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  • Day 25 of the Sleeping Moon, Year 449 - Jedd - (2018-12-09)
    "Oh, well would you look at that. Vorund's gone and put up another notice."

    "Oof. What's it say?"

    "All citizens and allied guilds: join our troops taking down the mage Rivolus. He is a threat to all. Marali Prevails!"

    "Mm... sad."


    Day ~34 of the Sleeping Moon, Year 449 - RTQ Fairy - (2018-12-10)
    “Take this to Marali”. The scout nodded. “Wait, tear your robes a bit first. Don’t forget to smell some fresh mandrake before going in. That will make you teary.” The scout grabbed the parchment. It detailed the outcome of the latest Marali expedition to Rivolus’ fort. It was the third parchment of the kind. A narrative of blood and gore, praises of the brave fallen soldiers, and the assurance that, one day, Marali would indeed prevail. “Now go. We’ll set camp elsewhere. It’s no longer safe here.”


    Day ~55 of the Sleeping Moon, Year 449 - Matthias - (2018-12-11)

    "Today after a routine spider cave harvesting, I was ambushed by mercenaries alongside bracken in the rock maze. I found these notes from whoever sent the assassins. I can only imagine this hit was put on me for the brigand wedding crash yesterday. I will lay low for a while until this blows over." - Sir Matthias



    Day ~91 of the Sleeping Moon, Year 449 - Bronte/Shivani - (2018-12-14)
    Myterious notes spotted at the Marali Bank and The City's Southern Gates



    Kylar, Shivani, and Bertrand investigated Marali basement and determined the fire started from an attempt to burn a book. The book was disfigured beyond recognition and the culprit long gone.



    Day ~92 of the Sleeping Moon, Year 449 - Neblin - (2018-12-14)

    The old man somehow limps over to read a news scroll that just came in, only to find the subject to be Marali. Erich has mixed feelings about Marali, brought about by only reading the article's title. Erich was captured and tortured below the city. The guards only called him "foggy" because he got so pale, which in their strange language sounded something like "Neblich" or "Neblig." He still has nightmares about it. He got his revenge when he was with The Twins during the occupation. Revenge gave him memories of the smell of burning flesh and hair. He still remembers the faces of Marali's citizens; he saw people defending their home. He still has nightmares over it. They fought for their home and died for it, just like Erich should have done for The Eye. He still has nightmares over it. Even when he was so mad he couldn't even remember his name, Fang and other Maralians showed him great kindness, even friendship, right after meeting him. These were the people who killed the friends he had before he lost his mind. He still has nightmares over it. There was one thought that drowned out all of the guilt and shame he has surrounding Marali. Erich walked into Marali with the Twins. Neblin walked out.

    What bothered him the most about Marali's current troubles were Estess Vorund. Another man in a purple robe with memory troubles? He'd investigate himself, but his hip and knee troubles kept him in Brigobean. Finally, he read that Shivani was going to investigate under the city. Erich left something down there long ago, and maybe Shivani can find it. He wrote the following short letter:


    While you're exploring under Marali, could you please look for my toes? I suppose they've probably been eaten with a plate of brigand's head, but if you're able to return whatever you find to me I'll be grateful.

    -Erich Kaestner

    P.S. Your people also ripped off my toenails before cutting off my toes. I'd also like those back if you can find them.

    On his way to mail the letter, he stubs his toe. "Maybe Marali was onto something with the cutting off toes thing.," he though to himself.


    Day ~116 of the Sleeping Moon, Year 449 - Matthias - (2018-12-16)

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    Day ~33 of the Waking Moon, Year 450 - RTQ Fairy - (2018-12-30)
    A request from Acting Commander Estess Vorund:

    To all the guild, allies, and friends of Marali: please, lend us any ancient tome in your possession. We are conducting important research against the Black Hand, and we have strong reasons to suspect that they are after a specific book.

    The city of Marali thanks you for your cooperation.


    Meanwhile, elsewhere...


    It's a busy land...


    Everything seems to wake up again, after the long sleeping cycle...



    Day ~33 of the Waking Moon, Year 450 - Ennui - (2018-12-30)
    "Dawn of the Disciples"



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    Day ~35 of the Waking Moon, Year 450 - RTQ Fairy - (2018-12-30)
    The priest climbs up a floor, to welcome a delegation of brothers from Forgetown. He glances at the chests, feeling slightly guilty that the preparations of the festivities have kept him so busy, he hardly notices anything around him anymore. Something is amiss. Two chests are amiss! Evaristos approaches the remaining boxes. “Everything of value has been stolen!” He runs to the guards. “We have only seen upstanding citizens coming in, Father”. Evaristos sighs deeply. “We can’t trust anyone these days. Not even during the most beautiful of our celebrations. Stealing from the poor...”


    Day ~36 of the Waking Moon, Year 450 - Ennui - (2018-12-30)
    After clearing the road, along with Lenne, Matthias, Mokie and Suomous, not far from the Temple, of what appeared to be an attempt by a band of surly Brigands to extract tolls from the disciples traveling to the Temple; Yendu noticed that the chests marked for Leriln and Marali had been removed from the Temple grounds...


    Day ~37 of the Waking Moon, Year 450 - Bronte/Shivani - (2018-12-30)
    The fighter reached into his inventory to retrieve a blacksmithing hammer when he was suddenly overcome by an uncanny feeling. Using a makeshift ladder, created by assembling the logs in the forge, he peered over the city's wall and noticed Forest Dragons and dracos among the usual Bone Mage and Pixie residents.



    Day ~38 of the Waking Moon, Year 450 - Lenne - (2018-12-30)
    “...Marali thanks you for your cooperation.” Lenne reads aloud, shrugs, and tosses two ancient tomes into the collection box.
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    Day ~39 of the Waking Moon, Year 450 - Lenne - (2019-01-01)
    Hearing about the forest dragon just outside of Marali’s walls, Lenne, Suscane, Rondino, and Jakur Jack decided to attempt to clear the area. The Vanguard clearly wasn’t going to do anything about it. The group soon found that the dragon was accompanied by gapers, pixies, and dracos. The dragon came down with ease, and the group continued to explore the area with caution. Suddenly, Lenne and Jakur Jack were flung into multiple forest dragons, and saw grey. Bronte and Varto came to their aid, and all of the forest dragons and their friends were slain. Continuing on, they found a large cluster of bracken in front of a rocky cove. Behind the bracken was a shelter, some notes, and a chest of unusual items. Inside the chest: a carving knife, 5 ancient tomes, a statue of Elara, and a green dragon egg. With no Vanguardians around, Citrinitas Aegis agreed to hold the items for safe keeping. (maybe Bronte/Shivani, Suscane, Matthias can supplement with screenies and what the notes said)



    Day ~40 of the Waking Moon, Year 450 - RTQ Fairy - (2019-01-01)
    The priest rushes from one end of the temple to the other, greeting strangers, waving at old friends, blessing all around, sharing smiles and cookies. The Dawn of the Disciples has been a success so far, with the generous donations from the citizens accumulating in the chests. “Lovely. Food, weapons, and books. Yes, someone had the excellent idea of sending old books to the poor. A strong nation starts with a strong education. Elara would be proud. I must remember to thank everyone.”


    Day ~41 of the Waking Moon, Year 450 - Bronte/Shivani - (2019-01-03)
    Bronte reviews the letter and list of items recovered from the Bracken cove, constructed East of Marali 's gates, in preparation for correspondence with Captain Octar of the City's Vanguard



    Day ~50 of the Waking Moon, Year 450 - Matthias - (2019-01-03)
    The Ghost of Kharoon was seen wandering around these notes as I went about my routine cemetery check this evening. After staving off several bone mages with the help of Clar and Llino, peace has now been restored to the Lerilin cemetary.




    Day ~60 of the Waking Moon, Year 450 - Matthias - (2019-01-04)
    Given 4 Ancient tomes to deliver to Marali. I can feel dark energy emanating from that part of Oberin and request backup at Mirith bank to courier the goods to the librarians in Marali.


  • Day ~130 of the Waking Moon, Year 450 - Jedd - (2019-01-07)
    The Eve of the Full Waking Moon, Year 450

    The boy burst into the office, panting heavily. "It's gone! It's gone! They've stolen it all!"

    "What? Stolen what? Speak, man!"

    "The donation box! The one that all of our donations went to - the one for Duldrus!"

    "They what?"

    "And they left all the other boxes untouched!"

    "$&#%@! These soulless bandits will stop at nothing!"

    "And oh, wait, something happened to Mirith's box too - it was covered with slime and goo."

    "By the grace of—well, Mirith's always like that—but bloody hell! Do you have any idea who might've done it?"

    "No sir."

    "Hmmmm." Lans glanced down at his calendar. Full moon was tomorrow. "Well if I ever find out, there'll be Hell to pay... but not today! Here, take this down: ten bowls shark fin soup, five bowls chirashizushi. Five harpie egg omelettes, five sea serpent omelettes. Thirty steaks flambé – with the good whiskey, mind you – and twenty stuffed giant hearts. Give that list to Amayza. And for Cirilla: see if you could trouble her for another fifteen banana cakes, Andris-style, and fifty gingerbread loaves." It was not even half of the original planned feast, but it was going to have to do. "And have Kadel pay a visit to Marali. We're going to need a lot more whiskey."


    Day ~131 of the Waking Moon, Year 450 - RTQ Fairy - (2019-01-07)





    Day 143 of the Waking Moon, Year 450 - Jedd - (2019-01-08)
    "'WWW sheep shearing week!'" The boy read aloud from the pamphlet. "It says... 'Bring your pet, we'll take your wool for free. Give your friend a new look. Only with Waltham's World of Wool!' And oh, looky here... 'Due to the murders of dozens of sheep, the entrance now requires a ticket.'"

    "Hmph!" said the man, as they strolled into the city's polished gates. "So much for free shearing week. I wonder if this has something to do with that Kwoo fellow."

    "But wait—" the boy stopped. "I thought he was banned?"

    "Something like that, yes. I'm sure it's just another crazy imposter trying to get their fifteen minutes of fame. Come, let's keep going!"

    "Okie doke."

    "Oh, goodness, that reminds me!" the man said. "You'll like this: today, while I was sitting down in the park, enjoying my lunch, I overheard some madman talking about how black magicians are conspiring with the merchants' guild to summon Dethras and unfairly manipulate prices."

    "...huh. Neat! Who's that again?"

    "The seventh disciple, who turned to shadow. You probably won't be hearing much about him when the pilgrimage comes to town. But don't you worry, son... it's just some more crazy talk. You'll get used to it!"
  • Day ~146 of the Waking Moon, Year 450 - Bronte/Shivani - (2019-01-08)
    Citirnitas Aegis investigates the source of a Zombie invasion within the City of Marali and discovers a very fragile tome that disintegrates upon touch.


    Summons from her apprentice, Winter, led the druid to the crypts of Marali where she noticed a horde of Blink Hounds emerging from a book in the forge. Its appearance was very similar to The Book of the Dead and it swiftly faded into the shadows .

    Curious. Jedd had recently discovered a flock of bats, and Citrinitas Aegis, a mob of Zombies within this same vault. Both parties had also determined the source of the creatures to be a tome located in the crypt's forge. Jedd's recovered tome related to black magic but the one located by CA proved impossible to salvage. Curious indeed that these events occurred following Estess Vorund's retrieval of the Ancient Tomes donated to the city.

    Her thoughts wandered as she collected the furs from the corpses of the fallen hounds. Clearly something is afoot in Marali. Her Vanguard, nowhere to be found, chain of Command inexplicable, possibly nonexistent. The acting commander, Vorund himself, senile. The city's healer, Terwyn Rees apparently in cahoots with him. Perhaps Vorund was responsible and his senility a side effect of dabbling in Black Magic?

    She was aware these were very grave allegations and needed to be substantiated. Leaving her apprentice to maintain watch over the city, she set out to find more information about the disappearing Tomes.



    Day 150 of the Waking Moon, Year 450 - Rosina - (2019-01-08)
    Day 150 of the Waking Moon, Year of the Goddess 450.

    Whilst clearing some clutter at Rebel Hall, Tarquin the Guard finds, under a pile of rotting wood, a torn page which is still readable - it seems to be Fixx's autobiography.


    The page is carefully dusted and placed on the table, awaiting the leader's next visit to the Hall.



    Day ~174 of the Waking Moon, Year 450 - Ennui - (2019-01-10)
    Mirith Temple - Dedicated to the Life Goddess !
    Mirith welcomes the Pilgrims
    Donations to the poor of Mirith
    The pilgrims leave the city, and head to Foehan.



    Day 50 of the Waking Moon, Year 450 - Laricen - (2019-01-10)
    Day 50 of the Walking Moon, Year 450

    On my way to Mirith to assist a young apprentice, I was attacked by a number of harpies. Making a quick escape, I soon found the amateur Ana and we decided to take care of the horde of harpies. Hiking back up the road, the birds swarmed us. After fighting off the first wave, I proceeded more cautiously and lured them away from their flock one by one to let Ana practice her ambush technique. As Ana cut through the feathers, a few Bone Mages found among the flock. While I initially suspected the unholy wizards to be the cause, the evidence found showed this to be a more natural occurrence. Among the trees, the red shards of harpies eggs were found. The next generation of a family of the pests had been hatched, only to be exterminated.

    (This was from New Years Eve and I was too lazy to write it up until now. Sorry for the delay.)
  • Day 180 of the Waking Moon, Year 450 - Jedd - (2019-01-11)
    "Hmm," said the fighter. "These brigands are getting bolder. Let us hope we can uncover the full story of whatever happened here!"


    Further investigation reveals a greater tragedy:



    Day 180 of the Waking Moon, Year 450 - Ennui - (2019-01-11)
    Rivvyre, "Seeing the message from the Rogue, Laricen, reminded me of a similar encounter I also had a fortnight back... I had gone to the Guild Hall of F.I.V.E., to claim my Bear friend, Biggity. As we returned to the road, we were beset by a screeching flock of young Harpies... With a Swipe of her large paws, Barely knocked one after another from the air. We dispatched many and collected those sought after feathers 'n red eggs. Searching the area we found the nesting place... I had to wonder "what parent (Harpy are, somehow part human) would birth their young in such an inhospitable situation so close to a human settlement"



    Rivvyre, "I think I may have been the first to follow the Pilgrims march toward Foehan the ?day of the ?Moon. Notes left near the Donation chest said they would follow the east road to the Mirith portal, then set out thru the forest to Foehan."


    "Following their trail thru the Forest, all seemed quiet but for a stray harpy' n' snake or two... Until I neared the A.R.D.E.N.T. built portal to the Void. The Pilgrims were camping at the portal. So busy dispersing the donations they had brought, they were oblivious to another camp I spotted a short distance from them !

    The second Camp to the north of the portal looked to be quite large; many boot marks 'n cold camp fires; Brigands were thru out the area as I circled around it to the north 'n nor'east...
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    Day ~186 of the Waking Moon, Year 450 - Danery - (2019-01-11)
    An angrily scrawled letter is pinned to the Vanguard wall.

    Estess Vorund, acting commander

    While I understand Commander Octar is on a special assignment near the Jinker Islands, it is no excuse for you and the rest of the Vanguard to sit idle. While you have been drinking yourselves into a stupor every night, Marali’s defenses are continuously being tested. In the most recent attack, an army of Lizard Shamen snuck right past two guards asleep on their watch.This is unacceptable!!

    But don’t worry, Citrinitas Aegis and our allies were able to thwart the attacks. Final warning, either whip the Vanguard into shape, or CA will take over the Vanguard’s services.

    Danery, CA Ranger, Guardian of Marali


    Day ~188 of the Waking Moon, Year 450 - RTQ Fairy - (2019-01-11)
    To the Ranger Danery of the Citrinitas Aegis, Guardian of Marali,

    Thank you for your missive. I agree with you: the absence of the Vanguard is intolerable and they deserve a stern warning. Armsman Octar is in Jinker Islands? That is news to me, and I appreciate your report. Is scouting your speciality, or are you better with arrows?

    If your guild wants to apply to take over the functions of the Vanguard, I would be open to it, given that you accept a period of hard military training. I can enrol you already in the courses of Strategy vs Tactics, Self-Defense with a Dagger, and Cryptography I.

    Looking forward to hearing back from you.
    Marali Prevails,
    Acting Commander Estess Vorund


    Day ~190 of the Waking Moon, Year 450 - Danery - (2019-01-12)
    Acting Commander Estess Vorund,

    I am glad you see the vital need for the Vanguard’s presence. But, a stern talking to??? Isn’t this type of non-existent discipline that got us into this mess in the first place. I’m thinking a swift kick to the backside, or maybe a lashing to two?

    I am a bit taken back by requiring us to undergo hard military training. Our work along side of the Vanguard over the years should speak for itself on our competency. I would be extremely surprised if the Marali Vanguard still showed any proficiency in required disciplines. Since Armsman Octar took leave, the only areas I see that the Vanguard is still skilled in are gambling, drinking, and womanizing.

    If Marali is ever in need of assistance to defend its walls, please send word. But most likely, we will already have the situation under control before you arrive.

    Danery, CA Ranger, Guardian of Marali


    Day ~191 of the Waking Moon, Year 450 - RTQ Fairy - (2019-01-12)
    Acting Commander Estess Vorund, early morning. The guards are dismissed for the whole moon. Acting Commander Estess Vorund needs peace and quiet. In front of the forge where he has been studying tirelessly, he reads the missive of a ranger. Danery, from the Citrinitas Aegis. A guild that claims to have been defending Marali for years. Acting Commander Estess Vorund throws the letter to the floor. He is not feeling well. A sense of disorientation has taken over him lately. He is dépaysé.

    The letter makes it worse. At first, it made him smile, with the reference to a lashing or two. Good idea, after all. The problems start with the second paragraph. The world seems to be turning at different speeds. A new guild claims to be old, a strong Vanguard is accused of debauchery. There is something wrong in Estess Vorund’s world. He gazes around the room. Everything seems in order. He looks at his own reflection in a mirror. He seems to be well, too. He remembers his name, his origin, his mission. If he closes his eyes, he manages to touch the tip of his nose with his forefinger. Alas, there is something wrong, still. Probably other people. That’s it. Hell is other people.


    Day ~192 of the Waking Moon, Year 450 - Bronte/Shivani - (2019-01-12)
    Shivani returned to Marali with Suscane to find the city's vault once again besieged, this time by Bone Mages spawning from a white tome within the forge. The duo subdued the mob in no time and drew closer to the tome which erupted in flames as they approached.

    (We recovered 2 Brown ROPs and 2 MPRs, +1 and +9, please let us know if they are yours smiley )

  • Day ~194 of the Waking Moon, Year 450 - RTQ Fairy - (2019-01-13)
    Father Vei, my holy brother and guide,

    Thanks to Mother Mei’s diligence, we have received help from the city of Elara. Mirith sent guards and we managed to establish a distribution point at the Central Island. The poor will still be served. The guards and scouts will deliver the chests with our donations. For now, we need to respect the time to mourn the brutal death of five pure souls from our family.

    Our custom of following the blessed waters of the river up to Gohoran seems now too dangerous. Jeremiah Jalux, or the “Jealous Jalux”, as he was known in the beginning of his nefarious career, is after us. What is he plotting, only the gods know. Or, I dare say, only one God, the false god, the traitor.

    This is a sad year for the Disciples. A new cycle that starts in blood can only end in tears. Our holy procession is thus cut short, but we shall do what we can to return hope to the hearts of our pilgrims. Each one of them must return home feeling blessed and strengthened by Elara, not with the sentiment of defeat her enemies want to instil into us.

    I shall return to Brigobaen only after the last chest has been delivered. Until then, I will assure, with Mirithian Captain Farn Rigg, the safe return of our brothers and sisters to their hometown.

    May the light of Elara and the Disciples shine brighter than ever.



    Day ~218 of the Waking Moon, Year 450 - RTQ Fairy - (2019-01-15)



    Day ~35 of the Growing Moon, Year 450 - Hayate - (2019-01-19)
    We went to Ice dungeon.
    I defeated mercenaries there.
    There was a letter with Pure Ice Crystal, I dropped Crystal to the portal.
    I moved to dungeon of Duldras.
    I somehow managed to escape from there.

    ID portal >Pure Ice Crystal>Duldras Dungeon(Dragon room)
  • Day ~38 of the Growing Moon, Year 450 - Rosina - (2019-01-19)
    The wizard was dreaming of the stormy sea, when it floods the ravines, draws back and rises again. The bed sheets were swelling as if to follow the wave troughs; the fight against the elements became slippery and more intense… then the scenery changed and she found herself in a sea of green… emerald green pastures… Suddenly awake, “Sheep!”, the wizard cried, and jumped up, causing the bed covers to fall to the ground. Left without the warmth of the woollen blanket, she shivered. “Sheep… wool… good heavens, I have not written to Jedd yet!”, she uttered.

    With a feeling of guilt, Fuoco rushed through her morning routine, then sat at her desk, quill and parchment in hand.

    My dear Jedd,

    I have been meaning to write to you for quite a while now… you must forgive your old friend - my powers may have grown but so have my years. I spend most of my days meditating, often oblivious to time and circumstances. My life has deeply changed ever since the disappearance of our beloved Senator Morgans, and further sorrow was brought by the death of my newly acquired friend, Senator Muquites – only a Rune Sword and a few fragrant pieces of gingerbread are left in my family, to remind us of happier days… but enough reminiscing! Not long ago, Rosina drew my attention to some peculiar circumstances, which I wished to verify with my own eyes.

    The Waking Moon was half way through our skies when I followed her to the main stables, where I witnessed some remarkable changes - the entrance had been blocked by a thick hedge, designed to protect a rather sizeable flock of sheep, and some signs announced that this was a measure taken by the Walthams to protect their livestock, following some episodes of sheep poisoning. It was further announced that an entrance ticket was now required, whilst yet another sign advertised their business: “Give your friend a new look! Only with Waltham’s World of Wool”, and again… “Sheep shearing week! Bring your pet, we’ll take your wool for free!”.


    I leave you to imagine my outrage - how can they block a public stable? Whilst I understand their concerns about losing their livelihood, why could not they build a private enclosure and pay their employees to watch over the animals? Truth be told, their greed seems to have no boundaries - they wish to make money but are not prepared to spend any! I was horrified when, some moons earlier, I had learnt that they wished to expand their business even to small villages, including Morganstown. At the time, I had rushed there to reassure Jorda, at the Potion Shop, that I would do everything in my power to prevent the Walthams from taking over her premises! Somebody must make them see sense - nobody goes to Morganstown to purchase ‘fashionable’ clothing, whereas the current establishment caters for much needed emergency supplies and is the nearest place to that dreadful Volcano!


    However, the above is not the most shocking part of the business. After hearing Rosina’s reports (you know I cannot trust that girl too much - the horses of her imagination tend to gallop rather wildly!) that something unusual was happening at Brigobaen, I travelled there myself.

    To my horror and astonishment (not sure which was greater), the temple grounds were decked out as if for a village fete. A number of chests for donations to the poor of the various areas of Oberin occupied the outer perimeter of the library (so far nothing to object), but there was also some advertising: “Special Offer from Waltham’s World of Wool”, “Shop at Waltham’s World of Wool. Nystral’s Style!”. What can I say, dear friend… the sacred seemed to intertwine with the profane in a grotesque and very undignified fashion (forgive the pun). At that stage, I began to wonder whether all or part of the donations would end straight into the greedy hands of the Walthams. What are these merchants doing, for Goddess’ sake? Trying to pull wool over our eyes? How were the priests of Brigobaen fooled into accepting such an invasion of the sacred grounds? I do hope the authorities and citizens alike can react against this state of affairs… some moral restraint on the merchants of wool would not go amiss!


    The ancients say that the Past is the father of the Present, and that Truth is the daughter of Time… since I cannot see any feasible way of preventing what at any rate is yet unclear, I guess we can only be watchful whilst the events unfold, but let me tell you something - I certainly do not wish our lands to be ruled by such greedy, narrow-minded folks!

    That, however, was not the end of the surprises at Brigobaen - “May the cities of the Disciples forever prosper”, one sign read, and “Our brothers and sisters will meet at the southern classroom”, said another. The lower ground was indeed mayhem - it was overcrowded with people utterly unknown to me. Is this a new sect? Do you know anything about them? I must confess I found it alarming. May Elara watch over us!

    Yours, most sincerely,

    Fuoco of Andris
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