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There are many settlements in the world of Oberin, some large, some small, the four largest are:


Ruled by King Galandir the City of Mirith has long been a dwelling place of humans, having stood in some form longer than any other city. It is the city closest to the centre of Oberin's main landmasses, guarding the Mirith Bridge and one of the Oberin's main crossroads. There is some concern in Mirith over the matter of succession with King Galandir an old man, with but one very young son, and his only sister, Duchess Tirana having died in unpleasant circumstances. The affairs of the city are now mostly conducted by the King's officials, with Vicereine Ciddia Tigg the most prominent. Mirith is a strong power with territorial claims include the towns of Duldrus, Port Gast and the Gohoran Community, and surrounding lands.


The Fort City of Marali lies to the far north of the northernmost of lands. Marali is highly military city, run by a cadre of Majors. It is a city forced to be strong by the close presence of large numbers of beasts and creatures that would be a grave threat to a weaker one. Almost half of the walled city is covered by the fort proper, an imposing and well defended stone creation, housing the city's bank. Marali also boasts a dock, though not on the scale of Lerilin. Not far from Marali lie the ancient ruins of Aborek. In recent years Marali was subject of occupation by the brigand group know as the Black Hand, a fact the city's military government and populace will never forget. Marali claims the Aborek ruins as its own, as well as the majority of the territory bounded by the river that encloses it.

Lerilin, though merely a village, deserves mention as, apart from the cities, it is the largest human habitation and boasts both a branch of the Oberin bank and a small temple. Lerilin's main trade is in the abundant fish stocks caught by fishermen at the village's extensive docks. The Ruler of Lerilin is Mayor Palmer, a fisherman and merchant himself, who spends large amounts of time away, leaving the village much to its own devices, a situation the merchants and adventurers seem happy with. After an exhaustive effort to raise funds the village completed construction of a wall, emulating the three major cities, and with the formation of its Vanguard there are signs Lerilin is growing in influence.


The Grand City of Andris is thought by some to be mankind's greatest and most beautiful creation. The tall walls and gleaming marble speak of riches and power. Andris is the only city to have paving, and the only city to have opulent plazas and gardens, it even boasts a maze in front of the Hall of Governance where the Senate, Andris' governing body, sits. Several years ago Andris' democracy was usurped by the villainous Senator Lancaster, who seized control of it using an army of mercenaries and lizard men. Since its recapture the city has adopted a more defensive stance, exacerbated by occasional period of tension with Mirith. Andris is the sole settlement on the southern island it inhabits, and hosts the annual Blue Moon Festival, one of Oberin's most impressive events.

In addition to these four the world of Oberin also contains several small towns and villages, ancient, deadly ruins, and holy temples in the furthest reaches of its sprawling forests.