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Another Sacrifice - Interrupted by Shayde on 19 Dec 2009 : 18:39

Day 28 of the Dancing Moon, Year 433

More and more frequently we find ourselves facing hordes of undead in greater numbers with increasing powers. This is the second time recently that those undead were seemingly defending a fresh grave topped with a magic rune. However, this time we arrived in time to interrupt the ceremony and encountered the one preparing to perform his dark magic....

A dark figure is seen near Mirith's Cemetery before the ground erupts with undead.

The young boy came running into the Mirith bank where I was preparing my daggers for the evening hunt. The boy must have raced to town as fast as he could run, and was so panicked that he hardly managed to catch a breath before stammering out his message, his voice shaking with fear.
A dark figure and the ground erupting with undead? This was serious, and nobody was around!! I quickly summoned the bank guard and bid him to send his fastest messengers throughout Mirith and into the surrounding forests. We needed help - and as much of it as they could find. I had been involved in fighting some recent uprisings of undead at the Lerilin cemetery, and the boy's description of what he had just witnessed sounded eerily similar to what I remembered of those events. I smelled blood in the air and shivered.

I reached in the bank vault for my silver dagger and heard Amor, Crom, Angelica and Anx come running in and start grabbing their supplies as well. I sighed in relief and told them what the messenger had described to me. We knew we didn't have enough people to last long, but had to at least keep the growing numbers of undead from overflowing into the forest. We could only hope that the messengers from Mirith would manage to find us reinforcements before we got overrun.

As we approached the cemetery, I saw some zombies approaching from behind in an attempted ambush. As I stabbed the first one in the back, a bolt finished it off. There was my guild mate Siegal, right on time as always. We quickly finished the other zombies off and joined up with the others again. The battle began outside the gates of the cemetery, as the inside was filled wall to wall with undead. It was fierce and exhausting work, but this group had fought together before and instinctively fell into place, combining our skills to best effect. Even so, we were getting exhausted fast and were very happy when Sophina, Memna and Alva Eir appeared like angels and seamlessly joined our ranks.

Our relief was short lived, however. I saw Crom go down on one side of me, and more Bone Mages coming to the front line of the battle. From behind them I heard a voice yelling "Get away! Die!". Looking over I wondered how anyone could be alive in that mess, and if so, how could I reach them to help. I was mistaken though, for shortly after, a man appeared behind the Bone Mages and howled out an order "Take their souls!!!!". Oh dear, this one didn't need my help - he needed killing. And if he was ordering the Bone Mages, then who and what was he? I managed to get close enough unseen to get a good look, and suddenly realized that I was looking at a Crazed Acolyte! An Acolyte who was not only crazed, but had powerful magic too, as I discovered when he saw me attempting to avoid his notice and caused a great fireball to fill my vision.....until all went gray.

Fortunately the grayness didn't last long, and I was out of the battle for only a couple of minutes - thank you Angie. Crom was also back on his feet and we regrouped and moved inside the cemetery to take care of this business. With the Crazed Acolyte summoning Bone Mages to his aid, things got really crazy really fast. At some point Ikabi joined our dear clerics and Rael and Divad came to assist in the battle as well.

After saying to us "You all may have disrupted the ceremony but I will continue my plans!", the Acolyte announced it's intent to escape, and sent another wave of undead at us. That wave included 5 bone mages who lined up in a row to attack. Much to my shock, they all had the same target, and that target was me!!! Despite everyone's best efforts to distract them, they would not be swayed. With disorientation making me out of reach of clerics, I drank potions like a fish, but that much magic was just too much for this rogue to handle. So I died. I said hello to the ghosts of Rael and Divad who were nearby, and was then resurrected again to rejoin the fight.

As I came back to life, the presence of the Acolyte faded away...he did manage his escape after all. He also left a final wave of undead to keep us from pursuing him, and it worked. We ended the battle by defeating the undead, but the Crazed Acolyte had vanished into the night. What we discovered then was perhaps more disturbing than anything yet. There was a fresh grave with a magic rune on it, as well as a note. That note had been scribbled hastily said only said: "Should this work, use the items in the chest and find me".

Well, this was interesting, but puzzling as well. The items in the chest were:

Carving knife, GM Dagger of Speed, Silver Glaive, Long Bow of Speed, Spear of Speed, Flaming Sword, Battle Axe of Power, 2 Silver Hand Axes, Black RoP, 3 Black RoR's, and a Brown RoP.

The only things that I could see as clues were the carving knife and the flaming sword - they didn't fit in with the rest. But I am hoping that someone may be able to see something in this that I don't.

I am sure this is not the last we will see of the Crazed Acolyte. There are questions we must get answers to if we are going to stop him. If anyone has any thoughts or answers on these topics, please leave them on the attached parchment and I will come and collect any replies regularly.

~ Who is he devoted to?

~ Could Marthonis be involved?

~ Was the recent sacrifice and uprising in Lerilin related to this one? The graves and runes were the same - I saw them both.

~ What is he actually attempting accomplish with his dark magic, using these runes and sacrifices?

~ Who wrote the note and how could the chest items be used to find them?

~ Also, there was an incident recently in Lerilin Cemetery where a note was left. I was not able to make it there, and all I heard was that it mentioned a crown. Was that a reference to Mirith and a foreshadowing of this event? If so, what else might we have missed?

Any information that anyone has would be appreciated. We must prepare for what is to come, and a clue as to where this might happen next would be the most help.

In all urgency,

Shayde, Shadowalker

A Cavalier Knight

A letter to King Galandir and Mayor Palmer by Daedra on 09 Aug 2009 : 22:46
I have little to tell, but much to worry about.Fighting moon is a time for, well fighting. And so the Mercs employed by a person known only as -F have embraced this spirit in the most wrongful of ways. A merc camp was discovered south of Mirith, right next to the river. But, to tell you this I must digress.

Tyler, a young but skillful cleric, came running to the Mirith bank. I, Katiya, sat on the steps listening to the chatter and trying to think of what to do on such a breezy night. I looked up fairly started when I heard Tyler screaming for someone to help and ranting on about mercs outside the town. Without delay I and the other good people at the bank sprung into action at tylers request. Antonius, Neblin, Corgi, Len Ben Mikal, and I all rushed out to Qe Tagh who was holding off a lone Merc. After a brief struggle the merc was overcome by the might of the group. Being the ranger of the bunch I asked tyler to lead me to where the merc was first spotted and proceeded to track the direction in which he came from. After a bit of searching we all happened upon the merc camp, where there was a small temporary shelter built. It did not take long for the lot to dispatch the hated mercs. After the battle was won I had looted the little chest they had left and divided the loot between us all. Heike showed up and opted to send a letter to her friend Helga back in Lerilin, asking her to search for any signs of the Mercs. Corgi also made her way to the little village of Lerilin to aid in her search.

Not much was found for hours. In the morning light I traveled into the Kings Castle, in the hopes that he might come out of his chambers and allow me to report the happenings to him. But, even with Sumac pleading and knocking on the door King Galandir refused to so much as answer us. At that I have decided that King Galandir cares not for Mirith. If he wishes to right this betrayal to his city then he must show himself. King Galandir is a false king otherwise.

Mayor Palmer, I hope to find out from you soon as to why these mercs are searching for you and where you have hidden so that we may better protect you. We have much to discuss Galandir and Palmer. I wish to see you both.

*at the end of the letter a name is scrawled*

Katiya, Niece of Daedra
A Letter to the Mayor of Lerilin - The repelled attack by Danery on 06 Aug 2009 : 09:18
Year 432

Day 94

Aethyx and I were just finishing a hearty meal at the guildhall when a post was delivered. It described the chaotic scene of a Lerilin invasion. The guards and citizens were being slaughtered and the town was being set to the torch. We immediately sprang from our chairs and portaled to the small fishing village.

As we entered the town, a trail of blood and bodies was strewn across the gate. The sound of steel parting flesh and battle cries could be heard from the southeast. As we neared, wave after wave of brigands were attacking. The guards appeared to have perished in the surprise attack and town was left to be defended by the few brave souls that remained.

Aethyx and I reinforced the defensive line of Clarnak, Fuoco, Antoninus, Heike, Shadran, Daesyl, Eliriel, Erukanstar and Nilel. As more and more reinforcements arrived, we were able to eventually push them back and start gaining ground. It was a long bloody battle and many lost their lives, but we were able to overcome and halt the invasion. Once the brigands began to lose ground, they began to torch many of the buildings.

The entire town pulled together. Those with buckets started a brigade shuffling water from the docks while others smothered the flames with their robes or dirt.

After searching all the corpuses, we found a note on their leader. It read: Kill the entire town, that mayor has it coming. F

We all returned to the bank bloody and bruised. While many dressed their wounds and sharpened their swords, Daesyl split what loot we gained.

Mayor Palmer, I wanted to advise you of this serious threat against you and offer aid. If you need the assistance of myself or any member of the CA, be sure to call.

Claire by Nasrith on 25 Jun 2009 : 13:19
47th day of the Lucky Moon in the year 432. Mirith Library.

I opened the door of the Mirith Library. Contrary to popular belief, I do have some more upstanding hobbies, one of which is reading. The first book I saw was not, however on any of the shelves, and was instead laying open on a desk. Curiosity got the best of me, and I moved over to have a look, regardless of whether or not it was mine to read. I slipped into the chair and lay my arms on the table. The book was open to a certain page, and I couldnt help but indulge myself in the well-penned writing.

From Rats to Void Images to lying Insanities

Moons ago, the sewers of Andris were invaded by rats and gooeys. A magical rat summoned the beasts in dozens. I happened to be in Andris at the time and helped to put an end to the plague. On one rat we found a moldy book and a jar. Daesyl gave me the moldy book for my studies. I never found out what the book was about. It didn't even remotely look like any other languages I had studied or stumbled upon, yet it seemed so familiar to me.

I was snoozing at the bank of Marali when he came to take it from me. Only Jade's cry of astonishment startled me out of my sleep. She was talking very quickly and it was hard for me to grasp a word. "Useless," I heard him say before he vanished. A mage, dressed in purple. And all of sudden, he was gone. A void image! I shaked the words out of Jade.

"She does not have it. Tell me who does. Useless." It. I was thunderstruck. How did they know? How did they get in here? Where did I put it? Cassandra. I gave it to Cassandra the night before. If the Void was looking for the book, she was in great danger. There was just one way to keep her safe: Take the book from her. I looked up and cast a glance at a red-robed figure.

(Claire): They want the book!

(Cassandra): Which book?

(Claire): The one I gave you.

(Cassandra): There is no book anymore.

I stopped breathing. Where did the beat of my heart go? And then I passed out. I was in such a state of shock, I can't remember a thing.

Later on, I found myself back at the bank, alone with Danery. I felt an overwhelming presence all around me. I tried to find its origine, but there was nobody else. Only the two of us.

"This one has the stench." - "Burn everything that is dear to her."

I looked at Danery, but she was entirely focusing on her woodcrafting. The feeling washed away, let me there all on my own. Confusion isn't even a word to describe my state of mind. The ranger beside me clearly hadn't heard anything, and we were surely alone. Knowing the ranger's hearing, I sensed something was utterly wrong. I didn't dare to say it out loud. Was I hearing voices? I was exceedingly alarmed.

When Cassandra came in, she tried to reason me. She would protect me, she said. But this time, it didn't give me the usual feeling of safety. She wouldn't be able to shelter me. I was feeling the urge to protect her. Not only her, all of them.

It had begun. We heard screams coming from the North gate, and I could tell all of us did. I won't forget the look on their faces. And the look on my face, reflecting in a pool of blood. Five of Marali's bravest men - dead. Murdered. I muttered a prayer.

Meredith beside me was getting nervous, people were gathering around, not certain about what they should do. None of us knew who or what had attacked Marali. With the fall of rain, burned trees appeared. Black as the ash I keep for my wizard. It was a message, they would burn everything dear to me. I wanted to tell the voices in my head, I didn't have it anymore! It was gone, she had told me!

(Claire): I don't have it!

(Kwesyther): Have what?

(Cassandra): It has been destroyed.

(Claire): Their damn book. She lies. I don't have it anymore. She who calls herself your best friend lies to you. What! Why would she? She has no use for it! Does she? Cass? Do you? Doubts.

(Cassandra): What?

(Claire): Where is it?

(Cassandra): Burnt, and dissolved in the green waters of the sewer.

She lies. Such a demonstration of friendship.

(Claire): You lie.

That is when it became clear to me: I would have to obey the voice, and I knew it was the right thing to do. But they wouldn't, wouldn't understand. I did not know who he was, softly in my head, and I knew they would mistrust, fear him till death. I had merely a few seconds to decide on what to do. Would I be to die, it would be easier for all of them to believe I had gone mad. Would I be to live, my friends would rather understand me being possessed than blindly following a voice in my head.

On the other hand, they would burn everything dear to me. Could I protect those who are dear to me by making them hate me? It was worth a try. I did and said terrible things that night, especially to the ones I love the most, but it was necessary. Maybe they shall forgive me someday.

I needed to take the book from Cassandra. She wasn't safe with it. But her anger was growing and each word she spoke was a thrust into my heart. I would stay strong, no matter how much I would have to suffer.

I followed her inside the bank, but as soon as I smelled smoke, I rushed outside. Cassandra didn't burn it, but had given it to Kwesyther, and the Blue Wizard was burning it now! This was the end, I had failed. Or had I? Cyric went after me to tell me the book wouldn't burn. Of course. It was protected by spells. They had tried to take it, but it wouldn't let them come close to it - luckily.

Thinking about it now, I hope I didn't scare them too much. I sounded rather insane, and it took me some guts to scream as I did. But seeing the reactions of my friends scared me more. Many were taking out their daggers and swords. The air was crackling, and I feared to be bolted by one of the many wizards. Especially Kwesyther, who I knew as calm and staidly, was being violent, threatening to kill me. Lenne alone tried to soothe them, bless her.

Suddenly the riot around me seemed so far away. I felt dizzy by his presence in my mind. He was talking to me again.

You need rest young cleric. This realm I can not visit you in...

... But the other, I shall.

I did not understand these words at first. In this realm? What was his realm? Maybe I could find him in Mirith! I would pass through the rift if I had to get to him! Yet, he had left me again. I recognized the ranger's voice. Danery. She proposed that I could lead them to him. I had of course no idea where I was going to, but it was into the direction of the closest realm I knew.

Marthonis The Scholar

* Mora Olsa Preldian *

They weren't part of the plan. Kwesyther seemed to regain his senses and stood between the Bone Lord and I. Of course Marthonis would want the book. It had to be 'studied' as they said. Studied? Bah. He probably would use it for his nasty business.

(Bone Lord): This book is required.

(Claire): You're not the one I'm looking for.

(Kwesyther): State your business and begone.

(Bone Lord): My business is the book.

(Kwesyther): As it is mine.

(Kwesyther): We'll have to fight over it.

(Bone Lord): I am aware of you.

(Kwesyther): I would not mind if you take it from Claire if you would. You see, I hate killing my comrades.

Had he been killing comrades before? I was slightly confused. Was he protecting me or was he protecting the book? Was he trying to get me killed, or was he saving me? I'd have given anything to change the voice in my head against Kwesyther's thoughts. However, I would not have given it to Marthonis or whoever would have asked it from me. Then, there was a misunderstanding.

(Bone Lord): But there is no reason why we should not merely bring you to us.

(Claire): To you? Bring me to him.

And with 'Him' I meant the voices in my head, not the bloody necromancer. The Bone Lord didn't seem to understand. I ended up close to the rift right in front of Marthonis. Shortly after, my friends and the people who had joined us arrived and surrounded us.

(Marthonis): Now, this book of yours?

(Claire): It's mine.

(Cassandra): Claire, come to your senses.

(Marthonis): She has full grasp of them.

Damn him. I knew it wasn't a good idea to be around him. He was revealing my tactic! Fortunately nobody ever seemed to listen to Marthonis.

(Marthonis): Now, the book.

(Nasrith): Excuse me, but, why should you have it?

(Marthonis): You wish it for yourself?

(Claire): He does!

(Marthonis): Of course he does, Claire. He is a rogue, and desires whatever he sees. It is simple. He does not appreciate its value, as you do. He wants it for its worth in gold, in petty material goods. Far below your knowledge of its worth.

Accusations, accusations. What was he trying to do? To manipulate me? Did I look so pathetic? Even better. I would prove him wrong. He should believe I had gone insane. I was improvising, I was babbling as much as I could. I even reminded myself of Kharoon.

(Claire): And he will come... And burn you.

(Marthonis): You speak of that? You have knowledge of that which seeks to burn?

(Claire): He talks to me... *speaks softly* He tells me the truth!

(Marthonis): The truth is just lies in guise. Do you know what he will do?

I admit, making him believe I was in contact with the Legion was quite mad, but it seemed to worry him enough to call me a cultist, which gave me some time to think about what I would do next. I was in the Kingdom of Mirith, close to the rift, and hadn't gotten any messages from the voices yet. Marthonis would try to set them against me, and I was quite trapped between friends and fiends. The dilemma was solved when Beleth came in sight.

Marthonis was alarmed enough to throw at least three lightning bolts at me. I was about to faint when I grabbed the little flask with my self-mixed full heal potion. I would have died if Beleth wouldn't have teleported me into the castle of Mirith.

-Claire Hairje

Claires Journal? Thats what this was. This must be her recounting of what happened these past few days. What had happened?

45th day of the Lucky Moon in the year 432. The path between Marali and the cemetery, the summoning place of the Rift, and Mirith Castle.

This needed to be worked out, and soon. I wasnt going to allow a petty confrontation between a couple of vanguard members break ties that have taken hundreds of years to build, and have in the past been saved by great acts from both sides. With that, I slammed the crystal down, and appeared in the familiar forests of Marali.

Setting off at once from there, I made my way to Marali. As I rounded the bend passed the cemetery where I had been only days earlier, assisting in fighting off the threat of a lich, I heard voices. Not just one or two. There were a lot of voices. A whole crowd, shouting. One rang out above all the rest, though. The rift, rift, rift, it shrieked.

That got my attention. I turned on my heels and headed into the woods, towards the voices. Only a hundred or so paces from the road, I came across what had been making all the commotion. Claire stood in the middle of a throng of Oberins adventurers. They were shouting, all of them. Someone said kill her, another ordered her to give it to him, and yet more yelled to take it to Mirith. In the midst of it all, though, Claire stood there, clutching a book and mumbling to herself.

Yes? What! No! Where are you!? No. No! It wont let me die. I have it. It wont let me die. Should I give it to you? Where are you, she spouted off, though she was most definitely not speaking to anyone in the crowd.

You know I would, but I cant! It wont let me! It was given to me!

She spun around, staring furiously at someone behind her and then suddenly lashed out with her free arm. You want it for yourself! Dont you? You cant burn it! It is my book!

She turned back around, seemingly finished with her rant and clutched the book in both hands. Im not sure why no one made a move to take it. Scared probably. She rocked back and forth, cradling the book in her arms. Mine, mine. I cant read it though. Not in a language I can read, she growled in frustration.

To rest? How can I come to you? Is it where I was thinking? If it is this, you need to come to me. Wait, I can bring it there? The beasts wont hurt me, will they? I know they wont!

She yawned loudly, as a little girl would after a hard days play. She looked around, spinning in circles, observing all of us. And I feel tired. I could We could try. Lets! But. But its in Mirith. Can you lead the way? Im a bit lost.

A portal formed. A portal formed right in the middle of the throng, and something emerged from its depths. First it was just a black hat. Then the robe, and finally the whole figure was visible. The clothing hung from a skeleton, white as the gravestone it might have had the luck to lie under at one point. Or maybe this was one of the unlucky ones. One of those taken straight from the field of battle; picked fresh from the world. Either way, it stood before us. A bone lord, one of Marthonis greatest accomplishments, and it was staring straight at Claire.

You wish to be brought to the Master? You are seeking him? For, it is the same spell, it advised her, sounding more like its master than whatever poor soul formerly inhabited those bones, Gate, transport gate.

I want to bring him the book, Claire announced.

What happened next was much to the disgust of many in attendance. Mora Olsa Preldian, Claire uttered, and she was immediately sucked into the portal, soon followed by the Bone Lord.

The portal quickly shut behind them, but I didnt even stay to watch. I was already charging through the forest and heading towards the rift, which is where they had most assuredly gone. I raced by a snake, stepping on it as I ran, and through a very startled group of trolls who had been camping in the vicinity. Finally, I arrived. I was out of breath, tired, and sweating, but I was also one of the first there.

A select few, myself included, stood in the presence of Marthonis, his servant, the bone lord, trustily at his side. He reached out a hand towards Claire, as if to grab the book, though he was much too far away to actually reach it. Now, Claire, the book.

Claire 1

She gripped it tightly, unsure what to do. She was once again the little girl, but instead of being tired from a day of fun, she was scared, cowering in front of the village bully. I couldnt let this go on. I began, maybe somewhat arrogantly, Excuse me, but why should you have it?

You wish it for yourself, Marthonis accused, managing to totally avoid the question.

He does! All of you do, Claire added, glowering at every one of us.

Marthonis switched his gaze back to Claire. Of course he does, Claire. He is a rogue, and desirves whatever he sees. It is simple. He does not appreciate its value, as you do. He wants it for its worth in gold, in petty material goods. Far below your knowledge of its worth. I, however, am a scholar. I just want to study it.

You cant read it! Its not in any language you can read! You all think I havent looked at it, dont you? Ive studied this book more than any of you ever have! Its mine, Claire cried, nearly breaking down into tears, and my duty is to give I to him!

Relapsing somewhat into her former state, she started mumbling, though it quickly built up to a shout, Yes. He cant Not here, not in this realm. Oh, but, he isnt dead! He is alive! And he will come. And he will burn you all!

She lifted her head up to once again address all of us, even Marthonis. He talks to me. He tells me the truth! The truth! Yet, he did not give it to you, did he? He will burn. He will

She raised her head once again, screaming her question to the sky which had by now began letting out a soft rain; tears for the poor women, if you will. Where are you?! You told me and here I am! Where are you?

It was Marthonis turn to address us all. He looked at me. He looked at Teleco. You see what she is, Mirith? Marali? See the threat she poses? She is a cultist.

She looked away from the sky, her face wet with rain and salty from tears. I would do no harm to any of you. No!

I think yes. The blood must prevail, mustnt it?

Another portal opened wide, creating hole between Marthonis and the cleric of the Marali Vanguard. Out of it appeared another, dressed in black, like the two standing before him, though not as sinister or threatening as the Bone Lord, nor as hungry as the Necromancer. Before us stood Beleth, royal mage of Mirith.

Cries of surprise and relief sounded out from the crowd. Many must have felt that the situation was beginning to get out of hand, including myself. Marthonis bowed low to the newcomer. Beleth.

Hello, Beleth replied, though he was cut off by Claire who brandished a finger aimed at Marthonis and screamed, He wants it from me! Dont let him take it!

Claire 2

I interrupt a lovely conversation, I see.

A pleasure to meet you, outside your bastions, Marthonis continued.

I have been monitoring this place. It stinks of you and your kind.

That explains the jarring sound of caltraps gone awry.

What do you want from these people?

My book! And I wont give it to him, Claire shouted, jumping some, who were more accustomed to her mumbling by now.

Marthonis nodded, as if in agreement with her and waved a hand towards what she held in her arms. Her book, my learned friend. You will want it soon as well.

You heard her. She said she will not give it to you.

She will not give it to you, either.

I do not want it.

Omines presaldian Aweryn, Beleth.

Olisen mesalines.

He will have it. You remember, surely.

How could I not?

Your own Cleric foretold it, and she would deliver it unto him.

You are jumping to conclusions a bit too fast, friend.

I will show you one day that I am not, but your time has not yet come. Patience Beleth, patience.

Elomines? Is this a confession?

You have a great part to play.

Surely went out of control. Something disturbed. You are as clueless as we are, Marthonis.

Everything comes in its time, Beleth. Everything comes, and this too will come. Not you, not I, not even the Timeless could have stopped it. Not even the Timeless.

Again, assumptions. But as much as it makes my tongue hurt, I can only agree. For now.

Would you see the Timeless try it?

Now is not the time. I shall take these people to safety. Oliren mesha, Marthonis. Do not forget.

The ground opened up, and skeletons, zombies, and even mages of the past climbed out. They were just cannon fodder though. A bolt of lightning shot out of Marthonis hand, straight at Claire. It hit her, knocking her to the ground, but she managed to keep hold of the book. More skeletons came. More and more. None of us were expecting it, and many were unprepared. I charged off into the mix of, dropping my shoulder and simply crashing into skeletons, breaking them apart. I needed to get to Marthonis.

I could just see him. Then I felt something. Much the same sensation as when you use one of the worlds portals. I was lifted up, and in a blink of an eye, I found myself in the halls of Mirith Castle. I took a deep breath and stumbled backwards, falling back onto my chair in the throne room. I shook my head. He had saved us. Every single one of us.

I sat there for many minutes as more and more of our group appeared. Finally, people stopped coming, and Beleth appeared. He fell to his knees, drained of all energy. Iceane, who had heard us enter the castle, rushed over to his side and kneeled beside him. I will be fine, he said, pushing Iceane away and staggered back to his feet.

Claire 3

Marthonis does not show up for meaningless business. Please, let me have a look at the book. Hold it in your hands if you do not trust me.

Claire held out the book, allowing Beleth to look at it. He tilted his head slightly, and a look of surprise crossed his face. That. That is I have seen it somewhere. Somewhere.

Beleth, energy renewed, turned towards the library and began pushing passed those gathered in the hall.

The growing crowd quickly followed, vying for position in the cramped library. Beleth grabbed a tome, opened it quickly, and then tossed it on the floor. He repeated it several times, mumbling to himself all the while. No, no. It is. I know it is.

The tome in Cecils possession, Kwesyther offered, breaking the silence from the crowd.

Cecil? Cecil Of course! Claire, come, he ordered as he bent down to pick up one of the previously discarded books.

Beleth opened the tome to a seemingly random page and showed it to Claire, who was by now standing beside him. Look!

Claire 4

Yes, it looks alike, but, Claire said hesitantly.

You are not holding your book in the right direction, so to speak. It is Reversed Ancient.

Beleth shut the tome loudly and looked at Claire. Unfortunately, that does not help us. There is only one way to decipher Reversed Ancient, and we lost that mean moons ago. Cecil and I worked on deciphering reversed ancient tome once. The Neth, surely youve heard of it. We found out that using a Golden Mirror made from the Curio itself, we were able to decipher it. However, we lost the Golden Mirror during the invasion of Marali.

Murmurs hinting that the Twins, Rasha and Varsha, could be heard throughout the room. Beleth addressed them all. I I do not know Maybe we could make a new one. If we had a piece of the curio, of course. But I do no harness the knowledge. I know Marali, I know people there scavenged artifacts from before the invasion. Maybe With luck. Who knows? If the Mirror was in fact created using the Curio, then it could not have been destroyed so easily.

So, what can we do, Beleth, asked Claire rather meekly.

Reversed Ancient was forgotten long ago. I do not know what lies inside this book, but, Claire, do not take it lightly.

Am I safe in here? Even from Marthonis?

This bastion is under my personal protection.

Then, may I stay here?

You are welcome to.

Claire smiled gratefully. Thank you.

We can hold the book safe for you too, if that is what you wish.

Not for now, no, replied Claire, pressing the book tight to her side, I wish to keep it.

So long as you stay within this city, nothing will happen to you. May I ask you, what are your plans for This book.

He asked me to keep it. I keep it until he wants it back.

Who, a voice in your head?

What do you know?

I know the power of ancient artists.

A knock on the door momentarily interrupted the two conversing spellcasters. I, being the closest to the door, opened it to see who it was. On the other side stood none other than Commander Nyatha Vaup, Commander of the Marali Vanguard. Yes? Oh. Commander Vaup, I said, a bit shocked.

Commander Neross, she replied.

Come in, I motioned, and held the door open for her.

I slipped in behind her, and focused my attention back towards the conversation at hand. Sir Beleth, she greeted.

Claire 5

Well, well. Hello Nyatha Vaup. What brings you to our fine city?

I would appreciate the courtesy of title, Sir Beleth.

I heard things. I was not sure whether calling you Commander would be insulting or not. My apologies.

My function as Commander has brought me here, Sir. I am, as I believe is publically know, attempting to bring about the end of the Twins.

Indeed. A shared goal.

However, I am not blind to other threats, and have heard talk of the Occupier. His presence near the rift. With yourself.

Word travels fast.

It does, Sir.

I have indeed been adding my own runes to the ritual place in order to cloak and to watch the place. I sensed his presence and came to rescue the people he was threatening.

A noble cause, Sir Beleth, but I take it he still lives?

Beleth nodded. I could not risk so many lives attacking him bluntly.

Of course. A shame your great magics were not prepared.

I still consider out meeting a victory. He strengthened my beliefs about the origin of the Rift.

Tell me more, Sir.

I shall, as I do believe Marali and Mirith to be fighting as allies.

One moment, she said, stopping him and turning towards me, Commander?

Yes, I replied, quite aware of what she was going to say.

I believe there has been an incident.

Those of the Marali Vanguard in attendance cringed as I started. Several, though none should seriously harm relations.

A man named Teleco.

And Majara.

Majara is your concern, and I would be most concerned about him if he was mine.

I have already spoken to him.

Before the conversation could continue, Ciddia Tigg, the now Vicereine for King Galandir, entered the Library and greetings were exchanged. Beleth turned to Claire and observed, You look tired, cleric Claire. Perhaps I can arrange a room in our castle for the next few days.

I must address a member of my Vanguard, announced Commander Vaup, Armsman Teleco?

Commander Vaup, I do not mean to be rude, but the day has been long

Ignoring Beleth, the Maralian Commander walked over to Teleco.

Yes Commander?

Mirith may be damned fool wrong about many things, but there are far worse threats to our city out there. We have no need to provoke aggression, even if they did some damned fool things. Hypothetically speaking, of course. The Twins are out there, and Marthonis. Do not provoke fights where we are not forced to have them. I am not interested in hearing your story. Majors Andon and Tesdor are in Command of the city. They can deal with you as they see fit and hear you out. For my part, I do not want anyone getting between the twins and my blade. Welcome to the Vanguard.

With that, Viceraine Ciddia Tigg, Commander Nyatha Vaup, and Beleth cast weary glances at each other, and followed Claire out of the room. Slowly, more and more people trickled out of the room, eventually leaving only myself, Tuck, and Iceane sitting in the library.

47th day of the Lucky Moon in the year 432. Mirith Library.

I shook my head and brought myself back into the present. I had been sitting there for what seemed like hours, and had only read a single page. I knew I shouldnt but I couldnt resist. I turned the page. The left page was covered in more ink, while the right was empty. A recent entry, to say the least.

Sweet Dreams

Safety and Mirith are two words which one should never try to put together, so far my experience tells. If I was protected? Very, even. The guards that had been assigned to my security seemed younger than the ones I knew from Marali, but it was enough for me to forget where I was and I drifted off to sleep.

Soon, my bed seemed to be floating like a raft in the middle of a strangely agitated water. Currents (Black Magic?) were coming and going in all directions, gently carrying me to (An island?) a floating room and its inhabitant, an elder, on whom Time itself seemed to have lost its grasp...


"Welcome to my realm, young Cleric."

I look. Alarming. Blurry. Abnormal. Fire? Things moving in all directions.



"Welcome to the " Void?

"I have seen things we are not allowed to."

Undead. Different.

"It creates."

Something (A flow?) crashes to the ground. A Beast emerges. Uproar.

"We fuel it. "

"We can't stop it."

Everything vanishes. Soothing place. Quiet sound of the waves.

"We can stop it."

The sunlight caresses my skin. My burden seems to vanish.

"Rest now, young Cleric. No one should have to carry the weight you have on your shoulders."

Shades of purple invade the sky. The day is ending. My eyes close. I am at peace.

"The Void is after me. It will come for you."

The voice of the old man is but a distant whisper now.

"Seek the Timeless."

Everything vanished. A servant opened the curtains. Sunlight bathed my room. The day was old already. She turned to me and greeted me with a smile. A quick glance at my bag revealed a corner of the book. I felt good. A new day began, and I asked the servant for some sheets of paper and ink. I took out my feather and after a short while she came back with what I had asked her for. Behind her was walking a little girl with a tablet in her hands. Food, fresh water and a little vase with a flower in it. Where had all my dislikes for Mirith gone?

-Claire Hairje

I heard the door creak open and quickly flipped the book to the page it had previously been on, tearing the page slightly in the process. I cast the newcomer, Claire, a smile, and left the library.

The Sentimental Stranger by Danery on 09 Jun 2009 : 23:41
Year 432

Dancing moon

It was a quiet day at the bank. After the recent brigand attacks and troll camps, it was nice to relax and spend the day replenishing my arrow stock. The day was uneventful. The citizens of Marali went about their daily business. They were safe under the security of the MaV and CA. A rather stout and sentimental mage entered the bank. He began rambling on about death and love. At first, I thought he spent too much time in the inn. But after listening, I learned he was a rather old and wise mage. The following conversation ensued:

(Svek Dalnar): Hello!

(Svek Dalnar): I just saw the most touching thing...

(Svek Dalnar): I saw two lovers, lost and estranged, find their love again beyond the dark veil of death.

(Svek Dalnar): Just north of here, on the very shores of Marali.

(Danery): do you remember their names?

(Svek Dalnar): Claudia, and Clovis....

(Svek Dalnar): Though in their lives they fought embittered and embattled, with hate and bile as their guides...

(Svek Dalnar): I saw in their last moments before they entered the Goddess' embrace...

(Svek Dalnar): A true love kindle once again.

(Danery): did they look like they needed any assistance

(Danery): were they in any danger?

(Svek Dalnar): Both had died, somehow, I do not know, I arrived too late.

(Danery): north shore of marali you said?

(Svek Dalnar): Perhaps they had found each other again at last, and realized the material...

(Svek Dalnar): Was all that separated them.

(Svek Dalnar): Aye.

(Svek Dalnar): Some scant few paces north of where we stand.

(Danery): i will investigate...thank you!!

(Svek Dalnar): Shall go now together?

(Svek Dalnar): To commemorate their last stand on this world?

(Danery): sure

Who do you want to locate?

The orb sees nothing.

(Svek Dalnar): It was here.

Who do you want to locate?

The orb sees nothing.

(Danery): the orb sees nothing

(Svek Dalnar): They are gone.

(Svek Dalnar): Lost in dust and shadow.

(Danery): perhaps

(Svek Dalnar): They are now in the realm of the Goddess.

(Svek Dalnar): May the bards and minstrels sing of their crossed fates.

(Svek Dalnar): Spread the word...

(Svek Dalnar): That they left together, in love.

(Danery): i will

(Svek Dalnar): Claudia and Clovis...

(Svek Dalnar): Reunited in love and in death.

(Danery): claudia and clovis

(Danery): they shall be remembered

(Svek Dalnar): Learn those names...

(Svek Dalnar): For they shall be testament to the eternal power of love in times to come.

(Danery): and ill times they may be

(Svek Dalnar): If ever the weight of the world seems to heavy to bear, let people think of them, and rejoice.

(Danery): *nods*

(Svek Dalnar): Spread the word in Lerilin, Mirith and Andris.

(Danery): I shall send messengers out

(Svek Dalnar): Those once parted were rejoined, and hope lives for all in those two names.

(Danery): *listens intently*

(Svek Dalnar): I should find a cleric, to consecrate these grounds.

(Svek Dalnar): Spread the word.

(Svek Dalnar): In these times it is needed.

(Danery): i shall

(Danery): thank you

Taken from Svek Dalnar: Mug Of Ale

(Svek Dalnar): To the dear departed!

(Svek Dalnar): *hiccup*

(Danery): to clovis and claudia

(Danery): *hiccup*

(Danery): returning to send the message

(Svek Dalnar): My thanks.

(Danery): safe travels

(Svek Dalnar): And to you.

A Storm is Coming by Nasrith on 25 Apr 2009 : 11:30
58th and 59th days of the Red Moon in the year 432

Claire, Kwesyther, Cassandra, and myself sat on the bank steps of Mirith in the mid-afternoon sun. We talked lightheartedly over a small meal. Claire lifted an apple to her mouth, before stopping mid motion. The apple fell out of her hands and bounced down the steps to eventually rest on the packed soil. She looked up at the sky in disbelief, Its Its getting bigger.

The other three of us turned our heads towards the rift. It was indeed getting bigger. We were bathed in an eary red light for a short time before the void was covered by nearly coal black clouds. Rolling thunder reached our ears as Oberin was covered in Darkness. By now, everyone was looking at the sky. The nobles of Andris, the Soldiers of Marali, the fisherman of Lerilin, the hunters and gatherers scattered in the towns throughout Oberin; they were all staring up at the quickly darkening sky.

Suddenly, two glowing bolts of lightning shot out of the darkness. One bolt struck the cemetery in Mirith, and the second struck down in Lerilins. We were at our feet immediately and running towards the cemetery. We were barely out of Mirith when a screech, as cold and heartless as the creature making it, reached our ears. We exchanged glances as we neared our destination. I drew my dagger and ran passed the last few yards between myself and the cemetery entrance.

I heard a crack as a duo of bracken shot bolts in my direction. I dove and rolled, the bolts flying over my head. Kwesyther and Cassandra each lit a bracken on fire. Before it was burnt to a crisp, a bracken sent a root straight up through my leg. I fell to the ground. Claire ran over to me and cast a quick spell, totally repairing my leg. By this time, others had shown up. The Cemetery was overflowing with the battle cries of Oberins warriors and the screams of the undead.

Kwesyther put out a hand and pulled me to my feet. We turned and nodded to each other before charging into the cemetery. Bolts flew through the air, going both ways. Some struck their marks, some didnt. A constant wave of arrows blocked out the sky. Screams came from the undead and growls of exertion came from the many warriors. Somewhere a lion roared. The undead army was slowly being pushed back.


Our group split into two once we reached the crypt. The first went to the left and the second to the right. I put my back up against a pillar and resting before continuing to the left. By the time I reached the first group, that part of the battle was almost over. I turned wearily back to meet the second group. The two groups had only been together for minutes when someone shouted, Down!

The group careened into the crypt. Like a flood, Oberins warriors washed over the undead rabble. Soon, all that was left standing were the bone mages. Even the large group of undead mages only stood for tens of minutes. We made our way towards the ladder leading to the second level of the crypt. Gawr peered down the shaft only to jerk his head back as a bolt came flying out. He looked around at us all, Looks like weve got more

Much in the same fashion as before, the group charged down the ladder. A wave of paralyzing energy covered the undead creations just before the clerics released energy that tore apart the undead. We pushed through the door, one by one, each person being met by a skeleton, zombie, or some other abomination. Then I heard a yell from up ahead, Lich!

A body went flying up against the wall and fell crumpled to the ground. The armor had melted off and the revealed body was charred. The fear has taken you, screeched the unholy undead creature!


The frontline of the assault surged forward to surround the lich. The lich cried and launched another fireball. I dont know where it hit, but by the scream I heard behind me, I can safely assume we lost another one. Swords, spears, axes, daggers, magic, and arrows pelted the Lich. It used magic to toss people through the air, but every time one of its attackers were removed, another came to take their place.

The lich fell to the ground under the constant assault. It looked up at us and screamed, You will bow before me!

Then, it fell under the weight of blows. Its head rolled off its body, and someone kicked it, sending flying across the room. As I moved to retrieve it, I saw something out of the corner of my eye. An abyss dragon lay in each of the two cells at the end of the hall way. Or, at least, thats what it looked like. There was a lack of actual presence. Myself and a few of the others stared at them for some time. Then they began to flicker, and finally they disappeared altogether.


We heard a loud crack from outside and we all went running. I was the first one out, and as I looked up, the rift seemed to be shrinking in size. Others emerged from the depths. At first only a few noticed the change, but within minutes, everyone was pointing or staring at the rift. I saw a small group of people hurrying out of the cemetery. One of them turned back. Motioning to us, he yelled, Theres still one left in Lerilin!

Much of the group charged off to Mirith to buy orange pures. Kwesyther, Tamzin, Cassandra, and I traveled to the Mirith Vanguard Guild Hall where I grabbed our remaining four pure orange crystals and distributed them between us. We dashed to the portal and soon appeared in Lerilin. With weapons and reagants drawn, we moved off towards the cemetery. There were bodies everywhere. Both skeletons and the newly slain were scattered along the road and surrounding forest. Kwesyther and I arrived to a nearly empty cemetery.

Charonia waved at us franticly. Before she could say anything though, a fireball flew by her, hitting a small grassy spot on the ground, which is, well, no longer grassy. The few of us that had already arrived tried to pin the Lich down. Once again trapping it, this one went down much more easily. Another crack and the rift began to close further. With a sigh, I sheathed my dagger and began my walk back towards Lerilin.

I heard someone running up behind me. I turned to see Kwesyther. He caught up to me and fell in stride to me. Glancing up at the rift, he remarked, I know its shrank some since we killed the liches, but its still bigger than it was yesterday

I nodded. We made a quick stop in Lerilin before taking the portal back to Mirith and making our way to the sight of the runes. Others had the same idea as we did, and eventually, much of our group came to rest at the sight of the runes. Some of us sat there and caught our breath, while others explored the area. There was a flash of magic and Beleth appeared in the midst of the runes. There were many exclamations of surprise as he appeared. Looking around, more to himself than anyone else, he murmured, So, this is the place.

My job was made easier by this. I smiled slightly, Good, I was hoping you could take a look at this.

Beleth walked around in the makeshift circle. Dead bodies, he exclaimed upon coming to the outer circle.


He knelt down next to one of the runes and examined it closely, Necromancy?

He stood back up, These runes are still pulsating from energy.

Claire looked at the runes in horror, Have you ever seen such a thing?

Never, he answered as he walked towards the inner circle of runes. Interesting. The runes on the outer circle are filled with energy, but these four on the inside are not. Its as if they were never even used. As if

I finished his thought when I said, Or as if they havent been used yet.

Yes. But who would paint magic runes on the ground and not use them? It doesnt make any sense.

Maybe they were interrupted before they had the chance, I ventured at the same time Gawr asked, Can they be used to close the rift?

Perhaps, Beleth said, barely acknowledging us. These runes are not being used at all. Not for balance. Not for anything... They are void. They should have disappeared long ago. You paint a rune and use it to store energy for immediate use. There is no reason to paint one and not use it. Runes are supposed to last but a few minutes at most.

Beleth seemed to be talking more to himself than to any of us. As if he was trying to reassure himself of what he was seeing. With a cry of frustration, he said, I will need time to understand what is going on here. It does not make any kind of logical sense. None at all.

Can the runes be destroyed by magic, Gawr questioned Beleth.

Possibly. We would have to understand their origin to figure a way to neutralize them. One thing is certain though. The runes here are fueling the Rift. I can sense the flux. Beleth looked up, And this Thing. Its growing bigger by the hour. There is much to understand, much to make sense of.

Laricen got a curious look on his face before offering, What about creating another set of runes with the opposite purpose? Could they cancel each other out?

It could work. But for that we would need to know the origin of these runes here.

If we were to ask Seth, or Cecil even, I started.

They might know. Something happened here and we need to figure out what.

There was a long silence. One that covered everyone, like a blanket, like the rift covered the sky, or like a storm that blotched out the sun. Beleth broke the silence by announcing, I should report to the king, and that quickly he disappeared.

Our group slowly dispersed. Some went to Mirith and some to Lerilin. Some of them even traveled to the other cities of Oberin. The rift, thats something that you cant avoid, no matter where you go. It stretches across the skies of Oberin, tinting the land red. Its there in Mirith. Its there in Lerilin. Its there in Andris. Its there in Marali. Its there in each of the smaller towns and settlements. Its there in the forests. Its there in the oceans. Even the centaurs, deep underground, can sense the presence of some great force. This great force is upsetting the natural goings on of the world. They know something is wrong, and we do too.

The Prince of Renewal by Kwesyther on 24 Apr 2009 : 18:50

Year 432, Day 58 of the Red Moon. Mirith. Kwesyther's handwriting in the Royal Chronicles of Mirith.

I thought I would chronicle His Grace King Galandir's joyous festival and proclamation at leisure, but now it is with haste that I am writing these lines. Dark times are ahead, a rift has been opened, a portal to the Void, spawning aberrations and dragons from the Abyss. I fear for the worst, for the very existence of our world; but if we all are to perish, my last written words shall be a glimmer of hope, a tale of rebirth. They shall start what will become the legend of N'eroth, the Prince of Renewal.


The Mirith Vanguard had worked hard and relentlessly to fulfill the order that King Galandir had given to them:

    Galandir: I have a task for my Vanguard.
      I need you to prepare a festival.

      I want it to be the grandest festival Mirith ever hold.

      And at the peak of the grandest festival of all times...

      I shall make an announcement.

      One that will change not only Mirith,

      but Oberin forever.

And on day 228 of the Growing Moon in Year 432, they had finished their preparations and a grand festival could begin.

The decorations were gorgeous, the east gate had been turned into a magnificent alley, the castle gate into a display of splendor, and every guard wore a blue costume, the colors of Mirith.

The festivities entertained the crowd for hours; a Fortune Teller predicting fates significant and minor, a race to Welif and back to determine the fastest runners of each profession, a quiz of lore and knowledge attracting bards and scholars, and finally an arena fight between creatures, culminating in a deadly battle between three Frost Giants and a Stone Golem who made the earth tremble with their might.

But the greatest event was yet to come.


The crowd began to gather in the throne room, where Ciddia Tigg the Royal Guard of Mirith, and Beleth the Royal Mage were already waiting. Soon, the hall was filled with people, anxious or eager to see and hear what was so important that it merited to be introduced by a grand festival. It had been proclaimed that the King's announcement would change Oberin forever, but not even his Vanguard was privy to his speech.

King Galandir appeared in the door and the audience bowed to him in greeting as he strode to the throne. He spoke:

    Galandir: The Kingdom of Mirith is about to enter a new era.
      An era of renewal.

      My rule is drawing to its close.

      The time has come to consider

      how Mirith will greet the future.

      *calls out* Nafets!

      Bring us Mirith's Joy.

With these words, Nafets the healer entered the room, carefully treading his steps for he was carrying something very precious. And as he put it to the ground for all to see, we saw that it was a cradle, holding a tiny baby. It was King Galandir's newborn son!

As if the King having become a father was not surprise enough, a most unusual group of beings entered the hall and strode towards the throne. No, they galloped, for it was a group of centaurs led by their elder Merinas!

    Elder Centaur: Hail King Galandir!

    Galandir: Merinas.

    Elder Centaur: Congratulations King Galandir
      on the birth of your son.
    Galandir: Thank you so much for coming here
      to witness the renewal of Mirith.
    Elder Centaur: It is our honor.

    Galandir: Your friendship is invaluable to us.

    Elder Centaur: We will care for this child
      as if it were one of our own.
    Galandir: Mirith appreciates your kind offer.

    Elder Centaur: The son of Galandir
      will be known as N'eroth from this moment on.
    Galandir: *kneels down and places hand on child's head*

    Elder Centaur: It means renewal in our language.

    Nafets: We could have hoped no better.

    Kwesyther: All hail N'eroth!

    Elder Centaur: It means renewal in our language.

    Nafets: We could have hoped no better.

    Claire: All hail N'eroth!

    Fuoco: Hail N'eroth!

    Beleth: *smiles*

    Asliendor: All hail N'eroth!

    Galandir: N'eroth, my son.

    Merinas picks up the cradle.

    Elder Centaur: We will return after
      we have taught him the ways of the Centaur.
    Galandir: Raise him well, my friend.
      That he may be the ruler Mirith deserves.
    Elder Centaur: We shall not fail at our task, I promise this.

    Nafets: N'eroth shall become a great Prince,
      and a great King.

And with the cradle with the child on his back, Mernias and his retinue trod from the hall, embarking on their quest of raising their new godson and ward to become a valorous Prince and a wise King.

It is as if the Goddess herself has intervened to send us a Prince of Renewal.

And The Stars Were Not Ablaze by Cassandra on 20 Apr 2009 : 06:13
Weary. After two long days of battle, they were all exhausted and puzzled. What they had just faced was not the usual type of threat they had fought several times before. It was not a Bone Lord's sadistic spawn, nor a fanatic cultist's obsession with fiery creatures, nor the sheer dark energy of a possessed wizard. It was something worse, something bigger, something completely unknown.

Kitiana, Eleswyr, Iceane, Sophina, and Cassandra were the last five people to abandon the place. They stood behind to watch the sky, and discuss what had just happened. The Ranger and the Wizard were chosen by this small group to draft a report, to be sent to all the cities.

The text below is what the two of them came up with. Hardly did they know it would take so many days to write, and so many other things would happen before they could reach its final sentence.Andris, 12th day of the Red Moon, year 432

Dear citizen of Oberin,

If you are not aware of the recent events by the time you read this letter, please stay calm, and be prepared for disturbing news. We are writing today both to inform you of what might be the biggest threat we have ever faced, and to ask for your help in the battles against it. Everyone is needed to win this war. Please, put aside any old resentment you might have against your fellow man, and help us spread the word to any other human standing next to you.

It all started with a thunderstorm on the 230th day of the last Bleeding Moon. All of a sudden, the light of the stars seemed to extinguish, and the sky went completely dark. If you were lucky enough to be kept undisturbed in the world of dreams, you have been spared from the terror an earthquake can produce in a person's heart. The ground was shaking, the lightnings would not stop, the winds were blowing furiously, and the air was filled with a metallic smell. After a while, when the skies seemed to start clearing again, we noticed a rift tearing apart the stars. And then came the loudest and brightest bolt of energy you can imagine, crashing from the rift to the ground. We did not know what to do... and then we could distinguish a strong smell of fire, coming from the direction of Foehan.

We ran from Mirith, to meet several other companions coming from all over Oberin. Foehan was burning, and the flames were completely out of control. The village seemed to be deserted, but still, we could hear a threatening voice coming from nowhere:

"It is open! The path is free! Finally it is breached! Let the Rift expand, then we can purify! Creation... Aberrations! Prepare the invasion!"


When the fires were more or less dealt with, a shivering woman appeared from one of the houses. Her face was pale. With a little coaxing, she consented to tell us her story. Gathering herbs outside when the storm started, she had seen the bolt that struck the ground. After that, when the trees started burning, she remembered seeing creatures; shadows shaped like people, although she was not sure they were actually human.

Upon our request, the poor woman guided us as far as her courage would allow her to go, near the place where she had witnessed such things. We were welcomed by an army of the undead, probably trying to keep us away from the location where the bolt had struck. When we eventually made our way to what must have been the epicenter of the earthquake, we were faced with a cruel and horrendous display that could not be the setting of anything else but a ritual. Which ritual, and who practiced it, we still don't know. Six impaled bodies were erected in a more or less circular shape around a fire. Under each pole, there was a round rune, with either three or six ornaments. Four other runes were placed directly north, south, east, and west of a fire in the center of the site.


Forgive us if we are going into too much detail, but we believe the smallest sign can be of importance to solve this mystery, and we want you to be aware of any possible clue we might have. Despite everyone's best efforts, nobody was able to destroy this terrifying ritual setting. You can still see it northeast of Foehan.

As the group was approaching the runes, the rift in the sky was growing bigger, with purple shades coming in and out of it. We heard that strange voice again:

"We shall cleanse Creation of these aberrations. It is time to purify what should never have existed. The Emissary shall prepare the lands. Send the Emissary! Let Creation witness the Purification!"

It was with sheer horror that we saw a huge purple shape coming out of the rift. The Abyss Dragon flew over our heads in circles, screeching, "Purify!", followed by its unknown master's voice:

"Get in my way and be anihilated! This is enough. Creation shall not be a threat."

Yes, an Abyss Dragon! As you can guess by now, dear reader, most of us perished several times during the fight that ensued. More than once we had to retreat to the river and count our losses. Not even the unexpected appearance of Birek McCalla and Altaira Mei, two people whom many of us know only from reading about their glory in the past, was enough to bring the group all the courage and strategy to defeat such beast. As Mother Mei rightly said, we were facing an aberration.


There are certainly not many people in Oberin who can claim to have ever fought an Abyss Dragon. They do not belong to our realm. We were in dire need of a hero. And a hero we got. It was thanks to the legendary Hayate, that after these two days the dragon was finally defeated. The rift in the sky grew thinner, and we all took a breath in relief. Not even the renewed threats of the voice were enough to destroy this moment:

"The Rift will grow bigger.. Soon an army will invade... Creation will be cleansed."


But had this been the end, we would be writing a report to be archived in our libraries instead of this letter to each of you. Since that day, and until this exact moment, occasional lightnings still emanate from the rift and shake the runes. With them, several sorts of beasts sprout. Mostly fire elementals and rust beasts, but we have also met red dracos, poison beasts, and gapers. Our suspicions that this rift was a portal to the Void seem to be confirmed by a particularly strong gaper. People started calling it "The Void Watcher," and it has been seen not only in this area, but also southeast of Marali. The voice was heard at least once again, when some of us were heading to Marali, in search of this creature:

"You do not understand. Creation cannot understand."

Some of us believe these are the workings of the Blood Cult. Some think the Black Hand finally got too strong. Most people tend to connect this to the prophesied return of the Legion. The truth is that none of us has enough information to give you a clear conclusion. We will be looking for more erudite figures of our cities, such as Beleth, Nafets, Cecil, or even Seth, if we can ever reach him. We need all the information we can gather. And we need all of you to be ready for the worst.

In the name of those who fought in the events described above,

Cassandra, Wizard

Sophina Longlocks, Ranger
Bone Mage, Blood Cult, Dragons, and Liches... oh my! by Sophina on 10 Apr 2009 : 20:43
Bleeding Moon, Year 432, Day 123

I looked up at the moon; bright, red and menacing, and an excitement ran through me... so this was Full moon in the Bleeding cycle!

I had heard of it's strange power to attract monsters... but this was crazy! The ground in Duldrus was vibrating with the footsteps of so many Golems... we were pounding stone happily well into the night. We were getting our last digs into a tough Golem, when all of a sudden we heard eerie noises coming from the woods. We turned to find a horde of Zombies stumbling clumsily toward us! Some of us dispatched the Golem, and the others of us kept the Zombies occupied in the meantime. Following the Zombies was a small army of Bone Mages, taunting us and casting their offensive magic. We finally chopped the last one down when a Bone Mage, clad in black robes, came running by us, on his way to the NE. We started to give chase, but a large Golem stood in our way and while we were killing it, the Bone Mage escaped.

Once the Golem was a pile of rubble, we started to scout around to see if we could track the Bone Mage... but a bit further NE we found ourselves almost overrun by Lava Spiders and Rust Beasts! I got the cold chill that told me the Blood Cult was lurking about, but we didn't actually see one. When the sounds of our battle no longer filled our ears, we heard, off in the distance, a battle raging. We quickly got rid of the last few Lava Spiders and rushed to the sounds... as we approached, the sounds died down to an eerie silence and when we crested the hill we saw dead Lava Spiders and Zombies everywhere... it seemed as thought a battle had gone on between the Bone Mage and a member of the Blood Cult. Hard to say; we were too late to see the actual battle, but all evidence pointed to this conclusion.

We had a group discussion about how to proceed. Looking around at each other and seeing the dents in our armor from the hulking stone beasts, we decided to make sure that the people of Duldrus were safe and get some much needed repairs and supplies. We fought our way through several Golems, and then I tracked something truly frightening... Dragons. A wave of panic hit me and I cried out, "Dragons! And Dracos! 2 Dragons, at least 6 Dracos... there - in the clearing in the rocks." A few of us knew the passage that led to the clearing, so we led the way, and sent messengers to gather some help from the other towns.

When we had all gathered, we proceeded to the town, made our repairs and got supplies, and waited for everyone to arrive. When all had gathered, we moved cautiously into the passage in the rocks. There was some disagreement about how to proceed; a few of us wanted to form a bottleneck trap at a wider part of the passage for the Dragons and attempt to talk to them when they arrived, and the majority wanted to charge forward into the narrow passage in the rocks and let come what may. As usual, the majority ruled, and we found ourselves bumping each other into the rocks up along the narrow passage. And when the first Dragon came around the corner, the few plates in front took the brunt of the assault, not stopping to talk and find out why these awesome creatures had left their home for this rocky passage.

The first Dragon went down quickly, and before it's corpse was cold, the 2nd was upon us, screaming, "Murderers!"... we had found a bit of a wider spot in the passage, so quite a few plates could gather round to defend the party against tooth and claw.

One of the party asked, "What did we kill?", to which the Dragon replied, "The children!".

"They were trying to kill us!", cried one of the warriors.

We stopped attacking, and tried to talk to the Dragon, but she was so weak from her injuries that she no longer replied and shortly thereafter she succumbed to her wounds and slept the eternal sleep. We all stood for a moment, paralyzed by the thought of what consequences would come from this event... the Dragons have every right to declare war on us now. We cautiously went up into the clearing where the Dragons had nested a short time ago and found a chest full of their treasure. The tension in the group from the previous disagreement was mounting with the discussion of how to divide the loot.

Suddenly, behind us we heard the cries of Brigands! A dozen or so of these rough men poured into the clearing with their lustful eyes on the chest being guarded by a member of our party. We made short work of them and scouted around to see if more of them were lurking among the rocks in the passage. Upon finding none, and being exhausted, we had one of our party put together a bag game to share the loot. Afterwards we dispersed back to the 4 corners of Oberin. I was apprehensive about what the next day would bring forth and exhausted from the tension and the battle, but managed to get myself to a safe place to start my report when the messenger caught up to me and told me of the Liches at Leri cem. I breathed deeply, put my rings back on, and made haste to help my friends... so much death... but we emerged victorious in the end.

Utterly spent and feeling unsettled, I made my way to the Sleeping Turtle Inn and tried to sleep, but sadness and remorse filled my heart about the tension between Mirith Vanguard and Citrinitas Aegis, and I wept well into the wee hours of the morning, finally falling into a dreamless sleep that was not to last long enough.
O Fortune, Like the Moon by Kitiana on 04 Apr 2009 : 20:08
O Fortuna, like the moon stands constantly changing, ever waxing or waning

This is the strange song that Ariman Satel sang as he revelled in the tide of blood, Lizard and Human, that washed over the Fort of the Lizards recenty. It seems that the turn of the moon to Bleeding time has once again allowed those from beyond the veil to enter our landsI shudder to remember the horrors of Bleeding Moons past; our cities filled with creatures that could melt the armor right off your body, and turn your most trusted weapon to ashes in your hand. Evil trees sprouting at our very gates and temples, unleashing their foul bolts on all who happen into their shadow. The cries of the injured and dying still ring in my memory, tinted with the scent of smoke and blood.

Fate - so monstrous and empty; just when we thought ourselves safe this malevolent whirling wheel reminds us that all of our well-being is in vain. How quickly the strong man is stricken down!

I will not weep, however. I will meet this foe with full force of arms and a spirit of courage that is fortified with hope! Hope that springs from my faith in the strength and the loyalty of the brave souls of Oberin!