Raiding the Third Fort of Rivolus

 Serancha    11 Jul 2011 : 06:24
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Day 156 of the Red Moon, Year 436

Day 156 of the Red Moon, Year 436

After much planning, speculation, and organization, the day finally arrived. A large group of adventurers arrived at Pheonix Dawn Guild Hall, ready for battle. It didn't take long for everyone to gather, as the messengers and members of the local guilds had been very diligent in their recruiting for this mission. Once everyone was together, the gathered party moved up to the rocks below the fortress that Rivolus had built in the Tree Maze Forest.

As we did not want to alarm the troops inside and draw the attention of Rivolus just yet, we decided a handful would, as had been done at the previous fort, approach the gate dressed as brigands. This was merely a ruse, however, as the plan was to try and use the Zionidic Crystal to open the runes, while distracting, but not alarming the troll at the gate. When we reached the gate, I was glad our plan didn't actually involve convincing anyone we were brigands, as a couple of hecklers came up, who were not in the organized group, and commenced to making a big show of things. However, this distraction worked nicely to aid our plan. As the troll at the gate was confused and distracted by everything going on, I held the crystal up into the light of the moon.

As the moonlight glinted off the Zionidic Crystal, a few of the runes at the gate changed color. When the crystal was held higher, catching more of the moonlight, all of the runes suddenly began to glow. Lowering the crystal to the ground and placing it on a rune had no effect, so it appeared that the light of the moon was necessary to activate the magical powers of the crystal. Quickly, I shot a blunt arrow off in the direction of our army, as the signal to approach. Turning back to the runes and changing quickly into my plate armor, I held the crystal up once again. As the army arrived, the runes sparked, and a couple actually exploded! Everyone moved swiftly into position as the protective spell faded.

Rivolus had not been seen yet, so was unaware of our opening of the runes, and how we accomplished it. Only half the runes broke or exploded, opening about half the width of the fort entrance to battle. Putting Kookai's Zionidic Crystal carefully back in my pack, I turned to the task at hand. We cleared enough Alliance Troops to actually enter the fort a little ways, when Rivolus appeared. Deciding we had come to congratulate him on his accomplishment, he told us to wait a moment while he got his pet to show us. As he went to the back of the fortress, the remaining runes at the gate faded away. Rivolus returned with a female Forest Dragon at his command. He got her to attack us, but unfortunately for him, the dragon dropped dead at his feet before she could do more than bite a couple of people.

As this was happening, a flock of pixies attacked the rear guard, causing a bit of a distraction, but no real harm. Likely they were just attracted by all the activity. Seasoned adventurers and not-as-seasoned fought side by side, and everyone did extremely well. The party kept together, and when the order went out to release the dragons, everyone pulled back, regrouped, and faced the thread in an organized and efficient manner. Although only four clerics were present, they were skilled enough that there were very few deaths, and those who fell were raised again in record time.

Rivolus joined the battle a couple of times, but seemed to be more of a coward than anything. Every time someone got close, he used his black magic to teleport himself away. The dragons in his care were, as expected, far too damaged to be saved, and had to be put down. Another dragon died to Rivolus' magic before all was over. We found a note by his tent that read, "The subjects suddenly die after some control, but my power is growing."

The fight lasted the better part of the day, and as sun set we gathered to split the loot. There were some nice treasures which were split among the party. After the battle, food and drink were served at Dragon's Gate Hall, with special orders cooked on the spot by Chef Delimew.

Those who participated this day included: Alexia, Ashir, Cyric, delimew, Dharma, Faroth, Gohbo, Gorden, Iamblichus, Karlanski Koth, Laricen, Larzz, Legsalot, Lenne, Nial, Octar, Ouzelum, Razan, REDMAN, Serancha, Shvin, Siegal, Sumac, Tallon, and Varto. ((Apologies if I missed anyone))

Serancha of Dragon's Gate

on behalf of the Tree Maze Guilds