A Sleepy Invasion

Swarms of eager adventurers were gathered at Mirith bank for their regular trip to far away and dangerous places to obtain treasured loot......

...and treasured friendships.


(Nix): Happy birthday!
(Cyric): happy birthday!
(Cryssandria): Happy Birthday!!!!
(Varto): thanks🙂
(Shuab): Happy Virthday
(Haruko): happy birthday!!!
(Hayate): happy birthday

As the poppers had just started going off during this impromptu celebration....

A massive fog begins to creep over the walls of Mirith, from all sides at once...

(Haruko): nandaro tracking sitekuru [I wonder what's going on. I'll go try tracking and come back.]
(Cryssandria): whats going on.... are we under attack?!
(Haruko): nisiguti teki [Enemies to the west]
(Cryssandria): Haruko, anything on tracking!?
(mikomi): mazika- [Seriously?]
(Haruko): west many enemy

Shuab continued to doze off at the bank, even amidst the creeping fog and later-seen void monsters within the city walls. She asked others what had occurred during this time later after meeting up...

The ghostly echoes of three chanting women reverberate through the mist.
The voices seem to be coming from all directions at once.

"While Disciples slept...Three Servants crept!"
"They worked dark magic, and mankind wept!"
"Sopor! Torpor! And Languor, too!"
"In yesteryear, we rose anew! You failed to stop us, and off we flew!"

"And so we thank you, Mirith, we really do..."
"We'd still be trapped, if not for you!"
"Sisters Three! It's time to attack!"
"Make them sleep so deep, they never come back!"

Shuab stayed half-asleep throughout the whole incident, or at least that's how she remembered it...
These are the rest of what she could remember, smatterings of recollections throughout the numerous fights and portals and snakes and ghosts and... fog...


And on they fought... In the great castle, at the gates, seemingly everywhere...

You hear sounds of fighting from the east gate.

When they got to the other side of the city:
(Human): Careful! Many await just beyond the bridge!

The horn of Mirith begins to sound from the direction of the castle.

(Cryssandria): the king!!!
(Cyric): more to the North
(Varto): castle is being invaded?


(Shuab): Hi Mother!
(Emmalisse): Oh! Hello there, Ms. Shuab!
(Emmalisse): * pants * Quite the morning we're having!
Your wounds are festering.
(Emmalisse): * pur *

The fog seems to retreat slightly.

(Emmalisse): We have them on the run!

But a short while after that...

(Emmalisse): More coming from the northeast wing...
(Emmalisse): * rubs eyes *

After killing terrifying creatures and entering the main dining hall in the castle...

(Emmalisse): Wherever did Lester go.... I pray he is alright!


After a frightful fight through the sewers and in the northern backyard of the castle...


(Emmalisse): * catches breath *
(Varto): Thank you for your assistance Emmalisse
(Emmalisse): I'm just glad I left the morning prayers early today...
(Emmalisse): Might have gotten trapped by that mess in the castle.


(Mirith Scout): Ah, there you are, Mother!
(Varto): Hello Scout
(Mirith Scout): Thank the Goddess you are safe!
(Emmalisse): Thank you. Status report, scout?
(Mirith Scout): The city proper is now secure. * sighs heavily *
(Mirith Scout): But the enemy is still pressing the attack.
(Mirith Scout): They seem to be coming from three specific directions at onoce.
(Mirith Scout): A triangle of death, if you will.
(Varto): What about leftovers at the east gate?
(Mirith Scout): Still amassing beyond the bridge, aye.
(Mirith Scout): They may need the most help now.
(Mirith Scout): But those three nodes seem to be...
(Mirith Scout): From the rock maze, from somewhere northeast of here, and then somewhere southeast.
(Mirith Scout): Take heed!
(Mirith Scout): I must see to the other stations.
(Cryssandria): this always happens during sleeping moon, not so sleepy. Mirith always under seige during this moon
(Emmalisse): And I will join you. This group seems to have things very well under control!
(Emmalisse): Thank you, Scout.
(Emmalisse): Goddess watch and protect you all on this perilous day.
(Mirith Scout): * nods * Until next time.

After this they had a quick detour to find the origin of the screams of the fighter Telmah, and they stumbled upon... exactly what they were expecting, with his ghost seemingly spinning in circles while hordes of creatures of the night, including many skeleton archers, ambushed them (yes, ambushed them even though they were expecting this sight).

(Telmah): Yeah, wasn't expecting all of that😛

A horde of the shadowy creatures seems to be congregating at the rocks ahead.

Darkness swirls and coalesces around the dead trees, forming monstrous shapes.


(Languor): * yawns * Here, already?
(Languor): * sighs * Of course they would find this node first...
(Languor): I just want to nap!
(Languor): I tire of this. So I'll let you in on the plan.
(Varto): I hear someone
(Languor): You let me leave and nap in peace, and I'll tell you where the other two are.
(Languor): Other nodes... * yawns *
(Languor): Sopor's in the rock maze...
(Languor): zzz...
(Languor): And Torpor is in the harpie woods, just northeast of the castle...
(Languor): The access portals should all be in the same general area.
(Languor): No shame in running away!
(Languor): I'm off to sleep, my other sisters can have fun with the attack!
(Languor): Who needs revenge when you can just... snore...

(Cryssandria): we will catch you one day Lady Languor!
(Languor): Time for Languor to laze away...
(Shuab): You should.
(Cryssandria): mark my words!

The figure fades into the mist.

Shuab recalls some happy memories from later on as they fight more trees and find the nodes...

(Sylph): We will devour you!
(Sylph): I shall silence you for good!
(Sylph): You will never escape, worm!
(Sylph): Vile human!

The group wavered at the second portal to decide if they should search for Emperor Iceane so that he could mummify them all in bandages, but they noticed something then...

The energy from the node seems to be quite weak.

(Cryssandria): i think we dont have time
(Varto): Charge and die it is!
(Cryssandria): its gonna dissapear

Poking at the gravestone in the portal area...


(Telmah): * smacks *
(Telmah): * keeps hitting *
(Telmah): *Rolls strength check of 26*
The gravestone is smashed to pieces.

A small flood of dangerous creatures poured out, and after they deal with them...

The node has stabilized.

It felt like they were being pulled in a new direction one after the other. This is what it was like to fight three formidable sorcerers over the course of several days...

The group reached the rock maze west of Mirith...


(Sopor): Ee hee hee! The defends of Mirith, come to die!
(Sopor): * rel pos des *
You are disoriented.
(Sopor): Aa haa haa!
(Sopor): * rel pos des *
(Sopor): Savor the sweetest taste of the somnolent Sopor!
(Sopor): * rel pos des *

(Sopor): Bah!
(Sopor): Sleep!
(Sopor): * rel pos des *
(Sopor): Disorient you into slumber!
(Sopor): * rel pos bol *
(Sopor): Yes, just like that! Ee hee hee!
(Sopor): Now you learn!
(Sopor): Aaiii!
(Sopor): * slaps *
(Sopor): Ee hee hee!
(Sopor): * rel pos bol *
(Sopor): Time to sleep!
(Sopor): I can't see where I'm going, oh what delight!
(Sopor): * rel pos bol *
(Sopor): Ahhhh!
(Sopor): You won't!
(Shuab): * flas bur des *
(Sopor): You wouldn't!


Sopor disappears into the mist.

They come across another portal...

More creatures emanate from the gravestone.

(Varto): *Rolls strength check of 1*

The gravestone seems to strike back at Varto.

(Hayate): *Rolls strength check of 17*
(Telmah): *Rolls strength check of 22*

The grave quivers, but still does not break!

(Shuab): *Rolls strength check of 7*

Shuab stubs her toe.

(Telmah): *Rolls strength check of 27*

The grave shatters with Telmah's mighty attack!

They fight some more...

Quiet falls on the eerie scene. The node has stabilized.

A sign at the bank still reads:
BEWARE - The City is under Attack!

The adventurers finally make it to the last place Languor mentioned – the rocks east of Mirith...


(Torpor): You FILTHY peasants!!! Must you ruin everything?!?

They fought more along the river, finding many bracken along with the void creatures of the day. Until they were finally thinning out the numbers...


(Torpor): * rel des bol *
(Torpor): You just couldn't go to sleep, could you?!
(Torpor): I am ENRAGED!
(Torpor): * rel des bol *
You are paralyzed.
(Shuab): Okay
(Torpor): * flas bur des *
(Torpor): How dare you?!
(Torpor): * rel des bol *
(Torpor): You will rue the day!
(Torpor): * flas bur des *
(Torpor): Bah!
(Torpor): Creatures, to me!
(Varto): Nice trick
(Varto): but tricks are for kids
(Torpor): * rel des bol *
(Torpor): ARRGH!
(Shuab): * flas bur des *
(Torpor): * flas bur des *
(Shuab): * flas bur des *
(Cryssandria): * flas bur des *
(Torpor): * rel des bol *
(Torpor): Impossible!!!
(Torpor): * rel des bol *
(Torpor): How did we go wrong?!
(Torpor): I must....
(Shuab): Didn't go back to sleep
(Torpor): * rel des bol *
You are paralyzed.
(Varto): *smacks*
(Torpor): Rethink this.
(Torpor): We will meet again!
(Shuab): V smacked her out of existence!
(Cryssandria): ESCAPED AGAIN!
(Indy): dameka- [Our attacks weren't enough, huh?]


They entered the final portal area...


Shadowy shapes swirl around the gravestone.

(Shuab): *Rolls strength check of 9*

Shuab stubs the same toe as before.

(Shuab): *sob*
(Cryssandria): >.<
(Hayate): *Rolls strength check of 29*

But Hayate smashes the stone to pieces!

Finally, after just a bit more fighting...

The node is stabilized, and the fog begins to fade.

As the fog retreats, some of the creatures seem to vanish into the mist.

(Cyric): We've been fighting for 2 days
(Shuab): Sleepy night
(Cryssandria): we won

The forests seem to settle down at last.
As night falls, the remnants of the invading army scatter into the mist.
The horn of Mirith sounds, calling all her defenders back to the city.


* sighs wearily *
(Emmalisse): It is good to see you all alive and in one piece.
(Shuab): Hello again Mother!
(Varto): Thank you for your assistance earlier Emmalisse
(Emmalisse): Hello again, Ms. Shuab.
(Emmalisse): These accursed Sisters Three have struck at the very heart of our city, our very civilization.
(Emmalisse): The scouts report all enemy forces are on the run.
(Shuab): Good.
(Emmalisse): They also picked up some valuables they found in the chaos.
(Shuab): They seemed to be thinning out towards the end, yes.
(Emmalisse): This was their boldest strike yet.
(Emmalisse): Last year, they stayed well enough away from the city.
(Emmalisse): And now, in our very streets!
(Emmalisse): Where is that scout...
(Mirith Scout): Here, Mother.
(Emmalisse): Very good!
(Emmalisse): Note down all who fought for our city today, brave one.
(Mirith Scout): Right away. * begins to scribble *
(Emmalisse): I am going to add half of what we found to your bag of spoils right away.
(Emmalisse): The other half, I will have released to this group, once a report is filed.
(Emmalisse): Sketches, descriptions, anything at all will suffice. We need to know.
(Mirith Scout): Oh, I forgot to fetch those items, one moment... * blushes *
(Emmalisse): * chuckles *
(Mirith Scout): Here is the half.
(Mirith Scout): All personages have been recorded.
(Shuab): Thank you.
(Emmalisse): Thank you, scout.
(Emmalisse): I'm afraid I have no time to linger, this evening.
(Emmalisse): There are many wounded guards in need of my healing.
(Shuab): We thank you for your help again earlier.
(Shuab): Much appreciated.
(Cryssandria): Please, tend to the wounded. We will handle the rest Emma
(Emmalisse): * nods * It was the least I could do. * smiles weakly * May you all rest well and recover.
(Emmalisse): Goddess's blessings upon you all!
You gain 1000 experience points.
(Mirith Scout): * nods *
(Mirith Scout): Mother!

The adventurers then did their usual, strange musical bags(chairs) dance, and several tokens, an infused ice crystal, a grand master quality robe of protection in dead-Telmah gray, and a grand master stave with enhanced damage properties were split accordingly, along with the rest of the formidable creatures' loot.

Shuab, after having fought long and hard for the city she had sworn to protect since she was a teen, dozed off again after hearing one of her favorite sentences as the musical bags came to a close...

(Varto): shuab you can have this bag

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