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The Great Escape by Nasrith on 27 Apr 2008 : 23:17
36th and 37th day of the Dancing Moon in the year 430.

The Vision Pool

I awoke that morning to a certain Zem Stormbrow shouting at two of my fellow Mirith Vanguard Members who had fallen asleep the night before as we commenced with work on a certain event. Whats wrong with you all? was what I heard as I appeared next to him.

Obe 2

Thankfully he seemed to calm down when he noticed me. Turning to me, Zem started to state the obvious,Your friends seem to have fallen asleep.

Sorry, rather long night we had. Weve been working on something.

Ive been working as well, and I believe I have what you need.

This made me raise an eyebrow. Of course, Id hoped he would succeed, but I hadnt got my hopes up.

It took a long time tracking down that bridge guard, Vander, and finding the bard. They were the only leads I had. After a lot of effort on my part, they led me there, where I saw it. We had best go to the pool. All will become clear. Come, he motioned to me to follow him out of Mirith.

I quickly scribbled out a note to Majara and Nedved II to explain that I was with Zem, and then I hurried off after him. We were headed towards the Mirith Vanguard Guild Hall when he asked, Do you have any Ginseng?

Why would I? Im no cleric. Then again, there might be some in the hall.

I thought as much. Bring as much as you can.

I ran into the hall. The guards on duty greeted me as I walked towards the chest containing the reagents. I tossed a few stray objects in there that I didnt expect Id be needing on the journey and removed the ginseng.

Upon getting back to Zem, I saw that Majara and Nedved II had woken up and joined us. Got it. and I held up the bag of ginseng.

Let us be on our way then.

The four of us made our way south through the forest, Zem and Majara blasting their way through, though rarely finishing off whatever bothered to get in their way. This made me think it was a matter of some urgency. Finally we arrived on an island inhabited by the Abashiri guild and the pool that Zem had spoke of.

Here we are. Ive seen it all before. Now that ginseng, you smoke it. Youre going to see something that will warrant my payment. Ill be around the back when youre finished. Now I leave it to you, and with that Zem left the three of us staring at the pool, holding ginseng in a pipe in our hands.

As Majara lit it for each of us, Amere showed up. Nedved II quickly explained to his brother what was going on, and gave him some ginseng as well. The four of us sat around the pool, smoking the ginseng when suddenly an image formed inside the pool.

The pool now showed a brigand encampment and two brigands sitting and talking,Rough day. Did you here? Mirith got our scrolls

What scrolls?


No, what scrolls?

If they manage to open the chest then theyll find the scrolls and learn about the twins.

Big deal. Mirith will fall soon, he gave a quick jump as a Brigand Leader walked into the area.

You two! I need you! Get over here, and with that the vision faded away.

Then, a strange creature appeared outside of the pool and started speaking in an odd voice, Mirrriiiiith. Where is my head? and then it gave out a little yelp as Amere put his sword through the vision.

Again an image started to form in the pool. It was Beleth! He looked in bad shape,Tirana... I know youre here... Must not.. Give up...

The pool changed focus to a women many know as Varsha, and a man named Rasha. These two are usually simply called The Twins. Varsha whispered to Rasha, He is here, we have him.

I could see all three of them now. Beleth was talking to himself again, This is where he told me she should be. I sense people..

Hello there royal mage.

You! Back off!

Mockingly, Varsha questioned him,What are you going to do to us?

I am more powerful than last time. I... Back off!

Shall we give him a shot, brother?

I... You will not stop me! I will find her. No matter what. Try me! Mora! Mora Olsa Alter!

Both of the twins chuckled,Youve had your turn, now its ours.

The silent Rasha grabbed Beleth and Varsha took out a collar and clamped it around Beleths neck. They began to fade away, and the last thing we heard was,Youre ours now, Beleth.

obe 1

The strange prophet creature appeared again,Miiiiirrrrrriiiiiiiiiith. The city was burnt down. The king died. The legion conquered, and it once again disappeared.

The images in the pool changed one more time. Now to show Beleth chained up in a place few know about, the caves near the Tree Maze. Beleths clothes were torn and grayed, and it looked as if he had barely eaten since hed been there. How long... How long have I been here? My magic did not work.. And that collar...

At this, Rasha and Varsha appeared, Ah Beleth.

What do you want?

Still unhappy?

What do you want? Let me go... Or kill me.

Why would we kill you, she patted him on the head and dangled a piece of steak in front of him that he grabbed at helplessly, Come on dear, do beg.

Araine, I am so sorry, and Varsha through him the steak that he ate hungrily.

Good dog, and you have such a nice kennel here in the troll cave. Youre a happy dog, arent you, and Varsha patted him again.

He looked down, She is alive, isnt she?

Good dogs keep clean. Good dogs only speak when spoken to.

Shes still ordering you around. Youre the dogs, and with this, Varsha yanked him up by his collar and slammed him down to the ground.

He gasped for air and barely managed to get out, They will find... Me. The King will.. Send them.

Youll have plenty of time to become a good dog. This cave has enough room for you to run around, but you know what happens if you try to go outside, dont you? You can even practice magic if you do the right things.

I... I will be good.

Varsha smirked at him, and tossed him a silver ring, If dog does something nice, he gets a treat. Maybe a walk to the maze and back. Dog would like that, wouldnt he? The normally emotionless Rasha gave a cynical smile.

No sunshine in the troll caves. Come on Rasha, and the two of them left Beleth alone again. Somebody hear me... I need help, were his last words before the image faded from the pool and our minds cleared of the effects of the pool and the ginseng.

The Beleth Rescue

Amere was the first to speak, I think I know where he is. The cave, the one near the Tree Maze. Hell be there.

Of course he was right. We all agreed with him. Before we set off, we went to see Zem.

I got what you wanted.

How much will it cost, Amere asked, since he was the one who had volunteered to pay.

I will contact you about that in time. I thought youd like to see to this quickly, though. Now, its time for me to rest, and then he was gone. No doubt hell find us when were ready to pay.

We set off for the cave, Amere leading the way. We simply dodged the creatures of the forest to save time and energy. A few hours later the four of us arrived, now accompanied by Iceane and Kwesyther.

Majara hopped into the cave and cast a paralyze field that stopped the trolls, giants, and brigands in their tracks, and gave the go ahead for the rest of us to join the fight.

Amere and I blocked the door so we wouldnt have to face more than one of the monsters at a time. Iceane and Nedved II kept as alive and well while Majara and Kwesyther made sure the same couldnt be said about our opponents.

We searched each of the rooms for where Beleth was being held and ending the lives of any survivors in the process. Beleth was being held in the back most room, chained to a wall when we finally arrived.

Amere was the first in the room,Beleth! Are you all right?

Friends! The chains... and barely those words were out of his mouth when Amere cut the chains clean in half with his sword.

The collar Beleth wore had no lock, so Amere had to have a go at that as well, with the rest of us shouting encouragement and warnings as to not cut Beleths head clean off. One hit, a second, and finally a third blow set Beleth free of the magic collar.

Just as the collar broke and clattered to the floor, we heard footsteps coming up the hall towards us. Rasha and Varsha appeared from around the corner, Rasha with a look of rage across her face.

Obe 4

Beleth looked at her with a glare of pure hatred from behind the defensive line that we had set up, Reagents, I need reagents. and Im assuming someone gave him some because the following spell must have taken a lot of them.

I am no longer within your hold, Varsha. I will not be taken so easily. Mora! Mora Olsa Alter!

Rashas body stayed where it was, as cold and emotionless as before, but no longer able to feel emotion even if he wanted to. Varshas screech broke the silence then,What did you do to him?

I suggest you let us go now. You are far outnumbered.

It seems we have little choice, but well get you back dog.

Varsha then let loose a storm of magic lightning bolts, blowing Amere back against the wall, and knocking him out. Before she could get any more bolts off, the three wizards started firing on her and I started to attack from the safety of the shadows.

By this time, Rasha had returned to his normal, living self, and used another of their many magic items to remove himself and his badly hurt sister from the battle.

Amere got back up, and the seven of us left the now nearly lifeless cavern. Of course, theres no way the twins would let Beleth, or any of us leave without a fight.

Upon exiting we met two groups of brigands and a battalion of forest trolls led by a Brigand Mage. Over the chanting of the forest trolls, Beleth yelled, Get near me, and started to prepare a spell. We fought off wave after wave of the alliance warriors until finally the spell was ready, Mora Olsa Preldian!

A New Day

The seven of us were safe now, back in the castle. We took a moment to relax, and then removed our armor and other battle gear as Beleth gazed at the castle, his home that he had not seen for many nights. Apparently, the spell had made an extremely loud noise, since soon after Ciddia appeared, Hello.

We all greeted her unison.

What was that noise?

Beleth seemed excited to see her,Ciddia! My my, you grew up since last time I saw you.


A man I now know as Rengal entered the castle then, for the very same reason Ciddia had come out to look, because of the noise. Kwesyther introduced him to the seven others of us, and we did the same in turn. Beleth then left to speak with the king.

Rengal then turned to Ciddia, Forgive my entrance, I heard a great peal of thunder.

I suppose youd like to see the king then, Kwesyther asked him.

I have been hoping for that for some time. I wish to pledge my loyalty to your noble king, and make these lands my home, Beleth came back out of the back chambers wearing his normal attire of all black, and who would this be?

Kwesyther, who had been doing all of the introducing, did this as well, This is Beleth, the royal mage, and the man in blue here is Rengal.

King Galandir followed Beleth out, only moments later, and everyone greeted him with a bow, which I would assume is why Rengal knew that he was the king.

Obe 3

King Galandir looked at us all,Ahh, my Vanguard.

Amere glanced at Kwesyther, And Kwesyther, sir.

One more than worthy soul.

And soon to be, I informed the King as we had been talking of Kwesyther joining the Mirith Vanguard for a while at least.

You would be more than welcome in my Vanguard, Kwesyther.

Of course, Kwesyther accepted the so formal offer, and the ceremony was performed. Kwesyther is the newest member of the Mirith Vanguard.

Now, on to other matters. Beleth told me of what he has been through. I have come to thank you all. I realized.. I realized how much my sister took over my mind. I realized I neglected my Kingdom, and on this day, I made two decisions. The first one is to build a stronger Vanguard. Mirith needs you, and you showed that on this day. I am very sad for Asliendor, but it is time for a new commander.

Asliendor will be back, I had to say it. Id always been loyal to Asliendor, and he was the rightful leader of the Vanguard. No one could do it better.

Nasrith, come, and he motioned me to kneel before him.

It was all I could do to stop myself from laughing. This would just add to the rumor that the king had gone insane. Naming a rogue, me, the new commander of the Mirith Vanguard to replace Asliendor? Id almost have agreed with these rumors at that moment, but its not like I had much of a choice in the matter. I kneeled down before him.

Your name is legendary in Mirith, and from this day it shall be even more. Nasrith Neross, I hereby name you new commander of the Mirith Vanguard.

I could hear my fellow Vanguard members cheering behind me. I didnt agree with it. I would have waited for Asliendor to come back. It didnt matter how long, I would have waited. It seemed wrong, but Im here, now I at least have to do my best. I stepped back with the rest of the Vanguard.

And my second decision, Mirith needs a new Royal Guard. One that will stand proud and fight with their life for the city, Let it be known that from this day, the warrior who will bring me Tiranas head shall become the new Royal Guard. I rely on you, Vanguard.

Beleth and I... Amere interrupted the king by saying, Excuse me, but I believe Rengal came here to see you, and he signaled Rengal forward.

Sire, if you will, I am in dire need of sleep. I am sorry, I will go now, and with that Beleth excused himself.

Introductions were made once again, this time between King Galandir and Lord Rengal.

So, Rengal, did you wish to speak with me? My time is short.

Sire, my name is Lord Rengal, and I have traveled here to pledge my allegiance.

Ah, interesting.

If you would have me..

You are welcome to Mirith, Lord Rengal.

My thanks your majesty. I will do what I can to serve you.

I suppose you did not come alone.

I have a retinue of guards, however they are currently engaged, and I had not desired to bring them into your city unknown, lest it be thought an invasion.

Hah! Where do you currently reside, Lord Rengal?

Since my camp was destroyed in my absence, I have taken lodgings in the local inn.

That cannot be. I am sorry about your camp. I shall offer you a guest room in the castle. Your guards can reside in the barracks.

My liege, you have my sincerest gratitude. Truly you are as great and noble as I heard.

Let us enjoy a dinner together, Lord Rengal.

After Lord Rengal left the scene, we explained to the king about the vision, and the creature that told us of what would happen to Mirith.

Now, Kwesyther has this idea, before you go off to meet Lord Rengal

After the thoughts on a festival had been put out there, we all said our good-byes, and the king left to his own chambers.

Something big is about to happen. More than one thing even. Well be ready for it though. Mirith, Andris, Marali, Lerilin, everyone. Weather it be The Legion, The Alliance, The Black Hand, or some new threat, we will be ready.
A Golden Key - Festival Announcement by Kwesyther on 27 Apr 2008 : 12:28
Announcement: Dancing Moon Festival and Lockpicking Competition!
* A huge placard posted at eye-catching positions in every major and minor city of Oberin *


Dancing Moon Festival and Lockpicking Competition

People of Oberin! Mirith seeks the greatest lockpicker of all times! Who can open the most secured chests of all times? Who even dares to test his skills at the mysterious chest from the dragon's lair? Be it rogue, mage or tinkerer, who can open the lock that is said to only open to the proper key?

To determine the Lockpicker Idol, his majesty King Galandir of Mirith is hereby announcing

a Grand Festival,

held on the Full Dancing Moon of the Year 430 in Mirith

Expect gamblers, treasure hunts and much more! And of course, the main event will be the

Public Lockpicking Competition

There will be plenty of locks to pick, and those successful will win

the Contents of the Chest

they manage to pick. But the main prize for opening what is deemed to be the most difficult lock in all Oberin will be an additional

3 000 000 Gold Pieces!

Competition terms and conditions

  1. Everyone who wishes to enter the lockpicking competition is expected to pay an entry fee of at least 1 000 gold pieces. No refund. Possible fees for the other activities will be announced on short notice.

  2. The objective is to open a lock, not to destroy it or open or destroy the chest.

  3. The judge's decision is final.

  4. The order in which participants may try to open the lock will be decided by the judge.

  5. The winner of the main prize has to disclose his method of opening the lock to Mirith by teaching his technique to the Master Tinkerer Borigard.

  6. Members of the Mirith Vanguard and the Mirith Guards may not partake in the lockpicking competition.

  7. Mirith reserves the right to disqualify any participant from the competition.

  8. Mirith shall not be liable for any loss or damage, including death, arising from or otherwise in connection with your participation in the competition or attendance at the festival.

A Golden Key - The Chest by Kwesyther on 21 Apr 2008 : 11:48
Deep in the Mari Ranger Ruins, a chest is secured. Will they manage to safely transport it to Mirith and break its lock?
Year 430, Day 187 of the Harvest Moon. Kwesyther tells.


(Shua): Nasrith, make sure he doesn't drop it.

(Shua): If he drops anything else... it's fine. *grins*

(Nasrith): Ugh.

Nasrith Neross kept its distance from the tusker as he observed him trudging through the soft soil. While not matching the cleanliness of a nobleman, these creatures are nonetheless a majestic sight. Their size, might and sturdiness is unmatched among animals and a mere human better take care to avoid the path of their feet. With proper guidance from a skilled druid, these colossi can even give battle to dracos and dragons. As we had done on this cold and rainy day.

Nasrith was not watching the step of Shua's tame battle tusker so much as he was keeping a keen eye on the fruit of our struggles. Under no circumstances could we afford to loose this cargo carried by the animal's trunk. Hence, our group of five humans made sure to eliminate anything that was not squashed instantly by the tusker's mighty feet. The load was unusually heavy and our cleric Ormanos constantly blessed Tiny - that's the name Shua had given to his huge pet - with strength in order to ease its burden.


The way from the Tree Maze to Mirith was a long and exhausting one, but fortunately, the most difficult part of the journey had already been behind us. Or rather beneath us, for we had ventured into the dreaded Mari Ranger Ruins.

What had happened? When news of troubles in the Mari Ranger Ruins reached Mirith, a small team consisting of Amere, Nasrith, Ormanos, Shua, Theo and me, Kwesyther, decided to descend into the dungeon and investigate. We better had not, for we were forced to face a forest dragon of a strength so insanely gigantic that even Mirith's proud warrior Amere did not stand a chance against its furious bites. So, this was one of the powers able to route a large group of nihonjin - adventurers whose unique trait is to speak the tongue of nihongo - not long before. Unfortunately, their language is mostly alien to me and I am not in a position to tell their tale from that day. But I can say for sure that our little group was glad that they returned to take revenge on this powerful beast. With their help, we could enter the ruins.

"This place is infested now. We took it."

The dungeon was not what it used to be. New walls and compartments had been built, new torches and fires were lighting the eerie halls. Only the frenzy of fighting dracos and dragons was still the old one. It appeared that the Alliance had finally made their home in here.

There was one tiny chamber that sparked our interest. Guarded by a few brigands, it contained a heavy chest, the mysterious note quoted above and other equipment common among the outlaws. Despite being a master at locks, Nasrith was unable to open this chest that seemed to be belong to one of the brigand's leaders. Furious at the thought that we were in their vault yet unable to take advantage of it, the rogue made a bold decision: "Shua, your Tusker is pulling this chest out of the Mari Ranger hall." No sooner said than done.


Finally, we arrived in Mirith.

Of course, the chest was still locked, it's not like Tiny carrying it would have magically opened it. How to get it open? Making the tusker trample it down was not an option. It was suggested that I somehow try to blast the lock open, but having no experience in the subject of arcane ward and lock manipulation, my tries were more humiliating than fruitful. Might be a fascinating area of study when old age prevents me from adventuring, though.

(Ciddia Tigg): A Tusker in the throne room...

(Ciddia Tigg): *sighs*

Ciddia Tigg, commander of Mirith's guards, arrived on the scene. But since the tusker had carried the chest, it was only fair that he was allowed to behold the splendor of the throne room. A brash fighter, Ciddia's plan to open the chest was straightforward:

(Ciddia Tigg): That's a pretty lock for sure.

(Ciddia Tigg): Nothing a good swing can't defeat...

(Ciddia Tigg): *hits locks with sword*

Of course, the predictable outcome - aside from an apparently magical shock that ran through Ciddia when her sword violently made contact - was that the chest was still locked tight. Violence is often, but not always the solution. This lock was a magical one for sure.

Borigard the Master Tinkerer was called to the scene. He was intrigued, and took a long time of inspecting and admiring the beauty of the lock and chest. For a brilliant mind like his, the most interesting problems are those that it can't solve. I knew that his great interest could only mean that

(Borigard): This thing, mister, you won't ever be able to open without the key.

He did, however, infer from tiny traces of metal in the lock that this key must be made of gold. And a golden key is what Mirith is looking for as of now.

Catch me if you can! by Kwesyther on 17 Apr 2008 : 15:18
A Brigand Mage boldly outsmarts four unsuspecting adventurers. Furious, they engage in a wild pursuit. Will the scoundrel escape their wrath?

Year 430, Day 152 of the Harvest Moon. Kwesyther tells.


(Brigand Mage): The stone.

While traveling southwest of the Great Mountains, Flingee, Sumac, Valeriana and me have been waylaid by brigands. Of course, we did not loose our heads in panic, instead we made them loose theirs in battle. They had carried a chest, but we were unable to inspect its contents for none of us was able to open its lock. We were still undecided whether we should seek the help of a skilled lock-picker, when Sumac - noble ranger of the Gestalts - descried this rogue mage approaching.

(Brigand Mage): Give it to me.

What stone? Could it be that he sought on of the Magic Stones that Flingee encountered once before? What would he do with it when he has it?

(Brigand Mage): Move.

He figured that we have not been able to open the chest that apparently contained the stone he was interested him. In a bold single word, he told Sumac to step aside. We were flabbergasted as he unlocked the chest and remove its traps in front of our very eyes. I mean, it was clear that he was outmatched 1 to 4 and de-facto captured already, why would he open the chest for us?

(Flingee): Hey! Wait!

... He just ran away. Oh, what utter fools we were!


Of course, we were not completely brainless and tried to follow him, but he got rid of us quickly. He had outsmarted us. I tried to paralyze him, but confusingly got paralyzed myself. Did he prepare a magic reflection? Or had he cast a paralysis on me? I cannot remember hearing him uttering such a spell. Botheration!

(Flingee): Darn, we were silly.

(Sumac): Colossal blunder.

(Sumac): I'm glad the well being of Oberin doesn't depend on us...

It does.

(Valeriana): Come on, always look on the bright side of life...

(Sumac): And get blinded?

Alternating between anger and despair, we quickly settled for blind fury. We had to catch him, no matter what; if only to restore our pride.


Sumac pricked up his ears. Flingee - being a ranger as well - kept his eyes peeled. Merging both senses, this scoundrel would not escape? Both searching through the forest, it was Flingee who exclaimed "Human to the West!".

(Brigand Mage): You again?

(Kwesyther): You little freak!

The air crackled with magical energy, ready to freeze any living being in an oppressive state of paralysis. Both me and the rogue mage tried to contain each other. I knew the value of Paralyze Field for getting out of the most terrible hell but I was still astonished how powerful it is while being on the wrong end of its effect: he froze us in place and escaped a second time.

The two brigands that had jumped to his help did not survive. But they and the wandering monsters in these lands did not make it easier to catch him. We changed plans.

(Kwesyther): Alright, this time, just kill him.

(Flingee): We could need a cleric?

(Sumac): The only thing needing healing will be him!

Avenging Angels

Our rangers ran through the forest and lead us to Welif.

(Brigand Mage): Not you again?

The brigand mage must have felt safe, since he met with a large group of brigand comrades. We had only one goal: exterminate this rat. A vicious battle ensued with him running away covered by his friends and us dispatching them and catching up again. For a moment, the mage and me were dueling with poison, but I have to admit that wizards are too darn accustomed in their defense against magic, they are better brought down with swords. Of course, the sword wielders had a hard time against the mighty Fireballs.

(Brigand Mage): * Mora Olsen N'eshra *

His comrades fallen, he ran and turned to Black Magic to summon aid. An array of rust beasts was to feed upon us, when our druid Valeriana cast a spell I will never forget: * rel des ber *. Provocation. A wizard tries to control matter itself to bring forth more and more power for destruction but in this single moment, I wondered whether I had been wrong all the time, that the druid way of subtle suggestion to the mind of a beast is infinitely more powerful. This deadly elegance. This simplicity of carnage. His rust beasts became harmless scenery for our showdown.

He was still running. And running out of healing potions. The only effect of his last Paralyze Field was that Valeriana and me could not witness him fall to the mighty staves of Flingee and Sumac.
Once upon a time ... lambs lost home by Kwesyther on 17 Mar 2008 : 01:12
Will the valiant heros defeat the evil creature that claims the home of the cute little lambs for its own?Year 430, Night between the Days 13 and 14 of the Red Moon.

Once upon a time ... little lambs lost their luscious meadow

In a forest far far away - but right here in Oberin - there was a little lamb with little limbs and fluffy fur. It enjoyed grazing on its beloved rich green pasture, but one day, disaster came and the little lamb left together with its little brethren. The exile was full of hardships and devoid of juicy grass.

Until a trio of valiant heros stumbled upon the lost flock of little lambs. They were Alys the healer with a big heart for sheep; Cadwallader the berserker with the grass green hat whose bells always jingle drolly melodies; and Kwesyther the magician who was too kind to give in to the cruel feeling of power that a spell of Poison Field amidst the poor little lambs would have given him.

Great was their astonishment to meet so many sheep and even greater was it when the little lambs with their little limbs began to tell their tale: "Bad creature! Our Home! Near a river! Many glasses there!". What on Oberin would fluffy sheep do with glasses and their sharp and pointy shards? "Um.. glass? I think it is grass.." Haha, those cute dumb little sheep, but our heroic trio didn't let on anything. What did this bad creature look like? "Big! Loud! Terrible! Green!" That could only be dragons or sludge beasts. But whatever it would be, the trio would have no fear of defeating it and giving the sheep their home back. In fact, it was a quartet now, since Takao - master of the bludgeon no jutsu - joined the valiant heros.

The place that matched the sheep's description best was the well-known meadow south of the infamous Tree Maze. Would a dragon await our heros? To be prepared, they called Amere the slayer - proud as Punch - and Immolated of a thousand arrows - leader through superior firepower - to assist in their quest. Great was their horror when they set foot on the meadow: the remaining sheep were butchered and poisoned! Oh, before Easter, it was a tragedy! Alys arrived too late to be able to help them and the death of a little lamb with the silent cry of "Help!" on the lips would haunt our heros forever. Such vile poison could only come from a dragon's acidic breath!

The six heros soon met the big and mean forest dragon responsible for the suffering of so many little lambs. He claimed the meadow "For my darling!" and would not leave peacefully, all parley was in vain. "All Sheeps are our feeds!" he roared, and it is supposed that this dragon was a savorer of lamb cutlets. Well, in human lands, dragon steak is a delicacy, too, but the dragon would not see the analogy.

A vicious battle later, the heros could savor a huge dragon steak and make a necklace out of its teeth. And the cute little lambs could enjoy the luscious grass of their meadow again and they all lived happily ever after. Well, the lambs at least, for new adventures await our heros in the looming future of Oberin.

Blood Shaman Searches for the Necromancer - Alys is Bait by Kitiana on 12 Mar 2008 : 14:25
To all the citizens of Oberin:

Many of you may already know of the events that transpired recently, or think you know. I have already seen the looks of judgement and condemnation in your eyes. I have seen the one who holds my heart in their hand behave as if I were not even there, although I should be used to that from her by now. I am prepared to accept these consequences, though. I am prepared to sacrifice everything that I am and everything that I have to see the necromancer halted.

Recently, some friends and I were helping those poor undead souls at the Lerilin cemetary find their peace. We were shocked to there encounter a Blood Shaman. He was after one thing - Marthonis. At the time, I saw no reason to protect the necromancer, or those who harbor necromancers.

I do not believe for one second that He will allow her to come to any harm. Andris will also protect it's own - but her greatest protector is the one that this Blood Shaman is seeking. He must be destroyed, before we face an entire army of bloodthirsty Bone Lords - or worse. I saw an opportunity to draw him out into the light, and I seized it.

There is a consequence that I did not foresee, however. Because of this, none will now allow me to fight by their side. I fear that when the opportunity presents itself, I will not be able to be present to attempt to slay this fiend. I fear also that others who do have the power to do so and that have the access to him will only protect him further, and his army will continue to grow. I fear that I have gotten myself ostracized from the community for nothing.

So be it. Nothing ventured - nothing gained. I place this opportunity, this choice, into your hands good people. Make of it what you will.

Following is a faithful recount of these events, so that all may know. I have nothing to hide.

-Kitiana of Mirith

(Ikabi): hi smile

(Amor): * hugs through fence *

(Kitiana): hey y'all!

(Ikabi): cheesey

(Percy): hey heyy! : D

(Amor): hi again Percy smile

Taken from Ikabi: Greater Heal Potion

(Percy): hellooo

(Kitiana): oh, ty smile

(Kitiana): fun at the cem smile

(Amor): hehe

(Kitiana): too bad those awesome bleeding moon spawns are gone

(Amor): blood shaman

(Amor): eep

(Blood Shaman): Is the necromancer present?

(Kitiana): no

(Blood Shaman): Hmm

(Amor): Who's necromancer?

(Kitiana): he is not present at this cemetary

(Amor): what's the name?

(Blood Shaman): I must find him!

(Amor): why?

(Amor): * clar bur rel *

(Blood Shaman): His pets are here.

(Amor): * clar bur rel *

(Amor): are they after you?

(Blood Shaman): Haha!

(Blood Shaman): I am after him.

(Kitiana): He was last seen at the Andris cemetary that I know of

(Percy): hey, you!

(Kitiana): but he goes where he likes

(Percy): What are you up to?

(Amor): * clar bur rel *

(Blood Shaman): Andris..

(Blood Shaman): Hmm.

(Kitiana): yes

(Percy): Hold up there

(Amor): wait..

(Amor): please

(Percy): Do you have a name?

(Blood Shaman): My name is of no concequence.

(Percy): Mine's Percy!

(Amor): yes, what's your name?

(Amor): hmm okay

(Blood Shaman): * bol flas *

(Amor): thank you.

(Percy): Yikes, you are a strong one!

(Percy): What's your goal today?

(Blood Shaman): I did not do it for you

(Amor): he's looking for the necromancer.

(Amor): yeah i know.

(Blood Shaman): He who ontrols them, must come.

(Percy): Hmm.

(Amor): but still, it attacks me.

(Percy): I wish I could ontrol something

(Blood Shaman): He come for corpses...hmm..

(Amor): the necromancer is not here.

(Percy): Hmm.

(Blood Shaman): Who wil volunteer?

(Blood Shaman): I need a corpse.

(Amor): oh dear

(Percy): Never!

(Blood Shaman): He will come.

(Blood Shaman): * bol flas *

That creature appears to be very strong.

(Amor): * pur *

(Blood Shaman): * bol flas *

(Amor): * pur *

(Amor): * pur *

(Amor): * pur *

You are unable to determine anything useful.

Your blue robe of resistance has been destroyed.

You are paralyzed.

(Blood Shaman): * rel des bol *

(Amor): hey

(Blood Shaman): * bol flas *


(Amor): * pur *

(Ikabi): * pur *

(Blood Shaman): * bol flas *

(Kitiana): para

(Amor): stop that

(Ikabi): * pur *

Critical Hit!

(Amor): * pur *

(Ikabi): * pur *

(Ikabi): * clar ber bur *

(Blood Shaman): Hmm

(Amor): yeah he paralyzed us

(Blood Shaman): * Mora Olsen Preldian *

(Amor): Kanos be careful

(Amor): * pur *

(Blood Shaman): * Mora Olsen Preldian *

(Ikabi): * clar ber bur *


(Amor): * pur *

(Blood Shaman): * bol flas *

(Ikabi): * pur clar *

Critical Hit!

You have been poisoned.

You have been poisoned.

Critical Hit!

You have been poisoned.

(Blood Shaman): * bol flas *

(Percy): cover me

(Blood Shaman): * bol flas *

You free your hands.

You must be standing near a fire.

(Blood Shaman): * bol flas *

(Blood Shaman): * bol flas *

(Blood Shaman): * flas bur des *

(Blood Shaman): I will have blood.

(Blood Shaman): * bol flas *

(Kanos): So

(Kanos): How are you doing?

(Blood Shaman): * bol flas *

(Kitiana): well here's your corpse

(Kanos): How's the weather?

(Kitiana): I guess I volunteered

(Kanos): How's your MOM?



(Blood Shaman): * flas bur des *

(Kitiana): hahahaha

(Blood Shaman): * bol flas *

(Kitiana): Nice, Kanos

(Blood Shaman): Come necromancer!


(Blood Shaman): * flas bur des *

(Kanos): I <3 YOUR MOM

(Blood Shaman): You bore me.

(Blood Shaman): * Mora Olsen Preldian *


(Kitiana): hahaha

(Kitiana): do you want my corpse?

(Blood Shaman): Come necromancer!

(Kitiana): here

(Kitiana): take it

(Blood Shaman): He fears me..

(Kitiana): I know you can understand me, Shaman

(Blood Shaman): Haha!

(Kitiana): you said you wanted someone to volunteer

(Blood Shaman): What do you want girl?

(Kitiana): here you go

(Kitiana): one dead body

(Kitiana): all yours

(Kitiana): have at

(Kanos): Amor heal

(Amor): what??

(Amor): * pur *

(Kitiana): ok

(Percy): Hey, SHaman

(Kitiana): will that apease you?

(Blood Shaman): I await he who takes the corpses.

(Kitiana): ahh

(Percy): Can't do the dirty work, can you?

(Amor): * pur *

(Amor): percy

(Blood Shaman): * flas bur des *

(Amor): please kill skel

(Blood Shaman): * bol flas *

(Kitiana): well he wouldn't want me

(Amor): * pur *

(Blood Shaman): * bol flas *

(Amor): * pur *

(Kitiana): he only goes after magi

(Amor): * pur *

(Amor): * pur *

(Amor): * clar bur rel *

(Amor): * pur *

(Amor): * pur *

(Blood Shaman): * flas bur des *

(Amor): * pur *

(Blood Shaman): Maybe another?

(Amor): percy he wants the necromancer

(Percy): yes!! Burnn....burn!!!

(Amor): * pur *

(Percy): All blood shall die!!

(Blood Shaman): * flas bur des *

(Amor): * pur *

(Blood Shaman): * bol flas *

(Amor): Seph!!!

(Sephfarn): LOL

(Blood Shaman): Another perhaps will bring him?

(Sephfarn): cool

(Sephfarn): let me help you Blood Shaman

(Blood Shaman): Come necromancer!

(Blood Shaman): I tire of this.

(Kitiana): I know who you should seek, if you want to catch Marthonis

(Blood Shaman): Who?

(Kitiana): there's a human woman that he visits

(Kitiana): in Andris

(Kitiana): Alys

(Blood Shaman): Oh?

(Amor): * pur *

(Kitiana): yes

(Percy): haha

(Blood Shaman): Who is this Alys?

(Percy): Die!

(Kitiana): she is the only one

(Blood Shaman): * flas bur des *

(Amor): wait percy!

(Sephfarn): let me join yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

(Blood Shaman): * bol flas *

(Amor): * pur *

(Kitiana): who may be able to help you find the necromancer

(Amor): * pur *

(Percy): Fine >: (

(Percy): *nod* Truce, mate

(Amor): he might summon creatures again, percy.

(Amor): * pur shel des *

(Amor): * pur *

(Blood Shaman): If he will not ome, I have no need to kill you.

(Amor): * pur *

(Amor): * pur *

(Blood Shaman): Tell me of this Alys.

(Kitiana): he does not come out our beck and call

(Kitiana): Andris

(Amor): LS on Ikabi!

(Llyr Merini): ?

(Amor): * pur shel des *

(Amor): * pur *

(Kitiana): that's all you need to know to find her
Three Blood Wizards attack Marali by valerquez on 10 Mar 2008 : 20:19
The Journal of a Soldier.

The Captain wearily sits down at his old ruggid desk and lets out a long sigh. His wife approaches, and lovingly unfastens his plate breast and arms while he pulls of his gauntlets. She helps him remove them, and he sits there ridgid and bare chested as she begans her incantations and the nursing of his wounds. Having finished all she can do, she kisses him softly on the cheek and quietly departs, knowing that the part she can play in his recovery is over now. Wiping his sweat from his brow, he opens a drawer and pulls out his journal. Too many entries in two little time, he thinks. He inks his pen, and begins to write.
Captain Boric and I were approached by Captain Quin at the bank. There was some general conversation. We then proceeded to the abandoned house by the temple, where more small conversation ensued.

A short while after that, whilst the three captains were gathered there, an eerie sound came on the wind, the Rangers amongst us being the first to hear it. Its message was a bit vague, but the voice eeringly sounded of danger.

The armor went on quickly and the arrows were knocked. We proceeded quickly to the western gate and found the guards slaughtered. We quickly moved into formation and I took control of the situation, advising them to remain at the gate while I scouted and lured there.

Captain Quin began saying that he had no wooden weapon, asking us if we had one.I passed him my bow. He said he wanted a stave, and I am not sure if he was given one. He then asked for arrows, of which I gave him half of what I had.

I proceeded out the gate and was immediately met by the usually array of the Blood Cults spawns. Rust beasts and Lava Spiders. I was pleased not to see any dracos. By the time I had returned back to the gate, Ronan and Casey Obliesk had joined us there. The wave that came next was enough to push us back into the city, and I had drank 11 full heal potions before I was able to manouver out of the mob.

I sensed that a few of us had fallen and pulled the creatures down towards the southern gate where I had hoped the guards had not been overwhelmed. I was pleasantly surprised. I called my men to arms and as one they began hacking down the beasts. I was overwhelmed at the gate, and when I returned Captain Quin was lecturing the guards not to use swords on rust beasts. The guards seemed terrified of him, and whilst I understood Captain Quins response, I couldnt help but look at the wide eyed terror and mix of determination on my mens faces. I comforted them as best as I could, and gave them a short pep talk. They seemed to respond well, and at once rallied again. Satisfied that the well trained battle ready soldiers were now on guard, I seized the opportunity to find Captain Boric and assist him as well as rally with him. I found him fighting many creatures in the middle of the city, and once we dsposed of them we headed back to the northern gate.

Once there we were hit by another wave that was led by a Blood Wizard. She was stronger than any I have seen yet, and we hacked and hacked and hacked at the wave of attackers. Whilst being driven back from the gate, the small number of us that were there, We were pushed into Nyatha Vaup who began to aid us to push the Vermin back. The Commander told us to take the rust beasts and she would take the spiders. She also informed us that Captain Quin had been dangerously wounded and was being tended too, I can only help Terwynn was watching over him. I have supreme confidence in her abilities.

We fought around the city for another hour and we all began to feel the weariness of the battle. Once around, the Commander ordered that I cover her whilst she took care of the blood wizard. Being a soldier under authority, I responded with a affirmative and began to carry out my duty. I went through two full rings of lightning bolt whilst protecting her, and eventually it was clear that I could do nothing more than run in circles, and I was forced to pull back.

I was glad to see Isen closer to the southern gate and we exchanged quick words thinking we were the only ones left standing. We soon met with a couple others and together we began to push towards the Commander. We met her battling some spiders and I looked at her quizzically, and she responded with a nod that the Wizard had been disposed of.

Shogun came onto the scene then and began to greet us in his usually arrogant yet pleasant manner. I have become accustomed to this, and I couldnt help but smile at his arrogant claims of greatness and fame. He however did show a gross disrespect in some things, for the Commander, and It was clear that she did not appreciate it.

Once all had been defeated we headed back to the Fort, where more little spits and spats came between shogun and the Commander. Weary from a battle, I kept very silent, not wanting to get involved lest the matter escalate. The commander attempted to hold an audience in the meeting hall, yet Shogun rushed ahead of her and took her seat refusing to move. The Commander then after warning, slew him in one quick stroke.

I was saddened in this, but I did not see an alternative. She then met us outside the hall, and thanked us for the help. I could see she was irritated. She applauded Captain Boric and Is efforts with the rest there and then proceeded to tell us that recruiting was now in our hands. She then asked us to dispose of Shoguns body and left.

I said nothing to Shogun, not wanting to aggravate him further, and let any attempts at conversation to be done by Captain Boric, who in my opinion is far more diplomatic than I am. I called for a dear companion of mine, and asked her to ressurect him, and we promptly left the room after that.

All in all, many died and I have only begun to visit the families of the slain guards who gave their lives, the most ultimate sacrifice to our freedom. It is difficult when these things happen as a commanding officer, and the weight of their lives rest heavily upon your shoulders. This moon I have lost far too many men to be anything but grim, but the responsibility of an Officer is to be strong for his men.

It was a valiant battle, fought against overwhelming odds and the characters who fought alongside of us are worthy of much honor. I believe I shall plan something for them, a gift and token of gratitude. Marali was saved, though much blood was spilled and at the end of the day we counted three blood wizards killed.

Let us hope this is the last we see of them.
Blood Magi: Queen of the Rust Beasts by solsra on 01 Mar 2008 : 12:08
A blood Magi attacks us and leaves a puzzling clue.To the Senate, and Alys,

I woke up near the bank of Lerilin and smiled down at the new emblem pinned proudly onto my robe for all to see. As I stretched and looked around I saw Dester in a sad state. I quickly went to him, the healer of spirit was strong in me.

"Hello Solsra. Its good to cross your path. How are you?"

"Dester my boy! Im quite well. And how are you?" I sat beside him, pulling out some ginger to tend to his wounds.

"I am well, thank you" He said, but I could tell that something was wrong. I gave him an encouraging look and he then explained the reason for the sagging and broken shoulders that he wore.

"A tad humbled. I had a moment today of pure hubris..." He took a deep breath. "Humility has been learned though, and I have some sage advice for you. Do not travel the water between Mirith and the Lizard Folk." I knew immediately what had happened and I could only pat his shoulder comfortingly. All of us had been caught in the SS snare at one point or another.

"However, from hubris comes humility for this ranger. Funny though, last time I had that many Sea Serpents chasing me, I was but a new ranger. At least this time I survived a few bites. And it was rather exciting." He grinned impishly, and I knew that he would return to full spirit with the passing of a bit more time.

He stood and retrieved a few things from his bank, he wanted our Vanguard to be formed correctly and I could see his heart was soft to our cause.

I had plans to go to Marali and thought a trip would help heal his wounded pride. I asked if he would be able to accompany me.

Taken from Dester: 451 Ambers

Taken from Dester: Silver Glaive (+10)

I gasped in shock at the generosity of his offer, but his wisdom showed forth as he told me what the gifts were for.

"For the healing and for the slaying, of the undead in particular." He sighed as he handed them over. "Its been an awfully long time since I had the robe of grey."

"Take heart, dearest ranger." I tried to comfort him further. "The gray robe is something I have committed to even in life. As a cleric I walk the line constantly, and my gray continues to remind me of my commitments to the health and wellbeing of those around me. And now I wear the crimson for the lifeblood of all Oberin, and for the lifeblood of my heart."

He smiled weakly but stood against the column. It was a start.

I had plans to go to Marali and thought a trip would help heal his wounded pride. I asked if he would be able to accompany me, to which he heartedly responded in the affirmative. Shawer also made plans to accompany us, and went to retrieve his Fire Elemental from the stables.

As we left the gates, I noticed JonathanII also tagged along. I was glad for the company of such fine men but little did I know how much it would work in our favor.

Shawer soon parted company, other things required his attention, but Jon Dester and I forged on.

We crossed over the bridge connecting the Mirith and Marali Continents and moved closer to the city. As we did many Skeletons, Harpies and PE set upon us so it was no surprise that the two rangers scattered, ran, shot, ran back to me for healing and we slew everything within tracking distance of our path.

I stopped us about halfway to marali, I felt a pressing dark and cold in my spirit and decided to make some potions to restock us all. Its not often that I stop a hunt, but I felt an imperative.

Dester returned to us Babbled and as I healed him my blood ran cold.

"A brigand was up there. How interesting.. " He said, taking it in stride. I could see Jon count his arrows and tighten his grip on the trusty bow that was never far from his grasp. "He vanished while I had beasts on me!"

I quickly finished my potions and meditated on this thought. I sent out calls to other friends and soon many horns were heard in the distances. The first to reach us was Mustafaa who was pale as a ghost and breathing heavily. "BLOOD MAGI! AND BRIGANDS!" He shouted at us as many beasts followed his path through our small band.

A brigand followed Mustafaa and Jonathan II quickly dispatched it, swiping its head clean off with three arrows shot simultaneously as the wretched man fell to the ground.

We carefully made our way to where Mustafaa had pointed and were met by Alison, with Vyn following close behind. We came upon a clearing and saw a Brigand standing before a Blood Magi. It was the first of her kind I had ever seen, but it was not as shocking as what followed!

"Please spare my life." He begged, bending down on his knees to throw his-self at her mercy.

"You deserve no mercy. Die." She said, as she sent a single bolt towards him. I almost felt bad, but I was reminded that she killed a Brigand. Perhaps were were on the same side. "Vapid Creature" She claimed as she looked upon us, our faces set with shock at what we had just seen. "More humans." She said with a sneer on her face.

Many greeted her as I stood to declare last rites on the brigand dead at her feet.

"I come from Andris." I said, pointing to my emblem. "The Senate would like to know about your business in these lands."

"I have no word to greet you." She said, laughing at my demand at her motives.

"Infiltrate all over the land with Blood! That is my wish" She cackled and looked murderously at us. "What makes that Andris' business."

Dester cut in. "Do you know of the sceptor? or the black hand?"

"I don't understand what you're talking about." She peered at Dester.

"So bathing the land in blood as per the bleeding moon is your plan?" He glared back at her.

"Fine. You will thoroughly see." She reached for her pack. "I shall make you recollect..."

Dester quickly reversed gears. "We are weary from the road, and dont want further..." He was cut off by Alison.

"Recollect what?" She cried out.

"How much blood has been shed in the past." The Blood Magi was getting impatient, and Vyn and I passed out GHP and made mana for ourselves.

"Ahh so the blood moon to end all blood moons as it were." Dester laughed, trying to stop the pain train from hitting us full force. "Is this your chest? And shelter?"

The shrill cry of her words still send a shudder through my spine. "I am the mirror of the vale. I am reminiscence of Blood!"

We looked around to one another puzzled, and I saw many of the plates slip robes of resistance on. Their instincts were right as black magic poured forth from her shriveled and dry broken lips.

"* Mora Olsen N'shra * Fight with my bloodthirsty beasts! * Mora Olsen N'shra * * Mora Olsen Preldian *" And with the unleashing of dozens of Rust Beasts she left as quickly as we had come upon her.

We fought bravely, destroying the shelter and consuming the chest. Most creatures were dead by the time a trained team came from Aboreks darkest dungeon. I do not recall a single death in this battle, which thrilled me. Perhaps we will be ready for the next fight.

I split what little loot was available and we all ran to Marali. We hoped to come across another blood mage, our numbers were strong and our hearts coursed for more battle, but alas we arrived to an empty Marali in the dead of night.

I knew I must return to this place, but looked around to check on my party from Lerilin, specifically for Dester.

I couldn't reach him though as he was surrounded by the local girls fighting for his attention, and also the men of the town congratulating him on his wonderful direction in battle. I smiled to myself and motioned for my good friend, the fighter Kanos to accompany me as we headed to Andris where I hoped to meet with a senator or the Squire.

I hope this report finds you all well, and that you could help shed some light on the words that were spoken. "I am the mirror of the vale, the reminiscence of Blood."

With the service of my life,

Solsra the Cleric,

Andris Vanguard

The Alliance, Mirith, and the Royal Scepter by Amere on 29 Feb 2008 : 02:47
Day 49 of Bleeding Moon - year 430Fellow Mirithians and Oberinites,

The following will affect us all, Mirithians, Andrisians, Maralians, Lerilinites, and even travelers.

It was a crisp morning day in the fine city of Mirith.

The Old Fighter Amere wakes up to the sound of joy and laughter just west of Dirk's Blacksmith. The Fighter decided to go see what was happened as he walked from the tree he slept against, he noticed the sound of some old friends, Afagddu, Satyricon, Fulgencius, and Breigje Balloc.

He also noticed a man next to a fire and tent, right away this man notice my Mirith Vanguard Seal, I introduced myself, as did he, he mentioned his name was Tim.

As some friends traded and laughter was traded as well, Tim mentioned a chest that was full of rings, we all jumped to help him find it.

We quickly suited up, and we were off, we went East of the Mirith Cemetary, then he realized we were going the wrong way, we turned around and went South-west untill we reached the Welif Docks, then we went South-east behind some build, which I'm not sure of, I don't spend much time in Welif, anyways, back to the point...

We noticed a few trolls, a hill giant or too, then... there was a note.

It read: "Welcome to the rebirth of the Alliance!"

Then Tim, that traitor, ran off saying, "The Alliance is back, fools! and you shall be there first victims!" And of course, the chest he was talking about had nothing of value in it.

At this time many giants and trolls came out of hiding attacking everyone, we quickly tried to get order, but they ambushed us, and it worked well, first Breigje Balloc fell, then Alys, then me. While the others retreated, seeing as both our clerics fell, they waited for help, then saved us slaying the Giants and Trolls like they weren't even there.

A little while later I heard the Mirith Trumpets roar, by this time I was searching the area for more Trolls and Giants, I ran to Mirith as fast as I could, I seemed to be the closest to Mirith. While running to Mirith I got side-tracked at the Cemetary, this was a very well planned out ambush, I hate to admit. The rest of the group caught up to me, while I was battling two trolls. After we killed every last Troll and Giant we went to Mirith, quickly killed the ones on the Mirith Bridge, then we walked towards the bank, I ran into a Brigand Leader and Archerer, followed by five Brigands, I'm not sure what happened to the Archerer, but I didn't see her again, we went to clear the city, while Captain Ciddia Tigg said to meet at the bank, which I didn't do because I was bust killing Giants near the stable with Isen and his Tusker, Dennis. Then we met at the Castle, Alys told me and Isen to do so, where we saw the Brigand Leader and an arsenal of Brigands, Trolls and Giants. We made way towards the King's chamber, where the Brigand Leader ran into, he kept shouting "Fall back!" Next we disposed of everything in there then dealt with him, who was hiding behind a dresser when we found him, while Lord Afagddu and I were hurting him rather badly, but I must say Afagddu hit him rather hard, then he surrendered, he gave Captain Tigg his sword, held his hands up and the others cleared the path, I was ready with my sickle incase he tried anything as I walked behind him. Captain Tigg lead him to the Jail, and locked him up, we tried to get information from him, but he wasn't very helpful.

Soon one of Ciddia's royal guards came, and whispered something in here ear, she look displease, I asked here what was wrong and said "They took the Royal Scepter" once I heard this my eyes widened and thought the same thing she did, She then said "Let me in." I asked if I could join her, but she had no reply. She said The Leader had Five seconds to tell us where the scepter was, but the Leader just didn't know. Then some people talked about a Brigand Spy, I didn't see him though, but I imagine he took the Scepter. Once Captain Tigg let herself believe that the Brigand Leader didn't know where the Scepter was, we went to the castle.

We talked a bit about what the Scepter was for, that it would glow when the person fit to be King held it. And how Mirith would have no more King's if it didn't have the Royal Scepter, how the Royal Scepter gave the king power. So please. citizen of Mirith or not, please help us get the Scepter back into Mirith's hands, for the safety of Mirith, and for Oberin.

-Amere, Mirith Vanguardian.
A Brigand and a Rogue. by Gawr on 21 Feb 2008 : 23:27
A note is pinned to the door of Mirith bank

Mirith: Day 213 of the Growing Moon in the year 430, early morning.Townsfolk of Mirith

I write this in outrage at the events that occured this morning as the sun was slowly rising over Mirith. Standing at the bank and chatting with my wizard friend Pruts II, I caught, out of the corner of my eye, an odd sight indeed. It was a figure who suddenly vanished out of nowhere.

I whispered to the wizard to arm himself and remain alert as I explained my suspicions. My ears pricked up and I attempted to follow the sound of the lightest footsteps you can imagine. I was separated from Pruts II when Theo turned the corner. I didn't have much difficulty in persuading him to help me get to the bottom of this. He went off in the direction of the castle as I stood with my back to the wall of Dirk's Blacksmithery. I know what these rogues are capable of and I wasn't prepared to take any chances.

Again out of nowhere and in front of my very eyes he appeared only this time the fiend struck a completely unprovoked attack! It was only a grazing shot in the halflight and I managed to get a better look at him this time. Dressed in the garb of a brigand yet stealthy like a rogue. Most peculiar. He darted off in the same direction as Theo. I pursued warily with caution and almost bumped into Theo. We both looked in the direction of the castle sewer outlet and there at the ladder stood some potions. I investigated. Blast! A booby trap! This cunning fox was a sly one alright.

This time the devil caught Theo's eye as he popped his head up the ladder. Thank the Lady Moon, I wasn't going mad. Theo quickly donned some armour and dived down the sewer in pursuit with me hot footing it after. I ran like a maniac trying to too keep up with the pair of them but in the gloomy darkness I became separate once more and my legs were starting to cramp. At this point I thought it best to check the castle wasn't under siege or something so I headed up that way where upon I met Juffson, my fellow Rebel and very good friend. He gave the all clear topside so together, we headed back down.

Theo appeared panting and slightly out of breath. He had stuck a few holes in the dastardly rogue and chased him off the premises. Not being satisfied with that, we took a tour in the direction Gohoran just to make sure. The coward had disappeared without a trace and good riddance to him. He met his match the day he tried to threaten the good people of Mirith.

Be on your guard,

Master Gawr