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Character Classes

There are six character classes in Oberin.


Clerics are masters of protective and beneficial magics. Their magic is especially good at healing. Clerics can cast spells to heal, detoxify, protect, and enhance physical and mental attributes. Even an inexperienced cleric can bring people back from the brink, and an experienced cleric can bring people back who have crossed over that brink. As channelers of such energies, clerics can turn away and even destroy undead creatures. The cleric is a priest who tends to the needs of a community. He is both protector and healer. He intercedes and acts on behalf of others. The cleric is granted power over undead-evil creatures that exist in a form of non-life, neither dead nor alive. The cleric is charged with defeating these mockeries of life. Some clerics also practice the art of alchemy, which allows them to mix a range of beneficial potions. Clerics have very little interest in or use for weapons. While clerics are not adept with weapons, they are able to channel their magical energy while wearing some types of nonmetal armor.

Primary skills: Cleric Magery, Cleric Alchemy, Healing.


Druids are magical characters who are very much in touch with nature. Their magical abilities tend to focus more on the natural world. Their field of magic can often be used to influence the temperament and actions of aggressive creatures, allowing them a degree of safety in the wilds unknown to other characters. Druids aren't particularly adept at weapon use, but they can wear some types of nonmetal armor without affecting their ability to use magic. Druids can also dabble in the art of alchemy, which allows them to mix several types of potions. The druid's most valuable asset, however, is his adeptness at taming and controlling creatures, with some of their spells directly connected to their pets. A druid with a loyal pet can be a valuable asset to any adventuring party.

Primary skills: Druid Magery, Druid Alchemy, Taming.


Fighters have no use for magic. Their physical attributes by far tend to exceed their mental capacity. They can excel at using a range of different types of weapons and armor, but they tend to fall short at any skill that requires an advanced intellect. While fighters excel mostly at combat skills, their experience in battle has also led them to learn much about their foes' anatomy. With their powerful critical hits and mastery of both offensive and defensive combat techniques powerful fighters are a dominant force on any battlefield and a deadly threat to any who would dare to enter into melee with them.

Primary skills: Melee, Parrying, Fighter Specials.


The ranger is also a fighting character, but he tends to be a little smarter than the standard fighter. Though even when honed by years of battle his melee skills will never match an equally experienced fighter his mastery of the bow is unsurpassed. With an array of various powerful attacks at his disposal a skilled ranger can literally tear a foe to pieces without letting them come close enough to retaliate. This ability, combined with their near miraculous tracking abilities, letting them know which ways enemies lie, and how strong they are, give rangers an edge in the wilderness, and they are often called upon to guide parties of other classes.

Primary skills: Archery, Ranger Specials, Tracking.


Rogues are tricky skillful scouts, infiltrators, and spies and assassins. They are versatile, adaptable, and resourceful. They are skilled at things such gaining entrance to a locked treasure vault and safe passage past a deadly trap. Figuring out how to thwart or avoid an alarm or trap is great fun for many rogues. Rogues have a sixth sense when it comes to avoiding danger. Experienced rogues develop near magical powers and skills as they master the arts of stealth and evasion. Their solitary lifestyles and instincts for self preservation have led rogues to hone their skills with daggers and knowledge of anatomy to lethal effect, appearing from their shadows to inflict a lethal strike before their victim can ever see them. Combined with their knowledge of poisons these make the rogue a deadly enemy.

Primary skills: Anatomy, Rogue Specials, Stealth.


Unlike clerics and druids, wizards channel magical energy primarily for offensive purposes. The wizard can attack an enemy with spells such as explosion, lightning bolt, poison and the devastating fireball. The wizard's magical abilities allow him to attack adversaries at distances greater than is often possible with a standard fighter character. Through the recent discovery of enchantment, he can also extract etherite from the environment and use it to create magical items. Due to his concentration on magical arts the wizard may immerse themselves so deeply in meditation that they may channel energies not only to recharge their mana, but also to heal their bodies. The wizard has little use for physical weapons and is unable to channel his power whilst wearing anything more than cloth.

Primary skills: Enchanting, Meditation, Wizard Magery.