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  • Day ~116 of the Lucky Moon, Year 450 - Balloc - (2019-05-06)
    Dearest Dad,

    I didn’t have a chance to tell you of my plans before I departed for Andris. I will be staying in the warehouse near the docks with Elsbeta. We are well supplied and can support each other as needed.
    She and her friend Rosina are very concerned about the construction site for Waltham’s World of Wool and the possible disregard for the workers. You know how suspicious Beta is anyway. Her suspicions make sense to me on this one. Tonight as she returned to the warehouse , she showed the site our friend Kevin. They discovered a new notice “ if you have time to lean, you have time to clean. Happy Lucky Moon-L.W.”

    Those workers don’t get a moments rest! More have arrived as well. This site looks too big to be a simple store. It looks as if they’ll practically be selling wool all the way to the crypt. Perhaps outfit some zombies in wool shirts and put them to work. Whatever is going on Beta and Rosina and Fuoco have been spreading the word and watching the area.

    Perhaps I could find some blankets and make room for others to bunk in the warehouse to watch the area as well. With enough ale, I probably could!

    Stay safe, Dad and do consider joining us.- much love , Breigje


    Day 137 of the Lucky Moon, Year 450 - Rosina - (2019-05-08)
    Letter to Elsbeta Balloc. Day 137 of the Lucky Moon, Year 450. Dear Beta, disturbed by some rumours I have heard in town, I made my way once again to the construction site. It was sad to see the workers's accommodation burnt down and I don't know what to make of it. If somebody wished to retaliate against the Walthams, why not choose another target? But there could be a very simple explanation, after all - the shelters are made of highly inflammable material, and I noticed the guards have been roasting their meat very close to them - all was needed to cause a fire was a sparkle carried by the wind! I am glad you were able to offer alternative accommodation to the labourers. Later on, in Andris Park, I bumped into my old friend Kevin, who has announced he means to settle in Andris, at least for a while. When I returned to town, I followed some traces of blood and met a young foreigner, Ellington IIII, who told me he's followed his two uncles to the red city. It is nice to see young people around, although I cannot help fearing for them - Andris can be harsh to the inexperienced. Yours sincerely, Fuoco.


    Day 137 of the Lucky Moon, Year 450 - Rosina - (2019-05-08)
    Fuoco hangs a note in the Andris library - it bears the date of Day 137 of the Lucky Moon, Year 450. I wish to report something for which I have no explanation at the time of writing. Going past the Guardians Hall, on my way to Andris bridge, I smelt something burning and soon found myself in sight of the charred remains of a shelter. The silence around it was almost unnatural. Rummaging amongst the ruins I found a small matter of black crystals and... a Zombie brain! I searched all around the area but could find nothing amiss, except two Poison Elementals that had wandered a long way north west of their natural habitat. It looked like some ranger had been trying to kill the pests. Nothing to be seen on shore - no vessels anchored nearby. I shall continue to explore at the earliest opportunity. Fuoco Biancavalle, Rebel and Honorary Member of the Andris Vanguard and Children of The Sun.



    Day ~140 of the Lucky Moon, Year 450 - Balloc - (2019-05-08)
    The faded footprints of a single human can still be faintly detected.
    These footprints were seen leading into the opening for the volcano entrance. A young druid peeked inside then he and the old ranger left the way they came in. This was no place for a pair still working on obtaining their basic skills. They will live to fight another day.
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    Day ~172 of the Lucky Moon, Year 450 - RTQ Fairy - (2019-05-11)
    The door was locked. The man placed the key carefully inside his pocket. Hopefully, his wife wouldn’t even notice the temporary prison he had just made for her. Her memory was weak, but he could not leave things to chance.

    McTyr had sent a message to the cities. The time had come to form an expedition to Skull Island. He, Varouf, was to make sure things would stay quiet in Andris, while sending as many brave adventures as he could.

    The meeting point was in Mirith, away from the attentions of both Maralian and Andrisian spies. From the capital of the kingdom, with the help of Captain Rigg, a large group should get prepared for a great adventure. It was time to find out who has been lurking for all this years inside the island of the skull.


    Day ~184 of the Lucky Moon, Year 450 - RTQ Fairy - (2019-05-12)
    The explosion was huge. The wizard eyed the rogue. They had no reason to be enemies, yet. The rogue needed a new shelter, the wizard could use the rogue’s knowledge on the undead. Their goal had been the same for years.

    But once their common grail had been attained, the dispute was inevitable. None of them would want to share great power they were about to unleash. Alas, that was the very nature of pacts: temporary, fragile agreements where that all parts involved knew were meant to be broken whenever they stopped being beneficial.

    For now, it was time to explore. Sneezing with the dust from the explosion, the two lead the way inside the cave.


    Day ~199 of the Lucky Moon, Year 450 - Balloc - (2019-05-13)
    Elsbeta was visiting with the painter, Rittah, on the Volcano Atoll and enjoying the scenery. Curiosity sent her on a stroll through the SW side. Could it be that there were other inhabitants here? She moved closer to see what group of people occupied the island.

    The sudden appearance of five gapers certainly gave her pause and her bow that usually dealt with them so swiftly was of little use when she was in a near permanent state of disorientation. She was grateful for her Full Heal Potions and spare Robe of Resistance but in the end, she could not prevail.

    Before she entered a world of grey she was briefly in sight of a large group of brigands. Then all was still until a wandering stranger kindly helped her resurrect and return to the safety of Rittah’s house.

    If only there was a post here so she could send word to warn her sisters of the group of dangerous men that the stranger warned her of as they dashed away.


    Day 2 of the Blue Moon, Year 450 - Fuoco - (2019-05-16)

    Day 2 of the Blue Moon, Year 450. My footsteps took me, at dawn, past the Andris Bridge and in the direction of Port Gast. At the point where the grassy slope gives way to the beach, I noticed something that attracted my attention - I had never seen a Bracken in that area. Upon approaching, I noticed that the Brackens were four and they were surrounding a little camp. Demolition work started and, keeping at a somewhat safe distance, I set fire to the shelter. No creature emerged from it. Upon rummaging amongst the ruins, I got the impression that some sort of rogue must have stored their goods there - bottles of poison, a GM Poison Dagger or two, some Gohoran Chocolate which had probably escaped the flames as it was buried under the bottles of poison, five Brigand Heads, Foehan Vodka, which I drank to recover from the shock and some other articles that I could not possibly carry with me. In my heart of hearts, I was hoping to find one of those fabled Dwarven Mining Axes but still, I got hold of what I could carry and set off for Rebel Hall.

  • Day 62 of the Blue Moon, Year 450 - Fuoco - (2019-05-21)
    Day 62 of the Blue Moon, Year 450. As some citizens have already witnessed in their travels, following some climatic changes which have brought about sand storms and subsidence, some strange ruins have emerged to light in our lands. Today I was surprised to find what the Rebels call Phase Serpent Island (between Crescent Island and COTS Island) containing a little more than just sand and palm trees!


    I was glad to find the ruins were not haunted, as the seas surrounding the small island are thriving with Sea Serpents.


    Day 95 of the Blue Moon, Year 450 - Habeeb - (2019-05-24)
    On day 95 of Blue Moon in the year 450 a bit of troll was traded for an axe. The transaction occurred between Axel Blade and Habeeb, not too far southeast of Andris Bridge. "H'm. Some lucky dog will have a nice supper," thought Habeeb as he headed off.



    Day ~99 of the Blue Moon, Year 450 - Balloc - (2019-05-24)

    Dearest Elsbeta, We found a harpie nest in a pile of mud in the Northeastern Mirithian Woods a couple of nights ago. I believe there may have been another there even more recently as well. Who knew they were ground dwelling nesters? Anyway I know you are a fool for feathers so thought I would pass this along. If you seek them out, use good bows. They are terribly cranky and territorial.
    Love, Breigje
  • Day ~119 of the Blue Moon, Year 450 - Balloc - (2019-05-26)
    Notice to all who love the color purple ( or civil disobedience): I had the displeasure of meeting Lance Waltham and he had the nerve to call purple the color of rotten things and tell me that I looked like an old grape and would face public humiliation by wearing purple! In fact, he threatened to denounce me to the Senate to get me to wear another color and I suspect buy said other color from him. He was rude to Jedd as well. Wear purple proudly if you have it. Show this greedy blowhard a purple sea every time you see him! -With the purplest respect- Breigje Balloc


    Day ~121 of the Blue Moon, Year 450 - Llino - (2019-05-26)
    Llino reads over the notice with his eyes rolling in the back of his head at such an outrageous claim. He grabs his pen and begins to write in anger

    Mr. Waltham,
    I have caught word of an incident in which you claim the color purple the color of rotten things and subject those who wear it to public humiliation. I detest those claims as those who wear it on a regular basis i.e the Marali Vanguard are a courageous, outstanding group of people.

    I highly doubt you of all people would have the audacity to say such things to the many faces of the Marali Vanguard.

    Be careful what you say. You may land yourself in hot water.



    Day ~122 of the Blue Moon, Year 450 - RTQ Fairy - (2019-05-26)
    To the sewer rat who dared to send me a letter,

    There was once a rotten village in the north. It perished under the stench of its own poisonous population of cowards and slimes.
    Also, they had a terrible taste in clothes, staining forever the colour purple and all shades of grey. No great loss - they are the colours of death anyway.

    That Vanguard you mention carries on with their illusions of grandeur, led by nothing but a lich of a ranger who should have been put to the ground three decades ago.

    If you ever realise how wrong you are, with the little brain you have left, I suggest you move to Lerilin and rebuild your life from scratch.

    Then, and only then, will I invite you to return to my shop for business. I can make a man out of you and dress you like a gentleman. Boots included.

    Without any respect for who you are and what your represent,

    Lance Waltham


    Day ~122 of the Blue Moon, Year 450 - Balloc - (2019-05-26)
    Breigje reflects on the issues caused by the shipwreck on the Eastern Andrisian shores and the encampment of privateers who were on an island nearby. “We must tell this tale. Soon. “

    (Report unwritten as of yet)
  • Day 123 of the Blue Moon, Year 450 - Fuoco - (2019-05-26)
    Strange way of ending Day 123 of the Full Moon: First, I found a mysterious body at sea, off the Andris docks, and a dead fish next to it!


    Of course I scouted the coast as I feared the predator or predators might still be about, and it was while fighting a Sea Serpent that Kiearah and Satyricon reached me, telling some tale of Brigands near Morganstown. I followed them to the area and, sure enough, about 20 of the miscreants made their presence known to us (and, for that matter, us to them!). There was a crate with food and drink next to their shelter, which also contained some matter of chocolate. We found a note with instructions to go and "rob those lunatics at the shop, as they would not notice it". Breigje Balloc and Yendu joined us and, together, we returned to town.


    After a conversation about this, that and the other, feeling uneasy, I left my companions to go and scout the North West of Andris. It was not far from the bridge that I spotted some unusual activity - two strangers had lit a campfire, two empty crates were nearby. The shelter contained a small matter of food and even a piece of chocolate!


    The strangers took no notice of me, as if I had not existed. I continued scouting and I was pretty sure something must have upset nature - between the last formation of rocks and the bridge, creatures that you would not normally see there were about - Poison Beasts, Poison Elementals and even a Rust Beast! Even the Brackens had stretched their roots and one was indeed barring the road!


    I would encourage visitors to the Blue Moon Festival to exercise the utmost caution when leaving town.


    Day 132 of the Blue Moon, Year 450 - Fuoco - (2019-05-27)
    Day 132 of the Blue Moon brought about further disturbances. Rosina had set off for the portal, wishing to visit Rebel Hall, but it was not long before I saw her again (or, more precisely, I heard her screams!) - "Mercenaries", she shouted, "Mercenaries on the road to the portal! I braced myself and made my preparations to go and check the situation, but decided to take a detour to the Andris Vanguard Hall. Here I was lucky enough to find Elsbeta Balloc at home and, having briefed her on the emergency situation, we devised a plan not to get overwhelmed by the rascals, We slowly took them out by the rocky formation closest to the portal. As we all know, Gapers seem to be attracted by trouble and, sure enough, two of them were mingling with the crowd. There were also two Brackens close to the path, in the arch the rocks describe, so we thought it wise to bring them down as quickly as possible. It was at that stage that we saw a body - some of their possessions were still there and it was a great cause of concern to find out they had been carrying a Gaper Eye, a Needle, a Red Robe of Protection, a Red Wizard hat and... sixteen Orbs of Seeing all bearing the inscription "Foreteller's Guild". It was evident, to our dismay, that the Foreteller had been ambushed and killed on their way to the red city and the festival! I will ask Rosina to say a prayer. The other oddity was that one of the Mercenaries was clad in black armour and carried with him a Mercenary Token. The ranger and I returned to town and hurried to the castle to report the incident, but the Captain of the Guards was away from his post. Shortly after our failed attempt at immediately reporting to the authorities, we met fighter Krem and, with him, we patrolled the area north of the portal and the coastline all the way to the bridge but found all in order.
  • Day ~144 of the Blue Moon, Year 450 - Llino - (2019-05-28)
    Mr. Waltham
    You know not what you speak of! If you know what's good for you you best keep your mouth shut! I doubt the Vanguard will take kindly to your insults! Funny you only say this while hiding away as I said you don't have the audacity to say it to the many faces of those who wear such a noble color. You are nothing more than a coward!

    With all due disrespect,



    Day ~145 of the Blue Moon, Year 450 - RTQ Fairy - (2019-05-27)
    The magnate looked at the parchment in disgust. How dared the ant challenge the lion? His first impulse was to head directly to the bank — he could hear from the window that the Festival carried on — and settle the matters the old way. The only purple acceptable would be the shade of the bruises he was going to leave all over that thug’s body, with a special finish around the eye. Maybe he should recover a tooth or two from the ground, as trophy.

    But Anthea… Beautiful and kind Anthea was fast asleep in their common four-poster bed, so peaceful, her cheek against the best of World of Wool’s Bed Linen Series II. She would never forgive him for leaving so late at night. He would stay. For her. For the sake of peace in their little nest, that he took so much trouble to build.

    How would he quench this thirst for revenge? Fortunately, a man’s needs can sometimes satisfied. He grabbed the letter again, and sat comfortably on his close stool. At home, he was the King. He could deal with the rest in the morning.


    Day ~209 of the Blue Moon, Year 450 - Matthias - (2019-06-03)
    I was walking to Marali when I ran into Laricen running in a hurry to the portal. He pointed me to something disturbing at the temple. 3 dead female bodies with green robes on them, and warm rocks which seem to have come out from the ground. There were no tracks, but the area has clearly been disturbed. Could this be related to black magic activity or some kind of sick killing ritual? Laricen and I went to Andris to alert others and investigate further.



    Day ~9 of the Fighting Moon, Year 450 - Budic - (2019-06-08)
    Budic decided to take his Tusker, Soledad, for a walk over to the rocks north west of Mirith. Upon reaching the entrance to the maze, he notices several people in blue robes milling about. Hello, Budic says. No reply. He continues to walk past them and notices a couple signs “Let Mirith know you support our cause. “ and “STOP THE KILLINGS! Adopt a giant - they are people too. “ *He thought it seemed odd to support such a thing and preceded to hunt some giants. “Maybe adopting is another way of saying taming?” He wondered, And continued on his hunt. *
  • Day ~105 of the Fighting Moon, Year 450 - Varto - (2019-06-16)
    Bertrand set off to the cemetery to get the rust off his daggers. At the conclusion of the hunt he counted 99 skulls but a lich was not one of them.


    Day ~189 of the Fighting Moon, Year 450 - Lenne - (2019-06-23)
    A pixie sitting atop a nevia flower, surrounded by 3 rocks, was found not too far East from CA guild hall. We attempted to speak to her, but she didn’t respond.




    Day ~190 of the Fighting Moon, Year 450 - Balloc - (2019-06-23)
    When inspecting the Western rock from the bottom side, you notice “ drag marks lead west and some strange tracks you don’t recognize”

    Following the westerly tracks, a group of four was surprised to encounter snarling dracos in numbers not seen in that area. They dispatched the unruly dragonlings but alas, Kulesi and Sephfarn were called away. Happily, Kylar was able to join Amere and Breigje Balloc and they soldiered on to the source of the dracos.

    A grove of tightly knit brackens with a pox of pixies in their midst was sheltering the young forest dracos. The trio battled on even as a bracken taunted that even if they were to burn the whole forest down, they would never get him back. “ He belongs to us now”.

    He ? Could he be the body in the midst of the trees? The one with the small ring with a blue stone that emitted a faint glow? That was a question for later. Despite an exhausting effort, the small band had to depart and regroup to return a bit later.

    Later came and now Lenne could join the fight and Kulesi returned with Kwoo in Amere’s stead. Together with B.B., they returned to the bracken grove but the numbers were greater than they feared. Lenne’s voice sounded out over the shouted incantations of the three mages and her call was heard. Kylar came zapping back, Bertrand came stealthing in and Shivani arrived in a swirl of emerald robes with her spirit animal following. This time they fell the trees, vanquished the pixies and made the dracos give up their last teeth. When the dust settled, there was nothing left but a pair of firmly rooted nevia flowers which could not be moved.

    The air about them was strange and heavy but the body seen earlier was gone and with it, any answers it held.
  • Day ~18 of the Waking Moon, Year 451 - Balloc - (2019-07-16)
    While enjoying an extended fishing trip I was surprised to see more turtles than usual begin to show up near the docks in Marali. I moved on a little further and realized there was a large colony of them ! I passed the information along to a few people but kept it generally quiet as, sad to say, I knew there were those who would come hunt the turtle colony if they knew of it. I didn’t want to see them massacred as I assume they are a peaceful group passing by as they migrate to a seasonal location.


    Clare, a charming druid whom I trusted with the information about the turtles let me know that there were footprints that didn’t seem human at the docks near the turtles. A further set of quite muddy footprints led right into Marali’s fort!

    I met with her to investigate and downstairs in a room not far the waterway entrances , there was a bag containing a single piece of kelp. We had the general impression that “Commander McTyr seems to have left in a hurry”

    We found no further clues as to where he may have gone or what put him in such a hurried state. We can only hope all is well and that we will find further information.


    Day ~19 of the Waking Moon, Year 451 - Clare - (2019-07-16)
    In an attempt to figure out what may have happened to cause McTyr to be in such a rush, with only traces of mud puddles and kelp left behind, Breigje and I thought accessing the waterway would be the most logical next step. Unfortunately, the only access points we are aware of - in Marali and Brigobaen, are still closed. We found no further clues.


    Day ~42 of the Waking Moon, Year 451 - Rosina - (2019-07-18)
    On Day 42 of the Waking Moon, year 451, as I was walking to the shop to get a supply of coal, a tent and some notes close to it did not fail to attract my attention. The first, the contents of which I have scribbled on my sketch, brought a sneering grimace to my face. This changed to a look of puzzlement when I read the second. Dawn of the Disciples my foot - it should be the Sunset of the Walthams!


    Day 53 of the Waking Moon, Year 451 - Rosina - (2019-07-19)
    A brief report from Fuoco, dated Day 53 of the Waking Moon: Many "disciples", all clad in robes of light blue, are celebrating the Moon in Brigobaen, and have vowed silence for its entire duration.
    How I wish Lance Waltham and his beloved Anthea made a vow of silence for a whole year!
  • Day ~54 of the Waking Moon, Year 451 - RTQ Fairy - (2019-07-19)
    An exhausted scout reaches the bank steps. “You must be caref—“ she manages to say, before fainting under the weight of her bow.


    Day ~68 of the Waking Moon, Year 451 - Jedd - (2019-07-21)
    “...and that was all I could gather,” said the young man. “Definitely looks like they’ll be keeping the route a secret this year.”

    “Yes, I see,” said the man at the desk. “A wise decision... but that won’t stop anyone who seeks to prey on those hapless disciples. The pureness of their noble quest will attract evildoers like flies to honey. I need not remind you of the tragedy from last year.”

    “No sir. That day on Medius... I will never forget it.”

    “So then it’s settled. You’ll go to the temple tomorrow, and accompany them from a distance. Those donations must not end up in the hands of brigands! Keep your wits sharp, and remember your training. I expect a status report at every major checkpoint.”

    “Very good sir.” The young man turned to go, but then stopped short in his tracks. “And oh... sir? If the pilgrimage ends up in Port Gast—“

    “Yes, yes, take some time off and go see your family. And may the blessings of the Disciples be upon you.”


    Day 125 of the Waking Moon, Year 451 - Fuoco - (2019-07-27)
    Encounter with Axel Blade, Day 125 of the Waking Moon, Year 451. Some time ago, I had read, in the library, the brief account of ranger Habeeb's meeting with this individual. I chanced upon him during one of my patrol rounds, not far from the bridge. After introducing ourselves, he told me he was looking for a circus to join as an axe thrower. The little devil in me suggested that he should try Mirith, as they have many clowns there and perhaps they might need a different act. He asked me if I knew any, as last time they fired him over a minor detail. A bit puzzled, I ventured to ask what this minor detail was. He replied that it had been a human error, adding that we all fail, sometimes (don't I know it!). He continued by saying, "It's not that the boss needed all that meat. He was fat!". I could not help retorting, "Not the Walthams again?" I was running out of time, so I bid him good luck and rushed away. To this day, I don't know whether he was genuine or having fun at my expense!
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    Day ~100 of the Waking Moon, Year 450 - Matthias - (2019-01-21)
    Note found at Lerilin Bank



    Day ~101 of the Waking Moon, Year 450 - Matthias - (2019-01-20)

    15 more brigands off the road. There was this note and shelter nearby the volcano entrance



    Day ~171 of the Fighting Moon, Year 449 - Matthias - (2018-12-16)



    Day ~186 of the Lucky Moon, Year 450 - Rosina - (2019-05-11)



    Day ~186 of the Lucky Moon, Year 450 - Rosina - (2019-05-11)



    Day ~187 of the Lucky Moon, Year 450 - Hayate - (2019-05-11)



    Day ~188 of the Lucky Moon, Year 450 - Indy - (2019-05-11)
    There is a former prisoner.


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