Oberin is one of the original Fantsy MMORPGs and the very first of its kind for the Mac/Apple OS platform. Oberin currently only runs on OS8 through to OS X 10.6.8 as OS X 10.7 (Lion) saw the removal of Oberins main dependency; 'Rosetta'

Not to worry though! As a temporary fix has been made through the means of Emulation of these OS's through the use of either VMWare(OS X 10.6.8), or SheepShaver(OS9). You can find out more below for the instructions of how to get these to work!

Discover the Lands of Oberin

Crafting, Hunting, Taming, Talking, do what you like best!

Oberin has many things to do, go exploring, join in on the bank chatter, join our weekly hunts, better your skills in crafting to make your own armor and weapons. And if you are daring enough, better your skills and go after some Dragons!


Real-Time-Quests are GM run events, from simple things as clearing Giant Rats from the local Inn, to decade long storys following Oberin Lore!

Weekly Hunt

Once a week, the community pulls togeather to go for a weekly hunt. Come join in on our group adventures!


Oberin has many different Dragons roaming the lands, from normal Forest Dragons to Ancient Abyss Dragons! How many Dragons can you slay?


Since the very start of Oberin, the community is what drives us all into the future both in-game and IRL (In Real Life). Anyone who plays Oberin and learns about the community are sure to walk away at the end of each day thinking "This is the best gaming community I have ever known of".

All ideas and implimentations into the game updates are all community driven. Come join the Oberin Community.

Come join the Community on Discord - It is the easiest way to talk to people!


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The Current Official Developers have big plans for an Oberin Recode which will bring Oberin to all platforms natively. It is still a work in progress and we try to work on it when our lives are not too hectic, but we are getting there!

In the meantime, we are looking at better ways to improve the current state of the game and have a team to bring new updates to the older client to keep things fresh.