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    Day 224 of the Fighting Moon, Year 448 - Nial - (2018-05-21)
    A brief report is hand-delivered to the Lerilin greeter with strict orders to pass onto the myrmecologists:

    To Whom it May Concern:

    On Day 224 of the Fighting Moon, the Maralian Guards reported Pixies and Ants sighted to the west of Marali's walls. Investigating, I found somewhere between 6-8 dozen Ants of all known varieties and approximately eight Pixies among them.

    I requested back-up to clear the infestation from the Wizard Fuoco, who proved adept at clearing large groups of them with Paralysis and Poison. Soon enough, we fought first one Queen Ant, then a second on the opposite side of Marali's western rock formation."

    Investigating the two Ant Hills located, we were able to determine that the Ants represented two separate dynasties. Although the infestation was cleared, we were unable to determine 1) what the Ants were doing this far north (though Captain Octar of the Marali Vanguard suspects Pixies were stirring up trouble) 2) why the dynasties would choose a location so close to one another, and 3) if the Ants were in conflict or concord.

    Although things may be different in Lerilin, we respond to unusual creatures invading our territory with the utmost force, which is why I led the extermination of the Ants. If the mir myrcon myrmecologist society wishes to trap and relocate the Queen Ants during a similar event, we would need you present at the time of the infestation to safely and non-lethally remove them, and we would aid with the efforts. Otherwise, expect our armed men to react similarly in the future.

    Thank you for your time and responses to these questions, and Marali awaits your response.

    -Armsman Nial


    Day ~230 of the Fighting Moon, Year 448 - Octar - (2018-05-22)
    RTQ Report Reference - Maralian Antics
    Octar reads the letter and shakes his head in disbelief. That creme ale they brew must be stronger than I remember. And Boale must have sunk twelve pints of it before he wrote to us.


    Day ~40 of the Sleeping Moon, Year 448 - RTQ Fairy - (2018-05-24)
    Tired and breathless, the adventurer greets the guards:

    - Glad to see friendly faces. Marali is never safe, is it?


    Day 64 of the Sleeping Moon, Year 448 - Bronte/Shivani - (2018-05-26)
    A group heads towards Marali forest to investigate the Mercenary Cave (details to follow)


    Day 64 of the Sleeping Moon, Year 448 - MorryKarad - (2018-05-26)
    Morry killed many brigands and mercenaries in the ‘merc’ cave then ventures on to the basement and splat! Gapers and mercs overwelm the rogue. After two days of regroup a small party comes and easily clears the remaining mercs. (Yay morrys rings are recovered) 4 chests of ‘goods’ are marked one for each city. It looks like they had plans, but thats over because they’re dead. The end.


    Day ~76 of the Sleeping Moon, Year 448 - Cassandra - (2018-05-27)
    A young cleric, and younger druid, and the Royal Guard of Mirith ran into some trouble in usually quiet lands. First, an invasion of sheep. Then, a bunch of rats, followed by pixies. If that wasn't enough, a couple of lizard men decided to join the party. This all happened in the vast territory north of the original rift, but still far from the noble hall of A.R.R.


    Day ~112 of the Sleeping Moon, Year 448 - Jedd - (2018-05-30)
    (Comment from earlier in News Flash, reposted here for ease of continuity)
    A chill wind was blowing, and all the ships in the sleepy harbor were at berth - all save one. Resting gently on the sands was an unassuming skiff, perhaps seventeen feet in length, with an emblem resembling a tree carved into the hull. A pair of companions stood by the vessel, watching peacefully as the surf rolled in, sparkling bright against the sunset skies.

    The one in red began to shiver, and bundled his robes up close. "So," he said. "The forest witch has taken the crown for herself. How ironic."

    "Yes, friend," said the one in green. "Though you can bet your last gold piece that she doesn't fancy it for anything more than its good looks. Or so I'm told."

    "We shall see, good sir, we shall see." The red one smiled. "But it is of no matter. Sooner or later, we will find her, and this Ginger - and maybe even a king too, if the stars deem us worthy."

    "To skull, then?"

    " skull."
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    Day ~184 of the Sleeping Moon, Year 448 - Octar - (2018-06-05)
    RTQ Report Reference - Maralian Antics
    *A note is left for TinyEvilSeaSnails *
    Dear Nial,
    Another set of ant hills at the rocks just east of the citadel. The distinguishing features were as follows: no fewer than four queens, and no fewer than twenty pixies. The anthills were very close to one another, and varied in quality. One was clearly hastily constructed and as threadbare as my robe of resistance. There was one that seemed rather typical of the ants we sometimes encounter in the north. The other two were very intricate, dare I say even beautiful? One distinctly larger than the other: our fanciful myrmecological friends would no doubt describe it as a palace.

    The four anthills presumably belonged to the four queens, but why such a plethora of pixies accompanied them is anyone’s guess. In such numbers they nearly dealt me a fatal set of disorienting spells - I was forced back more than once. If you encounter them, be prepared.

    Captain Octar

    Octar attaches a sketch and copies the message to Commander McTyr


    Day 212 of the Sleeping Moon, Year 449 - Rosina - (2018-06-08)
    Dreaming of Strangers
    Late evening of Day 212, Sleeping Moon

    To this moment, I am not sure whether what happened was a dream or reality. The carcass of a Bone Mage had been duly stripped of all that can be of use to a cleric, and I was just about to set off to the cemetery again for one last incursion. A Stranger stood there, staring at me - I felt a bit uneasy at this figure clad in black and wearing a purple hat but managed to murmur some form of greeting, to which he responded rather absent-mindedly. In an effort to dispel my sense of unease, I engaged in idle talk - my uncle juff came to mind so I spoke about snails, which led the Stranger to believe I was some chef. I set him right by saying that my aunt was a chef, but not by profession, as he seemed to infer. He showed some interest at the thought that my aunt was a wizard and expressed some wish to see her, but I explained she was already in bed and did not take kindly to people disturbing her slumbers. In fact, she would probably throw her shoes at me if I dared awaken her!

    He lit a magic fire under my feet, enquiring whether Fuoco would use that cooking technique, so I explained she roasted scorpions and harpies. In a way, I was glad of that fire as the night was getting chilly, then looked at him with a sarcastic smirk and asked what should I tell my aunt about him. He thus responded: “Tell her… that a Stranger is looking for news. Very old news (which apparently are the best). After some more idle talk, he parted from me stating that he looked forward to meeting my aunt.

    He then passed me a Bone Mage Stave and bid me farewell. I returned to the cemetery and engaged in a punching match with a Skeleton which was lurking just outside the gate, luring him first a little further away for fear of Zombies interfering with us, and with the corner of my eye I spotted a Bone Mage close to the entrance. I thought to myself,“This will be my last fight for tonight”, but when I finished with the Skeleton and boldly walked into the graveyard, to my surprise the Bone Mage was dead! I slowly advanced only to discover more dead bodies - maybe the Stranger had intended to make my life easier?

    This is a story full of question marks without an answer. Maybe it was just a dream…



    Day ~213 of the Sleeping Moon, Year 449 - Juff - (2018-06-09)
    Was it plain snails or Oak snails? I have heard some gossip about a "Stranger" asking about snails and i fear he is looking for the Marali ones.


    Day 225 of the Sleeping Moon, Year 448 - Rivvyre - (2018-06-08)
    meeting with Guard Captain Farn Rigg of Mirith...


    (Elpiis): Greetings, Sir…
    (Elpiis): Would you be needing potions?
    (Farn Rigg): Potions? Oh, it be very kind of you.
    (Farn Rigg): rummages
    (Farn Rigg): I could do with a couple of greater heal potions as it happens.
    hands 3 Greater Heal Potions
    Farn Rigg): smiles You're very kind.
    (Farn Rigg): You live here in Mirith?
    (Elpiis): Yes, I'm here most days… with some of my family.
    (Farn Rigg): They be young?
    (Elpiis): Aye, some be young…
    (Elpiis): A brother, Rivvyre, and sister Yendu are the oldest… They live in Duldrus.
    (Farn Rigg): Up with Duke Rengal! Rivvyre is a ranger?
    (Elpiis): Aye… that 'e be, Sir. 'e sailed to Oberin in the year 438, I believe…
    (Farn Rigg): Arr! Them were the days.
    (Elpiis): Aye, Rivvyre tells of many folk about when he arrived.
    (Farn Rigg): The seas call many folk.

    (Farn Rigg): But you've not told me your name.
    (Elpiis): Pardon my poor manners Sir… I am called Elpiis… Our family name be Styx.
    (Farn Rigg): I'm Captain Rigg... Blue Rigg, they calls me.
    (Elpiis): Are you the Guard Captain for Mirith town ?
    (Farn Rigg): One of 'em.
    (Elpiis): I have met Captain Amere...
    (Farn Rigg): Oh, he be no Capt'n… 'is Majesty appointed 'im, ' Royal Guard'.
    (Farn Rigg): It be an 'onorific. Sort o' like 'is Majesty's personal bodyguard.

    (Farn Rigg): You've not seen a Ranger called Sophina 'ave ye?
    (Elpiis): hmm... not of recent. I've heard her name mentioned… a highly regarded Ranger!
    (Farn Rigg): takes swig from bottle
    (Farn Rigg): hiccup
    (Farn Rigg): Most probably about the lands.
    (Farn Rigg): Tot o' rum for ye?
    (Elpiis): well... yes, it has been a long day...
    (Farn Rigg): passes bottle of Red Nate's Rotgut Rum
    (Farn Rigg): Sun be over the yardarm.
    (Elpiis): hiccup
    (Farn Rigg): hiccup
    (Elpiis): Red Nate keeps that well hidden, I've heard.
    (Farn Rigg): So do I winks

    (Elpiis): If I may ask... what brings you about this evening?
    (Farn Rigg): Ar, just about ter inspect the guards.


    (Farn Rigg): Do ye sail ?
    (Elpiis): I do love the Sea... to feel the heart beat of the ocean... n 'er breath on my face…
    (Farn Rigg): Tell ye the truth, so do I…. Miss it really ! Sleepin' in th' hammock… Crash o' the waves...
    (Elpiis): hmm... did you sail with N'eroth ?
    (Farn Rigg): Aye ... Part o' 'is crew. Then 'ee made me Guard Cap'n.
    (Elpiis): Then you surely have some tales!
    (Farn Rigg): Aye, that I do.
    (Farn Rigg): But 'ee be King now.
    (Elpiis): 'e be a bit different a King than many… We have only known him here.
    (Farn Rigg): Never known another.
    (Farn Rigg): Arr, 'ee were a great Cap'n.
    (Farn Rigg): Plunder, best loot.
    (Farn Rigg): But 'e were never a cruel man.
    (Farn Rigg): But where 'e be, none can say.
    (Farn Rigg): Aye, I'll drink to that.
    (Farn Rigg): passes bottle of Red Nate's Rotgut Rum
    (Elpiis): hiccup
    (Farn Rigg): lifts rum to lips The King!
    (Farn Rigg): hiccup
    (Elpiis): yes... the King...
    Blue Rigg has clearly had a lot to drink.

    (Farn Rigg): 'im an' that Falvo witch chuckles
    (Farn Rigg): Argufyin' piracy, crazy stuufs wi' them.
    (Elpiis): Rivvyre spoke of a kettle of brew she was cooking up on Center Isle years back... said it was right powerful, standing by the kettle made 'im a bit foggy…
    (Farn Rigg): Oh, them brews.... proper lethal ! Aye, terrible smells some o' them.
    (Farn Rigg): Wonder where them two be now.
    (Elpiis): We've heard rumors... nothing of substance...
    (Farn Rigg): What rumors be they?
    (Elpiis): Some say N'eroth was in Mirith a short time back… reports of Istra Falvo being seen… little to hold to tho.
    (Farn Rigg): !
    (Elpiis): Some folk a bit put off from his absence I think.
    (Farn Rigg): nods Aye, that we be.
    (Farn Rigg): Sent 'im a message… Not sure if 'ee got it.
    (Elpiis): 'ee's learned of the Sea... that be a strong callin'.
    (Farn Rigg): Aye… Every ship comes to shore though.
    (Elpiis): Aye, a ship be safe in a harbor... but that's not what a ship be about!
    (Farn Rigg): nods

    (Farn Rigg): I s'pose I'd better inspect them there guards... 'ere... thank 'ee.
    (Farn Rigg): passes token

    (Farn Rigg): You'll tell me 'bout Sophina ? And any news o' N'eroth?
    (Elpiis): I'll ask my family, keep 'n eye toward them.
    (Farn Rigg): Thank 'ee.
    (Farn Rigg): Farewell.
    (Elpiis): Fare well...

    (Elpiis): a Mirith token ? ...never seen such
    (Elpiis): *I'll ask Rivvyre to seek that Ranger, Sophina... hmm... where did I put that scribble paper...

  • Day 27 of the Waking Moon, Year 449 - Rivvyre - (2018-06-19)
    RTQ Report Reference - Waltham's World of Wool



    Day 233-234 of the Waking Moon, Year 449 - Nial - (2018-06-30)
    A brief report and three images are distributed throughout Oberin.

    Nial received word that the young Cleric Materion and one of the Styx clan were in need of assistance outside Lerilin. Rushing through the eastern gate, he encountered unusual but token resistance from several Giant Snails, which the Lerilin Guards helped slay.

    The group looped around the southern gate near the rocks, and proceeded upwards, encountering numerous Snails. Materion took great delight in Wrestling the creatures, and Rosina encourage the group to allow Snails to hit Materion so he could practice his clerical arts.

    Soon enough, however, the foes increased in number and strength. Twice a gelatinous Gooey attempted to engulf Materion, and at least thrice it nearly did so, threatening his life. Fortunately, Rosina kept him alive, and the group fought dozens of snails, a handful of Forager Ants, several Sludge Beasts, and three or so Gooeys.

    Nial noticed that the beach near the snails had scattered fish visible on the shore along with a few lobsters. Although this meant little on its own, he did wonder if the snails were particularly hungry for fish.


    Soon, however, more sinister objects appeared on a beast-free section of the beach: three rafts and a chest filled with valuables. While the group battled through the remaining snails and slimy beasts, they failed to consider the implications of these objects.

    It was as though some fishing vessel had struck aground before the Lerilin docks, and while they were recovering from being shipwrecked, they were accosted by numerous mucus-coated creatures.


    Soon, however, there were no signs of the oozing foes, except for the piles of corpses and trails of blood. If there had been people invested in fishing expeditions, they had fallen before the adventurers arrived.

    Once again failing to consider why the objects might have appeared, Nial opened the chest with his roguish lockpicking abilities, noticing it contained an unusual amount of supplies for such an unadorned depository.


    The group milled about, considering who got what, until a Pixie appeared, mocking Materion's limited resistance to magic. The group allowed the pixie's taunts to continue only for a short time until a young Druid of the Styx clan attacked it, causing it to retreat.

    A second Pixie appeared, and the same situation repeated. Since the sardonic creature repeatedly disoriented Materion, Rosina was forced to dig deep in her dragon teeth reserves and cast several mass heals on him.

    Eventually, the first pixie recovered enough to once again assault Materion, and after Rosina cautioned that she was running low on dragon teeth, both were eliminated posthaste.

    The report is not signed.
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    Day 48 of the Growing Moon, Year 448 - Rosina - (2018-07-04)
    Day 48 of the Growing Moon, Year 449

    An Andris Scout approached me just outside the Andris city walls and told me a strange tale today.

    A wool merchant - Lance Waltham of Waltham’s World of Wools (he enjoys family connections with Senator Grantham), has put pressure on the Senate to help him find out who killed his flock of sheep.

    At first I thought the scout was pulling wool over my eyes, but then I realised the matter was serious. The flock in question had been killed on the Lerilin continent - it was found by the merchant’s wife, Anthea, who got very upset at the sheep’s massacre - most of them had been poisoned, whilst arrows had been found on two of the carcasses.

    Trusted citizens are urged to find out what took place - the Scout suggested I might wish to inform Lady Morry of the Andris Vanguard. Lance Waltham is said to be furious at this outrage.

    Arrows and poison suggest to me a bunch of ruthless people behind the cruel deed.


    Day ~96 of the Growing Moon, Year 448 - Cassandra - (2018-07-08)
    The wizard receives a note from the guards of the hall. The king has been spotted in the islands to the South, they say. Rumours. The wizard grabs an extra bunch of ash. The matter deserves investigation. (If anyone wants to join...)


    Day 113 of the Growing Moon, Year 448 - Kyndeyrn - (2018-07-09)
    Cadeyrn, Llino and Meredith assaulted a fortress on Crescent Island, east of Andris, beneath the continent of Lerilin. It was packed with bracken, mercenaries, brigands, at least a dozen Hell Mages and two Magma Golems. A note at the end said "Tell F. it's all I can send for now." (RTQ report following on forum sometime later this week - Year 449, Day 113 of Growing Moon)


    Day ~140 of the Growing Moon, Year 448 - Cassandra - (2018-07-13)
    (Post from earlier in News Flash, reposting here for continuity)
    Cassandra scribbles a note to Amere.

    "My favorite fighter,

    I traveled to Marali with Sophina. The Growing Moon was full, and we felt like a small trip. Please, let us know if you need us back in our city.

    Also, be informed that we ran into a small party of brigands to the NE of the portal. Eight, or so (she kept their limbs - I refused). They had a lonely gaper around them and a shelter.

    Hoping to see you again very soon,


    Day 141 of the Growing Moon, Year 448 - Jedd - (2018-07-13)
    (Post from earlier in News Flash, reposting here for continuity)

    "No, no." Nial pressed the bag into Jedd's hands, coins clinking within. "Please split that with Kwoo, Jedd."

    "Alright, you have my word." The fighter took up the bag, and nodded slightly toward Nial and Suscame. "May you find better winds in the north. Both of you."

    The fighter slid his helmet back on and set off in the other direction. The wizard would be somewhere up ahead, probably halfway to the temple already. That strange, half-flooded, moss-covered temple that would hopefully get them out of this damp and musty waterway, and into the warm halls of Brigobaen.

    Day 141, he noted mentally as he rushed past a sand spider with a dexterous leap. Maybe 142 – we've certainly been down here long enough, and with nothing to show for it but a few more shells for the old collection. But wait, Lans! – the cleric would be sure to have some more updates by now. What news might he have of the campaign in the south?


    Day 188 of the Growing Moon, Year 448 - Jedd - (2018-07-15)
    (Post from earlier in News Flash, reposting here for continuity)
    An anonymous report appears on the walls of Mirith.

    13 forest dracos and 2 bracken found lurking dangerously close to the city, surrounding one of the sheep enclosures belonging to Lance Waltham of Waltham's World of Wool. It is unclear whether these beasts were stationed there by Waltham, to act as guards, or whether they were lured to the enclosure by the notorious Sheep Slayer.

    All travelers are advised to exercise additional caution when traversing the woods, and to report any signs of this bandit to the relevant authorities.

    Day 188 of the Growing Moon, Year 449


    Day ~190 of the Growing Moon, Year 448 - Jedd - (2018-07-15)
    "I checked every nook and cranny of the cave system. Well, everywhere I could go without turning into a fish. But nope, nothing."

    "Ah yes," said Lans. "Very good. And you're sure there was nothing amiss, or—"

    The rogue slammed a piece of paper on the table. "I'm sure."

    Lans jumped slightly in his chair. "Okay okay, no need to... what's this?" he glanced at the paper. "A map? You made a map? My oh my, you are good."

    "No..." the rogue smiled a silly crooked smile. "I'm the best!"

    "Bwahaha, whatever you say. But yes, this is fantastic – I know just what to do with this." Lans yanked out a fresh piece of parchment and began to scribble down a note in a script that was even messier than normal. "Oh!" he said, upon noticing that the rogue was still standing before him. "You are dismissed. You've done a great service for our treasury – I appreciate it muchly." He turned back to his letter. By the stars, he thought, if it's a map they want, then it's a map they'll get!


    Day 200 of the Growing Moon, Year 448 - delimew - (2018-07-17)
    200th day of the growing moon

    I had some time to kill, so I decided to hang out at the local cemetery taking apart some of the local skeletons (and maybe try learning how to one day not embarrass myself with complicated chests in the process)

    As I rounded the corner to the front of the cemetery, I met up with a strange man in black robes and a purple hat. He seemed impressed by my strength. We then discussed the viability of using undead as well as the philosophy of what it means to wield power and serve someone.

    He seemed to think of himself as being really powerful. But he didn't really look much stronger than some of my wizard friends. It also seemed he wasn't actually able to conjure anything like he claimed.

    Still, It's always interesting to talk to someone who holds very different views from you. I think we both enjoyed our little chat.

    (Stranger): One amongst the living.
    (delimew): kiss
    (Stranger): Get off me!

    You are poisoned.
    (Stranger): * bur pos *
    (delimew): aww
    You free your hands.
    You drink the potion.
    (Stranger): You mean me harm?
    (delimew): no...
    Their pack is full.
    (Stranger): You are not in good health.
    (delimew): well, the posion didn't help with that
    (Stranger): You could make an excellent undead servant.
    (delimew): hmm...
    (delimew): I'm not sure if I follow orders well enough for that to work out?
    (Stranger): grins We could test that?
    (delimew): I'm not undead though?
    (Stranger): Not yet.
    (Stranger): You hold a dagger.
    (delimew): aye
    (Stranger): An undead assassin would make an invaluable servant.
    (delimew): I feel like being undead would make it harder to move stealthly?
    (delimew): like, the smell alone would draw attention, no?
    (Stranger): Who knows?
    (Stranger): You could wear perfume.
    (delimew): would have to be strong perfume to cover to scent.
    (delimew): and that doesn't actually do anything to stop them smelling me coming
    (delimew): ...I guess if a skeleton instead of a zombie there would be less smell?
    (delimew): but then the bones would make more noise...
    (delimew): so that's probably no better
    (Stranger): The one problem with the undead is they lack their own true intelligence.
    (Stranger): A bone mage is all very well,
    (Stranger): but they are not cunning.
    (delimew): they tend to die easy as well
    (delimew): really, i'd say they have more than just one problem

    (Stranger): Go on, rogue.
    (Stranger): You have convinced me so far you are no mere toy.
    (delimew): hm?
    (Stranger): What other problems?
    (delimew): I mean, I alraedy mentioned smell, loose bones making noise, don't withstand many hits...
    (delimew): plus that lack of cunning thing you mentioned
    (Stranger): But liches are noiseless, odourless and withstand many blows.
    (Stranger): True, they lack cunning. But that was my point.
    (delimew): fair,
    (delimew): but they're hardly the standard undead?
    (Stranger): It is only Marthonis that has perfected cunning amongst his creations.
    (Stranger): Even he has yet to create an undead rogue.
    (delimew): I'm not expert, but I think you'd need to start with a dead rogue instead of a live one?
    (Stranger): Oh, I'm aware.
    (Stranger): Of course I could have extinguished your life already.
    That creature appears to be very strong.
    (delimew): hmm...
    (delimew): it's an easy thing to say...
    (Stranger): Mora Olsen Necritur

    (a single skeleton is summoned, and very quickly taken care of)

    (Stranger): You see, I could raise you as a mere skeleton.
    (delimew): seems kinda wasteful
    (Stranger): But what would be the point of that?
    (Stranger): I would want your cunning, and your stealth.
    (delimew): isn't that a problem, though?
    (delimew): you've had problems keeping the cunning
    (Stranger): You'd probably have to be sacrificed in some way.
    (delimew): "probably"
    (delimew): sounds like you still need to figure stuff out?
    (Stranger): Oh yes. Much to learn grins
    (Stranger): But with a willing sacrifice, much may be achieved.
    (delimew): the willing part is also a problem. current trends say undead aren't sexy
    (Stranger): That's Marthonis' trick I think.
    (Stranger): Wizard! Become a Bone Lord! You will have power!
    (Stranger): chuckles
    (Stranger): Thus they keep their cunning, but serve him nonetheless.
    (Stranger): Clever. I'll admit it's clever.
    (delimew): can't see the appeal, personally.
    (delimew): like, sure, power is great. but it's kinda pointless if you have to serve someone?
    (Stranger): We all serve someone.
    (delimew): oh?
    (delimew): who do you serve then?
    (Stranger): Even if that someone is our imagined selves.
    (Stranger): What is it that you are, except a bundle of feelings? Not much to serve I'd say.
    (delimew): okay, that's a fair point
    (delimew): but I'd still rather weild power for my imagined self than some other person.
    (Stranger): But serve me, and I will grant you immortality. Fame. Power.
    (Stranger): Isn't that what you want?

    (delimew): hmm...
    (delimew): again, power is nice,
    (Stranger): nods I know.
    (delimew): but it wouldn't feel like it was actually my power if I was using it for someone elses wants?
    (Stranger): A detail. You don't know what you want.
    (Stranger): Set that against glory, against wealth, against... power.
    (delimew): it's true I may not fully know what I want,
    (delimew): but that's still no reason to follow someone elses wants instead of finding my own
    (delimew): and the wealth isn't really that tepting
    (delimew): if it was, I could probably get wealth on my own anyway
    (Stranger): What you are telling me is that the price is not right.
    (Stranger): You do not desire gold, but every man – and woman – has their price.
    (Stranger): But there must be something you desire? Name it. I can conjure it with my magicks.
    (delimew): one million pieces of chocolate?
    (Stranger): laughs
    (Stranger): Chocolate.
    (delimew): although... thinking about it...
    (delimew): I guess that would be hard to enjoy if undead?
    (delimew): hmm...
    (Stranger): It is with chocolate you have defeated me.
    (Stranger): Chocolate.
    (Stranger): Farewell, chocolate lover.
    (delimew): waves
    (delimew): I'd give you a cookie but it seems you've no room
    (Stranger): You never told me your name?
    (delimew): ah, delimew
    (delimew): yours?
    (Stranger): Delimew?
    (delimew): delimew. the little d is a little weird but that's how it is
    (Stranger): As you have defeated me, I will tell you my name.
    (Stranger): You may call me Katabasos.
    (delimew): nice to meet you Katabasos.
    (Katabasos): And you, delimew, lover of chocolate.
    (Katabasos): You have taught me something.
    (Katabasos): Thus, you have made me stronger. Mora Olsen Preldian
    (delimew): I enjoyed the discussion.
    (delimew): waves
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    Day 217 of the Growing Moon, Year 449 - Rosina - (2019-07-18)
    Today I found the remains of sheep, which had been stewed and eaten, by the Andris docks. I explored the east of the continent, battling my way through Sand Spiders and Poison Beasts, but found no further evidence.


    "Just as well", I thought, as I can only handle one Brigand at a time!


    Day 224 of the Growing Moon, Year 449 - Suscane - (2019-07-19)
    Lenne and I embarked on a journey to the rock maze in search of hill giants. While slicing through a couple giants I decided to cast turn undead (i was hoping to bring back a dead bat, an unimportant detail). This TU caused the earth to quake and zombies to spawn all around us. We followed the zombies to their source, the N corner of rock maze, where we ran into BMs, hill giants, and a handful of stone golems. Fortunately Bronte joined us (before only a few casualties turned into more). The stone golems seemed angry. Apparently they were ripped from their homes by a "master" who dresses in purple (and no it wasnt lenne). We eventually were successful in clearing the monsters and found a note that read, "Stay. Mine Rocks. Bring Rocks. Recruit."



    Day ~22 of the Bleeding Moon, Year 449 - Cassandra - (2019-07-22)
    The wizard warns the guards at the entrance of Mirith. “Nial and I found a strange combination of moon fragments at the Central Island. It seemed to be the cause of a large concentration of creatures of all tones of red. Maybe be effects of the Bleeding Moon. Please, let us know if there are any other reports on this matter and warn our adventures of the potential dangers outside.” She asks them to send a scout to Gohoran and locks herself in the library, looking for information.


    Day ~46 of the Bleeding Moon, Year 449 - RTQ Fairy - (2019-07-24)
    - The boss could’ve done this last moon.
    - “You will attract less attention now” the thug mimics his master’s odd way of speaking, as if his mouth had a permanently numb palate
    - We wait for the night?
    - Aye. Watch out for the bone mages.

    [This is an RTQ announcement.]


    Day 106 of the Bleeding Moon, Year 449 - Jedd - (2019-07-24)
    (Reposted from earlier in News Flash for continuity)

    Hunters on the Eastern Duldrus Rd had a brief encounter with the privateer called Ginger, who was looking for her captain. Not long afterwards, the hunters spotted a small pirate vessel not far offshore, but upon approaching it they were attacked by the crew, one of whom was wielding a silver katana. The ship was heavily damaged during the fighting and sunk before it could be fully searched. A ring of lightning bolt was recovered from the flotsam, but no further clues were found as to who these pirates were, the identity of their crew, etc.


    Day 177 of the Bleeding Moon, Year 449 - Rosina - (2019-08-04)
    It seems I am not the only one to enjoy the green grass of Andris! Ranger Nial and I had a strange but pleasant encounter with a stable boy called Dodd - he works for Mr Waltham and has the task of letting the sheep exercise. Very disciplined animals too they were!

    What a difference from what passed only a couple of days earlier! I still tremble at that experience which went almost wrong. A small group of us decided to follow some footprints that led into the infamous Marali crypt. The Full Bleeding Moon had attracted many creatures and not certainly of the friendly sort. Wraiths, Liches, Zombies, Poison Elementals and Goddess knows what else polluted the environment and did not give us a moment's respite. A journal was found and it seemed to relate to the guards' movements - somebody is watching Marali. Something is seriously amiss, but my poor brain is still suffering from the terrible strain of keeping myself and my companions alive. I do hope some member of my party, not so emotionally distressed, can give the population a better account of what passed on that fateful day!

    (I had no occasion to take screenshots as my fingers were far too busy with spells and potions, but the group consisted of Bronte, Varto, mikomi, Haruko, Morry, Gawr and myself - we were later joined by Zaji).


    Day 224 of the Bleeding Moon, Year 449 - Jedd - (2019-08-08)
    An anonymous report appears at the banks of Marali, Mirith, and Andris, but seems to be missing from Lerilin.

    An ant palace to end all ant palaces was found at the very foot of the mighty walls of Marali. The ants had constructed a labyrinthine network of tunnels that went under the walls, allowing the ants to stream freely into the streets of Marali. The ants have been exterminated, including multiple queens, and the palace is currently being demolished.


    Day ~130 of the Harvest Moon, Year 449 - Luciella - (2019-09-09)
    Luciella posts a note on the notice board- ‘Beware, miners spotted dead at Marali, caution when travelling and harvesting around the area.’


    Day ~132 of the Harvest Moon, Year 449 - Jedd - (2019-09-09)
    A notice is posted in Mirith.

    Local giant chieftain killed in skirmish in the hills – be cautious when hunting in the area; giant folk are on high alert!

  • Day ~139 of the Dancing Moon, Year 449 - Bronte/Shivani - (2019-09-29)
    Jennus, a Mirithian Scout stops by the city's bank informing those present, Rivvyre, and Varto, about a group of trolls heading towards the Tree Maze for their annual Burning Golem Festival.



    Day 140 of the Dancing Moon, Year 449 - Rosina - (2019-09-29)
    Following reports that Trolls were astir in the Tree Maze area, some of us citizens set off for those dire woods, worried that the creatures, if left to their own devices, could find their way to town. Their frenzied dancing, typically associated with the Full Moon period, had disturbed the forest. We reached the entrance to the infamous Tree Maze to find that Dragons had been awakened by all the noise (well, difficult for us humans to call that music!). Not one, not two but three came to vent their feelings of rage against us.




    When the Dragons fell, we saw some footprints leading North East and so marched in that direction. The tracks then led us eastwards. We did not have to travel far - following the music, we soon reached a rudimental fort - Goddess knows how many of our precious trees had been knocked down in order to build the ‘dancing hall’. The entrance was heavily barricaded, and guarded on the outside by Brackens and Dragons. We finally managed to break through only to find the Trolls in strange company - a Shaman and a Magma Golem! This complicated matters for us, as their mage was casting dangerous field spells and poisoning anybody within sight. As it was, we managed to lure the golem outside and suppress it. Another Dragon appeared from the woods but that was brought down too.





    Back to the fort now as there were Brackens to fight and the Shaman to contend with. After a hard battle, we brought him to the point where he exhausted his precious potions and we could finally kill him. Another Dragon came right into the building but he followed the same fate as that of his brothers. Once we satisfied ourselves that our task had been brought to a successful end, we explored the whole area and discovered, half hidden by the rocks, a chest containing some treasures. Now it was our turn to dance! Our adrenalin was running high and, elated by our success, we ventured within the Tree Maze and in the areas below, to fight Liches and Sand Dragons. Our sacks were pretty heavy when, tired but happy, we returned to Mirith to share the booty before retiring for a much needed rest.


  • Day 224 of the Dancing Moon, Year 449 - Rosina - (2018-10-06)

    We were a band with a mission today. Our destination was nonetheless than the infamous Skull Island Dungeon - how can some traders choose such Goddess-forsaken spots I wonder!

    When we descended into the cave that leads into the Dungeon, home to the dreadful Black Dracos and the even more dreadful Liches, a huge and muscular female figure addressed our lot, wanting to know what we were doing there. We later learned that her name was Ginger and her ship was anchored some way off. She had a strange proposal for us - to collect 50 Bat Wings for her soup! We were to drop these into a chest at the floating fort near the end of the world, generally known as the ‘Dojo’ and, in the same chest, we would find a recompense. We were reluctant at first, and the Lady Morry asked if she would be interested in Liches’ heads instead, but the Privateer was adamant - Bats’ Wings it must be! In the end, caught in the spirit of a potential adventure and curious to see what she had in store for us, we agreed.

    Once we successfully traded our Black Roses, we set off for the Dojo but unfortunately had to part ways with Alys - I pray and hope she got back to civilisation safe and sound. Sea life is wild in those parts and we were attacked by a school of sharks and families of Sea Serpents. Soon another enemy appeared - Privateers! There was a chest on the pontoon which seemingly contained some elixir, but I must ask Bertrand, as at the time I was absorbed in the task of healing our fighters on their precarious rafts. ‘Get them thieves!’, a hoarse voice shouted from inside. My companions and I burst into the fortress and fought our way to its centre. Here we were faced with a formidable adversary - the Pirates’ Captain, who gave us a very hard time before our fighters could put an end to his mischievous life. Ginger had kept her word though - the chest where to deposit the Bat Wings was found and we were amply recompensed for our troubles.

    We scouted the surrounding waters and came to rest at the world’s edge - a truly eerie experience! Still adventure thirsty, we rafted to the other end of the world and descended into the Ice Dungeon, where ranger Dino awaited us. The perils were many but, in the end, we triumphed and, once again, returned to Mirith with sackfuls of loot.






    Day ~10 of the Lucky Moon, Year 449 - Bronte/Shivani - (2018-10-11)
    Winter walked towards the City's Western gates, her spirit animal trotting behind, in hopes of improving her taming skill well enough to finally secure the elusive frost spider. She crouched beside a tree to meditate after slaying a few of the resident Gooeys and Brown Bears. Her pet abruptly knocked over the bottles of poison atop the carcass of a Gooey nearby, alerting her to the presence of a Sorcerer, and the following conversation ensued





    Day ~58 of the Lucky Moon, Year 449 - Bronte/Shivani - (2018-10-15)
    A group of adventurers encounter Katabasos beneath the volcano and he requests their help in acquiring a white covered book located in a library within the crypt in exchange for GPRs. Details to follow.

    RTQ Report Reference - Book of the Dead


    Day ~130 of the Lucky Moon, Year 449 - Snowons - (2018-10-21)
    Near he end of the full Lucky Moon Suomous ran into Clare in the woods not far from the Citrinitas Aegis guild hall. After a short conversation we decided to portal down to Andris and hunt the woods around there.

    Upon arriving at the Red Portal our luck quickly improved as Clare picked up a robe of protection. Meandering through the woods we battled may foes, picked a couple roses and found another robe or two.

    Neither of us had been to the Crescent Island in ages and decided to work in that direction. We crossed the water and were met by many Sand Spiders and Poison Beasts. The populations were greater than I remember ever seeing them.

    Not long after we were found by the Lucky Fairy!

    (Clare): oh hi
    (Suomous): Hello!
    (Lucky Fairy): !
    (Lucky Fairy): sings
    (Lucky Fairy): Lucky fairy, trixie pixie,
    (Lucky Fairy): sings What's your wish now?

    Clare and I continued to fight off the remaining creatures in the are. As the last one fell I responded,

    (Suomous): There, room to breathe.
    (Lucky Fairy): sings Change your luck now!
    (Clare): :)
    (Lucky Fairy): sings Knock on wood!

    And with that the Lucky Fairy disappeared and a Bracken appeared
    before us. Among the typical loot of a Bracken there was a bottle labeled as "Elixir of Zimm".

    Clare nor I know much about this elixir and will have to do some research to learn more about it and what use it may have. For the time being, I have it held in my bank account for safe keeping.


    Day ~190 of the Lucky Moon, Year 449 - Rosina - (2018-10-26)

    Dear Father Vei,

    I trust this letter finds you well.

    I have something that weighs on my mind and which concerns a mage called Katabasos - you should have read by now the report concerning a White Book, located deep in the recesses of the infamous Volcano and which the aforesaid mage persuaded some citizens to find on his behalf - the book was brought to Brigobaen instead.

    Well, I met this obscure figure in Andris not too long ago - he exerted some leverage on me by mentioning that Andris was in danger, but that he could offer his services in return for Big Jack’s katana. He was under the impression that I had some influence upon the Senate, and, as an incentive for me to act, offered to bring the beloved Senator Morgans back to life if I brought to him some object related to her, but I am damned if I am willing to part with one of the few biscuits I have treasured over the years!
    Before me, he had approached a friend of mine, a rogue in the name of delimew, and offered him immense powers in return for his services….. as an undead! Is this Katabasos recruiting amongst the living?

    He hinted at being an enemy of the Black Hand (but not openly declared so) and also mentioned Fyod, Denreth and Jalux, but this does not necessarily make him a good person. He also tried to initiate me to the arts of Black Magic, which I refused. As you may know, dear Father, I am retired and my visits to the library are few and far in between, but I cannot shut my eyes in the face of danger, and the meeting with this mage left me very much disturbed. Goddess knows what hidden agendas he may have!

    Your most sincerely,

    Fuoco Biancavalle
    Rebel and Honorary Member of the Andris Vanguard


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    Day ~60 of the Blue Moon, Year 449 - Bronte/Shivani - (2018-11-03)
    Rumors of an undead rising lured Mokie, Laricen, Lillium, Yendu, and Aello to the Mirithian cemetery where they’d find it teeming with restless undead. Varto and I later joined the group in putting the creatures to rest and headed for the mausoleum where we found a chest with treasures. We continued to the crypt where we fought off a phase serpent, the usual wraiths/Bone Mages and a couple of black dracos.

    We suspected the grave yards in other cities were experiencing the same issue and departed for Andris to investigate. We met the suspicious Katabasos at the entrance of the cemetery and declined his offer help against the dozen Bone Mages and few Hell Mages inside in exchange for a "favorable word with the senate during blue moon festival".


    We finally made our way to Marali cemetery and found several brackens planted beside the regular residents. Mokey set the trees ablaze and a familiar laughter rang through the grounds as we made out way towards the crypt, alerting us to the presence of a lich. Upon arrival at the masoleum, we found a chest guarded by a skeleton Archer and a lich, which we lured towards the entrance of the cemetery and made quick work of. Second attempt to recover the chest was prevented by yet another lich, one who proved particularly vicious, and strategic, often turning on our mages. He too was disposed after a long battle and Laricen unlocked the chests, adding its contents to the spoils recovered from Andris and Mirithan cemeteries. Recovered items included GM silver, speed, and durability melee weapons, a Ring of shadow, an essence of speed amongst a few others.



    Day ~100 of the Blue Moon, Year 449 - Lenne - (2018-11-07)
    Beware those traveling to Andris! As Tertinus, Suomous, Luciella and I were headed back to town from the West coast, we found ourselves unexpectedly surrounded by a large group of forest trolls. We were initially a bit overwhelmed, but eventually got our bearings and cleared the road of them. Luciella confiscated their stash of perfume. We had no other incidents on the main road, but please keep an eye out!


    Day ~136 of the Blue Moon, Year 449 - Laricen - (2018-11-10)
    Under a full Blue Moon, along the northern coast of Andris, Lenne and I found a small stash of unsecured containers while hunting giants. Inside, a black Robe of Protection was found. After clearing the area of giants, Lenne retired for the night.

    Heading to the south west corner of the city, I found a group of brigands. Joined by Clare, we dispatched the threat, claiming 14 heads. Along the rocks, we found 2 chests along with signs of recent digging. It is unknown if the chests were recently unearthed, or to be buried there. From them, a Light Blue Robe of Resistance, a Medium Protection Ring, and an Essence of Power were recovered.


    Day ~137 of the Blue Moon, Year 449 - Octar - (2018-11-10)
    A letter to Commander McTyr.

    Commander: I hesitate to commit these events to paper lest they fall into enemy hands. Nonetheless I think it of paramount importance they are reported. As you will be aware we are resident in Andris for the Blue Moon Festival. I effected a rendezvous with Armsman Nial close to the Children of the Sun Guildhall, and found him beset with privateers. Notably at least half of their number were scantily clad females. We traced them back to a rudimentary camp, and – after a brief struggle – subdued them. They had instructions to trade the goods inside their chest – an excellent warhammer amongst them - for (I quote) "pipety-pipes". The note was signed 'I". We inferred that these were the crew of Istra Falvo. Having no reason to anger this metaphorical daughter of Ybarra, and knowing something of her noble yet uncouth disposition, we decided a modest subterfuge was in order. We lured a local population of sea-serpents to the encampment, and encouraged the beasts to gorge themselves on the unfortunate privateers' mortal remains. I trust this hastily arranged ruse meets with your approval.
    The letter is signed "Musical Unity".




    Day 160 of the Blue Moon, Year 449 - Rosina - (2018-11-20)

    Day 160 of the Full Blue Moon, Year of the Goddess 449

    I awoke that morning feeling a sense of emptiness - Andris seemed deserted despite the festivities… this was not normal! I took a stroll within the city walls and, on approaching the moat, a buzzing of voices caught my attention. I followed the ever increasing human sounds - this is where everybody had gone! A Foreteller was in town and a small crowd had assembled by the castle.

    The Foreteller told us that some traders had reported some disturbance north of Port Gast so, after concluding our business with him, we set off in that direction, shortening our journey by a sea route. We cautiously left behind the coastal village and saw the woods had been disturbed - by whom we discovered soon after - the area was infested with bears and Brigands! Needless to say nobody was prepared to leave our woods to such unsavoury hands and paws and battle commenced. In the Brigands camp we found some scribbled note referring to some distant part of our lands, but nobody had a sextant and the only wise thing to do at that stage was to travel to Mirith.

    Once there, we heard a report of some trouble in the Tree Maze area so, after making the necessary preparations, our party headed for the spot. The Forest Dragons were restless and we did not have enough fighters to deal with more than one at a time, but Haruko, our ranger, saved the day, leading them all around the place until we were ready to tackle the next. We finally got rid of the beasts (for myself I just managed to escape one by hiding) and we could now enter the Maze. I cannot say we were prepared for what we found - non indigenous monsters had congregated there, and some areas of the maze were blocked by shelters!

    Brigands, Pixies, Phase Serpents, Forest Dragons (one appeared suddenly and bit me to death!) and Sand Golems were amongst our enemies…




    As if that lot was not enough, we also had to contend with a Lich. Exasperated at its resilience, I ended up wielding my Silver Glaive and taking active part in the fight. We finally brought it down, to the immense satisfaction of us all.


    We were too tired with battles and we did not even reach the centre of the Maze, but something very unusual was found in one of the clearings. At first, we could not pick the strange object from the ground, nor establish its nature. After a number of failed attempts, I asked the wizards to set fire to it and they obliged. As soon as the heat of the magic fires had subsided, I bent down and picked the ‘thing’ - it was a Petrified Gaper Eye! It ended up in the pockets of one of my companions but I wonder whether it should be submitted to a specialist for the necessary investigations, as I am sure none of us had ever seen such a thing before, nor even be in a position to fathom the possible uses or reasons for being of such a disgusting object!

    A report of the finding will be left with the Mirith authorities.



    Day ~177 of the Blue Moon, Year 449 - Jedd - (2018-11-10)
    (Repost from earlier in News Flash, for continuity)
    An anonymous news briefing appears on the public notice boards all throughout Oberin.

    News from the Enlightened City of Andris!
    • A dark summoning was interrupted on an island near the Andris Bridge. It would appear that the summoner managed to temporarily weaken the Veil that divides our world from the Void, and in so doing called forth a deluge of phase serpents, black dracos, and gapers.
    • A hexagonal arrangement of small moon fragments appeared to be powering the ritual.
    • The summoner perhaps drew too strongly from the Void Realm and lost control of the spell, leading to his demise at the hands of the serpents.
    • The skirmish attracted the attention of a wandering mage named Xyremita, who claims to have been tracking the summoner for the better part of a year.
    • The surrounding islands and coastline were examined for further clues, to no avail.
    • Word has been spreading that King N'eroth of Mirith has gotten engaged to a Mharan princess (though sources have yet to be verified).

  • Day ~190 of the Blue Moon, Year 449 - Neblin - (2018-11-25)
    Waking up, the tired man rubbed his eyes. He then spent a while trying to find his prosthetic arm, before remembering his arm was restored with his mind. For years all he felt were phantom pains. He went to see how he could help the priestess and priests in Brigobean. He's stayed there for years, it's the only place he felt at home anymore. Even then, he felt out of place. His years living in the cities seemed like a blur from a nightmare long ago. He couldn't remember most of the names of those who were kind to him. It might be for the best. He kept having nightmares from his time serving The Eye and fighting in the Black Hand. Sometimes it was watching as Rosina or Marlick were helping children, an old lady, or even himself. And in every dream he saw the figure of his young self kill them. Sometimes he had the opposite dream, where he was helping his friend kill his comrades in the Black Hand, or even worse, kill the most powerful being the universe will ever know. Recently, his dreams did not involve bloodshed. He was usually lying in his bed when they come. Their black robes, some had their black spots, some had their glaives and chainmail, many were maimed and covered with blood and rotting flesh. The dead ones usually while Erich is sleeping in the Children of the Sun hall or Brigobean. They ask him why he's sleeping. They ask him why he was there living in such luxury. They ask why he has been living with the people who he fought against. They ask why he killed them.

    He only has one friend still with him, and that was the Petrified Gaper Eye from his time serving The Eye. Erich still didn't know what to think of it. It gave him maddness so he couldn't destroy his own soul casting black magic. When he first encountered pixie dust after his restoration, he almost relapsed on the spot till his petrified gaper eye burned and he felt himself surrounded by those things. Even then, he still sees those things almost every day. He does not understand why it chooses to protect him. He sometimes believes it feeds off his soul, and in his lowest moments he think's it's keeping him safe to punish him, forcing him to live in a world without The Eye.

    A guard approached him after he left his room, holding a report of some kind. He recognized it was written by Rosina, one of the few people he remembered. At first he hoped she had sent some cannoli, but the guard looked worried. Erich read the report, and nearly dropped the parchment when he saw they found another one. He didn’t know how it was possible. He also wondered if this eye behaved like his own did, something he hoped nobody would ever have to find out. Returning to his room, he knew someone would ask for his help in researching this. Putting on his old robe of protection, he packed his old gear ready to head out and steal and destroy the new Petrified Gaper Eye. He stealthy took a step out of his room when he heard a crack, followed by crippling pain in his hip. Erich didn’t know what he pulled this time, but he feels more tormented by his hip than gapers these last few years. He then went to lie down on his bed. He will need time to recover before he can sneak around again. Hopefully no one will do anything with that dangerous object before then.


    Day ~85 of the Fighting Moon, Year 449 - Matthias - (2018-11-28)
    Something is unusual about this Fighting Moon, in year of 449. As I sustain myself on fish steaks from the Guild Hall, I chop logs by day, meditating about the quiet, unspoken growing darkness surrounding PVP island.

    As I break my axe in the alpine gate surrounding the forsaken island, I notice the pollution in the waters from the Phase Serpents has turned a once clear and blue ocean into a murky gray and black. I can feel something stirring in the waters this Full Fighting moon.

    Enchantedly yours,

    Sir Matthias


    Day ~153 of the Fighting Moon, Year 449 - Neblin - (2018-12-02)
    Dearest Rosina

    Rosina, there is something important I need to tell you. You found a very dangerous object. I have one in my possession. The petrified gaper eye you found is something too powerful to let exist. It's a fickle object. Whoever has it, you need to get it back and destroy it. It took away my mind, and made me become that thing. I don't know why I was given a second chance, but maybe if I can prevent someone else from going down that path, I'd have used it well.

    It's been years, and you're still one of the few I remember. I can trust you to ensure we don't lose another mind. I'd have stolen it myself by now, but this old man's bones are not fit for sneaking anymore. I'm stuck here in Brigobean. I'm trying to help the people who restored my mind and soul, but I'm afraid I can't do much.

    Erich Kaestner


    Day ~157 of the Fighting Moon, Year 449 - Rosina - (2018-12-03)
    Dear Erich, yes it seems a lifetime away since we last met. What you say in your letter concerns me deeply - it was me who picked up that disgusting object which seemed glued to the ground by some wizardry. It stayed in my pouch until we returned to Mirith, where I handed it over as a 'battle trophy', but will have to find out who came in its possession and warn them of the danger! I trust you are well fed at Brigobaen! Yours, Rosina Biancavalle


    Day ~160 of the Fighting Moon, Year 449 - Rivvyre - (2018-12-03)
    Concerning the search for Commander McTyr... Marali Fortress' Blacksmith, Hesterail, seems oblivious to the Commander and Guards disappearance. I say Guards, as Rivvyre saw that not only the guard in the room to the right of the Fortress entrance is still missing, but the guard usually in the Bunk Room to the left of entrance (Brig head quest) is also missing....


    Day ~160 of the Fighting Moon, Year 449 - Jedd - (2018-12-03)
    "Turtle Island? Of course!"

    "Call anyone here available – the culprits are meeting at the Atoll!"

    (currently gathering at Mirith bank)


    Day ~163 of the Fighting Moon, Year 449 - Bronte/Shivani - (2018-12-03)
    A parchment arrives Citrinitas Aegis' Hall, bearing images of The Black Isle sketched by a commissioned young artist, with a short note attached

    Lord Bronte,

    This is all I could capture before running out of ink. I look forward to working with you again.





    Day ~170 of the Fighting Moon, Year 449 - Bronte/Shivani - (2018-12-04)
    A note is dispatched to the Marali Vanguard

    Captain Octar,

    A few friends, Lillium and Bertrand of Citrinitas Aegis, Yendu of The Hidden Vale, and Matthias of Lerilin Vanguard, accompanied this peasant to Aborek and found a shelter upon descent to the first tier of the dungeon. The interior and surrounding area (lit fire, cauldron, food supplies suggested it had been occupied for quite some time. However, inspecting every nook and cranny of the dungeon, including the daunting area on the last floor, revealed no trace of the shelter's mysterious resident.

    Shivani of Suzugane.



    Day ~170 of the Fighting Moon, Year 449 - Octar - (2018-12-05)
    Guardsmen at the Marali Vanguard Hall nod politely as the message is delivered, before apologetically mentioning that Captain Octar has not been seen for half a Moon or more. They leave the message in his personal chest.
  • Day 220 of the Fighting Moon, Year 449 - Jedd - (2018-12-06)
    A trio of wandering hunters was ambushed by a horde of ravenous pixies while exploring the caves around Andris. They miraculously survived, thanks to the intervention of the visiting Brigobaen cleric Adla Thera.



    Day ~223 of the Fighting Moon, Year 449 - RTQ Fairy - (2018-12-07)
    A furious Advisor talks to the guards.

    “Why hasn’t the Vanguard responded yet? We have no time to lose. We must deal with the mess of that mad mage before it goes too far. I’ve instructed them to gather all allied guilds of Marali.”

    “We haven’t seen Captain Octar in a while, Sir.”

    “Captain Fang, you mean. Octar is one of our armsmen.”


    Day ~229 of the Fighting Moon, Year 449 - Ennui - (2018-12-07)
    a warning is posted at the Bank in Lerilin, and given to runners to deliver to all Oberin towns : Beware if teleporting to Lerilin portal ! A large number of Brigands have apparently taken over the portal... their numbers seem to b increasing. Many are wearing Black plate... there are gapers with them.


    revisiting the Lerilin Portal, have found it devoid of Brigand activity... but would advise caution.


    Day ~230 of the Fighting Moon, Year 449 - Bronte/Shivani - (2018-12-07)
    He unrolled the parchment delivered by the Guards, revealing yet another sketch of the Island alongside a detailed letter. The images were not as detailed as those received from the artist a few days ago. It couldn’t be helped. He had enlisted Shivani’s help in conducting an impromptu reconnaissance having heard of the casualties suffered by a scouting party.

    Per her letter, the Isle was still filled with a variety of creatures including Hell Mages, Bone Mages, Gapers, etc trapped within a fence Consistent with the artists’s findings . He closely examined the images and could make out at least Two Ancient Black Dragons, in addition to what appeared to be Forest, Ice, and Red Dragons of the same breed. A small text, scribbled in haste, below the images read “Beware of the Pixies, at least one them has exited the fence”. Right. The letter mentioned she abandoned the survey after skirmish with a Pixie. He tucked the folded parchment in his plate breast and departed for Mirith.



    Day ~230 of the Fighting Moon, Year 449 - Ennui - (2018-12-07)
    a notice is posted at Mirith Bank... upon arrival at the South East entrance of the Black Isle, it is no longer possible to walk past the Temple to the interior... visitors will immediately be put to task

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