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A Troubled Bridge Over Troubled Waters by Jedd on 03 Mar 2010 : 05:13

Day 206 of the Fighting Moon, Year 433

The sun was high in the sky as I woke up in Mirith. Walking to the bank, feeling sleepy, I heard rumors being whispered that perked me up.

"Lizards at the Andris bridge!"

I quickly bashed my armor into shape, grabbed a red pure crystal, and ran off to the portal. I darted quickly down the road, not stopping to deal with the Harpies and Ants that approached me. Upon reaching the bridge, everything seemed normal at first, but I crossed with caution. All of a sudden an Ice Dragon was running for me, followed with a posse of summoned Air Elementals! I made it to the water without noticing the crowd of Sea Serpents glaring menacingly at me. I am still amazed how I survived, but I landed on the other side of the water safe and sound, with a few Serpent bites.

I might not have made it, had I not found Sino, Dino, Shayde, Nasrith, and Cassandra just making their way to the bridge from the other side. After a small bit of planning, it was decided that the Dragon be lured to us, where we would take it down. Things were going smoothly at first, but it wasn't to my surprise that he summoned more Air Elementals to his aid. We had to break group and run, because as soon as the Elementals came everything turned to chaos.

Breigje Balloc, Shadran Mathas, Legsalot, Memna, Mliza, and Abe joined the ranks as the fight raged on. Soon we were able to bring the Elementals under control and regrouped, dealing out protection rings and weapons to those in need. Unfortunately, I soon found out another Ice Dragon had joined the fray. Shayde was luring one around to buy us some time to wait for more people to arrive, and the following conversation ensued between her and the dragon.

"The portal shall bring our armies to the front." The Ice Dragon menaced.

"Tell me about the portals." Shayde responded.

"You wish to know?"


"Just one aspect of our victory."

"That is all?"

"You did not think you could win? Our forces go where we will them."

With that Shayde lost the dragon, unable to find out how they had learned about the portals, and many Frost Giants suddenly started charging towards us. We were slowly overcoming them as many others arrived on the scene, such as Skeuer, Crom, Angelica, Simon, Alexia, Esten, Blerr, Fuoco, Garfunkel, Bellgand, Neblin, Fang, Karashi, Kookai, and Laricen. The battle raged on, seemingly a Frost Giant arriving to replace each one that fell. We were all split apart by Elementals and the remaining Dragon, as the other one seemed to have disappeared. Many fell to the Giants, myself included. But with all the amazing clerics we had on our side it was no problem at all. Sometime during the fight, I heard cheers of victory and quickly looked over my shoulder just in time to see the Ice Dragon fall. Things were looking good, with both Dragons apparently gone.

The Giants were no match to our victorious group and we soon demolished the rest of them. We spread out, hopefully to see if we could find the other dragon, when I remembered an odd occurance I had seen at the guard house. Peeping through the windows of the house we noticed it was packed with Lizards! The door was jammed shut with what appeared to be the arm of the poor guard that must have been inside. We pushed and kicked and the door still would not budge. After some time we decided it was hopeless and left to the bridge where everyone was heading to.

At the bridge we proceeded to take care of the Serpents, and they fell with ease. What loot that was collected was split, and the people gradually returned to their homes. There were questions of the predicament of the Lizard Men inside the guardhouse. Were they there to guard something? A couple of chests were spotted inside as well. Maybe they were friends of Hayate and were locked up by the Dragons? Or maybe they were being punished for herding the black dracos. There was no way to know for sure, so I left to Mirith.

Be warned, people of Oberin! The dragon army now has the use of purified crystals to transport their army. Maybe they will surprise us and attack somewhere else than Mirith. Keep your eyes and ears keen, and always be careful.

~ Jedd

Frostbitten Manoeuvres in the Dark by Cassandra on 26 Feb 2010 : 04:20
And it happened again Two attacks, simultaneously enacted in two different villages. "Gohoran and Foehan are not a priority: they would have to pass near Mirith if they want to reach them," had judged Nasrith a few days before. He was right, in a way. The Lizard Men would have difficulties going from Welif to the central villages without being spotted. But who thought about Frost Giants?

"Practically no one lives there," someone else had added that night. But a demonstration of power is always a demonstration of power. The Rebel Island, South Duldrus, Welif Only Mirith sounded a bit too daring. Was it? The dragon proved the point even in Mirith. They failed to destroyed it, but they demonstrated how easy it is to invade the city. Easier than Andris, for example. Bloody secret passage I've always thought it was there for our advantage. However, it has become too much of a public secret even the dragons know how to make use of it.

Bellgand's announcement was only a relative surprise. Alert and apprehensive, the people gathered in Mirith knew something was bound to happen. "Frost Giants in Gohoran!" she told everyone at the bank. No one asked questions. No one hesitated. We all knew exactly what was going on, and we all followed Bellgand through the woods.

This time, however, no sign of a dragon around. I can imagine the enormous Ancient Ice nonchalantly pressing his paws over an old map of Oberin, in its improvised headquarters to plan this war, deep inside the Ice Dungeon. Nothing but Frost Giants, sacking and plundering the former residences of so many members of the Satel family. There was a time where we would have thanked them for that


Not now. Not in this cycle of implacable devastation of our cities. In the lake, numerous sea serpents seemed to smile at us, invitingly, as if saying "care to move just one step in the right direction? We would like to play too." We left them alone, at first. We had to. A group of rangers coming from southeast announced the invasion of Foehan. We would clean the waters later. We weren't enough to fight two battles at the same time.

Eventually, when no more giants were seen, we ran to Foehan. The village has had its share of disasters for a decade, one would think, after being burnt down when the rift opened in the sky. No. Justice is not a cosmic attribute, and there is no natural rule to protect the same place from suffering a tragedy twice.

Once again, no dragon to be seen. The ensuing battle was harder, our group larger, the streets too narrow to allow us to move properly and avoid the hits. Some of us fell there, and stained the grass with blood. After a while, we turned the outcome in our favour. With almost a feeling of routine, I would say. The frustration of knowing that the dragon's mission today had been accomplished, no matter how many giants we would kill.

They were sent to scare us, to impress us, to let us know that they can get anywhere, as long as that is their wish. It is up to us to make the next surprising more. And we better succeed.


146th day of the Fighting Moon, year 433
The Battle at Duldrus by Jedd on 22 Feb 2010 : 07:05

Day 97 of the Fighting Moon, Year 433

It was a fine morning in Mirith as I was preparing to leave on a Stone Golem hunt. The bank was busy with rumors of war and a recent battle with the Lizard Men. Marquisen, Patarius, Claius, and myself set out, hoping not to bump into any of the recently angered dragons. Little did we know what we would encounter later that day…

After not having much luck trying to kill the Golems, we decided what to do on the safety of our rafts. After some thought, we agreed on heading back to hunt something less dangerous. Not a moment later, much to my surprise and fear, an Ice Dragon appeared on the beach! I was to be more surprised, as on its command, a large crowd of Water Elementals rose from the waters.

It took a bit of time recovering from the initial shock of witnessing the dragon’s new power. Now that they had the power of summoning on their hands, things would get a lot more dangerous. Quickly I returned to my senses and worked to take them down. It would be lying to say that defeating them was easy. When working together, these foul creatures can become a nuisance.

Once they were down, we tried to talk to the Dragon lurking nearby.

“What are you doing here?” Patarius asked.

“Making war.” He coldly responded.

We soon realized he wasn’t up to chat, as he again summoned more Elementals, this time more than the last. Upon their takedown, we tried to see what else we could learn.

“War is all you want, Dragon?” we asked.

“War is what you have brought upon yourselves. There is nothing to discuss, humans. Now face me or die in the waves.”

Then in a sudden flash, he again summoned more Elementals. It was as if the whole ocean became alive with the beings. I couldn’t see past them all, their numbers were so great. Blindly fighting through the army of Elementals, we managed to hold them off. I was near death when I noticed another party arrive. Hordah, Rosina, Angelica, Gawr, Crom, and Asbjorn rushed in and we easily dealt with the remaining Elementals.

It was with renewed hopes we went in to fight the Dragon. After all, what possibly could go wrong with this group and just a lone Ice Dragon? I was soon to learn how much just a lone Ice Dragon could do. As soon as all the plates were busy fighting the dragon, and the robes were left exposed on the waters, the Dragon struck back hard. The Water Elementals were joined by Air Elementals as they reaked havoc on the fight. In the midst of the confusion, Asbjorn fell, and the rest of us barely managed to survive.

The battle then continued on much the same. Every time we tried to attack the dragon, he retaliated with his summoning. Many of us fell to the dragon and the horde of elementals, but were soon ressurected by our amazing clerics. We were soon joined by Shayde, Nel, Skeuer, Esten, Nasrith, and Alexia. Our next plan was to have the plates surround the robes, so that when the Dragon summoned his Elementals we could take them down easily. Yet, still, the Elementals were too strong, and we had not enough plates to surround the robes. The attempt failed just like the rest.

“I declare this a victory.” the Dragon’s voice penetrated the sounds of the fight.

It was true, at that time, that the Dragon had the advantage over us at the moment. So, laying back for a while, we sent messagers out across the land to bring backup. It seemed now our only hope was to call on the might of Oberin to deal with the beast. Our proud ranks were joined later by Cassandra, Fiera, Frosky, Dino, Memna, Sophina, Lenard, Marlick, Laricen, Iceane, Eleswyr, Bittel, and Mliza.

Along with them came two Stone Golems who had followed the others in their journey. We had the Dragon and one of them lured away from the group and took the golems one at a time. They were no match and fell against our might. It wasn’t until the golems were gone when we realized the Dragon was gone.

He must have escaped during the commotion with the golems. Even our scouts whom we sent out to search for it could not find anything. Many of us stayed around, expecting a trap. But after the hours passed and nothing happened, we gradually started to head back to our homes, one by one. With the dragon presumed fled, we declared it a victory. But later, I was soon to realize we were very far away from a victory.

Mliza, Frosky, Alexia, Marquisen, Patarius, Bittel, and I set out together to head back home. With our armor in dire need of attention, we decided to stop by in Duldrus and get them repaired. The following events quite disturbed me, and will haunt me for years to come.

We walked in to a scene of horror. Puddles of blood filled the area. Corpses of innocent shopkeepers and all who lived in Duldrus lay on the floors, torn to bits. The sign was clawed to pieces. Buildings were being burnt. As we walked through the living nightmare, no sign of life was found. Every single inhabitant was gone. It was like a ghost town. Only the howling of wolves broke the eerie silence. It was in grim silence we walked back to our homes. I stayed behind, hoping to find any sign of life. Although the South part of Duldrus was definitely gone, I am happy to report that the Dragon spared the North section of Duldrus.

Although some might call this battle a victory, I say it was far from it. Innocents were killed and the town destroyed by a dragon’s wrath. Talking with the dragons bear no fruit now. If it’s a war they want, it’s a war they shall have. The blood of the innocents cry out for revenge. We must not let these dragons get away with their crimes. They must pay.

Now, more than ever, we must keep up our guard. With the lizards discovering the technology of rafts, and dragons learning how to summon, we are in more danger than ever before. I fear there will be much more worse things to come in the near future.

~ Jedd

(P.S. My apologies if I missed mentioning anyone’s presence. It was a hectic day, and I easily could’ve overlooked a detail like that.)

The Sharing of Technology by Nasrith on 22 Feb 2010 : 00:12
Mirith's worst fears have been realized. The Lizard Men and former inhabitants of the lands of Mirith who have been held at bay for so long by the ocean now have the technology to cross it and wreak havoc on the mainland.95th Day day of the Fighting Moon in the year 433

The Lizard Island Southwest of Mirith.

I could make out a lone figure just off the beach as the ferry from Welif pulled up along the shoreline. I flipped the ferryman a coin and hopped nimbly out of the ferry. A loud crack resounded threw the air, followed quickly by a flying lizard. It slid to a stop in the sand at my feet, its chest burnt from the lightning bolt that had caused its flight. It struggled to get up for a moment, but soon lay peacefully as I withdrew my dagger from its thick throat. Lenard looked at me smiling. You heard too?

I nodded and was about to set off towards our destination when something caught my eye. Row after row of crudely cut trees lay next to a large tangle of what must have been native vines. Lenard noticed the direction of my gaze and moved to my side. Yeah. Theyre making rafts now. I guess even they are getting tired of this damn island.


I mumbled a reply before turning to head down the road we had both traveled so many times. My mind raced and I barely heard as he ran to catch up with me. I had turned so suddenly it must have surprised him into momentary immobility. We walked along in silence for a time, only straying from our path slightly on the occasion that we came across a pile of burning lizard flesh that the group we made to join had left in their wake.

Even though our pace was not the quickest, we soon caught the group, which was currently engaged in another skirmish with a lizard patrol. Lenard casually shot a bolt of lightning in the direction of a fleeing lizard before we greeted the once again victorious group. With a few more acquisitions, we made our way easily to the fort entrance.


The entrance hall was empty, and we gathered there to wait for any stragglers. Once it looked like we had a substantial force, I turned to the group. Now that it seems everyone is here, we head down the south passage to take the forge.

The warriors of the group charged down the long hallway, simply overpowering the lesser lizards that guarded the fort. Near the entrance, one of the younger warriors, the new generation as they have come to be known, turned back to Charonia to voice his complaints regarding her strategy and use of spells. Angrily, she responded. Others of my own generation of adventurers made a point of silencing the young fighter. Despite this, we took the forge with ease.

Sophina and I stepped to the forge as some of the younger warriors stripped of their armor to allow repairs to be done. It was easy to bang the small dents out of the well made armor, and by the time we had finished and returned the armor to their owners, the surprised lizard blacksmiths had been dispatched.

We barely had time to breathe when, To the Kings Quarters, erupted from our party. Sophina, myself, and a few others who had chanced taking a relaxing breath had to move quickly to keep up with the more energetic adventurers that we held in company. We did not have far to go to catch up with the ones who now led the group, though. Many of them stood petrified, starring at more of the crudely cut wood and vines I had noticed when I first landed on the island. Commander, I heard shouted from inside the room, and hurried inside.


More logs than it took to build Miriths great guild hall sat in the room. We walked through the isles of wood before I heard a shout from Shayde. A chest lay on the ground, and while it wasnt locked, it was rigged to blow if anyone opened it. We each tried to disarm the explosive, and we both failed. Then, Sophina offered up an interesting proposition. She wanted to open the chest herself and try to avoid the explosion.

While it should never have been allowed, our curiosity got the better of us, and we let her go ahead with the plan. As soon as she opened the chest, she was knocked back to the far wall. One of our healers dashed over to her and did all they could do repair the damage to her body. While this may have helped, what really brought her back to consciousness was the blaring of what some of us recognized as a horn raising the alert. I heard, Its a trap, shouted from the next row over before all sound other than the hissing of lizards was drowned out as they flooded the room.


Everyone, prepare for battle, I cried, though I doubted it could be heard about the lizards. It was an empty command, as everyone was already readying their weapons for the close quarter combat that was about to ensue. I ducked under a swipe from a lizards sickle and stuck my dagger into its belly. I brought the dagger up through its chest and neck, and threw it back, only for it to be replaced by another. With support from the spell casters in our group, we eventually cleared the room of most of the lizards, though more came in from the way we had came in every second.

Fighters to the door, I shouted, emphasizing the command with a gesture.

Two of the more energetic fighters plugged up the door first, each taking on two of the lizard men warriors. We held the position well for many minutes, but it was only a matter of time before one of the less experienced warriors was put on the defensive. He fell backwards, but before the lizard could end his life, Tamzin jumped in to defend him. She stuck one wizard with her sword and bashed the others nose in with her shield. We were safe for at least a little longer.

Thats when we saw them. It is foolhardy to assume that humans are the only humanoid creatures with any type of structure, but we often do. However, the lizard men were more like us in this aspect than we had previously suspected. Two lizards which we would later come to know as Ssssglissya and Ssscglaw commanded the lizard onslaught from behind the doorway. We were here long before themsssss, Ssssglissya hissed to its partner.

The other young adventurer slipped back, defeated. In his place stood Hayate, who dispatched the two attacking lizards in one graceful strike. Hisses could be from everywhere, though this time they sounded as if there was a hint of fear as well, if that is even possible. Ssscglaws though, was the most prominent hiss. Ssslayer isss with them!


I lobbed a bag of the exploding dust over the heads of Hayate and Tamzin and into the crowd of lizards that had gathered outside. Explodesss That remindssss me, mused Ssscglaw.

He reached into some hidden pouch and removed a clump of the explosive dust. A flash surprised me and I stumbled backwards. It seemed humans were not the only ones with this technology anymore. Before Ssscglaw could throw another of the dangerous pouches, Sophina stepped in front of me. Taste my arrows, she screamed as she loosed a quick succession of arrows in the direction of Ssscglaw.

The first arrow struck the bag in his hand, causing it to explode and take off a few of his fingers. The second arrow struck him in the leg and he stumbled. A third hit him in the chest, followed quickly by a bolt of lightning which knocked him to the ground. A pained hiss escaped his mouth, Sssssstupid humanssss!

Ssssglissyas arms flailed around, and though it was a much less effective way of healing than what we humans had developed, it was still healing. Ssscglaws wounds shut and the bleeding stopped. He got to his feet and charged our line, knocking back Tamzin who I quickly stepped in for. It wasnt long before he had me stumbling back to the room either, though. There are too many of them, Patarius exclaimed dispiritedly.

Then the lizards changed directions in their attacks. Up until now, they had been avoiding attacking Hayate, or The Slayer. With a hiss, Ssscglaw charged the mighty warrior as lizards slipped past him and struck at his sides. Hayate was struck down by shear numbers as Ssscglaw shouted in a raspy voice, It isssss over! The resssst will be sssslaughtered with eassssssse.

The two commanding lizards turned to depart the battle, and if not that stroke of luck, we would not have survived. The wizards which had not totally exhausted their energy sent waves of paralyzing energy over the lizards, giving us the time we needed to crawl out of the lizard fort, though badly beaten we were.

I changed a look behind me. The lizards, under the command of Ssscglaw, instead of pursuing us, were barricading their stores of logs. The defenses were being further strengthened to make sure we would not be able to take their stores so easily. We winssss, hissed Ssssglissya tauntingly.


Then, I heard the one sentence that made it all worth coming, The raftsss mussst be finisssshed!

There it was. The reason for the logs, for the ivy ropes. The lizards were making rafts. They would participate after all. Water was the one thing that had kept them away for so long, and the dragons had given them the technology to overcome it, along with many other gifts. Mirith was in immediate danger, and we had to be prepared.

I could barely see as we stumbled from the fort. The path was clear. Lizard patrols must have all been pulled to the fort. At the waters edge, our group collapsed. Some fell from severe wounds. Others fell because their energy had been drained saving the rest of the group. Some fell for a third reason, however. I fell to the ground, pushed down by the weight of defeat. We lay there for many long minutes, and when we finally managed to stand, our bodies were imprinted in the sand, like reminders of the defeat we had suffered.

I looked upon the somber adventurers. Some still lay in the sand, but at least all were now conscious. With as much confidence as I could muster, I began. There is nothing left for us here. We know what the lizards are planning, or at least we have a better idea of it, and we lack the forces necessary to take the fort. We get out of here while we still can, and we warn everyone we can. Come, we return to Mirith.
Rebels Slay Ice Dragon by draugr on 21 Feb 2010 : 22:00
Valiant Rebels Slay another Ice scaled foe!Journal of Asbjorn,

Year 433 Fighting moon.

Day 94

It was a warm day when my guildmates and I set out for Duldrus to, as we say, "Get ferrite the hard way.". We found a nice coastal spot where we could lure the granite behemoths to a nice open area and pound them into pebbles.

We slew a few of the graggy ones with ease as it most always goes, but then an arctic gale slammed into us as a a mighty blue Ice Dragon, his scales the color of the frozen isles where he dwells, under his eyes a deep blue like the oceans, seething with hate for us, he charges and attacks with claw, tooth and tail. Brave and strong Gawr fought with a fury almost unmatched. I mainly helped where I could chipping off icy scales when i could. The beautiful and well humored cleric duo of Rosina and Angelica kept us fighter's hale and hearty even under a torrential assault by water elementals.

His roars and words were a dull echo in my helm as we fought and slew the beast. In the haze of the fight he summoned Water Elementals to drive the Clerics to shore but, thanks to some grand spell casting by Juff. and some crafty fighting by the MIGHTY Crom, we slew them as well. It was a glorious fight (although I remember little due to too many smacks on the head).
The Anger of the Ice Dragons by Shayde on 18 Feb 2010 : 16:13

After some time of concern about the recent appearance of Ancient Ice Dragons preying on innocent adventurers in the Ice Dungeon, it was decided that this menace must either be negotiated or forced into peace. One way or the other we would fulfill our need to provide safety to human kind.

The Raid

After much discussion and debate, it was agreed that the mighty Hayate was the only fighter in the land that was strong enough, brave enough, and equipped well enough to fight and defeat the dangerous Ancient Ice Dragon. Determining that enough adventurers were available for the task, Nasrith went to Lizard Island and searched out the legendary warrior. The group assembled on Ice Island. We were full of hope and confidence, for we had Hayate with us this time. Of course we must emerge victorious. Our party consisted of, myself, Hayate, Kookai, Tamzin, Zackie, Nasrith, Kagechiyo, Cassandra, Nicodemus, Antonius, and Alexia, and were joined a little later by Sophina.

We agreed on our strategy, positioned ourselves, and prepared to meet the Dragon. We were just finishing off some gooeys before fetching the ancient, when it came to investigate the sounds of battle. I heard it's voice echo as it killed Kagechiyo behind me and before I could do more than turn my head I was paralyzed. "Watch my children, as I show you how this is done." the Ancient instructed it's kin as it cast it's magical ice field on me again. Turning to me, it took a casual bite, saying, "You should be honored that one such as I took your life.". Honored I was not.

It seemed there would be no negotiations welcomed by this furious beast, so Hayate San positioned himself and began to fight. Unfortunately, the massive bulk of the dragon was so great that it partially blocked the warrior from the spells of the clerics, though they persisted and did themselves proud. However, this dragon wasn't satisfied with so many living around it. Ignoring Hayate for a moment it swung around and faster than I thought possible, wiped out all the other fighters. The robes, however stood strong. The battle continued, and we started again to believe we would be victorious, when the Ancient lifted it's wings and 6 Ice Dracos appeared from beneath.

Cassandra did an amazing job holding them at bay for the clerics, however the difficulties of the magic, the numbers, and the power of the dragon and it's children finally overcame Hayate. Even still our clerics held out with invisibility potions, hoping for an opening to resurrect. Unfortunately there were too many beasts and their activities eventually revealed the clerics and eventually they could last no more. Only Nasrith survived the battle, able to stealth away as he saw Hayate fall. He exited the dungeon and went on the search for aid, and Sophina took her ghost out to float to Mirith, resurrect, and reequip in order to join whatever group could be formed to attempt a rescue, futile as it seemed.

First Rescue:
Danery, Cavan, Gragnog, Nanasisan, Teleco II

Some time passed in grayness as we hoped and prayed that Nas would find anyone at all to help. Our hopes were faint, as we had already gathered everyone qualified for such an event into our party. However we started to hear sounds coming from the depths of the dungeon. Sounds of battle, of humans!!! One by one the dracos left our ghostly group to find the source of the sounds. One by one they met their end. Danery came into sight first, and soon we spotted a lion shadowing Gragnog. The dragon also spotted Gragnog as he tried to position himself. Across the dungeon it followed the druid, unfortunately managing to catch him. However, Gragnog's sacrifice was not in vain, as Teleco II managed to reach our party as the dragon left and bring Antoninus, Nicodemus and Alexia back to life.

Being exhausted from casting so much magic so quickly, he wedged himself hidden between the rocks of the dungeon to rest. There are two such places in the hunting zone. Carved long ago by those who spent long hours on dragon hunts, they are hidden from view to provide a safe resting spot for weary mages. Cassandra, brought back to life, also needed a rest before attempting to exit the dungeon, so took the other spot while the rest of the party was put back to rights. I requested to be left gray until last, being the closest one to where the dragon had disappeared. When Antoninus came and brought me to life, I quickly grabbed my belongings. I was just beginning to don my armor when the Ancient came racing back to our corner and I was a ghost again almost as soon as I had come to life.

The fighters were not yet recovered from their resurrections, let alone ready to fight, so faster than the blink of an eye everyone went back to gray, with the exception of a fast drinking Antoninus, invisible beside me. Again, the violent pacing of the dragon caused the invisibility to fail, and the Ancient and it's young draco kin took our brave cleric down. We did not know what had happened to the remainder of our rescue party. Danery, Cavan, and Nanasisan were nowhere to be seen. We could only hope they survived to make it out. We knew Cassandra and Teleco II lived still, hidden in the rocks, but there was no way they could get out to help us, or even escape without more aid. Nicodemus made his ghostly way out of the dungeon to resurrect and return, and discovered that Nasrith had been continuing his search for help through all this, and more rescuers were gathering at the island even as we

Second Rescue:
Sophina, Laricen, Cavan, Nicodemus, Charonia, Bell, hisashi, Niki and Cris

The second rescue attempt was destined to fail from the start, however they bravely decided to try anyways. The dragon was getting extremely powerful having killed so many, and was deep in blood lust. I do not know how events played out for the team, but it sounded violent and bloody. One by one ghosts floated silently to our group. Sophina took charge immediately, coming up with a plan. There were two mages still hidden, and Laricen was stealthed nearby.

The dragon was now far enough away that we could resurrect, but we needed to be protected long enough to recover. The ghosts of our rescuers gathered, and selflessly leaving their own bodies exposed to be looted, they formed walls on each side of our party so no creature could pass. Cassandra and Teleco II finally came out of hiding and set to work helping everyone get set. Laricen entered the protected area and gathered valuables from those who didn't want to resurrect until they reached safety. Once we were set, the ghosts went to find the dragon.

What seemed like days passed before whispers echoed through the dungeon. The dragon is trapped!! The ghosts of Cavan, Cris, Tamzin, Kagechiyo, Danery, Sophina, Niki and Gragnog had managed in their ghostly forms to actually herd the Ancient Dragon away from our escape route. Not only that, they managed to use their now practiced ghost walls to pen the beast in such a location that it would be safe for us to collect the corpses of Charonia and Hisashi. Rarely have I ever seen such amazing teamwork and tactics used. The bravery and determination these two rescue teams displayed this day was heroic. They had suffered total losses themselves, yet they had sworn to rescue us, and would not stop until that happened. Once the now living team had got Charonia and Hisashi on their feet, we wearily made the journey to the ladder, and at long last exited the dungeon.

The ghosts who sacrificed their corpses to keep us safe prepared to release the dragon from it's ghostly pen and follow after us. It was then that the dragon began to speak.

~ The following transcript was dictated by Danery and Cris, whose memories are to be commended. My apologies for the length but the information that follows may be of great import in the days to come.

(Ancient Ice Dragon): The pathetic remains of your weak spirits do not bind me.

(Ancient Ice Dragon): Should I will it I could scatter you to the winds.

(Sophina): We have seen that.

(Gragnog): *why did you kill me?

(Gragnog): i was just out walking

(Danery): why did you attack us unprovoked?

(Gragnog): are you angry with us?

(Ancient Ice Dragon): Your species is provocation.

(Ancient Ice Dragon): Nothing but death can quell the human desire to conquer.

(Sophina): Well, we're dead.

(Danery): we were clearing your lair of nuances

(Ancient Ice Dragon): Nuances?

(Gragnog): so our desire is vanquished

(Danery): annoying creatures

(Ancient Ice Dragon): Who are you to define what is annoying?

(Gragnog): you are indeed a mighty creature

(Kagechiyo): This is a pen

(Sophina): Tell us what is annoying.

(Ancient Ice Dragon): Your kind is a thorn in the side of natural order.

(Gragnog): to you we must seem annoying

(Gragnog): but do we not also deserve place to live?

(Ancient Ice Dragon): You enter this place at your peril, human ghost.

(Danery): we were hunting what we perceive as evil

(Ancient Ice Dragon): Your perceptions brook no challenge.

(Danery): you were not included in this evil

(Gragnog): it is a nice place to meditate

(Ancient Ice Dragon): Do the children of my children's children annoy you?

(Gragnog): not at all

(Gragnog): they actually excite us

(Ancient Ice Dragon): Yet you do not hesitate to slay them.

(Danery): they attack unprovoked

(Gragnog): they attack us first

(Danery): are we not supposed to defend ourselves

(Gragnog): we just defend ourselves

(Ancient Ice Dragon): You enter their nursery and slay them!

(Danery): they draw first blood

(Tamzin): to be truthful, its your kins scales that I am after.

(Danery): you are intelligent and can hold a conversation

(Ancient Ice Dragon): There is no rational thought within your minds.

(Ancient Ice Dragon): You cannot see yourselves for what you are.

(Gragnog): rationality is a focus from a certain point of view

(Ancient Ice Dragon): Invading child-slaughterers.

(Gragnog): there are many points to contend with

(Danery): i guess our races can never have peace then

(Ancient Ice Dragon): Perhaps the reds are correct.

(Danery): what do the Reds say?

(Gragnog): correct?

(Ancient Ice Dragon): Defending ourselves only provokes further attacks.

(Cris): So what do you propose will be a solution to this dilemma?

(Ancient Ice Dragon): They may be correct in their beliefs.

(Danery): maybe we should hold a parlay

(Ancient Ice Dragon): They believe the destruction of your species is all that is required.

(Gragnog): their beliefs are ancient and treasured to them

(Gragnog): but we also have beliefs

(Gragnog): that differ a great deal

(Ancient Ice Dragon): It would solve the problem of your interloping.

(Gragnog): some of us would live in peace

(Gragnog): why judge us all the same?

(Gragnog): that seems a very childlike trait

(Ancient Ice Dragon): None gathered here would seem that way inclined.

(Ancient Ice Dragon): As proved by action if not words.

(Danery): thanks to your doings

(Gragnog): i came to help my friends

(Gragnog): you attacked me without provocation

(Cris): If your kind will side with us, it may become interesting for you.

(Gragnog): you have slain our mightiest warriors

(Ancient Ice Dragon): You humans set much store by little boundaries and laws...

(Gragnog): we know you are powerful

(Gragnog): what do you suggest then?

(Ancient Ice Dragon): You believe in property and territory.

(Danery): we do

(Gragnog): it is a human trait of some

(Ancient Ice Dragon): You believe in the concept of trespass?

(Gragnog): others roam freely

(Danery): what do you consider our trespass

(Ancient Ice Dragon): Entry into our domain, slaughter of our young, theft of our property...

(Danery): what about the greens entering our forests?

(Ancient Ice Dragon): I see not why you with your vaunted concepts of law do understand.

(Ancient Ice Dragon): Am I of the forest hue?

(Teleco II): No, but they are still your kind.

(Danery): you group all humans alike, im grouping the dragons

(Teleco II): As you condemn all humans, we condemn all of your kind.

(Ancient Ice Dragon): They would dispute your claim of forest ownership.

(Gragnog): you talk of the reds as friends

(Gragnog): is it not natural to assume the same of the greens?

(Danery): they attack our sheep and kill our traveling merchants

(Teleco II): Whither it is owned by us or not does not excuse them attacking us.

(Ancient Ice Dragon): You humans have your little walled cities, and your magic portals.

(Sophina): What would you have us to do then, Ancient one?

(Ancient Ice Dragon): Yet always you exit them in search of violence and fulfillment of your greed.

(Gragnog): not true

(Gragnog): you class us all the same

(Gragnog): much as we do you with the reds and greens

(Teleco II): *nods in agreement with Gragnog*

(Gragnog): but i see there may be great differences

(Ancient Ice Dragon): Any who give aid to the aggressors are with them.

(Gragnog): not true

(Ancient Ice Dragon): Any who come here are allied with the slaughterers.

(Danery): so, any that enter your domain are considered enemies?

(Teleco II): What if I came here with peaceful intentions, you would attack us anyway.

(Gragnog): one cannot be held responsible for the deeds of ones friends

(Ancient Ice Dragon): One can be held responsible for remaining friends with them!

(Danery): I remember a time when you asked for our assistance

(Gragnog): much the same as you claim not to be responsible for the deeds of the greens

(Gragnog): but you align yourself with them

(Danery): I think it is pointless to parlay with such a stubborn creature

(Sophina): Yup.

(Sophina): I'm outta here.

(Ancient Ice Dragon): You are correct, human.

(Sophina): Thanks again, folks.

(Sophina): And we'll see you again soon, Ancient one.

(Gragnog): then you are nothing but a pathetic troubles bunch of valuable scales

(Ancient Ice Dragon): Your kind is too full of its own righteousness to think.

(Danery): i fear that the outcome will be much different next time wink

(Gragnog): with no thought process above anger and retribution

(Danery): we shall come with forces 10 fold

(Gragnog): much the same as many other lower life forms

(Ancient Ice Dragon): You will be punished.

(Cris): you will die some day

At this time most of the ghosts departed and set out for Mirith with the living to regroup and resupply. However, a few remained to hear the fateful words from the Ancient one.

"I will send some to repay the courtesy of this visit," she announced. Summoning two great Ice Dragons, the Ancient one ordered, "Go to their home. And please yourselves as they do."

The dragons flew away from the dungeon to obey their elder.

(Gragnog): Ice dragons on the loose.

(Nicodemus): I saw.

(Cris): 2 dragons off to out cities.

(Gragnog): On way to cities.

(Gragnog): We need to go warn the cities.

The Shadowed Orb by Shayde on 02 Feb 2010 : 07:06

"We must recover and deliver the orb to Andris." said the weary sailor named Jerry. He had arrived in Lerilin, after a storm wrecked his ship. "I have to deliver the orb. It cannot be lost!!!". Convincing the poor sailor that we would complete his delivery for him...for assuredly he was in no shape for traveling, not even having any pants to wear...he sent us off with two warnings...."Be careful, there are many after this orb. They will kill to own it." and "Watch for the Serpents, they always find their way to a shipwreck."

With these warnings ringing in our ears, we set off....3 adventurers on a task that was surely too great for us alone.....

Day 80 of the Blue Moon, year 433

There were three of us to begin this journey, some of us would make it to the end of this day. One thing was sure, we would learn to trust the warnings of a shipwrecked sailor before we were done.

Jedd, Varto and I left Lerilin that day a little bit nervously, knowing that there was trouble ahead but determined to keep our word to Sailor Jerry. I sent out messengers to alert others and bring us assistance, as is my custom when I encounter unusual events these days. I keep pages in each town now for this express purpose. Soon word came back, the Rebels would come. Then word came that they wouldn't come, only having druids in the area at the time, they didn't think an ocean adventure would render them much use. Ah well, it was worth a try, as they are usually up for adventures. Another message came back that Siegal would meet us on the bridge and Negithy was en route. This made me feel better about the coming adventure.

After repairing a broken boot heel on the path from Lerilin, I caught up to the others on the bridge. Having discovered Siegal had gone ahead, the three of us started heading south, as the sailor's directions dictated. I was caught up with a Water Elemental shortly after, and when I finished with it, I looked around and I saw none of my mates in sight. Cursing men and their constant haste, I started paddling again. However, in my moment of feminine righteousness, I forgot the wise words of Sailor Jerry. "Watch for the Serpents.....". Oh dear. One serpent, two serpents, three serpents, four....oooOOOoooOOOooo. Crap. Well, nobody's perfect. I never said that did I.

One of my messengers came to find me with a message. Thankfully he was smarter than I, and had avoided the serpents. Seeing me ghosting, he ran back North and found Nel the Cleric, bringing her to the island with Jedd and Negithy to aid me in resurrection. Proceeding onto the island, I found Siegal in the company on a man called Fortinbras. Siegal whispered to me that this fellow had been talking to trees, and was generally raving. Madder than a Hatter, this fellow was indeed. He was babbling about the orb, desperate in his search to find it. He had the stench of evil about him, and I recalled Jerry's other warning..."there are others that will kill to own it." This madman was just crazy enough to be dangerous, even without the addition a powerful orb.

Jedd and Negithy had found a chest, so we went to see what was in it - naturally I took the contents - I am a rogue after all. Fortinbras came running up and demanded what in the hells we were doing!! Little did I know that this was his campsite and the boys had destroyed his shelter.....oh dear. Well, I'm not known for my diplomacy when I dislike someone, and I was already at that sentiment when it came to this Fortinbras and his mad search for the orb. For the record, I did give him back his stuff from the chest, and apologized for the boys chopping up his tent....again thinking of the haste of men with a chuckle.

Siegal called me over to where he had found the remains of Jerry's ship washed up on shore. Among the debris was 2 tarnished necklaces and 2 pieces of Merfolk Hair, but nothing resembling an orb. Fortinbras followed us to the wreck site and was running in circles talking to himself. He got down on his hands and knees and started scrabbling and digging in the sand. I went to look at what he was doing, and saw something shining in the sand near him. I covertly picked up the shadowed orb and slipped it in my pack, but unfortunately was not fast enough, and he saw what I had.

Calling me all sorts of foul names he suddenly started to glow with magic, and summoned 2 groups of huge sand spiders, setting them to attack me and my party. I could have stealthed and run away with the orb, but my honor as a knight wouldn't let me desert my companions, even to keep the orb safe. We fought well enough against the spiders, but he summoned more and more, until the island was covered with about 50 sand spiders. I followed Forty to the water's edge and stealthed, hoping to get behind him for a stab. Unfortunately he cast some sort of paralyze field spell which revealed me from stealth and paralyzed both me and Bittel. Then, with his druidish powers, he summoned 5 sea serpents from the depths, and having me pinned against the water's edge, he surrounded me with his serpents and spiders - 5 on each side. I drank as many Full Heal Potions as I could, and managed to stay alive for several bites, but with an additional fireball from the mage, and so many creatures surrounding me, the world faded to gray.

I believe that at this time, most of my companions had also succumbed to a ghostly state, although Siegal did manage to both stay alive and clear the island of spiders. He came to stand by me as I patiently....well, sort of patiently...listened to the ranting of Fortinbras. The man had a foul tongue and hurled continuous insults at my ghost, however it was beyond his power to move me from my corpse. So the orb was safe. I don't know if he could understand me or not, but he did reveal that he wanted to use the orb to raise the undead and increase his powers. The Ghost of Bittel agreed with my ghost that this was surely unnecessary, as well as potentially catastrophic.

At this time the work of my Lerilin Messengers began to pay off. Iceane was the first to arrive, much to my delight, and I filled him in on the situation as well as the powers of Fortinbras. We knew more people would be coming in all haste, so waited for the reinforcements. Lenard, Cadwallader, Iadne, and finally Daystra showed up, and perhaps seeing that he was potentially over matched, Fortinbras disappeared from our presence with a final flurry of threats. The Clerics kindly resurrected our party, and someone lured the serpents away, so we set out for Andris with the Shadowed Orb safely in my possession.

The journey to Andris was uneventful but for an angry serpent who didn't care to have his back stabbed, although there was an inexplicable tension running high through the party. This was not done with yet, and as we entered Andris City, we wondered what was to come. After some questioning of the locals, we found a stranger who was awaiting a package from a messenger. I approached her cautiously and the others stood around us, protectively watching the surrounding. The conversation with this lady called Arelintha proceeded as follows:

(Arelintha): Hello. *says shortly*

(Jedd): Hello

(Tyler): Greetings

(Iceane): Greetings.

(Arelintha): Where is that fellow?

(Iadne): Greetings....

(Negithy): What fellow, Ma'am?

(Shayde): greetings

(Jedd): Jerry?

(Shayde): are you looking for Sailor Jerry?

(Arelintha): A messanger is supposed to be bringing me a package.

(Jedd): Jerry is resting at Lerilin after a shipwreck caused by the green one

(Arelintha): Hmpf.

(Shayde): I am the messanger

(Arelintha): I should never have trusted him.

(Shayde): I apologize for the delay

(Arelintha): He smelled of ale.

(Arelintha): Oh?

(Shayde): what is in the package?

(Arelintha): *looks closely*

(Shayde): what is this package you await?

(Arelintha): You don't quite look like the one I was expecting.

(Shayde): no

(Arelintha): It is an orb
(Shayde): he was shipwrecked

(Arelintha): A very special one.

(Shayde): I have your orb

(Negithy): *nods*

(Jedd): The Green one escaped...

(Arelintha): Oh you do!

(Shayde): do you know one named Fortinbras?

(Arelintha): What a lovely girl.

(Shayde): a mage?

(Shayde): do you know of him?

(Shayde): he killed many trying to get this orb

(Iadne): *frowns*

(Shayde): he wanted to use it for Evil

(Arelintha): Fortinbras? Never heard of him.

(Iadne): Shayde,

(Negithy): He killed a number of us.

(Iadne): we know nothing about her.

(Shayde): he wanted to use it to raise the dead

(Negithy): Naughty fellow.

(Bittel): I feel stupid

(Jedd): He caused a shipwreck as well and killed others

(Arelintha): He sounds like a horrible little man.

(Shayde): Sailor Jerry told me there would be a merchent

(Bittel): when I walked past Arelintha she was looking for a messengeer

(Iadne): If what you possess is of such a high value, you should be careful, whom you pass it to.

(Shayde): you do not look like a Merchant

(Jedd): Shayde is the messenger. She has the orb

(Arelintha): I am a merchant of sorts. A merchant of fortunes and unusual items.

(Arelintha): A collector, if you will.

(Negithy): Oh?

(Shayde): What will you use the orb for?

(Negithy): And you sent for this orb?

(Jedd): A Seer....

(Arelintha): I did.

(Negithy): Ah...

(Iadne): I know of a wizard, who could use that orb, she is powerful enough.

(Iadne): She could tell of its magical contents.

(Iadne): And judge on whether its wise to pass it on.

(Arelintha): Well, I wish to gaze into it and see what truths might lie within.

(Jedd): I don't like any idea of using such an orb. Do you know what the green one said?

(Shayde): what about it being used to raise the dead?

(Arelintha): And it will be another fine asset for my collection.

(Jedd): It may have been behind the blood runes and recent uprisals of undead.

(Arelintha): Raise the dead?

(Shayde): yes

(Jedd): Yes...the green one mentioned its powers

(Shayde): Fortinbras said it could be used to raise the dead

(Arelintha): Ugh. How unsanitary.

(Shayde): that's what I thought

(Shayde): he seemed determined

(Shayde): he will kill you if he knows you have it

(Shayde): I wouldn't want to put such a lovely lady in danger

(Arelintha): I very much doubt that.

(Negithy): *smiles*

(Arelintha): I have foreseen my own death.

(Shayde): oh?

(Arelintha): Thirty-four years in the future.

(Shayde): how....disturbing that must have been

(Iadne): Pff...

(Iadne): I've died plenty of times...

(Arelintha): Will you give it to me please?

(Arelintha): I could reward you all...

(Iadne): A reward?

(Iadne): What for?

(Shayde): I am satisfied you are the correct person

(Shayde): we do not require a reward

(Shayde): it was an honor to serve

(Arelintha): *smiles*

(Arelintha): Thank you, dear.

(Jedd): *bows*

(Shayde): *curtsys*

After this conversation, I asked Arelintha to tell us what she saw in the orb. She led our party to the town square, presumably for the best light in which to see whatever she was to see in the orb. At this point others arrived, Crisian, Cassandra, Sophina and Shawer joined the audience. When Arelintha looked into the orb, she saw fires, darkness, and creatures with many eyes. She saw a man in red and a man in black... and that is all she told us. There was a smudge of some sort on the orb, which she tried to rub off. I apologized for the fingerprints I may have got on it, as it was difficult to protect the orb from the bites of those serpents. As she rubbed harder at the spot, a Lich appeared among us!!!! She continued to rub at the orb as a battle with the lich began, and later reports told me that she shook the orb once and a second lich appeared!!! She cast a couple of fireballs at the Liches, and ran for the East gate of town, outrunning all who thought to pursue her. She was not seen again.

A lengthy battle ensued with the 2 liches, the first one was taken care of fairly quickly, but the second grew to great power as we fought to overcome it.. The battle was fought bravely by all, and I thank the clerics for their healing and speedy resurrections that allowed me and the other plates to resume battling almost immediately each time we were put to death. It lasted for some time, but eventually we were victorious. At the end of the battle, Senator Morgans appeared with the Andris guard.....rather too late in my opinion.

Demanding to know what had happened, I requested permission to relay my tale. The kind senator listened closely and in her wisdom asked a couple of questions I had not thought to find out the answers to.....namely the origins of the orb. Feeling humbled, I apologized for not having the foresight to ask this important question of either Jerry or Arelintha. As I completed my tale, I spotted a flash of green from the corner of my eye, and turned to see Fortinbras at the edge of the square!!

Senator Morgans ordered him to stop so she could question him, and requested that we surround the evil one. We did try, however he was a mage with druidic powers, and merely teleported himself out of our circle. He ran for the West gate of the city, and we followed in pursuit. As soon as he was out of the gate, he summoned more groups of Sand Spiders to block our way and made his escape. Cadwallader managed to strike him with all his might, but whatever magical armor the mage had cast, deflected the mighty warrior's blow. The mage disappeared into the mists.

This brings me to the end of this tale. There was a little more discussion with Morgans, where she thanked us for securing her city, and requested that if anyone sees Fortinbras again, they are to alert her immediately. She passed out some of her most mouthwatering gingerbread and left us to tend our wounds from the battle and to prepare for the upcoming Blue Moon Festival. I hope to find out more about this Shadowed Orb. Perhaps I shall consult the scholars in the great library of Andris when I am there for the festivities.

My messengers kindly made these fine sketches for me to share with you at this time. I thank the hard work of these loyal servants of the Cavalier Knights, for without their tireless aid, our ghosts would still be listening to the ranting insults of one Fortinbras, the crazed mage.

Best Regards,

Shayde, Shadowalker

A Cavalier Knight

One distant day at Brigobaen Library by Fuoco on 18 Jan 2010 : 05:13
This is what I love about Oberin - an unexpected turn of events and a mixture of banter in and out of character!!!

The events took place shortly after J'al's birth, many moons ago. I had some holy daggers to trade and set off for the temple with a very young Antoninus, Abee and J'al....Given: Holy Dagger (+10)

Reward: Bracken Seed

Fuoco completed a quest!

Shared experience: 50 experience points.

(Blinston): Thank you child. Take this seed as a reminder of what we all can become.

(Antoninus): i am NOBLE

(Abee): Dagger ?

(J'al): I am respectable now!

(Fuoco): smile

(Antoninus): thanks fuoco

(J'al): Thanks!

(Antoninus): smile

(Fuoco): weyhey!!!!

(Abee): Holy Dagger?

(Fuoco): yes smile

(Abee): name

(Human): I am Blinston.

(Abee): job

(Human): I am a priest of the Great Temple of Brigobaen.

(Abee): quest

(Human): I'm afraid I lost my Holy Dagger. I would be grateful if you could return it to me.

(Abee): armor

(Abee): weapon

(Abee): adventurer

(Abee): ladies

(Abee): tales

(Abee): aslan

(Abee): arilor

(Abee): siege

(Abee): food

(Abee): husband

(Abee): potions

(Abee): elixirs

(Antoninus): ???

(Abee): herbs

(Abee): nature

(Abee): leather

(Fuoco): smile

(Antoninus): how does he do that?

(Abee): hm ^^

(Fuoco): F keys???

(J'al): Plague

(J'al): Illness

(Abee): hm sort of ^^

(Fuoco): smile

(J'al): Hemorroids

(Fuoco): hahahaha

(Abee): cheesey

(Fuoco): smile

(Abee): tries to read...

(J'al): *Studies*

(Antoninus): *reads* Wizards and Wizzing by C.E.Longbeard

(Abee): *scratching on Head*

(Fuoco): smile

(Abee): strange signs on Books

(Fuoco): *bites book cover*

(Antoninus): *Spells N Smells by I. Castalot

(Fuoco): smile

(Abee): those signs called letters?

(Fuoco): indeed

(J'al): Indeed

(Fuoco): smile

(Antoninus): *I gave up Magic for my gay Rust Beast Lover, by R.A.Oddfellow

(Abee): oh, i know it! i had to go to shool when i was young :/

(Fuoco): ah that is a shame

(Abee): yeah

(Fuoco): *reads How To Deal With Tinkers*

(Abee): but my Mother was always working and i was to lazy to go to shool

(Fuoco): Abee!

(Fuoco): smile

(Fuoco): well we know what children are like

(Abee): But my Mother teached me very well to become a Cleric smile

(Antoninus): what's this doing here? "The Steam Engine Enthusiasts Handbook"?

(J'al): Indeed

(J'al): Indeed

(Fuoco): a freak!!!!

(Antoninus): odd

(Abee): she was in my opinion a very good Cleric too smile

(Fuoco): the library was invaded by aliens

(Abee): WOOT!

(Fuoco): She was Abee

(Abee): Aliens?

(Fuoco): your mum was a great woman

(J'al): *Healing for Dummies by Ben Dover with foreword by C. Howitt Fels*

(Fuoco): well

(Abee): arent we ll aliens btw?

(Antoninus): Naughty!

(Abee): *all

(Fuoco): hahaha

(Abee): cheesey

(Antoninus): *Magic Ruined my Dinner* by Sidney Moansalot

(Fuoco): *How to Groom Lop Rabbits*

(Antoninus): cheesey

(J'al): Well...my name DOES ryme with Jail...

(Fuoco): weird.....

(Abee): Thx Fuoco what you said about my Mother, it enlightens and warms my heard smile

(Fuoco): well

(Fuoco): she was much loved

(Abee): i'm still sad she died so young :/

(Fuoco): I can assure you

(Fuoco): I do re-live in her somehow

(Abee): i miss her.....

(Fuoco): I am happy to say

(Antoninus): *Top Abyss Dragon Recipes* by G.G.Wallop

(Fuoco): *pats shoulder*

(Abee): i hope i replace her well

(Fuoco): you will

(Abee): +sniff+

(Fuoco): and that's a certainty

(Antoninus): smile congrats

(J'al): Enchanting! cheesey

(Antoninus): medi?

(Fuoco): what happened?

(Antoninus): ah

(Antoninus): nice

(Fuoco): wow!

(Fuoco): congratulations!

(Abee): thank you very much Fuoco you can be so kindly and caring smile

(Abee): wooT?

(Abee): what happend?

(Fuoco): our young wizard is going from strength to strength

(Abee): *pulls earplugs out*

(Fuoco): magery first, now enchanting

(Abee): ah!

(Abee): very well done smile

(J'al): Still lvl 4 though..soon...

(Antoninus): and she is respectable

(Fuoco): smile

(Fuoco): and a good social status too

(J'al): Medi first, then Magery, then enchanting

(Abee): wow

(Fuoco): hahaha

(Fuoco): a good day for you J'al!

(Abee): in your age i wasnt respectable...

(J'al): Lvl'd medi during your interview.

(Fuoco): smile

(Abee): even now i'm just noble ...

(Fuoco): well

(Fuoco): here I am with a good friend

(Fuoco): the son of a good friend

(Antoninus): got any books on indian cuisine?

(Fuoco): a promising new wiz

(Antoninus): no i thought not

(Antoninus): thanks anyhow

(Fuoco): smile

(Fuoco): what a day to remember!

(J'al): I can smell lvl 5 from here...

(Fuoco): smile

(Abee): yeah, Fuoco is a very kind , helpfull, lovly and.....

(J'al): Indeed

(Abee): sweet...

(Fuoco): *blushes*

(Abee): caring...

(Fuoco): now now

(J'al): Very true.

(Fuoco): smile

(Abee): what else?

(Antoninus): i am sure she is plotting some evil underneath it all though

(Fuoco): I am moved to tears!

(Abee): smile

(Antoninus): cheesey

(J'al): A Great teacher.

(Fuoco): smile

(Abee): yeah!

(Antoninus): good dancer

(J'al): Pretty

(Fuoco): and a perfect delinquent

(Antoninus): rarely smells of Zombies

(J'al): Ummm....

(Abee): hahaha

(Fuoco): smile

(Fuoco): *wags tail*

(Antoninus): eats 3 weetabix every morning

(J'al): Best Wizard ever?

(Abee): *grins*

(Antoninus): *crowns her Queen of Obie*

(Fuoco): You bunch of flatterers!

(Antoninus): (unoffically)

(J'al): hear hear!

(Fuoco): hahaha

(Abee): haha

(J'al): All Hail the Queen!

(Antoninus): *bows*

(Abee): *bows very deep*

(Fuoco): *parades*

(J'al): *Kneels*

(Abee): opps

(Antoninus): now, Fuoco, go mad with power!

(Abee): sorry

(Fuoco): hahahaha

(Abee): wink

(Abee): k where to now?

(Fuoco): well

(Fuoco): I need to head back to town for a while

(Abee): to the End of World?

(Antoninus): ya me too

(Fuoco): hehe smile

(Abee): hehe ok

(Fuoco): must cook dinner soon

(Fuoco): smile

(Abee): *grumbles*

(J'al): Must mow my lawn here

(Fuoco): smile

(Abee): oh! my stomache!

(J'al): Hello!

(Fuoco): Abee - you are hungry too????

(Abee): may i invite myself to Dinner at your House?

(J'al): Aramach?

(Abee): hehe yes

(Fuoco): you may!

(Abee): thx cheesey

(Fuoco): smile

(Fuoco): I will set the table for three then

(Antoninus): it's the house with the Tusker in the garden, right?

(Abee): i'm very hungry, so put a Big Tusker into Fire cheesey

(Fuoco): yes smile

(Antoninus): cool

(Fuoco): and a couple of brackens

(Abee): hahaha

(Antoninus): tame?

(Fuoco): smile

(Fuoco): ok

(Abee): ah sounds very pretty smile

(Fuoco): where is our young wizzie?

(Abee): k lets go

(Abee): hm...

(Antoninus): J'al

(Abee): ah

(Antoninus): here

(Fuoco): smile

(J'al): Sorry, was spying...

(Fuoco): hahaha

(Antoninus): lesssagoa

(Abee): np you can spy here as long as you like wink

(Fuoco): anything worth knowing?

(J'al): Nadda

(Fuoco): Abee

(Antoninus): * clar bur bol *

(Antoninus): * clar bur bol *

(Antoninus): * clar bur bol *

(Fuoco): will check

Sign: The Temple of Brigobaen

(Fuoco): must have gone invi

(Fuoco): orb shows he is in temple

(Antoninus): ..

(Antoninus): ....

(J'al): *Attempts to steal sign*

You meet a trader.

Who do you want to locate?

9 N and 7 W of your position.

You meet a trader.

You meet a trader.

(Aramach): You poor man.

You meet a trader.

(Abee): i tried to read those Books but cant frown

(Abee): Fuoco come in Please

(Abee): i meet a nice Man

(Fuoco): Nice to meet you

(Aramach): Well met.

(Fuoco): smile

(Abee): Aramach, may i introduce you Fuoco ?

(Abee): a very nice and friendly Wizard smile

(Aramach): I take it you already know each other, and you have not had a second insight?

(Fuoco): *bows*

(Fuoco): we do know each other yes smile

(Fuoco): are you also a cleric?

(Aramach): That is my calling.

(Fuoco): a noble one, if I may say so

(Aramach): Your friend here is a cleric?

(Abee): yes i am.

(Fuoco): smile

(Aramach): A cleric who cannot read, has no knowledge of the Goddess and mysteriously knows names...

(Abee): yeah its like someone is whispering in my brain..

(Aramach): Perhaps it is a sign of that thing in the air above Foehan?

(Abee): i seen you and , there was the voice

(Aramach): Do not listen to the voice, it is the voice of corruption and evil.

(Abee): *Aramach*

(Abee): oh!

(Abee): so what does this have to do with your name?

(Abee): are you Evil?

(Aramach): Heed not the voices.

(Aramach): Of course I am not evil!

(Abee): ah good smile

(Aramach): Insidious whispering voices are.

(Fuoco): He is stern, not evil

(Abee): hm does even evil clerics exist ?

(Aramach): At least I have never heard of a good one.

(Aramach): Alas it has been known.

(Fuoco): forgive me - we have friends waiting at the gate

(Antoninus): what are they doing?

(Fuoco): I must inform them we are here

(Fuoco): come please

(Fuoco): our fellow travellers are here

(Aramach): A pleasure.

(Antoninus): smile

(Fuoco): the good cleric Antoninus

(Antoninus): likewise

(Abee): hm you think the voice could lead me into evilness?

(Fuoco): and a promising young wizard - J'al

(Aramach): Could you repeat that?

(J'al): *blushes*

(Aramach): J'lal?

(Fuoco): *smiles*

(Aramach): Jaal?

(J'al): Like jail...

(Aramach): Jail...

(J'al): Indeed

(Aramach): J'ail, J'al?

(Abee): +scratching Head*

(Abee): why jail?

(Fuoco): it's just the way you pronounce the name I guess

(Aramach): I did not catch your name, strange one.

(J'al): My family had a poor sense of Humor.

(Abee): oh sorry, my name is Abee smile

(Fuoco): oh dear

(Abee): +bows*

(Aramach): No need for that now.

(Aramach): Tell me, Antoninus, can you read?

(Antoninus): yes i can

(Aramach): Perhaps you should teach your friend.

(Abee): *blushes*

(Antoninus): Abee cannot read?

Taken from J'al: Raw Steak

(Abee): yes i cant....

(Antoninus): well it would be my pleasure

(Abee): smile

(Aramach): Perhaps the voice would have a harder time in tempting were he steeped in study.

(J'al): All this knowledge...

(Abee): thank you Antonius smile

(Antoninus): most welcome

(Fuoco): Knowledge, as they say, is power

(Abee): how do i read ?

(Fuoco): some knowledge derives from good reading

(Aramach): Power over the darkness that would take mens' hearts.

(Fuoco): yes

(J'al): Yet I feel no more powerful...

(Aramach): First you must learn the alphabet.

(Fuoco): we must learn to teach and see the light

(Aramach): Then apply it to the phonetic constructions you already know as words.

(Abee): *scratching Neck*

(Fuoco): *helps Abee scratch*

(Fuoco): *to reach difficult parts*

(Antoninus): it sounds rather dry put like that, but the end result is...

(Abee): alphabet?

(Antoninus): access to the wisdom of all the ages

(J'al): *studies*

(Fuoco): but reading is just the first step

(Fuoco): understanding what you read is the next

(Abee): my mother gave me the name Abee and said those are the 1st 2 letters of alphabet

(Abee): i didnt know what she means

(Fuoco): You are still young Abee

(Fuoco): you will grow wiser

(Fuoco): do not despair

(Aramach): *whispers*

(Abee): i know a lot!

How old is he? (****Fuoco's note - this was a white writing which appeared at the bottom of my screen)

(Fuoco): smile

(Abee): by watching others , i learned a lot in this World smile

(Fuoco): (I know but I cannot say). Fuoco's note: this was my response to the writing on my screen

(J'al): *Attempts to reach top shelf of books, pulls books down onto head*

(J'al): Ouch!

(Abee): oh! carefull, are you hurt J'al?

(Antoninus): smile

(Fuoco): J'al!

(J'al): *Hopes no one saw*

(Aramach): Do be careful, those things are quite valuable, you do not want the guards coming.

(Abee): may i bandage you?

(J'al): oops!

(Fuoco): can you cast elevate body on her?

(J'al): *Blushes*

(Antoninus): that was the Obie Complete Bestiary that fell on you

(Fuoco): quite a tome!

(Antoninus): it weights a ton

(J'al): No wonder it hurt.

(Antoninus): yes

(Abee): put a bandage on her Head.

(J'al): Some scary beasts out there I quess...

(Fuoco): indeed we are surrounded by perils

(Abee): ok i hope it will help smile

(J'al): Liche? Yikes! looks scary! Hope I never meet one!

(Antoninus): no that is not a Lich, it is Marlick in a bad mood

(Abee): Lich! where?

(J'al): Tusker...Looks cute...

(Aramach): Lich? Where?

(Fuoco): Marlick in a bad mood is still handsome

(Antoninus): yes but perhaps scary

(J'al): Hmmm....Golem?

(Fuoco): I shall speak to him soon my dear

(J'al): Those I have heard of...

(Antoninus): smile

(Fuoco): see if I can disperse the clouds

(Antoninus): good

(Fuoco): disperse*

(Antoninus): i'm sure you will, Secret Queen of Obie

(Fuoco): I do hope he finds time for Fuoco

(J'al): Ass the clouds!

(Fuoco): smile

(Aramach): I beg your pardon?

(Antoninus): afk

(Fuoco): add

(J'al): lol

(J'al): Indeed

(Fuoco): gapers on fingers

(Abee): *tries to decode the signs on Books*

(J'al): Black Dragon? *Shivers*

(Aramach): No such thing any longer.

(J'al): Ahhh! It says that the Lich fear fire!

(Abee): Fire....

(Aramach): Would you stop talking about liches?

(Fuoco): does it?

(J'al): That maybe useful knowledge!

(Abee): ah!

(Abee): Wizards can make Fire!

(Fuoco): Yes I shiver at the very idea

(Fuoco): please change the subject

(Aramach): At least we should be safe here.

(J'al): Hmmm...Sheep!

(Fuoco): that's better

(Fuoco): more homely

(J'al): It says here that sheep are tamable.

(Abee): oh! cant Liches walk over holy ground?

(Aramach): They can, but I do not thing Father Vei and the other priests would take kindly to it.

(J'al): *consults index*

(Abee): ah

(Abee): *sighs*

(J'al): Harpies, sheep, dogs, wolfves, lions, Tuskers...so many o tame...

(Fuoco): *comes out of her reverie*

(J'al): to*

(Abee): (i dont get it what those signs mean )

(Aramach): I thought you were a wizard?

(J'al): Indeed

(Abee): *sighs*

(Fuoco): Two wizards and two clerics - no three - here!

(Aramach): I am not sure how to tell you, but you may have trouble taming tuskers.

(J'al): looks like they eat too much anyway...

(Fuoco): (sorry - have Gawr talking to me)

(Abee): yes i like tusker steaks too ^^

(Aramach): Something that size would require a lot of meat.

(J'al): Blink Hounds...Highly Resistant to magic...

(Abee): i sometimes eat too much of them cheesey

(Fuoco): My dear fellow travellers and friends

(J'al): I have 3 steaks left.

(Antoninus): back

(Fuoco): I will shortly have to depart

(Abee): of a Tusker?

(J'al): As will I

(Antoninus): back

(Aramach): Afternoon is coming close to evening.

(J'al): Indeed

(Fuoco): so sorry to interrupt such a pleasant conversation

(Abee): oh! its late, must reach lerilin

(Aramach): It must be almost half past four.

(Abee): i havent any Nightvision Potions with me!

(Fuoco): I do hope we can continue some other time

(Fuoco): here Abee

(Abee): huh?

Given: Night Vision Potion

(Abee): Thank you Antonius smile

(Antoninus): welcome

(Fuoco): Aramach

(Aramach): Yes?

(Fuoco): we shall take our leave from you

(Abee): Thank you very much for the nice talk Aramach smile

(Antoninus): good bye Aramach

(Aramach): Farewell then.

(J'al): Fare thee well!

(Abee): farewell smile

(Fuoco): It has been a most interesting encounter, dear Sir

(Aramach): Blessings be with you.

(Antoninus): and with you!

(Fuoco): *bows*

(Fuoco): may the light always accompany you

(Aramach): *bows*

(Abee): *voices....evil...?*

(Abee): *bows*

(Abee): smile

You meet a trader.

(J'al): The Guards have the right to bare arms...

(Antoninus): cheesey

(Antoninus): good one

(Fuoco): ready dear friends?

(Abee): yes i noticed it before

(Antoninus): yes

(Abee): looks nice ;:)

(Antoninus): wait

(Antoninus): one thing

(Fuoco): smile

(Fuoco): sure

(J'al): SIN

(Antoninus): who is Aramach?

(J'al): *Safety In Numbers*

(Abee): i dont know, he was in Library when i passed by

(Fuoco): He must be stuying hard

(Antoninus): i see

(Fuoco): I am sure he knows a lot already

(Fuoco): a very stern but learned fellow

All this leaves one question unanswered: who is Aramach?

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Sir Avesne and the Silver Leaf by Fuoco on 13 Jan 2010 : 18:46
It all begun with a misunderstanding, which was embarrassing at the time but rather funny in retrospect...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usOn day 100 of the Dancing Moon I was at Rebel Island, depositing some goods in my chest, when a message from a young cleric friend reached me - he desired my help in fighting a couple of evil trees, who had planted their roots right next to each other, so I sent message back that I would shortly set off for the city of Andris and I also sent a message to Gawr, who was busy chatting to other people at Lerilin bank, informing him of my plans.

While still at Rebel Hall, Teleco II arrived and seemed in a great hurry to grab a pure red crystal, but I never thought of asking his business there so we went our separate ways. At the portal, much to my surprise, I met Gawr, who simply said "I am coming too". We dropped our crystals and, along the road to Andris, we had the happiness of meeting our dear wizard friend - Lou Bene. After greeting each other, Gawr asked her if she would accompany us on a rescue and, before I could make any comments, our attention was diverted by the arrival of two young travellers, chased by a nasty giant, so we applied our thoughts and energies to the task in hand. Lou agreed to follow us and so we marched together to the location where my young cleric friend, Nicodemus, was waiting for me. Teleco II arrived at the same time and it was at this point that the misunderstanding became apparent - Gawr had not read my message properly and had summoned Teleco to a rescue!!! The necessary apologies were made and then I asked Nicodemus to accompany me to the spot where the evil trees had been threatening him and the young wizard Marquisen. I turned to Lou and asked her if she would come as well, so a little party of robes set off in a north-easterly direction, Gawr following shortly after.

As soon as the magic trees had been dealt with, we were alarmed by some turmoil that seemed to shake the ground below us and originate from some point beyond the rocks. I suggested we should go and investigate and, as soon as we reached the other side of the rocks, we were greeted by a bone mage. Soon after this encounter, a cluster of evil trees presented itself to our surprised eyes (this was, after all, the usually very tranquil area behind the Circle of Druids Hall). After a moment's astonishment, Lou, Gawr and I nodded to each other and plunged deep into battle. Young Nicodemus and young Marquisen joined us in the mighty fight and acquitted themselves brilliantly.

Once the fortress of brackens had been brought down, a chest came into view and we sent our fighter to investigate. Gawr tried to open it but alas, with no success. We were debating whether to send a message to a rogue friend when Sir Avesne appeared and asked us what had occurred. After relating the events, he offered to try and open the chest (***). It seemed a magic trick had made it to appear as locked and, when Gawr stepped on it again, the chest revealed its contents - a shiny object in the shape of a silver leaf! Sir Avesne then told us about a myth, which claimed such events happen only once every hundred years - he stressed, though, that it was just a myth.


(Avesne): Cheap trickery this one.

(Fuoco): is it?

(Lou Bene): Oh.

(Nicodemus): i still hear sounds of lightning bolts in my head

(Avesne): Enchanted to make it seem locked.

(Fuoco): the impudence!

(Lou Bene): Hehe.

(Marquisen): ^^

(Nicodemus): ooh

(Lou Bene): Enchanted lock?

(Avesne): Clever and cheap.

(Nicodemus): *hugs tree*

(Avesne): There is a real trap.

(Avesne): I'm not setting it off.

(Fuoco): ah

(Gawr): I can take the blast maybe

(Fuoco): please Gawr

(Avesne): Let the meathead do it, that's the old way.

(Nicodemus): * pur clar *

(Gawr): Thank you Nicodemus

(Fuoco): well fighter?

(Gawr): There is a silver leaf here

(Avesne): *sits*

After some discussion, the silver leaf was entrusted to Nicodemus, and we made a pact that our little group would be together when the precious object could be put to good use (I am personally much looking forward to an expedition to Aborek with Lou Bene at my side).

The conversation then turned to other subjects. Sir Avesne stressed the fact that red is the true colour for wizards and provided us with suitable robes (at this stage I would like to say something about my uniform - I wear black robes and a red hat as a sign of admiration for the good Evers. Incidentally, it was many moons ago that I accompanied her, together with a group of wizards, to the cave near Duldrus where Sir Avesne was found and brought back to the surface - I remember the venerable mage's struggle to get used to the daylight again).

As the conversation proceeded, more people joined our little group - Fiera was the first to appear and was soon followed by Shadran Mathas and finally, our good juff made a striking appearance - his attire consisted of a red jester hat, matching shirt and pants! Sir Avesne commented approvingly on the growing number of female wizards and, when Gawr muttered he had a feeling the great mage did not like fighters (maybe because he was told to shut up and addressed to as a meathead?), Sir Avesne averted any comments by staring at the rocks with such an intensity that we thought he was trying to penetrate deep into their very core - I do believe at some stage he muttered that a particular rock appeared to be full of etherite... His gaze returned to the surrounding group once more and he announced he would rebuild the Sorcerers' Council, adding "As it should have been".

Finally, the subject of the Black Hand was approached. Sir Avesne stated that it was a brigand organisation, comprising mainly low scoundrels, but with some powerful mages at their disposal. I did venture to ask how powerful and what was their purpose (I later experienced my first encounter with one, and can assert they are not as intimidating as liches - thank the Goddess for that!), but to that Sir Avesne replied he is still learning and, soon after, he took his leave.

(OCC - the was a funny commentary in red during our fight with the trees: "With Lou Bene on your side, you cannot lose", "Though it seemed Lou was late, it was not in fact so", "For there was more trouble waiting on the other side of that pile of rocks.", "But due to the lack of a ranger no one had noticed it.", "Would our heroes prevail against the evil trees?")

A Necromancer Falls.. by draugr on 07 Jan 2010 : 00:27
the rtq at leri cem on lucky moon day 4Day 4 Lucky moon,

The skies were a pinkish hew, as the sunset over Lerilin village, but this dusk was anything but peaceful. The sounds of bone mages, and other undead roared in Asbjorns ears as he came back from the grey world, His club in hand and armor on he spots the Necromancer who was responsible for this evenings bloodbath. Charging down the Necromancer at break neck speed Bjorn raises his club and strikes the dark one in the shoulder sending him reeling back from the concussion of the booming blow. The dark mage still groggy and almost dead staggers deep into the cemetery, Bjorn chasing him deep into the horrendous melee, passing the ghosts of several friends as he tears through the press of undead, He briefly notices a Bon Lord watching the Necromancer closely.

Bjorn raises his club high to strike down the fiend, heedless of the minions around him, but a hairs breath from hitting his foe he is frozen by the Necromancers vile magic. All he sees after that moment is a bright ball of flame and the world is turned to a dusky grey and sound is muffled but he makes out the conversation between the Bone Lord and the Necromancer

A cowardly attack. The Necromancer says as he heals himself with arcane power, The Bone Lord says coldly Your powers are weak, since when is cowardice a frontal force with all the power of the arm? The Bone lord points to the grey specter of Asbjorn and says That man is no coward! The Necromancer replies An attack while I focus on you. The Bone Mage growing slightly impatient with the Necromancer says in a dark voice filled with menace Then you are undisciplined. Now pray explain how you expected to pass without our notice? and just to and insult to the Necromancer the Bone Lord ads A mage should know all that passes around him.

Grinning the Bone Mage says chidingly They want you dead little necromancer Necromancer replies coldly THEY have no business here. To which the Bone Lord replies, Oh can you read their thoughts? Asbjorn speaks to the Bone Lord Bring me back to life and I will kill him! the Lord to Bjorn But he shows promise, Hmm. Necromancer do you have a name? The Necromancer replies I do, Bone lord replies, You may have purpose yet, if trained properly, Speak your name or I will leave you to their mercy of this mob The Necromancer answers I am Clemon, Clemon Joli. Bone lord Would you be of use to the Master? Clemon replies, If the Master would have me. Clemon nods to the Lord of Bones.

In his ghostly state Bjorn spots Memna a cleric and he whispers Mem bring me backnow As she casts the spell to bring Bjorn back to the land of life, he grabs his weapon and flies into a furious rage smashing the Necromancer Clemon with deadly force, others join but Bjorn lands the final critical strike that snuffs out the black flame of the dark wizards life. Asbjorn chides the spectre Fool I told you I would kill you. The Lord of Bones smiles in agreement with the fighter Quite so, the fool indeed.

The Dark specter Clemon seething with rage at his defeat and humiliation says My Mortal death shall only make me more powerful. The Lord of Bones retorts You could have had much, It fear that it will not, You could have been apprentice to a greater man by far. Clemon vows, Your Master is a FOOL, I will return! Many in the crowd shake their heads at this classic remark. As Clemon fades into darkness. The Lord of Bones says Petty necromancers Sophina longlocks walks up and says strongly Well Bone Lord, why were you here? He replies Recruitment. She responds boldly Do you wish the same fate, or do you mean us no harm, it seems your recruit has made an unwise decision. The lord says, He has made his error plain we all do. Sophina replies, Well if you mean us no harm are on your way. He says, If it is your majoritys consensus. Asbjorn nods to the lord to leave. Sophina adds, Unless you have a further purpose?

The Lord of Bones quietly says Good evening. Then utters the words of black magic and disappears in a flash of lightning.

Thus ends this tale.

(Here is the text log)

(Necromancer): They may have grown greater than yours, look at my army!

Critical Hit!

Booming Blow!

You are unable to determine anything useful.

You are unable to determine anything useful.

You are unable to determine anything useful.

(Bone Mage): You must feel the burn.

(Bone Lord): An able student.

(Zombie): Must.. eat...

You are paralyzed.

(Necromancer): * shel rel bol *

You are unable to determine anything useful.

That creature appears to be quite strong.

You are unable to determine anything useful.

That creature appears to be quite strong.

You are unable to determine anything useful.

(Necromancer): * flas bur des *

That creature appears to be quite strong.

(Bone Mage): Your soul will feed me.

You are unable to determine anything useful.

You are unable to determine anything useful.

(Zackie): i think asb is dead now

(Balmunge): Nooooooo!

(Zackie): or is gonna die

(Balmunge): (:/)

(Asbjorn): HA!

(Bone Lord): A close call there.

(Zackie): did he kill necro?

(Balmunge): (no)

(Zackie): Asb died?

(Necromancer): A cowardly attack.

(Bone Lord): Your powers now are weak.

(Balmunge): Yes.

(Zackie): i knew he would

(Asbjorn): Kill him bone lord!

(Bone Lord): Since when is cowardice a frontal force with all the power of the arm?

There is an awful stench nearby.

(Zombie): mmmMMMmmmMMMmmm

(Bone Mage): You can not hide.

(Bone Lord): That man is no coward.

(Asbjorn): *grins*

(Bone Mage): Do not try to hide.

(Bone Mage): Do not try to hide.

(Necromancer): An attack while I focus on you.

(Bone Lord): Now pray explain how you expected to pass without our notice?

(Bone Mage): You can not hide.

(Bone Lord): Then you are undisciplined.

(Necromancer): Even you and your Master's view are flawed.

(Bone Lord): A mage should know all that passes around.

(Asbjorn): Kil him!

(Bone Lord): They want you dead, little necromancer.

(Balmunge): Who are these two Asbjorn?

(Zackie): Bone lord is lord of the bones i assum

(Necromancer): They have no business here.

(Zackie): He has Marthonis tag

(Bone Lord): Can you yet see their thoughts?

(Asbjorn): Bring me to Life Bone Lord and I WILL Kill Him!

(Bone Lord): But he has promise.

(Balmunge): (i can help too >.> <.<)

(Zackie): ya

(Asbjorn): YSo does another....

(Asbjorn): *so

(Bone Lord): And who is that?

(Necromancer): I can feel them.

(Asbjorn): named Shadran Mathas...

(Bone Lord): If he brings forth a host of dead such as this he shall merit more attention.

(Asbjorn): *nod*

(Asbjorn): He is studying to learn the arts.

(Bone Lord): Necromancer, have you a name?

A foul odor is in the air.

* bol flas *

(Memna): just a sec Zackie

(Memna): * shel *

(Zackie): ok

(Necromancer): I do.

(Memna): * pur *

(Mackenna): * bol flas *

(Memna): do you want a res?

(Zackie): Bal is up a lil to

(Mackenna): * bur *

(Bone Lord): Then tell it.

(Balmunge): *listens*

(Memna): * pur *

(Zackie): please

(Memna): * clar bur rel *

(Bone Lord): You may have purpose yet.

(Bone Lord): If trained enough.

(Zombie): Brrraaaiiinnnssss...

(Zackie): was listening to bone lord talk

(Mackenna): * bol flas *

(Bone Lord): If not I shall leave you to this mob.

(Zackie): thanks

(Mackenna): * bol flas *

(Daystra): Res?

(Shayde): kk

(Asbjorn): *grins*

(Necromancer): I am Clemon, Clemon Joli

(Memna): * pur *

(Daystra): Ready Bal?

(Jastherin): So I don't die again?

(Daystra): wait

(Mackenna): * bol flas *

(Balmunge): i think so

(Mackenna): * bur *

(Siegal): * flas bur *

(Daystra): i'll res you

(Bone Lord): And would you be of use to the Master?

(Daystra): * pur shel des *

(Memna): * pur *

(Daystra): * pur *

(Jastherin): Cam someone spare some GHP?

(Shayde): 10 ghp here if anyone needs

(Balmunge): sweet my stuff is here cheesey

(Jastherin): So I don't die again?

(Asbjorn): (res)

(Shayde): on my body

(Daystra): smile

(Necromancer): If the Master would have me. * nods *

(Shayde): gere

(Sophina): What is the meaning of this?

(Asbjorn): (mem res me now)

(Jastherin): Daystra?

(Memna): * pur shel des *

Taken: Gray Robe

Taken: 86 Trout

Taken: 24 Empty Bottles

Taken: Black Plate Arms (+10)

Taken: Black Plate Breast (+10)

Taken: Black Plate Legs (+10)

Taken: Black Plate Gauntlets (+10)

Taken: Black Closed Plate Helmet (+10)

Taken: Greater Heal Potion

Taken: 17 Greater Detoxify Potions

Taken: 6 Night Vision Potions

Taken: Orb of Seeing

Taken: Fishing Pole

Taken: Ring of Lesser Heal (+10)

Taken: Charm of Swiftness

Taken: Ring of Brute Strength

Taken: Leather Belt

Taken: Pair of Black Boots

Taken: Purple Robe of Resistance (+6)

Taken: 2 Pairs of Blue Boots

Taken: Glaive (+10)

Taken: Long Sword (+10)

Taken: Flail (+10)

Taken: Silver Scimitar (+6)

Taken: Club of Power (+7)

Taken: Katana of Durability (+9)

Taken: 175 Loaves of Bread

Taken: 4 Blacksmith Hammers

Taken: Plate Breast (+10)

Taken: Plate Legs (+10)

Taken: Plate Gauntlets (+10)

Taken: Viking Helmet (+10)

Taken: Closed Plate Helmet (+10)

Taken: Plate Arms (+10)

Taken: Metal Shield (+10)

Taken: Wooden Shield (+9)

Taken: Red Robe

(Daystra): Yes?

(Memna): * pur clar *

(Jastherin): Can you spare some GHP?

A foul odor is in the air.

(Bone Lord): He can be trained.

(Sophina): GHp here Jas

(Daystra): Mhmm smile

(Jastherin): Thank you Daytra

You are paralyzed.

That creature appears to be quite strong.

(Necromancer): * shel rel bol *

That creature appears to be quite strong.

That creature appears to be quite strong.

That creature appears to be quite strong.

(Necromancer): * flas bur des *

(Bone Lord): Cease.

(Daystra): Sure.

(Redgia): jas your pack is full

(Jastherin): *Daystra

(Balmunge): * pur *

(Memna): * clar ber bur *

(Bone Lord): Lest I leave you to their mercy.

Critical Hit!

(Balmunge): * pur *

Critical Hit!

You are unable to determine anything useful.

(Necromancer): Yes.

(Bone Lord): Which is nought.

That creature appears to be quite strong.

You are unable to determine anything useful.

(Jastherin): She gave me 18 Redgia


That creature appears to be quite strong.

(Memna): * pur *

(Balmunge): * clar ber bur *

(Redgia): oohhh

(Siegal): * flas bur des *

(Memna): * clar ber bur *

(Daystra): wink

Critical Hit!

(Zackie): hes dead

A foul odor is coming from the direction of Memna.

You are unable to determine anything useful.

You are unable to determine anything useful.

(Balmunge): * pur *

(Asbjorn): FOOL

(Zackie): Nice guys

(Sophina): You've attacked our people.

(Asbjorn): I Told you you would die.

(Bone Lord): Quite so.

(Balmunge): * pur *

(Bone Lord): Fool indeed.

(Memna): * clar ber bur *

(Memna): * clar ber bur *

(Asbjorn): *nods*

(Asbjorn): Bone Lord.

(Memna): * clar ber bur *

(Necromancer): My mortal death shall only make me more powerful.

(Bone Lord): You could have had much.

(Asbjorn): *bows*

(Balmunge): (im out of something i need lesser heal agility greater detox and resurect)

There is an awful stench nearby.

(Bone Lord): I fear that it will not.

(Laricen): Seems like you need more power anyway.

(Sophina): Ginseng, Balmunge.

(Balmunge): (nope)

(Bone Lord): You could have been apprentice to a greater man by far.

(Daystra): Would you like me to res you, Necromancer?

(Necromancer): Your Master is a fool, I will return!

(Sophina): *shakes head*

(Asbjorn): Heh.

(Bone Lord): Petty necromancers.

(Sophina): Well, Bone Lord?

(Asbjorn): Indeed.

A horrid smell from Memna begins to make you feel woozy.

(Sophina): What is your purpose here?

(Bone Lord): Recruitment.

(Sophina): Do you wish the same fate, or do you mean us no harm?

(Esten): Is there a point to this?

(Asbjorn): He came to either recruit or kill the lesser being....

(Redgia): hi bone lord remember me from yesterday?

(Laricen): Recruiting for what?

(Bone Lord): He has made his error plain.

(Sophina): It seems your recruit has made an unwise decision.

(Siegal): More like whom.

(Memna): * clar bur rel *

(Bone Lord): You met the poet, I am not he.

(Jastherin): * bol flas *

(Memna): * clar bur rel *

(Balmunge): * clar bur rel *

There is an awful stench nearby.


(Redgia): ohh you look the same

(Bone Lord): We all do.

(Sophina): Well, if you mean us no harm, be on your way.

(Balmunge): (there we go thanks)

(Bone Lord): If that is your majority's consensus.

(Asbjorn): *nod*

(Sophina): Unless you have a further purpose?

(Asbjorn): Let him go

(Asbjorn): His master has helped us in the past.

(Bone Lord): Good evening.

(Bone Lord): * Mora Olsen Preldian *

(Sophina): Same to you.

(Asbjorn): Farewell.

(Daren): Fare