Sleeping Forest

Annabel enters the bustling bank of Mirith - Satyricon, Rondino and Gladash are tarting around.

(Satyricon): Hello!
(Satyricon): Ash merchant?
(Annabel): Indeed.
The black wizard hands over a large coin purse to the ranger.

"I appreciate your support to the old wizards," said Satyricon.
"And I appreciate selling goods to lazy wizards!" the ranger said, with a sly smile.

(Annabel): ^^
(Satyricon): ...
(Annabel): *hiccup*
(Satyricon): Psh psh. She just doesn't know what wizarding involves..

(Nume): Hi Annaaaa
(Annabel): Hi Numeee
"So, hunt?" Annabel asked excitedly.
(Gladash): Shore
(Annabel): Where to?
(Gladash): Would be down for anything.. romp, first floor volc, TM come to mind.

"Being that we're clericless... TM sounds like the best option," said Annabel.

The crew head up to the maze and began their usual routine of slaying every creature in sight. Until…

(Annabel): Night harpie?!
(Rondino): !
(Annabel): Oh, there's a cluster North
(Rondino): Maybe something to do with Sleeping Moon?
(Satyricon): Hmm!


Cautiously, they approached the hoard of night harpies, but got overwhelmed and separated.

Annabel fought her way back to her companions, where they found themselves enveloped in a thick layer of fog.

“Yes... submit to the Eternal Sleep,” a voice emerged from the fog. Even you, mighty dragon of the forests, must yield to the powers of Torpor.”

“Stay, and sleep!”

(Gladash): Torpor
(Satyricon): * bol flas *
(Rondino): * bol flas *
(Torpor): But do not stay long. Your time will come, humans.
(Torpor): * rel des bol *
(Satyricon): * bol flas *
(Torpor): Stay awake while you can.
(Torpor): The Servants Three shall soon return, and then you will be like this dragon. Asleep.... forever!

A forest dragon materializes from within the fog

(Forest Dragon): Perhaps you can show me your pretty bow, Ranger.
(Annabel): Ahhhhh!
(Satyricon): * shel rel bol *
(Torpor): Ee hee hee!
(Rondino): * flas bur des *
(Torpor): * Mora *
(Torpor): * shel rel bol *
(Rondino): Get back here and fight you coward!
(Satyricon): * shel rel bol *

(Torpor): It is not yet time.
(Rondino): * bol flas *
(Rondino): * clar flas bur *
(Torpor): Enjoy your taste of living.
(Torpor): Soon, we will have our revenge.
(Satyricon): Raises a brow
(Torpor): * Mora Olsa Preldian *

The wizard disappears in a flash.

(Satyricon): who was that?
(Gladash): Didn't get to backstab.

The wizard disappeared, but the fog lingered. Curious, they stepped into the clouds.

You feel... sleepy, inside the fog.
(Rondino): Careful
(Gladash): Can't move
(Annabel): *yawns*
(Rondino): Stay out of the fog
You are paralyzed.
(Satyricon): Interesting
(Rondino): It's like a heavy blanket.
Slowly, the fog dissipated.
You are paralyzed.
(Rondino): I must learn this fog spell
The forest quiets once more.

Unable to find any other signs of Torpor, the adventurers continued their hunt - feeling a bit more awake.

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