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The Fleet and the Fortress by Jedd on 17 Jan 2012 : 19:01
Day 13-14 of the Red Moon, Year 437

The Red Moon had already arrived in Oberin and the Brigand problem still hadn't been solved. Ever since the Growing Moon, Brigands had been constructing intricate, and sometimes not-so-intricate, fortresses across the land. They were encroaching closer and closer towards the towns and settlements and the frequency of their appearances were rapidly increasing. How long would it be until the Brigands began to attack the towns themselves? Hopefully that day would never come.

Part One Fight in the Fort

Jedd sat at the bank steps of Mirith in solitude. The sun was sinking beneath the wall and he was enjoying the sunset. Suddenly, he felt the ground shaking as if there were a bunch of footsteps. Not a moment later a bird dropped a message at his feet. He picked it up and read it. It was a note from Foxeron speaking of yet another Brigand fortification northeast of the city. The fighter leapt up, snatched his Katana, and ran out the gate.

After passing some tracks that helped lead him to the fort, Jedd arrived to see the battle begin. Hideaki, Alexia, Kim, Borti II, Foxeron, Bardinius, Siegal, Budic, Gilante, Mustafaa, Alore, Arkore, Sam, Serancha, Kate, Tallon, and Beyoglu were at the scene. They were at the entrance to the fort, and a large amount of Mercenaries were attacking them from within the fort.

There was some initial difficulty for Jedd in getting to the front line, as the entrance to the fort was narrow and blocked by the robes. He squeezed through and joined Mustafaa at the front. More brave warriors arrived behind Jedd, such as hisashi, Vinn, Aurece, Onna, Kevin and Galena. A couple of people died in the fray, but they were soon resurrected by the many clerics.

All of a sudden the Mercenaries stopped coming and the force of humans moved into the fort. Jedd noted that they were in a medium-sized room that was connected to another room through a narrow bottleneck. Many more Mercenaries began to pour out through the bottleneck so the other plates quickly positioned themselves inside it.

Jedd moved in to join them when a sizable force of Mercenaries ambushed the robes from behind. Trapped in the bottleneck, he couldnt move back to help them, but at least the passage was blocked. A few of the robes fell to the clerics, but the group retaliated and the fallen were revived.

The group continued to fight at the narrow passageway. The wizards sent waves upon waves of paralyzing forces towards the Mercenaries, making it an easy job to finish them off. The passageway was secured, but in no time at all more of the Mercenaries started to charge in from yet another room to the northeast.

Smelling the horrific scent of decaying bodies, Jedd noticed that there were two human corpses impaled on a spear at the entrance to the room. It was covered in burns from boiling water. One of the bodies had their mouth stitched closed, as if they had been tortured.

As the Mercenaries were pushed back into the room, a cauldron, two large bonfires and five shelters were discovered. Finally the last of the Mercenaries were destroyed, and then everyone moved in and tore down the shelters. A chest was discovered in the back. Victory had been achieved, or so it seemed.

Part Two Wooden Ships

There was barely any time for rest when a note was discovered just outside the fort. It seemed that scouts had spotted ships off the coast of Duldrus. Jedd had originally desired to return to Mirith to repair his armor and restock his potions, but a large group of people was heading directly for Duldrus. Unfortunately, a number of the group wouldnt be able to make it to Duldrus either. Seeing no better course of action, he ran off towards the group heading to Duldrus.

Jedd followed them as they ran along the coast, finally catching up with them near the large rock formations by Duldrus. They had run into a large force of Brigands instead of Mercenaries. It seemed that the ships had been located. They had probably arrived while everyone else was busy in the fort near Mirith. The fighting was more risky, as it was open water and there were no narrow passages to block the Brigands with.

Finally the number of Brigands dwindled enough so that the group could actually approach the nearby ship. The Brigands on deck swarmed out to charge the group, but the Brigands were soon defeated. Jedd landed on the ship, noticing that it was smaller than he had expected. There were a few shelters on board, so he joined in with the other plates and destroyed them.

The rangers discovered another ship further out to sea than the first one. Along with the other plates, Jedd charged towards the ship. This one was slightly larger than the first ship. He jumped onto it and started to hack away at one of the shelters. There were a bit more Brigands on deck this time, but they still stood no chance.

Someone spotted yet another ship, further west of the second one. Jedd rushed over to see it. It was considerably larger and more defended than the other two. Shelters surrounded the vessel, enclosing a huge force of Brigands inside. Razan smashed one of the shelters to bits, and the Brigands subsequently poured out. It was then that it got hectic.

The amount of Brigands was so large that it was impossible to deal with in an organized manner. It became a large brawl as everyone struggled to deal with all the Brigands attacking them. Razan fell in the battle, and Mustafaa became separated and he joined the world of gray as well. Many of the Brigands took a liking to Siegal, who led them on a merry chase around the ocean as the others regrouped near the ship.

As the battle began to get under control, everyone was revived. Jedd threw himself at the ship, smashing the shelters as fast as he could. It wasnt long before the ship was finally sent to the bottom. It had been odd for Jedd seeing ships full of Brigands and not Privateers, but it didnt matter since they were all sent to Davy Joness Locker. Gradually they all returned to Mirith, where they divided the many spoils. Jedd set back down at the bank steps, exhausted. The day had been won.

Ambushed in the Ice Dungeon by Serancha on 09 Jan 2012 : 01:15

Day 158 of the Bleeding Moon, Year 437

The Full Moon had passed, and after so much recent activity with Black Hand fortresses, brigand raids, and mercenary attacks, many adventurers were itching to replenish their supplies of dragon scales and earn themselves some new protection rings. A large group was gathered by Alexia. Crom, Angelica, Kookai, Octar, Leiland, Terilyne, Sam, Beyoglu, and myself all gathered on the Ice Island.

Just to be cautious, I stopped at the two Southern Ice Islands to check for the forge that had been mentioned in a note found in one of the Alliance Fortresses. There was no sign of any activity on or around either island. Circling around the Island of the Ice Dungeon, I saw no sign of human activity there either.

Once the party assembled, they headed down the ladder. The dungeon was still very full of creatures, as the full bleeding moon had just recently waned. After a nice warm-up battle at the entry way, we moved down the South hall, intending to hunt some dragons. About two-thirds of the way down, those in the front of the group sounded an alarm. They had spotted a band of Brigands and Mercenaries at the end of the hall.

Grinning with excitement of an unexpected battle against the bandits, the party set themselves up, ready to face the attackers. Unfortunately, this was a very organized ambush. There must have been another troupe waiting on the North side of the entrance, for there had been no signs outside of anything unusual. Once the battle started, the larger troupe of Mercenaries and Brigands hit the party hard and fast from behind. The party was now sealed in the hallway between two very large groups of villains.

Even with such a large and mostly experienced party, the numbers of the adversaries were just too large. One by one the adventurers fell. The Mercenaries and Brigands obviously had instructions to try and fell the clerics at all costs. Many of them died trying, but our numbers were falling fast. At the end, Alexia and I stood back to back, surrounded by ghosts, brigands, mercenaries and bodies. We managed to push enough back to un-trap ourselves, and with a quick nod at each other, we both tried to make a run for the exit.

We knew it was futile - their numbers were too great. But with the aid of invisibility potions, healing potions, and some quick maneuvering, we both managed to evade death for a time. Longer than expected, to be sure. I never saw Alexia fall, but I did find the end of the force that had come from behind to trap us. However, it was too late. With the exit of the dungeon almost in view, the world went gray.

The ghosts of Crom and Angelica floated past me, returning to Mirith to resurrect, repair, and return. Octar went at one point too, but in my haze, I didn't see him pass. There were so many.... so many troops, and the strongest adventurers available had already been in the hunt party. Not knowing what could be done, the ghosts waited, hoping someone could be found to help.

Some time later, I am not sure how long, I heard a dragon roaring from the South, and the draco near the dungeon entrance started squealing, as if it was battling something. Surely it was too soon for rescue to have arrived...and if there was a dragon to deal with as well....it seemed sure that any rescuers would perish. Much to my surprise, I caught site of the draco near me, and it wasn't fighting a rescue team, it was eating the Brigands and Mercenaries. With a mighty roar, the dragon came into view from the south, tearing a path through the troops, leaving a mere dozen alive in my sight, where there had been almost thirty.

I never saw where that dragon or the draco went. It was apparent that they came for food - the smell of blood was heavy in the air, and likely spurred them into some sort of feeding frenzy. It was odd though, and every ghost in that hall was glad for it, as it meant that rescue and recovery would now be possible.

On this day, the true spirit of Oberin showed itself to be alive and well. There was no blame laid, no criticisms, arguments, or disdain. People just came. One after the other after the other, every adventurer that heard of the fallen arrived at the Ice Dungeon to aid. Even though there was not a lot left to fight, they came, brought supplies to the fallen, and helped recover what could be saved. Some even found Angelica's body and saved most of her possessions, as she was unable to make it back to the scene.

Unfortunately I do not recall everyone who came, but do remember seeing Tolba, Mustafaa, Amere, Razan, Alysandra, Kevin, Octar, Hacton, Borti II, and Fang. The gratitude of the adventurers was taken with smiles and modest shrugs, and a few stayed for a pleasant draco hunt to finish off the day.

Lady Serancha,

Ranger of Dragon's Gate

A plethora of troubles by Borti on 06 Jan 2012 : 04:57
To Captain Fang, Leader of the Marali Vanguard, from Borti II, Chaplain. Greetings.

Over the past week Oberin has seen many troubles. It seems something is stirring the brigands and mercenaries across the breathe of both Mirith and Andris. Although many of us have reported these events, I wanted to try and encapsulate all of these into a succinct report for your perusal.As you know I have been absent from my duties whilst trapped in a cave. Having eventually found a small exit, and escaping my entombment, I was shocked to hear the many rumors of ugly incursions. Even with such warnings, I was ill prepared.

It began a couple days ago when Armsman Octar sent me an urgrent plea for aid. There were brigands on a small island. Octar and Terliyne, my cleric friend, went ahead to scout out the dangers. By the time I found them both were slain, and on the scene were Sam, Barabus and Elwood kiting brigands in rafts whilst they focused fired on one target. I tossed heals, brought them to full, and went looking for the bodies of Octar and Terliyne. Eventually I found my fellow cleric. We lost contact with everyone else, so we salvaged what we could of Octar's gear and headed to Mirith in search for him.

Later that evening, I was speaking to my kinswoman, Fuoco, when a lad named Kristof rushed into Andris to warn us of giants and trolls. Messages were sent out and preparations hurriedly made. It took almost a full day to clear a fortress filled with giants and trolls (and a few stray brigands.) And yes, I died three times.

On my return from Andris, I made a wrong turn and ended up by the Mirith Vanguard guild hall. To my utter horror I saw their guards were impaled on spikes and could hear the great noise of drunken brigands and mercenaries. I rushed to Mirith to gather aid. Draco elegantly told of our long battle to cleanse the MV's hall.

In the past day we had more troubles. Someone named "The Necromancer" appeared in the Mirith cemetery, summoning poison fields, paralyzing any who neared him, a wizard who seemed to summon armies of zombies, skeletons and bone mages. It took us well into the evening to destroy him and his army.

As we settled into the Mirith bank to share loot, swap tales, and repair our gear, I thought... it has been a rough few days and I need a rest. I decided to go for a walk to clear my head, to walk and pray hoping for clarity. This was not to be. Again I went to the MV Guild Hall, to pray for the dead guards. And I found a very rude note on the ground and the tracks of many men heading south through the forest.

I admit we were all exhausted from almost a straight week of incursions. For much of the battle I was the only cleric, and because these particular brigands seemed smarter than usual, when they saw me casting then attacked at once. I died three times before we could clear their small fortress. Thank the gods another cleric, Alexia, came by. Yes, very frustrating for me and I have lost a lot of ground with each death. But it is my job as an Armsman and cleric.

I am worried everyone jumps to conclusions that this must all be the work of the Black Hand. There is no direct evidence of this except history and custom. The last major incursion from The Black Hand, that I was present for, they left their calling card in the form of scrawled semi-illiterate graffiti on signs. There has been no token left in this past week of attacks, so of course, I worry. A known enemy is good, yet I am not confident this is The Black Hand. We might have a new enemy abroad in the lands of Oberin.

With deep regards,

Borti II

Armsman and Chaplain, MaV

PS, most of these events have been reported.

(OCC: these can be found in Forums > In Character > Real Time Quest reports. This is merely a synopsis of the events in the past Oberin week.)
Raiding the Third Fort of Rivolus by Serancha on 11 Jul 2011 : 06:24

Day 156 of the Red Moon, Year 436

After much planning, speculation, and organization, the day finally arrived. A large group of adventurers arrived at Pheonix Dawn Guild Hall, ready for battle. It didn't take long for everyone to gather, as the messengers and members of the local guilds had been very diligent in their recruiting for this mission. Once everyone was together, the gathered party moved up to the rocks below the fortress that Rivolus had built in the Tree Maze Forest.

As we did not want to alarm the troops inside and draw the attention of Rivolus just yet, we decided a handful would, as had been done at the previous fort, approach the gate dressed as brigands. This was merely a ruse, however, as the plan was to try and use the Zionidic Crystal to open the runes, while distracting, but not alarming the troll at the gate. When we reached the gate, I was glad our plan didn't actually involve convincing anyone we were brigands, as a couple of hecklers came up, who were not in the organized group, and commenced to making a big show of things. However, this distraction worked nicely to aid our plan. As the troll at the gate was confused and distracted by everything going on, I held the crystal up into the light of the moon.

As the moonlight glinted off the Zionidic Crystal, a few of the runes at the gate changed color. When the crystal was held higher, catching more of the moonlight, all of the runes suddenly began to glow. Lowering the crystal to the ground and placing it on a rune had no effect, so it appeared that the light of the moon was necessary to activate the magical powers of the crystal. Quickly, I shot a blunt arrow off in the direction of our army, as the signal to approach. Turning back to the runes and changing quickly into my plate armor, I held the crystal up once again. As the army arrived, the runes sparked, and a couple actually exploded! Everyone moved swiftly into position as the protective spell faded.

Rivolus had not been seen yet, so was unaware of our opening of the runes, and how we accomplished it. Only half the runes broke or exploded, opening about half the width of the fort entrance to battle. Putting Kookai's Zionidic Crystal carefully back in my pack, I turned to the task at hand. We cleared enough Alliance Troops to actually enter the fort a little ways, when Rivolus appeared. Deciding we had come to congratulate him on his accomplishment, he told us to wait a moment while he got his pet to show us. As he went to the back of the fortress, the remaining runes at the gate faded away. Rivolus returned with a female Forest Dragon at his command. He got her to attack us, but unfortunately for him, the dragon dropped dead at his feet before she could do more than bite a couple of people.

As this was happening, a flock of pixies attacked the rear guard, causing a bit of a distraction, but no real harm. Likely they were just attracted by all the activity. Seasoned adventurers and not-as-seasoned fought side by side, and everyone did extremely well. The party kept together, and when the order went out to release the dragons, everyone pulled back, regrouped, and faced the thread in an organized and efficient manner. Although only four clerics were present, they were skilled enough that there were very few deaths, and those who fell were raised again in record time.

Rivolus joined the battle a couple of times, but seemed to be more of a coward than anything. Every time someone got close, he used his black magic to teleport himself away. The dragons in his care were, as expected, far too damaged to be saved, and had to be put down. Another dragon died to Rivolus' magic before all was over. We found a note by his tent that read, "The subjects suddenly die after some control, but my power is growing."

The fight lasted the better part of the day, and as sun set we gathered to split the loot. There were some nice treasures which were split among the party. After the battle, food and drink were served at Dragon's Gate Hall, with special orders cooked on the spot by Chef Delimew.

Those who participated this day included: Alexia, Ashir, Cyric, delimew, Dharma, Faroth, Gohbo, Gorden, Iamblichus, Karlanski Koth, Laricen, Larzz, Legsalot, Lenne, Nial, Octar, Ouzelum, Razan, REDMAN, Serancha, Shvin, Siegal, Sumac, Tallon, and Varto. ((Apologies if I missed anyone))

Serancha of Dragon's Gate

on behalf of the Tree Maze Guilds

Storming the Black Hand fort in Marali by ZardusFang on 15 Jun 2011 : 22:17
I must say I am impressed by the speed at which the Black Hand managed to build a fortification between the Marali Portal and Marali Vanguard hall.

A day or so ago I started getting reports from various passer-by and scouts that this one was erected. Earlier today I also received an offer of support from Mirith. It appears that the mage in charge of this fort was of Mirithian orgins. Given their knowledge of the mage and the information of a rather tan dragon being held in the fort, a decision among me (given the absence of our beloved Majors and the Commander), some of Miriths finest, and several guilds, that we would attack the fort. The Black Hand is not welcomed in many places, especially Marali.

As we gathered a force and were going to lay out some plans of attack, an opportunity presented itself; the clumsy troll in charge of the sealed gate told some scouts that they were expecting a group with a delivery in the form of another dragon. So we took advantage of this by disguising a few of us as said group, coming in ahead to get the gate open in preparation for the dragon we were bringing. So we got the main group ready in position for the gate opening.

Unexpectedly, another group appeared to also have the intention of getting in. After some attempt to get them to let us do our thing, the troll in charge of the gate was not pleased so we shooed them away, regrouped with the new force, and tried it again. It didnt take much this time to get the troll to open the seal. At the cue of a flaming arrow in the sky the now larger force charged in.

Rivolus was the mage in charge, the same man who wanted to succeed Beleth, but instead decided to serve under the Black Hand. Rivolus was in such a shock when he saw his fort and plans foiled. Alas, after the hard fought battle and having to end the misery of a Dragon under his care, he managed to escape. The only thing we found afterwards was note stating such: This one was stronger than the last. This will take some time.

While the causalities on our side were at a minimum, we will especially honor the loss of the brave Mirithian Scout, which made the signal for the main group to charge in. He died bravely while fighting the onslaught of various giants, trolls, and brigands.

Next time we meet, Rivolus, whether in a cell or on your deathbed, I must ask how you managed to build a fortification so fast!

-Captain Fang
The Fortress and the Dragon by Serancha on 05 Jun 2011 : 21:43

Ames the cleric was peacefully lumberjacking by the river at Dragon's Gate, when she heard a massive roar from the guild hall, followed by the sound of a dragon taking flight. Running back to the hall, she found the sign clawed to pieces and the guards....well, the guards were both dead. Torn to shreds in fact. The poor cleric went to sit on the bed and discovered the errand boy was hiding underneath it. Giving him a restorative dose of ginseng tea, she quickly jotted down a note. She knew Shayde was away on vacation, so she made a quick decision. Giving the note to the boy, she sent him running. "Find Serancha and give her this - RUN!!"

The messenger reached me in the Southeast woods of Mirith. Telling my companions of dragon trouble at my hall, they agreed it must be investigated. After stopping at Mirith, where we gathered our supplies, Sumac, Jade and I headed up the river. Meeting up with Ames and Razan at the hall, we immediately set out towards the Maze where the dragons lived

Approaching the Tree Maze, Sumac and I saw signs of dragon activity inside. Our party made our way in, and cleared our path to where we were quite sure one would be found. Just before we reached the one, we saw signs of a second dragon further in. Unusual for this spot. When the first dragon saw us, she attacked. Unwilling to stop, what she had to say shed much light on why the hall had been targetted. Unfortunately we had to kill her in the end, since she would not break out of her fury.

"And so they come to the slaughter. My brother was right. He attacked and now you return to us. You humans are all the same. Kidnappers and killers all. First you take our sister....."

Remembering the dragon that had been heard roaring inside the fortress of the Black Hand, recently seen in Duldrus, we realized that the Alliance must have kidnapped one of the dragons from the Tree Maze, and these were her siblings looking for vengeance. Agreeing that we must talk to the brother that had attacked the hall, we turned to find him. Even as we turned, he found us.

After an inital clash of arms, the dragon was convinced to stop attacking so we could talk to him. There would be no revenge for our fallen guards, however, I hoped that we could at least come to an agreement that would allow our guild hall and the dragons to co-exist in the area.

Explaining that it was not us that had kidnapped his sister, and that we knew where she may be, I proposed a truce to try and see his sister rescued. Some could call my proposal hypocritical, and I know Sumac disagreed with this decision, but the lives of those residing at my guild hall were under threat, so I had to try. I hoped the older ranger would understand.

We had a very good idea of where this dragon's sister was being kept, and with the magic that had been making the fort disappear and reappear... it was probable that the captive dragon was intended for use with some sort of black magic. If this was indeed the case, the dragon could not be left with the Alliance. Since we would have to get her away from them anyways, and her brother would not be able to free her himself, I took the chance.

(Forest Dragon): I am intrigued by your readiness to aid us now.

(Sumac): Well, if it will bring us fortune... we will change our aliance.

(Serancha): I will aid you to protect my future guards from slaughter

(Forest Dragon): If you do as you say perhaps I will tolerate your hovel for some time longer.

(Serancha): *nods curtly*

(Razan): I just wanna be able to fish with the safety of knowing my guards are there to help me...

(Serancha): So is it agreed?

(Sumac): Dragon, if I were you... I would ask for a cessation of our slaughtering of your kind.

(Sumac): Me make peace know because it suits our needs.

(Forest Dragon): You can settle this matter of humans between yourselves.

(Serancha): We will attempt to rescue your sister, in exchange for you letting our hall be

(Forest Dragon): If my sister is released and gives favourable testimony...

(Forest Dragon): You may have reprieve.

(Forest Dragon): For the moment.

The older ranger, showing his agitation with the tentative nature of the negotiations, made several efforts to push for something more solid. Resisting this pressure, as I did not want to commit to anything major in haste, the dragon's comment on this matter showed that he did not believe such a pact would hold. I admired Sumac's resolve and tenacity, and I knew what he said had merit, but I also had to do what I felt was necessary to protect my home and family, even if that protection was just for a time.

(Forest Dragon): Greater powers than I have attempted to bring lasting peace.

(Forest Dragon): It will not happen, even in my long life.

(Forest Dragon): I merely condescent to cease using your hut as my pantry, for a while.

With this semi-reassuring sendoff, we departed the tree maze. Sumac wished us well on our quest, but chose not continue on with us and headed back to Mirith. Still uncomfortable with having conflicted with my mentor and friend, I took a few minutes to compose myself as Ames went to the hall to send a call to arms out across Oberin. Once the cleric returned, we took the river to Duldrus. After stopping by the hall of the Cavalier Knights for Jade to get supplies, we headed onwards to the last place we had seen the mysterious fort.

On arrival, we found Mustafaa already on scene, and as we had hoped, the fort was visible yet again. It was huge and well constructed, and the gates were blocked by a magical force. That force did not prevent us from seeing inside, and the wide gate showed us a huge Alliance force, with brackens on each side like watchtowers. The mysterious Unknown Figure appeared inside to confront us.

(Serancha): We want the Dragon

(Razan): Oh hey there

(Serancha): She was kidnapped

(Serancha): we want her back

(Razan): We've come to reposses your dragon.

(Unknown Figure): The dragon is part of my research, she will not be released.

(Serancha): Then she will be rescued

(Serancha): *kicks at rune*

(Serancha): remove these!

(Unknown Figure): I can tell by the looks none of you are capable to handle the power I can harness.

(Unknown Figure): Too weak to even get through a simple protection spell. * laughs *

The figure then attempted to impress us by bolting a giant and a troll to death, saying that soon he would have the power to control. Chanting some words of black magic, with no apparent effect, he tried to tell us to go somewhere safer.

(Serancha): No...no I don't think so

(Serancha): You see, I made a promise

(Unknown Figure): I hear Lerilin has some skeletons rising from their graves, maybe start there.

(Serancha): and I plan to keep it

(Serancha): Which means...you will be dead soon

(Unknown Figure): That is a shame, because that will not be happening.

After some more exchanged insults, the Unknown Figure.....featherless harpie that he was....teleported himself away. We then heard incantations coming from the back of the fort, accompanied by the agonized roaring of a dragon. Then all fell silent. Either the mage had gone to rest, or something terrible had happened. There was only one way to find out. We had to find a way past the runes. But first we needed more people. Thankfully the messages Ames had sent out were starting to have an effect. Slowly at first, then in a flood, help arrived.

They arrived just in the nick of time, as the power of the protective runes began to fade. We could feel the magic dissipating, even as everyone took their positions. Making a final plea to all the new arrivals, to not harm the dragon when we reached her, I planted my boots firmly and felt the last of the magic fade. The battle was on. Unfortunately both the brackens that were guarding the gate saw me first. The double magical attacks combined with the multiple giants pounding on my armor, was a lethal combination. Thankfully Ames was on watch and brought me back to my feet soon enough, and the rest of the battle raged on.

There was no luring this day. The design of the fort was such that we had to proceed as a group. It was difficult to keep everyone together, but for the most part, it worked. It was just about all that we could do to clear the front area before retreating briefly for the clerics to restock potions and the warriors to catch their breaths. It was a tough battle, and there were the expected casualties, but overall, the death toll was not as high as I had feared it would be, and everyone was willing to work as part of a bigger unit. I believed that having a purpose for this raid (other than just to kill) aided this comradarie, although it may also have just been the nature of people that showed up to help. Either way, it was a great feeling.

As the withdrawl for regroup was called, dark clouds began to form over the fortress. These were not natural clouds, and could only mean the mage was performing his horrid magic. Asking that the Stone Golems be left in their pen for the time, much to the dismay of the eager fighters, The charge was made to where we heard the roaring of the dragon. Ripping down shelters and chopping trees, we were suddenly all paralyzed by magic. The unknown mage cursed at us, but didn't bother sticking around to fight. I guess his bragging about how powerful he was, had been mostly bravado. He teleported himself away, hopefully to be killed for his failure..... and I approached the dragon as the others looted the mage's chest and smashed his tent.

(Serancha): Dragon dear, the first of your hatching awaits your return

(Serancha): we have come to free you

(Forest Dragon): My...My brother?

(Serancha): Your brother!

(Breigje Balloc): sorry it took awhile

(Serancha): He awaits your return

(Serancha): please do not eat us

(Maingloe): Hello Dragon

(Maingloe): are you ok?

(Forest Dragon): Why would you release me, humans?

(Serancha): we are your friends

(Serancha): Well...not your friends

(Serancha): but we have come to aid you

(Serancha): because your kidnapping was wrong

(Serancha): I spoke with your brother

(Maingloe): No one should be held captive by these scum!

(Serancha): after he attacked Dragon's Gate Guild hall

(Forest Dragon): I thank you then, humans, though I do not understand your kind.

(Serancha): he agreed not to eat our guards in exchange for your return

(Razan): I hope they fed you well here

(Serancha): Can anyone open these runes?

(Forest Dragon): I shall tell him of your deeds.

(Serancha): Thank you

(Fuoco): greetings oh mighty creature

(Forest Dragon): The Mage is gone, the spell should fade.

(Razan): Be safe, dragon.

(Serancha): I hope you were not harmed too much

(Fuoco): you are free now?

(Serancha): fly free, dear dragon

(Forest Dragon): Farewell kind humans.

Watching the dragon go, I felt a sense of relief. She was safe and would speak favorably to her brother. I did not doubt that, after seeing what we had rescued her from. I would have done it anyways, without making a deal, however, our hall would now remain safe from hungry dragons, for a time.

Turning from the dragon, I saw more fighters arriving on the scene. Good timing, I thought, as I headed over towards the Golem pen. The Shelters were already halfway down, and the trees burning nicely. I was happy to see that there were more than enough fighters present to handle the four guardians, and the rogues were already into the chests. Chopping down a couple of last brackens, I began to unwind a bit. Laricen wasn't interested in splitting the loot....no surprise... and said something about me having led the mission. Nodding, I agreed...ok bags for 19 people. There was some nice loot to be shared. Essences of power, small moon fragments, weapons of power and speed, robes, dwarven hand axes, and a bunch of gold. The mage may not have been able to control a dragon, but he certainly had some wealth.

Thanking everyone for their help, we watched the party dissipate, and I headed back to Dragon's Gate with Ames and Razan. A little later, new guards arrived, bringing a new sign with them. Welcoming them to their new home, we settled down for a peaceful night.

Serancha, Ranger of Dragon's Gate

The Alliance Returns by Serancha on 23 May 2011 : 19:35

Day 48 of the Growing Moon, Year 436

Sumac and I returned to Mirith from a hunt to find the bank full of people all buzzing with news. Word had just come in of the Alliance moving into Port Gast in large numbers...

Looking at each other in surprise, as there had been no sign of trouble when we had passed through a few hours before, Sumac and I quickly re-equipped and headed back out. On arriving at the docks, we began to lure several giants and trolls down to the water's edge to be killed. Soon, more adventurers began to arrive with news of casualties. It appeared that some had tried to approach from land and had been caught by the masses of Giants and Trolls, along with a Brigand Mage and his cronies.

Managing to rescue Abby, we then headed to the North end of town, now with Lenne, Karnati, delimew, Redman, and Fuoco, to try and reach Varto who had also been brought down. This took some time, as the North end of town was heavily fortified with troops. The Brigand Mage appeared to be everywhere - apparently moving at lightning speed. He kept his brigands on a tight leash and used the giants and trolls as brute force against us. Thankfully the ocean was not full of Serpents this day, so much of the battle took place at the water's edge, where the group could fight the brigands without having to deal with the trolls and giants at the same time. This was the only way this battle could be managed, as the alliance numbers were massive.

The brigand mage had unbelievable magical powers, and seemingly endless mana, as he cast fireballs and lightning bolts one after the other. Many people fell, were resurrected by tireless clerics, and fell again a little while later. It was a bloody battle, and long. Finally we managed to get to Varto, and had 3 clerics, with the timely arrival of Dharma. However the Alliance force was endless - every time the numbers seemed to be dwindling, a fresh wave of troops would come storming out of the town. There were approximately 8 shelters in the middle, which Sumac took out, finding food and drink inside.

Eventually, after a last massive wave of brigands, all that was left was the Brigand Mage. Now that his troops were gone, he didn't have to fear his magic hurting them, so he began to cast wide ranging spells that affected everyone in the area. Poison after poison, paralyze, disorient, more poison and more poison. The mage never seemed to run out of mana, and every one of us was fast running out of potions. Laricen, Eronius, Crom, Angelica, Octar, and Fulhal arrived around the time that the mage cast five or six of his poisonous spells in a row. Unable to drink enough detox potions fast enough, and running out of healing potions, the party fell, one by one until there were only the rogues, Redman, Dharma, and Sumac remaining.

I don't recall which ghost it was, probably Razzi, urged the rest of us to make a wall around the mage and trap him so that those remaining alive could kill him. The powerful magic affected even the dead, but between the paralyze and disorientation, we managed to box the mage in, with his back to the rogues. It took another lot of effort on the part of those remaining, and it was very close, but finally the mage did fall. On his body, the following treasures were found:

Stave of Speed, Black Robe of Protection, Black Robe of Resistance, Small Moon Fragment, Tarnished Necklace, Essence of Speed, Essence of Power, and a Pure Crystal Ring.

Thankfully Dharma the cleric remained standing at the end to perform the clerical rites, however, the resurrection of the party was a problem. The mage's spells had been so strong, that the ghosts still held the poison that had been inflicted. Unfortunately, this caused several to fall again, even as they were brought to life, but eventually everyone was put back to their feet again.

At the beginning of the battle, some of us tried to question the mage, but all we could get out of him was that he was following orders. Whose orders, he would not say. He said his plan there was to make us all leave as quickly as possible. To his credit, he did his very best to follow that plan. Unfortunately for him, the citizens of Oberin prevailed. However, this return of the Alliance, especially with such strength, is a very troubling event.


Ranger of Dragon's Gate

A Brigand Mage Turns A New Leaf by Clementiyn on 22 Mar 2011 : 04:19
From the journal of Clementiyn, Wizard of Guardians.

Day 2, Fighting Moon 435I woke from a brief nap to find Varl kicking me in the shin. Not exactly the way one wishes to be awakened. But Varl was hired as a Guard for our Guild Hall for reasons other than his diplomacy.

"Miss Clementiyn!" he shouted. "There is trouble at the bridge! A courier brought word just now!"

Trouble at the bridge? Interesting. Had the Forest Trolls been trying to expand their territory again? Perhaps another invasion of sheep. Either way, the exercise would be welcome.

I gathered my things and set out Northwest toward the bridge. It was a short walk, and before I was halfway there I could sense magics ahead. Perhaps this day would be interesting after all. I slid on my rings, and made for the bridge.

I saw the corpses first, but the cacaphony of spells being uttered by Fuoco and Cassandra in the distance told me I needn't bother checking them. It wasn't the first time Brigands or Mercenaries or other hired thugs had underestimated a female wizard. I joined my friends on the bridge and found it lined with Bracken. Cass cautioned against a rapid advance and two Brigands came from hiding behind one to confirm her suspicions.


Kestric was with them. And the four of us made steady progress across the bridge. Soon enough the trees were dead and the thugs with them.

The gate ahead was open, but had been blocked by shelters. Behind them we could see and hear dozens more thugs milling about. I sent word for Redman, Cyric, and Sumac. I knew between them they would gather a plentiful force. But we would need to stall until help could arrive.

I felt him before I saw him. A mage was among the thugs. A strong mage. We would need to be careful. I decided it might be best to play at weakness. Perhaps he would become overconfident. But at least it might buy us time.

(Clementiyn): why are you here?

(Brigand Mage): Well well.

(Clementiyn): Greetings Mage

(Brigand Mage): What have we here.

(Brigand Mage): Why am I here?

(Brigand Mage): Well, I am collecting items in this area.

(Brigand Mage): Official D.D.D. business.

(Brigand Mage): I suggest you all move along.

I whispered to my friends that Redman was coming, but I needn't have. We all knew we were presently overmatched. We might have been able to dispatch the Mage, but not his 50 minions. It was time to stall and gather information.


Black Hand. Not great news. But perhaps...

(Brigand Mage): Well, we could not have any interruptions you understand.

(Cassandra): Maybe you should have picked a more discreet place...

(Brigand Mage): *shrugs*

(Brigand Mage): I'm not management.

There it is. There's the opening.

(Brigand Mage): Why do I get all the messy jobs, surely I deserve something far grander than this.

(Clementiyn): Perhaps you work for the wrong employer

(Brigand Mage): *puffs out chest* Master Rem is the best!

(Clementiyn): Perhaps you should consider working for another

(Fuoco): so Master Rem is busy again?

(Brigand Mage): There is no better place to work than D.D.D.

Time to appeal to his pride and arrogance. And stall for more time.

(Clementiyn): And yet he assigns you to a meaningless task like this?

(Clementiyn): Someone of your capabilities?

(Brigand Mage): It's just until I prove my worth. Though really...

(Brigand Mage): with my brilliant fortifications, I don't see how he could doubt me, do you?

Laricen had arrived, and disappeared to scout the buildings. I saw Satoshi arriving in the distance. The plan was working. Keep him talking.

(Clementiyn): We are three strong wizards here, and the strongest in the land approaches

(Clementiyn): Surely a Mage such as yourself belongs in better circles

(Brigand Mage): Well...

(Clementiyn): Rather than being an errand boy

(Brigand Mage): I won't be an errand boy forever.

(Brigand Mage): Once I prove my worth I'll be allowed to work in the Keep.

In the distance I could see more friends making their way to the bridge. But I caught something in this Mage's tone. Perhaps there was an opportunity here to avoid battle altogether.

(Clementiyn): Allowed to work? Great Mages do not wait for permission

(Brigand Mage): Hmm.

(Brigand Mage): Indeed you do appear to have the right of things.

(Clementiyn): Surely you see you are being slighted by your employers

(Brigand Mage): I like the way you think.


(Clementiyn): Why continue to serve those who do not respect your talents?

(Brigand Mage): I DESERVE to be a great mage.

By this time a small army was arriving. And I knew more were coming. But what had started as a stalling tactic had taken another turn. I hoped my friends would see the opportunity.

(Cassandra): Well, Rem doesn't seem interested in promoting you.

(Cassandra): Or we have heard of your name and feats already.

(Brigand Mage): This will be it.

(Brigand Mage): My grand gesture.

(Brigand Mage): Once I defeat you all, he will have to promote me!

Uh oh. No. Quickly, must turn the conversation around once more. Away from the battle.

(Clementiyn): Rem will not reward you for this

(Cassandra): Or kill you if you fail?

(Clementiyn): He will keep you running errands like a common thug

(Fuoco): Rem serves his own ends

(Clementiyn): You belong doing greater things

(Brigand Mage): Hah!

(Brigand Mage): In that you are close to correct.

(Fuoco): no good being a puppet in his hands

Perfect. My friends chiming in exactly when needed.

(Brigand Mage): I doubt the Twins have any idea how powerful he has grown.

(Clementiyn): These mindless minions he gives you. They are as nothing

(Clementiyn): You deserve a better fate

(Brigand Mage): So what do you propose then?

There it is. Hook set. Now to try to reel him in.


The next few seconds seemed to take forever. What had been a roundabout conversation had now come to a point. Either he would renew his loyalty to the Black Hand, or renounce it. I clenched the Dragon Teeth in the pocket of my robe a little tighter, but hoped I would not need them.


Wait. Wait... Let him be the next to speak... Let him carry his own momentum.


There it is.

But now we have additional problems.

If he no longer works for the Black Hand, what of the thugs behind these shelters? Will they follow him? Will they turn on him? Still more friends appear in the distance and it is clear that any battle will be a short one with few, if any, casualties on our side. But it would be best if there were no battle at all.

(Cassandra): Brave decision!

(Clementiyn): Brave indeed. And worthy of greatness

(Brigand Mage): You, stay here and guard these items for Rem.

(Brigand Mage): You, you and you. with me.

(Cassandra): Now you can start your own path for fame.

(Brigand Mage): Take that shelter down.

(Clementiyn): What shall we call you?

(Cassandra): Yes, your name needs to be known.

(Fuoco): indeed

He started dismantling a shelter on the far side to make his exit. Was he planning to circle around to speak with us further? Or take his leave? And how would we know him again?

Fuoco, Cass and I waited a bit on the South side of the building, then made our way around. As I expected, by the time we got there nearly all the thugs were dead. Our friends had made short work of them. At first it appeared the Mage had left. Then he walked back toward us from the North. Karad had been late to arrive and cast a Lightning Bolt at the Mage but stopped when he realized a conversation was to be had.

Suddenly, he ordered his handful of remaining minions to attack. I almost felt sorry for them as we cut them down. The Mage then stood alone again.

He cast a Paralyzing Field that I shrugged off in moments. Redman disoriented him and left him powerless and he was felled in seconds in a brief hail of spells and sword swings. His ghost appeared stunned at his sudden defeat, then faded away.

A cursory search of his corpse found a key to the guards' quarters and the rogues began tallying the items left therein. There were some armors and weapons, and an odd collection of enchanting items. Perhaps they had been working on an enchantment not known to us. We consulted with Redman about the items, but he knew of no unusual item that could be made from them.

As we were doing so, his ghost returned. We were all strangely able to understand him, though no clerics were present. Perhaps he had studied magics bridging the path between life and death.


He criticized us for not doing a good enough job of killing him. Perhaps he had expected to immediately receive rewards in an afterlife. We spoke at length about his disappointment, and then he said something that struck me cold.

(Brigand Mage): *puts hands on hips* Maybe it's better this way...

(Brigand Mage): Perhaps this is my new challenge.

(Cassandra): It is a miserable ... life... as a ghost.

(Brigand Mage): I can learn all there is to learn about being dead!

(Brigand Mage): That might convince Rem to take me back!

(Clementiyn): My brother has been dead 5 moons now. It is not a path you want to choose.

(Cassandra): Poor Cad.

As much as I hate the Black Hand and what they have done to the innocents of this land. I would not wish that fate upon this Mage.

(Fuoco): was it the hope of glory who pushed you in the chosen direction?

(Cassandra): He will fail you after this.

(Gawr): Are you sorry for all your subordinates?

(Cassandra): Whereas with us you still have a chance to prosper.

(Fuoco): Master Rem has no honour

(Fuoco): we may be angry

(Fuoco): but we are not unreasonable

(Clementiyn): Begin a new life. A new path. To honorable glory.

(Brigand Mage): How dare you insult him! His libraries rival the fabled libraries of Brigobaen!

(Cassandra): We can walk you to Brigobaen.

(Cassandra): Or not...

(Brigand Mage): Well.

(Brigand Mage): I will think on it.

(Brigand Mage): For now, I am off to explore.

We made one last attempt to keep his humanity alive.

(Cassandra): What is your name, again?

(Clementiyn): Choose a name for yourself. That we may know you again.

(Cassandra): At least you can stay in our history books.

(Cassandra): As an example for future mages.

(Brigand Mage): Oklev is my name.

(Cassandra): Oklev.

(Fuoco): Oklev

(Clementiyn): Greetings Oklev

(Sumac): ochen priyatna Oklev

(Fuoco): we shall remember you

(Brigand Mage): Someday, it will be known over all the lands!

(Brigand Mage): Now, excuse me...

We thought about following him as he walked away. But each of us reached the same conclusion. It was pointless to do so.

Loot was shared, and I received a marvelous Black Shield, of finer quality than even Bell could create. I have never seen its like.

But it saddened me. Both it and my time with Oklev remind me of my brother Cadwallader, who seems more lost to us with every day. Perhaps there is still hope for Oklev. He made a brave choice in rejecting Rem. I hope to meet him again some day.

Developments Regarding the Three Liches by Gaffyr on 21 Dec 2010 : 12:01
It had been days since the event, and yet it seemed that no one was willing to report on what had unfolded at the tomb of Greshthar. Knowing that a battle of this scale had to be recorded so that all of Oberin could be made aware, Gaffyr began writing. He was no scholar, but he would do his best.I was told that it had begun with a small group that had heard the laughter of the Lich, and hurried to where they knew the grave of Greshthar to be. All were shocked to find that the small circle of runes that had enclosed the resting place had expanded, and once more formed the vast maze that had been present when the Lich was first discovered. Inside, trapped by the runes magic, creatures of the undead roamed, and here and there Bracken had grown to augment the ranks of Bone Mages, Zombies and Skeletons. At the Eastern edge of the maze Greshthars tomb stood, and fearsome Black Dracos guarded the final passages that led to it.

Knowing that these creatures posed great danger to the small fishing village of Lerilin, the group took it upon themselves to find the mazes entrance (located on the South-Western corner) and begin clearing it of the various foul beings. It was here that I had joined them. It was slow going, as the maze was cramped and the enemies numerous. However, with grit and determination the rune-lined passages began to clear.

Greshthar - 1

As the size and scale of Greshthars army became apparent, messengers were dispatched across Oberin. Help soon arrived in the form of more adventurers, and our group swelled as mages and warriors flooded into the maze. Many a dead end was encountered before the correct path was happened upon and the way became increasingly dangerous as we approached the tomb. Yet our party would not be deterred.

Greshthar - 2

Finally, as the battle raged closer and closer to his grave, the Lich appeared.

(Greshthar): Your contributions are most welcome.

(Flingee): Greshthar??

(Gaffyr): Gresthar!

(Gaffyr): We need to talk to you!

(Iqbal): Greetings Greshthar

(Gaffyr): Can you call your minions off so we can talk?

(Greshthar): I suppose it is the least I could do.

(Gaffyr): As we said in the note left by your tomb, we wish to talk to you.

(Greshthar): The way is sealed.

Greshthar - 3

Finally, our weary group had been granted an audience and the questions to which we needed answers could be asked. What can you tell us of Bodrik? We need information on your brother.

Antoninus joined in; He seems to want you dead. Or more dead Why does he wish to kill you? The response of the Lich was vague; he just muttered something about one-upmanship and rivalry.

The Black Dragons and Dracos became the subject of the next set of questions. Why did he [Bodrik] bring Black Dragons? Once again the answer refused to be explicit. Greshthar responded; “I assume to one up me after hearing of my beasts [Dracos].

A new line of questioning was taken; Why did the three of you, choose to so willingly and so quickly become Liches? We are told that it is unique. The answer was simple; the brothers wished to protect themselves from death.

Cassandra then raised the issue of the relationship shared by the brothers, as it appeared that each had become a Lich individually and of their own accord; they were not working together. Greshthar strangely responded by telling us of his love of mazes, a love shared by his siblings.

Sick of the lack of real answers, I returned to the original question, the one to which we needed an answer. What, other than satisfaction, does Bodrik gain from your death?

Ask him that! Greshthar replied, before teleporting away.

Somewhat disheartened by the amount of effort that had been required to obtain such little information, and unable to progress to Greshthars tomb as the way remained sealed, we retreated from the maze. All we had discovered was that there was rivalry between the brothers (as if that wasnt already obvious from Bodriks request that his brethren be killed). The purpose behind the imprisonment of Dragons North of Mirith had not been discovered, and we still did not know if Bodrik would gain in power upon the demise of his siblings. It also was unclear on how the brothers had managed to become Liches so quickly, a point that would surely interest scholars, due to the unique nature of the speed at which the three had gained their powers. At least the motive behind the decision was clear; they wanted to prevent their deaths, though why an eternity of undeath was preferable to mortality had not been specified.

I will attach my notes on the conversation with Greshthar in their entirety, as I am sure there are some who would like to read them in order to draw their own conclusions. They have been summarised above.

(Gaffyr): As we said in the note left by your tomb, we wish to talk to you.

(Greshthar): Very well.

(Gaffyr): Questions to ask Cass?

(Cassandra): I have asked them already. But I think we can open up our game.

(Gaffyr): He didn't seem keen on discussing Bodrik.

(Greshthar): The way is sealed.

(Gaffyr): What can you tell us of Bodrik?

(Gaffyr): We need information on your brother.

(Antoninus): He seems to want you dead.

(Antoninus): Or more dead...

(Gaffyr): Why would he want that?

(Greshthar): I suppose I could tell you something since you have made it this far.

(Greshthar): What is it you need to know?

(Antoninus): Why does he wish us to kill you?

(Cassandra): We don't need to know much... Just why would we help your brother...

(Gaffyr): Why would he ask us to kill you?

(Antoninus): What does he gain?

(Cassandra): Against you and the younger one.

(Cassandra): Maybe you are the best one to ask.

(Cassandra): Since it is your interest too.

(Cassandra): We don't care that much... A lich is a lich...

(Greshthar): I couldn't say for sure, we've always been rivals maybe that's it?

(Cassandra): Unless... there is something special about you three.

(Nicodemus): so let's kill?

(Antoninus): I have another question though.

(Gaffyr): If you won't give us a straight answer, what about another question?

(Antoninus): Why did he bring Black Dragons?

(Flingee): Dracos...?

(Flingee): or Dragons?

(Antoninus): No, Bodrik brought Dragons.

(Flingee): ok

(Greshthar): I assume to one up me after hearing of my beasts.

(Greshthar): That would be like him.

(Gaffyr): Well then, the rivalry is clear.

(Cassandra): *grins* Siblings...

(Gaffyr): But one more question.

(Cassandra): I do love to be an only child.

(Cassandra): But why are we caught in the middle of your fight?

(Gaffyr): Why did the three of you, choose to so willingly and so quickly become Liches?

(Cassandra): You mentioned you invited them to come to Lerilin...

(Gaffyr): We are told that it is unique.

(Antoninus): Gaffyr asks a good question...

(Greshthar): It wasn't really a choice, it was just a precaution in case something happened.

(Antoninus): Something?

(Greshthar): It seems we think a like.

(Gaffyr): So then it was not a precaution you took together?

(Gaffyr): You each did so individually?

(Cassandra): So you all turned into a lich on your own?

(Antoninus): A precaution against what, though?

(Cassandra): No familiar curse or fraternal plan?

(Greshthar): Death of course.

(Greshthar): It would be like Maragir and Bodrik to join up against me.

(Antoninus): Bodrik said he might "pass over"? What did he mean?

(Cassandra): Then why did you invite them here?

(Cassandra): You don't seem to go along that well...

(Greshthar): Well...

(Greshthar): Invite them I did just like I invited some of you.

(Greshthar): They did not come though.

(Greshthar): So I had to...

(Cassandra): Ah, you call this an invitation!

(Flingee): hehe

(Greshthar): Oh yes, not everyone comes though.

(Cassandra): You had to?

(Antoninus): Perhaps just a card next time?

(Greshthar): It's nothing.

(Gaffyr): With your knowledge of sorcery, what might Bodrik gain other than satisfaction from your death?

(Cassandra): What did you have to do?

(Teleco II): I like recieving cards.

(Greshthar): My brothers love mazes too.

(Cassandra): You should all just kiss and make up.

(Cassandra): So similar.

(Greshthar): It's the one thing they can't pass up.

(Greshthar): Bodrik was a little too succesful in his maze.

(Cassandra): Well, we might have the means to help Bodrik.

(Cassandra): Now we need a reason.

(Greshthar): Help Bodrik?

(Cassandra): Not saying that your maze wasn't wonderful,

(Cassandra): nor that we didn't enjoy your party,

(Cassandra): but, frankly,

(Greshthar): Why would you help him?

(Cassandra): Why wouldn't we?

(Antoninus): smile

(Gaffyr): You haven't given us reason not to Gresthar.

(Gaffyr): We have asked several times for you to explain his motives.

(Cassandra): He's a rival, fair enough.

(Greshthar): Why would you trust someone who would turn on his brothers?

(Gaffyr): What, other than satisfaction, does Bodrik gain from your death?

(Greshthar): Ask him that!

(Cassandra): We did ask that same question when we left you a note.

(Greshthar): * Mora Olsa Preldian *

We decided from here that a visit to the third Brother in Andris was required. And so our group, now smaller in number, began the long walk South-West. A description and discussion of the events that transpired at the tomb of Maragir has already been made by Antoninus, so I shall gloss over them here. However, once more I will attach my complete set of notes on the conversation that was had so that it is available to all. They are summarised in the report I have referenced.


(Maragir): Who are you?

(Cassandra): Nice to see a more... lively face.

(Antoninus): * pur *

(Iqbal): we got rid of a little pest problem

(Cassandra): My name is Cassandra. They are Antoninus,

(Cassandra): Iqbal and Gaffyr.

(Maragir): You shouldn't be here.

(Cassandra): We just had a meeting with a brother of yours.

(Iqbal): we already were here

(Antoninus): * clar shel *

(Antoninus): * pur *

(Cassandra): Have you received our note?

(Gaffyr): We have come to ask you questions, did you see our note?

(Maragir): A note hmm.. I did see something.

(Antoninus): Bodrik told us all three of you became Lich?

(Maragir): A little piece of paper perhaps?

(Gaffyr): Correct

(Cassandra): *nods*

(Cassandra): And a candle.

(Gaffyr): Pinned to a skull

(Iqbal): that tombstone says you lie there.... you don't look too... dead.

(Maragir): Ah, yes that went in the fire I'm afraid I needed some kindling.

(Antoninus): Well, times are hard.

(Cassandra): Not a problem... It was just asking to meet you.

(Gaffyr): What can you tell us about your brother?

(Gaffyr): Brothers*

(Cassandra): Since your brother brought us into your family affairs.

(Maragir): My brothers are still alive?

(Cassandra): Call it what you wish...

(Antoninus): Well, if Lich are alive.

(Cassandra): It's some sort of death.

(Gaffyr): Your brothers appear to be in a state of undeath.

(Maragir): A lich?!

(Antoninus): Both.

(Cassandra): That we thought you had turn into as well.

(Gaffyr): Bothe of them are Liches, yes

(Cassandra): We are glad to see you still have some natural colours.

(Maragir): I always was more clever than they are. * grins *

(Antoninus): And Bodrik seems to wish you properly dead...

(Cassandra): Were you cooking, by any chance?

(Gaffyr): You look very much alive, care to tell us why you

(Cassandra): I am so hungry!

(Gaffyr): why you're standing in front of your own tombstone?*

(Maragir): Oh.. I don't think you want to eat this.

(Cassandra): The party in Lerilin was too long.

(Cassandra): A maze, you know*

(Cassandra): ?*

(Cassandra): What is it?

(Cassandra): Soup?

(Maragir): Ah, afraid not.

(Cassandra): Oh well.

(Antoninus): Enough about your appetite!

(Antoninus): Here smile

(Cassandra): I hate those.

(Gaffyr): Give her a swig of nourish potion.

Given: Nourish Potion

(Antoninus): All I have, sorry.

(Maragir): Ahem, I was actually in the middle of a little experiment.

(Cassandra): Oh! Tell us!

(Gaffyr): Would you care to elaborate?

(Cassandra): As we told your brother, your family is fascinating!

(Cassandra): Do you befriend black dracos too?

(Maragir): I was hoping I wouldn't be disturbed, but it seems even the dead don't get any peace.

(Cassandra): I thought you wew alive. smile

(Cassandra): were*

(Cassandra): * bol flas *

(Cassandra): * bol flas *

(Antoninus): * shel *

(Maragir): Ughh these beasts.

(Antoninus): * pur *

(Iqbal): love em

(Gaffyr): Then you too are a lich?

(Cassandra): Anyway, your brother Bodrik...

(Antoninus): He doesn't smell of the undead.

(Gaffyr): Why create the illusion of life?

(Maragir): Umm sure I am you saw the tombstone. * laughs *

(Cassandra): ...seems to want you dead. Is it mutual?

(Maragir): What about Bodrik?

(Cassandra): What is he up to, you know?

(Cassandra): He keeps going on about "passing on"

(Cassandra): Or over, or whatever it is.

(Antoninus): Over.

(Cassandra): And how he... kind of needs to kill you for that.

(Maragir): I wish he would. The family could do with some peace.

(Cassandra): Your other brother invited us to a party but didn't tell us much of use.

(Cassandra): We'd gladly leave you alone, but really... your siblings seem a bit out of their minds.

(Gaffyr): What would he gain from the demise of both his brothers?

(Maragir): Bodrik?

(Antoninus): You are rivals, he says.

(Maragir): Oh and the worst kind too.

(Antoninus): Yet one of you looks like a living man, the others like undead.

(Maragir): You'd think I'd have one being the last living brother. * sighs *

(Maragir): They never seem to give up.

(Antoninus): We are confused, Maragir.

(Cassandra): They seem to think of you as the weaker of the three.

(Maragir): I'm the youngest.

(Cassandra): Ah, that would explain their impression.

(Maragir): It's normal I'm sure.

(Gaffyr): Have you faked your death in an attempt to 'experiment' in peace?

(Cassandra): You have an extravagant collection of runes, for someone who wants peace.

(Antoninus): * shel *

(Antoninus): * pur *

(Antoninus): * pur *

(Antoninus): * shel *

(Maragir): I had to make it look like I was dead.

(Iqbal): i thought you ARE dead....

(Maragir): You won't tell them I'm still here will you?

(Gaffyr): Ahh, I thought that might be the case.

(Cassandra): So you do not feat death? Your brothers seem to have sought immortality.

(Cassandra): We won't, if you clarify all this.

(Cassandra): fear*

(Maragir): I prefer to hide and let them duel it out.

(Gaffyr): That hasn't worked.

(Antoninus): And then?

(Cassandra): What are they duelling over?

(Gaffyr): Bodrik requested that we kill you as well,

(Maragir): He won't if he thinks I'm dead...

(Gaffyr): He already has.

(Maragir): And will you?

(Cassandra): Should we?

(Maragir): Noo!

(Gaffyr): Not until we understand his request better.

(Antoninus): We have no reason to, at present?

(Antoninus): But Maragir...

(Gaffyr): Which is why we ask you what he might gain from both yours, and Gresthar's demise.

(Gaffyr): Gresthar only told us that he sought satisfaction, but we have our suspicions.

(Antoninus): Our main concern are the Dragons Bodrik summoned.

(Maragir): It's more than that..

(Gaffyr): More than just satisfaction in Bodrik's mind

(Gaffyr): ?

(Antoninus): Power?

(Maragir): I'm not sure I should tell you this...

(Maragir): Perhaps it's better that I not.

(Cassandra): Maybe you should.

(Gaffyr): We must know.

(Antoninus): Well, we need a reason to protect your secret.

(Gaffyr): Before we can make the decision to help Bodrik, or hinder him.

(Maragir): * sighs *

(Gaffyr): And there is always that Anton...

(Maragir): Our fathers work is at stake.

(Cassandra): And who could your father be?

(Gaffyr): *Settles himself comfortably*

(Maragir): He's long dead now.

(Cassandra): Maybe we heard of him?

(Maragir): But his work still lives.

(Antoninus): Please tell us all.

(Cassandra): Was he a mage?

(Maragir): It is hidden away.

(Gaffyr): Let Maragir tell the story.

(Gaffyr): From the beginning if you please...

(Gaffyr): *Grins*

(Maragir): When my brothers pass on it will be only me left.

(Maragir): It's the only way to access his work.

(Maragir): I tell you what..

(Maragir): If you keep my secrete I will share some of it with you.

(Gaffyr): Keep your secret from just your brothers?

(Antoninus): Does that seem fair to us?

(Cassandra): *shrugs* I like surprises.

(Cassandra): Do we want some of it?

(Cassandra): Who was your father, again?

(Cassandra): You told me earlier that I wouldn't want to eat what you're cooking... *winks*

(Maragir): Just an odd mage. I doubt any of you have met him.

(Cassandra): He had a name, for sure.

(Gaffyr): I'm happy to make that deal.

(Maragir): You all have to agree.

(Gaffyr): If it will help us understand this entire mystery.

(Antoninus): I'll agree, for myself.

(Gaffyr): Bronte, Iqbal?

(Iqbal): hm?

(Gaffyr): Are you feeling adventurous?

(Iqbal): always

(Gaffyr): Maragir has proposed a deal for us.

(Maragir): I should warn you however nothing can be accessed until Bodrik and Greshthar pass on.

(Gaffyr): Bronte must have nodded off inside that tin can.

(Iqbal): "{

(Iqbal): tongue

(Cassandra): But will you tell us now?

(Antoninus): We shall all keep the secret, I think, if you do.

(Maragir): Very good.

(Gaffyr): One last question first.

(Maragir): Which is?

(Gaffyr): When you say that your brothers must 'pass on', what exactly do you mean?

(Gaffyr): Must we vanquish them?

(Maragir): I'm afraid so.

(Cassandra): I was hard to keep people from attacking your brother today.

(Cassandra): We do have the means to fight them.

(Gaffyr): You're the second of your siblings to ask us to kill your brothers.

(Gaffyr): Are we to take your word over Bodrik's?

(Antoninus): Let us hear the tale, and then decide that?

(Maragir): You do if you want any part in my fathers old work.

(Gaffyr): Well then, I guess we agree to your bargain?

(Gaffyr): It's an Aye from me.

(Cassandra): The choice would be to fight the three of you.

(Maragir): And now I must hide this little experiment.

(Bronte): Ah yes I agree to keep the secret also!

(Maragir): * Mora Olsa Preldian *

(Cassandra): But now I would like to know what this is all about.

(Antoninus): He told us nothing!

(Iqbal): so do we kill the two dudes?

(Antoninus): Almost nothing.

(Gaffyr): He's hiding the experiment.

(Gaffyr): Allow him time to come back.

(Iqbal): so we stay here until he gets back?

(Maragir): * Mora Olsa Preldian *

(Antoninus): Ahh.

(Iqbal): or that

(Gaffyr): Patience. *Grins*

(Maragir): Was there something more?

(Cassandra): You were going to tell us your tale.

(Cassandra): Now that you have our word.

(Gaffyr): Show us something of your father's work (that we cannot access till your brothers are gonr) in exchange for our silence.

(Antoninus): The deal was the tale for our silence, I thought.

(Maragir): My tale? Which one would that be?

(Gaffyr): gone*

(Cassandra): Who is your father, what is his work, and why are you fighting your brothers.

(Antoninus): Aye.

(Cassandra): And on a side note,

(Antoninus): That.

(Cassandra): where did they brought those black dragons and dracos from.

(Maragir): Ughh, which one do I answer first?

(Gaffyr): Tell us the story of your father and his work.

(Cassandra): I'd like to know the name of your father first.

(Cassandra): But I'm obsessed with correct historical records.

(Cassandra): So don't listen to me.

(Maragir): My fathers work is hidden in a tower.

(Gaffyr): South West of here?

(Maragir): Not unlike the one recently discovered nearby.

(Cassandra): Is it material?

(Antoninus): Let him tell?

(Maragir): It is cloaked..

(Maragir): My father used to say one day it will rise up from the ground.

(Maragir): But only when the right time came.

(Cassandra): And did he say when the right time would be?

(Maragir): He never told us, but my brothers thought it was after his death.

(Antoninus): But this work, what was it, in fact?

(Maragir): When his death came we still couldn't find it.

(Maragir): It is now believed that it may come after only one of us is left.

(Cassandra): Or after you all died...

(Maragir): It is still unknown.

(Maragir): Perhaps, but I do not believe that.

(Gaffyr): That goes some way to explainging why Bodrik and Gresthar wanted to protect themselves from death.

(Cassandra): Where do you think that tower is? Have you ever been there?

(Gaffyr): They both want to be the last surviving brother.

(Cassandra): Or they both know you would try to kill them.

(Maragir): He was very private with his work.

(Gaffyr): As do you seemingly, as you asked us to kill them both.

(Maragir): Even among us.

(Cassandra): But you know what you are seeking? You offer to share it with us.

(Gaffyr): Which suggests you must know something about his work, you are prepared to have us mureder your siblings for it.

(Antoninus): Aye, you seem to not know much about this "work"...

(Maragir): I have never seen his work, either.

(Cassandra): dWhat do you know about it?

(Antoninus): So what makes you think it is worth all this trouble?

(Maragir): But father was a great mage, it can only be something great.

(Cassandra): Great mages make great pies. wink

(Antoninus): Could be a new dye

(Gaffyr): That seems a poor excuse for familial murder.

(Cassandra): You didn't tell us his name.

(Cassandra): If he was a great mage, we might have studied him in school.

(Maragir): My fathers name was Darlith. A common name.

(Cassandra): *tries to memorise*

(Gaffyr): Why would this 'work' be better off in your hands than those of one of your brothers?

(Maragir): I don't believe anyone knew of his work but us.

(Cassandra): Why did he keep it secret?

(Gaffyr): You're asking us to choose you as the receivor of this prize on blind faith alone?

(Cassandra): Did he take advantage of his work himself?

(Maragir): It is possible that he never finished his project.

(Cassandra): Well, Gaffyr, at least he is the only one offereing to share.

(Antoninus): Forgive me, but...

(Maragir): And would like one of us to complete it.

(Cassandra): It would be hard to kill us all.

(Antoninus): He does not need to kill us, Cass.

(Cassandra): Or maybe not that hard... but still.

(Antoninus): We kill his rivals, he slips off to this tower...

(Antoninus): And the work is his.

(Cassandra): Which is what any of his brothers will do, isn't it?

(Maragir): I made a promise to you.

(Maragir): I intend to keep it.

(Cassandra): We gave you our word.

(Antoninus): But, I feel inclined to trust him.

(Antoninus): Somehow.

(Gaffyr): As do I.

(Gaffyr): Perhaps because he is the only one who did not choose to become a Lich?

(Cassandra): Humans then do look more trustworthy when they have flesh, I agree.

(Gaffyr): So, we kill your brothers, and you show us something of this 'work'?

(Cassandra): We also have a problem here...

(Maragir): From your reaction I take it my brothers were not so willing to share his secrete with you.

(Cassandra): We will need to call our companions to help, if we are to kill anyone. Will they have...

(Cassandra): a share?

(Cassandra): Or are we to keep your secret from our peers too?

(Maragir): It is in your hands.

(Gaffyr): (And no, your brothers did not see the need to discuss these matters)

(Antoninus): Would be hard... we will need to explain to our fellows.

(Cassandra): What will happen to the black dragons near Mirith?

(Maragir): Hmm, I do not know.

(Cassandra): Do you know if they will leave if we kill Bodrik? What is their connection to him?

(Maragir): I would have to inspect the area.

(Gaffyr): We can take you, if you like

(Cassandra): You are welcome to come with us... There are also black dracos in Lerilin.

(Maragir): And be lead right to my brother?

(Antoninus): Seems unwise, I agree.

(Cassandra): We cannot risk the safety of town.

(Maragir): I hope I did not make the wrong choice in trusting you.

(Cassandra): So if you know anything about your siblings and the black kind,

(Cassandra): please let us know.

(Gaffyr): We hope we did not make the wrong choice in trusting you.

(Antoninus): You did not. We will keep your secret from the brothers.

(Maragir): My runes may be able to trap the dragons.

(Cassandra): Can you use them from distance?

(Maragir): If you can not find another solution.

(Gaffyr): How could we call you when we are finally facing Bodrik?

(Cassandra): Your brother is a powerful mage. It will be hard to fight him and two dragons.

(Maragir): Indeed, but it is the only way, unless you have another option.

(Bronte): ahh And he can summon more Dragons at will

(Cassandra): I have a question.

(Bronte): so more than 2

(Cassandra): We have noticed a pattern in the runes of all mazes.

(Cassandra): And we have noticed that in front of each grave,

(Cassandra): there is the same type of rune that opens passages in the mazes.

(Cassandra): Is that what they use to escape?

(Maragir): Our father taught us the runes.

(Cassandra): A vertical exit?

(Cassandra): Or is it regular teleportation?

(Maragir): I believe they would escape without the runes.

(Gaffyr): Another question then.

(Cassandra): *nods* Then what is the meaning of that one in front of each grave?

(Maragir): Hmm, it's a family secrete.

(Cassandra): Yet another. smile

(Gaffyr): I thought we were trusting eachother?

(Cassandra): I explain why I ask: when we were trying to locate the three of you.

(Antoninus): Since your family line is at an end...

(Maragir): Ahem, well I must go, it is best I not spend too much time in the open.

(Cassandra): we assumed you could not go far, as a lich.

(Cassandra): When will we meet you again?

(Gaffyr): One last question

(Gaffyr): Before you leave!

(Maragir): Make it a quick one.

(Gaffyr): If we are to trust eachother, will you tell us anything of the purpose of your experiment?

(Gaffyr): You skirted that issue quickly.

(Maragir): That would take time. Time I don't have now.

(Maragir): Farewell.

(Antoninus): Very well, we shall hope to speak with you soon.

(Maragir): * Mora Olsa Preldian *

(Cassandra): Be safe.

To Mirith we decided to return so as to immediately report our findings to the Vicereine. Our pleas to Mattias were soon met with the appearance of Ciddia Tigg, who was safeguarding the Silver Dragons Claw, the one weapon we believe to be effective when battling a Lich. A quick exchange of greetings was made and then we made our report. Ciddia was intrigued by our newfound knowledge of Maragirs life, and of the work of the brothers father. All agreed that this had to be something of immense power, as only something extraordinary could force the brothers against each other in this fashion, and drive two to seek immortality as Liches. This work formed the basis of our discussion. It would appear we have to kill 2 brothers in order for the tower to appear. If we choose the youngest to survive, he says he'll give us knowledge of this work.

The Vicereine approved this plan; Well, that does seem a valid course of action. As a human still, he would be easier to... deal with. And yet still she worried about the intentions of the third and living brother. I am quite frankly less worried about the intentions of the Lich brothers, than I am of the intentions of the human one. But he remains potentially the most vulnerable of the three. Further concerns were raised about the dragons North of Mirith, and Tigg asked whether we could solve this issue through our new relationship with Maragir; Will he help you with the dragons?

Cassandra answered; He says his runes can keep the dragons locked. But only if we have no other choice. He didn't seem to want to get close to his brother.

Tigg explained that the Dragons were her top priority, and when asked if we should deal with Bodrik first, she instead suggested we take care of Greshthar. You could attempt to convince Bodrik you are doing his bidding. Perhaps gain favor in some way. And perhaps he could be persuaded to remove them. All agreed that this was probably the most valid course of action to take, though it was suggested that even if Bodrik removed his dragons at our request, he might be able to summon more upon realising we were working against him and not with him. Still, no one was able to offer a more practical idea, and so the discussion turned to how we might make such a deal with the eldest brother. I believed that the best way would be to strike down Greshthar and present Bodrik with his head, but the others present believed it would be more prudent to ask Bodrik for his assurances before moving against the Lich near Lerilin. Eventually the Vicereine persuaded us that this was the way in which things should be done by explaining that she doubted Gresthar would reappear to us that same night, as we had already weakened his army of underlings.

And so we bade farewell to Ciddia Tigg, who promised to keep the Silver Dragons Claw on hand, knowing that we would soon require it, and journeyed the short distance North to the tomb of the only brother we had not yet visited. Sadly, he would not answer our calls and so we had no chance to propose our deal: Greshthars head in exchange for the removal of the Black Dragons. Somewhat deflated we returned to Mirith. Disappointed that we had not been able to act further, we went our separate ways, though at least it appeared that a course of action had been decided on. We now wait for negotiations with Bodrik before taking direct action against Greshthar.

I will again include, for those interested, the full details of our conversation with the Vicereine. They have been summarised, and do not form essential reading. This ends my report.

(Cassandra): We are going to the castle, to try to talk to Tigg.

(Iqbal): shall we?

(Cassandra): You are more than welcome to join.

(Marrok): Interesting

(Cassandra): It's about this lich affair-

(Cassandra): Hello, Marrias.

(Cassandra): Mattias*

(Gaffyr): Is the Vicereine about?

(delimew): *kiss*

(Cassandra): Good morning, Vicereine.

(delimew): hello

(Human): Greetings, subject.

(Ciddia Tigg): Good morning.

(Antoninus): Vicereine smile

(Ciddia Tigg): Did you need something?

(Cassandra): We have had some sort of progress in that licj story...

(Ciddia Tigg): Oh?

(Cassandra): We met two of them recently.

(Gaffyr): It began with Gresthar, near Lerilin.

(Gaffyr): He had set a maze filled with his minions for us.

(Antoninus): He filled his rune maze with black Draco...

(Antoninus): We eventually spoke with him.

(Gaffyr): Only upon reaching his tomb would he allow us to talk to him.

(Antoninus): But learnt little, other than that he too wants his brothers dead.

(Cassandra): Well he did talk to us to open the "party"

(Cassandra): And told us that he tried to get his brothers to go there too.

(Gaffyr): He was evasive in regards to all our questions, said Bodrik wanted him dead purely for the purpose of self-satisfaction.

(Ciddia Tigg): Hmm.

(Cassandra): From his notion of fun, I would assume that he wanted to kill them.

(Cassandra): Anyway, Andris was more productive.

(Marrok): *mumbles* Liches... good for nothin...

(Antoninus): The other brother is not a Lich, it seems.

(Cassandra): And proposed a deal.

(Gaffyr): And was far more helpful, despite finding it difficult to give a straight answer.

(Gaffyr): He eventually gave us the real reason the brothers are trying to kill eachother.

(Ciddia Tigg): *grins* Well, he was smart enough to stay alive.

(Antoninus): Yes smile

(Gaffyr): They believe their father's work is hidden in a tower.

(Gaffyr): And will appear to the last surviving brother.

(Ciddia Tigg): Hmm.

(Antoninus): He offers us knowledge of it, if we aided him.

(Cassandra): They aren't sure, though. They thought it would appear after his father's death.

(Gaffyr): It appears to be the reason why two have tried to safeguard against death.

(Marrok): Would that be Nytral... Nyrtal is his name right? Nystral's Tower?

(Cassandra): They seem to put blind faith in his father's work, whatever it is.

(Cassandra): No, not that tower.

(Iqbal): his father's name is darlith

(Gaffyr): It is not Nystral, but Darlyth.

(Gaffyr): Or Darlith...

(Antoninus): Darlith.

(Marrok): Darlith has a tower now too?

(Cassandra): He said it was a similar towr, still sank.

(Iqbal): *poke poke poke*

(Cassandra): Not that he has seen it.

(Cassandra): Anyway, we took the risk.

(Cassandra): And gave him our word that we would keep the secret.

(Gaffyr): Either way, it would appear that we have to kill 2 brothers in order for the tower to appear.

(Cassandra): From his brothers, that is.

(Antoninus): Aye, he seemed the least mad of the three, at least.

(Gaffyr): If we choose the youngest to survive, he says he'll give us knowledge of this work.

(Antoninus): And told us things we would not have found out alone.

(Ciddia Tigg): Well, that does seem a valid course of action. As a human still, he would be easier to...

(Ciddia Tigg): deal with.

(Gaffyr): And apart from anything, I don't trust a Lich.

(Cassandra): *nods*

(Cassandra): Which doesn't mean that I would like to see him with too much power.

(Gaffyr): And if this 'work' is indeed powerful...

(Cassandra): And we have no idea what this is about. Could be a recipe for a pie.

(Gaffyr): ...it is best kept out of the hands of the undead.

(Cassandra): But somehow that is not likely.

(Marrok): Well... we could just kill all three after the one gives us the knowledge of the works...

(Ciddia Tigg): *grins*

(Antoninus): The fact remains two must be killed first, even if we end up having to deal with the third.

(Ciddia Tigg): So, you come to me for the Claw?

(Bronte): Helloo

(Antoninus): Do you think it is the right choice?

(Cassandra): We came to you for advice.

(Marrok): Claw? We have a claw?

(Gaffyr): A Silver Dragon's Claw Marrok

(Ciddia Tigg): Well, I think your plan has merit.

(Gaffyr): We believe that it will be helpful in vanquishing the Liches.

(Marrok): But....it's a claw...

(Cassandra): You are the strategist, after all. Do you think we should still talk to Bodrik?

(Ciddia Tigg): I am quite frankly less worried about the intentions of the Lich brothers,

(Cassandra): There is the issue with the dragons.

(Antoninus): We fear the combined force of a Lich and two Black Dragons...

(Ciddia Tigg): than I am of the intentions of the human one.

(Marrok): I told you we shoul just kill all three.

(Marrok): should*

(Cassandra): The liches were fool enough to become liches in first place.

(Gaffyr): He used black magic and is definitely a dark wizard.

(Antoninus): Aye.

(Ciddia Tigg): But he remains potentially the most vulnerable of the three.

(Gaffyr): But all the same, he was more open than his brothers, and we gain more by aiding him.

(Marrok): Why would we aid any of them?

(Ciddia Tigg): Will he help you with the dragons?

(Cassandra): He says his runes can keep the dragons locked.

(Marrok): That seems rather silly.

(Antoninus): Perhaps, he said?

(Cassandra): But only if we have no other choice.

(Gaffyr): He offered to, yes.

(Cassandra): He didn't seem to want to get close to his brother.

(Marrok): *Sighs*

(Cassandra): Marrok, didn't you learn in Marali that killing everything is not always the answer?

(Ciddia Tigg): Having those dragons gone is my top priority. They do not belong here.

(Gaffyr): If we can kill Bodrik, then he'll pen in the dragons.

(Antoninus): Then we should deal with Bodrik first.

(Gaffyr): He did not want to do it with Bodrik there.

(Ciddia Tigg): Perhaps...

(Marrok): I still wouldn't trust a black mage.

(Gaffyr): He was afraid of going near his brother.

(Ciddia Tigg): Perhaps then first you should look to Greshthar?

(Antoninus): No, Marrok, I agree. But there is no other obvious course of action.

(Cassandra): Sure, but we might need them alive to help dealing with the three.

(Ciddia Tigg): You could attempt to convince Bodrik you are doing his bidding.

(Cassandra): And I do want to know what this work is about.

(Marrok): Then look for the unobvious one.

(Ciddia Tigg): Perhaps gain favor in some way.

(Gaffyr): I was just about to suggest that Vicereine.

(Antoninus): Enlighten us wink

(Gaffyr): Bodrik won't yet release his dragons while he thinks we are aiding him.

(Ciddia Tigg): *taps foot thoughtfully*

(Ciddia Tigg): Aye.

(Marrok): I am sober, Antoni. I have very little to add right now...

(Ciddia Tigg): And perhaps he could be persuaded to remove them.

(Gaffyr): A nice suggestion.

(Cassandra): But then..

(Antoninus): smile This seems good

(Bronte): If I may,

(Cassandra): We would probably have to attack before he can call another set.

(Bronte): From experience when last we met

(Antoninus): Can he summon so easily?

(Marrok): How many people do you need to pretend they are on his side?

(Cassandra): Do we know?

(Bronte): he summoned a pair right away

(Antoninus): Ach.

(Bronte): as soon as the others were lured away

(Cassandra): There were others?

(Marrok): And how do we know he won't ask them to do unheard of things to prove loyalty?

(Antoninus): That is bad news.

(Bronte): W2 met 2 caged Dragons at first

(Bronte): *we

(Bronte): when majority of us fell,

(Cassandra): So there are four dragons at the surface?

(Bronte): our comrades lured 2 away

(Cassandra): Roaming around Mirith?

(Bronte): (and poofed them I think)

(Ciddia Tigg): How do you know he did not simply round up those two?

(Antoninus): Certainly, no one has seen them since.

(Bronte): Upon close insection (anatomy)

(Ciddia Tigg): *frowns* I certainly hope they were not left to wander our forests.

(Bronte): We realized the summoned dragons were indeed different

(Marrok): Well, let's get back on track... Who wants to play the pawn of Bodrik?

(Antoninus): So, perhaps we must deal with Greshtar, and hope for Bodrik to play along with us.

(Gaffyr): I think that no matter what, our first move must be against Greshthar?

(Bronte): Aye

(Antoninus): Seems unlikely, but better than nothing.

(Marrok): OR are we all doing that?

(Cassandra): What would be the point to offer one of us as bait?

(Marrok): Bait?

(Ciddia Tigg): Dealing with Greshthar seems to pose the least risk.

(Gaffyr): *Feel better that there is now a plan - at least one with a first phase*

(Marrok): I thought I said pawn.

(Cassandra): Either way, it would be a useless death.

(Marrok): Death?

(Gaffyr): And Greshthar was already weakened by us...

(Cassandra): I don't trust these liches moods.

(Marrok): I thought the idea was to pretend to be on his side.

(Antoninus): So, do we deal with Greshtar, or first make a bargain with Bodrik to call off the Dragons?

(Gaffyr): Many of his minions suffered, i don't know how quickly he can summon more.

(Marrok): But okay.

(Cassandra): It is. We don't need to be alone though.

(Antoninus): As a show of good faith, as it were?

(Ciddia Tigg): Bodrik must be using a great deal of power.

(Gaffyr): I would deal with Gresthar, Bodrik would be more inclined to help us if we can present him with a dead brother.

(Bronte): I say we refrain from doublecrossing Bodrik for as long as we can

(Antoninus): Agreed.

(Ciddia Tigg): I wonder when he will burn himself out.

(Cassandra): Or we deal with Bodrik and pay him back for removing his dragons by killing his brother.

(Marrok): Wait... is Bodrik a lich?

(Gaffyr): Then let him hold those dragons captive for a little longer, while we deal with Greshthar.

(Iqbal): bodrik is a lich

(Iqbal): only non lich is maragir

(Marrok): Oh, he is a brother.

(Gaffyr): Does Bodrik strike you as the kind of person to pay up in advance Cass?

(Antoninus): The claw, Ciddia, will the person who carries it know how to use it?

(Cassandra): Does he strike you as the kind to keep his promise?

(Marrok): Bah, all of this Lich business...

(Cassandra): What if he only takes the dragons away after we kill both of his brothers?

(Ciddia Tigg): Well, from the story of Zexe we seem to learn that its presence can keep one immobile.

(Marrok): You all have fun with it...

(Antoninus): Ah, then it's presence is enough.

(Antoninus): *its

(Ciddia Tigg): It would also appear to interrupt the magical energies.

(Gaffyr): I don't think he'll take away the dragons no matter what, and that we'll need a contingency to deal with them properly.

(Ciddia Tigg): I think you would have to stab him with it, or something very like.

(Gaffyr): But that's just common sense - preparing for the worst.

(Cassandra): Does it mean that our casters would have to carry a weapon too?

(Ciddia Tigg): How much it affects him would depend on the level of his power.

(Gaffyr): How pressing do you believe the threat to be?

(Ciddia Tigg): The dragons make me uneasy.

(Gaffyr): As in, must these killings take place on a short schedule?

(Gaffyr): So the quicker the better?

(Ciddia Tigg): As long as they are penned, I am content to leave it for a time.

(Ciddia Tigg): But, we need to establish regular patrols.

(Gaffyr): I see.

(Ciddia Tigg): If you wish to continue to investigate, there is no harm in that.

(Antoninus): I think we move as soon as we can gather sufficient force?

(Gaffyr): We'd have to be careful to not antagonise Bodrik.

(Antoninus): We gain nothing by delaying further.

(Gaffyr): I agree with Antoninus.

(Gaffyr): Particularly as Greshthar was weakened (I hope) by recent efforts.

(Ciddia Tigg): They may be difficult to draw out again so soon, especially the brother in Lerilin.

(Cassandra): We did leave them a note.

(Ciddia Tigg): *nods*

(Gaffyr): Greshthar seemed pretty willing to accept bait.

(Cassandra): If Bodrik saw it, he might show up himself.

(Antoninus): Well, this party is sufficient to try a bargain with Bodrik?

(Ciddia Tigg): I do wonder...

(Gaffyr): He popped out quite frequently to a bit of goading, he appears somewhat reckless.

(Ciddia Tigg): I wish we knew more about the properties of this claw.

(Gaffyr): All we have on it is Nafet's scroll.

(Iqbal): is it a weapon or an object we use to throw at liches' heads or...?

(Ciddia Tigg): I find myself wondering if it could be ground up.

(Cassandra): Oh, Greshtar mentioned that the three of them are fascinated by mazes.

(Cassandra): Not a very important detail but we never know what we will need to lure the last one standing.

(Ciddia Tigg): Concealed in a potion, or some such.

(Cassandra): The claw?

(Ciddia Tigg): Aye.

(Antoninus): Drinking a cup of wine with a Lich to seal our bargain? wink

(Cassandra): We will need to reuse it.

(Iqbal): we conceal the claw in a potion and throw the potion at the lich...?

(Antoninus): Aye, of course.

(Ciddia Tigg): But, I do not know enough of its properties to know if it will work.

(Hania): * shel ber bur *

(Cassandra): With Nafets and Beleth away,

(Ciddia Tigg): I was thinking more of convincing him to drink it.

(Cassandra): the only option is to try.

(Iqbal): we still have one and a half other liches to think about

(Cassandra): Or to find another way.

(Ciddia Tigg): Well, perhaps it is best to stick with the method for which we have evidence.

(Cassandra): *nods*

(Ciddia Tigg): Would one of you like to keep it, now? Or shall I keep it in the vault a while longer?

(Antoninus): They are curious for knowledge... if we can convince them we have something to show them...

(Ciddia Tigg): *grins*

(Antoninus): Perhaps we can get close enough to stab?

(Cassandra): WellHe thinks all his bothers are liches. We could make him drink to his victory.

(Hania): * shel ber bur *

(Gaffyr): How long can our clerics absorb his power?

(Cassandra): It's not like they know for sure that their deatj will solve anything.

(Iqbal): XD

(Ciddia Tigg): Did he say where his father's tower was located?

(Cassandra): He did not.

(Cassandra): I wonder whether he knows it at all.

(Ciddia Tigg): Interesting.

(Gaffyr): I know where to find willing people for an assault on the Lerilin tomb.

(Gaffyr): I don't know when the next opportunity might come; we'll need a considerable force.

(Gaffyr): Would immediate action be advisable?

(Cassandra): So we attack the one who doesn't seem to bring us any advantage?

(Antoninus): Aye.

(Cassandra): I should become a lich. I think I still have a heart...

(Gaffyr): And the target who poses the least risk.

(Antoninus): And take his skull to Bodrik to make our bargain.

(Bronte): !

(Ciddia Tigg): If the one is injured, as you say, it is doubful he will return to fight you at this time.

(Iqbal): which of them benefits us dead?

(Gaffyr): He won't be goaded out, in your opinion?

(Hania): Can you do that Cass? I want to watch.

(Cassandra): He didn't seem injured at all. But hisbone mages and dracos were killed.

(Ciddia Tigg): Hmm.

(Gaffyr): He just laughed at us and teleported away.

(Hania): *hiccup*

(Gaffyr): After refusing to answer our cries for information.

(Gaffyr): Well, in any direct way.

(Cassandra): I would try Bodrik first.

(Cassandra): As long as we keep our word and do not mention what we know.

(Antoninus): I agree with Cass on that. Let us set the wheels turning in Bodrik's mind?

(Cassandra): We seek him to ask about the dragons,

(Cassandra): and a few questions about this all.

(Gaffyr): Ok, it may give Greshthar time to recuperate as well.

(Cassandra): Without any reference to Andris.

(Antoninus): Aye.

(Gaffyr): If he even needs recuperation.

(Cassandra): Gresthar is gone for now.

(Gaffyr): It'll be a pity to return to another maze full of minions.

(Gaffyr): After time and lives went into clearing the last one, for seeminlgy little gain.

(Antoninus): He will only fight us on his terms, though, Gaffyr.

(Gaffyr): True.

(Ciddia Tigg): Try if you like.

(Ciddia Tigg): I should be getting back to my accounts. *rubs head*

You gain 100 experience points.

(Iqbal): would you really rather? >.>

(Antoninus): smile Thank you Ciddia, we shall seek Bodrik.

(Cassandra): Thank you for the advice.

(Gaffyr): We shall visit Bodrik then.

(Gaffyr): Thankyou for your advice.

(Ciddia Tigg): I wish you all luck.

(Cassandra): We will keep you informed, as usually.

(delimew): *nods*

(Gaffyr): Greshthar can have his time, we'll come for him soon enough.

(Ciddia Tigg): Please let me know if you need the claw.

(Cassandra): *nods*

(Antoninus): smile Bye for now, then.

(Gaffyr): Thankyou, Vicereine.

(Bronte): will do

(Ciddia Tigg): *grins* Be safe.

(Bronte): *bows*

(Hania): *hiccup*

(Gaffyr): You've been helpful, once again!

Gaffyr sighed heavily and, shaking out his wrist (it was used to gripping a dagger, not a quill), stood up from his desk. The report was completed and now it was time to deliver it to the relevant people. Oberin had to be notified.

Silver Claws I by Gawr on 15 Dec 2010 : 00:00
@ Peasant Masses:

Basically this Silver Claw has turned up before. Was Blood Moon and a Blood Magi called Vale of the Mirror showed up. She appeared as a sickly child so Father Vei attempted to cure her using a Silver Claw that a previous group successfully bought back from Skull Island. It all went wrong and Vale appeared to die. Enter Bone Lord who ressurects her into a Blood Lich. Cured of Marthonis controlling spell, she killed the Bone Lord and turns on all present declairing she is no longer governed by the moon. Summons lots of creatures, and slips away.