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Day 69 of the Blue Moon, Year 448

Jedd and Sylviya were attacked by a group of skeletons on the road leading from Mirith to the portal. The pair discovered an unmarked grave in a small hollow in the rocks, guarded by a force of skeletons, one bone mage, and one skeleton archer. The archer was carrying a short bow of power, and the mage was guarding a silver glaive. Finding nothing else out of the ordinary, the adventurers destroyed the grave and informed Vilohin at the bridge of what had transpired.


((Reproduced below for ease of access: older reports from Discord.))

Day ~76 of the Red Moon, Year 447 – SulovirII – (2017-07-10)
Sulovir II pulls out his diary
T’was a blurry day for me. I lacked the motivation to act at a normal rate and my reaction times were slower than usual. “We’re about to hunt,” Nargaroth says. I followed him and cleric friend into the woods, towards the Gooey Park. Some time passes and we are assaulted by a Brigand. “Charge!” he yelled, but he appeared to be the only one “charging.” We investigated where the charge was lead from, but found no camp or any remnants of where they came from or what they were after. 13 heads were collected.
Sul puts his Diary back in his chest and heads to town, letting Bunny at the bank know to warn others passing by of Brigand activity


Day ~54 of the Waking Moon, Year 448 – Sieglinde – (2017-11-26)
((A burnt journal is found at the ruins of the old Nether Hall, the Sanctum collapsed from years of vacancy, occasional slides in the mountainous region near Duldrus, and frequent nesting by various species of wildlife. Few pages remain intact, but one is fairly complete:))

"This place has become an odd home for all sorts, it seems. Our little group had picked this place for its unique closeness to a cavern through the rocks and stones which most people would pass by without a care. We sought out that little nook, though, to carve a temporary home for an invaluable guest. Arjun had been traveling without us last evening, and had encountered something very strange. She had found a young wyrmling, red as anger but with a softness in its eyes that clashed with the creature's normal temperament. We had already known that its mother was seeking out her child, for it was one of her last and threatened. We carved out its lair while Arjun sought out the elder, and then built our great hall around that entrance.

The construction crew knew little, save that we were holding precious finds from our hunts and travels within the cave. Shortly after, elementals of the oddest sort took root in our forge and fires, curious and chirpingly friendly. They came and went periodically, but only so long as the wyrmling resided there. Though nothing came of it, I cannot help but derive that its presence drew them, or that they were sent by the wyrmling's mother to help protect it more than our walls and arms could alone. Arjun was ecstatic, and Shogun and Usasa were intrigued. I was cautious, but as time passed and the elementals chirped more often, even I warmed up to their special sort of charm.(edited)
I never saw nor spoke to the elder dragon mother, for I had helped slay their kind and had no interest in such a relationship, but one day the wyrmling was gone and Arjun returned more somber than I'd seen her in a long time. I knew her duty was fulfilled, for she neither wept nor withdrew. She was proud in one way, and empty in another. Playing caretaker to that creature was, simply put, the peak of her life, and the look in her eyes showed how well she understood that."

Sieglinde Blaquestone, 430
((That's a bit that never hit to the RTQs because of its secretive nature.))


Day ~78 of the Waking Moon, Year 448 – Bronte/Shivani – (2017-11-28)
I ran into Yendu while out for a stroll around Andris and she informed me of her encounter with an Old Gypsy, who mentioned strange occurrences around the ant cave. We stopped by town, grabbed some orange pures and set course for the fishing village. We found a female corpse, mutilated and burnt beyond recognition in front of the cave upon arrival. Quick dash into the entrance revealed the ants had been displaced by creatures from the volcano: rust beasts, red dracos, lava spiders. Yendu was gravely injured and mentioned seeing at least 1 red Dragon, a Magma Golem and lots of dracos after resurrecting.

Andrisの近くで歩いてあいだにYenduさんに会った。Yenduさんは一時間まえにGYPSY に会った。GYPSY は “Ant Caveは奇妙に見える”と言ったので、私とYenduさんは町へ戻った、Pure Xtalを買った、Caveを調べに行った。CAVEの入り口へ着いたら、削がれた女の死体を見た。入ったら、様々な火山の生き物を見た!例えばRed cos, rbs。不可能みたいし、私が出ましたでもYenduさんは死んちゃった。死ぬの前、彼女はRED D とMGを見た。やっはりCAVEの暴徒を倒すために、もっと人が必要です。


Day 1 of the Lucky Moon, Year 448 – Rivvyre – (2018-03-23)
early in the first day of the Lucky Moon, year 448... Castus, Danery, and Elpiis were cleaning up the Mirith Cemetery... destroying in good measure, the putrid Zombies and mindless skeletons that haunt the area. While in the Cemetery, we were set upon by an occasional Forest Troll... Which we thought rather odd; to see these green skinned humanoids so far nor'east of their native habitat. The three friends slowly made our way deep into the Cemetery, until we reached the sou'east corner. Resting there while Elpiis replenished potions. In the stillness of morn' we heard what sounded as raspy whispering... Moving quietly to the fence, we spied several Forest Trolls outside the fence, amongst the Trees. What little we could understand hinted to some Troll mayhem. A consensus was quickly reached... we would put aside the cleansing for now ; these Trolls were up to no good thing… Rushing back toward the Cemetery entrance we were met with an onslaught of undead minions… The Ranger shouldering his Bow for a bashing weapon... Castus's sword splitting them asunder… Surrounded as we were, Elpiis conjured several spells to Turn the vile undead... Bones and rotting flesh piled around and under our feet. We moved swiftly to the Gates of the Cemetery... just in time to see an approaching Armsman... Rolin ! We informed him to the possible plot of the Trolls. He spoke of being attack by Trolls to the Nor'east, and joined up with nary a moment's pause !

The band of able Warriors circled round south along the fence line, turning east at the corner… toward the Dark Forest, where the Trolls had been spied. Shortly, we were among a small group of Trolls… Battle was joined ! Not a one of the fleeing Trolls were shown mercy. For we knew, were it a human fleeing... no quarter would have been given. Searching the bodies, we found no clues to their purpose. We pushed on along the fence moving north into thick forest...

Suddenly, we were set upon… realizing too late, we had moved too quickly... Trolls were jumping from the trees… screaming insults 'n taunts… attacking from all sides… ! Within the thick, dark Forest... all was to their advantage ! The three warriors fought valiantly... slaying many of the opposing force, tho there seemed no end to the crazed Troll's numbers. Aye, the Green Ones had come well prepared for battle.


Day 1 of the Lucky Moon, Year 448 – Rolin – (2018-03-27)
After a long night of swinging my hammer over the forge, I could only think about all of the skulls I could have been crushing with the same motion. The desire took priority over my tradeskilling and I suited up in my battle mail, stocked up on potions from my chest, and marched on down fingering the leather handle of my Flail. As I was pondering the thought of it being my lucky day for a Holy Dagger, I was ambushed from either side by two Forest Trolls.

They snickered and tossed feeble insult after insult, but the tide turned against them as I slayed one of the pair and began chasing the other down the patch South. It was there where I ran into another group of adventurers, a crew clad in elegant robes and brandishing battle-worn platemail armor, engaged in a parlay with 2 of the same trolls. Twas strange as there hasn't been a troll problem so close to a capitol city in such a long time.

I aided them in finishing off the last of the trolls, not exchanging a word, but I knew by their demeanor, determination, and teamwork that we were fighting for the same side. If there are 5 trolls here, theere must be more out there. I headed East bound where I heard the trampling and snapping of branches.
2 trolls, 3 trolls, 6 trolls, all were cut down with significant ease. I allowed my pride to get the best of my and began my chase of cutting down the remaining fleeing troll.... only to be surprised and overrun.

It was there me and my new friends made our final stand, only for us to fall valiantly....


Day ~38 of the Blue Moon, Year 448 – Varto/Bertrand – (2018-04-14)
Varto posts a transcript of a conversation with Elarison a cleric of Brigobaen

(Elarison): You may have heard of the new discovery.
(Varto): I've heard rumors
(Elarison): I will let the story for others to tell, but...
(Elarison): My brother at Brigobaen, Evaristos,
(Elarison): asked me to call as many druids as I could find.
(Elarison): He is insterested in deepening the study of this spell.
(Elarison): And he needs their help.
(Varto): I'll spread the word!
(Elarison): Wait!
(Elarison): I think Evaristos lost his mind over this...
(Elarison): He wants to invite them to the Volcano nearby!
(Varto): Good place to test smiles
(Elarison): For Elara, do not let your druid friends go there alone!
(Varto): laughs Silly druids want to go everywhere alone
(Elarison): * nods *
(Elarison): And Evaristos! he is so excited...
(Elarison): He could have thought we would need a bigger party.
(Elarison): In any case, he will be providing some dragon teeth for the experiment.
(Varto): More will arrive soon
(Elarison): I must return now, and try to knock some sense in that cleric's head.
You enter a bank.
(Elarison): You know... an older generation.
(Elarison): They sometimes overestimate their strength.
(Varto): Hehe
(Varto): We will be prepared
(Elarison): nods Thank you.
(Varto): Thank you for the great news!
(Elarison): See you soon, I hope!
(Varto): And safe travels, may Elara protect you.
(Elarison): And you. She is always looking over us.


Day ~56 of the Blue Moon, Year 448 – Varto/Bertrand – (2018-04-15)
Varto attaches a note on Mirith's gate
Octar, myself, and Asbjorn were hunting some hill giants when we were attacked by an ice golem and a frost giant in tandem. Beware it seems that the frost creatures are expanding their area of influence.


Day ~76 of the Blue Moon, Year 448 – Octar – (2018-04-17)
A haggard looking figure rushes to the city gates, saluting the guards and handing the corporal a note. “See that this reaches Captain Charonia”. Ignoring the Maralian fauna and flora, he marches to the Marali Vanguard and pins a note to the door. ‘Commander McTyr is restoring the tradition of the city that two equal leaders have primacy amongst the Majors. There is no obvious candidate. McTyr would like that person to command our respect as well as our swords, arrows and spells. You will find me in the City, or in Andris at the full moon. Yours in haste, Octar.’


Day ~77 of the Blue Moon, Year 448 – Shadran Mathas – (2018-04-17)
Black hand druid Fyod looking for a thief in red, with gohoran accent and chocolate. Has two gapers in tow.
Spotted near mirith crossroads.

This is my report for the conversation with Fyod the Black Hand Druid. Shadran lost in memory and thought near Mirith river is suddenly pulled from his thoughts by a voice (This is the conversation from the logs, I do this for eas of reading). (Fyod): I am looking for a troublemaker.
(Shadran Mathas): Wel...
(Fyod): I will find him.
(Shadran Mathas): I doubt that.
(Fyod): Do you, now?

(Shadran Mathas): I do.
(Fyod): And why is that?
(Shadran Mathas): Well. your pets will draw attention to you.
(Fyod): I can defend myself.
(Fyod): I need all the eyes I can get.
(Shadran Mathas): And the adventurers will, likely deem you hostile.
(Fyod): Pff. As if I cared.
(Shadran Mathas): chuckles
(Fyod): Hostile is that little crook!
(Fyod): And I will find him, I can assure you.

(Shadran Mathas): Tha hand has many eyes. and fingers it seems.
(Fyod): The hand is strong.
(Shadran Mathas): Yes, I know.
(Shadran Mathas): What does your "Thief" Look like?
(Fyod): Look, I must continue my search.
(Fyod): He wears red.
(Fyod): Like you.
(Fyod): Gohoran accent.
(Shadran Mathas): Hmm.

(Shadran Mathas): Nope haven't seen him.
(Fyod): Hands full of chocolate, I hear.
(Shadran Mathas): chuckles
(Fyod): Useless, you are, but thank you anyway.
(Fyod): Goodbye.
(Shadran Mathas): Farewell

(Shadran Mathas): Hmmm. After this I returned back to Mirith.


Day ~78 of the Blue Moon, Year 448 – Shadran Mathas – (2018-04-17)
Cave south of mirith portal: possible Black hand hideout.
Heavy enemy presence.


Day ~82 of the Blue Moon, Year 448 – TinyEvilSeaSnails – (2018-04-18)
A brief report appears at the banks around Day 82 of the Blue Moon:

Notice to Adventurers:

Beware! The Black Hand operatives are about and capable of coercing Gapers under their control. If you see a Druid commanding Gapers, odds are good they are affiliated with the Black Hand. Do not approach without diligent preparation and superior numbers.

Also be aware of a Thief sighted around the time of Black Hand’s activities. While this individual of ill-repute may appear to be opposing the Black Hand, their motivations are unclear, and they should be regarded with suspicion until they can be vetted by a proper Vanguard authority, be it Mirithian or Maralian.

Exercise heightened caution whilst exploring Bear Caves, as the Black Hand Druid appeared to lure a number of Black Bears into one such cave, also planting nearly a dozen Bracken seeds to ambush enemies of the Hand. One nest of vicious foes slaughtered an entire adventuring troupe.

Finally, a drunkard of a Stranger may either appear to aid your ensemble or request alcohol. Accept his assistance if necessary, but do not enable his substance abuse. It is clear he has enjoyed far too much rum as it is.

I have instructed scribes to produce duplicates of this message and relay them to all banks in our lands. In the meantime, stay safe this harsh winter season.

-Nial the Ranger, Armsman of the Marali Vanguard


Day ~88 of the Blue Moon, Year 448 – Terliyne – (2018-04-19)
((This RTQ was one day before the RTQ posted by Shadran. Apologies for the late post))

To all those involved in the recent disturbances:

A few days ago a note was flown into Mirith – trouble at Port Gast. Upon arrival myself, Asbjorn and Cassandra made haste to the small town. We arrived to find a common Brigand Fort, built just south of the town. I found it peculiar that one might build so close, it was as if they wished to be found.

The campsite was littered with Gapers, I couldn’t count how many. Brigands were mixed into the bunch. Unfortunately we faced some causalities but with effort – we cleared the camp of the terrors. (My thanks to Raven Shield and your assistance from your Guild Hall guardian Spiders.)

Within the fort was a note, one stating “All eyes on him, he is coming -F”. Within the chest was a Rusty Sextant… I couldn’t say the purpose of this item, but it seems to be in partial working order… Just south of the brigand fort was a small abandoned camp site, surely where someone stayed for the night... but who?

This happened prior to the events today, it seems they moved from Port Gast and across the bridge, in the direction of Andris… We thought this druid was strong, but I am curious to know who he is referring to as ‘he’? Muster the forces, and be prepared.


Day ~89 of the Blue Moon, Year 448 – Shadran Mathas – (2018-04-19)
* Report for battle of Andris Bridge ** Dramatis Personai Mustafaa-Fighter Altruii - Fighter Shadran Mathas - Wizard. Pixie and Wolf. Shadran walked down the path to Andris bridge, wondering what kind of trouble he would find. Soon enough trouble found him, in the form of brigands and Gapers, he fought quite a few until his potions ran low. Then by chance a grey wold flew out from nowhere and mauled a brigand to death. saving Shadran from a most grizzly death. They fought on for a while, then were soon joined by Altruii and Mustafaa, and somehow a very snarky and cranky pixie. The battled their way to a small fort with bracken and Gapers/Brigands. After clearing that mess, they found a note from "F" (The black hand druid with two gapers as pets I cannot remember the name atm Fynd?? maybe)). saying that the Thief hadn't gone far. THe group soon went east and found said camp. thus ending this chapter in the ongoing Red handed Thief RTQ Chain.

Addition to my report. The Mentioned wolf attacked the brigands due to it's pups being killed by the brigands. and the cranky sleepy pixie was woken up by the wolf, to maybe if it felt like it to bring me back to like after I got wrecked by Brigands and Gapers.


Day ~99 of the Blue Moon, Year 448 – Semris – (2018-04-20)
Satyricon, Rivvyre and me have cleared brigand fort east of Andris cemetary. This note was found inside.


Day ~99 of the Blue Moon, Year 448 – Rivvyre – (2018-04-20)
It would seem, someone... 'the Master' , had stationed these Brigands and their friends, a slew of Gapers, in and around this makeshift Compound. For what purpose, is not known as of now. We think possibly, to waylay the Merchants delivering supplies, food, and drink from the Docks to the southwest. Also possible is to postpone the upcoming Blue Moon Festival. Well if that was their best... the Festival shall begin soon.


Day ~104 of the Blue Moon, Year 448 – Semris – (2018-04-20)
Brigand fort near to pixie cave


  • Day 110 of the Blue Moon, Year 448 – Rosina – (2018-04-20)
    Outrageous news from Andris. On Day 110 of the Blue Moon, a guard approached me and told me that Uberh is canvassing to be elected. Apparently he has plans for a greater Andris. I vented all my outrage. Uberh himself appeared afterwards and was trying to butter me up. He is delirious and is talking about building some wall around the portal. To keep Maralians away it seems. I told him to emigrate - go to Duldrus and talk to the Stone Golems. He was going on about Brackens and Pixies. Upon my word I had already rolled my sleeves up!
    He will have to be watched during the Blue Moon Festival!


    Day ~130 of the Blue Moon, Year 448 – J'adore – (2018-04-22)
    I would normally RP this, but posting for Clio. (IRL my daughter who seems to leave out details & lost her Discord password...)
    Her and someone else (a plate, of course she forgot the name)  we’re outside Andris biding time at the cem.  when they were approached by an old hag.  She was asking for them to help her travel to Lerilin & back.  She had business with someone there who trades in DT (again forgot the name, but I think we know who).  They took her there and back, they helped her carry back heavy bags full of DT & empty bottles.
    She was paid in Full Mana pots & told she would get a discount on the next “batch”.  The hag asked if they had time to keep her safe for the last leg of her journey from Andris.  Clio said no. (Homework comes first with that daughter of mine, so proud.  Lol). She didn’t know if the other PC did or not... but she got the impression he was pretty new to adventuring.


    Day 137 of the Blue Moon, Year 448 – Jedd – (2018-04-22)
    A report appears on the walls of the bank:

    Two large forces of brigands and gapers besieged the city of Andris from both gates, on Day 137 of the Blue Moon, Year 448. The battle at the western gate was perilous, with the brigands having seized full control of the portal, but the invasion was ultimately repelled. Near the portal, the Black Hand druid known as Fyod was seen speaking to an unseen figure. Fyod is reported to have said, "You will tell him we need more men. Go now!"

    To the east, the fighting was relatively more under control. There, the brigands' shelters were searched, and some dragon scales were found. Afterwards, the city's defenders travelled to Morganstown to search for any other signs of danger, but the area was secure. There, they were met by Senator Grantham, who had also come to investigate. They all returned to the Keep without incident, and were rewarded by the senator. A share of the reward still awaits the druid Davon Semris, who fought in the battle but was called away for other matters. Others present at the battle: Amere, Laricen, Shadran Mathas, Nial, Elpiis, Rivvyre, Alidar, Thurf, Neithan, and Jedd.

    Finally, Grantham announced that elections were to be taking place in the city, at the end of the blue moon. Two candidates are currently in the running: a miner named Varouf, and Uberh. Both parties are expected to be releasing slogans in the near future, and both candidates are hoped to make themselves available to answer questions.

    - Jedd
    * some sketches are attached *


    Day ~185 of the Blue Moon, Year 448 – Luciella – (2018-04-26)
    Mercenary force scouted outside of Aborek,
    Not sure how big the group is but may need some assistance
    Meet at MaV hall


    Day ~197 of the Blue Moon, Year 448 – Varto/Bertrand – (2018-04-27)
    (Reposting this from general) Varto hastily scribbles out a note to leave on the Andris bank steps A group mercs caused a distraction by taking over merc cave in marali. Once we killed them we realized the main target was andris by reading their plans. We went to andris and stopped brigands from building a fort. Their orders said they are preparing for an attack on andris near the end of blue moon. This group appears to be very loyal for some reason. One of the brigands drank poison instead of talking to us. -Varto


    Day ~233 of the Blue Moon, Year 448 – Hayate – (2018-04-30)
    I was attack by about 30 privateers.
    It may be caused by Big Jack's katana.


    Day ~7 of the Fighting Moon, Year 448 – Jacquelinne/Sikaru – (2018-05-02)
    As Jacquelinne met up with Calicas to return Calicas to his home-base, they heard some russling and decided to investigate, only to find Brigands!

    After quite the fight, while Calicas destroyed their shelters, Jacquelinne Cut down their fleeing leader, finding a ring of protection. Shortly afterwards, a Mirith scout met up with the duo, as well as Davon Semris, and Jedd the Fighter. While the Scout seemed befuddled over the existence of the duo, they shortly realized the adventurers had taken down the brigand camp.
    During discussions of the Brigands and Privateer's where-abouts a perky Gasby showed up!
    The group quickly decided on a course of action to follow the trail the Brigands had left behind, but not without stopping at Calica's Guild hall.

    Davon, however, had other plans, as he had been ambushed by the Privateers! Davon quickly started fighting for his life, as Jacquelinne and Gasby excitedly talked about Flaming blades, but after realizing they were short one, the Trio, due to Jedd having to have a quick power-nap, dashed to Davon's rescue! Jacquelinne fought bravely, only to lose her life to a curious Sea Serpent in the distance shortly after the engagement, but not without taking down a Privateer or two! Davon, Calicas, and Gasby made quick work of the rest of the group, Brackens, Sea Serpents, and others included.

    There was a hefty supply cache, almost as if an amassing force was getting ready to invade, as well as a makeshift bridge made out of rafts! But the Black Hand, working with Privateers? While not unheard of.. There might be something big afoot. The group finally made their way to Andris, and reported the situation to Andris guardsmen, as well as Rosina, who happened to be around. This strikes for a very interesting day. Who knows what's going to happen?
  • Day ~45(???) of the Blue Moon, Year 448 – Shadran Mathas – (2018-04-22) 
    Ok. this is the logs. unalterd of the conversations I had with Lushe Satel.  Father Johah and Father Evaristos
    (Nargaroth): glares around
    What has been attacking me!
    (Nargaroth): Yes what?

    (Lushe Satel): I must speak to the senators.
    Given to Lushe Satel:  Full Heal Potion
    (Lushe Satel): I need the city to protect me!
    (Nargaroth): Senators.. what senators?
    (Shadran Mathas): tosses potion Drink.
    (Lushe Satel): Thank you, good sir.
    (Nargaroth): * He seems oblivious *
    (Lushe Satel): A druid.
    (Shadran Mathas): Fyod?
    (Lushe Satel): There is a druid maniac after me.
    (Lushe Satel): I wouldn't know his name.
    (Shadran Mathas): Ahh. so you are the thief..
    (Lushe Satel): Thief?!
    (Lushe Satel): Me?!
    (Shadran Mathas): He said you were a thief.
    (Nargaroth): He rubs his hair
    (Lushe Satel): I know people with my name have a bad reputation.

    (Lushe Satel): But I never stole a thing in my life!
    (Lushe Satel): It's not easy being a Satel in Gohoran.
    (Shadran Mathas): Satel.. satel.. I've heard taht name before...
    (Lushe Satel): Pff.
    (Lushe Satel): You must have heard all the nonsense about my family.
    (Lushe Satel): Blood Cult and all.
    (Shadran Mathas): |Ahhhh
    (Lushe Satel): Look. I have nothing to do with that.
    (Lushe Satel): I'm a merchant, that's all.
    (Shadran Mathas): Hmm.
    (Lushe Satel): Now that druid wants my hide.
    (Lushe Satel): He's been chasing me with gapers!
    (Shadran Mathas): Well come then see the ghost house that is the Senate hall.
    (Shadran Mathas): Yes yes, I met him.
    (Shadran Mathas): Snarky fellow.
    (Lushe Satel): It's not my fault. I only made a trade.
    (Shadran Mathas): What did you trade him?
    (Lushe Satel): Bah! Chocolate!
    (Lushe Satel): I sell chocolate.
    (Shadran Mathas): sigh
    (Shadran Mathas): Made with blood?
    (Lushe Satel): It was not with him, though.
    (Lushe Satel): Some pest. A child.
    (Shadran Mathas): Hmm.
    (Lushe Satel): The kid had no gold.
    (Lushe Satel): He wouldn't let me be.
    (Lushe Satel): So I traded chocolate for some papers and a ring.
    (Lushe Satel): Sold the papers in Brigobaen.

    (Lushe Satel): Kept the ring.
    (Shadran Mathas): What kind of ring?
    (Lushe Satel): * shows hand * This.
    (Shadran Mathas): Lord Satyricon.
    (Satyricon): walsk by casually, eating a roasted gaper stalk
    (Shadran Mathas): smiles
    Rolls intelligence check of 13
    (Shadran Mathas): Rolls intelligence check of 13
    (Shadran Mathas): Hmm?
    (Shadran Mathas): OH
    (Lushe Satel): I dunno. It's a pretty ring.
    (Lushe Satel): I'm keeping it.
    (Shadran Mathas): That would be why he is chasing you.
    (Shadran Mathas): I would not wear what you do not understand.
    (Lushe Satel): I got it by fair means.

    (Satyricon): He peers over at the ring
    (Lushe Satel): I need Andris to grant me shelter.
    (Shadran Mathas): Well come then.
    (Lushe Satel): Or a place to hide.
    (Lushe Satel): But I am an honest man!
    (Lushe Satel): I do not deserve being chased from my home!
    (Shadran Mathas): I will show you the ghost house.
    (Satyricon): Ghost house?
    (Lushe Satel): Can I stay there?
    (Shadran Mathas): shurg
    (Shadran Mathas): Guard
    (Lushe Satel): Good day.
    (Shadran Mathas): THis man seeks asylum
    (Human): Asylum? Here?
    (Human): This is the Senate room.
    (Shadran Mathas): In Andris
    (Lushe Satel): Yes, in Andris. At the inn, at the sewer, wherever!
    (Shadran Mathas): I don't see any Senators...
    (Human): None of them is around.
    (Shadran Mathas): All dead yes?
    (Human): They are all enjoying the festival.
    (Satyricon): he stands by, mostly observing
    (Shadran Mathas): Ahh.
    (Shadran Mathas): Well. hmm
    (Shadran Mathas): I know a small place.
    (Shadran Mathas): Come.
    (Human): You can make an appointment.

    (Shadran Mathas): Bah.
    (Lushe Satel): Oh.
    (Shadran Mathas): Hide down here.
    (Lushe Satel): Is this the inn?
    (Satyricon): Looks around Hm hm
    (Shadran Mathas): No
    (Satyricon): * clar flas bur *
    (Shadran Mathas): but hard to get into.
    (Lushe Satel): Is it safe here?
    (Satyricon): Be careful. This area isnt protected by magic
    (Shadran Mathas): Easily defended.
    (Lushe Satel): Easily attacked?
    (Shadran Mathas): Hmm
    (Shadran Mathas): Satyricon is right..
    (Satyricon): But it seems rather confined
    (Lushe Satel): * eyes the bed *

    (Lushe Satel): * looks tired *
    (Shadran Mathas): Maybe the Inn would  be better
    (Shadran Mathas): Druids can teleport...
    (Lushe Satel): Here is less predictable?
    (Satyricon): Yes
    (Human): I can keep an eye on him.
    (Lushe Satel): Don't even mention eyes...
    (Shadran Mathas): Hmm.
    (Lushe Satel): All those gapers!
    (Shadran Mathas): Eye see what you did there..
    (Shadran Mathas): OH I love Gapers.
    (Human): Aye.

    (Lushe Satel): You go find that crazy druid, then!
    (Shadran Mathas): Oh I might.
    (Lushe Satel): Brigobaen was very happy with the papers.
    (Shadran Mathas): Hmm
    (Shadran Mathas): Interesting.
    (Shadran Mathas): Well rest here If you need to.
    (Shadran Mathas): But be warned ihis place is not warded from magic.
    (Lushe Satel): Will you inform the senators for me?
    (Shadran Mathas): Yes.
    (Lushe Satel): Is there a fire?
    (Shadran Mathas): Yes.
    (Lushe Satel): I haven't slept properly in days.
    (Lushe Satel): Aaaah.
    (Shadran Mathas): Beds in the next room.
    (Lushe Satel): * warms hands *
    (Shadran Mathas): If you betray us I will end you.
    (Satyricon): * clar flas bur *
    (Lushe Satel): I am but a merchant, I told you.
    (Lushe Satel): There, a token of good will.
    (Shadran Mathas): So you say...
    Taken from Lushe Satel:  Gohoran Chocolate
    (Satyricon): Eyes the chocolate
    (Lushe Satel): The papers had some spell in them.
    (Shadran Mathas): I will go see if I can finde a Senator.
    (Lushe Satel): I sold them to Brigobaen.
    (Shadran Mathas): Hmm.
    (Shadran Mathas): OK.
    (Lushe Satel): If I were a crook, I would have sold them to some mercenary.
    (Shadran Mathas): Or me.
    (Lushe Satel): I don't even know you!

    (Shadran Mathas): chuckles
    (Shadran Mathas): Well i'm off. to find your senator.
    (Lushe Satel): If you tell the senators...
    (Shadran Mathas): Rest up.
    (Shadran Mathas): HMM
    (Lushe Satel): Please, don't start by mentioning my family name.
    (Satyricon): hands the guard the chocolate
    (Shadran Mathas): Oh I won't
    (Lushe Satel): Thank you.
    (Shadran Mathas): Our secret.
    (Lushe Satel): Our secret.

    (Condol): greetings (Arduis alt here)
    (Satyricon): Hello
    (Shadran Mathas): Ahh hello
    (Shadran Mathas): Hmm.. Brigo. or a senator.
    (Shadran Mathas): hmmm...
    (Satyricon): ( I need to log ><
    (Shadran Mathas): Ok.
    (Shadran Mathas): Thanks. for the fun Satyricon.
    Ok. that is all for Lushe Satel. Now for the Brigobaen part. (sorry for mass logs)
    (Shadran Mathas): Hello
    (Human): Hello.
    (Shadran Mathas): Cleric Johah was it? DId a man see you some papers by chance?
    (Shadran Mathas): Wearing all red.
    (Human): To me? No.
    (Shadran Mathas): Gohoran accent?
    You meet a trader.
    (Shadran Mathas): Hmm
    (Shadran Mathas): Interesting.

    (Shadran Mathas): Maybe to the Library keepers downstairs then?
    (Human): But...
    (Shadran Mathas): Hmm?
    (Human): I do remember a man like that.
    (Human): I did not talk to him, though.
    (Shadran Mathas): I see.
    (Human): I was father Evaristos.
    (Shadran Mathas): Is he around?
    (Human): Not at the moment. I think he is picking ginseng.

    (Shadran Mathas): Ah ok.
    (Human): He was very excited lately.
    (Human): Some new spell and all.
    (Shadran Mathas): Oh?
    (Shadran Mathas): Interesting.
    (Shadran Mathas): I do so love the arcane.
    (Human): The Goddess keeps teaching us, I assume.
    (Shadran Mathas): nods
    (Human): I believe he took a group to the Volcano,
    (Human): not that long ago.
    (Shadran Mathas): Oh. I was not there.
    (Human): Maybe talk to them?
    (Shadran Mathas): I will
    (Human): If you know them, that is.

    (Shadran Mathas): I do.
    (Shadran Mathas): I will go look for The Father.
    (Human): I will tell him you were here.
    (Shadran Mathas): Here is some gold for Brigobaen.
    How much gold do you want to give?
    Given:  10000 gold pieces
    (Human): Bless you, sir.
    (Shadran Mathas): I do so Love books.
    (Shadran Mathas): Indeed.
    (Human): We have a good library here.
    (Shadran Mathas): Farewell.
    (Human): Farewell.
    (Shadran Mathas): I know.
    That Conclueds Father Johan Shadran then wanders outside of Brigobaen, not afar for the Temple he finds Father Evaristos Picking Ginseng.
    Taken:  Lotus Flower
    (Shadran Mathas): Hmm.
    Taken:  Lotus Flower
    (Evaristos): Ginseng, my ginseng...
    (Evaristos): Good evening!
    (Shadran Mathas): Hello Father.
    (Evaristos): * clar bur bol *
    How many do you want to give?
    Given to Evaristos:  696 Ginsengs
    (Evaristos): (Fathers crash too)
    (Shadran Mathas): I heard you came across some papers, with a spell on it.
    (Shadran Mathas): (lol no worries)
    Taken:  Volcanic Ash

    (Evaristos): Yes!!
    You are beginning to feel full.
    You feel very full.
    (Evaristos): The most amazing discovery in years!
    (Shadran Mathas): What pray tell is this spell?
    (Evaristos): Oh, you have not heard?
    (Evaristos): It is the channeling of the goddess energy,
    (Evaristos): into the summoning of a companion.
    (Evaristos): We sent it to every town!
    (Evaristos): We want everyone to learn it!
    (Shadran Mathas): Interesting. Oh yes, the spirit Animal.
    (Evaristos): Yes!

    (Evaristos): I got it for a few coins.
    (Evaristos): The work of the Black Hand, finally to our advantage.
    (Shadran Mathas): What about Wizards? From that Satel lad?
    (Evaristos): What about wizards?
    (Shadran Mathas): I like the way you think Father.
    (Shadran Mathas): Well.. you said everyone.
    (Evaristos): Well, everyone versed in  druid's ways.
    (Evaristos): I am not, myself.
    (Evaristos): So I asked a few people to join me the other day.
    (Evaristos): I wanted to see it in practice!
    (Shadran Mathas): sigh I see.
    (Evaristos): It was a thing of wonder!
    (Shadran Mathas): Indeed It is. I have sen it.
    (Evaristos): The Goddess does marvelous feats.
    (Evaristos): To think it was discovered by that druid...
    (Shadran Mathas): That the arcane does.
    (Shadran Mathas): Fyod
    (Evaristos): Who?
    (Shadran Mathas): I only know the Arcane. No Gods or Goddesses.
    (Shadran Mathas): No Offense Father.
    (Evaristos): The Goddess knows you.
    (Evaristos): * clar ber bur *
    (Evaristos): None taken.

    (Shadran Mathas): Guard those papers. That druid might want them back.
    (Evaristos): But why are you asking me all that?
    (Evaristos): Denreth? He wouldn't dare to approache Brigobaen.
    (Evaristos): I hope.
    (Shadran Mathas): Well. the man who sold you the papers has saught refuge in Andris.
    (Evaristos): Also, we have already told the world about the spell.
    (Evaristos): Oh? Poor soul.
    (Evaristos): The Senators welcomed him, I hope.
    (Shadran Mathas): There were none around.
    (Evaristos): Ah, Festival time.
    (Shadran Mathas): I snuck him in a safe place.
    (Evaristos): Good, good.

    (Shadran Mathas): *stuck.
    (Evaristos): If he needs the protection of the temple, let us know.
    (Shadran Mathas): I will.
    (Evaristos): * pur clar bur *
    (Evaristos): * pur shel bur *
    (Shadran Mathas): Check your Ginseng bag father.
    (Shadran Mathas): smiles
    (Evaristos): YIt is full!
    (Shadran Mathas): You have been blessed.
    (Evaristos): It*
    (Shadran Mathas): smiles
    (Evaristos): * smiles *
    (Evaristos): Bless you, child.
    (Shadran Mathas): I must go to Andris.
    (Shadran Mathas): And you Father.
    (Evaristos): And I to the temple.
    (Evaristos): Old books await me.
    DONE. again sorry for all the logs. but. I don't want to leave anything out.
  • Day 19 of the Fighting Moon, Year 448 – Alec_Seregil – (2018-05-03)
    On the 19th night of Fighting Moon, 448, I happened to be at the Mirith bank when a scout of the city returned from patrol. 

    Upon inquiring about his shift he responded that brigand and privateer activity had been seen to the south in Andris' territory.

    In recent times Mirith Scouts had seen a few substantial shipments of weapons and supplies passing through the area, presumed to be heading to the forces in the south.

    The shipments were attacked by the Mirith forces to disrupt whatever mischief they were intended to stir up, but no hints as to who had ordered them was found.

    I would suggest residents of Andris beware of any unusual activity in the area, and those of Mirith watch for forces and supplies being sent to bolster any nefarious elements to the south.

    My own patrols shortly after I met the Mirith Scout had me passing to the soutwest of the Andris portal when I head voices through the trees.

    Upon investigating I found a small group of brigands had set up a temporary camp in the forest. They attacked on sight, but were soon dispatched. Whilst very willing to fight, they lacked in equipment and any sembelance of fortifications to their camp.

    Beware when travelling in the Andris area. If the suspicions of the Mirith Scout are correct as to the destination of the supplies intercepted it is likely more activity will be seen.


    Day ~23 of the Fighting Moon, Year 448 – Varto/Bertrand – (2018-05-04)
    Varto secretly drops a note in Neblin’s bank Neblin I saw Senator Grantham looking busy preparing for the elections. I decided this would be a good opportunity to gather some intelligence to aid your campaign. I asked the Senator if she needed help and she noticed my CA patch and asked me to deliver some documents to the Captain of the Marali Guard. She stated the documents were in code, but I doubt that will stop you from discovering the secrets. Please let me know a drop off point for a copy I made of the document on an ancient tome. -Varto

    Nanuht: (From looking at the documents you would see an apparent record of fish numbers noted by the moon, e.g. "Harvest: Trout 93, Eels 22". There are several pages of such records all carefully written in the same precise hand.)


    Day ~42 of the Fighting Moon, Year 448 – Lia – (2018-05-06)
    A wandering ranger sits down at the Mirith tavern for a drink and strikes up a conversation with the bartender. “Say, friend, have you heard any other news of strange happenings in the woods? I was nearly ambushed by a brigand on my way in from Duldrus. Also, I see some smoke rising from the first far to the south.” The bartender shook his head, but promised to pass on the news to travelers to be alert.


    Day ~43 of the Fighting Moon, Year 448 – Rosina – (2018-05-06)
    RTQ Report Reference – The World in Chaos
    The quiet before the storm...
    Luciella had to leave the party early but, on the way to Foehan, we bumped into Captain Octar, who joined us.
    (sorry I have no screenshots of Foehan)


    Day ~54 of the Fighting Moon, Year 448 – Octar – (2018-05-06)
    Octar drafts a short note to Commander McTyr
    I was on patrol with our erstwhile wizard Cassandra along our northern coastline when we chanced upon a brigand encampment. Nine heads were taken. Of note the brigands were accompanied by giants and trolls. I could not be sure if they were in league. Amongst their possessions were no fewer than three small moon fragments, which I have deposited at the Hall.

    Captain Octar


    Day 56 of the Fighting Moon, Year 448 – Jedd – (2018-05-06)
    RTQ Report Reference – The Wizard and the Senator
    A short, anonymous report appears on the public notice boards.

    On Day 56 of the Fighting Moon, Year 448, the druid Urakis found a small camp of brigands not far from the hall of the Red Batallion. The camp was destroyed with the assistance of Asbjorn. It appeared that the brigands had been fighting pixies, with several pixie corpses scattered about. Afterwards, an unknown wizard came to the camp, asking for information about Andris, the elections, and the recent Black Hand attacks. His request for information was relayed to Senator Grantham on Day 57 by Jedd, Amere, and Urakis, with Alec joining them once they reached the Red City.


    Day 57 of the Fighting Moon, Year 448 – Jacquelinne/Sikaru – (2018-05-06)
    Sikaru was sitting at the bank, minding her own business, when a letter was delivered to her. "Lemons and bones, there's more.. Red, the whole town. Warm the feast." Sikaru immediately looked around for the nearest guard. "Sir! Sir! There's evil afoot.. I recommend keeping an eye out for a suspicious stranger... Please, if you care about your city, you will heed to my warning."


    Day 58 of the Fighting Moon, Year 448 – Jedd – (2018-05-06)
    Dazed and exhausted from a long night of travel in the unforgiving Marali woods, Jedd deposits a note at the house of the cannibal, as the cleric Thurf looks on.

    “We relayed your message to the Senate. The thief is a Satel, and a maker of chocolates. What was stolen, they would not say.



    Day 60 of the Fighting Moon, Year 448 – Jedd – (2018-05-06)
    Two days later, the weary fighter finally arrives in Andris and delivers another letter directly to the guards at the Andris keep.

    “Senator Grantham,

    We left the note at the house of the cannibal, conveying only as much information as you requested. Whilst there, I found a set of tracks leading east, with only a single set of footsteps. I followed it to find a thicket of bracken in a densely foggy glade. I hastened to the hall of the Mirith Vanguard to call upon the aid of Lady Cassandra, but she was busy with other affairs, so I found the wizard Kwoo instead. He laid waste to the bracken with his spells, and we found that they had been guarding a chest. The contents: 17 Infused Pure Blue Crystals, 5 Pure Crystal Rings, 1 Lesser Mana Ring, 1 Ring of Lightning Bolt, and 30 Dragon Teeth.

    ~Jedd the Fighter”

    Following this, the fighter leaves another general, anonymous report on the public notice boards, describing the location and number of bracken, but omitting the names of the combatants and the existence of the chest.


    Day 66 of the Fighting Moon, Year 448 – Rosina – (2018-05-07)
    A message written in a haste is left to the guards at the Children of The Sun Hall: Dear Leiland , on Day 66 of the Fighting Moon I left Mirith and returned to Andris crossing the perilous waters in the vicinity of Brigobaen. You can imagine my surprise when two Brigands challenged me. upon approaching the sandy island. By keeping my distance, I managed to kill them and, after that, another of their ilk. Suffering from fainting fits as I do at present, I could not investigate without placing myself in great danger and hastened my return to the mainland. We must keep vigilant. Very best regards, Fuoco.


    Day ~67 of the Fighting Moon, Year 448 – Leiland – (2018-05-07)
    A message lies on the main guildhall table within the rebels sanctuary. The note is pinned to the table with an ornate dagger upon the hilt is guilded with the emblem of the children of the sun.

    Dearest Fuo,

    You know that my guards hold you in the high esteem of an honorary member of the CoS. In need of respite you can always call upon my men. I sincerely apologise about the condition of the lands around my fort and it troubles me to think you came across such perils in my waters. I will promptly send a message to the Andris quartermaster! I will send out scouts in the attempt to quell this issue before it gets started.

    P.S. I apologise for my terrible cooking.

    Upon the table lies a cookie, it seems someone tried and failed to cook it into the shape of a sun...
  • Day ~69 of the Fighting Moon, Year 448 – Leiland – (2018-05-07)
    Leiland strolls into the Mirith Commanders office.

    "Is there any bounty on these?" He inquires as he places a bag containing 15 brigand heads onto the Officers desk.

    "You know that you ONLY walk into my office if you have information pertaining to the security of Mirith. That bag you are holding is not a security threat. It ceased to be a security threat about 15 minutes ago, Judging from the smell." Replied the disgruntled commander as he turns back to sign another document.

    "My mistake, it seems the times have changed". Turning on his heel the rogue left. He reflected on the idea he had walking in about how cool he would appear dumping those heads on the man in charges desk... 
    He brushed those thoughts aside and smiled to himself as he pulled the commanders purse out of his pocket and tosses a gold coin to a beggar outside the forge.


    Day ~81 of the Fighting Moon, Year 448 – Shadran Mathas – (2018-05-08)
    A Mazing Brigands and Grumpy Golems! (RTQ Report) Players Involved Morry the Rogue, and Shadran the Wizard. Shadran was wandering round the rock mze near the sleepy mining town of Duldrus, fighting gapers and harpies and picking up lost bags. He came upon the rock maze usually a tranquil spot with nothing of note. But today was his unlucky day! Brigands came running from the rocks swinging swords and curses alike! so he did what most smart cloth wearing people would do RUN! (and throw some spells too). He slew a number of them with ease. Then while fighting a rather gnarly brigand a rogue in black plate popped out of the shadows and slew him in ONE stab!

    It was the famed rogue Morry of the Andris Vanguard (rather far from home). Morry and Shadran slew more brigands untill the walls of the maze came alive, in the form of a stone golem. Shadran led it out to the Gypsy guild hall and got some help from the guards there. Morry stabbing and ducking and dodging along the way. Finally a Veteran guard appeared and helped us kill the first one in good fashion.

    The last part to this fine (hey poory written) adventure, is when Shandran when back into the maze to fight some more! They ran into another golem this time he had a Gaper friend. who paralyzed shadran and the Golem punched him to a pulp! (so much for his ego). Afther the squishing of shadran. Morry valiantly led the Golem out of the maze while Shadran slipped off to the temple. Another Guard appeared and helped Morry saly the foul fossil formation. and the day was won!

    (Seriously Morry is a great rogue)


    Day 94 of the Fighting Moon, Year 448 – Bronte/Shivani – (2018-05-09)
    Year 448, Fighting Moon Day 94

    The fighter and his partner, Varto, headed towards the cemetery, eager to increase their skull and brown shirt collections. They scurried towards the mausoleum after exchanging quick greeting with Morry, and Alys of the Andris Vanguard at the gate, seemingly unaware of their surroundings. The sudden appearance of a bone mage and a skeleton archer explained why the Andrisian duo were at the gate; they had sensed the unrest on the grounds. The party of four subdued the foes with ease, recovering a longbow of speed, a mace of power, and a grey resistance robe. The encounter left the fighter slightly uneasy as he recalled the days during which a Crypt Master terrorized the cemetery.


    Day 125 of the Fighting Moon, Year 448 – Bronte/Shivani – (2018-05-12)
    RTQ Report Reference – Of Brigands and Dragons
    Year 448, Fighting Moon Day 125

    Town greeter, Bunny, informs a party assembling at Mirith bank hoping to take advantage of the full fighting moon about “rumors of strange occurrences involving Dragons, lightning and weapons clanking” at the Tree Maze.


    Day 139 of the Fighting Moon, Year 448 – Alec_Seregil – (2018-05-13)
    It was around the 139th day of Th Fighting Moon, year 448 when I found myself heading northeast of Mirith along the river en route to Marali.

    At the junction of the river near the Scamp guild hall I was beset by Privateers that appeared to come from the small island north of the hall. A quick scout of the island showed more villains than I could handle alone.

    I retreated and awaited assistance from Cassandra and Kwoo. Once they arrived we made short work of the Privateers, and the handful of Bracken they had guarding the entrance to the ring of trees on the island.

    Once the island was secured we found a chest containing no less than 17 items including bat wings, gaper eyes, Marali Whiskey, Dragon teeth, grains of red sand and other assorted items of varying degrees of usefulness. Beside the chest was a note upon which was written a deceptively simple sounding directive.

    "Bring these to the Gellansha."

    Between us we were able to recall the Gellansha is a Merfolk prophet, but we were at a loss as to where to look for any Merfolk, let alone the Gellansha. Looking to the items in the chest for hints we set off to Marali to throw sand around an empty house in the hopes of gaining enlightenment.

    Along the way to Marali we encountered Nial and Sophina, both of which joined us in the search.

    Shortly after arriving it was recalled that the portal in the empty Marali house was not activated by red sand, but by Tiny Sea Shells, and that it did in fact lead to a cave in which Merfolk had been sought and found before.

    Fuoco was kind enough to bring us Shells to try the portal with. Those of us that had time to venture into the unknown threw the provided shells at the floor and were transported to what appeared to be the N / NE corner of the cave, small lakes were scattered throughout and the remaining floor was sand.

    The cave areas we explored were populated by air elements, water elements, sand spiders and sea turtles.

    Upon finding a structure inside the cave with a man made floor and pillars, we tested it to see if it was another portal. To our dismay we found a Tiny Sea Shell took us to Brigobaen, leaving much of the cave unexplored and no Merfolk found.

    Disheartened but far from discouraged our group disbanded to seek whispers of the location of the Gellansha in the hopes of finding out more about this mysterious delivery in the coming days and weeks.


    Day 139 of the Fighting Moon, Year 448 – Cassandra – (2018-05-13)
    [This was meant to be in dialogue with Seregil's post, but my password in the forum is not working...]

    “We run errands to privateers now?” thought the wizard with apprehension. She didn’t voice her doubts, however. The King of Mirith, after all, wasn’t he a pirate too? And a pirate who abandoned his throne so shortly after accepting it? Fortunately, Mirith had enough people to defend her and a long history with an absent-minded King. This time the king was physically absent, but perhaps, in his thoughts, he had not forgotten his kingdom.

    She had heard of Gellansha before. At some point, their studies had taken her and Sophina to read on the Mhara. Sophina had done most of the research, though, and it was her who selected what was considered relevant to write in the historical archives. “I should ask the ranger…”

    The chest. The contents of the chest, that she had seen but a few, enough to raise her suspicion. The wording of the note. Something was off with all that. She kept the eel pole - no room to carry other things. She had to ask Seregil and Kwoo for a complete list of items to add it to the report to the MV.

    In any case, were the privateers taking the chest to its destination, or preventing the chest from getting there? Was this a task for them or for people of better reputation? And why did the privateers attack them, if they were N’eroth’s people? Maybe they were not N’eroth’s people?

    The wizard’s apprehension grew. She would have to think things over. Something was very odd, and she couldn’t pinpoint what.
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    A chill wind was blowing, and all the ships in the sleepy harbor were at berth - all save one. Resting gently on the sands was an unassuming skiff, perhaps seventeen feet in length, with an emblem resembling a tree carved into the hull. A pair of companions stood by the vessel, watching peacefully as the surf rolled in, sparkling bright against the sunset skies.

    The one in red began to shiver, and bundled his robes up close. "So," he said. "The forest witch has taken the crown for herself. How ironic."

    "Yes, friend," said the one in green. "Though you can bet your last gold piece that she doesn't fancy it for anything more than its good looks. Or so I'm told."

    "We shall see, good sir, we shall see." The red one smiled. "But it is of no matter. Sooner or later, we will find her, and this Ginger - and maybe even a king too, if the stars deem us worthy."

    "To skull, then?"

    " skull."

    [b][u]Day 224 of the Fighting Moon, Year 448 - Nial - (2018-05-21)[/u][/b]

    A brief report is hand-delivered to the Lerilin greeter with strict orders to pass onto the myrmecologists:

    To Whom it May Concern:

    On Day 224 of the Fighting Moon, the Maralian Guards reported Pixies and Ants sighted to the west of Marali's walls. Investigating, I found somewhere between 6-8 dozen Ants of all known varieties and approximately eight Pixies among them.

    I requested back-up to clear the infestation from the Wizard Fuoco, who proved adept at clearing large groups of them with Paralysis and Poison. Soon enough, we fought first one Queen Ant, then a second on the opposite side of Marali's western rock formation."

    Investigating the two Ant Hills located, we were able to determine that the Ants represented two separate dynasties. Although the infestation was cleared, we were unable to determine 1) what the Ants were doing this far north (though Captain Octar of the Marali Vanguard suspects Pixies were stirring up trouble) 2) why the dynasties would choose a location so close to one another, and 3) if the Ants were in conflict or concord.

    Although things may be different in Lerilin, we respond to unusual creatures invading our territory with the utmost force, which is why I led the extermination of the Ants. If the mir myrcon myrmecologist society wishes to trap and relocate the Queen Ants during a similar event, we would need you present at the time of the infestation to safely and non-lethally remove them, and we would aid with the efforts. Otherwise, expect our armed men to react similarly in the future.

    Thank you for your time and responses to these questions, and Marali awaits your response.

    -Armsman Nial

    [b][u]Day ~40 of the Sleeping Moon, Year 448 - Cassandra - (2018-05-27)[/u][/b]

    A young cleric, and younger druid, and the Royal Guard of Mirith ran into some trouble in usually quiet lands. First, an invasion of sheep. Then, a bunch of rats, followed by pixies. If that wasn't enough, a couple of lizard men decided to join the party. This all happened in the vast territory north of the original rift, but still far from the noble hall of A.R.R.

    [b][u]Day 64 of the Sleeping Moon, Year 448 - Morry - (2018-05-31)[/u][/b]
    Morry killed many brigands and mercenaries in the ‘merc’ cave then ventures on to the basement and splat! Gapers and mercs overwelm the rogue. After two days of regroup a small party comes and easily clears the remaining mercs. (Yay morrys rings are recovered) 4 chests of ‘goods’ are marked one for each city. It looks like they had plans, but thats over because they’re dead. The end.
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    Cassandra scribbles a note to Amere.

    "My favorite fighter,

    I traveled to Marali with Sophina. The Growing Moon was full, and we felt like a small trip. Please, let us know if you need us back in our city.

    Also, be informed that we ran into a small party of brigands to the NE of the portal. Eight, or so (she kept their limbs - I refused). They had a lonely gaper around them and a shelter.

    Hoping to see you again very soon,
  • "No, no." Nial pressed the bag into Jedd's hands, coins clinking within. "Please split that with Kwoo, Jedd."

    "Alright, you have my word." The fighter took up the bag, and nodded slightly toward Nial and Suscame. "May you find better winds in the north. Both of you."

    The fighter slid his helmet back on and set off in the other direction. The wizard would be somewhere up ahead, probably halfway to the temple already. That strange, half-flooded, moss-covered temple that would hopefully get them out of this damp and musty waterway, and into the warm halls of Brigobaen.

    Day 141, he noted mentally as he rushed past a sand spider with a dexterous leap. Maybe 142 – we've certainly been down here long enough, and with nothing to show for it but a few more shells for the old collection. But wait, Lans! – the cleric would be sure to have some more updates by now. What news might he have of the campaign in the south?
  • An anonymous report appears on the walls of Mirith.

    13 forest dracos and 2 bracken found lurking dangerously close to the city, surrounding one of the sheep enclosures belonging to Lance Waltham of Waltham's World of Wool. It is unclear whether these beasts were stationed there by Waltham, to act as guards, or whether they were lured to the enclosure by the notorious Sheep Slayer.

    All travelers are advised to exercise additional caution when traversing the woods, and to report any signs of this bandit to the relevant authorities.

    Day 188 of the Growing Moon, Year 449


    (OOC: More details to follow elsewhere!)

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    "I checked every nook and cranny of the cave system. Well, everywhere I could go without turning into a fish. But nope, nothing."

    "Ah yes," said Lans. "Very good. And you're sure there was nothing amiss, or—"

    The rogue slammed a piece of paper on the table. "I'm sure."

    Lans jumped slightly in his chair. "Okay okay, no need to... what's this?" he glanced at the paper. "A map? You made a map? My oh my, you are good."

    "No..." the rogue smiled a silly crooked smile. "I'm the best!"

    "Bwahaha, whatever you say. But yes, this is fantastic – I know just what to do with this." Lans yanked out a fresh piece of parchment and began to scribble down a note in a script that was even messier than normal. "Oh!" he said, upon noticing that the rogue was still standing before him. "You are dismissed. You've done a great service for our treasury – I appreciate it muchly." He turned back to his letter. By the stars, he thought, if it's a map they want, then it's a map they'll get!
  • Day 106 of the Bleeding Moon, Year 449

    Hunters on the Eastern Duldrus Rd had a brief encounter with the privateer called Ginger, who was looking for her captain. Not long afterwards, the hunters spotted a small pirate vessel not far offshore, but upon approaching it they were attacked by the crew, one of whom was wielding a silver katana. The ship was heavily damaged during the fighting and sunk before it could be fully searched. A ring of lightning bolt was recovered from the flotsam, but no further clues were found as to who these pirates were, the identity of their crew, etc.

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