Oberin Update March 2012 by Jinker on 28 Mar 2012 : 13:42
You can download the full version or the smaller patch version.

If you are not very techy, just get the full version wink

Patch files .sit

Patch files .zip

Changes and Additions

Changed Fighter Resist Magic maximum to level 5.

Changed Robes of Protection AR to 30.

Changed Leather Armor values to be higher AR for a full set.

Changed Protection Rings values to 4, 7, and 10 AR respectively.

Mages will get a bonus to mana regain when using Meditation during the full Fighting Moon.

Added 2 new creatures.

Added additional graphic effects to paralyze spell.

Changed Mass Heal graphic effects to particle system.

Added Archery Critical Hit Sounds.

Character Creator Server Updated by Jinker on 27 Apr 2011 : 01:18
The Character Creator (CC) will allow 3 characters per Mac now. The old limit was 2 characters, it's now 3 characters. Enjoy!
Oberin Egg Hunt Ends! by Jinker on 25 Apr 2011 : 23:28
The eggs have stopped spawning, Bunny will be around for another day or two. I hope everyone had fun finding them eggs!
Oberin Egg Hunt! by Jinker on 23 Apr 2011 : 08:16
Starting last night and ending Sunday night, eggs will be spawning all over Oberin.

Collect them and turn them in for gifts!

Happy (Egg) Hunting!

Server Update 03-27-2011 by Jinker on 27 Mar 2011 : 21:11
Server was updated, no client files to update. For more info read this forum post.

Forum thread
Oberin Patch 03-18-2011 by Jinker on 18 Mar 2011 : 22:30
Oberin was updated today again. Small patch to fix a few bugs and add guild emblems.

The full downloads are updated. You can patch your client with these files.

Patch files here:

Oberin patch in .zip format. (OSX)

Oberin patch in .sit format. (OS9 Classic)

Read more for a full list of changes and fixes.


Boards now weigh .2 each instead of .1 each.

Reduced wear on Strength Rings slightly to make them last longer. (still needs work)

Changes and Additions

New Druid Spell, Greater Summon Creature.

Wooden shields no longer give a penalty to stealth.

Changed stealth from the last 3 steps being random to a plus or minus one from our skill level.

Being disoriented affects ranger archery.

Changed default behavior of pets from "Heel!" to "Attack!" when their master dies. (as a test)

Changed light glow size for Candles and Birthday Cakes.

Added lighted glow to cave exits.
Contact by Jinker on 27 Jan 2011 : 05:54
Contact information


For support either check the forums, call a counselor during the game, or email



You can post bugs and comments in the forums or send email to @.


The first player

to report an unknown exploit will be rewarded with a rare item of their choice.

Exploits are holes in the gaming system that allow for things such as easily

killing monsters and easily accumulating gold. Report exploits only to @.

Include your character name.

Lead Game Master/Programmer

Dave Jordan aka Jinker - @

Game Masters

Liaraen - @

Charnath - @

Foxy - @

Shevarash - @

Murri - @

Development Team


Glenn Seemann

Lead Programming, Lead Gaming System, Lead Graphics, Lead Webmaster, and Lead

Everything Else


David Bourg

Programming, Graphics, Public Relations


Oberin Patch 11-28-2010 by Jinker on 29 Nov 2010 : 03:53
Oberin patch released! The full downloads have been updated, if you are new and downloaded the client from the download section, you are up to date.

Patch files here:

Oberin patch in .zip format. (OSX)

Oberin patch in .sit format. (OS9 Classic)

Just a few internal fixes and some map fixes. Added guild emblem.

Oberin Patch 11-27-2010 by Jinker on 27 Nov 2010 : 05:38
Oberin patch released! The full downloads have been updated, if you are new and downloaded the client from the download section, you are up to date.

Patch files here:

Oberin patch in .zip format.

Oberin patch in .sit format.

Read on for update details.


Wizards can now make GM rings if they have the appropriate level.

Changed the Magic Points bar back to blue.

Few map area fixes.

Changes and Additions

Changed how critical hit damage is calculated for melee classes.

Rogues will get more critical hit damage when behind a creature and less while in front.

Rangers will gain appropriate critical hit damage when using Archery or Melee.

Added water drip sounds.

Added candles.

Added Birthday Cake.

Added new creature.

Oberin Update 11-13-2010 by Jinker on 13 Nov 2010 : 19:35
Oberin update released today. Download the full version in the download section.

Read more for update info...


Explosive Dust and Turn Undead no longer work through walls.

Lobster Soup now shows in the Cooking skill.

Magma Golem and Ice Golem bodies centered.

Changes and Additions

Must be stealthed to use Backstab and Decimate.

Using Explosive Dust while stealthed will unstealth you.

Changed the range on the Calm and Provocation spells to be based on Druid/Magery level.

Changed the range on the Turn Undead spell to be based on Cleric/Magery level.

Changed the way Wizard Field Spells use player level. (Players should not see much difference.)

Changed Magic Points bar color.

All items are visible in the Enchanting skill.

Increased success rate in Resisting Magic for characters with a low skill level.

Reduced wear settings slightly to both Strength Rings. (They should last longer.)

Added Rolls of Cloth to tailoring.

New Druid spell.

New map areas.

Added four new creatures.