Return of the Dragon Riders

Return of the Dragon Riders

I have spent several days since my return to the Dragon Rider hall cleaning. It is not my favorite chore, but what must be done, must be done... The guards were very surprised to see me as I walked up, although they were alert as always. These woods can be dangerous after all.

I was elated to see Rolin recently, as he has been the only Dragon Rider I’ve seen several moons. That needs to change! This is one of the oldest and greatest guilds in all of Oberin. Where has Hacton gone? It has been years as our leader was the seen. Someone has to take charge…

I thought long and hard, as I relit the forge and sorted through the many treasures in our chests. There was no other choice, as I saw it. I would need to lead the Dragon riders into the future. If Hacton were to return, I told myself, I would hand the reins back over. It was decided.

I spoke to the guards to make sure their orders were clear. I grabbed a handful of insignias and left with the intention of making my way to all towns with the messages…

DRAGON RIDERS: Check in below so I know you’re still alive.

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