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  • Day ~38 of the Growing Moon, Year 450 - Jedd - (2019-01-22)
    "The Rise and Fall of Estess Vorund"

    Dear Bronte,

    My sincere apologies for the belated nature of this missive. Only now have I come back to my home at last, and only now can I afford to reflect on the journeys and battles of recent moons. I hope that the reason for my delay will soon become clear, through my telling of the remarkable events that took place on the first day of the Growing Moon, Year 449. I must say, it seems that we will finally be able to enjoy at least a small moment of clarity in regards to the recent miseries. But I am getting ahead of myself here: before I tell my tale, you will first require some context:

    It all began some time ago, while the Fighting Moon still shone over Marali. You have surely not forgotten that day in which myself, Armsman Nial, and several of your fellow guildmates did battle with several deadly wraiths and liches, deep within the catacombs. You may also remember how we found a tattered piece of Commander McTyr's robes in the basement, alongside what appeared to be one of his fallen hounds. The records will show that we pursued this clue all the way to the fiery volcanic depths, before losing the scent and turning back.

    But a few others and I resumed the search not long afterwards. We followed his trail far and wide, over a great number of days, from the islands of Lerilin to the atoll of Duldrus, and finally to the Hidden Peak itself. It was then that we were approached by the esteemed forest witch Istra Falvo (who by now had become somewhat of a familiar sight in that region we call home). She had come with the very missing Maralians we had been tracking, and she was seeking a place where they might be able to stay and rest in secret. Who they were hiding from, and why, they did not say; nor did we need to know. Both the Commander and Miss Falvo have shown our members kindness in the past, and we had no reason to distrust them. Things would become clear in time, we assumed.

    We were only partially correct. One day, while gathering intelligence in Marali, I ran into a ghost from the past – only, this was Estess Vorund, and he was no ghost. You know all too well what happened next: almost overnight, Vorund assumed control of Marali, sowing his seeds of chaos and confusion at every step of the way. To make matters even more confusing, he was now afflicted with a very serious case of amnesia, the effects of which you saw for yourself. There are still many questions regarding his time in power, the nature of his affliction, the role played by Mother Terwynn Rees – for these I'm afraid I have no answer. But there is much more to be said about the matter of the tomes.

    When Vorund requested that he be brought as many ancient tomes as possible, I was initially reluctant, and as confused as anyone else. This confusion was only exacerbated when Miss Falvo gave me a tome of her own, with explicit instructions that it be hand-delivered to Marali. I did as she asked, and some time afterwards, the incident with the bats occurred under the city. As we would all soon learn, Vorund was using these tomes to practice rudimentary Black Magic – an alarming development to say the least. Nevertheless, his obsession would ultimately lead to his downfall, for Miss Falvo was plotting something devious with the tome I had delivered. And that brings me, finally, to the first day of the Growing Moon.

    It began in the vicinity of the Vale, where our paths crossed yet again, this time at breakfast. She asked if Vorund had tried her tome yet, I told her that I couldn't tell, she said that meant he definitely hadn't tried it yet. As we dined on scrambled red egg, I thought about how many tomes I had seen in the deposit box at Marali – perhaps seven or eight? Judging by the sheer number of summonings that you and your fellows had witnessed over the preceding days, I knew that the time was fast approaching.

    We then spoke of another recent curiosity of mine: a certain short, tiny-footed "woman-child" whom Miss Falvo has been pursuing for a number of moons. For whatever reason, she is hellbent on giving this woman some soup (when working with Miss Falvo, one learns quickly that "soup" generally equates to "death" or "horrific poisoning"). Now, I believe that the woman-child was somehow involved in the initial disappearance of Commander McTyr, but this is still just speculation. Now at this point in my narrative, I suspect that you might be growing rather annoyed by the lack of our efforts to find out more, but you must know we had our reasons. Some might call it foolishness. But for our purposes, suffice it to say that neither us nor them had any desire to answer the others' questions, and so it went.

    In any event, Miss Falvo spoke of how she managed to follow the trail to Andris, but apparently the woman-child had already been taken under the protection of Senator Jan Varouf. Her crimes must have truly been great, for the senator had mercifully exiled her to the mines – thus preventing Miss Falvo from administering any sort of soup. "She'll forget it, with time," the senator told her. Miss Falvo's response: "We don't forget things with time – we forget them with soup!" I couldn't help but agree. There are some nightmares in this world that can come back to haunt you if left unresolved – one needn't look any further than Estess Vorund himself.

    Next, we talked of the Gellansha – Miss Falvo's freewheeling crew – and of the one called Ginger, that rather tall, red-haired pirate whom we met almost a year ago now, on the shores of east Duldrus. As Miss Falvo told me, Ginger has been running the crew ever since a certain "ant drama" took place in Marali. I feel no desire whatsoever to rehash the details of those incidents, but I was able to glean one interesting piece of information through our conversations. She mentioned that, at the time of that drama, the Commander had received some letter which had made him grow antsy (my apologies), and which evidently compelled him to call on Miss Falvo for help. What made this letter so important, and who sent it, are far beyond me, but I tell you this now in the event that it might one day become useful. But I reckon that this is how she came to be in the companionship of the Maralian force-in-hiding.

    Breakfast in the Vale

    She then mentioned one last thing that drew my curiosity, while she was feeding the dogs. There was apparently another, less toxic soup which she had made, and which she had fed to a certain dog last moon. "We needed the living dog to look like proper dead", she said. I thought back to the day of liches and wraiths – had that fallen hound been a ruse of some sort, by her own design? How, and why, could that be? I might've pressed her for more, but the morning was fast slipping away, and Miss Falvo was bursting at the seams to talk to Commander McTyr. She went to go find him upstairs (by means of teleportation, as opposed to the staircase), and I was left with one thought only: get to Marali.

    I made the journey with uncommon haste, so worried was I that something had gone wrong with Miss Falvo's planned deception. What if her tome had been stolen by somebody else? What if Vorund had already read it, but it just hadn't worked? I did not rest or stop for a moment until I had made it to the basement, where I barged past the guards and into the Captain's office – the room where all the tomes had been turning up – and found it devoid of all human life (with the exception of the posted guard named Everett. Who knows what dark secrets might be tumbling around inside his head? The man is silent as a stone, but seems to know far too much, down to the most trivial of details – he once told me, for example, exactly how many wounds I had sustained at the hands of brigands at an unrelated battle in Andris, almost as if he had studied and digested the battle reports – but I digress).

    Not satisfied with the lack of answers in the office, I descended into the dungeons. Deep beneath the fort, past the spiraling stairs and into the grimy hall, I found a different guard, whose name I dare not mention here. This man was far more talkative, and mentioned how he was supposed to be preparing a cell for a new, high-profile prisoner. He didn't give me the prisoner's name, but I knew in my gut that it couldn't be anyone but Vorund. I knew then that the time had come. I made my awkward exit, hoping not to arouse any suspicion by staying longer, and then ran upstairs, where I stumbled headlong into the most horrific scene: hoards of giant spiders, crawling up and down every wall in sight.

    The Dungeons of Marali

    For a moment I stood there in shock, until I was brought back by someone screaming for help in another room. It was then the spiders noticed me, and so the painful battle began. I do not remember much of what happened next – somewhere along the way I was joined by a Marali scout (one which I recognized from the contingent staying at the Vale), as well as some other soldiers, and a young cleric named Lilly. The spiders' venom was vicious, and at one point I saw gray. But eventually we gained the upper hand, and beat them back to their source: the office. As we approached, we began to hear the screams for help again – they were coming from just behind the locked door. I don't know who it was I expected to find: it didn't sound exactly like Vorund, but still, it was obvious that another of his tomes had been opened. In the end, nothing could've prepared me for what we saw when the scout undid the lock and burst through the door. It was the most hideous spider I had ever seen, perched atop the chair at the end of the office, tangled up in a mess of his own webs. And then the beast spoke to us, and all became clear.

    Perhaps you have heard the tale of Csilith. Csilith was another poisonous creature who lived years ago, a conniving witch from the Division of Diabolical Devices, and a bitter enemy of Mirith. The webs of deception she wove were so great that they could put even the queen of spiders to shame (and this is no exaggeration: at one point, Csilith had managed to capture and tame the Queen Spider herself). But her treachery and deceit came to a sudden and terrifying end all in one moment, when she tried just a spoonful of soup given to her by a young forest witch who was just starting to gain renown amongst the circles of the underground...

    The Battle outside the Office

    And now here I was, witnessing it happen again, right before my eyes. Estess Vorund, I realized, would have had no idea who Istra Falvo was. And now, he would probably never find out. I must confess, the thought of squashing this spider crossed my mind multiple times while I stood there and stared. Squirming there before me was the ultimate embodiment of betrayal: the man who once tried to have me kill Captain Octar, the man who killed Major Tesdor himself, and the man who brought chaos and dissension with every word that came out of his venomous mouth. Few would take issue if I were to vanquish him right then and there. But in the end, pity stayed my hand – I do hope I won't live to regret it.

    Upon realizing that we were not going to help him, the deformed spider scurried up the walls and took shelter in the upper corner, casting all manner of foul curses at Marali and her people. We withdrew from the office, and the scout locked the door behind, with the promise that it would be guarded around the clock in advance of the Commander's return. We spent some time cleaning up and reordering the rooms, cutting through web after web, and then he made his leave to return to the Vale and inform the others. His name was Filp, by the way – Amadlin Filp. Should you ever make his acquaintance, please send my most sincere thanks, as I'm afraid I forgot to do so in the aftermath of the day's astonishing events. He also made sure to tell me to thank all of you from Citrinitas Aegis as well, on behalf of Marali, for your tremendous efforts in ensuring the city's continued safety.

    While I sit here in my study, I cannot help but notice how the Vale has quieted down considerably since the last time I left it. By now, I suspect that the soldiers have all returned to the fort... perhaps you have seen them already yourself! And Miss Falvo, I would assume, is sure to have returned to her merry band of sailors. Still, many more questions remain about the rise and fall of one Estess Vorund, Special Advisor to the Majors. Somewhere out there, perhaps, other culprits and kidnappers might still walk free. And down in Andris, some mysterious woman-child labors as a prisoner, of unknown threat to the world.

    But as for me: it is now simply the time to rest. I pray that fortune smiles upon your endeavors to the east, and I look forward to visiting your strange city again someday soon. But until that day comes:

    Sending my very best wishes to you and yours,
  • Day ~40 of the Growing Moon, Year 450 - Habeeb - (2019-01-22)
    Wanting to explore Duldrus, I (Habeeb to you) wandered into town from the NE. A greeting party of gapers awaited my arrival with a forth shortly crashing the party.

    (2:11 video - file size about 100MB (might be much smaller) - didn't know how to shrink it well)


    Day ~98 of the Growing Moon, Year 450 - Lenne - (2019-01-27)
    WWW has opened!




    Day ~99 of the Growing Moon, Year 450 - Indy - (2019-01-27)
    I went that place, but that chest was lost :(


    Day ~158 of the Growing Moon, Year 450 - RTQ Fairy - (2019-02-01)
    A thug leaves a note at the bank of Marali.


    Day ~158 of the Growing Moon, Year 450 - Ennui - (2019-02-01)
    having heard vague rumors of suspicious characters seen in Marali, Rivvyre traveled north to investigate... At the gates he saw the number of Guards had greatly increased. Odd, they were wearing the purple robes again ! He found a note attached to a pillar inside the Bank... "Don't you think it's over"

    Commander McTyr is back in charge... warning Maralians of the possible danger, Guards advising citizens to Caution outside the walls !


    Day ~160 of the Growing Moon, Year 450 - Matthias - (2019-02-01)



    Blasphemy. No one tells this wizard how to think!

  • Day ~196 of the Growing Moon, Year 450 - RTQ Fairy - (2019-02-04)

    The Royal Librarians, the Royal Cartographers, and the Bank of Mirith have come to the agreement that, regardless of the long absence of His Majesty the King, the Court needs to redraw the maps of our lands, to account for erosion, movement of lands, conquests of the sea, new trees, new rock formations, and eventually new disputed borders and points of conflict.

    For this purpose, the Bank of Mirith is looking for individuals or guilds willing to take over part of the project. We request that you choose a quadrant, and then count each and every step of and to its major features. We are looking for an accurate geographical description of the land. Examples below:
    How long is the road from Mirith to the bridge shared with Andris? How wide is that path? How wide is the lizard fort? How long is the longest straight line from the fort to the coast? How long is the Northern coast of Marali? Is it regular? If not, how would you describe it?

    We are also interested in matters of political nature: how many cities claim the island where the rivers meet? Where do inter-city waters start? (Note that we have left out most of the open sea and distant islands, since we are already counting with a group of sailors to take over that task.)

    The history of locations will be of relevance as well: is there any historical event tied to this place? Was it here that the armies gathered for the great battle against a common enemy? Was this city under siege? When?

    Your work should be complete with a description of the fauna and flora of the chosen quadrant. How many trolls are usually seen? How many trees of pink-to-red foliage? Do mushrooms grow here?

    All work will be awesomely paid.
    Please, contact the Royal Banker, Mr. Z.R. Naut, for details.



    Day ~198 of the Growing Moon, Year 450 - Varto - (2019-02-05)
    Varto leaves a note for the royal banker
    Dear sir,
    At great personal risk to myself I sailed to skull island. I was unable to count steps due to nearly being eaten by sea serpents and my sextant falling overboard. Upon my return to land I sketched what I remembered of the place.



    Day ~199 of the Growing Moon, Year 450 - Varto - (2019-02-05)

    Mr. Varto,

    Thank you for your hard work. Your studies of anatomy have clearly helped in the task of cartography.

    Please, find me at the bank for your compensation. I will add a new sextant to the bag, to make up for your loss.

    Long Live the King,
  • Day ~38 of the Harvest Moon, Year 450 - RTQ Fairy - (2019-03-25)
    She moved to the Atoll for a bit of calm. To paint, surrounded by nature, and have only a very occasional contact with humans. Now, a tired painter arrives to Mirith. Help is needed. Her quiet paradise seems to have been taken over. And they are many, and extremely dangerous.


    Day ~39 of the Harvest Moon, Year 450 - Bronte/Shivani - (2019-03-25)
    The Case of a curious Druid (聞きたがった人の場合)



    Day ~123 of the Harvest Moon, Year 450 - Jedd - (2019-04-01)

    A basket arrives at the hall of Citrinitas Aegis, containing a letter bearing the mark of the Hidden Vale, alongside a parcel of two or three dozen mandrake cookies that still feel warm to the touch.

    Greetings Bronte,

    I hope this letter finds you well! I was most delighted to receive your information request. You see, it has been far too long since I have been able to make use of my writing desk – our recent forays into the realm of cartography and surveying have allowed time for almost nothing else. But I do not mean to burden you with irrelevant details! Attached below you shall find a small briefing on the events in question.


    As you suggested, it has indeed been quite a few moons since anyone has attempted to make contact with the Mhara – at least to our knowledge. The last significant piece of news came from that wandering cleric Xyremita, on an island not far from Andris Bridge. A few of your comrades were present that day, in fact.

    Xyremita wove a fantastic tale of the Mharan kingdom beneath the waves, and of King N'eroth and his engagement to the Mharan Princess Nifi. She told of how the king would be required to spend a long period of time with the Mhara in their underwater realm, visiting the various settlements, and completing some noble act or other for the good of their kind. Then there was also some discussion surrounding those fearsome phase serpents, who are evidently responsible for some sort of magical pollution that has been causing many of the Mhara to fall ill, including Princess Nifi herself.

    Unfortunately that was all the information that we were able to gather on that day – Xyremita was in some sort of a hurry, and so she quickly departed for Mirith to make use of their library. Who knows what she was looking for... a way to stop the pollution? Perhaps Cassandra could tell you more; Mirith is more her department these days. But should someone wish to investigate these matters further, I believe it would be prudent to make a trip to that dreaded lake which the serpents call home, or even to the extensive Mharan waterway that runs between Marali and Lerilin (not forgetting to bring along a good supply of tiny sea shells).

    Should plans for such an expedition ever come to fruition, please don't hesitate to reach out. While our numbers may be stretched thin currently on account of our present occupations, we are of course always happy to assist whenever time allows.

    Until then: our best wishes to you and yours,

    P.S. Please share these cookies with the others! They were baked fresh this morning, with freshly picked mandrake from our very own gardens (and all apologies to Mr. Delimew).


    Day ~10 of the Dancing Moon, Year 450 - Balloc - (2019-04-07)

    In these early days of the Dancing Moon of 450, I was napping peacefully on the steps of the Mirith Bank. Suddenly, news reached us of trouble on the central island. My foggy memories and poor sense of direction conspired against me but happily both Rivvyre and Lenne knew where we needed to be.

    When we arrived at the island a flurry of pixies began to scold us while their troll companions taunted us from the shore. We scoffed at the usual prattle: the pixies bragging about their wings and the trolls with their empty promises to leave us alone if we let them have our possessions. However, they did have some tricks up their sleeves. The naughty pixies took turns banding together to send us into the fray of the troll rabble. I was surprised to see the two species working so effectively together! I didn’t know they even liked each other as trolls seem the sort of brutes they pixies would shun.

    After Rivvyre fell, the scoffing stopped and we were joined by our friend Matthias and Yendu joined in Rivvyre’s honor. The young fighter, Micheal Mafar located us along the river and joined as well. I’m sure the whole incident was rather confusing to one so new to battle.We were able to fight the invaders more effectively and were blessed to have Kiearah come along later to assist as well.

    After bloodshed and loss we cleared the central island of the aggressive party and Rivvyre was able to rejoin us. They left a chest and a note letting us know the pixies were joining the dance. Well, it was a rather bloody waltz if that’s what the pixies regard as dancing!——-Breigje Balloc
  • Day ~22 of the Dancing Moon, Year 450 - Balloc - (2019-04-09)
    To the Mirithians: a band of privateers were in a boat South of your fine city. My sister Elsbeta spotted them and the rogue Asuna Yuuki came running to the river. They were rather swift and great in number but I joined the the group in my sister’s stead and Rivvyre , Cryssandria, Llino , and our old friend Cyric came quickly to help dispatch them. We found their boat contained a note asking to tell Mirithians that the purple people have info. We spoke to Mattias in the castle as well as a guard. The only info we have is what I have disclosed. They were quite close to the city. I hope it is not a portent of things to come.
    ——-Breigje Balloc


    Day ~58 of the Dancing Moon, Year 450 - Cyric - (2019-04-12)
    Andris: A small band of of Mercenary were spotted inside the city by a lonely out of shape druid who quickly sent word to Mirith hoping anyone could help. Cyric was reached first who knew where one of his mates trains within the city and off the two went; Hayate and Cyric. Cyric reached the area killing five of them before Hayate could get there. Once he arrived the two slaughtered the remaining few leaving no one to escape. A small note on the ground read they had come from the docks. The searched the the east side of the island and found nothing but now thinking about it, that must we Welif or Port Gast.

    No sign of any danger at either place.


    Day ~59 of the Dancing Moon, Year 450 - Bronte/Shivani - (2019-04-12)

    Sightings of Mercenaries within the city led the Druid towards the Andrisian Port where she'd engage a dozen or so thugs, seize their cargo, and set course towards the atoll following a brief stop in Mirith (details to follow later on the forums)

  • Day 86 of the Dancing Moon, Year 450 - Balloc - (2019-04-15)
    Dearest Elsbeta,

    I was in Mirith when we were treated to a visit by a story teller. An older gentleman who came to town in a simple grey robe. He carried no weapons, only a weathered old bag. He approached the small group consisting of Rivvyre, Cryssandria ( and her cat), Kevin, the ever present Bunny, and myself of course. He was known simply as Teller and asked who would like to hear a tale of myth and legend. All of us responded enthusiastically to this suggestion. The chance to hear real lore from a genuine storyteller! Can you imagine? We gathered around him and took spots on the bank steps .

    He began “ Don’t be too hard on me for my mind is old and these stories older and no one knows if these stories are myth, fable or have a note of history.

    They say once there was a great king named Austin, long ago before the world was broken and reformed. He had an enemy named Ploog who was a vicious sorcerer, as powerful as any who have walked the world. Ploog too had an enemy named Seth who had allied himself with the king.

    And so the dark attacked the light and the light repelled the dark and in time the dark sorcerer was brought low. And all was well with the world. Until...a curse of sleepiness fell upon the town. Everyone dozed off and were sawn into pieces by the one person who remained awake. Those ghastly bone spires were used to create a tower of death. The tower was so tall that no one in all four corners of Oberin could avoid seeing it. Wherever they went, the bonesaw tower was there. At the top of it, there was a hideous beast. It was like a gaper, they say, but not made of flesh but of human bones. Its great eye watched the entire world, waiting for someone to craft in a medium that was not bone. The day they , did it saw them...and their saw it saw...”

    Kevin who had been slowly crafting with his woodworking tools, decided that part of the story was a hint and apologetically put them away.

    “And a thousand demons of bone it sent to destroy its enemies!”

    Cryssandria screamed.

    “ the sawyers got the hint.”Teller continued, “ ...the bone tower crumbled and everything was nice again.” This seemed the end but I was wrong. He continued , “ Ploog had an apprentice: Aureil of the sorcerers. There was also one called Greil of whom little is known even in these snippets of myth. Much as their master, these dark wizards attacked the land desiring control over it all”

    Kevin suggested it was greed that motivated them. Teller agreed and further let us know that greed is the downfall of all women and all men.

    Teller continued, “ Aureil was once engaged on an assault upon the realm , as he was wont to do. It was discovered that he was not himself but in an astral form, a powerful magic that few now can comprehend. He had learnt from the mistakes of those who came before him. But even with such precautions he was not all seeing. A cleric in his service grew afraid and felt that his way was wrong. She betrayed him to the king and while his projection loosed death and destruction upon the city...a few brave souls found the cave he had hidden his body in and slew him”

    We all exclaimed excitedly at the bravery of those souls and the powerful art of projection that was unfamiliar to us.

    Teller cleared his throat and let us know that even though he was only reading translations of lost scripts , it had still tired him and there was more to tell at that time. As he gathered his bits of paper back into his bag, he promised that he might have more to tell sometime but reminded us “ if any of it is even true...”. He left town the way he came in and we were left to ponder what we had heard.

    I noted what he wrote to send to you and ask that you keep this with our other letters and tales. Rivvyre also noted the story and I believe he intends to further research the lore and add it to our records of history.

    If you see a grey haired gentleman shuffle into Andris with an old bag filled with scraps of ancient scripts, be prepared for a treat and please send along the news!

    Your sister, Breigje


    Day 86 of the Dancing Moon, Year 450 - Ennui - (2019-04-16)
    sketches from memory : day 86 of the Dancing Moon, in the year 450


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    Day ~182 of the Dancing Moon, Year 450 - Varl - (2019-04-16)
    Apparently Brigands have taken over my guild hall!


    Day ~182 of the Dancing Moon, Year 450 - Cyric - (2019-04-16)
    Where is your guild?


    Day ~182 of the Dancing Moon, Year 450 - Varl - (2019-04-16)
    My guild is next to duldurus, but as far as I know, the brigands have been dealt with.


    Day ~185 of the Dancing Moon, Year 450 - Kevin - (2019-04-16)
    The wizard Kevin was minding his own business cooking up some Trout in Andris this afternoon....



    Day 64 of the Lucky Moon, Year 450 - Habeeb - (2019-05-02)

    On day 64 of Lucky Moon in the year 450 a badly burned corpse was found at the entrance of the volcano. Conspicuously attached, a bloody parchment read, "And stay out!" Habeeb, the discoverer of the corpse, decided to poke his head into the entrance anyway. "Nothing out of ordinary," he thought. "I wonder what lies further in though." With a shrug of the shoulders, he exited the volcano and wandered off into the wood and went about his way.



    Day ~70 of the Lucky Moon, Year 450 - Dessa Fey - (2019-05-03)
    The Honorable Dessa Fey and Dame Yendu were chatting when a mysterious fairy appeared at the Mirith bank, speaking of tricksy pixies and changing your luck. The helpful fairy pointed both to gooey park for a surprise. A bracken was found hoarding short bows of speed and colorful green jesters caps. Could this be the luck of the moon?
  • Day 77 of the Lucky Moon, Year 450 - Habeeb - (2019-05-03)
    On day 77 of Lucky Moon in the year 450 a diamond of fires was discovered southwest of Leri. "H'm," thought Habeeb, the discoverer of the fires. "Not sure what to make of this. A BBQed corpse and now these fires." With another shrug of the shoulders, he went about his way, pushing ever deeper into the wood.



    Day 77 of the Lucky Moon, Year 450 - Cryssandria - (2019-05-03)
    Cryssandria recalls that these fires were made during the Easter egg hunt and inside and around the fire diamond itself were brackens guarding a stash of eggs they likely stole from the easter bunny. Her party of friends slaughtered them.


    Day 78 of the Lucky Moon, Year 450 - Habeeb - (2019-05-03)
    On day 78 of Lucky Moon in the year 450, a hearthful of fire elements was encountered near the portal to hell. Habeeb, the encounterer, thought, "I should have brought with me some marshmallows, chocolates and Gohoram crackers." He then thought nothing s'more of it and went about his way.



    Day 90 of the Lucky Moon, Year 450 - Rosina - (2019-05-04)

    Day 90 of the Lucky Moon, Year of the Goddess 450. Following reports of a mysterious corpse found just outside the infamous Volcano entrance, a group of citizens organised an expedition into the very bowels of the dreaded mountain of fire. They challenged the Hell Mages in order to get past their fires but found nothing amiss.


    Day ~94 of the Lucky Moon, Year 450 - Balloc - (2019-05-04)

    Dearest Breigje,

    I know how you cherish a mystery; I thought I would give you a bit of information to swirl around while you’re mixing potions.

    After a brief hunt, a few friends and I were waiting at the easternmost gate of Andris while we decided if we were able to organize more time for hunting. One of the city guards recognized me as a vanguard member and we spoke of the fact that there seemed to be an unusual number of bracken near the rocks east of the city. After some friendly banter and assessment of our group, which by now was a duo, Cara and I agreed to go see if anything was amiss in the area discussed.

    Although the number of bracken did indeed seem unusual, there was little else to hinder our progress, save the usual howling poison beasts. We felt certain all was well until we spotted the shelter between two last bracken and scattered logs surrounding. As we drew closer and ended the incessant bolting of the dread trees, we noticed the bodies of two sea serpents along the beach and a seemingly discarded bit of paper near the tents. We were able to just read the words “ Position compromised. Will keep as close an eye as possible on the target.”

    I think you might guess how alarming this message was considering the close proximity to our fair city. The shelter contained some fine durable and poisoned daggers and the heads of several brigands. I have little comfort in our victory as I am unsure what target is being eyed and what eyes are watching.

    Which brings me to another issue. I neglected to tell you of the pleasant hunt with friends that also led to mystery back on the 13th day of this Lucky Moon. I apologize as you are generally so good to share your adventures with me.

    On that day, I was with Elpiis and Clare when we discovered a close cluster of bracken with a body nearby. We did not recognize the nameless unfortunate who fell to the trees but he had 3 bracken seeds on his person when he died and was perhaps the one who left the green RoR in a nearby bracken’s branches.

    Shortly thereafter, we traveled slightly north and encountered the smoldering ruins of a tent between two other bracken. The tent contained a green RoP and wizard hat, as well as an RoRC and the sort of items one might associate with the practice of wizardry.

    We all found this quite curious but I think you know my suspicious nature well enough to understand how I worried over green robed enemies of Andrisian past. My companions were more clever and sensible of course and seem quite certain the objects may be related to the Lucky Fairy or some other element of this moon. They did plan a short journey to Brigobaen to ask the brothers if anyone had turned in an unusual number of Holy Daggers recently, in case someone had bad plans with the seeds we found or could be responsible for the extra bracken.

    If any of this to you seems related or worrying, please let me know. Otherwise, chalk it up to my occasional paranoia wrought by over diligence.

    Thank you for sharing the storyteller visit with me and please come to Andris soon. I heard you have been in Marali and you know as well as I do that you never fare very well there. If not here then at least return to Foehan with Dad and I will see you at Blue Moon!

    Your sister, Elsbeta
  • Day 102 of the Lucky Moon, Year 450 - Rosina - (2019-05-05)
    Day 102 of the Lucky Moon, year of the Goddess 450. Very unusual noises reached me whilst I was at my usual task of not letting the undead get too unruly, and they seemed to come from the east, so I went to see what was happening. The port was guarded and some construction work signs warned people to keep out. I could not make out what it is they are trying to build but must be something official, given the deployment of guards.




    I approached one of them but got no response.

    A copy of the report is delivered to the Andris Vanguard.

    Addendum: Further to my report, Fuoco went to investigate. There are no vessels anchored at the harbour at present and Morganstown is peaceful - the activity is confined to the docks area, but she is anxious to know what the Walthams are building on that peaceful area of the continent - the guards have either been instructed not to release any information or are otherwise reluctant to do so.


    Day 103 of the Lucky Moon, Year 450 - Balloc - (2019-05-05)
    Rosi- I have investigated the area based upon your report but have no information to add. I will be staying in the warehouse at the East Docks to watch the area. I had to make a brief run to pick up food as I sophomorically moved to the warehouse unprepared.

    -Elsbeta Balloc


    Day 104 of the Lucky Moon, Year 450 - Rosina - (2019-05-05)
    To Elsbeta Balloc. Dear friend, I would advise caution - the Walthams have been the target of thieves and sheep poisoners in the past. The fact that the construction site is under surveillance could mean that trouble is expected (or feared). Take the utmost care.

    Your friend, Rosie.
  • Day 107 of the Lucky Moon, Year 450 - Rosina - (2019-05-05)
    Day 107 of the Lucky Moon. I knew that enterprise of the Walthams would bring trouble... I was making my way to Bracken Park from the cemetery when I found a troublesome note and some blood on the beach. I made a sketch to the best of my ability.


    I ran to town to call my aunt as a nasty Sea Serpent was swimming close by... it seems that Brackens have appeared on the beach.

    Fuoco warns travellers - the waters east of Andris city are unsettled. Beware of Sea Serpents.


    Day ~108 of the Lucky Moon, Year 450 - Balloc - (2019-05-06)

    An older ranger posts a notice on the road to Mirith Cemetery: To travelers and adventurers , be cautious when approaching the cemetery. There are bone mages and skeleton archers in the back to the north and east. Be mindful of your pets , as my friend Rivvyre lost his hellhound to the archer’s swift arrows when we were safely outside and not provoking an attack. Safe travels, friends. ~Gojbren Balloc


    Day ~108 of the Lucky Moon, Year 450 - Rosina - (2019-05-06)

    * Adds a note to the ranger's post * Warning to mages and clerics in particular: Skeleton Archers kill us very easily - sisters and brothers healers, protect yourselves with Reflective Armour spells and try to hide!


    Day ~109 of the Lucky Moon, Year 450 - Rosina - (2019-05-06)
    Whoever was spying (presumably) on the Walthams, has now gone but it is reasonable to assume they have chosen or will soon choose another location from which to observe the events at the docks. For strategical reasons, the next location must, of necessity, not be too far from the construction site. Fuoco reports that the waters seem calmer, but be watchful.


    Day ~110 of the Lucky Moon, Year 450 - Rosina - (2019-05-06)
    Letter from Ysadril to Mrs Piggins of Rose Cottage. Lucky Moon, Year 450.

    My dear friend, What a to do ‘ere in Andris! I ‘ad not seen Mrs Rosina so angry in ages. Them Walthams are buildin’ some boat with a flag near ‘em docks n’ are bein’ real rotten to them poor workers - first they offer reffreshments, then they are dedduktin’ gold from their pay. Me stommick is churnin’ and Mrs Rosy hopes their wool will all rot and fill with maggots. My Mistress, Lady Fuoco, has told me that her friend, ranger Balloc, has offered them workers steaks. If my rheumatics allows, I shall fetch ‘em some ale, but I be scared of them poisonous beasts. Your faithful sarvant and friend, Ysadril.
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