Of Dukes and Dragons

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A carefully sealed missive finds its way to the hall of the Marali Vanguard. The letter is marked by several inkblots and holes where it seems a quill has torn through the paper.

* * * * *

Lieutenant Nial,

My thanks for your timely dispatches. It would seem that the draconian threat was even worse than we had initially anticipated—a dragon in our own cemetery is much too close for comfort. No doubt the beasts must have emerged from the volcanic and cavernous depths that extend below the crypt… but I reckon they will think twice before they surface again.

We have also received credible reports of ice dragons amassing at the Dragon’s Spine, but these too seem to have been beaten back. (And even farther west, I have just received some concerning news from Peytra Gray himself regarding our other targets, but I would prefer to speak with you in person on that matter.) All in all, the full extent of the draconian offensive may not become clear until the bulk of the Hunters return to claim their bounties, but at least we can breathe one small sigh of relief knowing that Marali has overcome yet another threat.

On the subject of threats: you are wise to raise your concerns about Mirith. Sir Avesne’s surprise appearance in the Royal City adds yet another erratic element to an already unpredictable geopolitical situation. While the archmage's legendary status certainly merits a great deal of respect and benefit of the doubt, I would not accord Mirith the same level of trust. Still, it probably would not hurt for you to offer a few flaming swords here and there—it might actually afford us a valuable opportunity to learn more about this latest Mirithian scheme. Quite frankly, I'm more concerned with the fact that this mysterious weapon-gathering campaign seems to enjoy broad appeal, which would make it the first popular measure in years in that city. Will this increased public support be a "bridge" that allows Mirith to accomplish their more overtly dangerous campaigns? And what exactly is Sir Avesne's position there—has he taken over the mantle of Royal Wizard? What of that role’s presumed occupant, Sir Beleth? Too many things remain uncertain.

We also cannot ignore the resurgence of Lord Rengal, Duke of Duldrus, though there is a small chance that his return might work out in our favor. I am beginning to suspect that the tactful and levelheaded man may yet act as a stabilizing force in the otherwise chaotic Mirithian government, if such a term can even be used. Of course, I will not discount the dangerous possibility that the increased competence he brings to the court might result in an increased consolidation of Mirithian power… but after witnessing the ongoing volatility of the N’eroth Regime, I must say that I would probably sleep better knowing that more stable and predictable hands are holding the (the word “reigns” here is lightly crossed out) reins. But that is a subject for another time—thank you once again for your efforts, and please continue to proceed with careful observation.

One way or another, Marali Prevails,
Commander Rydelia Fayn
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