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Rise of the Blood Wizards by Jadore on 13 Aug 2007 : 08:54
There have been several attacks by the Blood Wizards. This is the story of one such attack against the citizens of the fishing village of Lerilin. The story is told through the eyes of J'adore, a Dragon Rider fighter.The sun began to set as I entered the town of Lerilin. I was going to take a bed at the inn after a long travel from the wilds near Marali. I thought it odd as I travelled through the city gates that there were no guards. I continued to make my way inside. Once inside the walls I heard the familiar sounds of battle. My head lifted as the adrenaline flowed through my veins.

I pulled my weapon and charged into a crowd of fighters, wizards, druids, and rangers. The clerics were bravely holding the line and healing the wounded. I crashed through to see an army of skeletons. I smiled...it was my kind of fight. The undead minions were quickly dispatched.

A yell from the inn began to run through the crowd. "A chest has been found!" they said. As the mass hurried into the inn, I noticed a red glow to the Southeast. I paused, and others began to look as well. I was not over. I yelled, "To the cemetery!"

I was the first to arrive at the unholy place. At first, it seemed quiet. Then more skeletons began to rise from the ground. The fleshless living dead were then joined by zombies. The stench of the zombies was almost unbearable as they were cleaved left and right by the brave group of heroes who punched their way into the heart of the cemetery. Several bracken stood deep inside the fence. Eventually everything was defeated, but it seemed too easy. I headed back to Lerilin quickly, I had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Once in town, I headed to the inn where the chest was found. I brave soul opened the chest and it contained a fair amount of gold. (The person was Demo, but I think it was an alt of someone named Peter II) Shortly after he opened the chest, he vanished. The crowd did not seem to notice, as we made our way to the bank to celebrate our victory.

News that the rogue who had opened the chest, had been taken back to the cemetery reached us and we were off again. Once I fought through the undead minions again, I noticed him behind a couple of Bracken in the back. He was covered in blood. I could hear his screams to warn everyone to stay back, "It was a trap." he kept saying. Then he appeared...a Blood Wizard.

A group of Dragon Riders had recently fought one of these wizards in the cemetery of Marali. he was defeated there with the help of several others. These mages seem to be able to conjure and control skeletons and zombies to fight their battles. We did not know what they wanted then, and it was unclear what they were up to this time. It is clear, however, that they are evil and need to be defeated.

The Blood Wizard kept conjuring more undead, and running. He was difficult to hit, and was very quick to heal. He laughed as he ran, "Your blood gives us power. More Blood, More blood." Finally he was cornered. I heard voices yelling behind me, "A Black Dragon...A Black Dragon!" When I turned, the mage had vanished. The mighty Amere stood on the spot and shook his head. One more blow, and he would have been dead...

After the battle we re-grouped at the bank to hear from the rogue what had happened. He said the Blood Wizard had used him, and his blood to conjure a Black Dragon. The dragon then vanished. Some in the group did not believe him, and others asked why. He did not have the answers. I did not know what to believe...I did not see the beast.

Later that evening, the blood wizard was seen again. He conjured a legion of Water Elementals to drown the docks and citizens of Lerilin. Again they were defeated, but again the Blood Wizard escaped. I do not know what they want or who they are, but I warn all citizens to be vigilant! They have attacked at least 2 cities, and more is sure to come.
Attack on Brigobaen Temple by Xil on 07 Aug 2007 : 11:39
It was a beautiful Oberin day 226 in year 429, I, Druid Xil Tok and a buddy of mine, Wizard Kharoon aim for a visit with Blinston to turn in our holy daggers, snatched away from the undead of Lerilin cemetary. Upon entering the Temple city, I immediately swivelled around in fear for my life. A group of Mercenaries were on my tail, I yelled for Kharoon to run, handing him an Invisibilty potion, and heeling my pet spider. As soon as I ran far enough away from the mod of angry soldiers, I quickly applied my potion. *sparkle* I was invisible. Kharoon did the same.

I notified Mirkel and Anya about this attack, they sent a wizard for assistance, by the name I cannot remember what. I told Kharoon that I would pull one Mercenary at a time, and we would down them together. We managed to down four of them, and then arrived the wizard, which helped us out a bunch. Things did not go so well after Mirkel and Anya arrived, for we were all forced to run for our lives.

After losing the Mercenaries, Cadwallader showed up, along with Flingee and some others. All together, we cleared the mercenary camp with ease.

A note appeared. It read: "Guard the temple so he can steal from the vault - use discretion."

Nasrith had appeared at the last minute. The two of us headed to Mirith to report to the King.

The King did not show.
Marthonis at the Andris Cememtary by Alys on 20 May 2007 : 19:16
From the journal of Alys:

Blue Moon (around) Day 61, Year 428

(I am writing this a bit late so much has happened lately that my journal has fallen sadly behind.)

It began as a quiet night adventuring with some friends. After some discussion, we decided to spend the evening in the Andris cemetery, reducing the local undead population a bit.

We had already been out once, uneventfully, when Balmunge said that he was planning to go back and asked if anyone wanted to join him. Eager to exterminate a few more undead, Gwyndyr II, Lynlyss, Delimew, Faolan and I decided to accompany Balmunge back to the cemetery.

As we arrived, we noticed an unusually large number of undead inside of the cemetery We lured the stragglers to the gate and disposed of them, before venturing inside to chase down the rest. As we were fighting, we were joined by the cleric Phargie. Just when we thought we had chased down the last of them, reinforcements appeared and we began to fight our way back towards the gate.

Suddenly, a man in a long black robe appeared in the middle of all of the monsters and shouted Silence!. At first, I was too busy healing my friends and trying to stay alive to pay much attention, but as I made my way back towards the gate, I noticed that the man had pet bone mages - and pet skeletons! His name was Marthonis

Marthonis had apparently been speaking to Balmunge while I was busy fighting, as I heard Balmunge ask from behind me who Marthonis wished to speak with.

Marthonis ordered our party to withdraw to the entrance of the graveyard. We were all amazed that hew was not attacking, and was, in fact, holding his creatures at bay. He ordered us to tell him everything we knew about the recent events between Mirith and Andris. Now, having spent the last few week hunting Bracken in remote city of Marali, I knew little of recent events. Marthonis did not seem pleased when Gwyndyr II and I told him this, so we all frantically searched about for any bit of gossip that might appease him until more help could arrive. Finally, Balmunge told him that there had recently been an attack on Senator Anderson in Andris. This jogged my memory of a day in Lerilin when a man came running in, seeking refuge from his master, the Dark Lord. He claimed to have been the one who attacked Senator Anderson. So, I told Marthonis There was an attack on the Senator, by a man claiming to be a servant of the Dark Lord.

Who is this 'Dark Lord'? Marthonis demanded. Well, he had reached the limit of my knowledge, or, at least, the limit of what I was willing to share with Marthonis.

The only person that knows about that is a man named Vedas..., Balmunge said. Vedas is a personal assistant to the Dark Lord.

Then you know as much as I do, Marthonis said, nothing. I suspect this Dark Lord is nothing.

Well, I would not call an attack on Senator Anderson nothing, but he was entitled to his opinion I suppose. This did not sound very good for us, though. As he had stood there an army of undead had been gathering in the cemetery, and we were such a small party we would surely be dead if we could not keep him talking.

Afagddu Demagu and Fulgrim came running up, obviously having heard that there was something amiss. Marthonis was not pleased with this development, recognizing Afagddu and ordering him to step back from the gate.

Balmunge decided to turn the tables on Marthonis, asking what he knew of recent events, when Fulgrim interjected More importantly, what do you know of the tome of the lost?

Mirith and Andris antagonize each other. The tome of the lost though... I would like to get my hands on that.

And we did not have it. Seeing where this was leading, I quickly began mixing and distributing potions to the group that was beginning to gather outside of the gate.

Why? asked Fulgrim and Balmunge.

Knowledge is a great thing. replied Marthonis.

After a tense silence I stated Knowledge is power, some would say., hoping to lure him into revealing his purpose. I should have kept quiet, but I have never been very good at that. I am afraid it is going to get me in trouble one day.

And they would be right. he quickly replied.

Marthonis, do you know a man named Vedas? demanded Balmunge

Vedas. I have heard the name.

And do you know King Galandir is searching for the tome of the lost? asked Fulgrim.

Waving dismissively, Marthonis said You trust in Kings and Senates. Were I you, I would trust in none of them.

Well, who would you trust? I said, just asking for trouble when I should have been quietly making potions. Sometimes I just cannot help myself, I'm afraid.

Knowledge is that to which we should aspire.

Balmunge asked if Marthonis wished to know more news, to which he replied I wish to know everything.

Well, that was good. I had a bit more time to keep mixing potions.

Fulgrim suggested Marthonis seek out Morgoth for more information, but Marthonis seemed to be getting rather impatient so Fulgrim ran to summon Morgoth to the cemetery

At this point, some of his creatures approached were the gate and began to attack Phargie. We clerics began healing, but apparently these errant souls had also displeased their master so he banished them with a wave of his hand.

Marthonis, are you in need of any assistance? asked Balmunge. (Somehow I don't think that came out quite the way he intended.)

I have my servants and my allies. replied Marthonis.

And who are your allies? demanded Balmunge.

Marthonis appeared to grow even more impatient at this point, summoning more creatures to fill the cemetery I would have information. Tell me all you know of the current politics.

Treth had arrived, and seemed willing to converse for a bit. At least new people for Marthonis to converse with would buy us some time. Large numbers of people were converging on the gates now.

I may know a lot, I may know a little. stated Treth. I just got here.

Say all, demanded Marthonis, I will decide.

Lots of people, lots of potions you could see all of the clerics mixing frantically now.

You wish to know about the problems between Mirith and Andris?, said Treth, They are revolving around one wizard. A guard killed his friend, an ant, and he killed the guards. He is a Mirith Vanguard member

Marthonis was listening intently, but then someone walked up who attracted his attention. You are you? The newcomer. He is strong.

Nanasisan replied Me? I met you once.

Nanasisan, Marthonis hissed, you will stay back.

He was jailed in Andris. After about ninety days, Mirith had him transferred. Mirith freed him and did not even smack his wrists. He swore to get the senators of this horrible city. Nothing has happened since then said Treth.

I want more information. demanded Marthonis

At this point, Morgoth arrived. But there was another matter for Marthonis to deal with first. He appeared angry now, at the lack of information and at our failure to obey his orders I sense...who is hiding?

Oh no! He had found Delimew, who was hidden when he first appeared and had remained inside looking for an opportunity when the rest of us fled. GET OUT OF MY DOMAIN! he screamed. This was really not looking good. Balmunge was stuck inside there too, as the gate had filled up and he had been at the front speaking to Marthonis.

Hail, Marthonis., said Morgoth. Your reputation precedes you.

You... hissed Marthonis.

So, Marthonis, what do you want to know? asked Morgoth.

One question, Marthonis. said Balmunge.

You will go with them when it is answered... or you will die. Now, I hear the new one brings information. Tell, then.

Well, said Morgoth, I know Beleth is seeking the tome of the lost as well.

Continue. demanded Marthonis.

Finally, something had piqued Marthonis interest. Maybe this would get us some more information.

He and King Galandir are seeking the tome, and Birek McCalla is also looking for it.

Balmunge then wanted to know if Morgoth knew where the king was, but Morgoth did not. Ciddia told him, thought, that he was fine and recovered from his illness.

Mirith, and its former servants... contemplated Marthonis.

And this Vedas... he can summon bracken. He summoned four to try and kill Senator Anderson in the name of the Dark Lord added Morgoth.

Vedas... I have heard of him. What is this Dark Lord?

But no one seemed to know who the Dark Lord was. Many had spoken to his servant, but none were able to get any information out of him. The only consensus was that this dark lord is from the north.

Inform this Vedas that I wish to know. Who has met him?

Umm, well, I had but playing message girl for Marthonis seemed like a lethal occupation, so for once I managed to keep my mouth shut. I had no clue where to find him now anyway...

If we see him again, I shall tell him. said Morgoth. I have met him.

As have I. added Balmunge.

Come here, Marthonis demanded. *Mora Olsa*, he intoned.

What was that you said? asked Morgoth. A spell? A name?

*Mora Olsa Phesta'h*

Back away! Marthonis cried.

Shall I say that to him? asked Morgoth.


Then what is it for?

I would have knowledge of those who oppose me. declared Marthonis.

Hmm, sounds like a spell to me. A very creepy one to be running around in Morgoth's head.

Balmunge interjected, The dark lord opposes all who are not for him...

Then he opposes me! A foolish move.

What else opposes you? asked Treth.

Most of the living. replied Marthonis.

Which brings me to my question, said Balmunge, Who are you to control the dead?

Is that I control them not enough? asked Marthonis

Marthonis why did you send the bone lords after Mirith? asked Morgoth.

Send? I do not have to send them everywhere. Their purpose is to have an intellect.

After we slew on, it bore a note that read 'tell Mirith thanks for all the good books Marthonis

Marthonis waved his hands, They are the ultimate creation in Necromancy! They think for themselves, they learn, they adapt.

So, what now Marthonis? asked Morgoth.

There are two here who would serve the Harvest well.

Then Morgoth asked who they were, and I asked what is the Harvest, but before Marthonis could reply the cleric Mogu let loose a blast of turn undead on Marthonis and his pets.

Oh boy, here we go.

Marthonis let loose several blasts of lightening bolt before intoning *Mora Olsen Necritur* a number of times. Eleven, that I could count. Hmmm, maybe this spell summons his bone lords?

By then the fighting had started, though, and there was no time to think on it further as the cemetery was filled with Bone Lords, Bone Mages, Zombies, and Skeletons. By this time,a huge crowd of adventurers had gathered and they poured into the cemetery, converging on the bone lords and overwhelming them. Finally, the last of Marthonis's creatures was killed and the group ran to the Senate building to deliver a report to Senator Anderson.

I was lagging behind a bit, removing curses and healing people who's injuries were not serious enough to deal with in battle, so I missed a part of the discussion. By the time I finally made it to the castle, Morgoth was updating Senator Anderson on recent events. He told her that Marthonis was asking about recent events in Andris and Mirith, and that he had told Marthonis forces were searching for the tome of the lost.

Then he told the Senator that he had also spoken with Marthonis about Vedas, and the Dark Lord.

The one with the Bracken Seeds? asked Senator Anderson.

Marthonis wanted to know who opposed him, said Morgoth, and I told him I did not know.

He would do well to remember the name Andris.

At this point, nanasisan noted that REDMAN had been attacked my two bone lords a few days ago, and that the bone lords had said REDMAN was part of the Harvest.

Senator Anderson seemed very interested in the bone lords, but the gathering was suddenly interrupted as a man came racing into the room Vedas!

Oh no! said Vedas, You...you are alive!

I most certainly am. replied the Senator.

Vedas became extremely agitated. The dark lord will surely strike me down! I had to see it with my own eyes...

Who are you, Vedas?

I am a servant of the dark lord himself.

And who is the dark lord? What is his name?

My Master... I will not give his name.

Vedas proceeded to confess that he had followed the dark lord's plan to attack Senator Anderson and the city of Andris. He claimed to know the identity of he dark lord, but refused to divulge it. Then he said, I follow the dark lord's wishes..... There is more to come.... More are joining him...

He continued to refuse to cooperate, until the Senator finally had him thrown in jail.

When I arrived at the jail, Balmunge was taunting Vedas. You talk about the dark lord all the time, but we have not seen anything from him.

You have died at his hands, Balmunge. Vedas replied. Let me go Anderson! I am innocent...

Why? I remember you attacked me with bracken.

You don't want the dark lord to get revenge for my jailing.

Your dark lord has done nothing himself. If we can force him out of hiding, so much the better.

Vedas became agitated at this point. Being stuck in jail was not going to get him back in the dark lord's favor, so he sought to strike a deal.

May I make a deal with you Anderson...? My release for the name of the dark lord...

Tell me, then. demanded the Senator.

But Vedas wanted his release guaranteed. And many adventurers in the group pointed out that we had no way of verifying his story. Some suggested torture, but finally Senator Anderson quited them all by declaring that the Senate would investigate. If Vedas gave the name, and it was found to be accurate, then he may be released. Vedas, however, said that was not good enough and requested an evening to sleep on it.

You expect me to offer your release for saying any name that springs to mind? Then your dark lord has taught you little of intelligence.

He has taught me how to kill...

A skill you may practice all you like on the masonry in there. said Senator Anderson as she turned around and returned to town.

Ice Sorceress Outside of Marali by Alys on 20 May 2007 : 19:15
From the journal of Alys:

Blue Moon Day 230, Year 428

Hunting outside of Malari last night, my friends and I happened upon a very odd gentleman dressed in alight blue robe and a light blue wizard hat. He said, My Lady bids me announce her presence.From the journal of Alys:

Blue Moon Day 230, Year 428

Hunting outside of Malari last night, my friends and I happened upon a very odd gentleman dressed in alight blue robe and a light blue wizard hat. He said, My Lady bids me announce her presence.

Who is your lady? Gwyndyr II and I both asked at once.

She is the Lady of the Frozen Lands. You should bow to her.

We attempted to question the Frost Mage about the location of the frozen lands and his intentions towards us, but we were interrupted by a spell, *Mora Olsen Preldian*. Suddenly, the Ice Sorceress herself appeared. She was dressed in light blue, like her servant.

What brings you to Marali? I asked.

And for what reason does a great lady wish to see people like us? asked Delimew.

I want to see the... crystals. said the Ice Sorceress.

Upon our asking what kind of crystals she was looking for, she replied My crystals.

Oh my, this was beginning to sound bad. If they were hers, surely she would want them back. We continued to ask for more information about the crystals what crystals were hers, where they might be found.

You know that. she declared impatiently. Bring me.

Hmph. Well, at least Marthonis had been polite. This Ice Sorceress had the temperament of a three year old a spoiled three year old.

I have heard of Ice Crystals, said Delimew, though I have never seen one.

Bring me just now. declared the sorceress. Oh, then bring me. Just now. We all started slowly backing away from Delimew. (Someone needed to be alive to resurrect him, after all, once she blasted him to tiny pieces.)

I've merely heard of them in passing, I don't know where to find them. said Delimew. All I have are some common red crystals.

Oh, my servant. He doesn't want to give it to me?

Red is not my lady's favor. declared the Frost Mage. You will tell what my lady wishes.

I want it. Bring it. declared the Ice Sorceress.

I wish to find the crystals. said Gwyndyr II.

We would like to help, I added, but we don't know where to look.

I believe there was something like that sold during the blue moon. Delimew offered.

Yes! One of the greater crystals was sold in their festival, my lady.

Oh I see. she said.

That's the only place I have heard of them. said Delimew, I know nothing more than that.

It was WAY our of my price range. offered Lynlyss. Oh dear, that put a different spin on things.

My lady desires that crystal.

I am merely a humble wizard who barely eats. offered Lynlyss.

Who has my lady's crystal?

Seek the man, and bring it to me. ordered the Ice Sorceress

Who is the man? asked Gwyndyr II.

He was Red. said the Frost Mage. My lady's crystal is in the hands of one who is Red.

Redman? asked Gwyndyr II.

I know he was there. said Delimew. It might have been him who got it.

Find him for my lady. Hmm, well that was good enough for me. I orbed REDMAN 44n, 68w. It appeared he was in town.

I saw him earlier. offered Lynlyss. And how may we contact one of you once we locate him?

Find him swiftly. demanded the Frost Mage.

Gwyndyr II and I immediately left to search for REDMAN. He was sitting in the Marali bank when we sound him. We explained that there was an Ice Sorceress and a Frost Mage in the forest, looking for him and the ice crystal. He immediately agreed to accompany us back to the forest. As we were leaving Marali we were joined by Immolated and Whisp, who were walking into town as we hurried out.

We made our way thought the forest until we found Delimew. The mage and the sorceress had moved off, apparently complaining that we were too slow. (Slow! We were two clerics who had to fight our way back to town.)

As we headed off to find Lynlyss, and ran into them once again.

*Mora Olsa Preldian*

They are returned, my lady.

Oh, did you bring that? she asked.

We found the red man. said Gwyndyr II

That is it! exclaimed the Frost Mage.

What is this? asked REDMAN, How do I use this?

My lady's crystal.

*I* use it, not you. said the Ice Sorceress.

And why have you been using Frost Giants to look for it? asked Delimew.

This one must be a spy. declared the Frost Mage.

Delimew waved his hand. It is not much to find out what a giant is doing.

I want the crystal. You give me REDMAN.

Hmmm, contemplated REDMAN.

What are you willing to give in return for the crystal? asked Whisp. Redman paid a pretty penny for the crystal, and it would be hard to separate him from such a precious item

The crystal belongs to my lady.

How did the crystal get in the auction in the first place did someone steal it? asked Delimew.

(I could see where this was going. When in doubt, make potions. So that is what I started to do.)

Perhaps REDMAN, you should share with them how much you paid so that they may offer in return something of equal value. offered Whisp.

The Frost Mage grew extremely indignant, Must my lady pay for that which is hers?

I still want to know how she lost something so great in the first place. said Delimew

Well, it has been stolen. said the Ice Sorceress.

By whom? I asked.

And how? added Immolated..

Thieves. spat the Frost Mage. My lady apologizes, they did not leave her their names. It is the way of thieves.

You have my crystal REDMAN. declared the Ice Sorceress.

Now it is mine. said REDMAN.

I do not like the tone they take, my lady.

MINE! (See what I mean spoiled three year old, for sure.)

Perhaps you two should visit the Andris auctioneer? suggested Immolated. If he was the thief, or employer of the thieves... he should pay the price.

(We were joined here by Lymphocyte and Monica. Anniqa also came running up around this time.)

Hmmm, I cannot judge. said REDMAN.

The crystal belongs to my lady.

How do we know that? asked Gwyndyr II, How do we know it is yours.

You might want to give me it back, REDMAN. Just now!

But how do we know it's yours?

Listen to the Lady!

How do we know you won't use it to harm Oberin? Or the people of this fine country?

Or our noble senators... added Lynlyss.

The crystal belongs to my lady. You should return it to her.

Are you human? asked REDMAN.

A deed of title should be sufficient. said Whisp.

My lady, they defy your right of ownership, what must we do?

I need the crystal, not excuses.

My lady has spoken.

Give it to me or....

Or? asked REDMAN

Immolated tried to diffuse the situation a bit. Really now, does it really have to come to demands and threats? I'm sure the Andris auctioneer can inform you of how he came upon the crystal. Then you show us the proof from his mouth.

We don't go in much for bullies here. said Lynlyss, The last tactics of the unsure threats and violence.

The Frost Mage then accused us of supporting the thieves of the crystal. We attempted to argue that REDMAN bought the crystal in a fair and open auction, and that we really needed to find the auctioneer to get more information. They would have none of that though.

It is the property of my lady.

So why don't we just go to the Senators and see how they rule? asked Lynlyss. I am sure they are both just and fair.

You don't need to know that. said the Ice Sorceress.

Doubtful. declared REDMAN.

They will cheat you of it, my lady.


I hate these people. declared the Ice Sorceress.

Your very own, and they love those who stole it. My lady, your wish is my command.

We tried one more time...

Really, said Immolated,it is the auctioneer you should be angry at. The senators had nothing to do with it *if* it was in fact stolen. Like I said, the auctioneer would know. Track him down and make him spill the truth.

Now the time to slay. declared the Ice Sorceress. My servants!

My lady is displeased with you.

*Mora Olsen N'eshra*

*Mora Olsen N'eshra*

Suddenly, we found ourselves surrounded by an army of Frost Giants, in addition to the Frost Mage and Ice Sorceress. The party fought bravely, but many perished. The Ice Sorceress's lightening bolts followed those who had fought their way to the water, and took them down.

I perished on the water, dead from one hit by the Ice Sorceress. I ran back to the temple, meeting Faith and Harmony along the way. Once I explained the situation, they were happy to come along and help. So off we ran, to meet join the battle. When I returned the Frost Mage and the Sorceress were gone. We fought off the Frost Giants and began to search for them, but were met in the Forest by Commander Nyatha Vaup. We quickly explained the situation, and that as REDMAN had not given her the crystal she desired she was likely to return.

The Commander asked for a thread assessment. We told her that they were strong. Eight of us fell in battle.

Compared to the Necromancer? The Occupier? asked the Commander.

Minor distraction. said Immolated, They are overconfident in their pets, and one is an awful shot.

But if they get the crystal, they may become more of a problem. added Delimew.

They are as strong as Marthonis. stated REDMAN.

There was some more discussion of the events leading up to the battle, before the Commander asked us to follow her back to town.

REDMAN showed her the crystal, but she was unable to offer any suggestions about its use.

If this woman wants it, I would have her thwarted. declared the Commander. She sounds like an enemy.

REDMAN is a hero of this city. declared Commander Vaup. He was the first to defeat a Bone Lord. He can keep this safe. Be wary REDMAN, I do not doubt your strength.

Are you loyal to Marali REDMAN? she asked.

Yes, I like this town. replied REDMAN.

I ask more than that.

I...love this city.

Are you loyal to me, and to Marali?

YES! exclaimed REDMAN.

A proud day this is for us. said the Commander, as she presented REDMAN with a token. REDMAN pledges allegiance to Marali!

Take care of that token, and take care of your crystal.

Yes, thank you commander.

Do you know of anyone that may be able to find out more about the crystal? asked Delimew.

There are a few grand mages. said the Commander. They are hard to find.

Seth, Evers, Alaster, Beleth... added REDMAN.

REDMAN If you find any of those mentioned speak to them about this.

OK, I'll do as you say Commander.

I have work to attend to now. You may leave. Commander Vaup saluted before leaving on her mission.

And so the evening ended. REDMAN is looking for the great wizards to find out more about his crystal, and the rest of us will remain watchful when we wander the forests around Marali. The Ice Sorceress did not seem like the type to give up easily....
The Blue Moon Festival Race by ArsonVolcain on 14 May 2007 : 06:07
The Blue Moon had come to a close. The full moon had morphed into a waning gibbous, and the festivities were over. Well, almost all of them were.During the middle of one of the Grabbling Game, hosted by the gambler, the two senators of Andris came unnanounced to the square, informing the players of the race soon to come.

As soon as the game was over, everyone headed to the castle to hear all about the race that they all hoped to participate in.

As they entered the castle, they were greeted by Anderson and Maurise, the previously mentioned members of the Senate, and a few others who had left the game early to perhaps chit-chat with the Andrisian royalty.

Once a rather large crowd had gathered with open ears, the two went over all the rules of the footrace. First of all, there had been many problems involving druids teleporting, gaining an obvious advantage against those others who were not gifted with space-shifting. Therefore, the two senators had decided that there would be six races rather than one, each class having their own race.

Due to group disorganization, the meeting stretched on longer with denied answers to the question "what will the prizes be?" and outside talking. In the midst of the slight mayhem, a wizard in the back of the group was plotting an attack.

A roar of thunder startled the crowd, and a few ducked as a lightning bolt raced over their heads and struck Anderson. A man named Sterak ran off, and soon most of the crowd followed as they attempted to stop the assassin.

The guards caught him and jailed him, and soon after Anderson had recovered from her slight wound. They decided to continue despite the attack.

Of course this was quite effective, as it would be a very crowded and ugly race if every athlete in Andris was trying to run across the outskirts of Andris.

So the races began, in alphabetical order. That means Clerics were first, if you are alphabetically challenged. All of the robed healers stood in a line, ready to dash off into the distance as soon as Maurise said to. This would have been a very quiet and hushed moment but due to the chatterboxes in the audience, concentration required extra effort with people shouting false "Go!"s and idle conversation in the background.

The race was close, but in the end Iceane came in first. The prizes were to be awarded at the end of all the races.

After that the Druids were ready to race. This race was probably more exciting for the runners as they could teleport, and possibly block eachother with massive pets, but only one of the druids can clarify that. Christoper was the winner of this race.

Next was Fighters. As Maurise pointed out, many of the fighters were running in their armor. It was a rather strange decision but none of the warriors were hindered by their clanky clothing.

Afaggdu Demagu was the first one to reach the finish line.

After that it was the Rangers' chance to shine. They stepped up and after the race, Harmony was declared the victor... or victor-ess, if that's a real word and Harmony is a girl.

Next was the Rogues. They stealthily trekked the forests around Andris and Whisp reached the finish before all others.

The final race had come. This was Wizard time. Everyone waited tensely at the finish line ready to start, but when Maurise counted to 2 a few people started to run, and this set off a chain reaction of confused racers. Others were thrown off by the audience shouting "go!" and other things that they could have mistaken for a good-to-go phrase in the heat of the moment.

As the racers stumbled along around the city and back, the Senator announced that all racers should return to the finish line. Lenard was the first to arrive, but his victory was in vain as a re-do was suggested because many of the contestants had started running before Maurise called them to.

So they raced again. Lenard was the victor this time as well.

It was time to announce the winners. The third and second placers have not been recorded in this document, but the winners were Iceane the cleric, Christoper the druid, Afaggdu Demagu the fighter, Harmony the ranger, Whisp the rogue, and Lenard the wizard.

All six winners were awarded with a rare prize: One Silver Leaf.

The ruckus died quickly, some sold their leaves to our wealthier peers, some others have kept them for so far. Everyone else headed back to the bank and took a much-needed rest or headed back to their hometowns, previous events still in mind.

The cloaked figure revealed by Boric on 01 Apr 2007 : 10:10
A report of the strange events around Brigobean Temple.It falls upon me to relate the events which transpired yesterday.

A group of us were crafting on the Mirith Bank steps when a Temple Priest came from Brigobean. Father Cecil had seen a suspicious cloaked figure lurking around the temple and feared for the worst. Our party immediately drew arms and headed for Brigobean - most porting to Andris and then taking the water way. Afagddhu Demagu and I were first on the scene and we immediately ran into a dread group. The Bone Lord, a Brigand Cleric, brigands and a few BM's. We engaged their force and killed a few brigands but the main force was too much for us. We fell back and were quickly joined by the rest who had come from Mirith by a slower road. While our main party battled close to the water I doubled back to try and kill the Bone Lord and his crony but to no avail. The cleric kept healing the mage and I had to rejoin the rest. Eventually all fell to our swords and magics - the Commander looted the bodies of the enemy leaders himself!

We returned to the temple and found Cecil conversing with a hooded figure cloaked in black. This person asked for a magical tome to aid him in his quest. The Book of the Lost! Cecil refused and after much cajoling the figure revealed himself. Beleth! He seemed in ill health, coughing and weak. He told us that he was seeking the Duchess Tirana still, that she was weakening and that he had to find her. He had hoped that this magical tome would be the key to being reunited with her and explained that the brigands were pursueing him but did not explain why. Just as this discourse was coming to a close a larger party of brigands attacked the temple. We drew arms again and defended the kind clerics within, but during the melee Beleth vanished.

Father Cecil assured us that the tome would be safe, that he would seal it in the vaults beneath the temple and that it would remain there even should he be slain...a most ominous turn of phrase and one which I fervently wish he had not made. We left the temple and traveled back to Mirith. The temple priest had gone to the castle to see Nafets after asking us to help Father Cecil and we wished to find out if the two occurences were connected. We spoke with Nafets and reported all that had happened. He was troubled but had to run off to tend to poor Alastor who was screaming in his bed. Blood curdling screams to chill the very soul. With nothing more to be said we went our different ways.

Later that same day I travelled to Brigobean to look in on the kind father and make sure he was alright. My heart fell when I entered the temple and saw that he was gone! Oh why did we leave him undefended? A search of the grounds showed nothing and Blinston just kept smiling his blissful smile. I think that he is somewhat of a loon! I returned to Lerilin and reported the disappearence of the cleric there. Some small time later I heard reports of unusual amounts of hell hounds and harpies down near the Hermit Lake. Galvanised by my guilt at leaving poor Cecil alone I rushed into the forest to see if this was yet another attack of some kind. I was joined by Master Janurah, and we cleared the forest of these banes. Along the way we encountered small pockets of brigands. They were without campsites and I can only guess that they were scouts. They will report to no one... we cut off their heads.

Even later that night I journeyed to Mirith to try and report the news of poor Cecil's disappearence to our leaders but the castle was empty. Good Sansomir was crafting at the forge there and on hearing my tale offered to scout the temple with me one more time. I agreed and we set off - fervently hoping that Father Cecil had just been hiding earlier. Alas our hopes were dashed when we found the temple empty yet again. We noticed this time that the guard had vanished as well. Poor Blinston is undefended! we scouted the area some more up to the volcano but there were no signs brigands. With a heavy heart we returned to Lerilin where once again I had to relate these events to incredulous listeners. I cannot keep speaking of it - it wrenches my heart each time and so I write this report and pin it up for all to see.

I fear that Cecil and his tome is being held as bait for Beleth. I can only assume considering the Bone Lords presence that Marthonis wishes to capture Beleth for some evil purpose. The other option may be even more horrible... Beleth - once our friend and missing these long years has taken matters into his own hands and has done something to Cecil himself.

The Dancing moon may be full... but I fear there will be little dancing in the days to come.

The Return of the Curio by Charnath on 16 Feb 2007 : 00:58
One night in Mirith...

It was a dark night in Mirith, the howls of the hell hounds could be heard in the distance as the rain poured down. A pair of dark cloaked figures approached the east gate, hoods sodden and hanging over their faces, obscuring their features. A few words from one were enough for the gate guards to let them pass, and one of their number escorted the covered pair to Mirith's castle.

As they arrived in the main hall the guard spoke briefly with Mattias before returning to his duty, Mattias duly escorted the two to the private areas of the castle, bidding them wait as he summoned the King and the Royal Guard.

Birek arrived first, tired from the day he was in a poor mood to welcome visitors, but as the two threw back their hoods to reveal Senators Halbim and Anderson of Andris he controlled his thoughts and emotions and greeted them in the appropriate fashion. Letting a squire take their wet cloaks he bid the Senators take seats and wait until the King arrived. The wait was not long and King Galandir entered the chamber. With greetings and indroductions dealt with the King took a seat and the leaders of the two cities came to business.

Senator Anderson was blunt, 'The Senate of Andris requests King Galandir of Mirith return to us our third of the Moon Curio. This is the rightful property of Andris, stolen by the trator Lancaster and used against us and Oberin. We know you have defeated the being known as the Eye and have recovered our Curio. Return it to us.'

'Mirith has never had any intention of keeping your artefact,' the King replied, 'we will be glad to return it to your safekeeping. All we ask is to let a company of our guards, lead by Birek McCalla himself escort you and it back to your city. Birek, make the arrangements, I am still weary and saddened from recent events. Goodnight Senators.'

As the King departed Birek stood and led the Senators to a vault below the Mirith castle, pausing along the way to have Mattias summon a squad of guards. Underneath the castle a row of vaults stood, ancient well forged doors, protected with powerful magic and intricate locks that would have tested the greatest of rogues and wizards lined the walls. The Senators followed Birek until he came to one, the ancient door reinforced with new bars and magiks. Pulling a key from his robes and muttering a few hushed words Birek opened the door. Inside was something white, despite shattered edges it was clearly the shape of roughly a third of a sphere, glowing strangely in the dark, next to it was what seemed to be a sheep's fleece, but instead of wool each thread was made of curled gold. Birek took the fleece first, then wrapped the glowing item in it, before passing it to Senator Anderson.

'Now, let us hurry to Andris, before news of what you carry gets out.'

The Senators needed no prompting and the trio soon left the vaults, the guards were waiting at the gate of the castle, and with dim red of the moon the only light in the unceasing rain they left for Andris, the Curio third returning to its home.