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Luth, Evers, Avesne, Seth, A recharged Stone, and Hope. by Iceane on 02 Jan 2009 : 21:59
It was during the Blue Moon Festival of the year 431. I cannot recall which day, or even attempt to guess it. Almost everyone was a little tipsy. I was also a bit tired, due to auctioning quite a few times that full moon. We had been joking around on the pavement, north of the bank, when a man, if you could call him such, happened to come by. Some greeted him. Some sighed, already knowing what was going to happen. I do not know if I was the only one angry with him. He murdered me, and I was not about to forget it. Actually, that may be a lie. I may have forgot it, due to the happenings that I will tell you now about.

(Luth): Loud.

(Luth): Loud loud melodies.

(Frosky): Greetings Luth

(Immolated): ugh him again..

(Luth): *inspects*

(Shua): *looks around*

(Iceane): !!!!!!

(Luth): Not this one..

(Shua): Eee!

(Luth): *inspects*

(Luth): Hmm..

(Immolated): I warned you once before already musician

(Luth): Where is it..

(Iceane): !

(Iceane): You...

(Luth): There is a melody stronger than anything I have ever heard..

(Iceane): Come to make another scratch on my face?

We saved Luth from the Ice Dungeon before. He brainwashed me, unfortunately. He asked for my melody. I agreed. I have the scar on my face of which my melody got sucked from.

(Frosky): *looks confused*

(Shua): ooo

(Luth): But I.. I can't find it..

(Shua): Where could it be?

(Iceane): *Stares at Luth*

(Alyssea): I remember that Ice

(Luth): *inspects*

(Alyssea): When he...erm...yeah.

(Shua): Hello Evers!

(Luth): No..

(Frosky): Can we help in any ways Luth?

(Shua): *greets Evers*

(Iceane): You're inspecting the wound you gave me?

What do you call all these slabs on the ground?

I did not hear who said this. Whoever it was, and I believe I know, was too far for me to make out who.

(Luth): More melodies.

(Evers): Here is the bank.

(Morgoth): hails evers

(Synnove): paving stones

(Avesne): Paving stones.

(Evers): Let me make a withdrawal.

(Achimas): Glad you could join the festivities.

(Luth): *gasps*

(Avesne): I can see why they were invented.

(Luth): It is here!

(Shua): If only Seth could join us yet...

(Ledah): Hello

(Evers): Greetings!

(Sophina): Nice to finally meet you, Evers and Avesne...

(Sophina): I've heard much about you smile

(Sophina): *curtsies*

(Avesne): Very good idea.

(Evers): *smiles*

(Shua): Hello again, Avesne.

(Sophina): smile

(Shua): My sister told me much about you.

(Luth): Melody...

(Avesne): Excellent for keeping the boots clean.

(Evers): Avesne, here they are.

(Synnove): just so smile

(Morgoth): ahh

(Garion): hi

(Sophina): Ooo... I love a good Melody

(Eleswyr): Luth, what's mine like?

(Lenne): is Luth going to start touching people and killing them again?

(Iceane): Do not let him touch you!!!!

(Lenne): *frowns*

(Evers): *hands magic stones*

(Shua): Am I a Harmony?

(Alyssea): Yeah he did that...

(Morgoth): Now i remeber...the golem

(Avesne): Golem?

(Evers): Are you feeling alright?

(Luth): So insignificant compared to this one..

(Avesne): Did somebody say Golem?

(Lenne): Don't let him touch you!

(Morgoth): I did.

(Eleswyr): Haha

(Eleswyr): True

(Avesne): Too many people.

Avesne spoke the truth. Many people had congrigated now.

(Morgoth): I did

(Shua): Shh.

(Shua): *pulls sleeve back*

(Ambyr): dunno

(Synnove): give him space

(Avesne): Stop following me!

(Luth): Melody..

(Shua): *tugs

(Evers): It is alright.

(Shua): *whispers* Shh.

(Shua): He's still getting used to us.

(Iceane): *Grumbles*

(Evers): *pats shoulder*

(Lenne): be careful!

(Luth): Overwhelming..

(Evers): We are among friends here.

(Sophina): Thanks Synn

(Iceane): My the scar he gave me, don't let him take your melody..

(Avesne): Who's he?

(Synnove): ?

(Evers): Many of these helped to collect those magic stones.

(Sophina): Oh!

(Luth): So.. Impressive..

(Atala): This is my melody

(Synnove): Ele did I bet

(Avesne): Who are you young man?

(Alyssea): Oh dear

(Luth): I am.. Luth.

(Lenne): this is going to end badly

(Immolated): He's a murderer. Best keep your distance from him.

Remember folks. Immolated knows.

(Avesne): Luth?

(Eleswyr): No, I didn't

(Avesne): What kind of a name is that?

(Alyssea): Avesne! Don't lt him touch you!

(Luth): I am a musician.

(Iceane): We cannot let him do more wrong.

(Luth): Will you be part of my song?

(Lenne): He will kill you with one touch!

(Iceane): No!

(Morgoth): *readies spells*

(Alyssea): No!

(Avesne): Will I be a what?

(Frosky): No No NO!

(Evers): I do not think that is a good idea.

(Synnove): *gasp*

(Alyssea): Listen to Evers!

(Luth): You are the most beautiful melody I ever saw.

(Shua): Evers, please, keep them apart.

(Shua): *edges forward*

(Sophina): Be careful Avesne...

(Eleswyr): Evers and Avesne, beware his silver tongue

(Avesne): Evers, take him away, he is disturbing.

(Evers): We do not want to be a part of your song.

(Immolated): He says that to all the mage boys. Hehe.

(Immolated): Aint that right Iceane?

I grumbled at that. As true as it may be.

(Luth): I should have known better..

(Shua): No!...

(Shua): *faints*

(Avesne): Luth, what kind of a name is Luth for a man?

(Alyssea): Oh no...here we go again.

(Luth): I will never forget such a melody.

(Luth): Inspiration..

(Evers): *smiles*

(Iceane): Guess my melody wasn't enough, eh Luth?

(Avesne): There's something else wrong about him.

(Shuab): Don't edge him on, Ice..

(Sophina): There's an adventure happening right now, Atala

(Luth): I need more melodies.

(Avesne): Open your eyes, boy.

(Luth): *obeys*

(Iceane): I'll edge on him if need be, Shuab.

(Avesne): Wider!

(Luth): Anything for the melody.

(Avesne): *looks*

(Avesne): That's not right.

(Avesne): Remind me to study him when everything is sorted out.

(Alyssea): Sorted out?

(Luth): We will make a great song together.

(Evers): Will you be alright if I leave you here while I go and get Seth?

(Iceane): *Scowls*

(Shuab): !!

(Avesne): Don't be too long.

(Synnove): I'd not leave him..

(Evers): *nods*

(Synnove): *worries*

(Sophina): No not a good idea

(Evers): I won't be.

(Alyssea): How is Seth anyway?

(Iceane): *Situates beside Lenne*

(Avesne): Someone get me a sandwich.

(Iceane): With Luth wandering around, I will not loose caution.

(Lenne): I'll not be leaving

(Shuab): *puts hands on sack of reagents*

(Avesne): That will do.

(Shuab): Aye, Ice.

(Avesne): Stop creeping up on me!

(Luth): *inspects*

(Iceane): If his hand goes near your face...

(Luth): There is something about this melody...

(Luth): It is not just beautiful..

(Luth): It is..

(Luth): How old are you, Melody?

(Avesne): My name is Avesne.

(Avesne): Not Melody.

(Luth): Avesne.

(Avesne): Melody, like Luth, is not a name for a man.

(Atala): Hi everyone

(Luth): Elara called me Luth.

(Crom): Can you play Rush?

(Luth): That is my name.

(Avesne): Hmm?

(Avesne): Isn't Elara one of these modern myths?

(Luth): Elara was my friend.

(Shuab): Modern for you?

(Luth): Melod.. Avesne.

(Avesne): Better.

(Frosky): This is interesting...

(Shuab): *grins*

(Luth): You have notes long forgotten in you.

(Evers): Almost there.

(Seth): *cough cough*

(Avesne): Forgotten?

(Brictus): Evers!

(Iceane): Seth!!

(Crhodan): Seth

(Sophina): Phew

(Shuab): Wow.

Evers had brought Seth! Everyone tried to gather around and say hello.

(Seth): Avesne.

(Alyssea): Seth!

(Morgoth): Hails mighty seth!

(Shuab): Seth.

(Luth): Ancient.

(Avesne): Oh, there you are.

(Sophina): Seth and Evers have returned

(Alyssea): *bows*

(Avesne): Seth!

(Breigje Balloc): Seth!

(Frosky): Woe!

(Seth): Good to see you again.

(Fang): Hiya Seth

(Seth): *cough cough*

(Atala): Seth cheesey

(Shuab): How are you Seth?

(Seth): How are you my old friend?

(Avesne): You look... different.

(Seth): I feel... different.

(Seth): *cough*

(Astronus): Greetings!

(Evers): Avesne, are they enough?

(Alyssea): Greetings Astro

(Astronus): Evers!

(Avesne): Hmm?

(Seth): Evers, thank you my dear. I would be lost without you.

(Avesne): Let me see...

(Evers): *smiles*

(Avesne): Yes, yes, this should be sufficient.

(Luth): This melody is broken.

(Luth): So.. Broken..

(Avesne): What happened to your hat?

(Seth): I have the Verma Stone with me.

(Fang): * grins *

(Avesne): Oh, yes, the Verma Stone.

(Seth): I was warm from the trip.

(Avesne): Hats can wait.

(Astronus): Evers- are you still searching for magic stones by chance?

(Alyssea): Can we activate it now?

(Seth): *cough cough*

(Morgoth): *keeps fireball ready and aimed at Luth*

(Shuab): *stands her ground*

(Avesne): Hmm.

(Seth): Tell me Avesne, how do you plan to recharge my Verma Stone?

(Fang): * looks around *

(Avesne): May I have a look at it?

(Seth): Aye.

(Luth): Broken..

(Iceane): *Sees it as it is passed*

(Alyssea): Why, we must take it to the source of power in this world.

(Sophina): How'd he get over there?

(Avesne): Mmmm, fascinating...

(Seth): What the...

(Seth): *cough cough*

(Avesne): *holds in hands*

(Lenne): Don't trust him, Seth

(Avesne): Evers, get them to back off would you? There's a good girl.

(Evers): Whatever you are...

(Evers): Yes please.

(Luth): I am Luth.

(Evers): Give us some space. *smiles*

(Avesne): Seth, wherever did you come by this?

(Astronus): Evers- I doubt you are still searching but i have been holding a magic stone for you

(Lenne): we're only trying to protect you

(Lenne): but if that's what you want..

(Seth): It's good to see people of Oberin again. Please stay near, but give us space.

(Evers): Excuse me, Avesne is feeling crowded.

(Seth): *cough cough*

(Evers): Please step back a ways, would you?

(Iceane): *Keep an eye on Luth*

(Morgoth): Aye ma'm

(Evers): *taps shoulder* Sir, if you would?

(Avesne): Back off.

(Evers): Please step back.

(Synnove): back up please friends?

(Avesne): Yes, you tell them Miss...

(Sophina): !!

(Seth): Avesne, these are good people. Try to relax a bit.

(Sophina): Where'd he go again?

Luth had dissapeared. But not for long.

(Seth): *cough*

(Seth): *cough*

(Laricen): Left, evidently

(Seth): *cough cough*

(Fang): Harsh cough there..

(Iceane): My scar tingles...

(Evers): Kindly step back.

(Avesne): Well, Seth, you know all those theories about creation?

(Evers): Please. *smiles*

(Sophina): *stands back and listens*

(Seth): From the great tomes, of course.

(Evers): Avesne feels crowded.

(Avesne): Oh, just fireball him.

He meant Crom. He was introducing himself to Evers.

(Evers): He is not used to people.

(Avesne): That always clears crowds.

(Crom): I only heard of you

(Morgoth): I like Avesne's style

(Seth): Give him a little shove.

(Evers): Step over this way with me, then.

(Seth): *cough cough*

(Crom): I dont get around

(Fang): get over here crom

(Evers): Thank you.

(Fang): there * smiles *

(Avesne): Lazy people.

(Evers): There.

(Seth): Thank you dear.

(Iceane): Back away from me.

Luth had returned...

(Avesne): You invent paving stones just to sleep on?

(Shuab): *tugs on Ice's shoulder*

(Shuab): Ice...

(Shuab): *pulls*

(Avesne): Where was I?

(Shuab): *stares at Luth*

(Evers): Surely.

(Sophina): *keeps eye on Luth*

(Seth): :\

(Luth): Broken broken broken..

(Iceane): Back away.

(Seth): *cough cough*

(Avesne): Oh yes, well, you know the magic is in the world all around us...

(Seth): Aye...

(Avesne): Some of it easily channeled, some rather harder...

(Brictus): Where did Luth go?

(Lenne): Right beside you.

(Brictus): Oh.. wait.

(Gandalfo): Next to you

(Seth): Of course.

(Seth): *cough*

(Avesne): Well, we all know that the magic in the air is the simplest...

(Seth): Go on..

(Avesne): With reagents...

(Seth): *cough*

(Avesne): Lightning, bread, provocations, all the simple spells.

(Iceane): *Signals Adrienne to come over to this side of the crowd*

(Avesne): And then of course we have the Black I believe they call it these days.

(Morgoth): hmmm

(Seth): Don't tell me...

(Luth): *mutters*

(Morgoth): *listens intently*

(Seth): *cough cough*

(Iceane): *Whispers to Adrienne* Keep an eye, and a spell, on Luth.

(Seth): Surely not Black Magic?

(Adrienne): *whispers back* Ok

(Avesne): I have been working on extracting the magical flows contained in solid objects.

(Seth): Interesting.

(Seth): How is this accomplished?

(Seth): *cough cough*

(Avesne): It's a fairly complicated process...

(Seth): I bet!

(Seth): *cough*

(Avesne): Take this ferrite for example...

(Frosky): You break the object on the ground?

(Avesne): *holds up for Seth*

(Avesne): Who said that?

(Morgoth): *points to frosky*

(Frosky): *blushes*

(Avesne): Clearly you have no understanding.

(Fang): * grins *

(Ledah): Is this transmutation?

(Avesne): If you break this on the ground you get broken ferrite.

(Brictus): He's a ranger.. What would you expect.

She Brictus. She.

(Frosky): My brother knows those things, not I.

(Brictus): *Mutters silently*

(Seth): Or a broken street tile.

(Seth): *cough*

(Avesne): That would be a shame.

(Avesne): Wonderful invention.

(Seth): *cough*

(Avesne): Outside flooring.

(Lenne): heheh

(Avesne): Now watch closely...

(Seth): *watches intently*

(Sophina): *watches out of corner of eye*

(Fang): * glances *

(Morgoth): *watches*

(Luth): The melody is getting louder..

(Avesne): *ferrite crumbles to a white powder in Avesne's hand*

(Brictus): *Tries to see over Gandalfo's shoulder*

(Seth): Interesting.

(Avesne): Now you will observe much of the mass has gone.

(Seth): So the process is enhanced with magic, but not solely.

(Avesne): This that I am left with is called 'Etherite'.

(Alyssea): Etherite?

(Seth): Fascinating.

(Avesne): Essentially you have to channel the essence out of the ferrite.

(Seth): *cough*

(Alyssea): Ether meaning Magic?

(Gandalfo): Ooooh, Enchanting at last?

Hes smart, AND rich!

(Avesne): It can be obtained from other sources.

(Morgoth): hmm

(Lionessa): what does one do with Etherite?

(Avesne): But I have most experience with ferrite.

(Avesne): There was rather a lot of it in that cave.

(Seth): So only a wizard of some type would be able to extract Etherite from materials?

(Avesne): Yes.

(Seth): What a great discovery you have made Avesne.

(Evers): *smiles* Yes, wonderful.

(Avesne): It took a very long time to hone.

(Avesne): So I have come to realise.

(Seth): Now that you have the Etherite, how will it be used?

(Avesne): There are lots of uses...

(Gandalfo): aha

(Avesne): As simple as it is to turn the residual magic in the air into inchoate spells...

(Avesne): So it will become simplicity itself to turn the magic residing in Oberin's solids...

(Avesne): ... into magical items.

(Seth): But those are surely no more than cantrips?

(Alyssea): Wow.

(Astronus): oh wow... how interesting...

(Seth): So the latter would be best.

(Luth): What a sweet chant.

(Fang): * munches apple *

(Avesne): Yes...

(Sophina): *eyes Luth warily*

(Brictus): *Keeps a intense look on Luth*

(Luth): The melody remains broken..

(Seth): So this is how you plan to recharge my Verma Stone?

(Avesne): Magical items should be far easier to create when the power of etherite is harnessed.

(Avesne): Yes.

(Morgoth): *charges lightning into arm slowly*

(Seth): *cough cough*

(Avesne): You behind me!

(Seth): I see. Wonderful.

(Sophina): !!

(Avesne): What are you doing there?

(Luth): I could.

(Seth): *cough*

(Avesne): Don't think I lost all my senses.

(Morgoth): Charging a spell in case Luth tries anything.

(Seth): Avesne, it's ok, friend.

(Avesne): He's wearing black.

(Morgoth): I sense your power. I would not dare attack you.

(Evers): Yes, Avesne.

(Frosky): You could cure Seth like you did with the senator?

(Evers): Many of these people helped to find those magic stones.

(Seth): People wear all sorts of colors these days, it has no meaning.

(Luth): I fix broken melodies.

(Astronus): Of which I STILL have a Magic Stone...

(Alyssea): Yes.

(Iceane): My colours have meaning.

(Luth): Shh, listen to the chant!

(Avesne): Who has a stone?

(Astronus): I do.

(Synnove): Astronus does.

(Alyssea): Evers herself here is wearing black.

(Luth): Hear the interlude.

(Evers): You would like to give it to us for this exercise?

(Astronus): I have been searching for Evers for MONTHS to give it to her.

(Astronus): Sure let me go grab it from my bank.

(Luth): The melody is preparing...

(Evers): *smiles* I am seldom in one place.

(Astronus): Excuse me for a moment.

(Astronus): thanks smile

(Luth): So beautiful..

(Evers): Thank you.

(Astronus): here you are Evers *smiles*

(Avesne): May I?

(Gandalfo): good show Pat

(Seth): Please.

(Seth): *cough*

(Morgoth): Haroon back off.

(Sophina): Back off

(Seth): *cough cough*

(Avesne): Put that thing down.

Haroon was holding a spear, right infront of Avesne.

(Evers): Please steb back.

(Breigje Balloc): Haroon move back

(Luth): Shhhhh!

(Luth): It's starting!

(Alyssea): What's starting Luth...?

(Luth): Shhh!

(Iceane): Eh?

(Evers): Here Avesne.

(Lenne): He's a nutbar

(Alyssea): I don't like this...

(Sophina): Me neither

(Shuab): Ice...

(Atala): I feel.....scared.

(Avesne): Ah, thank you.

(Fang): Hmm..

(Iceane): Grrr....

(Shuab): *tugs on sleeve some more*

(Luth): Too noisy.

(Avesne): *holds up a magic stone*

(Lenne): ...

Luth then ran up towards Avesne and Seth!

(Iceane): No!

(Fang): ..

(Iceane): Do not let him near them!

He noticed that was had noticed. He situated somewhere else.

(Luth): Here is quieter.

(Luth): *whispers* Now listen.

(Frosky): Easy everyone, he's just "listening"...

(Avesne): *the stone breaks apart much as the ferrite but leaving far more dust and a glow*

(Astronus): oooooh wow

(Luth): *gasps*

(Astronus): look at the glow!

(Seth): Those are good stones.

(Fang): Sweet..

(Alyssea): Interesting.

(Seth): *cough*

(Avesne): You see, these stones, for one reason or another, have far more etherite than normal ferrite.

(Shuab): Glow?!

(Iceane): Woah...

(Evers): *smiles*

(Shuab): *stares*

(Fang): becuase they have a higher concentration..

(Avesne): *holds Verma Stone in other hand and slowly pours etherite on and through it*

(Luth): *gasps loudly*

(Alyssea): Ooh...

(Iceane): *Gasps*

(Frosky): Aye..

(Ambyr): *watches intently*

(Avesne): If I am correct the power of this etherite should begin to replenish your stone.

(Seth): May I?

(Frosky): Well that's something you don't see ever yday...

(Fang): * looks over *

(Seth): *cough*

(Avesne): *gives Verma Stone to Seth*

(Seth): *holds Verma Stone*

(Luth): The melody is.. Repairing itself!

(Iceane): *Jaw Drops*

(Seth): Well...

(Avesne): Is it improved?

(Seth): I can feel something happening.

(Evers): The rest of them?

(Avesne): Yes, Evers, yes.

(Seth): *the Verma Stone starts to flicker with an inner glow*

(Sophina): *watches intently while keeping an eye on Luth*

(Avesne): Did you not learn to start at the beginning?

(Luth): Two amazing melodies now..

(Avesne): Now we know it works I can finish.

(Seth): *soon the Verma Stone starts to shine brightly*

(Avesne): Please, Seth, hold out the stone.

(Luth): Slowly..

(Brictus): *Covers eyes a bit*

(Seth): *holds up the glowing Verma Stone*

(Luth): I can feel the melody tuning..

(Shuab): *opens eyes wider*

(Avesne): *holds out the other magic stones and begins to break them down*

(Avesne): *pouring the etherite dust into the Verma Stone*

(Brictus): Amazing..

(Astronus): *eyes widen* whoa......

(Avesne): *concentrates*

(Seth): *the Verma Stone shines brighter with each addition of Etherite* (Brictus): Just make sure you don't losoe control

(Brictus): *Nods*

(Avesne): *continues until the last stone is reduced to its dust*

(Brictus): Better be careful

(Luth): Melody..

(Avesne): *pours the final handful of etherite onto the Verma Stone* (Seth): *with that last bit of Etherite, the Verma Stone becomes as brite as the sun, then dims to a cool blue glow*

(Iceane): *Gasps*

(Seth): That's it!

(Fang): * smirks *

(Atala): *gasps*

(Shuab): *keeps eyes open*

(Luth): Shiny melody!

(Seth): I can feel it now.

(Evers): Uncle, you have done it!

(Avesne): You are well again, my friend?

(Alyssea): Shiny Meleody? You mean the stone is your melody?

(Seth): Oh I can breathe!

(Iceane): He can breathe!!

(Morgoth): Huzzah!

(Evers): *smiles*

(Seth): I feel young again!

(Astronus): *Smiles* Oh Yay!

(Luth): The melody is not broken anymore.

(Fang): * chuckles *

(Avesne): You still don't look it.

(Seth): Thank you dear Avesne!

(Alyssea): Seth is returning to full health!

(Avesne): You are most welcome, my friend.

(Sophina): Yay!

(Sumac): Amazing.

(Immolated): Can you reverse his age as well Avesne?

(Sophina): Seth is healing!

(Evers): Yes, thank you. So very much.

(Seth): And you Evers, thank you dear. *a tear forms in Seth's eye*

(Sophina): *tries to hold back tears of joy*

(Avesne): I think we both look well enough for...

(Avesne): However old are we now?

(Evers): *smiles* It is good to see you yourself again.

(Seth): Avesne, would you plase come with me to my retreat. You must teach me what you have learned.

(Avesne): Of course, of course.

(Avesne): And I am sure you have learnt much since I last saw you.

(Seth): You are welcomed to stay there as long as you wish.

(Avesne): It will be a pleasure to find a sanctuary again.

(Avesne): I think this modern world is one that must be adjusted to in small doses.

(Seth): *stretches fingers*

(Morgoth): Avesne maybe you can build another Golem?

(Seth): Shall we go?

(Avesne): Golem... I must fetch him soon.

(Sophina): *agrees with Avesne*

(Avesne): Yes, it is time.

(Seth): We will, don't worry friend.

(Sophina): Yup

(Avesne): I shall follow you.

(Seth): Then we shall go.

(Seth): Good to see you all!

(Astronus): *waves* Farewell Seth! Farewell Avesne! *waves*

(Yupa): Farewell!

(Immolated): Farewell

(Lionessa): *waves farewell*

(Sophina): Farewell!

(Evers): Yes, and thank you!

(Gandalfo): dont be strangers

(Seth): Thank you for your efforts.

(Takao): Farewell.

(Atala): *waves* glad you are ok!

(Alyssea): Fare thee well.

(Daneel): *waves*

(Ambyr): Bye!!!

(Lenne): goodbye

(Rand): Goodbye.

(Jastherin): bye

(Razbhat): *waves*

(Brictus): Good bye.

(Morgoth): Farewell Seth,

(Sophina): Thank you all!

(Fang): Farewell

(Shuab): Farewell!

(Iceane): Farewell.

An interesting day indeed. Will the people, specifically wizards and witches, of Oberin, learn how to enchant? Will this be an amazing discovery, or will this just send more chaos into our world?

One Day Under The Dancing Moon by Fuoco on 27 Nov 2008 : 06:15
Andris, Dancing Moon, Year 431

It was a fine day, except for the odd windy spell, and Gawr, Cassandra and I were lounging about in town, when we bumped into Major Crom and Angelica. After the usual exchange of pleasantries, we decided to set off together in the direction of the cemetery - Crom and Gawr walked ahead, discussing weapons and the like, Angelica, Cassandra and I lingered behind, arm in arm, watching the fighters and making light comments. Needless to say, the stroll ended up in skermishes with some unsavoury creatures and we were soon pretty busy defending our right to walk about unchallenged - I am sorry to say we wrecked the peace of the place in the process!

Gawr and Cassandra, once order was restored, bid us farewell and the three of us decided to take a walk along the beach. By the rocks we met the Lady Alys, who seemed absorbed in her own thoughts - there was a vague feeling of uneasiness, as we somehow felt we had invaded some mystic moment of privacy, so we soon parted and continued our walk, breathing in the salubrious sea air and trying to reestablish the feeling of ease and lightheartedness which had marked the first part of our outing. Angelica and I were picking flowers whilst the major was sharpening his weapons against magic trees and protecting us from snakes.

We soon left the city walls behind and found ourselves drawing closer and closer to the land of the Giants. It was not long before we had the first sighting of a huge rather primitive creature, brandishing an enormous club and manifesting his not exactly friendly intentions towards us, so we were once again engaged in battle. The creature managed to attract the attention of some of his tribe members, and a blood bath ensued - the Major was striking right and left, Angelica had ample opportunity to test to the limit her abilities as a healer and I had to gather all of my reagents and my wits and quickly plan in turn attack and defence spells with no time for catching up on my breath - I even managed to tear my precious robe in the process! I feared for myself but I feared even more for Angelica, who was far too busy protecting (and with what valour!) her superior and me to have time to think about herself.

The battle drew us into a north westerly direction, the reflection of the sun on the sand was almost blinding us but we clenched our teeth, determined not to be defeated - our attackers were just faint shadows in front of our eyes, but the blood was real and had a metal smell to it. Flies formed clouds around the dead bodies, the stench became almost unbearable, but this was no time for squeamishness. The Major was obliged, at one point, to remove his helmet, gasping for air and, in the shadow of a palm tree, I could see his dark hair encrusted with sweat and salt. Some blood was trickling down the corner of his left eyebrow, forming a dark rivulet down his cheek and disappearing between his throat and his armour... the eyes were fierce - almost burning with some internal fire. Angelica softly approached - her words "May I Sir?" were more a guess than a real sound, and with sorrowful eyes she proceeded to heal her superior, her hands strangely steady as she applied her potions. The eyes of the Major softened for a moment, then begun to wander and all of a sudden his gaze was fixed to a spot on the sand. Angelica and I both followed his gaze and we soon saw what he was seeing - footprints! They were pointing inland, towards the woods. We stared at each other, then Major Crom's voice sounded loud and clear - "We must follow those footprints - let's go!" Angelica and I exchanged a quick glance - maybe we both silently prayed to the Goddess, then we reached for each other's hand - a furtive squeeze was our brief token of comradeship, before placing ourselves behind Crom.

We had hardly advanced a few steps when a crowd of trolls and forest trolls, accompanied by giants, started running in our direction, uttering war cries and manifesting their hatred towards us - Angelica and I lingered a few moments on the beach, then the order to get in the water reached us, overpowering all other noises. Jump in the water we did, me striking and Angelica healing in a mad frenzy. Whenever I could I would step back on land (followed by the intrepid cleric), trying to kill some of the attackers, but no sooner had I started chasing them than more of their comrades would appear in front of me... I think I can imagine what Hercules must have felt when he fought the Hydra of Lerna!

The loathsome trolls started, with obscene voices, encouraging us to dance, but unfortunately it was a dance of death they meant to drag us in, so we could not accept their invitation.

After what seemed an endless fight for our lives, our robes torn, the Major's armour badly dented and dull and stained, our lips parched with thirst, an unnatural silence surrounded us and nobody moved for what seemed like an eternity. My good friend Crom then ventured to the trolls' shelter and ransacked it, bringing back to us the treasures he found. We all looked at each other and started laughing and hugging and stripping the stained clothes off, trying to feel the fresh sea breeze on our battered bodies as the sun was gently sinking behind us - we had survived! We badly felt the need for relief and started making jokes and passing ale to each other, then something really important struck us - we had today formed a strong bond of friendship, a silent pact to protect each other beyond any fear of death - we were really and truly a team!

Soft waves started washing the shore, erasing all signs of the fierce battle and leaving the place immaculate. We shivered a little and picked up our robes and armour, slowly heading towards town. The sun had now hidden below the horizon and the moon beamed just above the water, asserting her right as queen of the night - I cast a glance at her, whilst she was admiring her own reflection on the calm waters of Andris... maybe it was a trick of my imagination, maybe the crystals of salt lingering on my eyelashes were playing some little game of their own, but I thought I could see her dancing and smiling at us - I wondered if my companions saw it too....

Strange Creatures in Mirith Cemetery by Ethilnor on 18 Oct 2008 : 07:23

Dated the 431st Bleeding Moon, unlawful second cycle, Day 85. My name is Ethilnor, and I am a Fighter of the 5th level. I bring this news concerning recent attacks by red creatures in the cemetery of Mirith, and earlier in the town of Port Gast.

MIRITH - Strange Creatures in Cemetery

Strange creatures appeared in the cemetery of Mirith during Day 75. (This was during Thursday, October 17, 2008.) I can identify these creatures as red dracos.

Dracos are gigantic, flying winged creatures that resemble DRAGONS but are still smaller than DRAGONS. Dracos like to eat humans. The bite of a draco is very dangerous. Dracos normally live in remote areas away from towns and cemeteries. Red dracos appear like forest dracos or ice dracos except that they are red in color.

After some creatures caused several deaths in the cemetery, a distinguished guard spread the warning through the city of Mirith. Despite the warning to stay away, the stronger folk decided to form a group and visit the cemetery to investigate.

Image Hosting by Picoodle.com

(Guard): Citizens be aware.

(Aresar): Aye?

(Guard): Stay away from the cemetary.

(Aresar): What seems to be going on there?

*The guard walks to the front of the bank of Mirith.*

(Guard): Announcement!

(Morry): Cemetery?

(Guard): Please stay away from the cemetary.

(Ethilnor): Er, ok.

(Aresar): Any further details?

(Guard): There are strange creatures there and several have already died.

(Aresar): *grins* Well now we have to go.

(Guard): Spread the word. Stay away from the cemetary!

Aresar, Eradael, Morry, Legsalot and Breigje Balloc went to the cemetery to find and hunt the horrible creatures. Aresar returned tell me that they were dracos, and then I also went, because I had met dracos in my previous adventures. Only a very strong adventuring group can kill a draco. I saw the corpses of multiple red dracos in the cemetery and its underground crypt. Then I joined the fight against one red draco that still lived.

We did not discover the cause of the appearance of the red dracos. We do not know why they appeared at the cemetery. We killed all of the seen red dracos. I do not know if other red dracos remain in the cemetery of Mirith or its underground crypt.

PORT GAST - Guards Return, Shops Reopen

I am happy to report that I again see folk in the town of Port Gast. Guards now defend the town again, and all of the shops have shopkeepers.

The town returned to business after its people fled from an earlier attack. I did not witness this attack. I can only present the rumors of this attack that reached the village of Lerilin and other places in Oberin. These rumors say that during Saturday, the blood cult brought hell hounds, rust beasts and lava spiders into Port Gast. This is the same cult that rumors blame for stealing a vial from Andris and causing the unlawful second cycle of the Bleeding Moon. The attackers defeated the guards of Port Gast, killed a part of the people and forced the remainder to hide or leave the town.

I had not heard the news of the attack, when I went to Port Gast during Sunday. To my surprise, I found no guards in the town, nor shopkeepers, nor dock workers, nor any humans. I also found a new type of spider in the area. This new type is the lava spider. It looks like a giant spider, but it is red in color, and it is stronger than any other spider. Wooden weapons like Clubs of Power seem to barely harm these spiders; metal weapons are better. I am a Fighter and I killed both of the seen lava spiders.

Image Hosting by Picoodle.com

*Shown here: A lava spider chases Ethilnor near the guild hall of the Raven Shield, northeast of Port Gast.*

In the empty town, the shopkeepers had abandoned a great wealth of gold and items in the shops. I concluded that the attackers wanted only human blood, not wealth. I did not loot the shops, nor did I stay in the empty town. I had no way to protect Port Gast from looters. (The game acted as if the shops remained open and continued to buy and sell items, though there were no shopkeepers.)

During the next days, I visited Port Gast a few times to check the empty town. Most of the gold and items remained in the shops. During Thursday, I found that Port Gast again had shopkeepers, guards and humans. There were no dock workers, and the shipping business had not returned to Port Gast, but all shops had reopened.

I noticed that the defenses of Port Gast had not improved from before the attack. I believe that the town remains vulnerable to another attack. None of the humans in Gast offered to me any details about the attack or their return to the town.

All peoples of Oberin, remember the attack of Port Gast, and praise the efforts of the people of Gast to again establish their town.

I wish the folk in Oberin to know of recent attacks by red creatures in the cemetery of Mirith, and earlier in the town of Port Gast. Thus I have written these words and posted this parchment at certain places.
Conversation with a Blood Cabalist by Clementiyn on 17 Oct 2008 : 03:52

From the personal journal of Cadwallader, Guardians Leader:

Word travels quickly this Moon. And when word reached me of foulness south of Andris, I felt obligated to assist my friends. I hold no special fondness for the city. My Guild's Hall is nearby, but we are sworn to serve all of Oberin. Still, I have friends in the city, and I owe them debts from days gone by...Others will tell tales of a great battle today. And indeed there was one. But I tire of such tales. Yes, blood was spilt. Yes, friends perished. And yes, it appears that we were victorious for the moment. But tales of battle shed little light on the future. When we dwell only on conquests and bloodshed we miss the gentle breeze that becomes a wind of change.

I, too, was among those who perished at the hands of the Blood Cabalist this day. Twice in fact. Two visits to the gray in the same battle. Something I am not accustomed to. But the second visit was of my own choosing. When the Cabalist began his second wave of attack, I took the opportunity to try a new tactic. I stood before him, unarmed, drinking potions while wrestling with him. My trusty club had done little damage. I hoped my tongue might do more...

With Rust Beasts at either shoulder, I stood drinking, and had a conversation with the Cabalist who was trying to end my life with his magics...

(Blood Cabalist): Kill me and you do not harm my cause.

(Cadwallader): you are a fool

(Blood Cabalist): She will feast on my blood!

(Cadwallader): Yeah yeah... you think she cares about you?

(Cadwallader): she doesn't

(Blood Cabalist): She will grow from my death!

(Blood Cabalist): From my blood!

(Cadwallader): she doesn't care about you at all

(Blood Cabalist): All Blood shall feed her!

(Cadwallader): and neither do I

(Blood Cabalist): The Moon rises anew!

(Blood Cabalist): The Pledge is fulfilled!

(Cadwallader): You have no soul

(Cadwallader): and no mind of your own

(Blood Cabalist): All that you spill, all that I spill, it goes to her!

(Cadwallader): I spit on you

(Cadwallader): And I ignore you

The Cabalist was quicker with his fireball than I was with my potion, and I perished. But as he turned his wrath on my friends, I continued to berate him from the pale gray...

(Blood Cabalist): Spilled for her!

(Cadwallader): You are nothing

(Blood Cabalist): For her!

(Cadwallader): Nothing at all

(Cadwallader): Pointless and futile

(Blood Cabalist): All for her!

(Cadwallader): and she will abandon you

(Cadwallader): as she abandons all her puppets

(Blood Cabalist): She will bring the reign of Blood.

(Blood Cabalist): And I will die for it!

(Cadwallader): You think she cares for petty ones like you?

(Cadwallader): You are nothing to her

(Cassandra): I pity you.

(Cadwallader): You are not even worth her notice

(Blood Cabalist): Whichever of us wins, she has victory!

(Blood Cabalist): The Blood shall conquer!

(Cadwallader): You think there is a contest here?

(Cadwallader): There is no contest here

(Cadwallader): You trifle for the amusement of those who think less of you than a snail

(Cadwallader): What do you think you gain from this?

(Cadwallader): You gain nothing

(Blood Cabalist): My death is her gain.

(Cadwallader): Then die

(Blood Cabalist): Your deaths are her gain.

(Cadwallader): if that is what you seek, die

(Blood Cabalist): All must die for the blood!

(Cadwallader): Die for your mistress

The Cabalist stood, taking arrows and magic to his breast and healed no more. His life, such as it was, dwindled away. And he joined me in the gray, a danger to my friends no more...

(Cadwallader): Fool

(Cadwallader): And so easily swayed

My friends could not hear me. There were no healers nearby to interpret my ghostly moans. I watched a moment as my friends tended to their wounds, and finished off the last of the Cabalist's beasts. Then I began the walk to the temple, to leave the gray behind once more.
Libe meets Blood Cult by Gwaewiel on 11 Oct 2008 : 22:30
Year 431, Bleeding Moon, Day 11

Libe was at the Mirith Bank. She told us about a "woman in red" in the sewer, who came out as Blood Wizard. We cleaned the sewer from the Blood Monsters but the Mage escaped with a * Mora Olsa Preldian *

Private Journal of Jane Hairje,

Year 431, Bleeding Moon, Day 11

With troublesome thoughts regarding Aducath and old, old stories in my head I struggled my way from Andris to Mirith to have a conversation with the Wizard Cassandra. It seemed to me, as if I sighted more monsters than usually, but that might only be a personal impression as I didn't travel much lately. It is Bleeding Moon after all.

Arriving there, I found two of my Vanguard fellows, Angelica and Razbhat. I quickly informed myself about the latest events around Mirith. Both of them seemed rather unconcerned and ignorant. In the moment I was leaving them, Angelica mentioned that she heard about some trouble in Mirith but she wasn't able to tell me more about it. Smiling courteously, I came to leave them.

Funny to find the Wizard I was looking for beneath the Commander of the Mirith Vanguard. Both a bit too discreet for my taste, why I asked for news. None of them intended to answer my question openly, that was for sure.

All of sudden, someone tugged my hair. I I looked around, but couldn't see anybody except Cassandra and Nasrith. I came to the conclusion that neither of them would be silly enough to do something like that, even if Cassandra would have been close enough to do so. I looked closer, and behind a Pillar appeared a little girl.

"You...You look like me!", was the first thing that came over my lips. In fact, we both were dressed like DarkStar. The girl giggled and disappeared again. Hiding and spinning. Twirling and hiding. So it went on, until we two caught the attention of the other two Vanguardians. We got into conversation and I learned some more about the girl called Libe, when she told us about a "woman in red" she met in the sewer. While Amere, who newly joined us, kept babbling something about a "Dragon Woman", we decided that it would probably be some of the nasty Blood Cult.

I hurried to the sewer while the others followed me, but Libe refused to accompany us as long as this woman would be lurking there. After we first took the wrong way, I lead the group to the other side where a Blood Wizard was already waiting for us, summoning Hell Hounds, Rust Beasts and Lava Spiders.

" Blood! More Blood! * Mora Olsen Neshra * ", I could hear her yell. But we prevailed even though she escaped with a sneaky " Preldian " spell.

Even if Nasrith told the little Libe that the sewer was safe again, nobody can really be sure of it. We've got to be ready for more.

Lizard Diplomacy and the Great Slayer by Ethilnor on 15 Sep 2008 : 22:02
Somewhere in the sea, off of Mirith and Welif, there is an island where the Lizard Men live. The island is not a clean sight. Those are Human corpses, hanging from stakes, displayed above ground, around their island. We Humans have the habit to go to their island and battle the Lizard Men. We value their Leather Hides and their Bolts.

One recent day, I joined with four others for my first adventure to Lizard Island. My name is Ethilnor, and I am a 5th level fighter. I joined with Lenne the fighter, Immolated the ranger, Karad the wizard, Landya II another wizard. Immolated left us early, but the remaining four of us continued to hunt Lizard Men, until we chose to ride our rafts and return to the docks of Welif.

But as we reached the docks, we heard the voices of Lizard Men behind us. Come back, they said; talk, they said...

It was Year 431, Bleeding Moon, Day 25. (This was during Saturday, September, 13, 2008.) I had left from Lizard Island with Lenne, Karad and Landya II, when I thought that I heard the Lizard Men speak in the distance behind me. I was not the only one to hear them. (In character, I cannot remember exactly what everyone said; but I have pasted much of the text log into this report.)

Humannnsssss... Come back...

(Lenne): oh really

(Ethilnor): ....

(Karad): ?

(Lenne): it's the lizards

(Ethilnor): I thought I heard the lizards behind us...

(Karad): It sounds like a trick humm

(Ethilnor): They said, "humans come back"

oberin, crop,  Image Hosting

All four of us stopped when we reached the docks of Welif. We agreed that we were hearing the lizards. We started to think about going back.

(Lenne): humm

(Lenne): should we get potions first?

Ssss... We want to sspeak......

(Lenne): ohh

(Landya II): cool!

(Lenne): temptinggg

(Lenne): shall we go back?

(Ethilnor): Uh... perhaps I should go to Mirith

(Lenne): they just want to talk :o

(Ethilnor): Do they? I am not sure...

(Karad): Suure

(Lenne): we'll see

Without stepping onto the mainland, we immediately put our rafts back on the water, and returned to the Lizard Island. We saw two Lizard Men waiting for us on the shore. Lenne began the conversation.

(Karad): * watches for mercenaries *

(Lenne): :o

(Lenne): speak?

(Lenne): what about?

(Lizard Man): Greetingssss humansssss....

(Lenne): greetings smile

(Lizard Man): Humanssssss.

(Lenne): yes?

(Lenne): what is it?

(Lenne): that you called us back for?

Already these two Lizard Men perplexed me. Moments ago, all the Lizard Men attacked us and said 'You can not escape' and 'Die human'. If all the Lizard Men want to kill us, I wondered why these two only wanted to speak to us. The two Lizard Men continued to hold their weapons, and so did Lenne and I. My weapon was a Sickle taken from a dead Lizard Man, with Poison applied by Karad.

There was no fight. The Lizard Men asked about "the Great Slayer". Lenne guessed that they refered to Hayate. I rarely come to this area, and I had not heard of Hayate, but Lenne knew something about him.

(Lizard Man): We wisssh to know of one...

(Lenne): oh?

(Lizard Man): You look like...

(Lizard Man): The Great Ssssslayer....

(Lenne): whos that?

(Lenne): hayate?

(Ethilnor): I never heard of a 'Great Slayer', not yet.

(Lizard Man): The Ssslayer!

(Lizard Man): The Ssssslayer! His ssssword is sssssswift.

(Lenne): that's what i've heard

(Lizard Man): None isssss greater than he....

(Lizard Man): Tell usssss. Tell usssss humansssss.

(Lenne): tell you what?

(Lizard Man): Tell usss of the Sssslayer.

oberin, crop,  Image Hosting

I knew nothing about Hayate the Great Slayer, but Lenne and Karad tried to tell what they knew. The Lizard Men put forth that Hayate the Great Slayer was a God. Lenne and Karad denied that he was our God, but acknowledged that he was very strong.

(Lenne): i don't know much about him, honestly

(Lenne): i just know he's the strongest person in oberin

(Lizard Man): Isss he your Godssss?

(Lizard Man): Sssssstong. He is ssssstrong.

(Karad): No..

(Lenne): hm, many people look up to him, but i wouldn't consider him my god

(Lizard Man): He holdsss death in hisss handsssss....

I listened as Lenne and Karad spoke with the two Lizard men. I learned that Hayate the Great Slayer did exist, and often came alone to Lizard Island, to slay the Lizard Men.

(Lenne): are you trying to get rid of him?

(Lizard Man): Ssss....

(Karad): I could see why..

(Lenne): me too..

(Lizard Man): Many have tried... Ssssss....

(Lizard Man): Ssssacrelige!

(Lenne): he pretty much solos this place

(Lizard Man): All failssss!

(Lenne): now i kind of feel bad :\

(Lizard Man): None can ssslay the Sssslayer!

(Karad): Don't you have any wizards?

(Lizard Man): The Ssssslayer. He mussssst be a God.

(Lizard Man): His ssssstrength....

(Lenne): many are jealous of his power, yes

(Lizard Man): He issss all powerful....

Lenne asked why the two Lizard Men wanted to talk to us. They told us that they feared talking to Hayate directly. They wanted us to talk to him, and to learn his desires. Lenne and Karad offered to do this.

(Lenne): so, what do you want us for?

(Lizard Man): We musssst know hissss wishesss....

(Lizard Man): He claimsssss our King'ssssss room.

(Lenne): his wishes..

(Lenne): you should ask to speak with him yourself

(Lizard Man): He isssss ssssssstrong...

(Lizard Man): He issss the Great Sssslayer!!!!

(Lizard Man): Sssssssspeak?

(Lizard Man): He will not ssspeak with usss, he will kill ussss in a a sssecond.

(Karad): I could try and talk to him.

(Lenne): i can seek him out?

(Lizard Man): Ssssssssss.

(Lenne): we'll ask him for you, and return when we find out?

But the two now speaking with us, warned us of the other Lizard Men. I now brought into my mind a distinction between the other Lizard Men and these two. The other Lizard Men would rather attack than negotiate.

(Lizard Man): Mossst of usss still wisssh him dead....

(Lenne): i see

(Lizard Man): They do not ssseeee that he issss a God....

(Lizard Man): He issssssss hated by ssssssssome.

(Lenne): understandable.

(Lenne): we'll find out, and let you know

(Lizard Man): We wisssh... we wissssh...

As long as the conversation was, I became hungry, and I brought some Apple Pie out of my pack and ate it. Meanwhile Lenne and the Lizard Men closed the conversation.

(Lenne): wish..?

(Ethilnor): Thank you, Karad.

(Lenne): yes

(Lizard Man): We mussst know of God.

(Lizard Man): Hissss desssiressss.

(Lizard Man): Yesssss.

(Lenne): indeed, we'll tell you

(Lenne): is there anything else you need?

(Lenne): before we leave

(Lizard Man): Sssss....

(Lizard Man): No, humansssss.

(Lizard Man): There isss no more time.

(Lenne): okay, we'll come to you as soon as we know

(Lizard Man): In the Ssslayer'sss name we leave.

(Lizard Man): Sssssss. We sssssshould return.

(Lenne): goodbye for now

(Lizard Man): In the Sssslayer's name.

We four again left Lizard Island, and again landed at the Welif docks. At the docks, I received my share of the Leather Hides and the Bolts from the earlier fighting. Then I separated from Lenne, Karad and Landya II.

Perhaps Lenne or Karad will meet with Hayate the Great Slayer, and communicate his desires to the lizards. I am still learning about Hayate.

There are some other folk in Oberin who wish to know of the lizard talk. Thus I have written these words and posted this parchment at certain places.
Return of Aducath by Hania on 31 Aug 2008 : 18:28
Aducath has once again visited the Lerilin citizens. A tempest brews as the story continues...It was a long day.

Redtooth, my newly trained Hell Hound, and I had just set out for the Lerilin Cemetary for some basic training. The sun was hot on our backs but both of us eager to continue our journey. Redtooth might be my newest pet but I saw great potential in the determined hounds eyes.

As we fought through several skeletons easily slaying them in our paths, the rogue Cyric came from the path to join us in our battle. But there was something about Redtooth's facial expression that had me worried. Two skeletons were left to be dealt. As we chased them down the road we out from the forest appeared Aducath. Redtooth slayed one skeleton and Aducath growing impatient slay the other with a fire ball. The following conversation comes from my logs:

(Aducath): Citizen

(Hania): Hello aducath

(Aducath): Do either of you know the hall of the persecutors?

(Cyric): I do not

(Hania): I can not say i do

(Aducath): Where is it located?

(Aducath): Hmm

(Aducath): It is around here they say.

(Hania): Oh?

(Cyric): What would it look like?

(Aducath): I suppose like any other protector hall.

(Hania): Do you speak of the Lerilin Vanguards?

(Cyric): Are you looking for the Lerilin Vanguard Hall?

(Aducath): Vanguard, yes. That is the word.

(Aducath): Do you know it's location?

(Cyric): Ah

(Cyric): Follow me

Cyric and I led Aducath to the Lerilin Vanguard Guild Hall. Redtooth followed closely behind, glaring at Aducath the entire way. I knew something bad was going to happen.

(Cyric): Here it is

(Hania): This is the place.

(Aducath): Indeed.

(Cyric): What is it that you need?

(Aducath): Guard!

(Guard): Yes sir?

(Aducath): Are you a persecutor?

(Guard): Huh?

Crom and Yanina come into sight. Both looked confused as they recognize Aducath.

(Hania): Crom, sir.

(Hania): *salutes*

(Crom): whats going on?

(Hania): Aducath wished to see the hall.

(Aducath): This is your hall?

(Yanina): Yes sir.

(Guard): I protect this hall, yes.

(Yanina): May we help you?

(Aducath): You there!

(Aducath): You wear this persecutor symbol as well.

(Yanina): We both do

(Yanina): We persecute no one however

(Aducath): *smiles*

(Yanina): May we help you sir?

(Crom): I persecute evil

(Crom): Are you evil?

(Yanina): Last you were here you spoke to my sister the Major.

(Aducath): You will need to be destroyed then.

(Aducath): * Mora Olsen N'eshra *

As soon as those evil words were muttered I knew it was time to act. Instantly, Poison and Fire Elementals started appearing out of thin air! Dark Magic was at work. As if on instinct, Redtooth and I pulled back as more and more Elementals started to overwhelm us. There was no way we would be able to take them on all at once. We darted far out of range of most of the Elementals leaving two Fire Elementals chasing us. We quickly dispatched them and then started looking for the others. Near the beach I found Cyric and Crom chasing Aducath. I joined them in their chase. Cyric had dealt some heavy damage to Aducath, but before the final blow could be brought down on Aducath, he vanished. Crom and Cyric were busy trying to figure out what just happened. But I knew we did not have that kind of time. Without delay, I spun on my heels and ran back towards the Hall yelling to the others, "Save the Hall!". As if being brought back to reality, both warriors followed suit and ran towards the Hall as well. When we made it back, we found reinforcements had come to help with the dead and to continue the onslaught against the Elementals. They were quickly dispatched. Everyone regrouped to try and get some order reestablished but before many words could be said, Aducath had reappeared at the Hall. Instantly, he started chanting the same dark words he had before and more Elementals had appeared. Zabuza and a score of other warriors turned towards Aducath to fight him. Zabuza's Lava Spider was killed quickly by three lightning bolts. And others were being killed the same way as well. Once again, I relied on the tactic of taking out the enemies one at a time. It became difficult as Aducath kept up his endless rain of lightning bolts, killing a good five warriors.

(Aducath): Why do you protect them?

Before I could answer him I found myself running towards the water along with Anakajae and Crom. After making it to the water we circled around to the South of the Hall to find the numbers of allies increasing and the elementals decreasing. After all were vanquished, many decided to ready themselves for another wave of elementals. I highly doubted Aducath would return. Tired, I bid all farewell and headed toward the Lerilin Inn. Before falling asleep I could not help but wonder, what will Aducath bring us next time? With that, I rolled over and fell into a land of dreams.


Hania the Druid

Out of the frying pan and into the lava by Krispos on 30 Aug 2008 : 07:07
*you see a folded piece of paper clasped by a talon and open it*

Between Iceane and Kharoons initial efforts, the entrance way was mostly clear of anything harmful as Theo and Adrienne entered the dark red glow of the Volcano to join our ill-formed group. Altogether, Eradael, Theo, Iceane, Kharoon, Adrienne, and I struggled to keep our focus on this spur of the moment expedition. We attempted a move forward once we all had met, however, due to blame I honestly must say falls entirely on Theos shoulders, we were run out the exit due to an ill-timed skirmish from the monsters behind us.

Back and forth we went, back and forth through the entrance way and onward. We had made little progress to speak of for quite some time. I had been pinned against a wall with a sludge of animated rust oozing over my armor, Warhammer of Power, and everything else metalic it could lay its filthy sludge upon. This tore my already battered armor to shreds, leaving me with an almost destroyed sheild and breast plate that I replaced with a robe of resistance as we pressed further.

I could not understand where it was, I had been told the body lay only a short way in. Having rounded the first bend and met the second one with no luck but for some dried blood stains, I turned back in despair as we gave up the hunt. Just as the party was leaving the Volcanos craggy entrance, I realized my guild mates servant, Eradael, was missing. He had been slain just at the entrance, his ghost standing watch over his corpse until Iceanes powerful healing arts could restore the flow of life to his spirit.

Now I was angry, now I had determination. After having seen Eradael dead and my armor melted away in a pool of grimy rust, I was determined to find that body and be out of this Voidish nightmare. Rounding the first bend of rock I had the rest of the party hot on my heals to slay whatever crossed our path. Just at the last corner before the body, we met another slew of resistance, including a Bone Mage. We fought for a while, nearly dying myself, at this point. Once the creatures were nursing their wounds in the distance, Kharoon and I made a break for the corpse before more showed up. Soon the rest of them followed.

As I approached the body, I saw that it was torn, ravaged by flame and fang. So much so that it no longer bore its satchel of equipment. It had all bend rend from the original owner. Hefting the body over my shoulders, clutching my club and shield, I set my gaze upon a most unusual cache of items. There was only one satchel of equipement, he might have had more, it might have been looted, I simply couldnt know at this point. However, what I found there, surprised everyone. I had found a knife that at first, I thought was a dulled dagger. It had a very pale, almost azure white coloring to it, but its shape did not resemble a craftsmans normal pattern at all.

The knife was smooth and concave on its width, while the edges were sharper than steel. I rapped my knuckles on it, only to hear a hollow sound... thats when the realization hit me. I was holding a Bone Knife. I announced my finding to the group and explained that I was here on a contract. That is all I could tell them and all I will say in this bulletin of news, sure to be passed around each bank in Oberin.

Now we had our challenge, with a BM on our tales, a slew of new creatures pouring down upon us... and this accursed feeling... I was blacking out at nearly every step of the way to the exit. I was running and dodging around the Volcanos spawn when I realized I had no chance. Eradael had gone invisible behind me and my fellow adventurers had all gone through the pass, leaving only one invisibility-potion-lacking pile of flesh for them to set their claws, fangs, flame, and lightning upon. I was dead in seconds. Eradael didnt fare much better, the Bone Mage saw to that. Revealing him incessantly until he met his demise.

My ethreal form stood unwaveringly upon what I hoped was still the Bone Knife and body I had procured from this violent quest. The party entered the cave, surprising Eradael and I. I was not prepared for the ressurection and was killed with only the chance to move off my body. I quickly dove my spirit back upon it, hoping, just hoping I had not lost either the precious items. A Fire Elemental whirled across my body and was bolted or slashed down right next to me. I couldnt tell if it would pick the body or the knife up, so I called out to Eradaels ghost and had him stand on the uncertain loot for good measure.

Now I can not fully explain what happened next... I was blacking out... I was loosing my sense of time and space. Things stood still and then vaulted forward in time... constantly. I couldnt make heads or tales of it... Then time suddenly halted... only leaving my conciousness to float in limbo until I blacked out. We all did. We awoke to find nothing but the usual creatures at the entrance, the body and bag of my seeking gone, Eradael and my body gone. However, the most peculiar thing is that Theo ended up in Andris and Kharoon was no where to be seen either. We packed up our misserable defeat and headed back to Lerilin. Only a short time there, we encountered Brigands, but I have a feeling your friendly neighbourhood Kyshak will tell you of that tale.

*signed with an elegant claw drawing*
Surviving the Volcano by Kwesyther on 29 Aug 2008 : 01:17

A black figure approaches Kwesyther after his remarkable escape from the volcano.

Year 431, Day 82 of the Waking Moon. Volcano. Kwesyther tells.


I staggered outside, drunk with relief. The cold morning air burnt in my lungs and the hot steam that had soaked my robes turned into chilly dampness. I cried, knelt and I retched, again and again, as if to disgorge all memories of the hell I have been through. My head was spinning and throbbing and I now began to feel the agonizing pain of all the wounds I had suffered during my flight. I think I passed out.

When my head began to clear up, I could recapitulate the events. We had ventured deep into the volcano, but the first bridge in the second cavern proved too tough for our struggles. Red dracos had gored Adrienne and Shogun multiple times and we probably should have turned back while we were still able to, for soon it was to late. Slaughter had come upon us while we were trying to cross the bridge and Iceane, Kitiana, Nedved and Shua had perished as well. Somehow, I had managed to flee into the first cavern though I did not expect to be able to survive the remaining way alone.

Hence, great had been my joy when Amere came bursting through the narrow tunnel and together, we ran for our lives. My paralyze field and his plate armor complemented each other well almost until the very end. Unfortunately, we got separated and Amere succumbed to a rust beast only a few feet from the exit. I stumbled into a dead end, but my last two invisibility potions and a paralyze field helped me free myself. Of all those who had ventured into the fiery hell, I was

    Bone Lord.
      The sole survivor.


There it stood, a Bone Lord, watching me, observing the one who had managed to escape the volcano.

    Bone Lord.

I was hardly an impressive sight, clinging to a rock, too exhausted to stand. And if it were not for Amere, I would surely have perished as well. Weakened as I was, the Bone Lord would have no trouble eradicating my existence if he wanted to. But that was not his intention.

      What is it you want from me?
    Bone Lord.
      You are of interest.

      How do you escape when all others die?
    Bone Lord.
      Others have magic.
      I think I simply happen to have the right set of skills.

      Paralyze field. Invisibility potions.
    Bone Lord.
      A gifted mage.

      There are stronger who perished.
      Well, I need some luck as well.

      Like a fighter joining me.
    Bone Lord.
      Luck is the imposition of narrative on events.

      You had a fighter, you used it.

      It was a tool.
      In a sense.
    Bone Lord.
      You would have spoken the same of a healing ring.
      I use to say that the health of my companions is my life insurance.

      Other than that, I have no choice but to use what I am given.
    Bone Lord.
      And you were given a fighter.

      It was expended in the process.

      An effective method of preserving the self.
      In a sense. I don't like your choice of words.

Amere is not a "tool", he is a comrade, a fellow member of the Mirith Vanguard and he would have deserved survival more than me. These undead do not seem to understand what it means for friends to fight together, they only see the skeleton that underlies a living friendship. Would they understand why humans help each other, like Isen who now arrived in answer to our call for rescue?

    Bone Lord.
      This druid may prove useful to you.
      In what?
    Bone Lord.
      The upper level is replete with common creatures.
      This Bone Lord is telling us how to take the Volcano?

      Oh please.
      He was congratulating me on my survival...
      How very caring of him.

      It almost brings a tear to me eye.

      Kwes, where is the rescue party?
      It has yet to arrive.

      And I am unable to be part of it, unfortunately.

      This battle has left me drained and exhausted.
      That is most unfortunate
      I am sorry.
    Bone Lord.
      Come with me.
      I ...

      Under a condition.

If I use what I am given, this Bone Lord would make no exception. My condition was that he would help my fallen friends in exchange for my coming. The creature accepted.


After he transported us to a distant place, he elucidated the "potential" he or his master saw in me. But I shall not become a servant.

      I have heard of, no,

      I have seen the corruption that can be caused by the Black.
    Bone Lord.
      And the corruption caused by frail human power?

      Why remain bound by their constraints?

      Their morals.

Likewise, I shall not leave behind the human morals. They define civilization and my goal is to protect them against the vile threats we face in Oberin. It is for this goal that I have joined the Mirith Vanguard.

In any case, I have learned a few things from him. Seth, the grand protector of Oberin, owes his status to the Black Magic as well. Despite knowing better, I had hoped otherwise.

    Bone Lord.
      Seth, Beleth...

      The Black, he as well?
    Bone Lord.
      What did you think?

      He is an enigma spanning centuries.
      I had hoped he was using, uh, the White. Or something.
    Bone Lord.
      A Black Artist of supremity.

Also, the Bone Lord mentioned that Marthonis had a pupil. Did he mean Birek McCalla? No, he was Beleth's student. Waldren perhaps? The creature would not tell.

    Bone Lord.
      You required I assist your allies.
      I do.
    Bone Lord.
      Then I must depart.
      So be it.

How would he help my fallen comrades?

Evers and Avesne, A Family Reunion by Clementiyn on 29 Aug 2008 : 00:00
The call had gone out throughout the land. Evers was closer to reviving Seth, but needed Wizards to lend their aid...From the private journal of Clementiyn

Year 431

Waking Moon Day 238

I awoke from a long night's slumber behind a pillar at the Andris bank. Nusbalm and I had been chatting late into the night about Oberin's legends of yore. He told wild tales of Mantaray, Leonia, Matthew and others, tales that were perhaps too grandiose to be true. But I enjoyed his stories nonetheless. He tells them so well that I don't mind if they grow taller with each telling.

As I relaced my boots and checked my reagent pouches, I noticed Uberh wandering toward the potions shop. His robe swished open for a moment and I caught a flash of yellow within. Perhaps he would soon be out of the doghouse at home.

My smile was broken by a sudden voice in my head. A telepathic call from a friend. It seemed Evers had reached a turning point in her efforts to revive Seth, and was calling for mages to assist. I walked briskly to the portal, dropped my crystal, and felt the familiar twist and spin envelop me.

At a virtual run I covered the ground to the fork in the river. Three Harpies gave chase for a while, but I ignored them. There were more important things to do than slay Harpies. As I approached the gathering of wizards it appeared I might be too late. The chanting had ceased and those gathered stood somberly. No one even greeted my arrival. I quietly walked up next to my friends and listened to Evers.

It seemed she would need the help of an old woman living in Welif. She asked those assembled to find this woman. A few stayed behind to probe further into the details of our mission, but I was not in much of a mood to talk. As Jonathan and a few others boarded their rafts and headed downriver, I took the direct path through the forest. I knew the rest would catch up eventually.

I was the first to arrive and as I approached the village I caught the familiar aroma of ginger cookies. I was instantly reminded of my days as a young girl, long before I came to this land. My brother and I used to snack on ginger cookies while we would sit for hours watching clouds pass overhead. Those were simpler times. A part of me misses them.

I followed the scent to a small house east of the village. I knocked softly on the door and heard shuffling sounds inside. As I waited, Jon and Zardus walked up to join me.

The house's owner wasn't exactly happy to greet visitors.


A part of me regretted not staying to find out more of what our mission was. I realized I was standing in front of this woman's house, and I knew we needed her help, but I had little clue what help we needed. I tried my best to smile and hoped I would remind her of some niece or granddaughter.

Soon more of our friends arrived. It seemed we had interrupted the woman's baking. And though she initially offered to share her baked goods, she seemed to be growing more irritable with each passing moment.


My companions thankfully knew what it was we sought. It seemed this woman's brother had done work with Etherite, a substance Evers was hoping would help with Seth's recovery. But the woman was not exactly forthcoming about his location. I got the sense she hadn't seen him in quite some time, and that perhaps she was happy about that.

She suggested looking for him in Duldrus, then made it plain that she wished us to leave. Within moments, the insults began flying, and it was more than apparent we needed to leave.


Our group dispersed. A few stayed behind to update Evers on the outcome of the discussion. The rest headed for Duldrus.

It had been a while since the last time I sailed from Welif to Duldrus. So I thought it might be nice to enjoy the ocean air. It was nearly a mistake, as I suffered three bites from Sea Serpents on the journey, but I arrived in good health, and well ahead of my companions, who had the sense to take the overland route.

I roamed from shop to shop, seeking the woman's mysterious brother, but he was nowhere to be found. As I chased down a Gaper near the forge I came upon the hulking corpse of a Tusker, flies still circling it. Had one wandered so far from its home? Or had a nearby Druid lost a beloved pet in this mining town?

My answer came quickly as Ariki came into view. He too had received word of the mysterious brother in Duldrus and had come to join the search. We wandered from shop to shop while waiting for our friends to arrive, then Ariki suggested that perhaps the brother might live in a cave or dungeon nearby.

As Evers and the group arrived, we informed her of the fruitless results of our search, and of Ariki's suggestion. There was indeed a cave nearby that had long ago been used as a dwelling, but all thought it was long ago abandoned. Something about the way Evers described it suggested that perhaps she knew more than she was letting on, but I did not push. Evers always holds her information close to the vest. But she had never given a reason to distrust her.

As a group, we located the cave and searched its dungeon room by room. All was empty. Eerily so, in fact.


We performed a more thorough search, and Evers located a strange crack in the corner of one room. It looked like it had been sealed in a cave-in long before any of us were born. But something told Evers this was the place to look.

She first tried magic, hoping to blow a hole in the passage. But she only succeeded in loosening the pile of boulders. She turned to the two Rangers present, Jonathan II and Valerquez, and asked them to assist in trying to clear a passageway through the rock.


Jon worked tirelessly. There wasn't really enough room for two men to even pull on the piled rocks. But Val assisted as best he could.

Eventually Evers announced that she thought there was room for one person at a time to attempt the passage. She went first, despite the objections of the men in the group. Silly boys. Evers can take care of herself, with or without their chivalry. I had to chuckle to myself as Evers disappeared down the tunnel.

She soon returned, and confirmed it was safe for one at a time to go. Jon went first, and we each followed one by one. The passage was dark and twisting, and it seemed to go on forever. But eventually I saw light in the distance, and heard faint sounds of battle.

An unfortunate scene greeted me as I climbed out of the tunnel. Jonathan was dead, and Ariki and his Tusker were both seriously injured. I could not immediately see what had struck the killing blow, but if this "brother" was indeed in the cave, it seemed we should be wary.


The next few moments were a blur of screaming. A trio of Hill Giants had rounded the corner with Blink Hounds trailing in their wake. With no healers in our group save Evers, the battle became chaos. Some of our companions were still in the tunnel and it took all we had to fend off the group. Ariki and his pet were both lost, sacrificing themselves to buy time for the rest of us. When the battle died down, we gathered again, surer of our surroundings, but no more confident of victory. I doubted I was the only one questioning whether this fight would be worth the price. But we marshalled on.


Two more waves of Hill Giants approached and were defeated. Our group was at full strength now, and though the fighting was tense at times, it was clear we would prevail. We slowly pushed further into the cave, meeting each wave of Giants and Hounds. A few times during the battle I thought I heard strange voices. But the voices came from everywhere and nowhere all at once. And it is hard to focus on telepathy when facing down hounds that are barely fazed by lightning.

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed... something... Not a giant, not a hound. It was like nothing I had seen before.


We pushed closer and I was able to appraise it better. It looked like a human, only much larger. And it seemed as though it was waiting for something. I suddenly realized that the voices I had barely heard before were of this... thing... and its master.


It did not attack us. In fact, it relayed word to its master that "the intruders" were of "his kind". It seemed that the Giants we had faced were part of an elaborate defense system to keep interlopers away. But now that this Golem had determined we were human, it stopped the attack and queried our purpose. Evers told him of our search, and named the woman in Welif to the Golem, "Sevohanwyn". At this, the Golem led us to his master.


Avesne, as he was called, seemed an odd man. He had an air of age about him without actually looking old. I don't know how else to describe it. Like there was a weight and gravity to his presence even though time was not wearing him down.

At first, he didn't really even speak to us, though we were standing right in front of him. He continued asking his Golem questions about us, as though he was unsure of how to carry a conversation with anyone else.

Evers approached him and began asking him questions. Avesne seemed out of sorts. As though Evers knew more about him than he did of her. She began asking him about his sister in Welif, then about another sister Eve. I could see the strain in the old man's eyes as he struggled to remember, clearing mental cobwebs that had formed so very long ago.

Avesne eventually recognized that yes, Eve was his sister. And then Evers dropped a stunning bit of news.


It seems this Avesne was actually Evers' long-lost uncle. He had wandered off on his own a few hundred years ago to work on magical experiments and had not been seen since. With no contact with the outside world, he lost all track of time. At one point the question was raised of how he had been surviving alone in a cave, with nothing to eat. But it seemed the Golem had been providing for him.


Over 400,000 breakfasts of Blink Hound sandwiches the Golem had made for its master during his seclusion. I paused for a moment while the conversation continued. Part of me wondered what great mysteries I could solve with a few hundred years alone to study. But how lonely such a life must be. I felt sad for this man. He was clearly a great wizard. He had built this Golem himself to assist him. But he had no human companionship, no one to share his struggles and his joy. No one to console his pain.

The discussion continued, and Evers convinced him to assist with Seth's recovery. He asked his Golem to pack up his things, and located his long-lost badge.


A member of the Sorceror Council! Surely Avesne would be a great asset in the coming days. Perhaps the long slow road to heal Seth would be at an end sooner than we all thought. I pondered these thoughts as we left the cave. Golem stayed behind. Avesne set him to the task of building something while he was gone. I chuckled as I imagined a lavish palace, dwarfing Galandir's, buried deep in the mines of Duldrus.

We escorted Avesne to the Sleeping Miner Inn, where he took his rest.


Evers announced to the group that she would call again when she was ready for the next phase. For the first time in a while, I felt hopeful. Perhaps the tide is turning...