On macros

Ariki and the GMs that were around agreed that:

1) We are still completely against unattended macroing and there will still be punishment for that.

2) Attended macroing has always been done and it will always be done - we’re just clarifying a grey area, recognising that the levels of clicking have become too high.

3) Health comes first - it’s better a macro than ruining your wrists.

4) This is about macros, and is NOT a discussion on all possible sorts of bad training. For those situations, the GMs will act or not as they think is suitable and it is a case-by-case situation.

So, feel free to use and share your macros and, please, do not leave it unattended. Of course, the GM stand on this might change according to future changes in game, but that will not be done without informing and discussing with the community.

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