Recode: revamping the UI


As most of you are aware, we are currently working on recoding the game.

One of the things we have to recode is the graphical interface. The screen on which you walk around, your skill window, text log, ...

As we are recoding the game, we can 'revamp'  the UI, making it smoother, bigger, easier to work with, cleaner, ... Basically make it more modern than what it is now!
Code-wise, it would probably be easier for us as well, rather than remaking the current existing one.
(Bear in mind, this isn't something we have decided on, and it isn't something I am sure of, yet)

The base idea of the new UI would be to make it as clean and simple as possible.

The image above is a possible idea. What does it mean?

The entire box is the Oberin window. As you can see, it's a lot larger than the current one. This means you'd see a lot more of the Oberin world on your screen.
You can also see three more 'boxes'. Each of these boxes represent an oberin window.
The brown one is your inventory.
The green one is your minimap.
The grey one is a hot bar!

These windows can be toggled on and off by using hotkeys. And, much liike oberin, this also applies for skill windows, such as blacksmithing, alchemy/druid, enchanting, special/fighter...

The hotbar is where you can bind your abilities to. It will range from 1 to 0, giving you 10 possible hot keys.
For example, you could bind "Lightning Bolt" or "Double Strike" to hotkey 1, and, by simply clicking '1' on your keyboard, you'd cast the ability (or bring up the target circle).
With this, you'd remove the need to have Magery/Wizard open, and could just directly cast the spell!

The same applies for usuable items. You can simply bind 'Greater Healing Potion' to a hotkey, and bam, no need to go into inventory, look for that potion to drink it.

For those who like FKeys, you'd still have fkeys, of course!

Using this system, you'd need to use a lot less windows during hunts. The idea is that you make as much of the screen visible while hunting, giving you a better gameplay experience and a better overview with less clicking and changing from one window to the other.
When you're in town, you can then bring up the other windows if you wish. Opening other windows, would, ofcourse, limit what you can see in the actual game.

Ofcourse, this idea isn't finished yet, and this is where you all come in!

Please, let me know your ideas, your thoughts on the new system. Think about how it would work, for you.
Or would you prefer no new UI at all? That's fine too, please tell me your reasonings!

Any advice/idea/thought about this subject is welcome, as nothing has been decided yet!

Please also vote on the link below:

Best regards,


  • Just a quick question: if the recode will start by just transposing the-game-as-we-have-it, won't a bigger window pose immediate problems with the map? I mean especially the map of dungeons where, that are built next to each other and things like that (wasn't that the reason not to give rangers underground tracking too?).
  • Well. There will be a few balances and tweaks that will have to be done. Some things are simply handled differently on the server than they are now.

    One of those things is how the map is loaded in. GMs will have more room to play with, and there will be more space between the dungeons to remove this problem.

    Ofcourse some other things like difficult will have to be taken into consideration (being able to see further)
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