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Great Mirithian Festival of the Ages, an event to be remembered for centuries. by Asliendor on 19 Mar 2009 : 23:24
King Galandir invites all people, adventurers of every age, from all over Oberin to join him in his home of Mirith for a spectacle that will be the grandest festival the land has ever seen! It may very well be the biggest social event of our lifetimes, an honor to the Life Goddess, Elara, to this great land's history, present, and future. We hope to unite all peoples of oberin, to become friends and pull everyone together for a common goal of general welfare for all beings on this planet.

Surely 'tis a festival to be remember for hundreds of years to come. An elaborate display of games, music, ale, all sorts of entertainment will accompany this joyous gathering. Expect the everything! Races, plays, wonderful tales of old, the finest foods, and traders from the furthest corners of the land. Sights and sounds to delight your eyes and ears, fantastic prizes to be won!

And... a surprise announcement from King Galandir, one that will not only change Mirith's fate, but Oberin's forever. Mirith hopes to see everyone there, hail King Galandir!

Ignorance and Arrogance by Nasrith on 15 Mar 2009 : 18:48
63rd day of the Growing Moon in the year 432I arrived at Mirith bank early in the morning to find a number of my Vanguard members discussing the situation of the mercenaries hiding to the northeast.

I looked around and then glanced at the castle, We could ask Ciddia if any of the guards have reported anything.

There were nods of agreement throughout and we moved off towards the castle. A quick scouring of the castle provided us with no knowledge of where Ciddia Tigg would be. We sat in the audience chamber contemplating what our next move would be.

The dragons might have seen something, I said, Im just worried that theyll take our trespassing the wrong way. We do need answers though.

Asliendor smiled, Aye, that's an excellent idea, though risky. They wont be very keen to tell us anything if we slay dracos. We must avoid them.

More nods of agreement.

Sounds like a plan. We prepare and leave in five.

We met back at the bank with weapons ready. A small group of us, all Mriith Vanguard besides Crhodan left for the tree maze. We followed the river northeast to the tree maze.

We landed to the south of the tree maze and stepped onto what the dragons have claimed as their land. Asliendor, the ranger among us took the lead.

He turned his head back towards us, Let us move slowly, and quietly.

We fought our way through poison elementals, harpies, bracken, and a number of other beasts before we reached the entrance to the tree maze. We heard a roar and a forest dragon charged out of the maze. It slashed its tale at two of us, forcing us to hop back before focusing on Asliendor. It took a bite at him before he started to run towards the water, the rest of us following.

Once we were all safely in the water, Iceane turned his attention to speaking with the dragon, We apologize having to enter your home in this way to be able to communicate with you.

The dragon responded with a roar and lashed out at Iceane, though he was safely out of distance.

It stalked us along the beach for awhile, though it couldnt get to any of us. It looked about to give up when Asliendor pointed to the East and shouted, Alliance!

A large group of giants lead the charge. Behind it was a slighter troll wearing armor and leading a group of well trained trolls yelling, No, stay in position! Stupid giants!

One of the giants growled and yelled out, Big green thing try steal food!

Hungry, another one announced.

Go away big green thing, cried one of the giants as it slammed the dragons thigh with its club.

No steal our dinner, one of the trolls from the line yelled.

You were warned not to fight me. You failed to listen, the dragon roared as it ripped off the club arm of one of the attacking giants.

We had all been standing there stunned out of action until Iceane broke our trance, Help the Dragon!

The dragon picked up a troll in its mouth and swallowed it whole. Drawing our weapons, we charged into the fray. Iceane, Crhodan, and Adrienne offered support from the water while Asliendor, myself, and Kitiana engaged the alliance head on.

The commanding troll called out to the few remaining to retreat.

The dragon turned his long neck towards the fleeing trolls and roared, Why a creature of your status thinks they can elude my wrath simply astounds me.

Even saying this, the dragon made no attempt to follow the trolls, instead letting me run past it and into the forest in pursuit while a few of the more stupid giants still remained to attack the dragon. I ran through the forest pushing past branches until I came across the small group of remaining trolls doubled over and trying to recover their breath.

With a smile, I grabbed a small pouch of explosive dust and through it into where the trolls were resting. Panicked and tired, they drew their weapons as the explosive dust blinded and deafened them. Stay in line, the lead troll roared, Attack!

I ran through the confused bunch of trolls until I reached their leader. He was dead in an instant. Before they could recover, I disappeared and doubled back to where the injured dragon should have been located. It had disappeared, retreated to somewhere else. We were left to fight off the rest of the alliance; brigands, trolls, and giants alike.

A bolt shot over my head and a gaint was knocked to one knee. Asliendor swiftly executed it with a swing of his sword. Kitiana blocked a blow from a troll and swung her club at it, crushing its skull just before another one reached her. She promptly bashed that one in with her shield. A giant swung its club at her over the two fallen trolls, shattering her shield. She stumbled back, recovering from the shock before charging back into the giant and uppercutting her club into the things crotch. It roared in pain for a mere moment before falling to the ground with a resounding crash. Kit let out a small giggle before preparing for the next troll.

Asliendor, having cleared out all of the beasts around him, drew his bow and started firing at fleeing targets. Seeing the slightly distracted ranger, a brigand charged at him only to be cut down by one of my own throwing daggers. I chanced a quick grin at Asliendor before drawing another dagger and continuing my part of the fight.

There were barely any left at this point. Only a single group remained, and with a few quick movements of her hands, Adrienne shot a great fireball through the air and into the oncoming group, incinerating them. She brushed her normally well kept hair out of her face and stepped off her battle raft and onto solid ground. Crhodan and Iceane were quick to follow. They went to work healing our wounds and restocking the potions we had used in the battle,

Once we had adequately restocked, we went out to search for the injured dragon, though with no luck. Iceane started, We could We could head back into the maze.

Asliendor nodded, Were going to have to. We need more information.

We fought our way back to the entrance of the maze only to be directly met with another angry dragon. It was all we could do to dash back to the river. Once again, the dragon sat at the rivers edge snapping at us. We tried to make communicate with it, but it simply replied snorted, I will not lower myself talking to insects. Why do you not take a step forward if you wish to speak so much?

Annoyed, I yell out, We save your own and you repay us by refusing to talk?

Is that it?

We heard wing beats from behind us as the wounded dragon labored to fly to the same side of the river as its kin. It landed and surveyed us, You will leave these woods.

I will not allow you to kill my brethren.

Asliendor growled angrily, We saved your brothers!

Saved them, after you lured them from the safety of the trees.

Look, we realized it was risky, but we needed to discuss things with you.

But we do not want to communicate with you... humans.

And what of when the Alliance is too much for you? When the Twins have invaded your home again? When they claim your ruins and you can do nothing to stop them. Then you will be at our doorstep wishing you would have listened to us.

The little humans have been running around. Running around like fools, in neat little lines. The better to eat them.

You don't know the power of the twins, dragon.

A shadow covered our entire group and we heard the powerful wing beats of what could only be an Ancient Dragon. The Ancient Dragon lowered out of the sky and came to rest in the air a few meters above the water. Such arrogance. To think they can ever be as much as a threat to us. Your kind lost our trust eons ago.

Ignorance and Arrogance 1

I looked up at the dragon, Have we not worked to regain it? Some of us, at least?

Which one of you has not shed Dragon blood?

Which one of you has not shed human blood, Asliendor countered.

And such the war is. And such the war goes on.

But it doesn't have to.

Yelling up to the dragon, I said,And you wish to continue this war? To lose your own? A war between our two races isn't going to help anyone.

Your kind is still attempting to breach into our lair.

It is not us, but the Alliance, the black hand, Asliendor pointed out, We can not account for all humans, but we can promise you on behalf of Mirith.

You are dreading for our help, and yet calling it mutual. What could you possibly bring us that we cannot do ourselves?

You do not see it now.

I am too ancient for mind games, humans.

I shook my head and mumbled to Iceane, And we're the ones being called arrogant. Look, youve seen the trolls and giants come, and the brigands. More will come. More and more until you cant eat another one up. Youll be covered in trolls. Overrun and overpowered by shear numbers. They have magic too! Magic even more powerful than your own. Black magic! What will you do then?

Where you are mistaken little one, is that they are not after us. They are after you.

They attacked you! They almost overwhelmed him, I said as I pointed at the dragon resting on the shore before I whipped around to face him, They attacked you, did they not?!

Here, by the river. Away from the protection of the trees, it snarled at me.

The Ancient Forest Dragon growled to regain our attention, They want to destroy this settlement Ybarra builts ages ago. They want to burn what Elara herself created.

Asliendor sighed, The woods will only protect you from their power for so long.

You are so far from the truth, human. So far and so ignorant. Ybarra was one of your kind. She at least respected us.

I could barley control my voice by now, Then give us something to respect, damnit!

More than a lifetime would be needed to patch your ignorance up. But if you ever do, maybe I shall deem you worthy to talk, and with that the ancient dragon deployed its huge wings and flew off back into the Tree Maze, with the others following behind it.

Asliendor sat down on the ground, Well, that was useless. Back to square one.

And back to Mirith, I added.

We followed the river back down to Mirith, each of us voicing our individual complains along the way. Upon entering Mirith, we found Ciddia waiting for us. She looked at us in surprise as she saw the shape we were all in, You are all out early! I was looking for you but I didnt expect

Ignorance and Arrogance 2

We've had a long night, Asliendor said wearily.

Well, come with me. Perhaps there are some refreshments in the barracks.

She led us to the dining chambers where we all, ravenous, ate our fill. Pie and dragons, I grinned despite myself.

Now, what has happened?

I explained to her what had transpired the past night, along with the formations and strategies of the newly learned trolls. She was genuinely worried and surprised by this news, as well as the news that the alliance had attacked a dragon. The door to the royal chambers creaked open and King Galandir emerged, Greetings, citizens. I hear a great battle was fought today.

I started to repeat my report but he held up a hand, Do not worry Nasrith. I heard it all.

If what you think is true then it will not be long before they decide to strike.

Ciddia interrupted, I should go and speak with the guards at the gates. Ask them to keep an eye out for anything unusual.

Yes, you should warn all the guards. I am sorry to ask it to you, but we lack a guard captain at the moment.

It is never a problem, my King.

After Ciddia had left, Asliendor started, My King, I believe there is someone amongst us who would be a good choice for such a role.

I glanced over at Amere before saying, Amere has shown great courage fighting for Mirith for quite a time now. He has become quite competent, and a good leader as well.

With the Alliance becoming more organized... we should develop our own forces as much as possible, Asliendor added.

Galandir nodded, I require a private talk with my Vanguard

Ignorance and Arrogance 3

Lord Jacob Copioses by draugr on 05 Mar 2009 : 01:30
A Lord makes his first steps onto the stage of politics....

Waking moon Day 163 Afternoon time.

Well today I met an Interesting fellow by the name of Lord Jacob Copioses. He wore black armor with a yellow tunic over it I noticed his rather rare rings one was Platinum and another had the sigils of Immunity, how interesting the uses of this ring elude me Anyways /the man seemed rather friendly but one can never know with Lords and such.

This is the conversation as I remember it I will say he did slip me a diamond, I guess he was trying to buy me for support but hmmm he is young he will learn better If I see this man again I will tell him a few things the people have been wanting in Adris for a long time

(Copioses): Hey

(Morgoth): Hello

(Copioses): er.. I mean Greetings friend.

(Copioses): Fine afternoon.

(Morgoth): *nods*

(Morgoth): hails

(Morgoth): Nice rings.

(Copioses): Oh, erm.. yes.

(Copioses): *Hides fingers*

(Morgoth): Hmm.

(Copioses): Do you hail from this city?

(Morgoth): *nods*

(Copioses): *smiles*

(Copioses): I'm surprised we have not met before then.

(Copioses): Let me introduce myself then.

(Copioses): My name is Jacob.

(Copioses): Jacob Copioses that is.

(Morgoth): *nods* A fine name..

(Copioses): You are? *looks intently*

(Morgoth): *Bows slightly* I am Master Morgoth wizard.

(Copioses): Ahh, a wizard. *smiles*

(Morgoth): May we go to the bank I have some items I need to deposit.

(Copioses): A good profession indeed.

(Morgoth): *nods*

(Copioses): Surely.

(Copioses): Do you...

(Morgoth): One moment Lord.

(Morgoth): Hmm sorry I interrupted you.

(Copioses): I mean have you hard rumors of an election?

(Copioses): I am curious?

(Morgoth): Election?

(Copioses): *nods*

(Morgoth): Of senators?

(Copioses): Perhaps just rumors then. *frowns*

(Morgoth): Hmm maybe.

(Copioses): Yes, I have heard whispers of a Senator retiring.

(Morgoth): I have been rather wrapped up in enchanting.

(Morgoth): Oh?

(Morgoth): Who?

(Copioses): I see.

(Copioses): I am not sure.

(Morgoth): Hmm.

(Copioses): Hmm, well..

(Morgoth): *scratches chin*

(Copioses): Not that I wish anyone ill will...

(Copioses): ... but I would be interested in running of course.

(Morgoth): Hmm. Interesting.

(Copioses): I guess I will wait for the Senate to make up their minds.

(Copioses): We all will.. *fades into a frown*

(Morgoth): A good Idea, or write them perhaps?

(Copioses): Write them?

(Copioses): An idea.

(Copioses): An interesting idea.

(Morgoth): And that is....?

(Copioses): Perhaps it would be viewed presumptuous?

(Copioses): Writing them..?

(Morgoth): Maybe so politics are not my strong suit.

(Copioses): I see.

(Copioses): Well, when the time comes...

(Morgoth): But I have ties to the senate...

(Copioses): ...I hope you remember me.

(Copioses): *winks*

Taken from Copioses: Diamond

(Morgoth): *nods* I shall.

(Morgoth): *grins*

(Copioses): It was nice to meet you.

(Morgoth): *discretely puts gift into pocket*

(Copioses): Have a nice evening enchanting, wizard.

(Morgoth): Aye and you Lord.

(Copioses): Nice to have a new friend.

(Morgoth): *nods*

(Morgoth): Aye.

A Battle Plan Against the Twins by Hania on 03 Mar 2009 : 09:35
Hania and Morgoth were sitting idly by when Lord Rengal walked by with a few guards following him. Hania was interested in what the guards were doing out at that time...

Hania and Morgoth were sitting idely by when Lord Rengal walked by with a few guards following him. Hania was interested in what the guards were doing out at that time. He walked up to the Man of Mirith and quickly saluted him. "Lord Rengal!" The man turned to face Hania, worry was etched across his face. "May I ask you what you are going?" Hania asked eagerly. Annoyed, Rengal said, "Yes, you may." A moment of silence past where Hania waited for Rengal to tell him where he was going the noticed the play on words Rengal had given him. He asked with a grin on his face, "Where are you going sir?"

"I am patrolling the city. It appears to be in order"

Rengal began to turn to leave. Hania stopped him again with another question.

"What is the word about the mercenaries?"

Rengal turned to him again and sighed deeply.

"I have heard nothing of them."

Hania was happy he had stalled the man for a conversation once again.

"I have heard they have allied themselves with the Alliance."

Rengal positioned himself more comfortably seeing that this conversation wouldn't end until Hania had gotten some answers.

"Oh yes, the Alliance. My thoughts have been elsewhere."

Hania sat down cross legged and got ready for the long conversation that was beginning to unfold.

"Where have they been? If I may ask."

"With the Twins themselves. Or at least about them."

Hania's face showed surprise. He had totally forgotten about them.

"Ah, yes. I have heard much about them as well."

Rengal's face became red with anger.

"I have an intense dislike for them."

Quickly, Hania tried to pick his sides wisely so as to not enrage the man any further.

"I hope to help defend against any attack they may have on Oberin. My guild and myself will do what we can to help kill them"

Rengal's face lowered again.

"They must be killed."

His hand slowly balled up into a fist taht shook with rage. He slowly relaxed himself and returned to the conversation as calmy as he could.

"In the past their greatest power has been each other."

Hania and Morgoth both exclaimed.

"So we separate and kill?"

Hania was surprised to hear Morgoth's voice, he had forgotten he was with others. He noticed a crowd beginning to form around Rengal and himself.

"Any attempt to destroy them would do best to attempt to divide them, yes."

Rengal seemed to have not noticed the crowd yet.

"Is there a way to do such a thing?"

"With their modern powers that may be very difficult."

Morgoth answered my question.

"Divide them in mind and location."

Hania thought about this.

"We would need very powerful magic..."

Rengal interrupted the two mages.

"The best way I can think of, though my knowledge of their magicks is little, would be to engineer simultaneous attacks. Perhaps forty of us cannot beat two of them but if twenty can beat one we have a better chance."

"I agree."

Of course Hania agreed, it made perfect sense.

Rengal continued.

"They use magical items and artifacts. Some of the most powerful I am led to believe exist."

"Interesting." Morgoth thought deeply.

"So there is a limit to their power." Marlick exclaimed.

"We can try to separate them from their artifacts." Hania suggested.

The conversation continued throughout the group and Rengal listened.

He continued to say, "Learn their objective, learn what they value. Understand their arrogance. Assume their omniscience." He sounded like he was both talking to himself and to the large group of people that had formed.

"Arrogance is the key."

Through the commotion, Rengal spoke his thoughts.

"Perhaps if they learned of two attacks on their most precious treasures..."

Hania's face lit up at that instant.

"Yes! In two different places! One would go to save one treasure while the other goes to save the other one!"

Morgoth agreed silently.

"They would separate... And we strike."

"The attack would have to be coordinated to happen simultaneously." Nathan's voice came from the ring of spectators. Hania noticed him and smiled warmly to see his old friend there.

"It is a beautiful plan if done correctly" Hania thought aloud.

Rengal continued. "And one attack may have to fail. The object would be to kill one Twin."

"If one must fail for the other to succeed, it would be a greater victory in the long run. Their power of being together would be broken. The other could be killed later."

Nods came from the circle of friends that had grown larger.

"Yes, yes." Rengal's face also showed some hope. He continued his thoughts aloud.

"We have little enough knowledge as it is, far too little to make plans. All I have so far is a strategy."

"First we have to discover what artifacts they love the most."

"It may not be able to be implemented for moons."

"It would take time and secrecy, the work of a rogue."

"A very skilled master rogue." Morgoth broke the back and forth Hania and Rengal were having.

"Maybe a wise choice." Rengal said. "They may overlook a mere physical stealth from a magical. One must learn to use an enemy's own arrogance without falling victim oneself. It is the one weakness that grows with power."

"Wise words indeed." Hania thought.

"A weakness not to be overlooked."

"Especially not in one's own mind." Rengal told Hania.

As many continued to discuss the plan of making it a rogue's business. Hania thought of another way.

"Maybe we can persuade the Twins to tell us of their artifacts. They may tell us because they are arrogant, believing they cannot be stopped, so it is okay to let secrets to become public and hoping to strike fear into our hearts at the same time."

Rengal thought deeply.

"It is possible."

He turned towards the castle. "I must retire now."

Hania sighed deeply. "Of course. I wish you many happy thoughts."

As Rengal walked away he stopped and looked back.

"I will mention what you have said to his Majesty. Farewell, good citizens."

Everyone bid Rengal farewell and quickly dispersed. Leaving Hania and Morgoth at the bank alone once again.

Hania began to whistle and carve a piece of wood as Morgoth chuckled away at his own thoughts.

Lich #7 - Mirith Crypt by Sophina on 10 Feb 2009 : 22:05
Sleeping Moon, Day 146, Year 431

The group of friends were relieved to see the West Gate of Mirith in the distance. It had been a great night full of laughter and hunting - and then the Gapers came along. I had never seen so many Gapers in my young life; wave after wave of them came, exhausting our resources. We finally managed to get away mostly intact and make our way toward that haven of rest that some of us call home - Mirith. Upon arriving in the town (it being quite late), most went off to bed, or about their own business. Having been behind on my crafting for quite some time, I decided to burn the midnight oil and catch up a bit.

My dear friend Danery, who had been away for a while, had just returned. We happily crafted together and caught up on life. I introduced her to my dear Rogue friend, Amelia, and we three chatted away at the bank for a bit. Amelia, being the hard working little rogue that she is, headed for the sewers shortly after this, and reported that there were many Giant Spiders infesting the sewer. Danery and I went to investigate and were nearly overcome! Something very strange was going on in Oberin this night... Danery and I managed to escape with our lives, barely, and headed for the bank through the castle passage. And just then the call came that explained it all - a Lich had been spotted in the crypt in Mirith. The balance of nature was upset once again by these foul abominations.

We sent messengers out to the 4 corners of the land and gathered a force strong enough to rid Mirith of this threat. We formed a plan, got out our silver weapons and holy daggers, and went in. That tricky Lich escaped to the outside, though, and we gave chase. We managed to corner it, and the plates valiantly whacked at it with everything they had, while the clerics *pur*ed and TedU their little hearts out, the Wizards took care of the skeletons... and finally it was vanquished. Exhausted but relieved, I headed back to the castle with the party to report to the King.

When we arrived at the castle, the King had already gone to bed, so we then set our minds on what to do with the Shattered Crystal Skull that Asbjorn had taken from the body of the Lich. Mirith Vanguard already has one in their possession, so after a lengthy discussion, Asbjorn finally agreed to set up a bag game. He did, and so we all took our positions. When he yelled go, we all went for a bag... Having received 7 apples (for which I was very thankful; killing Liches is hungry work), I asked, "Who won?" No one had shouted for joy, or shown any sign of having found the most coveted prize... everyone stood around saying they didn't have it... then we all turned to Asbjorn...

"Did you drop the skull, Asbjorn?" I queried, trying to remain calm and give him the benefit of the doubt. Surely he would never pull such a trick... and think that he would get away with it. He assured us that he had, in fact, dropped it, and then told us that he had been the one to win as well. It seemed quite suspicious to me - why had he not rejoiced at the winning if he had won fair and square? One could surmise from that behavior that it had not been fair and square, but not having any hard evidence, I kept my mouth shut. Not so with others, though - the blood boiled and the anger raged hot, but Asbjorn maintained that he had won fairly.

*sigh* Another Lich vanquished and no closer to the truth.

After this, a group of us went down and took care of the Spiders in the sewer so that the young Rogues could have a place to practice their skills, and then I bid everyone good night... it had been a long day, full of laughter and joy, vanquishing and victory - a day well spent making Oberin a little safer to walk in.
The eviction of the Mercenaries. by ZardusFang on 02 Feb 2009 : 06:46
They took home in our lands, they refused to obide by our laws, So we drove them out. But are we done with them?

One day, of which I do not recall the time or date (As usual), I was awoken up from my hammock near the Marali Vanguard Hall by my wife and fellow Vanagurdian Claire.

"Wake up sweety, we are going to meet the others at mercenary cave" says Claire softly. I then get up and me and her make a fast pace to Marali to gather our gear then dashed thru the woods to get to the Merc cave. I noticed something odd about the place, not a person in sight. So I go to call Claire to come with me inside, but she must of read my mind as she already was going inside the cave. upon going inside the cave I noticed how crowded it was.

The guards and Mother Rees was amongst the Crowd. I also saw Nasrith and Asliendor of Mirith Vangaurd and then my fellow Marali Vanguardians there too. We all nodded in greeting each other. Asliendor weakened the door with his ferocious kicks then when he let Nasrith in, the door was finally opened and we were greeted by a nasty group of bracken. Mercenaries and draco's were there as well but not as much of a concern as the bracken. Me, Asliendor, and Daedra were the first to bust through the door, arrows a flying and not even seconds went by and Daedra fell. After that Asliendor and myself had failed to get rid of the bracks. We eventually with some rough teamwork got the guards through the crowd to kill the bracken. Once we got the the Bracks down, Asliendor, Daedra, and myself were resurrected. Once we all got out Jassen his cleric Rellia and Denreth were waiting for us. Myself with a ring and some wizards attempted to zap Jassen, but Rellia healed him faster then we could zap. Eventually him and and his cohorts started running down a hallway and we battled through the mercenaries, draco's and anything the druid could summon at us. We eventually came upon a broken gate where we thought we cornered them. We had difficulties with Lieutenant Gawr being sucked in by magic or some external force so we were limited to relying on him to battle the draco's and mercenaries defending Jassen and his group. Once we managed to get through the gate we had to fight another set of bracken. In time we diminished Jassen's army and the druids creatures.

They managed to get down the ladder to the library. They escaped through a hole that we could not get into. There were three or four chests, some bracken seeds that could not be picked up, and a note with flowers for Commander Vaup I would assume. We all went to a debriefing at Marali Castle, and Lieutenant Gawr thanked all of those who helped us.
The Centaurs Return to the Surface by Nedved on 31 Jan 2009 : 08:38
Walk up to the bank after returning from the Vanguard hall, I noticed a foul smell. He was dressed in a red shirt and leather pants. Not until I saw the ring on his finger did I suspect anything. I look across the bank and a man was leaning against the wall with his hands held outward as people walked by. As he held out his hands, I could see the ring glisten in the morning light. It was a Mana Ring, I knew this was not a mere man begging for gold.

When the man left for the castle, I followed him, as did a few others. Mattias was refusing to speak with a man with such a bad stench, but as the man let down his hood, he, Cecil, was warmly welcomed. Mattias quickly apologized and left to find Nafets. Commander Ciddia Tigg arrived as Mattias was leaving.

Not long after, Nafets and then Beleth arrived. Cecil needed to speak with Beleth about a spell that he had found in the Tome of the Lost. A spell that would help them find Tirana, the traitor. Cecil explained, "We must seek those older than the volcano. Only the Centaurs can help me...help us."

With this, Beleth, Ciddia, Cecil, the King's Vanguard and many others, set out to the Centaur's cave. Upon our arrival, Cecil warned us to stay behind him. Besides Cecil, the rest of us were strangers to them, and he did not want to alarm the Centaurs.

Cecil yelled out, "Friends, Centaurs!"

A few moments later, a response was heard...

Niraeth? Guardian? Is it you, Guardian?

Cecil again, yelled out, "Please, we seek your guidance. It is me.

But if the Guardian seeks our help, then we shall let him enter our home.

You and your friends may pass.

With this, Cecil again cautioned us as we entered the cave, "Please remember to remain behind us."

Not long after we entered the cave, the Elder Centaur that had greeted us took Cecil deeper into their cave. The wise Centaur told Cecil, "There is no need to trouble these minds."

As they departed, Beleth shouted, "No, wait!" As he stepped forward, a massive fireball flew across the room and blocked Beleth off from us. The traitor and the twins appeared. Beleth seemed to grow weaker in their presence. Not long after they arrived, it seemed as though the twins were against Tirana. This soon became apparent. First Rasha killed one of the centaurs and took its power. Then Varsha did the same. With all three of them distracted, Beleth was able to crawl past the fire back to us.

Tirana ran farther into the cave, Amere and I close on her tail. With one bolt from my ring, she almost died right there. However, she hid and got away. Tirana sent numerous fire elementals after us, in her first wave. Then added Rust Beasts, Poison Elementals, Red Dracos and Stone Golems, in numerous other waves. One by one we took them out and eventually caught back up with the King's Sister. She had cast a spell on her, we could not hurt her. After a few more waves of mostly Fire Elementals, she disappeared. Beleth could still sense her and sent Captain Tigg after her. He planned to send more of us, but he lost her. He tried time and time again to relocate her, but failed each time. Ciddia was lost.

As the battle came to a close, the Centaurs returned. The Elder Centaur had decided to return to the surface and talk with the human Elders...We left the cave, and set out for Mirith.

King Galinder joined us all, soon after we arrived, Amere gave him the outiline of what happened. After hearing Ciddia was missing, he ordered Beleth to use his magic to search for him. Beleth said, "I tried so many times." Galinder then ordered Beleth to try again. Beleth agreed.

* Mora *

* Mora *

* Mora Olsa *

* Elarum Mora Errarum *

* Mora Olsa *

Beleth then shook his head, as if all hope was lost. But a few moments later, he exlaimed, "Wait!"

* Mora Olsa *

"It's her! It's Tigg!"

"She's wounded but.. She is fine..."

"She is..."

"She is... In Mirith?"

With that, Ciddia walked in the castle, up to where King Galinder stood, and dropped a severed female head. Tirana is dead. Ciddia explained how she had defeated Tirana: "She was weakened, from all of the spells she had cast. She had some sort of foul magic. I chased her...I chased her a long, long time. I have done my duty."

Galandir reminded us of his promise, "I pledged that whoever killed Tirana would become the Royal Guard of Mirith." And with that, Ciddia became the Royal Guard of Mirith. Beleth was also appointed as a Royal Mage, directly after Ciddia was given her position.

King Galandir has given the Centaurs his protection. With this, myself, the citizens of Mirith and the Mirith Vanguard will protect the Centaurs at all costs. Cecil, Guardian of the Centaurs is currently residing in the Mirith Castle. Speaking to the the Elder Centaur, Galinder said, "Consider the castle yours."

Also, a Pure Crystal Ring was found on the finger of the Tirana, as a token of the King's gratitude, the King gave it to the Mirith Vanguard. I, Nedved the Second, will be giving it to one of our mages to be tested to see what it can be used for. This day has been both a great day for Mirith and for all of Oberin.
Dragons Rage, Black Roses, and an Agreement for Life by Lenard on 25 Jan 2009 : 10:54
Day 185 of the fighting moon, year 431. I awake in the city of Lerilin to the loud chattering of many buzzing outside. I hear something about a Dragon, so I deside to go and see what is happening. I approach a group of people talking. I hear the name of my Lead fighter, mentioned, so i listen carefully to see what Kanos is up to. My eyes widen with surprise at the mention of an Ancient Forest Dragon. I listened closer just to discover they didn't know anything but the dragon looking for Kanos. At this, I gathered my things and hit the road to my hall. I ran all the way there, in fear that the Guards might be dead and the hall burning. i arrive there, and see everything is intact and in order. I let out a sigh of releaf and greet the guards. They hand me a note scribed by the cleric Abby. It was written in a nevus hand, and a few tear drops stained into it. the note explained everything. I stood against the wall reading, when my guards spoke.

(Guard): What are our orders regarding the dragons, sir?

I quickly finish the letter, and stepped forward to address my guards.

(Lenard): There is an angry dragon about. It appears Kanos, your trainer, has upset it.

(Guard 1): Kill or leave at peace?

(Guard 2): *mutters* Dragons... aw man.

(Lenard): If it comes here, tell it that I wish to speak with it. I plan to attempt to talk with it.

(Lenard): Only attack if it does first.

(Lenard): It appears it is mad due to Kanos and others hunting Dragons. So, leave the Dragon be as long as it leaves us, and the hall alone.I do not see the Dragon a threat. Kanos has not been to the hall sense, and has been instructed not to until this is taken care of.

At this point, I hear a loud sound that could only be the flapping of a dragons wings. Surly enough, the Ancient Forest Dragon landed in the area outside our hall, and walked up the the entrance.

(Lenard): Greetings.

(Ancient Forest Dragon): Greetings, human.

It walked into the hall, ducking under the gate, barely making it in. Each step loud and earthshaking. It was much larger then the other dragons I had seen. Its eyes seemed to contain the secrets to the universe. Not to wast this wonderful creatures time and shorten mine, I began the conversation.

(Lenard): I understand you are upset with a member of my guild.

(Ancient Forest Dragon): You are the master of the man named Kanos?

(Lenard): I lead this guild, but i do not instruct Kanos, he is a free man.

(Ancient Forest Dragon): He is one of yours?

(Lenard): A member, yes. But he has not been here.

(Ancient Forest Dragon): Do you deny his actions?

(Lenard): Deny? What do you mean?

(Ancient Forest Dragon): Does he act by your wishes?

(Lenard): He is a member of this guild. He trains our guards, and leads our travels, but he acts on his own.

(Ancient Forest Dragon): Then deny him! Absent him from yourself.

(Lenard): You mean remove him from the guild?

(Ancient Forest Dragon): If he does not act on your orders then leave him to the cold whims of death. Lest your whole guild be held for his despicable actions.

(Lenard): He had no orders, what he did was in his free time.

(Ancient Forest Dragon): Then your guild condones him?

(Lenard): You mean his hunting of Dragons?

(Ancient Forest Dragon): All his actions Including the destruction of my kind.

(Lenard): My guild wishes to live in peace with the Dragons, work with them.

(Ancient Forest Dragon): Then you will deny this Kanos.

(Lenard): I will punish his actions, but I will not remove him from our rankings.

(Ancient Forest Dragon): What punishment shall you make?

(Lenard): Well, I was hoping that you and I could come to an agreement on that matter. You wish for his death?

(Ancient Forest Dragon): His death would do little to appease us, but it would show you are not enemies all.

At this point, two of our guild druids show up. Second in command and High druid, Lionessa, and Mathais.

(Lionessa): greetings ancient one

(Ancient Forest Dragon): Greetings, druid.

(Mathias): Greetings Ancient

(Ancient Forest Dragon): Other druid.

(Mathias): What brings you in this neck of the woods

(Ancient Forest Dragon): The Dragonfoe Kanos.

(Lenard): Is death really the way to go? Think about it. Blood for blood, if dragons and humans are to live in peace

(Ancient Forest Dragon): We know you have resurrection. His complete destruction will appease.

(Lenard): we must stop all death in between us.

(Ancient Forest Dragon): Destruction of body and spirit! But you will not grant this.

(Lionessa): We are a peaceful guild, we do not sanction violence.

(Ancient Forest Dragon): Except your fool. Who demands it!

Desperate to save the spirit of my guildmate, and my friend, I quickly try to think up a deal.

(Lenard): Dragon, what if i could get you a dragon egg. I know a human with one.

(Ancient Forest Dragon): An egg of my kind?

(Lenard): Of what kind, I do not know.

(Ancient Forest Dragon): Who holds my brood's child? Even if it were so...

(Lenard): It is in good care, a druid has the egg.

(Ancient Forest Dragon): Your Kanos remains!

(Lenard): The egg might be an Ice dragon egg.

(Ancient Forest Dragon): I have aided the Ice Brood already. My care now is for my own children. And that requires the destruction of this Kanos.

Doing what he can to help, Mathias tried to talk to the dragon.

(Mathias): Ancient, it has been many moons since Druids tamed your kind, we made peace long ago. If you kill Kanos, humans will continue to rage against you dragons with a passion.

(Ancient Forest Dragon): Thousands of years! You have no concept of the times involved. Long before your kind fled to Haven. Long before Kinsul readied his magics. Only the Timeless remains from those days

(Mathias): those times have long ended, but an all out war will help neither of us.

(Lionessa): agreed, this can only anger other fighters in this world

(Ancient Forest Dragon): It would end your domination of this world.

(Mathias): I don't feel we truly dominate this world, Ancient

Another Druid of the guild, Calicas, appears at this time.

(Calicas): Greetings, Dragon

(Lenard): If I can get Kanos to admit he was wrong, and swear that he will not kill another dragon Would you spare his soul?

At the mention of this agreement, the beautiful creature bolted out a very strange laugh that sent even the wolves in hiding. Then, reaching out with one of his massive claws, he very gently pokes me. I was surprised at how carefull the Dragon was. Its amount of restraint, considering it could have easily riped a hold into my chest, killing me.

(Ancient Forest Dragon): Make him do that and stand by it and I will be impressed, little human. Make him subservient to your will. Make him grovel before our kind.

(Mathias): so we should grant the dragon one duel versus kanos?

It laughed again, raddling the windows, and putting out the candles and torches.

(Calicas): I'm afraid he may be too stubborn to merely submit

(Lenard): If he does this, will you spare him?

(Ancient Forest Dragon): He may be spared.

(Mathias): A Dragon is only as good as his word...

(Ancient Forest Dragon): But if I see one of you so much as make one attack upon one of my draco children Especially that Kanos You will pay such a price as has not been seen since the Second Age!

(Mathias): Ancient, that is unreasonable. Your draco children attack me regularly in my travels!

(Calicas): Mm. I cannot promise that I will not defend myself and my companions

(Lionessa): Yes, we must be able to defend ourselves.

(Ancient Forest Dragon): I have said those without the maze walls are acting for themselves. Anything within, and to the north of Gohoran ... That is an attack on me! Enter the Maze itself and you have doomed yourselves thrice over. Enter the ruins within...

(Mathias): Yes sir.. ma'am .. err

(Lenard): Ok, you wish us to stay out of the tree maze, not attack any dragons, and want Kanos to apologize?

(Calicas): Surely, though, we cannot speak for those of us who are not here?

(Ancient Forest Dragon): Kanos will swear what you have offered. And I will be watching him.

(Calicas): We are a guild of equals, not a dictatorship

(Ancient Forest Dragon): You may fight those outside the maze and area. He will be punished for any attack on a draco of my kind I see.

(Lenard): I will inform him.

At that, this wonderful being of power and knowledge wasted no time. It squeezed out the gate, and took flight right away. bending the trees and nearly knocking us down with the gusts of wind. A few wondering travelers say this graceful dragon take off from our hall, and ran over to see what had happened. After a few quick words, I instructed the guild to give them food and ale, while i sat down, and spilled my memories into this parchment. Now, with history carefully written down. i must seek out Kanos. This may very well be his last hope for survival, and human kinds last chance to have peace with the dragons.
Dragonkin by Nasrith on 17 Jan 2009 : 18:27
92nd day of the 431st Fighting Moon

The Ice Dragon Egg is finally returned to it's own kind, and we learn that dragon's are not quite as simplistic or simple minded as some may have believed.We gathered around the entrance to the Mirith Vanguard Guild Hall. Some of us sat, and others stood around a giant white, almost crystal egg. It was an egg of an Ancient Ice Dragon, and many of us stared at it intently. It had already been decided that it would be returned, but it was not quite clear to any of us how this would be done. Suddenly, we heard a roaring in the distance. A dark green dot was visible in the sky, and as it came closer, it was recognizable as a dragon. A big one. With another roar, it landed in the midst of our little grouping, towering over each and every one of us.

It surveyed us all before uttering a low growl, Humans. You have the egg of our kin.

We all glanced at the cold, white egg lying on the ground.

Move humans, and the Ancient Forest Dragon glided over to the egg, quite gracefully so for its size.

You will return it. You will return it to those who bore it.

I looked at it, The Ice Dragons?

Yes, it said with a snort of annoyance.

Do not enter their home. You must leave it on the snowy island. They will know you are coming. You will not allow the egg to come to harm, it paused again before saying, There were humans slaying my broods again. You will stop them, or I shall.

Amere looked up at it, Who was it?

Small short-lived creatures with little to differentiate between. My kin they slew did not provide a description.

I took a deep breath before announcing, I shall put out a notice in Mirith. I can not stop any other cities from killing dragons, but I will do my best here none the less.

You had best pray to your Goddess that is good enough for me. Now be away and do as you were bid.

The dragon roared again as it took off, as if to remind us who we were dealing with. As if we didnt already know.

Amere took the egg and put it in his pack. Our group entered the Guild Hall to prepare for the journey to the frozen islands. In mere minutes we were traveling along the roads towards Duldrus and eventually the Ice Dungeon.

Finally, we all arrived at the entrance to the Ice Dungeon. Amere took out the egg from his pack. He had barely laid it down when a fireball struck the ground only feet from him, thawing the ice and snow that covered the rocky ground. Two red dragons floated above us, flapping their wings in the cold afternoon air. One of them was severely wounded, and looked as if it was having a hard time staying in the air. The other one looked down on us and roared, Humans! There shall be no peace, and it whipped its tail into Amere, slamming him against the rocks and rendering him momentarily unconscious.

The two red dragons snapped at us with their jaws, Murderers! Puny Humans!

A great roar came from the depths of the Ice Dungeon, just before the biggest Ice Dragon I had ever laid eyes upon erupted from the Ice Dungeon. It switched its gaze between the two red dragons before settling on the uninjured one, What is the meaning?

The red dragon glowered at the Ancient Ice Dragon. There shall be no peace! War must be brought to the humans! There will be no peace with these... things.

The Ice Dragon shook its head, Red brood Stirring conflict again?

War is coming! It must come! The humans will continue to pillage and murder!

Leave the little creatures alone.

War is coming, blood will spill red on the ground. The rest of you are fools if you believe this petty sign will mark a change.

I will make you leave, red brood!

They do not wish peace with us!

The Ancient Ice Dragon shot through the air at the wounded red dragon, and clamped its mouth around the red dragons throat. It tore it out in one swift motion before throwing the mutilated red dragon into the ocean. The Ice Dragon turned its head towards the one remaining red dragon and let out a low growl.

They have murdered our kind too long!

You have a few human seconds before you meet the same fate.

We are not finished, were the red dragons last words before flying off into the light of the lowering sun.

By this time, Amere had reawakened, and he looked up at the Ice Dragon in awe, We cannot thank you enough

The egg, you brought the egg?

Aye, and Amere motioned towards the still unharmed egg lying in a pile of snow.

The Dragon landed softly next to the egg, and picked it up in one cradled paw, holding it close to its breast. It hopped over to the entrance of the Ice Dungeon, and just before diving into its depths, turned its long neck and head back towards us, Be glad you live humans.

Many of us stood there long after the dragon had disappeared, trying to fully understand what had just happened. Slowly, we trickled back into the boat and set out for the Duldrus docks, and eventually back home to Mirith. I stared over the boats railing and back towards the frozen island wondering to myself if the Ice Dragons last words had been a threat, or its own odd way of thanking us.

The Crystal Skull, Beleth, and Marthonis by Amere on 04 Jan 2009 : 01:47
As you walk up to the local bulletin board, you find a note set right next to Elsbeta Balloc's and Cyric's, you notice as you begin to read that it also involves Murlas and the Crystal skull, but also one more person you wouldn't expect, Marthonis.One day while gladly making mace, after mace, after mace, at The Dragon's Breath Forge, the local Blacksmith in Mirith, I got a note from Nedved II, it was that Captain Ciddia Tigg, Sir Beleth, Iceane, Nedved II, and Teleco were in the common area of the Castle talking. So I quickly dropped all my maces, deposited my ingots and boards in the Mirith Bank, and sprinted to the Castle, mainly because I haven't seen Sir Beleth in many, many moons. As I arrived I nodded to everyone, Mattias included.

As the conversation went on, I realized we were talking about the Crystal Skull, the most valuable item Murlas, the Royal Auctioneer, was going to auction off, then after that, I realized that it was Teleco that obtained the very powerful item, as Beleth said, that could bring the deceased back to life, as someone asked, even Zexe or make dragons, none the less black dragons bow to the will of a black magician that knew how to use it! Hmm, imagine that, being able to have a black dragon for a pet! I know not only druids are dreaming about that as they're reading, anyways, back to the important stuff.

As time went on I noticed Shua, Tuck, Adrienne, Ogma, and Garion eventually joined the chat, we all greeted them as they arrived.

Eventually, we discussed what he would do with such an item, He had his mind set that he would keep it, and make sure it would not be used for evil. Good for him to have such hope while holding such a rye item in his grasp. As we continued to talk about it, the same argument kept coming up, how would he protect himself, because we knew all the black magic users would want it.

As time passed Beleth realized another presence in the room, as he talked, he casted a few black magic spells, As he talked we all formed a solid shield around Teleco and protected him. With the spells Beleth casted he could now see who it was, the person he was talking to said that he would only reveal himself if all of us sheathed our weapons. So we all did, and Beleth asked if he was still scared, and he revealed himself, the other presence turned out to be none other than the infamous Marthonis, as I saw him I jumped back a little, as I think all of us did, excluding Beleth and Ciddia.

Marthonis started the conversation off if he heard the news about Seth, then they started talking, Beleth eventually said he knew why Marthonis was there, for the Crystal Skull, then Beleth called him a lucky Brigand Mage, and he responded asking if a man's origins define him. They continued talking like this until this caught all of our attention:

(Beleth): Knowledge is important, Marthonis.

(Marthonis): Oh yes.

(Beleth): You have much more research to do.

(Marthonis): Of course.

(Marthonis): There is one interesting source of knowledge I have.

Beleth): Is there now.

(Marthonis): You might be interested to speak with him.

Beleth): *stares*

(Marthonis): I am sure you would be 'possessed' of a desire to if you met him.

(Iceane): *feels scar*

(Ciddia Tigg): *puts hand on sword* That's enough.

(Beleth): Is that what you intended to use the skull for?

Marthonis): You will have to wait and see, Sir Beleth.

(Ciddia Tigg): Get out. Get out of this castle.

(Beleth): Bring back an old Black Artist? Is that what you want?

(Marthonis): I have nearly finished work on the second. A superior piece to the one I lost.

(Marthonis): Very well, Captain.

Beleth): Is the world a mere toy for you?

(Marthonis): Farewell Beleth.

Marthonis): I have enjoyed this conversation.

(Marthonis): By your leave?

(Beleth): Be careful Marthonis.

Beleth): Be very careful.

(Marthonis): I always am.

(Marthonis): Good morning.

After that we talked about how important it was for him to make sure the skull was safe, because he felt Marthonis wanted to resurrect an old black magician, which would be very bad, because a black magician that has returned from the dead would have no limit with his spells.

Then for what we did to Teleco I feel kind of bad for doing, but we griefed him, asking if he could live with himself if he lost the artifact, but he still had hope, he was destine to use it for good, but we asked him how he would protect it, that he would need an army to guard him, and wards to keep black magicians away, Eventually he realized he couldn't protect it all alone, so we offered to take it and seal it within the Mirith Vaults, to let it never again see sunlight that graces Oberin's lands, adding that the Mirith Vaults are the only Vaults that have never been broken into. Eventually he gave the artifact to Beleth, and with much relief, Beleth took it for it to be put into the Vaults, where it remains today.


Amere, fighter of the Mirith Vanguard.