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The Undead Rising by Shayde on 21 Jun 2010 : 06:52

The sky becomes dark and the air grows stale as undead in the large cemeteries rise!

Day 84 of the Harvest Moon, Year 434

I was walking through Lerilin when the stench of undead permeated the air. Running to the cemetery, I found nothing out of the ordinary except Bronte also looking pale and wondering where the foul smell was coming from. It must be bigger than Lerilin cemetery, we decided, so off to Mirith we went. As I approached Mirith cemetery from the North-east side, I spotted a Lich in the small side building. It turned out it was penned in by brackens. I joined the rest of the adventurers who were also arriving to investigate - Kyr Glanaugh, Iceane, Garion, Bell, Bronte, and Iqbal - and we started slaying the large numbers of undead. Soon a Lich appeared from the back of the cemetery. Wait!! This wasn't the Lich I had seen on approaching the cem - there must be two of them!

As we began to battle the Lich, more people arrived. Kookai, Legsalot, Lenard, Mari and Budic were all greeted with joy, for when the land goes to battle everybody's help is welcomed, from the youngest cleric to the most seasoned warrior. And indeed, everyone was needed on this day, for this was only the beginning. Several fell to this Lich, as its magic was very powerful. Fireballs and bolts of lightning filled the cemetery with an unholy light as the Lich laughed and chortled with glee at each of its kills. Eventually the foul creature went back to being dead, and once we all caught our breath we chopped down the brackens penning in the second lich. This battle went much more smoothly, as we were now warmed up and had our minds focused on the battle at hand. Soon the second Lich fell to the ground and the remaining undead were vanquished. However reports were arriving from both Marali and Andris, saying that the cemeteries at those cities were also overrun. We decided to tackle Marali first, before we got too tired, as that was likely to be the bigger challenge.

On arriving in Marali, I scouted around the back of the cemetery and discovered two Liches penned into the above ground crypt by a stand of brackens, and the cemetery filled with undead. Returning to the entrance, I joined the rest of the party in methodically clearing the undead plaguing the area. The power with which Garion and Iceane turned the lesser undead back to death was mind blowing, and allowed the rest of us to save our strength for the more powerful enemies. Every ounce of that strength was needed, for when the brackens were removed, we were faced with both Liches at once. The most memorable moment of this battle from my view was Kyr Glanaugh resurrecting me as he got fireballed to grayness by a Lich. By the time I was seeing color, he was saying oooOOOoooOOOooo!! That was some timing and exceptional bravery displayed.


About this time, Clementiyn was in Andris with Razan and talking to a friendly Bone Mage over the fence. It invited her in to play, but having spotted a Lich in each corner of that cemetery, Clementiyn wisely declined the invitation. The two of them battled some of the other undead at the gate while waiting for us to finish in Marali and travel to Andris to assist. When the troops finally arrived at Andris, the final battle commenced. Our warriors, although brave and fearless, were also exhausted, bruised, and battered from the previous two cemeteries. This gave the advantage to the Andris Liches, and many of us fell. Clementiyn managed to get the attention of both of the nasty creatures and took them for a run around the countryside while the rest of us got back on our feet.

Following after Clementiyn and her two pet Liches, Kyr and I managed to grab one of them, to our eventual demise. But Garion and Iceane were close behind and we soon saw color again, although this did nothing to improve the Lich's appearance. Cornering the undead against the rocks, we managed to wear it down and eventually extinguish it's life. Thankfully we did this right in time, for Clementiyn magically reappeared with the second one hot on her heels. With a last surge of adrenaline the party swarmed around this final Lich and hurled it to the ground as a lifeless pile of rags.


There were over four hundred skulls taken in these three battles, and a goodly sum of gold. These were split among the weary participants before we went and chopped down the remaining bracken at the back of the Andris Cemetery.

Author's note:
A few days before this all took place, there was a small uprising of undead in Lerilin Cemetery, and the Crazed Acolyte was seen standing over a fresh corpse. From past experience with this Acolyte, I would venture a guess that he was attempting some sort of summoning ritual. Whether or not that had to do with this massive uprising a the other three cemeteries, I do not know, however I thought it was worth mentioning.

Lady Shayde Shadowalker

A Cavalier Knight

Welcome to Brigobaen by Fuoco on 14 Jun 2010 : 16:56
A merry trip to Brigobaen turns into a nightmare....

Day 228 of the Red Moon

Today I travelled from Andris to Lerilin to meet up with Gawr, Crom and Angelica, and we set off together, light of heart and spirits, towards Brigobaen, where we planned to trade some Holy Daggers and collect seeds for the next Bracken Festival on Rebel Island. We stopped at the lake en route and let our fighters clear the infested waters, then sat on the grass awhile and partook of some food, wine and ale.

We continued the journey and the forest was ringing with laughter and merriment until we came in sight of the temple... the smiles froze on our faces as an unexpected scene unfolded before us - the grounds were occupied by vile brigands! "Sacrilege!" - Gawr shouted. We ran towards the gate to seek the captain of the guards, but here the signs of occupation assumed alarming proportions - the guards were gone, and the entrance to the sacred grounds was barricaded with shelters. We looked at each other in dismay, then a quick decision was made - we would open a breach, a narrow passage and fight the invaders a few at a time. Little did we know that some evil will was at play - alas! The brigands poured out of the breach in great numbers and attacked us on all sides... our fighters were right in the thick of the battle and I used all of my powers to try and hold the vile creatures back, as well as striking the runaways - much to my horror, I saw my sister fall under the heavy blows but the brave cleric lost no time in running to the temple and restoring herself to life... what to do... what to do,,, my head was feverish and yet the need to think fast was paramount, so I cast a spell that would attract as many of our attackers as possible and I lead them round in the woods, to give Crom and Gawr time to finish off the ones they were already fighting. Brave Angelica was at my heels and, after what I deemed a sufficient interval of time, I shouted "back to the gate"!!! We rejoined our fighters and together we engaged in further battle - the grounds were covered with dead bodies and it was difficult to run around without tripping over them. We pursued the injured ones right into the temple, until none were left standing. Here we were confronted by an even more daunting sight - the statue of our beloved Goddess was surrounded by shelters, and within the perimeter of the shelters were more brigands and two vile liches. We quickly run into the library where I literally tossed the holy daggers to the cleric through the air, gathered our breaths for a moment then decided to run out and hold a war council. Whilst Angelica was tending to some minor wounds on Gawr's arm, Crom and I walked cautiously back into the holy grounds and took further stock of the situation - the invaders were still protecting themselves within a circle of shelters. We returned to our fellow Rebels and together we moved a little further from the gate. It had become clear that some assistance would be necessary, and my thoughts immediately went to my twin wizard - Cassandra... where was she and how to get a message to her? Uneasy in our minds, we decided it would be best to guard the gate whilst thinking on how to dispatch messages across the lands, so formed a solid line from pillar to pillar.

As we all know, fighters do grow restless pretty fast and, Rebel fighters being no exception, Gawr and Crom decided to advance once again towards the barricade - here a note was spotted on the ground, probably written by one of the priests - it just read "do not let it out" - it was easy to guess this referred to the lich, At this point, Gawr noticed that the shelters had begun to fall down and shouted "retreat to the gate!!!". We all turned our backs and prepared to run along the corridor of pillars towards the exit, but the infernal laughter of the lich suddenly rang in our ears - too close for comfort... the monster had managed to free itself! We made it chase us outside the sacred grounds and, with the determination of despair, decided to engage into combat. To my dismay, I realised I had left my robe of resistance behind, so had to trust to my strength and to the powers of my sister Angelica to keep me alive. We surrounded the lich and gave it no quarters, each fighting to the best of our abilities. Then something extraordinary happened... much to my joy and amazement, a familiar figure in red came into view (after the battle she told me that the echoes of my war cries and my bolts had reached Marali!) - Cassandra was soon followed by one of the best rangers in our lands - Sophina, and by the lovely cleric Memna - the sight of such wonderful friends infused us with new strength, and together we brought the monster down. More friendly faces appeared - Laricen, Kylar and Swix were welcomed with open arms and broad smiles, and together we assembled at the entrance of the temple, preparing ourselves for the final attack.

Here another surprise awaited us - a line of black trees was blocking the entrance, and some of our companions got trapped inside - this was not good ,,, our little party being split in this fashion - we looked at each other in bewilderment and then, one by one, we were seized by some strange force and teleported inside the grounds.. we were now prisoners of the temple. Soon our survival instinct prevailed, and Sophina demonstrated good leadership skills as she imparted some sound advice on our advancement (when I later related the events to my niece, she was grieved at not being able to personally watch over the safety of her beloved maid of honour and angry with me for not taking her along on this trip, so I had to remind the silly girl she herself would have been destroyed by the evil powers of the lich, therefore her ability to assist the lovely Sophina was highly questionable - I am afraid to say the impertinent cleric pulled her tongue out at me - sadly, Rosina has still a lot to learn in terms of manners!), I was elated at having my strong twin at my side, and amused by Laricen's display of his wonderful rogue abilities in placing himself, unseen in strategic positions and striking, then quickly vanishing in the shadows, only to re-emerge and strike by surprise time after time. Every so often, amidst the roaring noises of battle, one could hear the fighters' voices encouraging each other to strike harder.

We attracted the lich to the south west corner of the temple and surrounded it - the creature was wild with anger and kept summoning armies of undead, repeating that we would bow to its power. The robes were at constant peril from zombies but not deterred by them - they never stopped fighting even when cursed! Angelica and Memna performed miracle after miracle and kept bringing the numbers of skeletons down whilst healing those in need, the younger wizards surpassed themselves with an amazing firework of spells. Sophina's mighty arrows were flying thick and fast, inflicting considerable damage amongst the enemy lines. Suddenly brackens sprung up around us and Gawr found himself pinned between two evil trees and the lich but, between the might of his blows and the wizards' spells, coupled with our clerics' healing powers, he emerged victorious. Crom's weapons struck with the same rage which was painted on his face and brought death to everything they touched. My eyes caught sight of Cassandra's hands for a brief moment - they were blackened but glowing with the abundance of her relentless spells - the power of the wizard was shaking the very ground beneath us! Finally the lich, defeated, collapsed at our feet, and to our disgust a most pathetic cry of "No, no, noo!" left its venomous lips as the creature exhaled its last breath.

When nothing but the dead bodies of the attackers was left around us, we marched towards the statue of the Goddess, determined to bring all the shelters down, but something quite unexpected had happened here - the brigands had destroyed the shelters themselves! The shy figure of brother Johah emerged from a hidden corner, and we gathered around him to offer support and hear his story. Angelica and Crom had to give him a lot of encouragement as he was severely under shock, but eventually they managed to extract from him some reassuring information - neither he nor the other priests had been hurt (they sought shelter underground) - he was just badly shaken by the appearance of that abomination on holy grounds. When questioned abut the guards, he told us he was sending word to get a strong contingent to guard the gates. My thoughts went to my old friend Crysania and I prayed she would soon be able to bring her project to conclusion - her planned sanctuary would certainly offer support to the priests there!

We all left the temple, preparing to travel to town together. One of our companions bent down to read the note which was left on the ground just outside the gate - "Welcome to Brigandbaen", it said. An amusing scene ensued and proved how the small things in life can be as important as epic battles... one single skeleton was spotted amongst the trees, and the whole mighty party rushed together to bring it down as if it were the most fearsome of enemies - there was much needed banter as we surrounded the dead body, and the woods echoed with laughter once again.

This adventure has taken a great toll on my strength and, whilst hoping I have correctly narrated these dreadful events, I would appreciate some of my companions' help in filling any gaps and rectifying any inaccuracies.

(OOC - slideshow of images to follow soon I hope)

As the Bleeding Moon Waxes by Shayde on 09 May 2010 : 03:49

The events of the past day may be related or may be coincidental, however I will tell them as they happened so that those who study these matters have an accurate picture to work from. Others have more information about some of these topics and encounters than I do, and I look forward to reading their missives and learning more.

Part 1: Disturbing Portents

The first Bone Lord appeared in the evening of Day 49 of the Bleeding Moon at the Cemetery of Andris. He was placidly casting black magic spells and ignoring the humans present until Clementiyn arrived and began to question him. He informed us that he and other Bone Lords had been sent out around Oberin to monitor residual magic and watch for signs of unusual magical activity. With the Bleeding Moon waxing, Marthonis is uneasy and anticipating possible activity from the Blood Cult and possibly the Rift, as they are apparently linked in some way. The Bone Lord told us that these patrols, for lack of a better term, are of no threat to human kind since our kinds do not have any conflicting opinions regarding the Blood Cult and the Rift. He asked us to spread the word among our people that the Bone Lords would be presenting an increased watch throughout the cycle of the Bleeding Moon. If anyone discovers activity with the Rift or the Blood Cult, Marthonis wishes one of his minions to be informed immediately.

On the morning of Day 50 of the Bleeding Moon, word reached Mirith of a Void Watcher in the vicinity. Just Southeast of town, Flingee, Achmed, Adam had encountered a creature that looked like a gaper. It was a creature called a Void Watcher, and from what they told those of us that went to assist, it summoned Rust Beasts to its aid and cast fireballs at anyone that attacked it. When I arrived with some friends to assist, the Watcher was no longer to be found, however there was another Bone Lord who appeared, as if out of nowhere. It told us that Void Watchers do not attack unless engaged by an attacker, and are used as scouts. He was able to tell us that this one had headed North from our position towards Gohoran, and from previous studies, he predicted it would follow a path back to the Rift. This Bone Lord also confirmed the concerns previously mentioned regarding the Blood Cult and Rift activity.

As we attempted cautiously to find out more about the Void and who might have sent this Watcher to snoop around, the Bone Lord sensed unusual magical activity in Duldrus. He told us this was not the same nature of magic as used by the Void Creatures or the Blood Cult, but was Draconian in nature. After a moment he informed us that the dragon mage, whoever he was, also had a Lich there to aid him. After some discussion, the Bone Lord said he had business with the Void Watcher and left us, presumably to take care of Duldrus as we would. The warriors present all returned to Mirith to prepare for battle. When we were ready, we used the magic portal and met Siegal who was waiting to show us the scene that awaited us.

Part 2: The Ice War Continues

Reaching the town of Duldrus we discovered the south part of town was overflowing with Frost Giants. After taking care of a dozen or so, we found the Lich that had been mentioned by the Bone Lord. Taking it out of town to deal with it most effectively, we soon discovered that it was indeed linked somehow with Vandrovic. This Lich would summon skeletons, but it could also summon Ice Golems to fight for it!! This was a large surprise to all of us, but our force was strong and the Lich was soon overcome, along with all it's summoned helpers.

Heading back into Duldrus, we soon found out that it was not only full of Frost Giants, it also contained a good number of Ice Golems. As we fought the hordes of Giants and the multitude of golems, we heard the dragon, Vandrovic, circling overhead snarling. The battle continued for many hours, however we suffered far fewer deaths than I would have expected for facing such a large army with only a dozen people, and special thanks must go to the clerics present for keeping everyone on their feet. Iceane, Tyler and the young Achmed did a stellar job. Afa, Mustafaa, Flingee, Clementiyn, Siegal, Sophina, Lenne, and Laricen were the rest of the adventurers who came to aid Duldrus in it's time of need. On behalf of the Cavalier Knights who are pledged to the Mining Town, I thank everyone involved for their aid.

At the end of the battle a courier arrived for me from Mirith, where Mackenna had discovered a dragon loitering at the bank. He asked her permission to laugh, and when granted he bellowed a great draconian laugh. He requested that she tell those at the battle that Vandrovic had been to our home while we fought for Duldrus.

Shayde Shadowalker

A Cavalier Knight

The Jeweled Ring by Shayde on 19 Apr 2010 : 19:26

"Oh goody, Adventurers!!!"

These are words we never would have expected to hear from Ralston the Special Items Buyer. Also called the Cannibal by some, this phrase could have meant he was looking for a meal or else he had an adventure for us. Thankfully it was the latter of the two options.

It was the 62nd day of the Growing Moon, in the year 434 when Aerowyn proposed a trip to the Cannibal to trade in some sacks of spice. I had recently acquired some spice myself so decided to join the wizard for the journey. Kyr Glanaugh, Jedd and Varto decided to come along as well, and we had a pleasant walk to the Wall of Trees. Ralston greeted us much more enthusiastically than usual, and asked if we would be willing to undertake a task for him.

"There is something I need, an item." said Ralston. "It's a Jeweled Ring."

When we enquired about where this item might be found, the Cannibal continued, "That is the problem. There is a Lich guarding it, and it is on the third level down in the Aborek dungeon. If you get the ring bring it here, any other treasure is yours to keep."

There was never any question on whether we would accept the task, so immediately everyone started thinking up how to manage this feat. Kyr suggested having a chat with the Lich and explaining how we needed the ring, and Aerowyn suggested offering Varto in trade. Ralston's response to these ideas showed that he had met a Lich or two in his time. He said, "If that works, be my guest. My guess is he starts laughing and setting you on fire."

Agreeing that trading Varto was probably not the best of plans, we set off for Marali to dispatch messengers through the portal to bring reinforcements. It was now night time, and there were not many adventurers to be found, most being in their beds, but Breigje Balloc, Dino, Alexia, and Yahyad soon arrived at Marali and equipped themselves to join the quest. The nine of us then departed for Aborek.

On arrival in the building housing the dungeon ladder, we were met by a great wall of elemental forces of all kinds, and soon found ourselves surrounded and mostly babbling. Several of our party fell under this onslaught, but I managed to lead some of the creatures away, and those of us who remained standing eventually managed to subdue the multitude of whirling dervishes. Once everyone was back on their feet, we continued down into the dungeon.

We reached the third floor without difficulty and only some minor delays for strategic discussions and final preparations. Once we got there, we needed to spend quite some time clearing out the spiders, blink hounds, and other creatures so we could even find the Lich. However, we didn't question that it was there, as we could all feel it's powerful magic in the air. After some time Yahyad went and got the attention of the powerful creature, and brought it into the room holding the ladder we had just descended. There was some question about how this would work, as the ensuing battle would then take place on two levels of the dungeon. Thankfully Dino was right and it did work out. With the might of so many powerful clerics, the rangers, fighter and I had little to fear as we took our weapons to the foul undead being.

Up and down the ladder we went with the Lich, and it soon discovered that summoning it's skeleton minions was of no use, as they were Turned back to death as soon as they appeared. With our clerics making cunning use of Reflect Magic spells, the Lich's own fireballs were turned back to damage it instead of us, even as it found it's magical abilities being continuously drained by Aerowyn's spells. Even with all this, the battle took quite some time, as the creature's healing abilities were very strong, and we struggled to damage it faster than it could regenerate it's health. We were too many and too strong for the one being to stand against forever though, and the Lich fell to the ground, the undead now the dead once again.

The Lich's posessions were protected by a very complex lock, which with all my skill I could not open at first. Deciding to rest my fingers for the moment I went with Yahyad into the room where we had found the Lich, and we saw there was a Magic Rune on the floor beside a fire. This Rune was the same as we had seen before when encountering uprisings of undead in cemeteries around Oberin. There was nothing else strange, so we returned to the others, and I once again attempted the lock and finally managed to open it. Inside the small treasure chest was the Jeweled Ring, a Lesser Mana Ring, a Pure Crystal Ring and a ring of Brute Strength. Gathering these up along with the Shattered Crystal Skull of the Lich, we returned to the Marali Portal to split the treasures.

Crisian met us on our return to the portal with a lion who had apparently added some essence of power to his kibble. With many rawrs and a lot of rowdy behavior, the big cat led the party back down to Ralston's hut. Here we returned the Jeweled ring to Ralston and told him of our adventure. We asked what he planned to do with such a valuable ring, and he said he planned to give it to his Mother. We all agreed that this was a wonderful gift for a son to give, and congratulated Ralston on his fine taste. At this time Ralston made an announcement that stunned every one of us. "As a reward, I will give you each one magic weapon of choice." he stated. "Get in line!"

Somewhat stunned and rather dazed from the whole night's adventure, we each told him what we would like as a weapon. It seemed a lot like a dream when he went into his storage room and reappeared to hand us each exactly what we had wished for. So many valuable items to just give away. Granted it had been a difficult task, but we would have been happy to do it without payment. Such generosity he showed to hand us these wonderful treasures. It made me wonder just how valuable that jeweled ring really was. Or maybe it just showed how much Ralston loved his mother. In any case we thanked him very much and set out for home. Kyr Glanaugh begged a spot on Ralston's floor for the night with a promise that he didn't snore, and we left him there hoping he would be seen again one day.

Shayde Shadowalker

A Cavalier Knight

Son of an Ancient by Shayde on 08 Apr 2010 : 00:51

Day 165 of the Waking Moon, Year 434

Deep in the North-East sector of the Ice Dungeon, the word of alarm spread through our party. "Dragon!!!" Cris called from the back of the group. Soon Tyler joined the chorus..."Dragon!!!" They had indeed spotted a dragon, and it was following our party!

We quickly gathered everyone close and made for the exit of the maze. Exiting into the draco nursery, we were battling our way out when the dragon came up behind us. We greeted it cordially and got a snarl in return. Tyler attempted to make conversation, but this beast was having none of it. Son of the Ancient Ice Dragon that was slayed last moon, he had both her temper and her sense of diplomacy....bite first, ask later. Far larger than any Ice Dragon I had met before, he ate the dear cleric, and had me for dessert. Turning his attention on Kookai, he charged at unbelievable speed. However, our Kookai is no ordinary warrior, and he led that dragon on a merry chase. Down the halls of the Ice Dungeon they raced, and Kookai managed to stay just far enough ahead to live, although he required several healing spells later to remove the punctures from his backside. His brave actions allowed Cris the time to bring Tyler and I back to life, while Avynar and Jali guarded our freshly resurrected souls.

Making our way out, we found the dragon at the ladder waiting for us, as he had apparently finished his business outside. From what I understand, this consisted spewing dragonish curses at Kookai, probably in frustration at not catching so tasty a meal. Tyler tried again to make conversation, the brave soul that he is, and was rewarded by another fierce bite that made him say oooOOOoooOOOooo. The rest of the party jumped up the ladder and made it to the water with the beast biting at our ankles. Here another conversation of sorts took place, however the only new information we managed to glean was that this was Vandrovic, and he was as irrational and lacking in manners as any beast I have ever met. He made various threats about enacting vengeance on our kind, and told us he had studied humans and had learned some of our magic. This he displayed by poisoning the party multiple times and then finishing off by paralyzing us all at once.

At this point he went back inside and spoke to the Ghost of Tyler who said something about seeing that dragons are slowly becoming a threat to mankind. The dragon took offense to this, as he did to everything else, and snarled, "We will have to speed things up then!" He leaped up the ladder and took off with a great whoosh of wings. A bit shaken, yet also disgusted at having had to listen to such a vile tempered beast, we decided it was time to get home. Once everyone was alive and back on their feet, the party returned to Mirith to report this encounter.

Shayde Shadowalker

A Cavalier Knight

The Dambusters by Gawr on 06 Apr 2010 : 15:15
Day 428 of the Waking Moon year 147

It was a cold day that saw the Rebels gather at the bridge. I don't think the Persian rug seller had ever seen it quite so bustling with excitement, that electricity that comes at the begining of a guild hunt. Gawr and Rosina were the first to arrive with more following after. Spirits were high, as has often been the case of late and the conversation was coloured with tales of recent battles.

Gawr was checking to see how many mushrooms (only 8, mainly blue but a few red) he had collected that day when he noticed something very odd happening about the river. At first it looked as though the riverbanks where rising up but on a second glance it became apparent that it was in fact the water level that was dropping.

Gineli took the initiative and went to investigate this mystery while Gawr and the rest stood thier ground on the bridge. It wasn't long before Gineli was out of sight. There was even less time before he returned and he wasn't alone. For at his heels followed some of the most fearsome people you could ever hope to meet. Blood thirsty privateers. They defended against the horde on the bridge with each falling harder than the last. One mentioned something along the lines of "...keep our routes clear..." it was difficult to tell. His mouth was full of blood and he was spitting the last of his teeth out as he spoke.

Curiously the water levels continued to drop. Gineli panted something about a crude structure downstream so we all gathered up our things and went to take a look. "Holy daggers to the dungeon of the fire crystal", screamed Rosina pointing in utter disbelief, "they are trying to divert the waters and flood the city with what can only be described as some sort of dam". Our valiant heroes immediately set about destroying it as more privateers ran in to fight.

It was a bloody battle and the Druids that fought from the land unleashed the full power from thier stables mustering every inch of petpower that they could. Valeriana, Crisian and Adam let their pets rest as soon as the last privateer fell under the jaws of a mighty lava spider. Many heads were taken. More than one with Gawr's limited abilities could count. An achievement that surely could never happened without the clerical skills of Nel and Rosina at close hand. The city had been saved but for how long?
Go to Hell by Laricen on 29 Mar 2010 : 07:16
The volcano erupts....


Day 49 of the Walking Moon, year 434

I was making my way to Lerilin, when I felt the ground shake, to the south, I saw the sky began to fill with fire and ash. Naturally, I walked toward it.

Approaching the erupting volcano, I found it surrounded by Fire Elementals. The blazing entities scorched the earth under them. Soon enough, fellow adventurers joined, drawn to the volcano like moths to a candle.

The inferno surrounded the volcano, and was extinguished. At the abandoned portal, we found Seth. Apparently, he discovered a way to repair the long broken fire portal. Unfortunately, his experiments inadvertently caused the eruption.

Now that the fires were under control, Seth passed out pure fire crystals. The group decided to give it a try. I was reluctant, having seen a fair amount of action the past few days, but decided to join in at the last minute. The portal took us to what can only be described as Hell.

We were greeted by more Fire Elementals, Lava Spiders, and Red Dracos. As we moved down the stonework pathways crossing pools of lava, we encountered the burning behemoths that are Magma Golems. Bigger than stone golems, and even the Ice Golems I recently spotted, and with the very nasty ability to cast a fireball field.

The first fireball field killed most of our clerics. The second finished off the rest. I'm not sure how many I survived, but it was miraculous that I had enough strenghth drink a full heal potion after each of them. After I had fallen, I only saw 3 still alive; Lou Bene, Rikumoto, and Shinobu, apologies if I had missed anyone.

With hope seemingly completely lost, Evers arrived. Seth had remotely intervened, and removed the Magma Golems. Evers quickly resurrected us, before being teleported out by Seth. We surmised the only way out, was the way we came in. We had a few pure fire crystals left, but not enough for all of us to get out. Fortunately Lou Been spotted a chest, and luckily it was filled with pure fire crystals. I dispensed them to those that needed them, and we departed the Hell that we had discovered.

The Hunt for Dwarves by Gawr on 28 Mar 2010 : 03:52
We returned to the same place after sometime but it was as empty as we had left it the previous day.

This had not been the case earlier. Rumour had spread of dwarven sightings so a small Rebel contingent and some special friends headed out to follow up the lead. Flingee and Jali met with Horda, Fuoco, Tetrain and myself at the Duldrus portal. An obvious place to start our investigation. Into the rocks we verntured up the winding way. Flingee held us to alert when he spotted some tracks! And there we also found a dwarven hand axe. Could this have been the clue we were looking for? The tracks led to a ladder leading down into the rocks. It opened up into a hall as we decended. We scouted around.

Suddenly the atmosphere grew tense and we were under ambush. We had walked right into a mercenary encampment. We fought them off and looted their shelter. It turned up a nice crate of Foehan Vodka. Something caught the eye of Horda and Flingee. A bag beyond our reach. Behind the gate it lay. I tried to bash the gate down but it wouldn't budge. Someone else made an explosion that made a little hole. Just big enough for a rogue to fit through. We sent for our Laer to come and help. When he arrived after a short time, he striped naked and I pushed him through the gap. Tentatively he examined the bag. A trap! More Vodka but this time ablaze.

Laer staggered back to the gate and Flingee helped pulled him through. Well that was that. Or so we thought. After searching the rest of the chambers we were about to give up when Laer caught sight of a figure. It was a dwarf but just a glimpse.

We would not see another sign. Not that day or the next when we returned for a second look.
Death to the Ancient by Shayde on 17 Mar 2010 : 22:21

It was the end of the Full Sleeping Moon when the drums of war were sounded at the city of Mirith once again, summoning all the great warriors of the land to their call.

After several days of discussions about strategy with Mackenna, Novius, and a few others, Kitiana and Shayde had agreed on a plan. They had been going to wait, but the opportunity presented itself, and the plan was put into motion. Kitiana was in full Battle Maid form, strutting up and down the bank badgering and bullying the sleepy warriors into taking action. Shayde got together her messengers from their sleep at the inn and dispatched them in all directions to summon forth an army. Once Cassandra got on the bandwagon, things progressed in a big rush, as the wizard is well known for not accepting "no" as an answer, despite her claims of shyness. Informing all her friends and acquaintances that they were going to come on this mad adventure, Cassandra accepted no declines, and between the three ladies, they shortly had together one of the strongest armies ever seen in Oberin.

With Hayate's arrival at Mirith, the army cheered and moved out. They gathered on the island of the Ice Dungeon, and Antoninus gathered the clerics to assign their tasks, while Legsalot and Shayde pulled the fragile ladder out for repairs and reinforcing. With the ladder fixed, strengthened, and lowered into place, the army descended into the depths. The Ancient was not in the room adjoining the South hall as it had been last time a party had spotted it, so the army of twenty marched through to the dragon hunting platform. Once they were all in position, Hayate and Cadwallader lured the Level 30 Ancient from the lair.

This battle went much differently than the last time a group had faced this beast. With all the might of Oberin present, the dragon was outnumbered and out powered. Using the strategy agreed on, only Hayate San actually laid steel on the beast. The other warriors stood guard and were prepared to deal with any surprises or herds of dracos that the Ancient would summon. With five clerics focused on the great warrior, he remained as strong as ever, despite each dragon bite reducing him to one-quarter of his normal health. This dragon was indeed a monster!! Casting it's ice fields, the dragon managed to fell a few of our warriors, but thanks to the strategy of the army, it mostly remained focused on Hayate. With it's vision turning to red as death approached, the Ancient blew a mighty breath of frost and managed to fell our greatest warrior. Thankfully it used it's last strength on that blow and even as Antoninus screamed "KILLLLL", the remaining fighters and rogues moved in and ended the life of this deadliest of beasts.

After this, the army decided to collect a few precious scales. After killing two or three Ice Dragons, Kitiana went to lure another, and came running back to the group announcing the arrival of yet another Ancient!!! Thankfully Hayate was still present, signing autographs and receiving his many congratulations, so he agreed to take on this Ancient as well. It was but a baby compared to the beast he had already slayed, and soon it had unwittingly contributed its teeth and scales to the party. After this the large group departed the Ice Dungeon. Shayde took on the task of splitting the loot among the 20 people present, and some time later the army went home victorious.

A few days later Laricen sent a report to Mirith. The Frost Giants had filled up the Dungeon once more. The battle had been won but the war was far from over.

Best regards and thanks to all for your brave efforts.

Shayde Shadowalker

A Cavalier Knight

The Invasion Spreads by karpok on 06 Mar 2010 : 11:44
Day 10 of the Sleeping Moon, Year 433

The Day was still clear and Sunny as Clirseit was heading towars Andris Bank after some Lumberjacking at the East gate.

On his way he met Cassandra and Tamzin in a hurry and noticed a corpse lying on the pavement.

He was quickly informed by his fellow wizard that the West Gate was swarming with Frost Giants.

At that moment Kendra, the well-known owner of the magery shop appeared to help in freeing the city.

They were quickly joined by Elswyr and Antoninus and managed to get rid of the few giants who had penetrated.

Then they headed to the gate where most of the guards have been defeated. Outnumbered the small party could just hold the gate. But at a moment Kendra was isolated by a group of giants and was killed.

Luckily soon enough reinforcements came from all around Oberin and the Frost Giants came to their doom, noticing how many strong warriors had gathered.

Under the surveillance of Senator Anderson the gate was finally cleared.

It was with great sadness that a meeting was held at the castle. the news of the death of Kendra had spread and her soul seemed to have vanished before she could be resurrected.

Clirseit would later notice the owner of the Hammer and Anvil had also disappeared.

Angers was at a peak in Andris castle and the memory of Lancaster raged in Elsa Anderson's words.

The subject quickly turned to the seal of the Ice Dungeon. The Senator believes the curio, who was once used to create the dungeon, could be used to seal it forever. The matter is to be discussed by the Senate soon.

This time the defenders won but the price of victory was bitter, since many had died once again.

Whatever Clirseit joined Elsa Anderson to thanks all who came to defend Andris. It was at least rejoicing to see so many at the bank, maybe even more than at last blue moon festival.