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The world of Oberin is constantly cycling through years, cycles of the moon, and periods of day and night. One Oberin day equates to 2 real hours and one Oberin year equates to 200 real days. Oberin's dawn comes at 04:00, day begins at 07:00 and lasts until 19:00, dusk lates until 22:00, when night begins and lasts until the next dawn. To see at night or in dusk cast the druid spell "Night Vision" or drink a Night Vision Potion (mixed with Druid Alchemy). An Oberin days consists of 24 hours, and there 1,200 days in One Oberin year, divided roughly equally between the 10 cycles of the moon. Night tends to be the most dangerous time of day and under the full moon of a number of the cycles the world of Oberin is influenced by the moon's magic.

Oberin is regulated by the cycles of Lady Moon. One of Oberin's years lasts ten of her cycles, during which her magical flows influence our world. At the beginning, the Lady stirs and we have the Waking Moon. Her magic is distant and feeble. Over the days The Growing moon comes and then reaches that strange, repulsive sanguine color, the Blood Moon. It is rumored than during these days, her magical flows attract more monsters, and many adventurers postpone their travels to another cycle. In time blood becomes the Red Moon, which slowly fades away into a pleasant, orangeish color. We call it the Harvest Moon. This is a time of peace and prosperity for the lands. Crafters, fishermen, and farmers are blessed by the Lady Moon. This is cycle marks the halfway point of the year and leads into a joyous and prosperous cycle: the Dancing Moon. The name is both due to the exaltation and many festivals resulting from the accumulated wealth and the fact that the Lady Moon seems to be "dancing" as well. Some nights she will be of that typical Orange color everyone is so used to see, some others one can see funny green reflections that the imaginative mind can turn into shapes of animals or monsters. Slowly, the orange fades away and that pale green invades Lady Moon for the Lucky Moon cycle. Traders and treasure hunters of all kinds roam the lands looking for rare magical items as the tradition wants. The color changes again and then comes the infamous Blue Moon, and the festival during which traders sell the many results of their past hunts. The color slowly fades to a very pale blue over the Fighting Moon, where many warriors report the magical flows give them strength and courage to fight the greatest enemies. It is alas this cycle that has known the greatest and bloodiest wars, the most recent one including Andris and Senator Lancaster. The wars and fighting often come to an end with the Sleeping Moon, where gray invades Lady Moon and the year's end marks the blood of the vanquished, before a new cycle starts...

Name of Cycle - Number of Days

Waking Moon - 239
Growing Moon - 250
Bleeding Moon - 230
Red Moon - 242
Harvest Moon - 233
Dancing Moon - 253
Lucky Moon - 232
Blue Moon - 249
Fighting Moon - 235
Sleeping Moon - 242