blood off his katana and puts it away. He walked over to the coast and looked out at the sea. He felt the breeze get colder as it got even darker and later in the night.

Razan took his last step onto the soft warm sand and set his raft down in the calm water. Without looking back, he hesitates for just a moment. Then, in one fluid movement that's he's done hundreds of times, he lept onto his raft and propels himself forward, setting sail with nothing to guide him but his thoughts. He didn't need a map anymore, he had sailed this route hundreds of time. As he got closer, the breeze got colder. Razan bumped into small chunks of ice in the water but still, he felt no cold. He was almost immune to it, there was something that seemed to prevent the cold from seeping through his veins and slowing him down. Instead, it did the opposite, it invigorated him, it made him feel warm, it made him feel like he was at home.

He kept sailing, passing two frozen islands covered in rocks and snowy trees. Finally, he arrived at the final island and his final destination. He set his raft down and pulled out one of his dwarven hand axes. He chopped down the nearest tree and carved the log into a bundle of kindling. He set the kindling down on his raft and let it blaze into fire. He knew he wouldn't be needing the raft anymore, it has served its purpose. He absorbed the last of the heat from the fire as the raft slowly burned into nothing but a small pile of ash mixed in with water from the melted ice and snow, but that had already begun to freeze.

From there, he walked over to the small clearing on the west side of the island, leaving his back to the ladder. He couldn't bear to look at the dungeon. Thoughts flooded his head, this is it. He chugged a bottle of rum, it was good, warm, it gave him the rest of the strength he needed.

He knelt down and untied his boots, first his left, then his right. Slowly, he pulled them off one at a time, in the same order. His feet were warm, he felt the ice melt a little bit beneath him as his feet sunk through the snow. This moment lasted the longest, before the cold was able to get to him his life as a fighter flashed before his eyes. He cherished every moment given to him, blessed by Elara. Every GoD, adventurer, guild, creature, noble figure, and every place that supported him throughout his life, that brought him to be the fighter he is. He wishes for one last word, he mouthes out the word "Thank you" as the cold finally takes over his body.

No longer immune, the cold hit him like a brick wall. Immediately, it shocked him into a state of unconsciousness. He was paralyzed, but this time not magically. His body was frozen, starting from his feet and slowly working it's way up to his head. The small beads of sweat that dripped from his hair were now small crystals, hung like ornaments on a tree. Slowly, the frost began to fade away the mystical light blue of hair and he was over. From color to black and white. His body stood frozen for a few moments until the breeze slowly knocked it off balance. It made a soft thud into the snow and was soon buried by the ever falling snow. His spirit, now at home, now at rest, escaped from the iced corpse and made a descent into the dungeon, where it was lost in with the other mysteries trapped beneath the ice.

The Great Fracture, as told by Praegus, the Cleric by Cael on 28 Dec 2011 : 12:44
Praegus, more than just about anything else, loves to tell stories. This is, by far, his favorite:The Great Fracture, as told by Praegus, the Cleric.

Sometime after Elara, and well before present day, in Oberin, there occurred a fracture of magic. As Praegus tells it, the Sons and daughters of Elara were especially strong in terms of magic, most likely owing to her covenant with GoD, and their being directly descended, of her bloodline.

Elara had three children, two sons named Elon, and Ures, and a daughter named Alania. As they grew, Elara instructed them in the ways of magic, teaching them secrets that she taught to none of her seven disciples. Knowing these secrets, they grew ever stronger. Eventually, these three were the strongest mages, in all of Oberin.

At this time, there was no division between Druids, Clerics and Wizards. All who studied magery were simply known as Mages, or Wizards.. These terms were synonymous. The only differentiation was reserved for the children of Elara. These three were known, by the title of Magus.

After Elara's death, her children succeeded her, and led the people of the land, with the seven disciples acting as a sort of common counsel. During this time magic belonged to every human. Even those who chose not to study the art, still possessed limited power to manipulate their world. There was balance. There was beauty.

Among the secrets taught to the children of Elara was how to cheat death. These three if killed could resurrect themselves, and live on. And because of this, they outlived the seven disciples, and each person they knew, several times over. As they grew older, they began to grow apart from each other. Elon, the eldest of them, began to grow arrogant. His immortality, it seemed had hardened his heart. He began to use the powers of magic to gain political influence and ultimately usurped his younger siblings. Dark times fell upon Oberin.

Being the eldest among the Magus, Elon's powers were stronger. He studied relentlessly, the powers of magic both, light and dark. And during his rule magic was taken from the common man. No longer could the citizen's of Oberin cast spells, and manipulate their world. He outlawed the use of magic, and cast a spell upon the land which took magic forever from the blood of men. However, he could not prevent his younger siblings from casting their spells. Their magic was too strong.

Ures, and Alania were imprisoned, by Elon, for an untold amount of time. And eventually, they were forgotten about. Until, that is, they managed to escape from the prison that Elon had constructed. It is unlcear whether the spell cast upon the prison grew weak, or whether the two were able to cast a spell upon their jailers. But, escape they did. They fled together, into hiding.

During their time, in hiding, they vowed to find a way to restore balance to the land. Studying, and meditating on the secrets that had been handed down to them, by their mother. Eventually, they concluded that in order to restore balance, Elon had to be removed from power.

One day, they came upon a cave. Within this cave they found a repository of knowledge from the old world, the world before mankind's imprisonment, by GoD. They studied these tomes. They grew more powerful each day. Eventually, however, they began to thirst for power, much as Elon had before the dark times. Alania, the youngest of them, and by far, the most pure of spirit, was disturbed by these feelings of power lust. Arguments and conflict began to split Alania and Ures apart.

Ures left the cave, and set off to raise an army against his brother. He had learned to control the beasts of the forest, and manipulate the planes of time and space such that he could disappear, and reappear, at will, even teleporting from one place to another. He had grown truly powerful, and posed a serious threat to his brother's rule.

Ever saddened by the corruption of her brothers souls, and the threat of the same to herself, she vowed to find a way to limit the power of the Magus. When she had learned what she could from the tomes in the cave, she ventured out, in secret, fearing that if either of her brothers found her, they would imprison, or even worse cast her out of this plane, into limbo, into the grey.

As she traveled she came upon a river, where she sat reflecting on the world that had been left to them by her mother, Elara. She wept, praying to both GoD, and to her mother's spirit to find a way to restore balance to Oberin. She wept until she fell asleep, by the side of this river.

In the night, when the moon had risen to it's highest point, she was awaked by winged creature. She was startled and immediately rose to combat the beast. During the fight, she dealt a blow to the creature, nearly ending it's life. As it lay there, on the ground, before she cast the spell that would end it's life, the creature spoke. If you spare my life, The creature began, I will give you one of my teeth. With that tooth, your powers over life and death will be amplified. Alania, stepped back reserving her rage to consider the words. After a moment she approached and asked the creature who he was and from whence he came.

I am the Dragon Lord. My name cannot be spoken in your language. I come from the land North of this place. He told her.

Why have you come? She demanded of him.

There is a wizard, named Elon, who rules this land. He began. His brother has begun to war against him. Their battles are spreading into my land, and have threatened my kind. I came to assess the possibility of peace.

His words weighed heavily on her heart. She began to weep, begging of him to forgive her for wounding him. Telling him of her brothers, and of her desire to restore balance.

You have a pure heart. He told Alania. Take one of my teeth, and cast a spell over it to restore my health, and I will travel with you, and attempt to help you in your quest.

She did as she was bade, and the two traveled back to the center of Oberin to confront her brothers. During their travels the Dragon Lord and Alania became close friends. Eventually, he shared with her the secrets of the dragons, and taught her how to harness the power of the dragons tooth to control and limit life and death.

When they arrived to the power seat of the land they indeed found a fierce battle between Elon, and Ures. Alania Called out to her brothers, begging them to stop their war, and help her to restore balance to the land of man. But, for their rage, neither paid her any attention. And so, the Dragon lord, and Alania entered the battle.

Throughout the course of the fight the Dragon Lord was slain by Elon. As he fell majestically from the sky, Alania ran to his side. He spoke to her one last time, Use my teeth, Alania, not to resurrect me, but to defeat your brothers! As he passed into the grey, she felt a great remorse.

This remorse turned to rage as she harvested the Dragon Lord's teeth. When she cast the spell using them a great flash of light overcame them the two sons of Elara, blinding them. As they were blinded, they could no longer fight, and they each sunk to the ground, holding their faces covering their eyes.

Alania approached them and as she was prepared to banish them both into the grey, she was overcome with sorrow. She could not take her brother's lives. Instead she decided that she would use the remaining teeth from the Dragon Lord, and forever separate the powers of magic between them. She reserved the power of life, and healing for herself, and gave the power of the beasts and nature to Ures, and left the enchanting and wizardry to Elon.

When the two brothers knelt before her, stripped of their ominous powers, they wept at all they had done. Having no more, the absolute power of the magics the power lust had disappeared. She place a hand on each of their heads and begged them to stand and help her to restore the balance to the land of men. When they stood, each of them, in turn, vowed just that.

Between the three, they repaired the damage that had been done to the lands, however having stripped her brother of many of his powers, they were not able to restore magic to the common man. Magic, it seemed, was now only for the children of their bloodline.

Once balance was restored, Alania, remembering her fallen friend, the Dragon Lord, convinced her brothers to accompany her to the North, hoping to foster a relationship with the dragons. She had hoped that the two kingdoms could live in harmony with one another as alies, perhaps even friends.

When they arrived in the Northlands, of the dragons, she sought out the Dragon Lords son. Telling him of his fathers noble death, and how he was responsible for restoring balance to the land of men. He was enraged. He, for Alania's sake alone did not kill them where they stood, instead commanding them from the land of the dragons. If ever our two people should meet again, the dragons will not reserve our rage! He bellowed as they fled from his court.

The three Magus returned to Oberin, and each of them dependent on the other two now ruled the land and maintained balance. They raised many children, and each taught their own line the secrets of their powers. After some time, the Magus tired of their rule, and turned over their kingdom, to the first King of Oberin. They were old, and tired. They each in their time, having been stripped of their mastery over death, passed into the grey, their children carrying on the art of Magery.
Descent Into Madness by Clementiyn on 13 Dec 2010 : 01:01
Herein is the tale of the fall of an Oberin Fighter, cobbled together from pages of his journal and reports from friends.Bleeding Moon - Day 38

Invited to attempt the newly discovered cavern with friends. Told that we are not likely to survive, but will be able to return from the gray. Inquired who else will be coming. Seems nearly all are friends. Includes many of the strongest in the land. I am not asked to lead, only follow. Leave important possessions in hall and join group.

Wait for stragglers to arrive. Over a dozen here. Some have made attempt before. They do not expect success. Expect adventure. So be it.


Thirteen enter the cavern. None expect to see the light on exit. Early opposition is weak. Hayate chooses to warm up by taking all on at once. I remain back and observe. Far worse awaits us.


We pass the first doorway. I am told there are Stone Golems ahead. I offer to take rear guard. No one else ever wants the job and it needs doing. Too many parties lost from sudden rear attacks. A strange sense of dread comes over me as I watch the first Golem fall. An ill omen.


Thirteen is now fifteen as we are joined by a Ranger and a Fighter. I hold the rear guard. Party splits with Hayate ahead and a larger force behind. We do not fear the Golems. But the sense of dread is building. Will this be my last voyage?


We have suffered our first losses. And the party is divided. Two have gone ahead. The group has no leader. Too much arrogance. Too little planning. I withdraw a parchment from inside my shield and begin scribbling a message to Clementiyn. The dread is increasing.


Another passage, another Stone Golem. There is no room for rear guard here. Every passage seals itself behind us. We are going forward, in the color or in the gray. As Hayate fights, I continue to scribble. There may yet be time.


More passages. More Stone Golems. I fear we are lost in the underworld. With every doorway there is more conflict. But no resolution. The party seems hopeful. But the moon far above us is still sanguine. Does its color reach this far into the soil?


What madness is this? The heat is unbearable. This is the land of dragons and fire but we are far from that place. Have we traveled so far? I stand prepared for Rust Beasts and never realize I am still holding my shield. What is happening to me? I fear for us all.


I am warned of the perils ahead. There is a portal of sorts. Across the fire we see what awaits us. Is it our doom? Plans are made. We observe the peril. We wait for additional waves of opposition to arrive. Redman calls out instructions.

The sickening twist of the portal's magic startles me. There is chaos all around. Already two have fallen. I attempt to distract a Golem and brace myself for its fury. Behind me I hear screams and cries but my task is clear.

As I feel the pounding continue I reach for my potions and begin drinking. I shout to the healers to ignore me for a time. I hope the respite is helpful. Cassandra is at my side but the rest of the battle is behind me. I can't bear to glance back to see fallen friends.


In between blows I glance over at Cass. She is softly shaking her head. I go limp, for I know the battle has been lost. The Golems fury takes me and I enter the gray.


I flee the scene. I cannot bear to watch my remaining friends perish.

I remember our instructions to exit and begin looking for the passage. But it eludes me. All I find is my death. Creatures and beasts taunting my spectral form. Their silence begging me to return to the color so they might vanquish me again. I rush from cavern to cavern. I must find the light. I must return to the light.

Minutes. Hours. Days. Time matters little in the gray. And still I wander.

Finally I sense magics ahead. Magics of the divine. Magics that may provide salvation.

A temple.

A temple in this hellish place.

A piece of the divine here amid the pain.

Can it be real?


I pass through the doorway and find more Golems. And ahead of me, on the steps of the altar, a corpse.

Another has passed this way.

Another has found salvation here.

I rush to the steps and feel the color return. Return with joy.

And then blinding pain. And the gray once more.

I look down and see a second corpse on the steps.

This one is mine.

Was the first one mine as well?

Have I been to this temple before?

Is this where I will find my salvation?

I walk to the steps again. Wait for an opening. Then dance forward and back. Before the color has fully returned I am running. Running again. I feel the heat and the stench in my lungs. I am weak, and nearly naked. But I am alive. I hear the footfalls of my pursuers, and ahead lies more danger. But I am alive.


Must reach safety. Must escape while I can. I run. And I run.

And then the gray.

I know not what struck me down.

I only know the gray has returned.

The pain is gone. There is only the gray.

I wait near my vanquisher. But I am insignificant to it. It fears not those in the gray.

I must try again.

I watch and I wait. Minutes. Hours. I wait.

And then, the opening I need.

I rush back across the steps and feel the color return again.

My pursuers follow me. But I am alive. Alive once more.


The gray returns again.

How long have I been here?

Days? Moons? Has the moon lost its sanguine hue?

There is comfort in the gray.

There is no pain.

I know I must return to the color. But not yet.

I will wait.

The gray is peaceful.

No harm comes to me in the gray.

The color brings pain and death. The gray is only gray.

How did I come to be in this place?

I remember I have somewhere to be but I know not where.

I remember something about the steps beyond the door.

I need to be there.

But I can't remember why.

I will go to the steps again. Perhaps the silent sentries of this place can tell me where I must go.

The color! The pain! The screaming!

No! I can't bear this! No!

The gray! The color! The gray! The color!

So much pain!

Why must I return to this place?

Why must I be here?


The gray returns.

There is only the gray.

The color is no more.

How long have I been here?


My mind returns to me at times here in the gray. But always in fleeting images.

Death is everywhere.

I see corpses everywhere.

Many have died here.

Everywhere I go in this place I see the bodies of the fallen.

So many bodies.

I must warn them of the peril they face.

I must warn them about their fate.


They will all die.

There is nothing but death. Death and pain and death.

I must warn them all.

They must know.

I must warn them.

All will die.

I wander for hours, days, moons.

I warn them all.

All that I see.

I warn them all.

They must know.

They must be warned.

All of them.

They must be warned.

They will all die.


How long have I been here?


I wander.

And I warn.

They must know.

They must be warned.

They must know they will all die.

I warn them all.

I wander and I warn them.

They must know.

I wander through the doorway.

There are large rocky beasts here.

And a strange glow from tiny fires.

Is this place special?

I don't remember it.

I walk for a closer look.

And pain rushes over me.

The color!

The color!

The color!

I run.

I scream and I run.

Loud footfalls behind me.

I step into a cleft in the rocks.

Pain doesn't come.

Am I alive?

Is this being alive?

I am growing stronger.

And my pursuers cannot see me.

The color.

So beautiful.

I sit. And I wait. I wait for the pain. But it does not come.

There is parchment here, wedged between the rocks.

Did I put it here?

I pause to read.

It is Cadwallader's journal.

Am I Cadwallader?

Is this my journal?

I begin to read, but cannot. There is not time.

I will be found soon.

I skip to the end of the parchment.

I scribble my thoughts.

My memories.

Of the gray.

Of this place.

I must get this to...



My sister.

She will know what to do.

I have been found.

I must run.


And the gray returns.

But I am still here.

I am still... me?

I go looking for help.

I must tell someone about the letter I have hidden.

Before I forget.

Before I...

I must.

What is this?

One of the gawds?

Or a vision of my madness returned?

Indeed a gawd!

I must tell him of the letter.

Nothing else matters but the letter.

Before I...

No, I must tell him where it is hidden. Tell him how to find it.

He must find it.

He must.

I tell him of its hiding place in the rocks.

I tell him.


And he is gone.

I hope he found the letter.

After my brother spoke with Gorhael he wandered away muttering to himself. Gorhael passed along the journal pages that Cad had hidden in the rocks. Several pages were covered in blood. Others in dried tears.

Reports are that my brother has been seen above ground recently, after hundreds of days spent below. I fear there may be nothing left of him by now. It seems as though getting these journal pages to me was the only thing providing him focus. Once the journal was gone, there was nothing to slow his descent into madness.

A young Druid reported seeing Cad at the Lerilin bank. A Ranger spotted him near Marali.

A Cleric friend encountered him recently near Mirith, near the site of a great battle. He was talking to the Dragons that were still imprisoned there. When my friend approached to comfort him, he fled screaming that everyone was going to die.



I am not convinced he can tell the difference between his own kind and the monsters of the wilds. From the gray, all are peaceful to him. I am not certain he remembers the color at all, except for its pain. ---- Clementiyn

strange creatures walk by bathos on 10 Aug 2010 : 22:41
I am but a simple druid living in a large town which i rarely leave. such is this fact that i have realised that in my own ears my account of this tale sounds delluded and far-fetched but i believe the tale and this is it.

One lonesome night wile walking through the forest, collecting herbs with my pet, a dog named baron, I was attacked by the strangest creature i have ever seen. It was tall and made out of bone i think i saw a skeleton! scared, I hid behind some bushes and stayed but my dog was not so smart it barked at the skeleton and forced me to run for my life. fortunatly my dog was brave and the skeleton was made out of his favorite chew toy,bone. My dog leapt upon the skeleton and proceded to kill it as i ran. then another strange thing happened, i ran into two monster that appeared to be made out of rust now blindly running and screaming i ran and ran until i smacked into somethinge. fortunatly it was a guard and i ran into my city were i promptly recieved a calming potion and a bed in the inn. i was cared upon by druids and healers of the best class. when i was well enough i visited the town mayor and told him of the experience as i am telling you right now. the last thing i told him was that strange things are happening
12 days In Hell by draugr on 23 May 2010 : 21:14
Shadran Mathas trapped in Hell...

Day 1

This tale begins how it also ends, with a portal on the doorstep of the ancient volcano. a portal that leads to the realm of fire. Inferis.

I stood in that clearing checking my pack making sure that I had everything I needed to survive for the brief time I would spend on the other side. I slipped my hand into my robe grabbing hold of the pure fire crystal, I hold it up to the sun and see the small blaze inside it constantly swirling and moving. Taking a deep breath as I drop the crystal to the ground. In a flash of swirling flame and wind I am taken to Inferis.

My eyes open after the brief sensation of vertigo ended and instantly I feel like the air itself is boiling. My breath came in short gasps as the heat assaulted me, I felt as though I was standing inside a forge. All of a sudden fire elementals rush in like a tide of fire and in the distance I saw a mighty golem of magma its red eyes burning like mini suns. Bone mages strode forth. By this time I knew it was time to go with the elementals closing in and their flames licked at my robes and skin.

I franticly grab my pure purple crystal I quickly slam it to the ground and..... It shatters into a million pieces... The elementals swarmed in Immolating me in an instant the world went gray I watch as my charred corpse hits the floor its mouth open wide in a final hiss of agony, robe and skin fused together by flame.

I realize I am dead.... trapped in Hell....

Day 2

The minions of this place pay me no heed, for I am dead... I stay near my remains and the portal due to Ive heard that it is not safe for the dead to walk in Inferis. I kneel down and for the first time I pray to the God of Death and Goddess of Life but none hear my voice... I guess Gods care little for the damned.

I sit next to my corpse and look around at the burning minions that stalk this place.

The golems red burning lava masses shake the earth with there tread, Bone mages skulk and shamble around their eyeless gazes passing through me.

Elementals move dance like young girls at the blue moon festival. Lava spiders crawl along the floor molten venom dripping from their mandibles.

The air shimmers like a mirage around my incorporeal form I do not feel the heat anymore, I think over my foolish mistake and pray the Gods will send someone to save me from this horrid place.

Day 3

Time has no hold here. The only way I know it passes is by the fire burn brighter at times than at others. I have started to pray once every hour. I do not give up hope for salvation Golems walk beside me their arms passing through my ghostly form leaving a trail of steam for the dead give off an aura of cold, like when you are struck with shivers and the hairs rise on your next... That is the presence of the dead ones. Or so I believe... I look around, nothing changes here anything...

Day 4

I attempt to slip in to a meditative state to calm my mind for by now it is racing with dark thoughts "You are trapped FOOL!" "You shall never escape this burning plane, there is no one strong enough to save you!" I say to myself "No I shall be free and I will kiss the ground of Oberin when I am safe." I look up to the roiling heavens and wait.

Day 5

I prepare myself for my trance I hope this will work... This place is draining my energy; my spirit form is fading away more and more as the days pass. This is not good. My only hope is that this trance works....

I begin the process of clearing my mind of distractions and all sounds... slowly I enter the trance the last thing I remember are the sounds of the flowing lava creak of bones and the hiss of lava on stone...

Day 11

I came out of my trance.... on day 8 I think... or was it 7? Time here is beginning to blur... I hope I can hold out. My form is so translucent there is not much form left....

Gods save me!

Day 12

Death...I've come the conclusion I shall die... perish here for good my spirit will join with this realm and I shall cease to be... I've been such a fool. At this time I am prepared to die. I remember my master in Andris teaching me the ways of magic. What was his name? I cannot remember! Gods! I close my eye and prepare to let go and pass on.

Then a bright flash of lightning erupts to my left and shatters the bone mage in front of me! A man in a red robe with white hair comes striding forward Casting spells and slaying everything with ease...

"Who could this be? He looks familiar from books I read. Is he...Seth!?

A titanic Magma Golem rises up from the depths of the lava behind Seth; He calmly turns and fixes the monster with his gaze, and shoots a single bolt from his finger that utterly destroys the golem. With the portal clear. He resurrects me. Saying "Can you get out?" "No If I could I would have." "Seth...Sir... Than..Thank you."

A Hell hound comes rushing from the darkness towards me I quickly snap to a hit it with two bolts of lightning... A screech from the darkness alerts us both of a Draco coming Seth non-chalantly bolts it once as my bolt fades from hitting the scaly devil.

Seth Walks up to me and kindly says "You should leave this place now." Almost incoherently I say, "I.I. can't. My pure did not work." Seth slips a pure fire crystal from his robe and says; "Now you can.... Go!"

The crystal falls from my trembling hand.... and I am back where it all began the clearing at the foot of the ancient volcano.... I kneel to the ground and kiss the green morning grass still wet from dew. "I am free! I am Home!"

I wearily walk up the coast towards the distant lights of Lerilin... to find rest and peace.

Letter to Clirseit of the Andris Vanguard by Fuoco on 18 May 2010 : 01:09
Full Bleeding Moon, Andris - a resident wizard reports...

Day 128, Year 434

Dear Clirseit,

I write to you from our fair city to give you an account of the latest events. I wish to apologise for the very poor style of my prose - I am still recovering from recent injuries.

As you know, the Lady Moon encourages more creatures to come out in the open at this time of the year so hunters and travellers are, of necessity, more vigilant. However this year some of us witnessed the presence of non indigenous species, and this dangerously close to town. Some visiting Rebels, the druids Crisian and Gragnog, have encountered Lizard Men right by the city walls and I myself was attacked on the beach. Luckily Sir Fixx is in Andris at the moment so I reported this unusual activity in the woods and he decided to call in some fellow Rebels in order to patrol the area. Gawr, juff and I suffered another attack by Lizard Men, again very close to the city walls, and Crisian reported their presence in the local cemetery, where they joined forces with the undead to cause havoc and pose great threat to human life.

When the moon grew full, Angelica and Crom joined us to help patrol the areas around town - Fixx had also invited some of our good friends, including the wizard Cassandra and the cleric Antoninus, but unfortunately they were too far from us so it was our little group of four who set off to face the unknown. Whilst we were engaged in combat with angry giants and magic trees, we found ourselves surrounded by brigands - they had set camp in the woods north west of town... it was a hard task, for three robes and a fighter, to defend themselves against such large numbers, and my gratitude goes to the druid Esten, who happened to be hunting nearby, for joining the fight and help us defeat the intruders.

After destroying the brigands' camp, we headed for town to get some necessary supplies. Fixx spoke to the guards asking them to be extra vigilant, then we proceeded to patrol the area to the south west of Andris. We were fighting our way through the woods, not far from your guild hall, when to our surprise we were confronted by a group of Privateers - it was clear from the grim look on their faces that theirs was not a welcome party and once again three robes and a fighter were engaged in bitter combat. Fixx's voice for a moment towered above the sounds of battle - "the robed one... do not let him get away!" I quickly turned my head and saw the robed Privateer, whom I had earlier injured, run in the direction of your guild hall. Fixx, myself and Fireball tried to chase him, but the native creatures formed a barrier between ourselves and the fugitive, so we had no choice but to turn back and rejoin Crom and Angelica, who had braved the rest of the attackers and destroyed them.

We then proceeded to the beach and, as our hands were full again with the local creatures, more Privateers came to shore and challenged us... to our relief, a dark figure emerged from the woods - it was fellow Rebel Shadran Mathas, who had come to join us. Crom risked his life time and time again chasing the attackers at sea, hindered in his efforts by the presence of evil serpents, whilst the wizards were busy on land protecting our dear cleric, and Fixx and Fireball, his fire elemental, were also deeply engaged in combat.

I am sorry to say we lost Fireball - a treacherous sea serpent stretched its neck onto the shore and with one vicious bite sealed the fate of our pet, who was just then bravely fighting a Privateer. Great must have been the druid's sorrow but, with the spirit of a true leader, he did not succumb to it. He immediately run to the stable in your guild hall and dispatched a harpie to town with a message to Gawr, hoping the fighter might have by then returned to Andris after a business trip. Luck would have it that the message was read straight away and Gawr hastened to join us. Fixx also dispatched a message to a trusted friend, asking for help.

Our little group stood for a while on the beach, debating whether to wait for more friends to join or to jump on our rafts. You see, while Crom was chasing some Privateers on the water, he had caught sight of a floating fortress, but did not get close enough to be able to inspect it. A decision was then made to cautiously proceed in the direction of the fortress and a fierce battle ensued, as the intruders were waiting for us hidden behind a wooden palisade.

I am pleased to say we managed to conquer the fortress and destroy the enemy. Antoninus and Skeuer arrived just as we proudly stood on the floating structure and took hold of the Privateers' possessions (and by the way - these people are hard drinkers - they were carrying bottles of Red Nate's rum in their pockets!).

After parting from our friends we returned to town, sat on the bank steps and discussed the recent events. Here something puzzling took place - for a few moments, I was left on my own and it was then that a guard approached me - I was so tired and sore that at first I did not even realise he was addressing me. With an effort, I focused on him and begged him to repeat his question, so he patiently indulged me - "Have you by any chance found a silver leaf?" I looked at him sternly and said I had not. "Then maybe somebody in your party?" he continued. Luckily one by one they returned to the bank, and I was able to relate the guard's question. We all looked at each other in puzzlement - none of us had found such an object but, exhausted as we were, we decided to return to the battleground and perform a search - this proved fruitless but my thoughts went to the robed Privateer who had escaped.... maybe he had taken the treasure with him!

As we approached the city gates, I could not suppress a smile when I heard Gawr say to the guards "you may sleep safely tonight - the Rebels are in town!"

And now I say to you, dear fellow wizard, Andris, our home, is not forgotten and will be protected - we can rely on help from the Rebels and also our neighbours (and my very good personal friends) Marlick and Antoninus.

Yours faithfully,

Fuoco Biancavalle

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Bone Mage!! by Getafixx on 21 Apr 2010 : 22:00
I set out on another shift at the rockface just east of Andris. It wasn't late but fatigue embraced me like an unwanted goul.

My eyelids so heavy I could barely see straight, I chipped away mindlessly feeling for nuggets of ferrite until finally slumber fell upon me and I slumped against the rock. My dreams were broken with the cry of "BONE MAGE!!". I awoke to a nightmare. Three pairs of boney hands at my throat as I failed to struggle to my feet and a zombie calling out for my brains on a platter. The situation did not look optimistic as the life was drained from my body. I dropped the mining axe still in my grasp and felt into my reagent pouch. Grabbing what felt like the right ones, I croaked the incantation with my last dying breath. Immediatly they turned on one another and I was afforded the opportunity to crawl between their legs and into a crevice to hide for a moment and gather my thoughts. I chugged on a heal potion, breaking my cover and made for the path. The skirmish I had provoked was still in full flow so I was able to slip past unnoticed only to round the corner and be set upon by another wave. This time I was on my guard and had little trouble turning them on themselves. The voice called out again, "The guards are under the spell of the bone mage!". Recognising it as Cadwallader, I made my way in his direction. He was under the cosh with skeletons so I piled in to assist. Between us we cleared the area and made it safe once more. Cadwallader asked if I would be ok. Still slightly shaken I replied "I'll not be taking any more naps out here if that's what you mean" and we parted company.
An Encounter with Marthonis by Fuoco on 18 Jan 2010 : 05:16
An unexpected encounter which led to a yet more unexpexted conversation. I have decided not to delete the out of character parts as they lend the story some good humour. One thing remained unclear - the reason for Marthonis's appearance. Did he feel lonely? Did he need an audience?

Two things are clear - his mind is obviously twisted (it's not for nothing that he acquired the nickname and title of Scoundrel) by his greed for knowledge and the dream of becoming some sort of supreme god, and secondly, it was established beyond doubt that he is well capable of lying - one moment he wanted to trap and destroy the supposedly 'offending' druid, the next moment he was assuring us that the death of the druid was not his wish,,,,

And yet, the seed of doubt has now been planted in our minds - at times he seemed to be wanting to get closer to us but again, who can trust the friendship of the Lord of the Undead?

A final OOC note - I did not register the date of this event by the Oberin calendar, but it took place on 22 August 2009. The text log was kindly provided by my Rebel friend Cris.

One day, many moons ago, I met up in Andris with Rebel friends Gragnog and Cris. We soon decided to take Gragnog's lava spider for a walk around Mirith, and ended up in the Rock Maze, where we were confronted by hostile hill giants who took a strong dislike to our Rebel pet. Needless to say, we formed a united front and retaliated.

Whilst engaged in battle, a figure appeared behind us but, busy as we were with our attacker, even the words "Mora Olsa Preldian" failed to register. I just remember we hastily said hello to the newcomer and quickly returned to battle. However, when our foe was destroyed by an unexpected fireball, we had no option but to turn round and pay attention to our visitor - Marthonis had managed to impose his presence on us.

(Marthonis): I have an ethical question.

(Fuoco): the great Marthonis

(Gragnog): yes

(Cris): shoot

(Fuoco): please go ahead

(Marthonis): I was walkin through the realms of Andris.

(Gragnog): yes

(Fuoco): smile

(Marthonis): I found a trail of blood, and followed it.

(Fuoco): hmm

(Cris): oh

(Gragnog): so far

(Gragnog): good

(Marthonis): I found at the end a druid in pursuit of his art.

(Marthonis): Namely having a spider fight a giant.

(Fuoco): not unusual in those lands

(Cris): that sound normal

(Fuoco): pray continue

(Marthonis): The druid hid from me.

(Marthonis): Completely.

(Gragnog): not normal

(Fuoco): strange

(Marthonis): I revealed him several times, then he vanished.

(Gragnog): why?

(Marthonis): I gave him no cause.

(Fuoco): he may have feared for his life

(Gragnog): or vanished?

(Marthonis): He had no cause.

(Cris): well he must have ID you and is scared of you

(Fuoco): would it be possible

(Marthonis): Should he return to the same location he will be trapped.

(Fuoco): to enquire about the name of the druid in question?

(Marthonis): And destroyed.

(Marthonis): But I am not sure this is the correct response.

(Fuoco): did it happen a very short time ago?

(Marthonis): He is quite clearly mentally deficient.

(Fuoco): oh dear

(Fuoco): I am at a loss as to what to say here sir

(Gragnog): may he be a young druid?

(Marthonis): He had tamed a lava spider.

(Gragnog): unused to proper etiquette

(Fuoco): I did spot a new druid earlier

(Fuoco): cannot recollect the name now

(Gragnog): true

(Gragnog): he must know better

(Fuoco): never seen him before near Andris

(Cris): Marthonis what was your intention?

(Marthonis): I have no desire for his death.

(Fuoco): I wonder if he might be the druid

(Fuoco): have you got a message for us?

(Marthonis): Save that he would not respond to communication.

(Fuoco): difficult to establish why

(Gragnog): could he be known as Madolick?

(Marthonis): It would be simpler to take you there.

(Cris): clearly you need something from the Druid

(Fuoco): no it was not Madolic

(Marthonis): * Mora Olsen Preldian *

At that moment, we were whisked away from the Rock Maze and found ourselves back in Andris, on the beach close to the land of the giants. Here we were surrounded by a number of creatures, including the undead, whilst the sea was festered with sea serpents. Marthonis helped us clear the invasion, and for a while nothing but the sounds of battle was to be heard.

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(Gragnog): will he appear?

(Cris): he's got a problem

(Marthonis): It is possible.

(Gragnog): do we know his name?

(Marthonis): He did not speak to me.

(Gragnog): is there something we could do for you?

(Marthonis): Not in any real manner.

(Fuoco): well

(Fuoco): the fact that he vanished

(Fuoco): points to some knowledge of your identity

(Marthonis): Very poor knowledge.

(Cris): mmm

(Marthonis): I hardly kill everyone I see.

(Fuoco): what is your idea sir?

(Marthonis): Do you believe I kill on sight?

(Fuoco): I do believe that if you do is with a reason

(Marthonis): Do you believe I have no more ambition in existence than murder?

(Fuoco): I cannot picture you as a random killer

(Marthonis): Of course it is with a reason.

(Marthonis): And that reason is most usually that the person I kill wishes me dead.

(Fuoco): *smiles*

(Marthonis): It is not hard to come by corpses in this world.

(Fuoco): indeed

(Cris): if that is true

(Cris): why do they die?

(Fuoco): We are Rebels sir

(Fuoco): mainly concerned with hunts

(Marthonis): Who?

(Fuoco): just a guild smile

(Gragnog): smile

(Fuoco): we help where needed but are really not involved in politics

(Cris): very friendly indeed

(Cris): will help anyone in need of assistance

(Marthonis): Morality is a complicated issue.

(Fuoco): *feels urge to call one of the ss Priscilla*

(Gragnog): why priscilla?

(Cris): Morality is a personal issue

(Fuoco): well I had a vision

(Fuoco): but never mind

(Gragnog): morality comes from ethics

(Marthonis): I would contend that many seek to extend their own morality over others.

(Fuoco): I believe that flexibility is a must

(Cris): thats true

(Marthonis): Ethics and morality are married.

(Gragnog): i agree

(Fuoco): Do not have much patience generally with those who pontificate

(Gragnog): sir

(Marthonis): Perhaps pontification is a weakness of mine.

(Gragnog): i must plead ignorance

(Gragnog): what is pontification please

(Fuoco): I have not got the pleasure of knowing a lot about you sir

(Fuoco): All I know is that in the past

(Fuoco): at some stage

(Fuoco): there was talk of you wanting to take possession of Marali

(Fuoco): that is the extent of my knowledge I am afraid to say

(Marthonis): Not entirely without cause.

(Gragnog): i am making nourish potion

(Marthonis): Pontification is, essentially lecturing.

(Gragnog): would you like one sir?

(Fuoco): indeed

(Marthonis): With perhaps, an agenda.

(Fuoco): agrees so far

(Marthonis): And insofar as that is true, it is something I have done.

(Cris): Marthonis what is your agenda?

(Fuoco): *bows*

(Gragnog): *bows*

(Marthonis): Knowledge.

(Gragnog): all knowledge?

(Marthonis): In essence, yes.

(Fuoco): or some particular source of knowledge?

(Marthonis): All knowledge.

(Cris): Well thats a good Agenda

(Fuoco): Knowledge is power

(Gragnog): to gain all knowledge could take more than one lifetime

(Fuoco): it's how you use knowledge that matters

(Marthonis): One of the reasons I began where I did.

(Cris): What do you intend to do with the Knowledge?

(Marthonis): To be perfectly honest... I would simply know it.

(Fuoco): *smiles*

(Gragnog): that is interesting

(Gragnog): just to know it

(Fuoco): You have been absent for quite a while

(Gragnog): and not to use it

(Cris): Knowledge is Power

(Marthonis): Absence is merely lack of notice.

(Cris): Why do you need such power

(Fuoco): true

(Gragnog): *nods*

(Fuoco): by that I meant I have heard no talk

(Marthonis): There is little need for me.

(Marthonis): The Void is under observation.

(Fuoco): on your part?

(Marthonis): Its foothold has dwindled.

(Marthonis): It is incongruous.

(Fuoco): The Void

(Fuoco): such a grey vague term

(Marthonis): It is what lies on the far side of the rift.

(Marthonis): The rift that is now silent.

(Fuoco): and yet frightening because of its unfathomable greyness

(Marthonis): I am aware that a powerful gaper still resides here.

(Fuoco): why is there a void?

(Gragnog): I must beg your leave sir

(Fuoco): what is the reason for it?

(Gragnog): i have duties to attend to

(Marthonis): * Mora Olsa Preldian *

(Fuoco): what is the void?

(Marthonis): A very complicated realm.

(Fuoco): has it got a purpose?

(Marthonis): I have not yet fully learnt of its nature.

(Fuoco): ah

(Fuoco): hence your statement about observation

(Marthonis): But in a way, it is the inverse of Creation.

(Marthonis): Whether you believe in God, or Gods, or nothing... there is creation.

(Marthonis): That within which we live.

(Fuoco): is it there to teach us something?

(Marthonis): I do not believe so.

(Fuoco): maybe just to make us feel aware of our fragility

(Marthonis): All I have yet determined is that it is somehow linked to creation.

(Marthonis): And malevolent to it.

(Fuoco): so the evil side of nature

(Fuoco): live nature

(Cris): Marthonis why did you bring us here?

(Marthonis): Or an unintended reflection.

(Marthonis): Do deal with this man.

(Fuoco): the distorted mirror

(Marthonis): The vanisher.

(Marthonis): * bol flas *

(Marthonis): * bol flas *

(Shadran Mathas): * bol flas *

(Shadran Mathas): * flas bur des *

(Marthonis): * shel rel bol *

(Marthonis): * flas bur des *

(Shadran Mathas): Hail

(Fuoco): greetings fellow wizard

(Marthonis): Good morning.

(Cris): Greetings

(Shadran Mathas): *bows to Marthonis*

(Fuoco): well

(Fuoco): you will keep any knwoeldge or rather discovery of the void for yourself I guess

(Fuoco): where do we fit in?

(Fuoco): what is our role?

(Marthonis): That depends entirely on whether it presents a threat to us that I cannot remove alone.

(Fuoco): are you willing to share any knowledge?

(Marthonis): I will be, if necessary.

(Fuoco): *bows*

(Fuoco): and any messages to the vanished druid?

(Marthonis): My purpose is not to be killed by a chaotic entity bent on destruction.

(Marthonis): He should not have run.

(Fuoco): I think that is shared with many ^^

(Cris): he may have reason to run

(Fuoco): unfortunately we cannot account for the actions of one man

(Marthonis): Running provokes chasing in the predatory creatures.

(Marthonis): Humans no less.

(Fuoco): (brb - need to loot fridge)

(Marthonis): He had no reason to run, I had no intention of killing him.

(Fuoco): pray Marthonis

(Fuoco): what were your words to him?

(Cris): He may not know this

(Marthonis): 'I have already won. Therefore you have no need to hide.'

(Fuoco): *bows*

(Shadran Mathas): *Examins the magical field of flame*

(Fuoco): may you see the light

(Cris): Won? What did you win?

(Fuoco): (brb)

(Marthonis): I won be being present.

(Shadran Mathas): *grins*

(Marthonis): I do not need to kill anyone to win.

(Fuoco): Marthonis

(Cris): thats a bit over confident

(Marthonis): If you oppose me here, I have won.

(Fuoco): this is indeed a first strange encounter with you

At this stage, an extremely puzzled Mandek made an appearance - he was the 'offending' druid.

(Mandek): !!

(Fuoco): ah Mandek smile

(Marthonis): There is no point in fighting when the outcome is assured.

(Marthonis): There he is.

(Mandek): uhh

(Marthonis): * Mora Olsa Preldian *

(Mandek): ok...

(Shadran Mathas): Familliar words....

(Mandek): ummm, can I go?

(Fuoco): Mandek what happened?

(Marthonis): I have no desire to see you dead.

(Mandek): i had to log off cuz my dad needed me

(Fuoco): ^^

(Mandek): smile

(Mandek): who made this? (here Mandek points at the fires on the beach)

(Fuoco): Marthonis

(Marthonis): You are a powerful wizard, Fuoco, but the Harvest is long done.

(Fuoco): it seems there was no need to get upset

(Shadran Mathas): Harvest?

(Fuoco): the young druid was called off by duty

(Fuoco): and no disrespect to you

(Marthonis): That makes very little sense.

(Mandek): * ber flas *

(Fuoco): I am not that powerful Marthonis

(Fuoco): I am well aware of my weakness

(Fuoco): My powers are very limited

(Fuoco): and whatever is in my power

(Marthonis): You are both strong.

(Fuoco): I do tend to use for the benefit of others

(Fuoco): wherever possible

(Fuoco): as well as protecting myself of course

(Fuoco): what will you do next?

(Marthonis): The same thing I do every day.

(Fuoco): Cris dear come away from the water's edge

(Fuoco): you make me feel nervous

(Marthonis): Study, learn.

(Shadran Mathas): *remains silent*

(Fuoco): well

(Marthonis): I have no desire to take over the world.

(Fuoco): in all honesty

(Marthonis): Not unless I have to.

(Fuoco): I will have to rummage all these fragments in my mind

(Fuoco): I wish to try and understand

(Shadran Mathas): *cracks a faint smile*

(Fuoco): but have not got much to work on

(Marthonis): Apart from the Timeless I am possibly the most powerful wizard in existence.

(Fuoco): I would not question that

(Shadran Mathas): And by Timeless you mean Seth?

(Marthonis): You have finally learnt?

(Fuoco): *smiles*

(Fuoco): *casts a quick look at her friend*

(Shadran Mathas): *remains impassive*

(Marthonis): I wish to understand.

(Shadran Mathas): What have you learned Fuoco?

(Fuoco): So Seth is the Timeless?

(Marthonis): To understand everything.

(Shadran Mathas): *shrugs*

(Fuoco): I am gathrering fragments Shadran

(Shadran Mathas): It was a guess only.

(Fuoco): My knowledge is scarce I am sorry to say

(Fuoco): I am still trying to fathom the reason for Marthonis' presence

(Shadran Mathas): Hmm.

(Fuoco): I know of course of his power

(Fuoco): I do not know about his motivations

(Fuoco): so I listen

(Marthonis): Mere omniscience.

(Shadran Mathas): To gain knowledge of his craft.

(Fuoco): Marthonis is one of us

(Fuoco): a wixard

(Shadran Mathas): yes I know.

(Fuoco): wizard*

(Katiya): Greetings Marthonis

(Shadran Mathas): Morgoth knew of him...

(Marthonis): Good morning.

(Fuoco): * bol flas *

(Katiya): thanks fuoco

(Marthonis): Fast.

(Shadran Mathas): And that is how I know of him.

(Fuoco): most welcome

(Fuoco): Shadran you are possibly the most knowledgeable of us

(Marthonis): *ahem*

(Shadran Mathas): Nay...

(Fuoco): I shall listen

(Shadran Mathas): HE is.

(Katiya): that would be marthonis Fuoco

(Fuoco): well except for Marthonis of course

(Fuoco): I mean the spectators

(Katiya): eh heh

(Marthonis): Life is not a game.

(Marthonis): There are no spectators.

(Cris): not at all

(Marthonis): Conversely death features some.

(Cris): *agree*

(Cris): \

(Fuoco): there are Marthonis

(Fuoco): there are those who act

(Fuoco): and those who watch

(Marthonis): Observeration changes the thing observed.

(Cris): *watching*

(Katiya): and what is life worth if you dont have fun with it?

(Fuoco): I guess everybody is driven to action at some stage or other

(Marthonis): An ancient rule of magic.

(Shadran Mathas): *writes that rule in a small black book*

(Fuoco): Life is a combination of drama and comedy

(Marthonis): And no one can truly watch without acting in their whole life.

(Marthonis): A single word in the right place could change the course of history.

(Fuoco): and anything in between

(Shadran Mathas): *nods* very true.

(Marthonis): All are players in the cosmic game.

(Marthonis): However far away they place themselves.

(Shadran Mathas): Or pawns....

(Fuoco): by using the word players you admit to a game Marthonis

(Marthonis): The action of a pawn may change the board entirely.

(Katiya): *nods in agreement with Fuoco*

(Marthonis): It is a commonly used metaphor.

(Fuoco): I am sure even a humble pawn can have some consequences

(Fuoco): they say even a hair has its shadow

(Katiya): a beggar can change a wealthy mans life with nothing but a word

(Marthonis): It does.

(Fuoco): Marthonis

(Fuoco): how do you stand

(Fuoco): at this moment in time

(Marthonis): Nothing that exists is without its consequence.

(Fuoco): towards the people of these lands?

(Marthonis): If they do not interfere with me I have no desire to interfere with them.

(Fuoco): how do they concern you?

(Fuoco): well

(Katiya): *ahem*

(Fuoco): you said the word interfere

(Cris): But yet you interfere with them

(Fuoco): tht means you plan some action

(Fuoco): is this to the detriment of the population?

(Marthonis): The population seems self-sustaining.

(Fuoco): history must have taught you

(Cris): you show wisdom and understanding

(Fuoco): that were there is a tyrant there is rebellion

(Cris): that is good

(Marthonis): Humanity appears incredibly resilient.

(Fuoco): they must preserve the species

(Fuoco): they will fight out of necessity

(Katiya): i wonder, and pardon me if this is out of place but, why are you here marthonis?

(Marthonis): At the worst you would assume I wish to create an unstoppable army of the undead.

(Marthonis): Have you ever considered what would happen to the undead if they won?

(Fuoco): well it would be a very grey world indeed

(Marthonis): Self-extinction.

(Fuoco): what intelligence do the undead boast?

(Katiya): *sigh*

(Marthonis): They can be exceptionally intelligent.

(Shadran Mathas): *nods*

(Marthonis): The human brain is fascinating.

(Fuoco): how would they apply their intelligence to a possible victory?

(Marthonis): In what context?

(Fuoco): how would they handle the lands?

(Marthonis): They would fail.

(Fuoco): I fear so

(Marthonis): They have no need for sustenance.

(Fuoco): that would leave a desert

(Marthonis): And no ability to reproduce alone.

(Cris): Im curious about the undead that was here on arival?

(Fuoco): a grey useless army

(Marthonis): Exactly.

(Cris): who put them here?

(Fuoco): wth no real purpose

(Marthonis): I did.

(Marthonis): I was aggravated.

(Cris): ah so you command the undead?

(Marthonis): Yes.

(Cris): intresting

(Fuoco): why the undead Marthonis?

(Marthonis): They are a tool.

(Shadran Mathas): *nods*

(Fuoco): that I can see

(Marthonis): Thay are a means.

(Shadran Mathas): They will not question only act.

(Marthonis): And since many people oppose my philosophies it is a wise precaution to have an army.

(Shadran Mathas): never tire never hunger..

(Cris): I assume you are human in full form

(Marthonis): Correct.

(Fuoco): but would Marthonis be happy to be surrounded by such grey shadows?

(Marthonis): Although I have anticipated the need to change that.

(Marthonis): Of course not.

(Fuoco): an army like that would not alleviate solitude

(Marthonis): Indeed.

(Fuoco): Nobody wants to be emperor of the void

(Daystra): * pur *

(Shadran Mathas): * bol flas *

(Fuoco): greetings Siladain

(Siladain): Greetings Fuoco

(Fuoco): Shadran

(Shadran Mathas): Hmm?

(Fuoco): you are very silent my friend

(Marthonis): If I found the undead stimulating I would have no reason to speak with you.

(Leiland): Meow!

(Fuoco): well I am glad you are aware of that Marthonis

(Marthonis): Some of my creations are capable of thought, understanding, conversation.

(Shadran Mathas): I am silent because I am learning.

(Fuoco): *nods*

(Shadran Mathas): (and because I do not know why Marthonis is here)

(Cris): * clar bur bol *

(Marthonis): But only a true rebirth into death seems to become a real person.

(Daystra): uhm

(Cris): * pur *

(Daystra): * clar bur bol *

(Fuoco): death is a dark experience indeed

(Cris): testing

(Daystra): * clar bur bol *

(Shadran Mathas): In Death lies all strength?

(Marthonis): Much lies in life.

(Fuoco): I do not think so

(Marthonis): Life is simpler.

(Fuoco): I think it is just awareness

(Daystra): hmm...

(Marthonis): The truth of existence lies in death.

(Marthonis): Is there a soul? Is there God?

(Cris): there is

(Shadran Mathas): *grins*

(Fuoco): because you can see the other half, so to speak, of existence?

(Leiland): prove it

(Marthonis): These concepts lie beyond mortality.

(Leiland): ^^

(Cris): your presence

(Leiland): Scientific ^^

(Cris): not all is scientific

(Leiland): You dont wanna have this conversation with me

(Leiland): (Religious RL)

(Mandek): zZz

(Cris): not religious

(Marthonis): Whatever the truth is, it must be determined.

(Shadran Mathas): *nods*

(Cris): its about live and a creation

(Leiland): why?

(Leiland): you cant prove or disprove

(Leiland): so why struggle

(Marthonis): That is entirely what I intend to do.

(Leiland): accept one or the other

(Leiland): whatever makes you happier and go with it

(Mandek): *yawn* ok bye

(Fuoco): bye

(Fuoco): well

(Fuoco): I do believe that life ends with death

(Marthonis): The fundamental understanding of existence is the only goal I can see.

(Marthonis): I am a necromancer.

(Leiland): Ludicrous, Meaning of life is to find a path, religious or not and follow it.

(Marthonis): I am quite aware that it does not.

(Leiland): not to find out what the meaning of life is

(Leiland): cause your looking for an animate object

(Leiland): which is of course preposterous

(Marthonis): I am not looking for an animate object.

(Marthonis): I am looking for the truth.

(Shadran Mathas): Life does not end with Death, Death is just another journey.

(Leiland): yes but to find it in finite space with 100% knowledge of what you behold it has to be animate

(Leiland): otherwise you cant prove or disprove

(Leiland): therefore

(Marthonis): I have no intention of remaining finite.

(Leiland): its impossible to prove either point

(Shadran Mathas): Ahh.

(Shadran Mathas): You wish to be Immortal?

(Marthonis): I am the Lord of the Dead.

(Leiland): *hits Shad* he wishes to be a god

(Shadran Mathas): *grins*

(Leiland): thats what infinaite means

(Leiland): infinite*

(Shadran Mathas): *bows low to Marthonis*

(Marthonis): I chose the field that would give me enough time to learn everything.

(Leiland): Huh?

(Cris): Every thing is energy in one form or the other

(Cris): even life

(Leiland): but being a god...

(Leiland): wheres the fun in that

(Marthonis): I wish to learn.

(Cris): control and power

(Leiland): if you know everything then there is no way to learn

(Marthonis): And there is no need.

(Shadran Mathas): Think on this Marthonis, What will you do when you know all?

(Leiland): and that is what being a god is

(Marthonis): Then I will be complete.

(Leiland): and then what

(Leiland): thats like finding the end of the stars

(Marthonis): I may decide to stay as that, I may decide I no longer need to exist.

(Marthonis): I cannot say yet.

(Shadran Mathas): *nods*

(Leiland): well i think to become a god you become everything

(Leiland): so you wont exist as a god anyways

(Fuoco): god of what?

(Leiland): you will dissapear into the cosmos

(Leiland): becoming everything

(Leiland): same as in death

(Leiland): two different journeys

(Leiland): same outcome

(Fuoco): if you become everything

(Marthonis): It is completion.

(Fuoco): you are either self contained or very lonely

(Marthonis): In any manner.

(Leiland): so your saying you want to die, without dying?

(Fuoco): greetings Gawr

(Gawr): *nods*

(Marthonis): Every being born will die.

(Leiland): *brain has fizzled*

(Cris): Greetings Gawr

(Shadran Mathas): We are dying since the second we are born.

(Marthonis): I wish to complete my existence rather than merely endure it.

(Fuoco): birth and death are very much part of nature as we know it

(Leiland): yes... i believe everything is one and the same

(Leiland): i beleive god is everything, its the mechanics of life

(Fuoco): everything has a beginning and an end, to use a cliche

(Leiland): so in part you are a small fraction of an eternal creation

(Marthonis): I am well on my way to far more than that.

(Leiland): more then everything...

(Shadran Mathas): Hmm...

(Shadran Mathas): Interesting....

(Leiland): there is no more...

(Fuoco): (begs to be excused again for a moment)

(Shadran Mathas): (Leiland you know Marthonis is a q-char correct)

(Leiland): (yes)

(Shadran Mathas): (ok)

(Marthonis): Life is a beginning.

(Marthonis): To become a lich is a continuation.

(Marthonis): I do not look forward to it.

(Leiland): O.O oh dear me

(Marthonis): But that is another step towards what you may call a god.

(Leiland): *listens*

(Marthonis): The fundamental concept is consciousness.

(Fuoco): Marthonis

(Marthonis): Fuoco?

(Fuoco): do you see the void as a mock of creation?

(Fuoco): some sort of distorted mirror?

(Marthonis): From what I have learnt it appears against it.

(Fuoco): so the void has been created to try and destroy life?

(Marthonis): For such a complex concept, entity perhaps, it is a simple explanation.

(Marthonis): But correct, enough.

(Leiland): *puts up hand* so lichs are void of conscience?

(Shadran Mathas): So the void is the essence of anti-creation?

(Marthonis): The Void has clear influence in this world to create its own.

(Marthonis): I could create a lich.

(Fuoco): liches are an abomination

(Marthonis): No more so than any undead.

(Fuoco): their thirst for death is sickening

(Shadran Mathas): Some would call mankind an abomination.....

(Fuoco): I guess you are right Shadran

(Leiland): *hit*

(Marthonis): I think he is.

(Leiland): I am perfect

(Fuoco): there are many points of view

(Shadran Mathas): Do not strike me fool....

(Shadran Mathas): You would die...

(Leiland): *poke*

(Marthonis): Whom are you speaking to?

(Shadran Mathas): Leiland.

(Shadran Mathas): Not you.

(Marthonis): Which of you is that?

(Marthonis): I am not aware of all your names.

(Leiland): im Leiland

(Shadran Mathas): I am Shadran Mathas former student of Morgoth...

(Shadran Mathas): *bows*

(Marthonis): I have heard of you.

(Marthonis): Not her.

(Leiland): Meh i grew up on the streets, now thats hell

(Marthonis): Or is it him?

(Marthonis): * Olsa *

(Shadran Mathas): *braces self*

(Marthonis): I see.

(Leiland): *flinches*

(Fuoco): *watches*

(Cris): excuse me for a moment

(juffson): erm =)

(juffson): hi? =)

(Fuoco): greetings juffson dear

(Shadran Mathas): Hail Juffson.

(juffson): summoning party?

(Gawr): *nods to Juffson*

(Fuoco): in a way

(juffson): oh

(Leiland): I aint summoning nothing

(Fuoco): This is my first meeting with Mr Marthonis

(Marthonis): I am not summoning.

(Leiland): Magic and i dont really agree

(juffson): i can only summon empty bottles

(Marthonis): You would not like it if I summoned.

(juffson): i bet

(Fuoco): you drunk all the ale again??

(Shadran Mathas): The soul I carry with me knows of him well.....

(Marthonis): Explain yourself.

(juffson): who should explain?

(Leiland): you have a serious thing going havent you?

(juffson): are we hostile here?

(Fuoco): juffson

(Shadran Mathas): When Morgoth died I captured his soul...

(Marthonis): Whom do you address, Leiland?

(juffson): yes?

(Leiland): *flinch*

(Fuoco): this is borderline

(Leiland): Shadran

(Leiland): I question things

(Fuoco): there is some talk an some confrontation

(Marthonis): That is good.

(Fuoco): I am listening

(juffson): oh

(Fuoco): and occasionally querying

(Leiland): and challenge theories

(Marthonis): A sound premise for existing.

(Leiland): Devils advocate at your service

(Marthonis): I like that.

(Cris): * clar bur bol *

(Fuoco): Leiland you have the abruptness of youth smile

(Leiland): You know me well ^^

(Fuoco): I do

(Marthonis): Everything must be proven.

(Marthonis): Doubt is vital.

(Shadran Mathas): *nods*

(Cris): * pur *

(Fuoco): *sighs*

(Marthonis): * shel rel bol *

(Marthonis): * flas bur des *

(Fuoco): *fighters will be fighters*

(Leiland): O.O

(Shadran Mathas): Impressive.

(juffson): no exp there

(Cris): smile

(Shadran Mathas): *grins*

(Leiland): *flinch*

(Cris): * shel *

(Fuoco): greetings young Fiera

(Marthonis): * shel rel bol *

(Marthonis): * flas bur des *

Here I believe the conversation was interrupted by giants.

(Cris): * pur *

(Fiera): Greetings

(Shadran Mathas): * bol flas *

(Fuoco): * flas bur des *

(Marthonis): * shel rel bol *

(Marthonis): * flas bur des *

(Cris): * pur *

(Shadran Mathas): hah.

(Cris): * pur *

(Shadran Mathas): Beat me to the draw Marthonis.

(Gawr): Good

(Marthonis): I am not entirely talk.

(Fuoco): ^^

(Shadran Mathas): I must learn more.

(Leiland): Id normally say in my enquisitive nature "prove it" but... *flinch*

(Fuoco): a congregation of dark robes and a couple of bright plates

(Gawr): *smiles*

(Cris): * clar bur bol *

(Leiland): My robe is aesthetics nothing more

(Marthonis): It is interesting how many choose to wear black.

(Fiera): Muy pcaro

(Fuoco): yes

(Leiland): Ahh mirith colours

(juffson): black tans in the sun

(Fiera): !

(juffson): gets greyish

(Gawr): what you can get sometimes

(Leiland): um i brought the wrong robes today

(Gawr): I guess

(Marthonis): I am growing somewhat tired.

(juffson): if you are above ground, that is

(Shadran Mathas): *nods*

(Fiera): too quiet

(Shadran Mathas): *chuckles*

(Leiland): hows the fish?

(Fiera): not bad

(Leiland): biting?

(Leiland): nice

(Fiera): just trout

(Leiland): ahh well

(Fiera): I want a catfish

(Shadran Mathas): * bol flas *

(Marthonis): * bol flas *

(Cris): i would like to have a Mana Ring like yours Marthonis

(Fuoco): the waters are quiet again

(Marthonis): I am pleased you have learnt not to attack me on sight.

(Shadran Mathas): *nods*

(Gawr): Why would we do that?

(Leiland): Ive heard stories

(Marthonis): It used to happen.

(Leiland): i dont think id want to...

(Fiera): Ignorance.

(Marthonis): It was very inconvenient.

(Gawr): because?

(Gawr): ah

(Shadran Mathas): You have changed

(Gawr): you have not threatened us

(Marthonis): People do not like necromancy.

(Marthonis): You are learning.

(Fuoco): they don't generally

(Gawr): Good.

(Leiland): im more curious about your theories

(Shadran Mathas): *shrugs* It is just another form of the art of Magic that is all...

(Fuoco): I like the light

(Leiland): if i kill you then i cant challenge them...

(Marthonis): A very old dichotomy, and obselete.

(Gawr): Long words.

(Shadran Mathas): there is no light no dark only grey..

(Fiera): how is it obsolete?

(Marthonis): You will learn.

(Gawr): *nods*

(Fuoco): we will

(Fiera): We want to.

(juffson): *mutters* "wish he spoke plain Oberinish"

(Fiera): That is why we ask questions.

(Marthonis): I am pleased by this encounter.

(Cris): smile

(Leiland): I didnt realise this is a cult...

(Shadran Mathas): *nods*

(Fiera): smile

(Fuoco): Most intriguing

(Marthonis): You are less violent than I remember.

(Fiera): Me?

(Cris): big words are for lazy people

(Marthonis): In general.

(Fiera): That is the thinging

(juffson): *grins*

(Fiera): of those too lazy to learn them

(Fiera): and understand them.

(Cris): simple explanations are for the wise

(Marthonis): Farewell.

(Fiera): Not everything is simple

(Fuoco): farewell

(Leiland): Leaving??

(Fiera): Farewell

(Gawr): Farewell

(Gawr): .

(Marthonis): * Mora Olsen Preldian *

(Shadran Mathas): *bows to the Lord of The Dead*

(Gawr): whoever you are

(juffson): fare well

(Cris): every thing is simple

(Gawr): What a strange chap!

(Fuoco): juffson get the ale out

(Shadran Mathas): Also Farewell...

(juffson): it should be yes, cris

(Leiland): Dang, its going to be my goal in life to disprove his beliefs

(Cris): we complicate it

(Gawr): great dress sense though

(juffson): hope you'r right

(Cris): glad to see MPRs and ROR holds against ss

(Fuoco): ^^

(Cris): hehe

(juffson): so...

(juffson): bonk something to death?
Sunset Horizon,Crimson Road & A Red Rose... by Algethus on 03 Jan 2010 : 22:15
(Red Horizon: Story written by Algethus)


I was alone, all alone............

Surviving with only a dozen more fish steaks left, starving almost to death wandering about the unforgiving wilderness. The sun, the glimmering sea, the red horizon.

After many battles, scarred, dropping dead in agony of my festering wounds.

The red horizon, a vague shadow of a figure.

I see a person, with my sotted-like eyesight I can roughly figure that the person is a woman. She fought a horde of creatures, which followed my rotten trail. My eyesight fades to darkness...

"Is he all right?"

"I am not sure, he has severe fever."

I felt a hand touching my forehead. As it slowly stroked, I could faintly smell beautiful roses.... Just like my mother....

Opening my eyes, I saw the flashing sunlight right before my sight, glowing like a thousand diamonds. It seemed like an agonizing forever trying to get off the inn-bed. "The inn?", I first thought, the door opposite the window opened and to my shock I saw an elderly woman with a bowl which faint traces of steam came out of...

"You are lucky to be alive", she said.

I questioned her about the awashed memories of the sillhouete I saw before. She exclaimed,"Valencia". I could barely hear here frail, weak voice.

"You are lucky to be alive because of her, a young braveheart. You must eat, I tended your wounds with magick, the rest of the process relies on your body to be strong." explained the Elder.


I lived with Nan, the elder for many long years, because....

Because I wanted to see that woman again.....

My saviour......

Her red hair amongst the sunset that day....

She may come here again, I do not want to miss that day.

I ventured out of Lerilin, my humble home. To the east coast, with the prominent landmarks I could not miss, where I dropped dead. I stared, for hours until the sunset, trying to visualize that day. I sat down the sandy white beach, thinking deeply, the sun quickly settled under the red sea. Alas, it was time for me to go back.



Amongst the dark streets I saw a crowd of people, around the inn. Some settlers rounded about the house and some wounded amount behemoth Tuskers.

I looked in dread on the blood-filled entrance of the inn. The tailor just another road away provided help by offering crate-full bandages and every single citizen offered a vast amount and varieties of reagents, especially ginseng and lotus flowers.

I was acquired to go inside and tend to the wounded. There was only so much I could do with my standard of healing. I rushed to each bed with many a bandage I could grasp on . That night, I saw her.

The door was crowded but her scent of roses filled the room. As I got closer to her crimson-covered the scent changed to a smell of rusted iron, the dreaded scent of blood, dripping out from her left rib. Her hair was the first feature that allowed me to recognize her.

I came a step closer to her and touched her hand, held it, for she was in agonizing pain

"You... I remember you", she said softly, a recognizable voice.

I looked at her, as I glance at her every second I felt joy yet hurt. For the joyous time I at last saw her, she was in pain. My heart seemed constricted with thorns...

"I will have to borrow your dagger", I said. She wouldn't let go of the dagger, I pleaded her to let go of it. Slowly opening her hand she gave it to me. I quickly sliced a large piece of bandaging cloth using the dagger and bandaged her as quickly as I could. The cloth went around her waist and also her shoulder.


Nan stepped in the room with other settlers which I believe to be clerics and druids considering their robes and leather arms.

While the druids cast Calm to relieve the woman from her pain, Clerics as well as Nan showed an array of Healing and Detoxifying Spells. To my relief, I have never seen Nan fail and Gods be praised she hasn't.

A multitude of individuals left, I stayed in the room. I stayed there hoping she would wake up the next day, the other they, or any day. I was prepared to remain there as long as I could.

I wanted answers from her.....


Fear by Laricen on 11 Aug 2009 : 22:10
I only fear one thing.

Some fear savage brigands. But their savagery undermines their goals.

Some fear greedy mercenaries. But their greed will betray them.

Some fear powerful dragons. But their power blinds them to the cooperation of man.

Some fear mighty stone golems. But their might is a burdening weight that slows them to the pace of a crippled harpie.

Some fear rotting liches. But their rotting brains do not fully understand the foul magic they use.

Some fear the blazing Legion. But their blazing fires will burn themselves out.

Some fear the amoral Marthonis. But his amorality does not transcend humanity.

There is only one thing I fear. It deprives me of my senses. It clouds my mind. It impairs my body. It is the lag monster.