On RTQ reports

It’s an old topic, but it bears repeating. For a few years now, there’s the idea that we expect all RTQ reports to be at least 5 pages long and contain every single detail of an event in a “right” way.

Not a tall!

We’re happy with anything. Sometimes, the RTQs we throw at you are not worth a long report. Sometimes, they don’t even make sense! The fact that you record what happened, in one sentence or 1000, is our reward for at least trying to get something going. :P

Of course, if you spend a week perfecting a masterpiece of journalism, a reinvention of language, or the most beautiful epic poem ever written, that work will be acknowledged and appreciated, but the only thing you’ll get in return is knowing that I may have framed your report and hung it on my wall…

So, let’s get this clear: your report is your interpretation of events. As such, it can have any length you deem fitting, any lie you want to play out, any misinterpretation you want to make. It can also omit anything you don’t want to make public knowledge.*

On the other hand, sometimes we need you to report some details, so that we can carry out the rest of a plot. In those cases, we will normally approach you with puppy eyes, asking you to post something.

Just by existing, your report is telling is 1) that you are playing along and we can proceed, 2) that you took the trouble to register something for future editions of the wiki.

But this is meant to be fun, not a chore!

*Some people, during dramatic times of the game, have used the option of posting their interpretation plus the actual logs. It’s an option, if you feel like showing your hand, but it’s not necessary.

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