A Scribe's Chronicle—The Blue Moon Festival of 454

Thus follows one detailed account of the Blue Moon Festival of Year 454 in The Enlightened CIty of Andris, preserved by one Andrisian scribe, to the best of his abilities. It is not the only account, but it is an account, from but one perspective. Given the fleeting nature of the events being documented, the present scribe humbly asks continued forgiveness for any and all omissions and errors. Any other observers, visitors, scribes, historians, and artists of all skill level are cordially invited to contribute in the chronicling of this wonderful interlude in our fair city’s history, not only to help ensure that our collective stories are preserved, but also to inform and thus include as many people as possible in the joyous celebration that is Andris come Blue Moon, the best time in all Oberin.

* * * * *

Long before the blue moon shines bright and full, the earliest days of the festive season are, as always, heralded by a frenzy of buildup and anticipation. The air begins to grow cooler, and the snows begin to fall far to the north—but not so here in Andris, temperate Andris, where the chilly season is marked only by the flocks of migratory harpies and the fierce winter rainstorms. From across the Merchant Sea in Port Gast, the Southwest Sailors come alive like a swarm of ants, garbed in their official peach-hued robes, sending their ships to and fro with spices and trinkets and luxuries, making transitory outposts out of suitable islands, conveying the immense flow of goods that must be conveyed for any good festival to be possible, and offering discount trades to those who come to seek them out. And off to the west, across the Great Andris Bridge, the merchant caravans come rolling, with the stomping of pack tuskers that can be heard from leagues around, eventually settling in on the southern shores at their annual campground, where the wheeling and dealing begins. And in islands all around, in the ruined husks of abandoned guild halls, or in hidden, sheltered caves, drunken adventurers and revelers ring the festival in early with their round-the-clock carousing.




The days grow colder still as the moon waxes full, and the crowds begin to trickle into the streets. Flags and roses and the cold-loving nevia stretch out as far as the eye can see. The Miners’ Nurses set up their stands with their peculiar zest for life, raising funds for their noble cause, while the various clothing conventions set up shop across the way, bringing their dazzling light to the gleaming streets. In the park, the workers and craftsmen busy themselves setting up the imposing platform that will serve as the stage for the Waltham’s World of Wool Blue Moon Festival Art Competition. And to the east, beyond the city walls, more workers burst into action, constructing the temporary stands and risers for what will soon be the Grand Arena of the Blue Moon Festival, the most fearsome spectacle of the year. Here, too, the Nurses set up their tents, knowing of the blood sport that will soon come.

And just to the south, down in Morganstown, the scene is no less buoyant, as the storied two-master, The S.W.S. Golden Fleece, comes to port, and the lively hubbub of traders and travelers hawking their wares fills the salty air. The hired guards, pretty in peach, overlook the vessel proudly as they tell you, “This be the ship that Sailor James himself could no sink!”, while they silently avoid making eye contact with the bounty hunter who is trimming his nails with a dagger at the stern, the man who has been hired on by the city to ensure the guards’ boasting holds true, the man who serves as a reminder that not everyone’s festival can be so joyous.





Before the citizens and adventurers know it, the full moon is upon them, and the festivities kick off in earnest, as a well-dressed crowd begins to gather in the park, in the early hours of the morning... it will soon be time for the Awards Ceremony of the Waltham's World of Wool Blue Moon Festival Art Competition.

* * * * *


The appointed time arrives, and the crowd now forms a stunning rainbow of the rarest shades and hues, their sartorial elegance eclipsed only by the magnificent Senator Ivanelda Janik as she struts into the park in full regalia.

(Janik): Ahh, isn't in lovely, darling?
(Rondino): Good morning, Senator!
(Rondino): It is!
(Hayate): hi
(Janik): Good morning, hello! Early risers after my own heart!
(Janik): Oh how the lights shine so bright!
(Wong): Pants!

(Rondino): There's surely no better way to start the day
(Jastherin): Hello :)
(Janik): Those gardeners really went to town this year, my word!
(Jastherin): Pants!
(Wong): hi-
(Rondino): Hehe, aye they did a great job! Don't think I've seen this much splendor in a while
(Janik): And oh, may I just say—and I promise I don't say this often—
(Janik): Your robe is simply exquisite, la!
(Rondino): Why thank you
(Kwoo): Isn't it?
(Rondino): Kwoo.. easy now
(Kwoo): haha!
(Janik): You just about look like a senator yourself! * chuckles *
(Kwoo): Just admiring the color, nothing more

Some members of the crowd momentarily turn their gaze south, to the chess board garden, which is now surrounded with the flames of Andrisian Roulette.

(Janik): Now, as... enticing as those bags must be!
(Kwoo): * holds back a tear *
(Rondino): *is enticed*
(Janik): That will be for a Gambling event, to follow soon, so I hear!

(Janik): Let's all meet at the stage to the north, darlings!
(Janik): Seats about as comfortable as usual!
(Wong): special seat!
(Janik): Oh yes! File in, file in! Beautiful line! How naturally formed!
(Rondino): Anna!
(Jastherin): Anna!
(Annabel): Jas, you woke up!
(Annabel): ;D
(Jastherin): I did :O
(Janik): My, do I see some of our previous Beauty Pageant winners in here, as well?
(Cryssandria): O.O
(Annabel): i guess i should grab monies
(Janik): What an impressive crew, la!

(Janik): And oh, we won't be needing money for this!
(Cryssandria): hehe..
(Rondino): Too late..
(Janik): This is an event put on out of the goodness of our hearts!

Despite the announcement, one of the armored men in the crowd quietly tosses a single gold piece to the senator, who catches it with surprising deftness.

(Janik): A donation for the arts? Well, I won't say no, la!
(Seregil): ;)
(Janik): Greetings and welcome!
(Janik): Welcome to the... Waltham's World of Wool Blue Moon Festival Art Competition
(Janik): * catches breath * Awards Ceremony!
(Annabel): :D
(Rondino): *claps*
(Annabel): where's Shuab?!
(Janik): Ah, we have had such splendid, no, simply MARVELOUS submissions!
(Kwoo): Woo!
(Jastherin): *claps*
(Wong): wheeee
(Cryssandria): Shuab is somewhere doing Shuab things
(Janik): How very lovely they all were! You should all be proud, darlings! Very proud!

(Janik): But oh... what's this?
(Cryssandria): right there
(Janik): It appears we have a... oh yes!
(Janik): A random giveaway!
(Hayate): hi
(mikomi): niou
(Shuab): Hi Astro!
(Annabel): yay
(Astronus): HI ya!
(Janik): As a treat for all you cultured citizens who came to watch!
(Cryssandria): !
(Astronus): oh why thank you! It was very dark
(Wong): hi
(Janik): We at the Andris Commission for the Arts...
(Wong): :)
(Astronus): *smiles*
(Nix): Thanks indeed!
(Janik): We're just so pleased to show our gratitude!
(Cryssandria): hey astronus!
(Cryssandria): welcome Nix!
(Astronus): Hi there!
(Janik): And so right now, at this very moment, we are giving away a bonus prize!
(Janik): Hello, file in, file in, yes, welcome!
(Cryssandria): =O
(Janik): Anyone here can enter, whether you were in the competition or not!
(Janik): The rules of this bonus giveaway are oh so very simple:

(Janik): If you want a shot, just roll a 1d100!
(Janik): Then, I will do the same. The number closest to mine will win!
(Astronus): oooo!
(Rondino): Now that, is art!
(Janik): Let's hear it! Rattle them dice, la!
(Cryssandria): =O
(Annabel): oo
(Annabel): *Rolls a 1d100 for a roll of 69*
(Jastherin): *Rolls a 1d100 for a roll of 17*
(Cryssandria): *Rolls a 1d100 for a roll of 51*
(Shuab): *Rolls a 1d100 for a roll of 96*
(Kwoo): *Rolls a 1d100 for a roll of 10*
(Rondino): *Rolls a 1d100 for a roll of 93*
(Wong): *Rolls a 1d100 for a roll of 34*
(Astronus): *Rolls a 1d100 for a roll of 74*
(Hayate): *Rolls a 1d100 for a roll of 12*
(mikomi): *Rolls a 1d100 for a roll of 21*
(Seregil): *Rolls a 1d100 for a roll of 35*
(Janik): Ah, the sound of that rattling is sure to wake the gamblers! Brilliant!
(Nix): *Rolls a 1d100 for a roll of 14*

(Janik): Okay, let's see mine!
*Rolls a 1d100 for a roll of 85*
(Janik): *Rolls a 1d100 for a roll of 85*

(Wong): :(
(Janik): 85! Now let's help me out, here!
(Shuab): Ron?!
(Astronus): I had 74
(Janik): I see the lady in green close by at 74...but we have someone closer!
(Cryssandria): anna
(Seregil): Shaub at 96!
(Cryssandria): anna had 69
(Janik): Even closer!
(Shuab): Ron got 93
(Seregil): too high!
(Janik): The fellow in the fabulous outfit!
(Astronus): Ron was 93!

(Rondino): *blushes the shade of the robe*
(Cryssandria): oh 85
(Janik): It's your lucky day, darling!
(Cryssandria): hard one
(Shuab): Kwoo rolled a 10 and logged off in shame
(Janik): The bonus giveaway is yours!
(Rondino): Wheeee!
(Annabel): hhah
(Rondino): Thank you!
(Astronus): hehe congrats Ron!
(Wong): :)
(Seregil): Winner :)

With a flourish, the Senator passes a small, magenta token, humming with energy like a bolt of lightning, to the wizard Rondino.

(Janik): * gives shiny token * How sumptuous! How grand! How... shiny!
(Rondino): (wiz token hehe)
(Cryssandria): yay
(Wong): wow

(Janik): But darlings, it's time to move on to the main event of the ceremony!
(Nial): (Fancy! :O )
(Wong): nice
(Annabel): :)
(Shuab): :D
(Janik): Oh, all those beautiful and wonderful artworks!
(Janik): I'm sure our judges' panel would've chosen them all, if they could!
(Janik): But choose, they must, and the results are now tabulated.
(Janik): As a brief review, the winning submissions to this lovely competition...
(Janik): ...were the works that best distilled and celebrated the spirit of community in Oberin!
(Janik): So let's begin, la, and see what the judges say! * tears open envelope *

(Janik): In third place, we have a work that does just that!
(Shuab): la
(Janik): This piece depicts adventurers working together in the face of adversity...
(Janik): Adversity that soon turns to absurdity!
(Janik): And yet they find a way to make light of it all the same!
(Janik): Let's give it up for...

(Janik): Lord Gladash of the Sect of the Crystal and his work, "Chaos Ensues!" * claps *
(Nial): * claps politely *
(Jastherin): *applauds*
(Annabel): :D
(Cryssandria): =OOOO
(Gladash): yay!
(Annabel): that was such a good one
(Shuab): Yay!
(Janik): Just when you think those pixies couldn't get any more cheeky! * chuckles * Well done!
(Rondino): *claps*
(Cryssandria): yaaayyy
(Astronus): HAHAHAHA that was a hilarious time *chuckles*
(Gladash): What a fond memory
(Janik): And what a striking robe you have already!
(Janik): Clearly you are a man of the arts!
(Gladash): Thank you, senator.
(Janik): And for your prize, we have something...
(Janik): If not in such a rare shade, something crafted by a grandmaster, and elegant in its simplicity!

The senator passes an exquisitely wrapped bundle to the rogue Gladash.

(Janik): A GM Blue Robe of Resistance!
(Shuab): Niccce!
(mikomi): oo
(Astronus): wow! Fantastic for you Glad!
(Cryssandria): =O
(Gladash): Thank you senator!
(Janik): Congratulations!
(Hayate): yay
(Jastherin): `Congrats GLad
(Nial): A valuable prize, indeed.
(Rondino): Ooo congrats!
(Janik): Feel free to take a seat on either side of me!
(Wong): congrats!
(mikomi): omedetou-

(Janik): And now, we move on to second place! * tears open envelope *
(Shuab): Goodbye to your chest contents..
(Janik): Sometimes, the spirit of our community means opening up to new traditions!
(Janik): Coming up with unique events and having fun in unexpected circumstances!
(Cryssandria): =OOOO
(Janik): A community coming together with food and drink!
(Annabel): :D
(Janik): Finding a way to have fun even when death comes a-knocking!

(Janik): Let's hear it for Goss and the "Yellow Day" submission, la! * claps *
(Shuab): LichLich
(Jastherin): *applauds*
(Shuab): Yay, la!
(Cryssandria): wheeeeee
(Annabel): yay!
(Astronus): *Claps* Yayyyy Goss!!
(Cryssandria): *claps*
(Gladash): * claps *
(Annabel): yellow day!
(Janik): For him, who I do not see in the crowd...
(Nix): *claps*
(Nial): * claps again *
(Janik): We have a grandmaster robe... in not yellow, but exquisite slate! How very!
(Shuab): :O
(Shuab): Glad, keep those tears bac-
(Rondino): Oooo
(Janik): We'll hold it for safekeeping, for now!
(Shuab): Oh no
(Cryssandria): =O
(Astronus): oh Goss I'm sure will love that!
(Jastherin): How nice
(Shuab): Oh no, the Slate tears

(Janik): And now, last, we have first, la! * tears open envelope *
(Janik): The judges feel that this piece perfectly exemplifies the joy of Oberin community!
(Janik): What you see in this work is something as unique as it is heartwarming!
(Janik): It manages to encapsulate years and years of Oberin's strangeness and beauty!
(Janik): A result of collective hijinks, and ideas bouncing around from person to person...
(Janik): ....coming to involve not just its original creator...
(Janik): ...but truly any who have come to spend time on our peaceful shores...
(Janik): ...until those hijinks evolve into something new:
(Nial): * looks a bit confused *
(Janik): Something ebullient, something transcendent, something with the proper permits!
(Shuab): :o

(Janik): Give it up for Wong and "PantsCon 454"!!!! * claps *
(Cryssandria): o.o
(Wong): !
(Annabel): PANTS!
(Rondino): Yay!!!
(Nial): Congrats!
(Astronus): HAHAHAH *Claps*
(Cryssandria): YAYYYYYY!!!!!
(Rondino): Pants!
(Wong): yay!
(Hayate): pants
(Astronus): YAYYYYY
(Cryssandria): PANTS!!!
(Gladash): Pants!
(Jastherin): *applauds*
(Shuab): Yaaaay!
(mikomi): oo
(Nial): Pants!
(Janik): Pants, yes!
(Jastherin): *whistles*
(Shuab): Pants!
(Jastherin): Pants!
(Nix): Pants!
(Janik): And soon, robes!
(Wong): Pants!?
(Cryssandria): O.O
(Janik): Though some have already found some lesser stitches of the same hue...
(Wong): yes Pants!

(Janik): This robe is the first, and as yet only, grandmaster!

Senator Janik passes the druid Wong a bundle that almost seems to be glowing.

(mikomi): w
(Janik): Let's see that Cobalt, la!
(Wong): wow!
(Rondino): !
(Astronus): WOOOW
(Cryssandria): YAY!!!!!!
(Rondino): Whoaaaa!
(Shuab): Yaay
(Astronus): That is beautiful!
(Hayate): yay
(Annabel): ooo
(Jastherin): Congrats Wong!
(Wong): GM CobaltRoP
(Janik): Come up here for the portrait!

The two winners have now made their way to the center of the stage, standing on either side of Senator Janik.


(Cryssandria): =OOOO
(Wong): than you very much
(Janik): On my right, darling!
(mikomi): iine!
(Nial): What a victory!
(Gladash): Lovely
(Janik): So lovely!
(Cryssandria): ^_^
(Wong): :)
(Janik): Another huge round of applause, and a hearty congratulations to you all!
(Nix): Nice robes!
(Shuab): (Red RoP nanda w)
(Astronus): *claps*
(Jastherin): *applauds*
(Annabel): *claps*
(Nial): * claps once more *
(Janik): And I'd like to give a huge thanks as well, to our community judges, and Master Ritian.
(Wong): thank you so much
(Nix): *claps*
(Rondino): *claps*
(Janik): We simply couldn't have done it without their marvelous help!

(Janik): * claps *
(Cryssandria): yayy!!
(Nial): * continues clapping *
(Janik): But oh yes!
(Nial): * stops clapping *
(Cryssandria): * whistles loudly * woooo!!
(Janik): Before I forget, la!
(Shuab): La!
(Janik): It looks as if you'll check under your seats... no wait, that's the wrong card...
(Cryssandria): Hahahahahahahaha
(Shuab): :o
(Jastherin): *laughs*
(Gladash): * opens box *
(Annabel): XD
(Cryssandria): (oprah XD)
(Gladash): * frowns *
(Hayate): nandarou-?

(Janik): It looks as if you file out to the south and east...
(Janik): You'll find roses for all! A field of roses!
(Cryssandria): =O
(Annabel): <3
(Janik): And that's a wrap! Hooooraaaay! Thank you once again!
(Rondino): Ooo
(Jastherin): Thank you Janik!
(Gladash): Thanks again, Senator Janik!
(Jastherin): *ahem* Senator Janik
(Wong): thank you Senator Janik
(Janik): Thank you! So long, la!
(Wong): :)
(Jastherin): Farewell!


  • * * * * *
    * * * * *

    As the ceremony concludes, the Gambling Syndicate arrives in the city at long last, fashionably late as always. The gambling kicks off with a deadly bang: the perilous, crowd-favorite Andrisian Roulette, formerly known as Maralian Roulette.



    * * * * *
    * * * * *

    Explosives soon turn to fireworks as The Auctioneer makes his long-awaited appearance in the castle, and the crowd starts to trickle in.


    (Nedved II): Hello!
    (Nial): * takes up a central spot *
    (Nedved II): * clar bur bol *
    (Auctioneer): Hellooo, welcome!

    (Nedved II): Just us two.
    (Auctioneer): I see our early birds coming to get the worm!
    (Auctioneer): Might I say you look rather electrifying up there on the wall!
    (Nedved II): :D
    (Auctioneer): And oh, yes, I remember you now!
    (Shuab): Hello!
    (Shuab): Nice rings
    (Auctioneer): You walked away with a lovely trident a year or two back!
    (Shuab): Mind if I take a look?
    (Auctioneer): It's good to see you back in the chamber!
    (Auctioneer): Oh yes, have a gander, why not, I suppose.
    (Shuab): "why not"
    (Auctioneer): * holds out hand with a flourish *
    (Shuab): Oh, you're about to learn...
    (Shuab): *coughs* I mean..
    (Auctioneer): Rodolpho's best only, understand.
    (Shuab): Oh, very nice.
    (Shuab): Good shine, still.

    (Shuab): You get these appraised ever?
    (Shuab): Ah, Rodolpho
    (Shuab): No problems there, then.
    (mikomi): *hiccup*
    (Auctioneer): By Ivanelda herself, you know.
    (Auctioneer): Your robes aren't bad yourself, yes.
    (Shuab): Good, good.
    (Shuab): Oh *flicks hair*
    (Auctioneer): You've certainly come to the right room!
    (Shuab): You noticed?

    (Auctioneer): And, oh, yes, other familiar faces in our auction chamber tonight!
    (Kiearah): stop flirting with the auctioneer, its not gonna get you a discount shuab

    (Auctioneer): I believe you won a nice ring here... '52 was it? Welcome back, welcome back.
    (Lenne): sure did!
    (Auctioneer): And you, old friend... * pats shoulder * Always a pleasure.
    (Auctioneer): How's the Elemental Ring holding up?
    (Astronus): I still have the ONLY thing I ever managed to win at an auction here...
    (Auctioneer): Good? Very good.
    (Astronus): decades ago

    (Kiearah): i still member Varto spending 6 million on a robe here >.>
    (Auctioneer): Enchanting enchanters can do very well here, yes.
    (Shuab): :o
    (Jastherin): *looks around*
    (Shuab): *loops hair around finger*
    (Nedved II): :P
    (Astronus): *hiccup*

    (Auctioneer): Ah yes, Master Varto, good fellow, that one.
    (Auctioneer): Millions spent to look like a rare and legendary flower.
    (Kiearah): indeed :P
    (Kwoo): Can't forget Iceane spending 9 million to become a red-head
    (Auctioneer): How much more Andrisian can you get!
    (Astronus): HAHAHAHA
    (Auctioneer): Yes, yes, an instant classic, that!
    (Kiearah): LOL
    (Auctioneer): The lengths to which our enlightened friends from Mirith will go!

    (Kiearah): he spent 9 million on a bottle of red dye?
    (Jastherin): No, for A burning plate helm
    (Auctioneer): That is yes, one good way to look at it.
    (Auctioneer): And then, of course, there was last year's winner.
    (Auctioneer): That young lord from the north, Razan, and his Welif Pine set.
    (Nial): Ahh, the militia garb.
    (Auctioneer): I don't see him here today, but I heard he's been using his robe to roll about in the grass.
    (Nedved II): He is grass.
    (Auctioneer): And it still looks good, so I'm told!

    (Auctioneer): Oh yes!
    (Nial): Marali would have benefitted from those fine robes, but they are in acceptable hands.
    (Auctioneer): The Walthams can sure make a mean thread.
    (Auctioneer): Already I see our Mirithian friends taking to the cobalt.
    (Auctioneer): Who knows what future uniform choices may be in store.
    (Auctioneer): The traders from Gast have certainly gotten rather... peachy this year, pardon the pun.

    (Auctioneer): Very good then, it's so wonderful to see you all back here again.
    (Nial): * actively ignores the pun *
    (Shuab): :P
    (Auctioneer): But yes, I forgot!
    (Auctioneer): Let's kick things off with a celebratory bottle!

    The Auctioneer unveils a case of luxurious Blue Moon Gin, signaling the official beginning of the auction.

    (Auctioneer): Now that we're all loaded up, ha!
    (Auctioneer): Another big hello and welcome to you all!
    (Astronus): things could get interesting with this much gin
    (Auctioneer): We're here to have fun and shoot our shot at the finest items ever crafted in Oberin!
    (Auctioneer): and it's all right here, in the Enlightened City of Andris.
    (Auctioneer): Let's kick things right off with The Craftsperson's Special.
    (Auctioneer): A bundle of 600 Logs and 600 Ferrite!
    (Auctioneer): All walks of life are supported here in the city.

    (Auctioneer): Starting bid of 20K, from Nial.
    (Auctioneer): A nice and easy and CHEAP boost to your production quota.
    (Auctioneer): 47, do I hear a 50, do I hear a 52, do I hear a 60...
    (Auctioneer): The easiest way to practice, this bundle is.
    (Auctioneer): I hear a 65 from the gentleman in the back left, 70 right, 73, 75, 80, 100!
    (Auctioneer): 120, 125, we've got two that really want it today, ladies and gentlemen!
    (Auctioneer): Do I hear a 135 on my right?
    (Nix): If harvested materials are worth this much, I'm in the wrong trade!
    (Auctioneer): A 150! This man means business.
    (Auctioneer): 150,000gp going once, to cobalt on the right.
    (Auctioneer): Going twice, and... SOLD!

    The bundle goes to Lord Nedved II of the Mirith Vanguard, for a total of 150,000 Gold Pieces.

    (Auctioneer): Let's move on now to our second item of the day!
    (Auctioneer): Grandmaster fashioned, exquisitely crafted.
    (Auctioneer): A GM Lesser Mana Ring!

    (Auctioneer): 150K starting bid, I hear a 200, do I hear a 250?
    (Auctioneer): 250 from Violet, 300 from the university, 350 back
    (Auctioneer): 400 - this scholar isn't going to let this get away - 420, 500!
    (Rondino): out :P
    (Nial): Far too expensive...
    (Auctioneer): 550, 600 from the university!
    (Auctioneer): 600K , we're at 625K now from my right, and 650 back!
    (Kiearah): ..700
    (Shuab): 725
    (Kiearah): bust

    (Auctioneer): I have, 700, no, 725K to the exquisite lady from the university.
    (Shuab): !
    (Auctioneer): 725K going once, 725K going twice, and...
    (Auctioneer): SOLD!

    For 725,000 Gold Pieces, the intense back-and-forth is won by Lady Shuab of the University of Andris.

    (Auctioneer): It completes the ensemble, if I may say so myself, m'lady.
    (Auctioneer): My own rings pale in comparison!
    (Auctioneer): Now, then, let us change direction for our Item #3!
    (Auctioneer): No less fine, and just as deadly:
    (Auctioneer): A GM Short Bow of Speed!
    (Auctioneer): Look at those rangers fly, ladies and gentlemen.
    (Auctioneer): I hear 250K , and oh, what's this? A new ranger enters the field, at 275.
    (Auctioneer): Back to 300 from cobalt on my right, do I hear a 325?
    (Auctioneer): I've got 320K from a fourth ranger on the field, and we're back, 350 cobalt.
    (Auctioneer): I have a 350 from the ranger who means danger.

    And the deadly weapon is sold, once again to Lord Nedved II, for a total of 350,000 Gold Pieces.

    (Auctioneer): Okay, now, folks.
    (Auctioneer): For Auction #4!
    (Auctioneer): Fighters, it's your time to shine!
    (Auctioneer): On the docket we have a GM War Hammer of Speed!
    (Auctioneer): I must say, you will never find a better one-handed weapon than this.
    (Auctioneer): Incredible damage, great speed, fantastic durability.
    (Nial): Excuse me, Auctioneer, but a GM Katana of Speed does exist.
    (Auctioneer): Not for long, they don't!
    (Nial): True...they are quite frail...
    (Auctioneer): A good war hammer lasts a good bit longer.
    (Jastherin): And not to mention, hits harder!

    (Auctioneer): I hear 300K from violet, and here's 325 ahead.
    (Auctioneer): 325 for the GM War Hammer of Speed, 330 now from Lenne, 350 back to the left.
    (Auctioneer): I have a 350, do I hear 360, I do, I do.
    (Auctioneer): 365, our friend does intend to spend.
    (Jastherin): *glances back and forth*
    (Auctioneer): Do I hear a 375 in the room, 375?
    (Auctioneer): I have 365 from our friend * squints * Jastherin, in the left.
    (Auctioneer): 365K for the GM War Hammer of Speed, I see 390! * swivels *
    (Shuab): Oh boy
    (Auctioneer): I have 390 from the shirtless man who looks like he knows how to use it.
    (Auctioneer): 390K, do I have a response?
    (Shuab): He can barely kill a bracken.

    (Jastherin): Hmmm
    (Kiearah): hahahaha
    (Auctioneer): 395K dead and center, and oh, there we break 400 from our friend on the left.
    (Auctioneer): I have 400K, nice round number that.

    The brilliant weapon settles there, selling to Lord Jastherin of the Diluculo Guardians, to the tune of 400,000 Gold Pieces.

    (Auctioneer): Very nice bidding, sir, very nice.
    (Auctioneer): And now... for what will be our last official bid of the Grand Auction...
    (Auctioneer): We have another, fully unique, irreplaceable, wardrobe set!
    (Kiearah): =O
    (Hayate): !
    (Auctioneer): Three pieces in a one-of-a-kind, completely exclusive shade.
    (Shuab): "irreplaceable"
    (Kiearah): O.O
    (Auctioneer): Several degrees lighter than last year's exclusive Welif Pine, but in that same color region.
    (Kiearah): THREE pieces!~
    (Nial): Shuab, that means you should not die in them.
    (Auctioneer): Now introducing, Marali Moss!

    (Nial): 500K
    (Kwoo): 1 mil
    (Auctioneer): Whoever wants this set will be the lucky owner of this set of not one, not two...
    (Nial): 1.5 million
    (Rondino): 2 mil
    (Auctioneer): But THREE pieces, all in this same great, one of a kind shade.
    (Shuab): 3 mil
    (Rondino): 4 mil
    (Shuab): 5

    (Auctioneer): A GM Marali Moss RoP, one in GM RoR...
    (Auctioneer): And an unenchanted, but no less enchanting, Marali Moss Robe.
    (Auctioneer): For a third garment that will never degrade!

    (Kwoo): 5.5
    (Auctioneer): I hear 5.5million from our shirtless friend to the right.
    (Shuab): 6

    (Auctioneer): Here, feel the fabric.
    (Kwoo): ooo marvelous
    (Auctioneer): As smooth as moss with none of the mess.
    (Shuab): "Maaah-velous"
    (Auctioneer): Come come, don't be shy.
    (Shuab): with none of the moss*
    (Kwoo): Mar(ali)velous
    (Shuab): You missed that one.
    (Auctioneer): Ahh, I left it open, for you!
    (Shuab): Yay!
    (Auctioneer): * twirls *
    (Shuab): I knew I could count on you and our agreeme- *coughs*

    (Auctioneer): For 6million GP, we have * checks nametag * Shuab, from the U of A.
    (Auctioneer): The set of a GM Marali Moss RoP, GM Marali Moss RoR, and Marali Moss Robe.
    (Auctioneer): Going once, for 6 million GP, to Shuab...
    (Kiearah): now shuab is grass
    (Kiearah): :P
    (Auctioneer): No, she'll be moss!
    (Nial): Shuab is spring grass, not summer grass.
    (Shuab): *grows*
    (Auctioneer): Going twice, aaaaan....
    (Auctioneer): .....d.......dd....
    (Auctioneer): SOLD TO SHUAB FOR 6 MILLION!

    Fireworks explode above the castle, illuminating the night sky.

    (Auctioneer): Wow. Stunning, m'lady.
    (Auctioneer): Treat your set well, they will never make another one, in classic Waltham's fashion.
    (Kwoo): Lovely.
    (Shuab): "Moss Lady. Lady Shuab."
    (Auctioneer): Very good, then.
    (Auctioneer): I'd like to give a big thank you to all of the winners and all those playing along!
    (Nial): Thank you for hosting.
    (Kwoo): Moss Lady is the true meaning of M'Lady
    (Auctioneer): Your names shall be recorded in the chronicles of history.
    (Shuab): hahahahaha
    (Auctioneer): For posterity, and for the youths to look back in wonder and admiration.

    (Shuab): "Youths" - why are you talking about Iceane like that?
    (Auctioneer): With that, then, it's time for this meeting to adjourn!
    (Auctioneer): Thank you, thank you. * bows with a flourish *
    (Shuab): Yes, great show!
    (Jastherin): Yes, thank you!
    (Shuab): Lovely fireworks!
    (Hayate): thank you
    (Auctioneer): Look how colorful you all are!
    (Shuab): Was that Saty's work?...
    (Auctioneer): The Illuminators do not tell their secrets, sadly.
    (Auctioneer): We must simply look on, and wonder!
    (Auctioneer): Time for this auctioneer to take a rest. I'm sure there will be more fun at the bank.
    (Auctioneer): Farewell, enlightened citizens, farewell!


    * * * * *
    * * * * *

    At a later date, Senator Edwin Rahleus makes an impromptu appearance at the bank, briefly interrupting an Official conducting festival business, in order to be the bearer of bad news.

    (Rahleus): Ah, top of the morning to you all! * tips hat *
    (Nedved II): * shuab switches robes *
    (Hayate): hi
    (Nedved II): :P

    (Shuab): haha
    (Shuab): *hiccup*
    (Rahleus): Say, I think I recognize you... Enchanting 304, was it? Yes, I think so.
    (Shuab): :D
    (Shuab): *flicks hair*
    (Rahleus): Senator Edwin Rahleus, at your service.
    (Rahleus): I do hope we are all enjoying the festivities.
    (Kiearah): *pfffft*
    (Kiearah): *spits shuabs hair out of her mouth* Watch it!

    (Nix): Indeed! This has been an excellent day so far

    One of the festival goers, an esteemed yellow wizard from the northeast called Indy, passes the Senator a six-pack of rum.

    (Rahleus): Ah yes? Oh, cheers, you rascal you! Rum, huh?
    (Rahleus): That actually brings me to what I wanted to say.

    (Official): I was just presenting some options.
    (Official): Two options thus far, arena or foreteller.

    (Rahleus): Well, consider this a third option, then. Though not so easily solved.
    (Rahleus): We have received reports of masses of pirate activity on the near western islands.

    (Kiearah): pirates... arena... foreteller...
    (Rahleus): A large fort, with elevated rope bridges connecting multiple islands.
    (Rahleus): The only problem with this option, however...
    (Lenne): the fort is huuugeee
    (Nix): Yes. Yes. Yes.
    (Rahleus): Nobody knows how to get inside.
    (Kiearah): =OOOO
    (Shuab): Yes, we couldn't find a way in..
    (Rahleus): I've tried every trick known to upstanding wizards.
    (Shuab): *salutes*
    (Kiearah): did you try to use a hayate?
    (Kwoo): * Mora *
    (Rahleus): So if you brave lot wish to tackle that, you'd need to find out how to get in, first.
    (Rahleus): While we are on that subject...

    (Rahleus): Has anyone found any clues in their travels, anything at all?
    (Nedved II): * flex *
    (Kiearah): no.. none
    (Rahleus): I have heard reports of a Captain Reuben, but little else.
    (Luroth): Not that I am aware of

    (Shuab): There were Privateers
    (Shuab): Being portaled out
    (Shuab): It seemed the Sand Witch was angry...
    (Rahleus): Pirates portaled out... fascinating...
    (Shuab): And was kicking them out!
    (Shuab): One after the other!
    (Shuab): So a rogue friend told me-
    (Rahleus): It stands to reason then, madam, that they are being portalled in, as well.
    (Shuab): !
    (Rahleus): Find that portal, and you'll find your way in.

    (Kwoo): I had a run in with Reuben
    (Rahleus): And ah yes? Did they mistake you for one of their own?
    (Nix): Pirate Portals!
    (Kwoo): No, they attacked me immediately
    (Rahleus): Outrageous!
    (Kwoo): But we did find a note left for their crew.
    (Rahleus): Ahh, do you have it handy?
    (Kiearah): a note?

    (Kwoo): Something about reporting to an island that has recently surfaced, but I may be misremembering
    (Rahleus): Recently surfaced islands... now that is something!
    (Shuab): Ah right, that weird clue..
    (Rahleus): Do we have any cartographers present?

    (Kiearah): hmmm
    (Shuab): Seregil?!
    (Shuab): *calls out*
    (Rahleus): Hmm...
    (Shuab): *frowns*
    (Kiearah): recently surfaced islands... windswept comes to mind
    (Rahleus): I will send word to the guards to look out for this Seregil.
    (Kiearah): and...

    (Kiearah): the island that erected near where the black portal once was...
    (Kiearah): and of course.. new mirith
    (Rahleus): Any other clues about these islands? Anything more to narrow it down?
    (Rahleus): Seeeing as we are cartographer-less.
    (Kwoo): I have scouted New Mirith and the Pirate's Cove to no avail
    (Rahleus): Ahh, that helps!
    (Kwoo): I think that leaves Windswept.
    (Kiearah): rules out New Mirith
    (Kiearah): and the Cove..
    (Rahleus): Windswept, yes, so it would seem.
    (Rahleus): But wasn't there another?
    (Kiearah): we did not notice any strange happenings a week ago there..

    (Kwoo): But I'm not sure if I missed any islands in the southwestern sea
    (Kiearah): the atoll....
    (Kiearah): The volcano atoll!
    (Rahleus): I recall hearing of multiple islands surfacing in the southwest, I think.
    (Kiearah): hmm south west?
    (Kwoo): Ah, I may have missed one then.

    (Rahleus): If we figure it out, we can thwart those pirates.
    (Rahleus): But I mean not to lead you on a wild gaper chase.
    (Rondino): Thwart!
    (Rahleus): Once it is found, then we can strike.
    (Shuab): Yumm, wild Gaper chases...
    (Kiearah): i didnt hear of any islands popping up in the south west..
    (Shuab): *drools*
    (Kwoo): * nods *
    (Kiearah): not new ones anyway..
    (Rahleus): Lad?
    (Official): Yessir!
    (Rahleus): I leave you to it.
    (Rahleus): Report to the guards if any of you find the missing clue.
    (Kiearah): hmm
    (Lenne): will do
    (Kwoo): See you all!
    (Rahleus): Good day to you all! * tips hat *
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    * * * * *
    * * * * *

    The festival carries joyously on, and so do the spectacles and the gambling. The Grand Arena of the Blue Moon Festival drives the crowds wild, organized this year by a fresh face, a yellow-and-green-garbed, bloodthirsty host named Junior, who does his best to fill the sizable boots left empty by the Arena Master, who is said to be still recuperating from injuries sustained by a one-on-one duel with an Ancient Red Dragon. Junior decides to make it interesting, allowing the champions to choose from Five Themes of Battle: "Theo's Menacing Menagerie™", "The Mountains of Duldrus", "The Red Scare", "Venom Road", and "Out of the Void". Junior pushes Oberin's strongest champions to the limit, but they push right back, putting on a show to stop your heart, ending with a surprise (and hopefully unscripted) attack by a delirious necromancer.

    Back in the city proper, Foretellers—and their imitators—take to the streets, imparting insight and wisdom with their exorbitant rates. Visitors flock to Andris's non-violent hedge gardens, sculpted by Master Ritian, to appreciate the aesthetics and harmony of art in motion. Not present on the festival circuit, notably, is the Andris Footrace Classic, whose announcers say has been put on hold this year after a substance abuse scandal erupts in the qualifiers. But still, a vast variety of dice games and more from all corners of the world are played, from Drop Dead to Scavenger Hunts to High Low to the Foehan Fifteen. Winners and losers abound, but everyone wins with all the fun and excitement that there is to share.









    * * * * *
    * * * * *

    Meanwhile, the scouts and defenders of Andris locate Senator Rahleus's theorized portal, and the city takes the fight to the privateers. They do not find their notorious nemesis, the Sand Witch, but do manage to overcome the wrath of Captain Walleye Reuben, Ol' Sloppy Joe, and the rest of the Brotherhood of Lonely Thieves. Sloppy Joe is consumed in the fighting, but the Reuben manages to slip away.



    * * * * *
    * * * * *

    Finally, the festivities conclude with one last contest put on by festival stalwart, the Fabulous Gambler Alyx Trybyk... Oberin Trivia! Contestants pick from five categories—Monsters&Loot, Geography, People, Current Events, and Historical Events—each with five questions of increasing difficulty, with harder questions granting higher point totals. The challenging questions stretch the boundaries of our contestants' minds, and the slugfest ends with a dramatic Sudden Death Match to resolve a tie for first place.


    (Alyx): Nial, your chance to steal!
    (Kalt): GO ANNA
    (Nial): E. Walleye Reuben
    (Alyx): I'm sorry, that is incorrect!

    (Annabel): A!
    (Cryssandria): =OOOO
    (Alyx): Annabel, that is correct!!!
    (Cryssandria): O.O
    (Annabel): BOOM
    (Cryssandria): OMG
    (Nedved II): :O
    (Kalt): :OOOO
    (Nedved II): Wild
    (Alyx): Big Jack perished twenty years ago.
    (Gladash): Late late drama
    (Shuab): WOW
    (Cryssandria): DEATH SUDDENLY!!!
    (Nial): * smile flickers *
    (Alyx): The other four have all attacked in the last three years.
    (Cryssandria): =OOOOO
    (Alyx): But uh, yes.
    (Cryssandria): place your bets now

    (Alyx): SUDDEN DEATH!!!!
    (Astronus): oooooooo
    (Alyx): Shuab, Annabel, step forward.
    (Cryssandria): i got 50 on anna
    (Cryssandria): hahaha
    (Astronus): come onnnnn Anna!!
    (Annabel): how does this WORK?!
    (Annabel): i've never been in this situation
    (Alyx): Allow me to explain!
    (Astronus): Shuabby - I still love ya but Rangers stick together!
    (Kalt): 1000gp Anna wins!

    (Alyx): I live for this DRAMA!
    (Kalt): Anyone wanna bet against me?
    (Shuab): haha
    (Cryssandria): :P
    (Alyx): When I pose a question, you will not answer verbally.
    (Kalt): ;P

    (Annabel): wat
    (Alyx): You will pass me your answers in the form of 1 to 5 GP.
    (Annabel): oh i need mo ney
    (Alyx): 1 = A, 2 = B, 3 = C, 4 = D, 5 = E
    (Astronus): here anna
    (Alyx): I will give.
    (Shuab): He'll give loan
    (Annabel): okok
    (Alyx): Or that.
    (Annabel): IM NERVOUS
    (Shuab): Last time it was BB and someone else
    (Alyx): All have the coin?
    (Shuab): 3 rounds of SD!
    (Kalt): Do your best!
    (Annabel): got
    (Alyx): BB and Sulovir for second place, I believe.
    (Shuab): Have coin, yes
    (Cryssandria): this is intense
    (Alyx): 3 rounds, yes! So I've prepared 5 now just to be safe! :P

    (Shuab): :D
    (Shuab): I'll prob choke
    (Alyx): If you both get it right or wrong, we go to the next question.
    (Gladash): Nice
    (Cryssandria): hehehehehe so exciting
    (Cryssandria): this is gonna be epic

    (Alyx): Time limit still applies, but I will give 45 seconds since the questions...
    (Alyx): ...are harder.
    (Shuab): Oh noes
    (Cryssandria): o.o
    (Alyx): Do we all understand?
    (Cryssandria): oh dear
    (Astronus): good luck you two!
    (Annabel): *has anxiety attack*
    (Shuab): Yup!
    (Alyx): Hmm... let's raise the stakes.

    The Gambler lights a wall of fires to surround the stage, trapping himself and the two final contestants in the middle.

    (Cryssandria): =OOOOO
    (Gladash): w
    (Nedved II): My spot!
    (Shuab): :D :D
    (Annabel): hahaha
    (Shuab): hahahahaha
    (Cryssandria): XD
    (Nedved II): :P
    (Kalt): lmao
    (Shuab): Nedd yess
    (Nedved II): * pur des *
    (Alyx): DEATH!!!
    (Cryssandria): >.>
    (Astronus): ooooo so dramatic
    (Gladash): Dum dum dum
    (Cryssandria): <.<
    (Annabel): CERTAIN DEATH?
    (Nedved II): * pur des *


    (Alyx): Which piece of the Royal Scepter was recovered in a secret DDD facility in the mountains of Duldrus?
    (Alyx): A. Dark Ruby B. Ornate Staff C. Cerulean Diamond D. Emerald Prism E. Blue Metal

    (Annabel): oh my god
    (Alyx): Time begins now. Don't say your answer, remember, just pass me coins.
    (Shuab): 1
    (Shuab): oops
    (Annabel): >_>
    (Nedved II): XD
    (Cryssandria): LOL
    (Kalt): O.O
    (Cryssandria): shuab fail
    (Nedved II): Reverse psychology?
    (Cryssandria): hahahaha
    (Nial): I doubt it, Ned.
    (Shuab): Maybe?!?!
    (Nial): Shuab is good, but not that good.
    (Alyx): Ten seconds remain!

    (Alyx): Anna answered C, Shuab answered A. The correct answer was D!
    (Shuab): :D
    (Annabel): crap
    (Cryssandria): =O
    (Shuab): Classic!
    (Astronus): *heats sword in fire*
    (Alyx): The facility of the Emerald Prism is where Vandrovic returned to prominence.
    (Astronus): yikes that was rough
    (Shuab): Anna trusting me.... when will we learn haha
    (Alyx): And the Hidden Vale built their guilds atop its ruins.
    (Nedved II): Mam, you may want to pull the sword away, it is on fire.
    (Nial): The Ice Dragon who slew Commander Vaup... * spits *
    (Astronus): oof Thank you Ned!
    (Nedved II): :P
    (Astronus): *shakes sword out*
    (Nial): * spit sizzles in the fire *

    (Alyx): Sudden Death TWO!
    (Astronus): better put that away
    (Nedved II): That means they both lose, right?
    (Nedved II): And 3rd place wins?
    (Gladash): And Ned wins?
    (Nial): Yes, Ned is now the winner.
    (Annabel): lol
    (Nedved II): >:)
    (Shuab): :P
    (Kalt): lol
    (Cryssandria): :P

    (Alyx): What was the name of Marali's Lead Healer during the 430s and 440s?
    (Alyx): A. Altaira Mei B. Cesca Andon C. Sule Tesdor D. Terwynn Rees E. Valencia Falvo
    Taken from Shuab: 4 gold pieces
    Taken from Annabel: 1 gold piece
    (Annabel): ugh
    (Astronus): *grumbles at one of the names listed*
    (Nial): * looks intently at Annabel *
    (Alyx): Shuab answered D, and Annabel answered A.
    (Alyx): The correct answer is D. SHUAB WINS!!!

    Cheers and fireworks explode above the city, and the fires of the deathmatch box subside.

    (Alyx): Okay, let's do the Top Three leaderboard first.
    (Alyx): In Third Place, with 1400 points - Lord Nedved II of the Mirith Vanguard! * claps *
    (Annabel): *claps*
    (Cryssandria): yayyyyy
    (Astronus): *claps* nice work Nedved!
    (Alyx): As a symbol of your steadfastedness, accept this prize!

    Gambler Alyx passes the Mirithian lord a Grandmaster Stave of Power.

    (Nedved II): :D
    (Nedved II): * swings *
    (Cryssandria): ^_^
    (Annabel): :O
    (Astronus): *ducks*
    (Astronus): hey careful with that!
    (Cryssandria): woooooo woooooo *whistles*

    (Alyx): In a thrilling Double Sudden Death defeat, but a no less honorable second place:
    (Alyx): Dame Annabel of the Hidden Vale!
    (Kalt): WOOOO
    (Annabel): :D
    (Kalt): GO ANNABEL
    (Astronus): Way to go Anna! *Claps Loudly*
    (Cryssandria): *applauds*
    (Alyx): For electrifying the world with a love for knowledge, accept this:

    Alyx hands the ranger a blindingly golden ring.

    (Annabel): ooo
    (Annabel): GM RoLB
    (Nedved II): :O
    (Astronus): WOOOOW
    (Cryssandria): =O
    (Annabel): one request though
    (Alyx): Now just learn what you built your hall on top of! ;)
    (Kalt): NICE
    (Astronus): AMAZING!
    (Annabel): i was promised DEATH
    (Astronus): hahaha
    (Kalt): :o
    (Alyx): Oooh?
    (Shuab): XP
    (Annabel): i'll take a big boom
    (Nedved II): * stabs *
    (Annabel): One Big Boom Please
    (Cryssandria): lol
    (Alyx): Would you like to end up like that one wolf from the nonviolent hedge garden?
    (Alyx): Very well, if you insist.

    (Kalt): *takes cover*
    (Shuab): Emphasis on the "non-violent"
    (Annabel): i choose violence
    (Cryssandria): what did shuab get

    Alyx stuffs a bag with what appears to be an expired omelette, and subtly places a strange-looking mechanical device inside of it.

    (Gladash): How big a boom we talking?
    (Shuab): :P
    (Alyx): Big enough for you!
    (Annabel): Hayate-killing boom
    (Nedved II): Dibs
    (Annabel): MY BOOM
    (Astronus): haha
    (Nedved II): :P
    (Shuab): :D
    (Astronus): fight over death

    Dame Annabel claims the bag, and upon opening it, makes an explosion to rival the grandest of all the festival's fireworks.

    (Alyx): * claps * Fireworks pretty!
    (Gladash): Here's ned's
    (Shuab): lololol
    (Cryssandria): lol
    (Nedved II): :D
    (Astronus): *chuckles* this is hilarious

    (Alyx): And then for first place!
    (Gladash): What's better than guts on the bank steps
    (Alyx): * claps *
    (Annabel): boom o'clock
    (Kiearah): * pur shel des *
    (Nedved II): (Haha love that Alyx goes on)
    (Kiearah): * pur shel des *
    (Shuab): A true professional!
    (Alyx): This one comes with a message from the sponsor!
    (Gladash): (He's seen it all)
    (Kalt): (...and on with the show!)
    (Astronus): *drumrolls on steps*
    (Shuab): Oh!
    (Nedved II): Thanks res :D
    (Nedved II): * pur clar *
    (Nedved II): * pur clar *


    (Alyx): * clears throat *
    (Nedved II): * pur *
    (Alyx): "The Enlightened City of Andris smiles upon your love of learning and knowledge!"
    (Cryssandria): :D
    (Alyx): "As your quest to expand the capabilities of the mind proceed, may you always remember:"
    (Cryssandria): smarty pants
    (Alyx): "Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile! - Signed, Senator Silvaria Rose"
    (Alyx): And then she included... her wardrobe!!!

    Alyx passes a bundle to Lady Shuab. It matches the color of Senator Rose's peculiar outfit: a robe in the Olive hue.

    (Nedved II): :O
    (Cryssandria): =OOOOOO
    (Shuab): :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O
    (Alyx): A woman of many colors you are!
    (Astronus): WooWWWW
    (Kalt): WOWZA
    (Nedved II): * bows *
    (Annabel): :O
    (Nedved II): :P
    (Alyx): That's not the one!
    (Annabel): :O :O
    (Alyx): Wait for it...
    (Gladash): Shuab has been waiting for this moment
    (Nedved II): :O :O
    (Alyx): Waiiiit for it...

    (Cryssandria): lol
    (Gladash): hahaha
    (Cryssandria): XD
    (Annabel): :O
    (Cryssandria): =O
    (Nedved II): :O :O
    (Alyx): Waaaaixxxght for it
    (Alyx): THAT ONE!
    (Gladash): Lovely
    (Astronus): ooooo
    (Shuab): I LOVE IT
    (Astronus): LIGHT MOSS
    (Annabel): perfect prize for Shuab
    (Kalt): LIGHT
    (Astronus): you have moss and light moss!
    (Astronus): you must be SO proud!
    (Cryssandria): yeah
    (Shuab): I'M THE MOSSIEST!!
    (Cryssandria): shuab needed to win that one
    (Cryssandria): lol
    (Astronus): YOU ARE INDEED SHUAB!
    (Astronus): *cheers*
    (Shuab): *moss moss moss*
    (Annabel): *claps*
    (Nedved II): * clap clap clap *
    (Alyx): * cheers and applauds * Okay, now the prize-per-question prizes!
    (Kalt): moss h pit?
    (Cryssandria): *throws hat in the air*
    (Nedved II): Gladash, please kill this one too, so I may take robe.
    (Alyx): Hahaha.
    (Annabel): olive pit?
    (Shuab): "too"
    (Astronus): *giggles* Oh nedved
    (Gladash): I can't, sadly

    (Nedved II): :(
    (Shuab): Anna, was bag just gp? *pleading eyes*
    (Nedved II): :O
    (Kalt): Where's pickpocket when you need it?
    (Shuab): :O
    (Nedved II): RoR!
    (Cryssandria): this has been quite a profitable BMF for shuab id say!
    (Kalt): ;P
    (Annabel): the bag i picked up?
    (Shuab): The death bag
    (Nedved II): This my spot
    (Annabel): it was harpie omelette
    (Nedved II): Everyone stay out!
    (Shuab): :O
    (Shuab): Alyx, that'll spoil!

    The Gambler then proceeds to hand out the many participation prizes that Oberin Trivia entails. For every question answered correctly, the contestant gets a prize, whether they are in the top three or not. More difficult questions provide more handsome prizes, ranging from a Red Rose, to a Nevia Flower, to a Red Robe, to a pouch of ten dragon scales, to the exquisite Class Tokens themselves for those who answered the most difficult questions on the board. In the afterparty that follows, a bracken is somehow planted in the middle of the deathmatch stage. So swept up in the festival magic is this young tree, that it begins to hold a trivia contest of its own, quizzing the partygoers on bracken lore, and ordering those who fail to answer correctly to submit for punishment. But the night grows long, and as with all good things, the festival must finally come to an end—but not before this Bracken, affectionately called "Match the Stick" by contestants, lobs a fireball in the direction of 448 Senatorial Candidate Uberh, sending him running for the hills.



    Festivalgoers slowly make their respective ways back home, while decorations and explosive dust litter the streets. Warm, crackling fireplaces replace grand fireworks overhead, and the Enlightened City of Andris begins its slow return to the normal hums and rhythms of life. It is another glorious festival, with new sights and experiences all around. Wintertime has now arrived in full force, and the grim tidings of Fighting Moon are just around the corner... but for a moment, at least, the citizens of Andris and indeed all of the free cities in Oberin can rest at home, bellies full and hearts content... until next year, when Blue Moon comes again to town.
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