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The Fall of Aducath... by draugr on 24 Jul 2008 : 20:50
The fall of Aducath and the finding of his diaryDay 135 Sleeping moon,

The wind fluttered and billowed Morgoth's pitch black robes as he walked the quiet beaches of Lerilin Isle. He was walking pondering where and why his "friend" Aducath had gone, When suddenly like the very fires of the pit five Whirling towers of flame come rushing at him at blistering. Morgoth sensing No Immeadiate threat from the elementals does not ready himself for a fight.

The Five elementals seem to abruptly stop in front of him and surround him like a curtain of flame. Then one of them drops a tattered peice of paper with one Madly scrawled word on it "HELP" The Flame Elementals then seem to vanish as quickly as the appeared, and Morgoth is left there pondering where to find his friend.

Morgoth ran with breakneck speed as fast as the wind through the woods of lerilin isle, Searching the usual spots people get taken when they need rescuing. but then it dawned on him......"HIS HOUSE"

After a Harrowing journey to Aducath's humble abode on the outskirts of Aborek. Morgoth Bursts open the door to find his friend standing ramrod straight in almost a dream like state, the floor is covered with burnt papers and ashes there is no light save the small embers flittering on the floor,

Morgoth says to Aducath "Hello my friend are you all right? Aducath stares at Morgoth blankly with glazed over eyes then snaps out of his daze "Yes...Hello..." Morgoth "Are you ok?" Aducath OK? Who are you? Morgoth Replies, "I am your friend Morgoth, The one you sent to gather reagents and who gave you the magic stone" "I fought a Brigand to help you! Do you not remember?

(Aducath): remember...

(Aducath): I remember...

(Aducath): Why am I here?

(Morgoth II): this *looks around*

(Aducath): I thought...

(Morgoth II): was your home?

(Aducath): My ho...

(Aducath): No, I am..

(Aducath): Ahh, I see.

(Aducath): I remember...yes.

(Aducath): Who do you think I am?

(Morgoth II): I know you as Aducath

(Aducath): Aducath.

(Morgoth II): Yes

(Aducath): Yes, that will do.

(Morgoth II): wait.........

(Aducath): Aducath.. *smiles*

(Morgoth II): NO

(Morgoth II): What did you do to him?

(Aducath): What do you mean?

(Aducath): *laughs*

(Morgoth II): The Aducath that I know knows who I am!

(Morgoth II): and YOU are NOT he!

(Aducath): *smiles*

(Aducath): What is this place?

(Aducath): Tell me.

(Morgoth II): This place is Aborek

(Aducath): Aborek, you say?

(Morgoth II): Yes

(Aducath): Indeed. What year is it?

(Morgoth II): Year 430

(Aducath): !

(Aducath): Hmm

(Aducath): *looks into pot*

(Morgoth II): Morgoth thinks to himself *this line of questioning is all too familiar*.

(Aducath): Many moons have passed.

(Aducath): *shakes head*

(Aducath): Who is in command?

(Morgoth II) In Command of what?

(Aducath): Whom do you follow?!

(Morgoth II): I follow no one

(Morgoth II): Why do you ask?

(Aducath): Revenge.

(Morgoth II): On whom?

(Aducath): I will have it.

(Aducath): You are of no further use to me.

(Morgoth II): Wait.........

(Morgoth II): You are the apparition is spoken with the other day!

(Aducath): Those who did this will pay with their lives.

(Aducath): *laughs*

(Aducath): *holds hands up

(Aducath): This will have to do.

(Morgoth II): (how did i know).

(Aducath): Enough of this chatter.

(Aducath): You are not who I seek.

(Morgoth II): Whom do you seek?

(Aducath): * Mora Olsen Preldian *

Aducath Vanishes in an explosion brighter than the sun, leaving Morgoth standing in the ashen wastes of is former friends house. He sees a Small book lying of the floor most of the pages are burnt but the ones he can read are quite interesting.

Diary of the Fire Maven

Sleeping Moon, Day 11


I have gotten the tusks from two of the great beasts today. They were difficult to find, but easy to kill. It would have been much easier to get them from town, but after what happened yesterday, I think I will not try that again. It seems I am not welcome. I don't care, they are jealous and disrespectful peons.

I seem to be having more luck with these concoctions lately. Most of them are frivolous, and useless. The only ones of use so far are those that restore my mind and body. None of them have looked promising for giving me the true power I deserve. I can understand some of the directions in the notebook, but others are unfamiliar. Are they descriptive? Are they the names of the potions? It does not matter much right now, I need reagents.

Sleeping Moon, Day 13


It has taken quite some time, but I have the scales of a dragon. It is something I do not wish to do again, so I will make them last. These creatures wield tremendous power. They cut down my fire companions with a couple of blows and seem to be resistant to my spells. They will be a nice test for me...soon.

I can not help wondering about the energy of this place. My magic seems to grow in strength the longer I stay. An odd thing today though, was the unexpected presence of the undead. They were quite easy to deal with, but somehow seem stronger than I remember. Another thing, they looked at me. The zombies I had encountered before looked into nothingness, as if they were looking through you. These looked at me. Curious.

Sleeping Moon, Day 26


It has been a long trip. I have all the supplies I need to last me quite a while. This place stinks, and some of my furnishings and equipment seem to be scattered. Someone has rifled through my things. Let them come back and try it again. This time they will not like the consequences of their actions. Still, I wonder who would bother. There is nothing here of use to these vandals.

I have been sitting here in frustration trying to figure out these instructions. I do not understand this language. The pictures give me clues of what reagents I need, but many of them do not seem to mix properly. Elarum, N'eshra, I have heard these words before, but where? What do they mean? There are others, I can't find a connection. Maybe finding the right mixture will give me some clue. Back to work.

Sleeping Moon, Day 30


More undead about lately. I thought I saw an apparition as well. It seemed to go into the dungeon below. I did not bother with it. I have work to do.

Sleeping Moon, Day 33


Strange, I feel an uneasiness as my power grows. I feel someone is watching me. No, something is watching me. Perhaps the apparition I saw again today. It seems to stay near the entrance of the dungeon. I tried to follow it today, but it vanished. I don't know what this place used to be, but it is likely it fell here in long days past. I'll leave it alone, it's not worth my time. It does not seem to bother me and I have work to do.

Sleeping Moon, Day 38


A revelation. I spoke one of the strange words out loud today in frustration. A spark of flame began to grow in the cauldron. It died very quickly and I have yet to reproduce it. I think these words are incantations. I'm sure they have to be in some order. The notebook is very unclear on this. I wish I could read it better.

There is more than one apparition now. They are still a rare sight, but I find myself watching for them. Most of them seem to be oblivious to my surveillances, except one. It seemed become aware of my presence today.

Sleeping Moon, Day 39


I feel a power growing. I summoned enough fire to wipe out all the creatures in the area today. The growing number of undead were making me feel desolate. The only company I have is my attentive wraith. He has left me alone, but I feel his presence in the dark of night.

I practice the words as I mix the concoctions. These incantations make me weary when I speak them in some combinations. I feel I am still missing something.

Sleeping Moon, Day 41


I closed the shades today. I know that I am being watched. I cast flame about to see, but nothing shows in the darkness except the common spiders and undead. I will remain awake tonight, I must see what it is.

Sleeping Moon, Day 55


I am having trouble controlling this new power. I have been able to figure out the word, Mora, likely begins the incantations. The more I use that word, the closer the wraith comes. I do not like the way it makes me feel, I believe it to be evil.


Several missing pages


Sleeping Moon, Day 102


I packed to leave today. I can not concentrate here. Days go by in the blink of an eye. Did I sleep, is it a trance? I do not know, but I must leave.

I am unable to open the door. The wraith who watches me is inside the room, he inspects me. He gazes into my eyes when I look toward him. My magic has no effect. I am not sure what to do. I feel that I should not look too deeply into it's black eyes. Perhaps the incantations will have some potency. I think I'll try.

The Ghost of Days past! by draugr on 21 Jul 2008 : 09:03
Morgoth's Meeting with a Darkness from the past......Morgoth is passing the time in the bank at Marali. He noticed at a eariler point in time that all of the commanders of Marali walked into the main chamber. After a while he hears Valerquez enter the bank

(Valerquez): Margoth?

(Morgoth II): *turns very slowly*

(Morgoth II): Yes Captian Valerquez?

(Valerquez): The Major wishes to see you.

(Valerquez): Please come with me.

(Morgoth II): *nods*

(Nedved II): Valerquez.

(Valerquez): Yes?

(Nedved II): Hmm...

(Valerquez): I shall return.

(Nedved II): Maybe this should wait...but...

(Valerquez): Give me a few moments.

(Nedved II): Alright.

(Valerquez): Major, this is Morgoth.

(Morgoth II): *nods*

(Sule Tesdor): Captain, this is Morogth?

(Valerquez): Correct.

(Morgoth II): Major.

(Morgoth II): *waits*

(Sule Tesdor): Am I to understand you are aiding Aducath?

(Morgoth II): Yes I am.

(Sule Tesdor): Captain what more can you tell me of Aducath?

(Valerquez): It is well known he has attacked citizens in Andris.

(Valerquez): He is making potions.

(Sule Tesdor): Potions?

(Valerquez): Sought to allign with the Black Hand.

(Morgoth II): *chuckles*

(Valerquez): Yes, I don't know anything about it.

(Valerquez): I must plead ignorence.

(Sule Tesdor): You understand we would like to see evidence of this?

(Valerquez): I have seen the potions myself.

(Valerquez): I was unable to secure any to bring to you.

(Valerquez): But I tried.

(Morgoth II): The Black Hand seek him and not in a good way, Major.

(Sule Tesdor): From what reports have said Aducath is not in his right mind.

(Morgoth II): Near Lerilin a Brigand tried to attack him.

(Sule Tesdor): What possible use could he be to you are the Black Hand?

(Sule Tesdor): (or*)

(Sule Tesdor): Captain do you know what the potions are used for?

(Morgoth II): Hmm he has a book of Alchemical Recipies.

(Valerquez): I do not.

(Morgoth II): They might seek that.

(Sule Tesdor): Very well.

(Sule Tesdor): Morogth you may leave.

(Morgoth II): *nods*

(Sule Tesdor): I need to speak with the captain.

You enter a bank.

(Nedved II): Are they done in there?

(Morgoth II): With me.

(Nedved II): Hmmm.

(Sule Tesdor): Captain?

(Alx): hi

(Ledah): hello

(Garion): hi

(Morgoth II): Hello Ledah.

(Valerquez): I attempted.

(Alx): (I don't think they want you eavdropping)

(Nedved II): * nods *

(Cesca Andon): *salutes*

(After his rather calm Interrogation with the Commander Morgoth opts to pay Aducath a visit.)

(Morgoth II): Aducath!

(Morgoth II): Aducath, They know of the Potions.......

You enter a meditative trance...

Your meditative trance is broken.

You enter a meditative trance...

Your meditative trance is broken.


(Morgoth II): and i need to speak with you quickly!

(Morgoth II): *hmmmm*

(Morgoth II): *waits*

(Morgoth II): *sigh*

(Morgoth II): what the!

(Morgoth II): hmm

(Explosions and Sparks fly around the small interior of the room)

(a clear pale ghost like figure appears like a fog in front of Morgoth)

(Morgoth II): Strange!

(Morgoth II): !

(Apparition): It has change so much.

(Morgoth II): Greetings

(Apparition): So much change.

(Morgoth II): Who might you be?

(Apparition): Why am I here?

(Morgoth II): I do not know why you are here?

(Apparition): So much has change.

(Morgoth II): Are you from the time when Aborek was a city?

(Apparition): Aborek?

(Morgoth II): It si what this Ruin is called now.

(Morgoth II): *is

(Apparition): This ruin? Calle Aborek?

(Morgoth II): Yes.

(Morgoth II): Do you have a name?

(Apparition): This place should not exist.

(Apparition): This world is change.

(Apparition): So much, aha, different.

(Morgoth II): Indeed bu that is the way of things.

(Morgoth II): *but

(Apparition): You are you?

(Morgoth II): I am Morgoth

(Morgoth II): A wizard

(Apparition): A, aha, hahaha, wizard...

(Morgoth II): Hmmm?

(Apparition): Change.

(Apparition): A wizard.

(Morgoth II): You seek to change this world?

(Apparition): This world is, aha, change.

(Morgoth II): Hmmm.

(Apparition): It has been wrong.

(Apparition): Mad alter.

(Morgoth II): Mad, Alter?

You are beginning to feel full.

You feel very full.

You feel very full.

(Apparition): Unrealis, but change.

(Apparition): Your language change also.

(Morgoth II): *stands un afraid*

(Morgoth II): All things change.

(Apparition): * Mora Olsa Mora Docerian *

(Morgoth II): !

(Apparition): All things changed.

(Apparition): Aha, hahaha.

You feel your memories being pored over.

(Morgoth II): *gahh.....arrrggh.......*

(Apparition): All things changed.

(Morgoth II): *reels back in pain*

(Apparition): Still.

(Morgoth II): *breaths heavy*

(Apparition): A long time has passed.

(Morgoth II): What....wha...did you do too..to..me?

(Apparition): I took your memories.

(Morgoth II): !

(Apparition): Those, aha, of worth.

(Apparition): And they were few.

(Morgoth II): Hmmm....

(Morgoth II): That is a strange power you have....

(Apparition): You remember so, aha, little.

(Apparition): So little.

(Morgoth II): The mind can only hold soo much.

(Apparition): Aha, ahaha.

(Apparition): The mind can hold more than it ever should.

(Morgoth II): *hmmm*

(Morgoth II): You are quite interesting.

(Apparition): All has changed...

(Apparition): Interesting?

(Morgoth II): yes..you seem to be from the past..

(Apparition): And what do you mean by that, little wizard?

(Morgoth II): Well, you appear to be not of this time, and you appear when i came to call on a friend.

(Morgoth II): or should i say ally.

(Apparition): Petty alchemy, petty magic.

(Morgoth II): I am quite at a loss.. as to why you have come.

(Morgoth II): Petty?

(Apparition): The wizardry of a cesspit.

(Morgoth II): *remains silent*

(Morgoth II): You came from that bowl you are looking at...

(Apparition): I came from this?

(Morgoth II): yes

(Morgoth II): The elxposions, and flashes started from it.

(Morgoth II): Then you appeared.

(Apparition): This cauldron of innocuous vapour?

(Morgoth II): From that bowl there...

(Morgoth II): I do not know why Aducath had it.

(Morgoth II): Maybe it contained your ashes?

(Apparition): My ashes?

(Apparition): What year is this?

(Morgoth II): the year 430

(Apparition): What Calendar?

(Morgoth II): sleeping moon day 97

You enter a meditative trance...

(Apparition): What moon?

(Morgoth II): The Sleeping Moon

(Apparition): This cauldron...

(Apparition): This moon...

(Apparition): This all changed.

(Apparition): It is, aha, all different.

(Apparition): And what have I become?

(Morgoth II): You have physical form and i can see you.

(Morgoth II): Weather you are living or not I cannot tell.

(Morgoth II): *Wether

Your meditative trance is broken.

(Apparition): I remember living...

(Apparition): Seth!

(Morgoth II): Ahh

(Morgoth II): I know of him!

(Apparition): I will have vengeance!

(Morgoth II): !

(Apparition): The doddering old fool!

(Apparition): You, aha, know of him?

(Apparition): Aha...

(Morgoth II): Yes...

(Apparition): *looks around*

(Apparition): Tell me quickly!

(Morgoth II): I will not.

(Apparition): Then...

(Apparition): *shimmers*

(Apparition): Tell me!

(Apparition): Now!

(Morgoth II): NO!

(Apparition): * bol flas *

( Morgoth is stunned by the blast as the Apparition disappears in a shimmer of light)

(Morgoth beaten and bloody struggles back to the Marali bank where he finds it empty)

(Morgoth II): Gah

You enter a meditative trance...

Your meditative trance is broken.

(Cesca Andon): *salute*

(Morgoth II): *weakly salutes*

(Cesca Andon): Blood.

(Cesca Andon): On the floor.

(Morgoth II): Yes Ma'am mine.

(Cesca Andon): You appear better now.

(Morgoth II): I...I.. went to Aducath's house...and a Ghost came...

(Cesca Andon): A ghost?

(Morgoth II): Not a human ghost.

(Morgoth II): a.. Apparition.

(Cesca Andon): Not human?

(Morgoth II): He was at one time...

(Morgoth II): He took my my..memories and sifted through them like sand...

(Cesca Andon): Aducath's house. You refer to the building at Aborek.

(Morgoth II): Yes Ma'am

(Cesca Andon): He took your memories?

(Morgoth II): Yes those of value

(Cesca Andon): That seems a strange power for a ghost.

(Morgoth II): Yes... he seems to Hate Seth

(Cesca Andon): Goddess!

(Morgoth II): He must be an old foe come back from the dead.

(Morgoth II): He wanted Information on Seth.

(Cesca Andon): Did you give it to him?

(Morgoth II): I refused, and he Bolted me once and left.

(Morgoth II): Dispite what some think, I won't betray Seth.

(Cesca Andon): That man... nothing good will come from those experiments of his.

(Cesca Andon): I am glad to hear that, at least.

(Cesca Andon): Is there anything else you can tell me about it?

(Morgoth II): No Ma'am.

(Morgoth II): *waits*

(Cesca Andon): How did he sift through your memories?

(Cesca Andon): This power is a security risk.

(Morgoth II): A spell of some sort.

(Morgoth II): Hmm.

(Cesca Andon): I'll have to report it to the Commander.

(Morgoth II): Indeed.

(Morgoth II): *nods*

(Cesca Andon): Many things, we will need to discuss.

(Morgoth II): IF I see Aducath i will tell him of what happened, He might know somthing.

(Cesca Andon): The thing appeared in an area he has been using.

(Morgoth II): Yes.

(Morgoth II): After i had called out for him>

You are beginning to feel full.

You feel very full.

(Cesca Andon): I expect he will have many questions to answer.

You feel like you couldn't eat another bite.

(Morgoth II): *nods*

(Cesca Andon): If you have no more information?

(Morgoth II): I have none Ma'am

(Cesca Andon): *salutes*

(Morgoth II): *salutes*

(Cesca Andon): I will go write up my report.

(Morgoth II): *nods*

(Morgoth II): Farewell...

(Cesca Andon): It might be safest to avoid that place.

(Morgoth II): agreed
Twins Letters Made Public by Jinker on 04 Jul 2008 : 01:52
Greetings, citizens of Oberin.

Our good King Galandir is very proud to announce that the correspondences stolen from the Twins by Mirith's mighty Vanguard are on this day made public for everyone to read. The letters were copied by our scribes, who then reordered them by what seems the most logical order of events. Needless to say, the oldest letter comes first.

May our combined powers allow us to march on our enemies, Mirith banner floating high in the sky.

Long live Galandir! Long live Oberin!

Click here to read the letters.
Mirithian Hypocrisy: A Tale of Bone Lords by solsra on 29 Jun 2008 : 23:24
When the Bone Lords call, the Mirith Vanguard cannot wait to do their bidding. I had just finished another round of potions when my dear friend Nezumikozou came running with alarm into the Marali Bank.

"Nedved II! He needs us!" Cried the rogue before he dashed back out the door. Alarm went through the group and we quickly gathered what we needed and headed for the orbed location of Nedved the Second. He was somewhere below the wall of trees on the main road.

Cormorant the Tusker was my companion through the darkened wilderness of Marali. We ran as fast and as hard as we could, not stopping to eat nor to engage the enemy, but to get to my friend the cleric in his time of need.

We finally reached the growing group of warriors when Isen and Nedved started to fill us in.

(Isen): Travellers were attacked, their guard slaughtered...

(Nedved II): Look at the bodies.

(Peter): Hm... There is a lot of activity of undead. I passed a load of zombies and gapers.

(Isen): Yes, it seems the forests are quite dangerous, more so than usual.

(Nedved II): It was definitely the Blood Lich that we saw the other day. She controlled both bone and blood.

(Nasrith): Her. If you could call it that.

(Caia): Where is Gohoran from here? We should check the Blood Cult!

(Nedved II): We should check Gohoran... That is where we last left the Blood Lich.

(Nasrith): Right. We should be prepared though. Things could get pretty nasty.

It was then that I decided to go home and allow Solsra to accompany the group. She would be much more handy in a battle. When I got to her, she was at the Lerilin Bank with her friend Cyric the rogue. The two had grown close over the last few weeks, and were almost daily found hunting the untamed wilds of Oberin. She was obviously alarmed and Cyric too grabbed his things. I felt better knowing she wouldn't be alone.


My sister was quick to find me, she has always allowed me to do the work I am passionate about, and for that I am forever grateful. Cyric and I headed up to the Green Portal gate, then ran straight to the start of the rock wall where we met Nedved, Ogma and some others.

As a party we headed towards the Gohoran village. Nasrith was already there, doing a bit of reconnaissance. Kulesi first sounded the alarm, a Bone Lord was just below the main building. We hurried to prepare for its inevitable attack. Cyric thought ahead and stealthed in behind it. After hunting with him enough I could just barely make him out. To the others, I'm sure he was invisible.

Many were quick to greet the Bone Lord, but I had no such welcoming thoughts about Necromancers.

(Ogma): Hello.

(Isen): Hello.

(Peter): Sir.

(Charonia): Greetings.

(Nedved II): Hello.

(Solsra): What do you want here Bone Lord?

(Bone Lord): You see the work of the aberration.

(Solsra): We seek to destroy her and her unnatural following.

Isen was quick to catch my eye. I knew he was not fool enough to believe anything this black mage spoke of.

(Isen): Or do we, how do we know it was not Marthonis?

(Nasrith): Marthonis can't summon things still alive.

(Peter): Deals with undead mostly.

(Bone Lord): Incorrect, but irrelevant.

(Isen): Truth be told we are not sure of the extent of his power.

(Bone Lord): The aberration is irrational.

(Solsra): Help us find her and kill her.

(Bone Lord): It will be destroyed.

(Isen): So, why are you here...

(Bone Lord): To learn.

(Solsra): To learn about what?

(Bone Lord): The aberration must be studied.

(Isen): Then you know of the attack? The... travellers.

(Bone Lord): It is irrational.

(Adrienne): They were slaughtered. We saw the bodies, or what was left of them. We will not accept this.

(Bone Lord): The aberration is irrational.

(Solsra): You keep saying that. Do you mean she is out of control of herself?

(Isen): The more we see attacks like this, the more desperate we become, and the more likely we are to accept your help.

(Bone Lord): The patterns are not yet understood. It must be studied in order to be destroyed.

(Adrienne): More innocent will suffer?

(Bone Lord): It is irrational. Its actions are as yet beyond prediction.

(Isen): So you will let it carry on killing innocents in order to study it? In the hope of then being able to destroy it?

(Bone Lord): It must be studied in order that it be destroyed.

(Isen): So that is a yes.

(Bone Lord): You use 'permit'. It is the Aberration. It does not obey.

(Isen): Excuse me?

(Bone Lord): It is not granted permission. It acts.

(Isen): I was talking about our responsibility to do something about it.

(Nasrith): I assume you're talking about the Blood Magi Marthonis captured?

(Solsra): Is Marthonis interested in killing it, or in taming it?

(Bone Lord): The aberration will be destroyed.

Personally I had heard enough. The Bone Lord would not answer our questions, nor was he going to be allowed to spin a tale that would involve all of Oberin into helping Marthonis again. Doing this last time helped him create this Blood Lich, and I would not stand for it. I signaled to the stealthed rogue who quickly shot out of hiding and backstabbed the Bone Lord. Cyric dealt a mighty amount of damage and the Bone Lord reacted by paralyzing everyone and running away.

To his credit, Cyric would not mention that I gave the order to attack, but soon enough I came forward to explain why. Not surprisingly the Mirith Vanguard, who thought theirs was the only opinion that mattered shot me down and wouldn't even listen to reason.

(Nasrith): That went badly.

(Nedved II): Because of Cyric..

(Nasrith): Who gave the orders?

(Solsra): I did.

(Nedved II): You told him?

(Solsra): Yes.

(Nasrith): Idiot.

Cadwallader let us know that another pile of Undead and Rust Beast were waiting just South of our position and without hesitation we ran to engage in more battle.

Another pile of bodies awaited us and we noticed that there was red dust on the corpses.

(Nasrith): I think the dust is caused by the rust beasts, the redness that is.

(Nedved II): That would make sense.

Another round of attacks was followed by the announcement that three Bone Lords awaited us. I ran to them, wanting to convince the others that we must not work with evil doers ever.

(Solsra): Hello.

(Kwoo): * nods * Hello.

(Adrienne): Everybody stay calm.

(Peter): What do you want?

(Bone Lord): It is hidden.

"What is hidden?" I asked, a growing fear knotting my stomach.

(Bone Lord): The rogue. The rogue will be destroyed before speaking.

(Peter): He will not be speaking.

(Bone Lord): He will not be alive.

(Adrienne): No.

(Nedved II): Destroyed?

(Kwoo): * smiles * I'm fine with that.

(Solsra): Bone lords, how can you ask to destroy a rogue, but not the aberration your lord helped create?!

(Nasrith): They are working on it, Sols.

(Bone Lord): We study the aberration.

(Solsra): For what purpose?

(Bone Lord): That it be destroyed.

(Solsra): What more information do you need?

(Bone Lord): The rogue.

(Peter): He is not going to speak.

(Bone Lord): It will depart or be destroyed.

(Nasrith): That way.

(Kwoo): Destroyed is how it should be. * grins *

(Bone Lord): Your rogue skills cannot preserve you.

I could see this was not going well. The Bone Lords had to know that Cyric did not act alone. Many of us would never work with them ever under any circumstance.

(Solsra): *deep breath* It is I who commanded him to attack you. We cannot work with evil ever. You might think that by studying the lich you can kill it, but we seek to kill all evil. All users of Black Magic!

(Kwoo): Solsra...

(Nedved II): You work with your senators every day...

It was not surprising to me that the Mirith Vanguard was taking cheap pot shots at Andris and its government, but to give Cyric's location up, to cheer on his destruction.. these were not the actions of sane men who cared for anyone but their own needs.

(Nasrith): You don't know what you're talking about.

(Kwoo): Solsra, no we don't...

(Kwoo): Agreed, Nasrith.

(Bone Lord): The cleric seeks to block us.

(Solsra): I seek to end Black Magic.

(Bone Lord): Depart or be destroyed.

(Bone Lord): Five.

(Bone Lord): Four.

(Bone Lord): Three.

(Solsra): *stands firm*

(Bone Lord): Two.

Charonia tried to protect me by hiding me, but they quickly revealed my unwavering location.

(Bone Lord): One.

(Peter): Be strong. Even in death.

(Bone Lord): Eliminate it.

I cast a bit of Magic Reflection as I laughed nervously. I'ts something I work hard to overcome, but it got the better of me facing death with very few on my side, and several condoning my death.

(Bone Lord): * bur *

(Bone Lord): * flas bur des *

(Bone Lord): * bur *

(Adrienne): *shakes head*

I was dead, but now I was very upset. As a ghost I cried out.

(Solsra): How can you work with them!? Nedved! How can you work with them!? They will destroy any humans.

(Nedved II): We worked with Marthonis once.

(Solsra): And it was a mistake! Look where it got us?!

It was then that they killed the rogue, Cyric.

(Bone Lord): Now we may speak.

(Kwoo): Good work, Cyric was getting on my nerves.

(Nasrith): So, do you have any information on the Lich so far?

At this I exploded, Nasrith not only didn't care about the loss of life, how cavalierly they killed two people, but he was willing to deal with them!

(Peter): How can we work with you?

(Bone Lord): It is not required that you do.

(Peter): But you need us. I can tell.

(Nasrith): * laughs *

(Bone Lord): You may provide useful information.

(Isen): Peter, don't be so naive.

(Peter): If you expect us to listen stop killing us!

(Bone Lord): You may obstruct us. Or you may be irrelevant.

(Adrienne): Peter...

(Peter): I'm not the only one who thinks the same..

(Nasrith): Yeah, the two dead ones agree.

(Bone Lord): If you obstruct us you will be removed from our path.

(Peter): And the scared ones say nothing.

(Bone Lord): If you are irrelevant you will be ignored.

(Peter): I will not. I stand by my comrades even in death.

(Bone Lord): Who is senior amongst you?

(Nasrith): Guess it'd be me.

(Isen): And it depends on how you mean senior. He is certainly the most senior Mirith official.

(Bone Lord): The Commander of the Mirith Vanguard.

(Bone Lord): What have you learnt of the Aberration?

(Nasrith): Not a whole lot. They don't need the moon anymore, obviously.

(Bone Lord): The Aberration does not.

(Nasrith): Correct.

(Bone Lord): No other has been sighted.

(Nasrith): Right. I've got a question for you.

(Bone Lord): Questions may be asked. Answers may be withheld.

(Nasrith): Is this the Magi that Marthonis Experimented on?

(Bone Lord): Correct.

(Nasrith): What went wrong?

(Bone Lord): The spell was interfered with. The Brigobaen cleric.

(Nasrith): Amalphus Vei?

(Bone Lord): Correct. Part of the spell was undone. It was reborn as the Aberration. It should have become one of us.

(Nasrith): A very powerful one.

(Bone Lord): It is powerful, correct.

(Nasrith): So, since the spell was undone, I should assume Amalphus knows some form of Black Magic?

(Bone Lord): It is unknown.

(Isen): So...how do you think this instills confidence in you?

(Bone Lord): Confidence is not required.

(Cadwallader): That Lich is beyond powerful.... It erased one of you with barely a thought.

(Bone Lord): We are prepared.

(Isen): If you created it, you get rid of it, why you need us is beyond me.

(Bone Lord): You may be useful. You may not be.

(Isen): Stop contradicting yourself and speak plainly. It will save both of us a lot of time.

(Nasrith): So, that's all we know of it?

(Bone Lord): It will no longer have such power of us.

(Nasrith): Why is that?

(Bone Lord): The collector was unprepared.

(Nasrith): And, how would we prepare?

(Bone Lord): The rest of the Cult may be without power now.

(Nasrith): * nods *

(Bone Lord): You should eliminate them. Search out and destroy the Gohora. It is the logical conclusion.

(Nasrith): And, where would we find them? And of course, it would draw attention to us. Making the Lich use its power. And therefore letting you study further. Correct?

(Bone Lord): It is in your interests.

(Nasrith): And yours.

(Isen): Why do you not eliminate the rest of the cult?

(Bone Lord): It may be necessary.

(Nasrith): Any ideas on where the rest of the cult would be?

(Kitiana): *whispers* Surely the minions of Marthonis are strong enough to do that without us.

(Bone Lord): They are being located.

(Nasrith): And we'll know when you do?

(Bone Lord): We deny the existence of them.

(Isen): So you have no interest in capturing the Lich, you want to destroy it completely correct?

(Bone Lord): The Aberration will be destroyed. The powers of the Magi have been studied. It no longer has use.

(Isen): Even if you do, you will try and create this new minion of yours again?

(Bone Lord): It is not required.

(Isen): Oh I think anything with this power is very much required.

(Bone Lord): Its powers are known. No further information could be collected from such action.

(Isen): You want us to believe you merely want information?

(Nasrith): What you're saying is, you can pretty much create one of these that you can control now?

(Isen): Exactly, and who will you use this new minion of yours against I wonder...

(Bone Lord): Your fears are logical. Obstructions must necessarily be removed.

(Isen): And we are an obstruction?

(Nasrith): Only if we make ourselves one. I'd assume.

(Bone Lord): Not at present.

(Isen): So we can either bow to Marthonis or we can face destruction at his hands...

(Nasrith): Or simply leave him alone.

(Isen): So he can one day force us to comply to his ever whim.

(Nasrith): You want information.

(Solsra): How is this any different than what you accuse Alys of!

(Nasrith): And as long as we let you alone, you have no problem with us.

(Bone Lord): If you are not an obstruction or a threat you will be ignored.

(Isen): Nasrith, do not fool yourself. I have known you for sometime and a fool you are not, so do not act like one now.

(Nasrith): We will know where the rest of the cult is when you do, right?

(Bone Lord): You may do.

(Bone Lord): It will be found.

(Nasrith): Good.

(Bone Lord): The Aberration will be isolated.

(Nasrith): I believe that's it then?

(Isen): Oh how very heroic, you will save us from something you created, marvelous.

(Bone Lord): It was not we who created it as Aberration.

(Isen): And you think that makes you without blame?

(Kitiana): *whispers* It was only their master's lust for power that allowed it to be created. No responsibility there...

(Bone Lord): It is not a concern.

(Isen): It may not concern you, but it concerns the people of Oberin.

(Nasrith): I don't see what putting the blame on someone does here. It doesn't kill it, so it's a waste of time.

(Bone Lord): Their concerns are irrelevant.

(Nasrith): And so, I leave you all.

(Bone Lord): You will wait. Mirith has something the Master requires.

(Nasrith): What?

(Isen): The Commander of the MV takes order from Marthonis's minions now

(Nedved II): What do we have?

(Nedved II): * looks confused *

(Bone Lord): The correspondence of Rasha and Varsha.

(Nasrith): Right. When you find out what where the rest of the cult is, you'll get that.

(Bone Lord): As you offer it to other cities you will offer it to us. Your King will be contacted in time.

(Nasrith): * nods * Is that it?

(Bone Lord): I sense an exercise of power. We depart.

(Cadwallader): She died nobly...

Iris Arya finally rose me from the dead, and as I gathered my things, I was seething with rage.

(Solsra): Of all the hypocritical things to do! Accuse and send gladiators after my Vanguard leader for talking with Marthonis and now your vanguard leader is taking their ORDERS?!

(Isen): Solsra, this is not the time or place, please come with me, we must talk.


(Solsra): UGH.

I stormed off, Isen and Armswoman Charonia following closely behind.
A Blood Lich is Born by Kitiana on 24 Jun 2008 : 16:18
Dawn of Fighting Moon, Year 430

*Copies of this missive to be distributed to every city and town throughout the land*

A call to arms to all citizens of Oberin:A new threat has emerged. A Blood Magi who calls herself The Mirror of the Vale has taken on new powers and a new life as a Blood Lich - an unspeakably unnatural creature that was unintentionally created by the combined action of the evil necromancer Marthonis and the venerable Father Amalphus Vei. Marthonis had captured her and placed some sort of controlling spell on her mind, and cursed her body with a wasting disease. Thus, when her mortal form expired, he would gain control of her and her bloody powers.

Somehow, she had been returned to her cult. When an invalid girl appeared in Gohoran, none knew that she was indeed this magi, they only knew of a sick girl who needed help. Father Vei came to her aid with a poultice that preserved her life for a time, while he sought a cure for her illness.

Finally his research turned up a clue. He called all of the heroes of the land together to inform them that a Silver Dragon Claw may be able to affect a cure for this girl. Even though it was hidden in the direst of places, the Skull Island dungeon, and likely to be guarded by vile and fierce creatures, the brave assembly went eagerly to retrieve this claw. It was a completely selfless mission, as not one single gold piece was taken as treasure, and not a few brave souls gave their very lives to retrieve this precious item.

The claw was returned to Father Vei in Brigobean, who then set out with the assembled company in order to affect a cure on the invalid girl in Gohoran. First, he said, he would work on the affliction of her mind, then he would attempt to cure the illness in her body.

As he worked his healing magic on the girl, something very strange began to happen. The Silver Dragon Claw melted in his hand! Her mind had been freed of its curse, but her body was not yet cured. At this time, she drew her last living breath and expired before us all. Just then, a Bone Lord appeared and resurrected her through the dark power of necromancy. She was reborn as a Blood Lich. Since her mind had been cured of the necromancers controlling spell, the Bone Lord was not able to dictate her actions. When he found that she was not under Marthonis control, he attacked her with his most powerful spells. This onslaught barely affected her and she laughed as she bolted him into oblivion.

She then turned on the assembly. Telling us that her cult was no longer restrained by the moon, she proved it by summoning a small horde of blood creatures to attack those present. During the ensuing battle, she escaped, but I feel the need to warn all in this land to be prepared to defend their cities against future attacks.

There were some who were quick to suggest that we should enlist the aid of Marthonis to defeat this cult. Others openly questioned the morality and trustworthiness of Father Vei. I implore you all to truly ask yourselves why you would place your trust in an evil necromancer and deny a holy cleric of the Goddess? Please consider this in your choice making.

Only through unity will we survive the coming battles. Plates, prepare yourselves to face Rust Beasts as this seems to be one of her favorite creatures to conjure. Mages, you are going to be one of our most powerful means of defense against these creatures. Everyone must be willing to stand, or all may fall.
Tornadoes in Lerilin by lenne on 08 Jun 2008 : 22:39
A guard tells me "Somethings wrong!" - "There are tornadoes in the sea southeast."

It must be Luth, the musician that we saved days before. The rumors that natural disasters occur in his presence can't be a coincidence.

We get several warnings. "Travellers beware!"

Many air and water elementals hit the southeast banks of Lerilin; however, they are no match for the amount of force we have gained as the warnings spread like fire throughout Oberin. We cleaned up the banks and headed back, with a minimal amount of deaths. What will happen next with Luth running loose?

Letter: Roth and the Musical Murderer by Immolated on 08 Jun 2008 : 05:19
*A note given to the Squire to read before the Senators of Andris, other notes sent to the other citiy officials to be shown to their citizens if the cities wish to do so*

Senators, there is a grand threat to the city of Andris. Earlier today the Merchant Roth called for people to help him find a group of his men who went in search of a musician who is to play at the Blue moon festival. The musician was said to have been trapped in the Ice dungeon and Roth's men did not come back after several days. The merchant Roth said he was worried for them and the musician and asked if we would help find them. He did warn us that wherever this musician goes, there are natural disasters and 'missing' people. Roth had messengers sent to every town to gather a large force to find his men and this musician whom all met up at duldrus. After a long trek to the ice dungeon we searched the dangerous corridors only to find several bodies of Roth's men and the musician, alive but frozen in ice. There was a saying that a 'light' located in the dungeon may unfreeze the frozen. The group went to find it and were slowed down by Spirits protecting the said 'light'. Once the chest found where the light resides was found, the spirits protecting it said they had lost the key long ago and were trapped. Another long search with many wounded fighting dragons and other creatures led us to the key for the chest. The chest was being carried by Roth who opened it revealing a candle. The candle was quickly taken to the musician named Luth and was lit to unfreeze the musician. The man quickly recovered and called people 'melodies' , then proceeded to touch people and ask to take their melodies. Iceane agreed to be part of the musician's "song" and was touched and instantly killed. After many various death threats by myself and a few others to this musician, it was found out that he killed several of Roth's men that laid dead nearby the musician. Roth led everyone out of the dungeon and then asked the musician to teleport everyone to andris. The musician played a song with a flute and it teleported the people to the city of andris very accurately.

There were many arguements and death threats-again, mostly by myself to the merchant Roth when this musician had killed and was taken outside. Roth had said he will be bringing this musician to the Blue moon festival where I beleive he will cause another one of the 'natural' disasters Roth had mentioned happens wherever this musician goes. This odd murderer will be at the festival surrounded by people who he claims to 'hear' their souls, as melodies of a song. I beleive the city is at threat by this man who Roth protected when others wanted him dead. The merchant had sent his own men to their deaths and sent us to save this vile murderer with our lives on the line. Roth did nothing to avenge his men that died and protected this musician to possibly destroy the city of andris. Both men should be detained from entering the city and Luth should be executed right away. Roth has lost all respect and trust from myself and my guild- The Red Battalion shall no longer help him until he is proven himself worthy or useful in another way. That is what happened and my thoughts on what should be done to keep the city safe Senators.

*Another part written only on the letter to the senators* "Forgive me on our talk eariler Senator Feintstein, I know it pains everyone that Senator Morgans is deathly ill, but I stand by my thoughts that the Senators must keep the city safe and working well."*

-Signed on both notes* - Immolated, Leader of the Red Battalion.
Brigand Attacks Escalate Around Lerilin by Minstrel on 24 May 2008 : 09:02
Dear Readers,

Today I received by courier this report from Crom, fighter and Captain of the Lerilin Vanguard. It details a most distressing escalation of brigand activity around the Lerilin area following the sighting at Crescent Isle.

I implore you all to take care and heed the signs: I fear there is disaster looming on the horizon...*

Day 90, Year 430 of The Lucky Moon

Once again I found my way to the city I have come to love... Andris. But my trip this time would not be for the sole purpose of a hunt although hunt I would.

Twice now in a short period of time I have encountered brigands and their shelters east of Andris and once on Crescent isle. Would there be a fourth? Apparently yes, but not in Andris.

During my search I received a report from my fellow Lerilin Vanguard Lethor that brigands had been sighted. Upon my return to Lerilin an attack was already underway just south of the Guild Hall. I found Lethor badly wounded with a brigand ready to finish him off, but the brigand never got his chance. Lethor then led me to the two shelters further east.

Commander Kyshak once said to me, "fight but fight with your brains." Sadly I failed to heed her words and the fighter in me took over. Instead of waiting for reinforcements I attacked the shelters. Brigands appeared. I yelled at Lethor to run as I drew away six of them and led them away into the forest were I finished them off.

As I made my way back two brigands ran past me without engaging in battle in a southwest direction. Suspecting a diversion I returned to the shelters where reinforcements had arrived. The shelters were quickly destroyed. Not long after more reports came in of brigands to the south. It was then that I was contacted by the druid Charonia to come quickly to the bat cave.

When I arrived accompanied by fellow vanguard Chris Maar there were a number already there. Morgoth, Corbin, Zarco, Cassandra and Charonia to name a few. I entered the cave to see what we were up against. Brigands everywere and the slain bodies of both friend and foe who had died earlier.

Back outside we quickly organized. I gave the command to enter the cave and led the party in. It was a blur of weapons coupled with wizards' lightning that dazzeled the eyes. Clerics had their hands full as they cast healing spells while Morgoth, Zarco and I led the front line. After it was over and the four shelters were destroyed a note was found. It read:

"Let's hope they do not find us again."

They? Could this have been the same brigands that Corinne and I encountered at Crescent Isle? I feel the battle is not over my friends. We must be ready.


And thus ends the report I was given responsibility of sharing with you, dear readers. In addition to this attack, I must also briefly impart with you information gleaned from further conversations with Crom.

He mentioned in the beginning of his report that he encountered brigands twice in Andris. I fear that in one of these skirmishes the cleric Yanina who was with him was slain, and that there is the strong possibility that her corpse had been stolen by the brigands. Could this have any connection to the brigands at Crescent Isle who were healed by a mysterious and invisible hand?

Alas this is not my story to tell. Perhaps Yanina herself can further enlighten us as to the exact happenings on that fateful day.

Brigands Plot at Crescent Isle by Minstrel on 20 May 2008 : 21:03
Day 63, Year 430 of the Lucky Moon

A lone shelter at Crescent Isle, some oddly behaving brigands and a note left behind. What could it all mean?--

The fighter Crom and the cleric Corinne were on their way to Andris when they spied a brigand shelter along the southeastern shore of Crescent Isle. Taking care not to be overwhelmed, they investigated. Quickly it became clear that the brigands were behaving very strangely.

In small groups of two or three brigands would emerge from the one shelter and engage Crom and Corinne in battle. Some would directly attack the cleric while others would flee after receiving only moderate injuries. Moreover, the brigands who fled refused to return to battle Crom when sufficiently healed. In fact, they would not attack at all on their own initiative. They were very clearly on the defensive, but would not reply to Corinne's one effort to parlay.

However, what is perhaps even more curious is that someone was healing the brigandsbut neither Crom nor Corinne spotted any mage among them.

Suspicious of this odd behavior from the normally aggressive fiends, the two withdrew some ways to regroup and deliberate. While Corinne cautioned against a direct attack with only the two of them and preferred to wait for the reinforcements called (Crom is Captain of the Lerilin Vanguard), the fighter itched for battle and was convinced they could take the brigand shelter themselves. Swayed by the call of battle, Corinne followed Crom back to the shelter.

It had been abandoned.

They found the shelter empty of brigands but a note had been left behind. It said:

We were attacked and got several injuries, we must delay our plans.

Crom handily destroyed the shelter, which contained only a few lobster pies and bread. Others arrived shortly thereafter: Kyshak the Commander of the Lerilin Vanguard, Jaraxle the wizard, Samson Rufus of the Lerilin Vanguard and Sylvia (both rangers). Quickly brought up to speed, the group discussed on how to proceed.

Suddenly a pair of brigands were seen running south past them. The party pursued, but the pair fled to the water southwest of the isle and simply disappeared. Samson Rufus, who had seen them vanish from his sight, exclaimed angrily that the fiends could not be targeted for attack. It became clear that the brigands were on a mission of their own, and must be followed.

Then another pair of brigands were spotted, this time running northwards. The brigands ran north to the area surrounding the volcano and then veered towards the northwest, where they disappeared into the woods.

The members of the Lerilin Vanguard in the party, understandably concerned about the direction the brigands ran, urged everyone to race to Lerilin. However, no brigands were further spotted and the fishing village was quiet.

Later Crom and Corinne completed their journey to Andris where they made a full circuit of the city and island, but found no sign of brigand activity.




> Please take note of the directions the two pairs of brigand scouts ran to.

> Crom mentioned that apparently he and Yanina spotted brigands in the Andris woods a few days prior.

A Golden Key - Showdown by Kwesyther on 06 May 2008 : 14:16
The Lockpicking Competition begins! Will Mirith's plan to get the golden key succeed?Year 430, Days 134-136 of the Full Dancing Moon. Mirith. Kwesyther's secret thoughts.

(OOC: A report about the Lockpicking Competition - the climax of the Dancing Moon Festival - would only be half as fun if it did not reveal the whole plan behind this event. But for reasons soon to be obvious, the Mirith Vanguard would never disclose it in character. Please respect that in your role-playing! It would be a pity if such things would have to be kept entirely secret in the future. Alright, let's have an out of character look into Kwesyther's mind and uncover what really happened...)

My plan, it almost failed! No, it couldn't have, it was risk-free!


Mirith had stolen a chest from the Black Hand, but its lock was intricate and warded to an extend that even Master Tinkerer Borigard could not pick it. The only way to get it open was to obtain the matching key, a golden one. But how?

The basic idea was of course this: instead of searching for the key, why not have the key conveniently come to Mirith? Therefore, we devised the Dancing Moon Festival and the Lockpicking Competition whose objective was to pick or otherwise open the lock of the aforesaid chest.

Oh, I didn't expect one of the numerous adventurers to bring the key or even to pick the lock during the competition. What I expected were the brigands of the Black Hand, former owners of the chest. Why would they ignore this opportunity, this intentionally created opening in our protection of this heavy box? After all, they were desperate to reclaim its contents, as Beleth confirmed.

The chest was displayed to the public, the contestants could touch it, a marvelous chance to grab its contents. Not to mention that Mirith gave his word that whoever could open it would be allowed to keep what it contained and win an additional prize of a fabulous 3 million gold pieces. I thought that their leader would probably enter the competition and open the chest in front of us with his golden key. And I expected brigands disguised in the crowd to strike at this moment. Competition rule number 8 - "Mirith shall not be liable for any loss or damage, including death" - was no idle talk. I knew there would be a battle, and a deadly one at that. And somehow, Mirith would have to gain possession of the golden key during the ensuing turmoil, a risky gamble.


But ... nothing happened, they didn't come during the competition itself. Why would they ignore this opportunity? They would have to come! Or did we already have the key? This Percy fellow sure confused me, did he really find this strange key in the sewers? A key that "called for him"? Did the Black Hand intentionally drop this key, thereby making Percy an unsuspecting pawn in a scheme of theirs?

The competition ended without any brigands showing up. Borigard called guards to lift the chest and return it into the vaults. I went to the "Hungry Gaper" to get something to eat, when suddenly someone cried "Brigands! They attacked us!" How could I be so foolish? Of course, they would come! And strike right after the competition! I should have known it. I had failed.

The Mirith Vanguard and the others ran as fast as they could, trying to catch up with the bandits. The brigands had slain the guards, but Borigard was alive, fortunately. We ran into the sewers, followed the secret passage, flounced out of the narrow tunnels. The robbers had taken the entire chest, but it was extremely heavy, thus hindering their retreat and forcing them to leave clearly visible tracks. Yet, there was one problem: they surely brought the golden key and would just open the chest and escape with its lightweight contents! Mirith would loose this gamble!


No, Mirith would win. We had a trump card. And it had already been played.

We caught up with the brigands. One of them was extremely angry, "The key! Give it to me or die!" he yelled. That was the reaction I had waited for: his rage revealed that he was the leader and that it was him who carried the golden key. It was clear that he had tried to use it on the chest, but to his horror, the golden key did not open the lock! This was the reason for his anger, this was why the brigands had to stop their escape, this was the plan!

Before the festival, we had instructed Borigard to create a copy of the chest. The brigands had stolen a worthless but heavyweight box. Of course, copying the lock was out of question, that would have required more knowledge of its design than needed for picking it in the first place. Instead, he was to create a fake lock, one that would not open at all because it was just a piece of metal with a hole in it. Everyone can blacksmith that. Borigard's task was to decorate this hole with an intricate mechanism that made it indistinguishable from a really complicated lock.


And during the lockpicking competition, every single contestant had fell for it. With great delight, Borigard and the Mirith Vanguard watched how the competitors tried and failed: Ronan with the horns of his helmet and his superior tinkering skills, Zarco the master of locks, Redman with the magic of his pure ice crystal, Ormanos with the Neptune Trident, Shogun with his strange charisma and Corinne with help from the goddess. Even Evers, the apprentice of Seth, tried her luck and failed to both open the lock and to notice that it was just a fake. Borigard was pleased about his work.

We knew that we would never have to pay the main prize of 3 million gold pieces. We could have promised the king's crown as prize, it wouldn't have made a difference. Well, except that people wouldn't believe it.

The competition had an entry fee of 1 000 gold pieces, conceived as a barrier to make only those enter that are serious. There were 4 other chests with ordinary locks to pick and I expected that most of the contestants would choose one of those to win a certain if smaller prize. Instead, most of them tried their luck at the fake lock! Even if we had put the real chest there, everyone knew that Borigard was not able to pick it and that only the golden key would help. Flabbergasted, I collected the entry fees that were poured down the drain. Despite being a wizard, I will never grasp the magic that is human psychology. Is there a higher being behind every human in Oberin that makes him act irrationally?


Back to the brigands. The leader was killed, Nedved II had taken the golden key and Xfegrosh, Yorck and Nasrith carried the fake but heavy chest back to Mirith castle.

There, the crowd demanded that the chest be opened immediately, in public. Of course, we had to exchange the fake chest for the real one first, otherwise the subterfuge would have become obvious. How to make the crowd leave for a moment? Making up a story about a possible trap in the chest did not help, most people wanted to die in order to witness the supposed splendor of the chest's contents. Eventually, we managed to make the spectators leave us alone for a moment by promising them to open the chest in front of the bank. Nobody noticed the exchange of the chests and we could finally proceed.

Much to the disappointment of the audience, it contained only paper. But what kind of paper! It was private correspondence between the Twins Rasha and Varsha and contained information about the duchess Tirana as well, just as Beleth had predicted. This day, we struck a mighty blow against the Black Hand. And since this threat concerns everyone, King Galandir will send copies of the letters to the other city states of Oberin.