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The Tower, the Pixies, and the Statue by Shayde on 17 Nov 2010 : 00:04

Day 165 of the Growing Moon, Year 435

Large storm clouds gathered in the south seas of Oberin. On the beaches of Andris a huge wall of water crashed ashore. The adventurers of the lands headed to the scene to aid the land as they could. Jumping aboard their rafts they headed to sea to find the source of this upheaval.

South-west of the city a Crescent island was found, surrounded by brigands by the dozen. In the middle of the crescent stood a great tower that had never been seen before. After a long and bloody battle, those present gathered around the tower and recieved healing from the clerics. Once everyone was back on their feet and bandaged up, they entered this tower to investigate.

I was among these adventurers and entered on the heels of delimew, to find more brigands infesting the entry chamber. Trying to exit to warn the others, I found myself unable. Unfortunately delimew fell to their swords, but the others came in right after me and we managed to clear the bandits from the room. Looking around in awe at the majesty of the place, we decended the ladder and ventured onwards. Everywhere we went we encountered more brigands, and the battle to proceed was long and hard fought. More adventurers arrived, and the group grew in size. Passing through a pool filled with sea serpents, we discovered a labyrinth of rooms connected by ladders. Up and down, and up again we made our way through a seemingly endless maze. The creatures we found were plentiful and mostly poisonous, but our numbers were large and we pressed onwards.

At the end of the eternal maze we found a great Sand Golem who informed us that it was the guardian of this place. It told us the tower was a school of Magic and that only students could proceed past the portal it was guarding and up to the higher floors. Pretending we had forgotten the password, we convinced the Golem to give us a clue to the password and eventually the password was discovered. Passes were given and we used the portal to access the next floor.

On arrival at the next level, I spotted a cloaked figure speaking to a Bone Mage, however it uttered some words recognized by the wizards present as Black Magic, and disappeared from our sight. Fighting our way through, we found that this was indeed a place made to house students. There were rooms for study, and a room for many students to sleep. Some chests were found and many many ants. At the end of the floor we found another Sand Golem Guardian who informed us that this was Nystral's Tower and only the Master could proceed further. Again we were given a riddle and managed to get passes to continue our exploration. This pattern continued for a couple more levels until eventually we heard soft sobbing coming from a chamber in the corner of the tower.

Going to find the source of this sobbing, we discovered a Pixie flying desperately around what appeared to be a large Chess Board. When she saw us, she asked us for help. She said she had lost her chess piece and needed it to succeed in finishing her puzzle. Cyric had found the missing chess piece in one of the chests he had opened, and placed it where she directed. As soon as the piece was in place, the windows and doors of the tower shimmered briefly. "We're Free!!" she exclaimed and flew out the window. It seemed the tower had been sealed by some magical force that had been cancelled at the completion of the puzzle. Before leaving she thanked us for our aid, and handed Cyric a Crystal Dragon Statue. Cassandra and I remembered a Forest Priest we had met who had been searching for such a thing, but it seemed that others had not heard the tale. Putting this matter of interest aside for the time being, we continued our exploration.

When we reached the Guardian at the end of the floor, there was some confusion. We gave him other chess pieces we had found and recieved both Silver and Black tokens. Due to the size of the group and the excitement of the adventure, some people dropped the Silver tokens and found a place where they had another brief battle and a portal that granted them exit back to the lands of Andris. However a handful of us used the Black Tokens and found ourselves on the next higher level of the tower, this one inhabited by Pixies. Finding a hallway that appeared to be a dead end, we turned back to return to the portal we had landed at, but discovered Cyric had gone missing. Going back to the dead end hallway, we found that he had been teleported by the pixies to the other side of the sludgy pool that stood between the path and the next part of the floor. Seeing he needed help, we lined up and eventually all got teleported the same way. However the group got split up in this process and half the party ended up getting killed.

Cyric and I ran and reached the room containing the next portal, however we did not know how to use it, and were accosted by too many creatures to be able to talk to the Guardian. Both of us ended up poisoned and injured, and drank all our healing potions. Just when I was on the verge of death, the Scoundrel Samic arrived in the room followed by our friends, somehow alive. He tossed me healing potions as I needed them and we fought together to kill the creatures. Unfortunately Cyric ended up dying. However, once the area was safe enough, Samic put a familiar looking ring on his finger and suddenly Cyric was resurrected. That was the Ring of Life!!! Either the one we had aquired from the Black Hand, or a duplicate, I did not know which. However it was not the time for questions, and he quickly helped us to the portal where he showed us how to use it to exit the tower.

Landing by the Portal of Andris, we stopped to catch our breath. We noticed that Marlick was not with us, and Samic said he hoped the wizard was ok. I found out later that Marthonis himself had come upon the dead wizard and aided him in getting his life back and exiting the tower. This was truly fascinating. In the conversation that followed, Samic told us that he had heard rumor of Master Rem having some big project in the area, and when I spoke to Marlick next, he said that he had recieved the same information from Marthonis. Given Marthonis' interest and presence in the tower, I can only guess that it might be a school of Black Magic created by the Black Hand. However, this is only speculation.

Exhausted from the adventure, and needing to restock and recover from our injuries, the weary troupe returned to the city of Andris. Many questions were now in our heads. What was this tower? What was Samic doing with a Ring of Life? What had actually happened with that Pixie we had freed? What would result of the aquisition of the Dragon Statue? Was it indeed the one the Forest Priest sought? What was Marthonis' involvement with the tower? What would come of this day?

Some of these answers would come a few days later. Others would remain unanswered for a time......

Shayde Shadowalker,

Lady of Dragon's Gate

Rats seek help and a Mysterious Man by Taimore on 16 Oct 2010 : 00:07
Myself and many others were sitting at the Mirith bank, when a rat from the sewer came up to the steps. The scared looking rat squeaked at me over and over until I said i would fallow it. He took us to the sewer. We saw 4 rats poisoned and die right there. I went down and saw bats and spiders of all kinds everywhere. I rushed back up and we went to the other entrance. We went down and started slashing out way though the bats and spiders. There were many spiders, even lava and sand spiders. There were a few deaths, but the clerics saved their souls right away. We fought out ways all over, killing all the bats and spiders and leaving the rats. A few times we saw one bat that seemed larger then the others, but it never attacked and kept away form us. Later we even saw a Mysterious Man that seemed to control the bats. he kept telling them to "fly them away". We tried to get to him, but because of all the spiders and bats, we couldn't move. He ran off and we kept destroying the invaders. We made out way though the sewer to the back room. There were lava spiders everywhere and they were not happy to see us. It took time, but we slowly removed them as well. In the Zombie room we found a chest filled with many robes and weapons and rings. We gathered them all up, and then went back up, finding the room filled with bats. We killed the bats and tried to find the man, only finding a note by the ladder. it read "I will remember". The Whole battle took over 18 hours or more. The man didn't take the time to talk to us, so I hope there wasn't a mis understanding and we killed his pets.
A strange ransom note by karpok on 05 Oct 2010 : 22:10
Year 434, 143rd day of the Sleeping Moon,

After long days of fear hope is back in the southern lands.

Clirseit had been visiting Lerilin in hope for informations about privateers whereabouts. He could not get any but was pleased to meet Ava from the Guardians back from a long journey.

Taking no time to rest he walked back to Andris to discuss with lady Fuoco of her plan to free senator Fielter. No sooner had they met in the wood that a sound at the eastern gate attract their attention.

Guards were tensed and shouting orders toward the road. The two wizard turn their head at the same time to see a group of privateers standing a few feet away from the guards.

The thugs immediately requested an audience to an official.

At that point it seemed risky to call for a member of the Senate. The men were heavily weaponed and an other Senator should not be endangered. So Clirseit stepped to talk.

The nearest man confirmed they had senator Natys Fielter and requested a ransom for her life.

While Xintar and Cassandra later joined the group, the two wizard tried to get some evidence of the Senator well-being.

But the thug leader refused any request about her. He handed them a scroll to be read only by a senator. He insisted heavily on that point before leaving.

The small group immediately headed for the keep. Clirseit found Senators Morgans and Muquities in the libraries and a meeting was settled in the great hall where Elsbeta and Neblin joined.

While she was reading for the message, Clarissa Morgans paled. It was indeed a ransom. But quite unexpected. Those privateers were asking Big Jack's sword in exchange for Senator Fielter's life. And most surprisingly the scroll with the words "Big Jack and his crew".

Could Jack have been resurrected after his death ? It was hard to know for sure. But one thing was sure Andris did not have his sword. It had been offered as a gift during the last blue moon festival. And at last Hayate bought it in a memorable auction.

A message should be quickly send to the great fighter. Cassandra offered to contact him as soon as possible.

But in the meantime it was suggested to stay careful and not to trust those privateers too quickly.

Fuoco exposed her latest plan to locate Senator Fielter and Clarissa Morgans agreed it was worse trying it.

The Senator also warned everyone not to forget about the diabolicals. They were still out there looking for some items around Andris.

The small group organized their next actions. They will have to act fast and with a great precision not to risk Natys's life.

At last Senator Morgans gave Fuoco the list of the ingredients they will need for their next step.

They separated with a mission each and some more hope.
Reporting the Diabolicals by Shayde on 18 Sep 2010 : 18:58

Dear Senator Morgans, Ciddia Tigg, Cesca Andon, and Mayor Palmer,

As requested by Senator Morgans after the last battle with the Alliance during the Full Blue Moon, this year 434, I have put together a summary of what we know about the activities of the black hand since their reappearance one year ago. I am also sending with this missive, copies of all relevent reports so that you can easily reference the details of any particular encounter as you wish, as well as point form listings of all the noteworthy members of the Black Hand forces, the Diabolicals, and their Projects that we are aware of.

The first sighting of a member of the Black Hand was in the Fighting Moon of year 433. Rellia the Healer was spotted South of Mirith, on an errand for her master, but that was all. However, during the Sleeping Moon that followed, there was a large Alliance attack at the 3 rivers, where there was a chest containing a book belonging to Libe, a Crystal Goddess Charm, and an Ornate Staff. The Alliance wanted one or all of the items in this chest, but we succeeded in keeping them from being taken. During the Waking Moon of this year, 434, an Apprentice wearing the Black Hand insignia killed Areowyn's sheep and a battle ensued between him and the wizard. Aerowyn won that battle, but it was not the last we saw of the Apprentice.

The next three moons passed without further incident, but then the Harvest Moon arrived. A seemingly unrelated incident occurred involving the discovery of the Dark Ruby and question of who should be in posession of it. Fortinbras, Arelintha, and Telchine all seemed to want posession of the magical item, and there was some debate over it's function, along with the trustworthiness and affiliations of the three. (Side note: Eventually the Ruby was taken to Mirith by Cassandra, and Telchine was to help with research on it. We discovered later on that the Alliance is interested in this Ruby, as they Kidnapped Telchine and used her to tell them when one of a party had it in their posession. They have not been able to get the Ruby, nor have we been able to recover Telchine to date. Tests on the Ruby show it will summon elementals that mirror the soul of the mage using it.)

A little later in the Harvest Moon, Lerilin was attacked by an army of Giants and Trolls, and shortly after, Calindra was Kidnapped from Andris by the Apprentice of the Black Hand, ostensibly working for one Valencius of the Diabolical Faction. They took Calindra to the Dragon's Mouth cave where she was recovered from the forces of the Alliance. This was followed by attacks on Mirith and Marali involving Alliance troops with Giant Mages who it appeared were learning spells at a rather alarming rate.

The Dancing Moon arrived and Melaka the Blacksmith was kidnapped from Port Gast, and rescued at Crescent Island. This was the first we had seen of Privateers working with the Black Hand. Cyric did find a scroll referring to the kidnappings and some of the Diabolical's plans, and in a seemingly unrelated incident Sumac met Denreth who was telling about a rumor of a Warrior and an Ice Dragon locked in Timeless Battle. This was not pertinant to our research, but the information he shared that he is training the Alliance Troops, was. Another battle with the Alliance took place after this, at the Marali Bridge, and the Alliance overwhelmed us, escaping with Telchine. Ending the Dancing Moon, we met Denreth again in the Tree Maze, talking about the Diabolicals, and apparently angering the resident dragons with his presence.

In the Lucky Moon, we encountered a couple of bands of Brigands wearing Black Hand insignia both looking for and shopping for Ice Crystals. Likely this was for further research into enchanting. The alliance attacked a group testing the Dark Ruby, and then a Cargo" rel="external">http://oberin.com/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=4536">Cargo delivery from Mirith to Marali was attacked by several bands of Black Hand Brigands. I have not been able to find out what was in the crates. Later in this moon, a makeshift forge was found in the Duldrus Cave, along with a note mentioning a ring, and a brig camp at the Mercenary Cave referred to "the Duldrus Man". I do not know who this might be, but he has been mentioned more than once.

Come the Blue Moon of Year 434, we found a large Alliance camp at Foehan, including Bracken trees, Hill Giants, and Frost Giants. This was a massive force but had nothing of value in the camp. During the Full Moon, there was some more information gathered about the Tree Project, and a battle took place at Crescent Island. This was followed by a very large raid on the Alliance Camps at Dragon's Mouth and Gohoran, and a smaller raid by some rogues at the Mercenary Cave, where the Ring of Life was aquired. This is thought to be the work of the Diabolical's Ring Project. This was left with the Andris Senate for safe keeping, as well as for the scholars to try and replicate the recipe.

As I finish this report on day 197 of the Fighting Moon in Year 434, no further activities have been reported. I hope this missive finds you all well, and might be of assistance in mapping out the movements and possible direction that this new faction of the Black Hand might be taking. If I may be of any further assistance, please send word


Shayde Shadowalker

Lady of Dragon's Gate

Tip the Scales - Part Two by Shayde on 22 Jul 2010 : 03:52

The Reclaiming of Welif.

On the orders of Ciddia Tigg, along with assurances that Mirith would be protected in our absence, those who had had gathered to defend Mirith assembled once more. The army was prepared and the largest battle in recent memory was about to begin.

Knowing the confusion that occurs when a large group tries to march together, it was agreed that we travel down the coast and reassemble at the small house outside of the rocks bordering Welif. In an impressively short time, everyone was assembled once more. Quickly making sure everybody knew the strategy we had developed with the help of our lizard allies in Mirith, we rounded the corner and started attacking the walls. Pushing with all our might, and with the wizards attempting to set fires, we made no progress. A feeling of dismay flickered through the group. Had the lizards lied? Was there no breach? We had just started to voice the fear aloud when a call came from Memna. "It's Open!!!"

"Here!" called Redman

"Shore it up!" ordered Sophina

Loud hisses sounded as the orders rang out from inside the walls to kill the traitors. The lizards turned their attention to those who had betrayed them and the sound of sickle clanging on sickle filled the air. While they were distracted our army pushed open the breach and entered what can only be described as madness.

Setting our formation, we had a strong attacking force in the front, wizards and clerics in the middle and a strong defensive team guarding the rear. We would not be taken by surprise this time. At least not by that surprise. Other surprises awaited us, and they were not pleasant. As soon as we were positioned for battle, we were faced with the three generals we were expecting, and one we were not. Its name was Sss'shkor, and it was just as powerful as the other three we had encountered. Teamed with Sshassor, they fought melee style with power that was difficult to believe. In the background Ssscglaw ordered his underlings to keep us distracted, and he took a force out to attack the rear of our party. Warnings ran through the battle.

(Shayde): Glaw is going around behind us

(Sophina): Watch the rear!

(Gawr): watch the back!

(hisashi): Pants!

(Lou Bene): Sure!

With information, strategy, and planning, we had the advantage. The flank attack was crushed by our rear guard almost before it began. Following that failure, all four generals gathered at the front line of the fight. Then things got a bit nasty. Lizards started appearing that looked to be tame, and some of our party thought they were the ones who were on our side. A couple of people shouted out to heal the tame lizards, and not to kill them. Those of us closer quickly discovered the truth. These were the personal forces for the general Sss'shkor. He worked them like a master druid with his pets, and the result almost lost us the battle. This team attacked specifically as he ordered, and I was later told that they were cloaked with some sort of spell that made our wizard's attacks completely ineffective.

About this time, I discovered that the taunting and successful stabs that I had delivered to Ssscglaw in past battles had not been forgotten. It seems that Lizards actually can tell people apart, other than knowing Hayate on sight. When he had faced me in the battle at Mirith he had hissed that he was always having to deal with me in battle. Of course he killed me as he said it, so I figured the grudge had been settled. My mistake. Hovering on the sidelines, he was clear of any blockage. His back was exposed. Gathering all my courage I turned into a shadow and approached him unseen. So focused was I, that I neglected to pay attention to what he was saying.

(Ssscglaw): I can ssssmell her.

(Ssscglaw): Ssssssss!

(Ssscglaw): Where issss sshe?

Lifting my dagger high I stepped out of the shadows to stab him in the spine. But he was ready for me, and before I even saw him move, his sickle had slashed through me like a katana through a harpie egg. The world faded to gray and I was left realizing my mistake. Never again will I ignore the hisses of a lizard with a grudge.

Having rid himself of a nuisance for the time being, Ssscglaw returned to his duties. While he had been distracted, our army had advanced and were now clearly overpowering the defense. The lizards struggled to rally.

(Ssscglaw): We need sssupport!

(Ssscglaw): With me!

(Sss'shkor): Ssscglaw we mussts stay togethersss

(Ssssglissya): He issss heressss.

(Ssssglissya): Hurtsss!

(Sss'shkor): Go forthsss!

(Ssscglaw): Thissss isss not going assss planned..

(Sshassor): We mussst keep Welif!

Pushing forward, we ripped down the shelters and forced the Lizard army back. We heard the generals shout to attack our clerics, but we had prepared and very few clerics fell. The lizards started to panic, and their formations began to crumble. The generals ran back and forth, herding their remaining troops. In a final show of power, Ssscglaw called out his own personal guard to reenforce that of Sss'shkor. Both Generals turned and looked at Lou Bene. Our wizards had done much damage to their troops with their magic, and at that moment Lou was standing alone in the battlefield. The generals both snapped an order to attack, and both teams of these specially trained lizards surrounded Lou Bene. I rushed in to try and aid her, but they were too many, and she fell before I could get near her. Fortunately, this was indeed their final show of strength, for the generals, their special guards, and a few wounded lizards were all that remained of their army. The call went out for retreat and those who remained alive departed for the sanctuary of their island fort.

The wizards of our party then set fire to the walls, and the rest of us pushed them down and made sure they were well and truly destroyed. Pulling down the obscene poles topped with corpses, we destroyed these in a large bonfire in the center of town, along with the spare rafts found on the docks and the supplies to make more. The rangers made a circuit around the town and put any stray lizard men out of their misery, reporting back that the area was now clear. After a short rest, the weary troops returned to Mirith to report our success.

Gathering in the great hall of Mirith Castle, we were all welcomed back by a smiling Ciddia Tigg. She told us she was happy to see us safe, and was very pleased to hear that our mission was successful. Turning to Cassandra, the Vicereinne requested a formal report. With the Royal Squire taking notes on his tablet, Cassandra told of the battle, of the fourth General and his abilities, and the deaths of the two younger generals. I had not seen anyone manage to close with any of the generals at all, so was pleasantly surprised to hear of this victory. The last thing to report was the unfortunate escape of Ssscglaw and Sssglissya, which Cassandra bravely announced, while looking a bit ashamed that we failed to conquer them as well. However, Ciddia Tigg was very kind, and cheerfully pointed out that there are now two less Generals than there were before, so there was no disappointment on her end. Looking relieved, Cassandra stepped back into the group, undoubtedly happy to no longer be the center of attention.

Ciddia Tigg turned to the assembled group and smiled. Telling us that she wanted to reward us for our service to Mirith and Welif, she told us that we could each choose either a class token or a healing ring. Several people asked about the tokens, and it was explained that they are tokens given to reward those who are exemplary members of their class. The Vicereinne took the time to personally ask each member of the group their choice, and gave us all our rewards with her own hands. After fighting by her side in the defense of Mirith, and seeing her amazing abilities in that role, I was very impressed to see she was every bit as skilled in the art of making everyone feel equal, from the most seasoned fighter to the youngest apprentice. Once the ceremony ended, we all gathered for a drink and some rest. I relaxed completely, knowing for the first time that no matter what happened, the city I live in is in good hands.

Lady Shayde Shadowalker

A Cavalier Knight

Tip the Scales - Part One by Cassandra on 21 Jul 2010 : 22:00
On the invasion of Mirith by the lizard army, and on how a couple of unexpected guests changed the course of the war.Morning of the 220th day of the Dancing Moon. Jack the Red, the cost of logs, Dark Ruby, the virtues of black ferrite, Lizard Generals, the froth of Lerilin cream ale. In other words, the usual idle chat that can be heard in any of our towns, when the crowd gathers at the bank. If they didn't know how to relax and take advantage of the leisure moments, how would the people of Oberin have the energy to raise a sword against a troll during an attack?

This stillness never lasts for long, thought the wizard, as a way to assure herself that she wouldn't be enchanting for hours. She could not conceal the guilty smile of relief that came to her face when the clamour of sickles came from the east gate of Mirith. Not that an attack was a pleasurable thing, but the chance to use her magic skills was certainly more exciting than extracting etherite from two hundred logs.

Those lizards, once again. It was not unexpected. They had been announcing that they would try to kill the King, and every single person at the bank that day had been keeping their weapon of choice near by. They would not catch Mirith off guard. Not this time.

Gawr jumped to the front row, organising the defence of the bridge. In the usual calm river waters, a sea serpent or two had come to watch the show from a privileged point of view. The scaly men, those, were charging in waves, hissing their threats against non-scaly humans. Alas, they were not the problem. Their strength had always resided on numbers, rather than skill. The real threat these days were they new generals. And these ones were commanded by Ssshassor, a recent acquisition to their army.

Still, with the general kept at bay by a wall of his own warriors, the attack was easy to control, even if hard to extinguish. Or so it seemed. For a cry of distress from the western gate revealed what would be later recognised of another general's favourite strategy. A simultaneous attack of equal proportions was being led by Ssscglaw, and already familiar face for those who have witnessed the alliance between dragons and lizards. The group at the bridge divided, half of it hurrying to the other entrance.


Cassandra remained at the bridge, until she turned her head to see a blue robed woman, surrounded by a dozen of men in tin plate. Ciddia Tigg. And an army of guards to reinforce the defence. Keep up the fight! Drive them back! the Vicereinne commanded. The other gate needs assistance. Closer to the walls, the wizard didn't wait for a second instruction before running across town. Holy! They are everywhere!

The lizards were coming from all sides. As she reached the bank, she noticed one of their trademarks: a pole with a corpse in it. Only lizard men and Cesca Andon would do such thing. Considering her options, she decided to get to the western gate as soon as possible, instead of fighting alone against the invaders at the bank.

We need to check the Castle, she yelled, as she reached the other group. Sophina, Shayde, and Antoninus followed her at once. Divide to reign is a strategy that always works, and even lizards knew that. The castle is overrun, announced Sophina. Not for long, exclaimed a strong voice that resounded through the main hall. As some rogue would say, it is had to resist a woman with two Greater Protection Rings. With or without gadgets, Ciddia Tigg's determination was reassuring. Get out! Get out of my home! she kept shouting, while chasing a fast Ssscglaw around the building.

The castle was overrun, but the King was safe. Bless the system of secret passages under Mirith Castle. They had played a major role several times and, despite some of them being common knowledge, the great majority was still kept hidden from most. And even if both gates were still being attacked, and Ssshassor had barricaded himself in the eastern rooms of the castle, it was clear that the battle would eventually be won.


It was now a matter of time, and how to do it in an effective way to spare the defenders' vitality. The lizards had certainly reached the castle through the sewers, and they could also be caught using the same strategy, if needed. It was not. For Ciddia Tigg had already managed to chase Ssscglaw out of town, forcing the other general to retreat. After that, chasing down the remaining lizards was an easy task.

As the horns sounded to call the citizens to the castle's hall, Mirith's life returned to normal. The shopkeepers reassumed their duties, and if it weren't for the extra number of guards at the gates, no one would have said that the town had been the stage of an attack of considerable force.

I have heard about the lizards, and have waited. But today is the time to attack, declared the Vicereinne to the crowd. They have been weakened by the numbers they lost in their foray here. At this point, Lord Rengal too made his appearance. Something about the guests remaining untroubled. Which guests are those? thought the wizard. Probably Centaurs, or some mage from distant lands. Nothing to worry about.

We must strike while we have the chance, continued Tigg. This arrogance of theirs cannot be allowed to run unchecked. Today, we take back Welif. A shiver of enthusiasm and anticipation ran through the people gathered in the room. Except for a ranger in the corner, leaning against one of the pillars. Cassandra could guess the ranger's thoughts, by the tension in his look. Sumac had never been favourable to carrying on a war without at least attempting peace.

Alas, her duty now was to follow Tigg's instructions. She wished things would never get to the point they did before, when she was a trained armswoman of Marali. There are some commands that are just too unfair to be followed without question. For now, she would remain quiet, and try to fulfil her role the best she could. And what will the strategy be? she asked, in a low voice. Tigg was open to suggestions. She had a hidden trick up her sleeves, but it was still too early to reveal it.

Several raised their hands to talk. That they should cover themselves up with lizard skins and try a camouflaged attack. That they should attack the fort instead. To dig under the walls, and so on, and so on. Cassandra, what are the capabilities of their generals? Good question. As if she knew. She had noticed Ssscglaw using explosive dust, and Ssshassor teleporting her companions, but that was not much to draw a strategy. Not that it mattered. All the impressions collected by the people who had been fighting the lizards would soon be corrected by someone who knew them best.

A spy! she thought, at the sight of a lizard man coming from the King's rooms. Soon they were two, and Rengal rushed to calm down the crowd. Hold! Our guests have arrived. The presence of two friendly lizards made the room slightly uncomfortable. Kneeling in a bow, one of them spoke. Greetingssss, humansssss..... Pleassse, do not be alarmed. We are friendssss. We come to give you asssssisstance. They are misguided. We followsss our god!


Hayate! said the crowd at once. Could it be? There had been reports of groups of lizards who had started worshiping the fighter, but they were rumours yet to be confirmed. Yessssss, the Lord Hayate Their joy was great as the fighter's heavy steps echoed in the hall. The Lords issss presssent! We foughtssssss with you here. We helped to drivessss the leadersss back! We come to sssserve you, Massster. We ssserve!

The show was certainly picturesque. Two lizards in Mirith, kneeling in front of Hayate, who smiled at them kindly, looking slightly amused. If only all gods would be like this one. Redman took the chance to ask specifically how could the worshipers be of use. We have infiltrated their sssstockade at Welif... We learnt of their disssssgraceful trap We musssst aid you in ssssending them back to the issssland. Our agentsssss have been undermining partssss of their wall.

Interesting. Cassandra glanced at Sumac. It would certainly not take long for him to intervene. She had too many questions coming to her mind. How many were the worshipers? And how would these two lizards react when faced with their own kin. Would they change their mind? Did the other know about the dissidents? There were more, the lizard assured. As for the rest, they did not worship Hayate, and that was enough to justify their actions. Sssssss, they oppossse our God, they call him Ssssslayer, they hate him.

I am still not entirely sure I trust you, but what do you propose? started Tigg, going back to the discussion on the table. From their recent activity it seems the lizards have an established tactic for defence, informed Rengal. If they feel threatened they will seal their walls. At present they have completed their fortifications enough to have only one entrance.

The purple ranger raised from his place. The time had come for him to speak up. Can we have a meeting first with their ambassador? His question was met with the usual replies. That they had not send one. That there could not be any negotiation after the attack to the city. That they wished to see the King dead and it would be best to take this chance to counter-attack and only then, eventually, to negotiate from a position of power. If they leave off Welif, we will cease the pursuit at the water, added Tigg. Good to know that war had limits.

Neblin's voice joined the ranger's. But Rengal continued his intervention, unaware of the protests. This, we believe, is where they will expect an attack. You will be able to take them by surprise, before they can employ their stratagem. Also readying herself for the attack, Shayde inquired the lizards on the generals' weaknesses. Ssscglaw isss a fan of pincerssss. Hisssss preferred tactic. He luresss then comesss from the rear. Be watchful. Never turnsss your backsss. The gate of the town isss ssset up for that.... Sssso that reinforcementsss from the isssssland can attack from behind. If you attack from the rear of the town he will be hard pressed to ussse his tactic.

Now that was useful information. It would be very easy to make sure the attacking group would be well protected at the back, as well as in the front. For once, we are organised thought Cassandra. Now let's just hope this works. They had the information they needed. The lizards would remain in the castle, and the others would re-stock and get ready for battle. The hall was emptied quickly, under the Hails to the god Hayate.

Blacksmiths got to work, mages ran to the shops, and rangers checked their stocks of arrows. Without delay, the group was ready to head towards the settlement of Welif.

Walling in Welif by Shayde on 19 Jul 2010 : 18:19

A few days after a surprise attack on Mirith, we went to Welif to teach the Lizards a lesson. Unfortunately, I think we learned more than they did this day, and nothing we learned was good news.

It was approaching the 200th day of the Dancing Moon in the year 434, when an energetic group of adventurers decided to go to Welif and hunt the Lizard Men. There had to be retribution for them attacking our city, after all. I went with Amelia, Razan, Anaxy, Memna, Nink, Brock, Akhmal, and possibly a couple I have forgotten, down the coast to the seaside town. As we entered the town, I noticed something very unsettling. There was a wall, much like the ones used to make Lizard Fort, jutting out from the former general store. Glancing around, I saw more pieces of wall on the outskirts of the town. They were building a wall around Welif!!!!

Our hunting had barely begun when I heard Memna call out, "Ssscglaw!!" As my heart leaped in my chest, knowing of the general's immense strength, I looked around and spotted him. Calling out for retreat, yelling for everyone to run back out, I attempted to see my companions. What I saw chilled my blood. Either they didn't hear my call, or their blood was too hot and they ignored it. But one by one I watched brave young warriors fall. Memna looked on in frustration, knowing she could not help them when Ssscglaw killed with a single hit. Taking the living back out of town a little ways, we looked back and saw Ssscglaw talking to another lizard , who was not Sssglyssia. There was now a third? I stealthed back to see what they were talking about, and discovered it was me.

(Ssscglaw): Watch...

(Ssscglaw): Roguesss about.

(Sshassor): Sssss

(Sshassor): Roguessss!

(Ssscglaw): *sniffs*

(Ssscglaw): By that tree.

(Sshassor): Closssse they are!

Deciding to give my companions a bit of time to regroup, I played a dangerous game and decided to taunt the Generals a bit. There were lots of trees about, making shadows to disappear into plentiful, I popped in and out of sight leading them away from my friends for the time being. As they followed, Ssscglaw continued his lesson on Rogues.

(Ssscglaw): One day it will jussssst be human roguessss left.

(Ssscglaw): The resssst of them all dead.

(Sshassor): Ssss

(Shayde): we will kill you though.

(Sshassor): Sssscared humansssss.

(Sshassor): I sssssmell another!

(Shayde): I will have some nice lizard hide boots

(Ssscglaw): *dives*

(Shayde): you think I'm stupid do you? I know your tricks Sssscglaw

(Sshassor): Ssssmell you we do!

When I taunted them from the water Ssscglaw dove in after me, but prepared for him, I quickly returned to land. Unfortunately one can only be lucky for so long. I knew I was overmatched here, but by now the others had gotten everyone back to life and hopefully together. Dodging back through the trees, Ssscglaw managed to catch me just as I neared the others. With a mighty slice of his sickle, he took my life from me. With a long look at my ghost, he nodded. "Worth it... ssss." he said, and walked away.

Thankfully Memna was close at hand and working fast on the resurrection jobs. Once back to life, I saw that someone had brought reinforcements from town. Cassandra, Sophina, Laricen - likely the other rogue that Sshassor smelled, and Danery joined us, accompanied by Amere. Sssgclaw saw Amere as I did, and I heard him hiss to Sshassor, "Vanguard fighter. Ssstrong." I chuckled, earmarking that line to tell Amere later, knowing the fighter would be pleased. Hamaeth, Alexia, Bronte, Bell, and Kookai arrived to join the battle, but Sshassor was wreaking havoc with his bow, and the more people there were, the more targets he had. Many many warriors fell.

Thankfully we were right beside the guild hall temple, so resurrections were quickly made without using up the cleric's precious mana. I managed to corner Ssscglaw near a tree, and I don't even know how it had happened, but suddenly it was within two strikes of death. Someone was beside me, a fighter, but I don't remember which one, and we both lifted our weapons for the final blow, but the sly lizard took off at an unbelieveably fast run around the outside of the rock wall bordering the East side of Welif. Running as fast as I could, I followed the great pools of lizard blood to the back of the town. When I rounded the end of the rocks, I stopped in my tracks. Back here the lizard's wall was almost complete!! How did they do this with nobody noticing???

Seeing Ssscglaw through an opening in the wall, I showed myself.

(Shayde): you are mine Glaw!

(Ssscglaw): Clossse, humansssss...

You fail to stealth.

Something explodes on you!

(Ssscglaw): On the other claw... rogue...

(Shayde): you are so going to be boots!

(Ssscglaw): You are mine.

(Shayde): *ghost stab*

(Ssscglaw): Ssssss....

(Shayde): what are you doing here?

(Shayde): making a new fort?

(Ssscglaw): *looks through you*

(Shayde): *slaps*

(Ssscglaw): Half hidden, half visssible...

(Ssscglaw): You ssshould like it.

Well, I had to give him credit for the clever comment, however un-amusing I found it at the time. I also couldn't help but like this lizard with the attitude and the roguish obsession. And using explosive dust to catch a rogue seemed rather ironic and fitting. I decided not to mind this death too much. After resurrecting at the temple, I rejoined the others and saw that Russin had arrived to join the battle. Unfortunately he was rather too late. As we approached the town again, Sshassor yelled out, "The king will die! Ssss!" He then went inside yet another wall, this one built in line with the Dead Hayate Pub, and called out an order. "Sssseal the sidesss, sssstart the fires!"

Faster than could be believed, the lizards started fires at all the places where the wall was incomplete. These were too big and could not be passed. The town was sealed. Laricen and I did find one breach, but after a short battle, they sealed that up as well. Later reports told of the numbers of lizards inside the perimeter being increased at an astonishing rate. Something big is being planned, and from what others heard during the battle, the assassination of King Galandir is part of it. I have heard a few warriors mention some sort of new spear the lizards were using, but unfortunately I did not see any of these myself. I hope someone will make a report on anything I have missed from this battle.

We did try to inform someone at the castle of the threat, however nobody was available at the time. Another report informed me that a lizard scout was seen near the Lerilin Volcano, a couple of days after this battle took place. I encourage all adventurers to be on guard, and please report any unusual activities.

Shayde Shadowalker

A Cavalier Knight

Earth Elementals Shake and make Lerilin Quake by Taimore on 08 Jul 2010 : 09:03
It was a nice peaceful morning in Lerilin. People were gathered at the bank enjoying each others company and trading amongst themselves. I was casting Night Vision on everyone as they showed up, just another peaceful Lerilin morning. Suddenly, the ground began shaking! For fear of the Bank roof collapsing on my head, I ran into the opening, there I saw a mouton of earth moving towards us!

An army of Earth Elementals was rushing towards us, the Guard was the first to charge the Elementals, slashing at whatever he could to defend his city. My Lava Spider Magmatose and I were right behind him along with everyone else at the bank. The Earth Elementals had numbers beyond what I first thought. I was soon completely surrounded by earth, the sun blotted out. Before it could crash down on me I yelled "Rel Des Ber!" and the Elementals turned on each other. I could hear lighting bolts and the sounds of clanking armor. I watched as Shme, Jastherin, Yato, Aerowyn and Frederick let lose a fury of Lightning bolts Zeus himself would have envied. Razen swung his War hammer, smashing down every rock and bolder they could throw at him or the ones around him. Gorden himself was coming in and out of stealth and striking so quickly, it seemed as if he was everywhere at once! Alexia smacked the Elementals so hard, they chose new targets wile she managed to heal everyone and resurrect those that died. Magmatose was pouncing on the Elementals, grounding them and killing them as fast as they came in. Finally, we thought we were in the clear, until the ground began to shake more violently!

We Stumbled to the gates of the town to find the Guards not only dead, but sucked into the earth! Another wave of Earth Elementals rushed us, this one much greater then the last. I tried to calm and provoke them, but there were so many that once we had one group fo them taken care of, a larger one came in! We all fought as hard as we could. Just as we were getting overwhelmed, Jatherin flexed his magical abilities and paralyzed every Elemental at once! This was carried out by a few of the wonderful wizards. The numbers of the Elementals were so high, Gorden was having to tank them, and tank them he did, slashing at 3 elementals at once! Razen leaped on Magmatose's back and smashed at the top of the Elementals as Magmatose took them from the bottom. I kept calming the Elementals trying to help keep everyone alive. All the wizards bolt down every single Elemental that charged them. The shaking started to subside as the numbers of the Elementals started to drop. Razen leaped off of Magmatose and smashed down straight through the middle of one of the lasts Elementals with his War Hammer while Aerowyn, Shmee, Frederick, Jastherin and Yato blasted the last of the Elementals. With the shaking stopped and the Elementals dead, we headed into town.

Once in town, we looked at some of the buildings. They were shaken and somewhat falling, but still standing. Palmer came aorund the corner, fishing pole in hand, compleatly unaware of whatt jsut happened. We told him his city was attacked by Earth Elementals. his fae looked somewhat suprised, but his words were calm. He thanked us all for saving his city, and continued to expect the buildings to make sure no one was in danger if they ventured inside them.

Lerilin was saved from destruction once again thanks to Shmee, Frederick, Alexia, Razan, Jastherin, Gorden, Aerowyn, Yato, Magmatose my Lava Spider and myself, Taimore, Druid of the forest.
Dancing with the wind by Fuoco on 05 Jul 2010 : 16:12
A rather stormy dance in the woods of Andris under a young moon...

Andris, Day 2 of the Dancing Moon, Year 434

Extract from Fuoco's journal

The long shadows on the ground heralded the approach of the evening when, just outside town, I spotted the lonely figure of a very young cleric. I stood watching him for a while as he measured himself against the anger of a magical tree, then engaged in conversation. He graciously accepted what advice I could impart and my offer of company but, whilst thus engaged, more magical trees sprung around us - I urged the young cleric to stand back and prepared to face the invaders... "Feed us!" - the voice came as if carried by the wind and I burst out laughing, reached for my supplies and passed some water to the bracken... fool of a wizard! I soon discovered it was something thicker than water they were after as their numbers increased and a storm of earth elementals swept through the woods. "Destroy the bearer of the fire", said the voice carried by the wind - I turned towards my young companion and shouted to step back - I desperately pointed in the direction of the cluster of trees by the public hanging area and here we both fought to contain the invasion of the elementals. I very much feared for Hector's life but the young cleric was defending himself in such a way that would have made an old soldier proud! We were so close to claiming victory when something even more unexpected presented itself to our dazed eyes - a stone golem was advancing towards us, the earth beneath us shaking at every step. The echo of the words of the talking tree filled my mind "Though we are rooted here from the earth shall come one who moves".

I know only too well an old wizard is powerless against a tower of angry stone, so I unceremoniously grabbed Hector by the arm and dragged him towards the guards. At the gate, joy was mixed with fear as I saw the much respected figure of the red wizard step out - I lost no time in shouting "Clirseit... back... danger!!!!" With my free hand I grabbed a stranger to our lands (he later turned out to be a very young wizard in the name of Stockhausen) and shoved both my young charge and the foreigner through the gate - a quick word with the guards was all I needed - the brave men prepared to block the monster. Now a small party of robes had gathered around us - I saw my good friend Gragnog and the lovely Marquisen prepare for battle, as well as Karlanski Koth. We helped the guards fight the golem and, when it shattered to the ground, Hector and I acquainted the others with our story. Our small army of robes set off for the woods, the strongest in front, and soon everybody was busy fighting trees and earth elementals. Gragnog lost no time in summoning friendly elementals and to my delight, I saw Memna joining our party - a very welcome sight, given the number of young and vulnerable robes, then the familiar figure of Tetrain appeared amidst the tress.

A chill filled the air whilst the battle was raging - we all felt it but determination was written on everybody's face.... a silent bond which would not allow evil and darkness to prevail was formed, and it was this bond and determination which finally restored the woods to order. We all gathered together to discuss the events and ponder over the appearance of a barren tree - the symbol of the undead. We do not know what it all meant, somebody suggested it might be the work of the Alliance, but with a look into each other's stern faces and a nod Clirseit and I silently agreed to keep watch. We all parted from each other and I found myself walking arm in arm with Gragnog, breathing the calm evening air. A little fire at the edge of the water attracted our attention - we directed our steps towards it and a smile filled our faces when the dark silhouettes, now brightened by the flames, revealed the faces of Sophina and Memna. The good ranger had hastened to reach us but the distance she had to cover prevented her from arriving in time, so she was now relaxing after the long journey and engaging in a bit of fishing. We stood by them and talked awhile, warming ourselves by the fire, then parted for the night.

I returned to my chamber at the inn, but the much needed rest was not forthcoming - a whirlwind of thoughts and images crowded my mind, words filled my ears - I could hear the trees, Clirseit and my own voice speak in turn:

"The Gods are angry at us"

"Why so much anger?"

"Feed the prophet, feed our creator!"

"Let the curse of fire be extinguished"

"You may triumph today but our creator is free"

I adjusted the pillow, turned over and closed my eyes again...

"I have been away too much recently"

"I will do my best to keep watch dear Clirseit, I will"

"The Dark Forest will be reseeded and the fire of your kind will die"

After that, a merciful sleep must have quietened my mind - the next thing I remember was the smell of a delicious hot lunch filling the air, and in no time I was dancing around the cook (she is well used to me barging into her kitchen and poking my nose everywhere.. sometimes I get an extra portion in return for my flattery!).

Big Jack by Amere on 23 Jun 2010 : 00:02
Day 117 of Harvest Moon

A letter to Royal Guard Ciddia Tigg

Dear Ciddia Tigg,
I was sitting at the bank as I normally do when Shayde approached me and Cassandra. Being the good Samaritan I am, I decided I would go help. I ran ahead and heroically saved Razan, Krashak Jadak, and Marquisen. They were killed by three Brigands, and two Bracken. I only had to kill two, because Krashak killed one, when simultaneously one stabbed him in the back.

After everyone left Cassandra, Shayde, Cris, and I decided to look for more Brigands, because it seemed strange for Brigand to travel in a group of three. We decided to take a lap around the wall of trees, and look for they're camp. We didn't locate any, so we then went to the Mercenary Cave west of the wall of trees. We went in cautiously and searched, but there was not a soul to be seen in there besides the four of us. Then, all of a sudden... Ambush! When we were walking out we were all caught off guard by ten Privateers. Cassandra quickly used her words to paralyze all of them instantly. Because of this we quickly recovered and killed them all.

We decided to search for more in the cave east of the Tree Maze, so we made may to it. We entered the cave, but once again, there wasn't a soul to be seen. I honestly was expecting another ambush, but alas, there wasn't one. Then we were headed to the Cave near Duldrus Portal, and we were going the route north of the Tree Maze.

We were battling two Bracken, and I was hacking away vigorously, trying to kill them as quickly as I could. When all of a sudden Cris yelled something, I think it was something like "Who's that?" I looked over and saw a man with read hair slice straight through Cris' torso, and Cris fell onto the ground, motionless. I quickly turned to the man with red hair and swung as hastily as I could. The man, who called himself "Jack the Red" had me on the ground in no time at all. After he hit me on the head everything went blurry, what I could see, was colorless.

Eventually Cris and I both recovered, but we lost Jack the Red. We were left with 12 more Privateers. I want to warn you that this Jack the Red character is very dangerous. Cris also believes he is equipped with explosive dust.

Thanks for your time,

Lord Amere of the Mirith Vanguard.