Oberin Update 04-28-2007

 Stefan    29 Apr 2007 : 01:16
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Today comes with a new update for Oberin!

Today comes with a new update for Oberin! To make sure your client is up to date and you can play again, follow these easy steps :

1. Back up your "Oberin Logs" folder located inside your Oberin folder. It contains conversations logs you might want to save for the future.

2. Delete your Oberin folder, you won't need it anymore.

3. Click on the "Downloads" link to the left and get the latest version of Oberin.

4. Copy the newly downloaded client to your hard drive.

5. Replace the "Oberin Logs" folder with the ony you backed up on step 1.

6. You are ready to play!

As always, you can check the Development forum for notes on this update.

See you in Oberin!