Ice War Imminent

Sulovir II stumbles into the Hidden Vale Guild Hall, trying desperately to hide his limp. He looks up and sees Lord Peku sitting in his chair, only half revealed by the dim candlelight from above. Peku takes notice, sets his leisure reading down, and eyes Sulovir. “It looks like you’ve been eaten by a dragon and spit back out!” He exclaims, making no effort to come and aid the injured rogue.

“Yeah,” Sulovir replies smugly, “at least I can kill a dragon and don’t just sit around the hall all day.”

“Where were you, anyway?” Peku asks, ignoring Sulovir’s comment.

“The Ice Dungeon,” Sulovir takes his seat at the table and fiddles, almost nervously, with his dagger. “And uh,” he hesitates for second, “I think you were right.”

Peku’s eyes widen, “Oh?”

“That thing you said about an Ice War and no one took you seriously?” Sulovir pulls out his journal from his pack, stained with blood and the cover burnt, probably from a lightning bolt. He flips through until he reaches Day 81 of the Waking Moon, year 454. He gestures to Peku to come look at his notes. “There was a lot going on, but I managed to scribble what I could here and there. We did, in fact, fight an Ice Dragon. What it said, though, has me worried.” Sulovir points to a quote in the journal, bolded and underlined: Assemble the frost giants, send word to the lizard island. The humans have brought war.”


- - - - - - - -

Danery, Kanan, Kiearah, and I decided to go for an excursion into the Ice Dungeon. There were rumors of new chests found in the deepest parts of the dungeon and I wanted to see if we were capable of finding them. After several hours, things took a turn and we retreated to the entrance to catch our breaths.We were unable to find these new chests, but when we returned back down the ladder, Kanan noticed something.

“Is there usually a chest there?” Kanan asked.


“Where?” I quickly asked, I didn’t remember ever seeing a chest this close to the entrance. I ran over to it, worried one of the others might set off the trap. I carefully opened the chest to reveal a Frost Axe and a pile of Garlics. Beneath them, a note:

My second lies in a spiral…

“My second lies in a spiral.”

“Spiral?” Kiearah asked.

“Spiral area.” Danery confirmed.

“I don’t know the layout well.” Kanan said as he blocked a frost spider with his shield.

“Through here,” I gestured to the northern corridor of the dungeon, “follow me.”

We made it through the frost spider nest and into the frost giants’ spiral, where they worked seamlessly with a bone mage and a couple of dracos. Effortlessly, Danery and Kanan were able to dispatch them as I quickly figured out the locks on the next chest. “We need to do this quickly, before they come back.” I ushered the group to be ready to leave this area.


The chest contained a Crystal Ring, a pile of Dragon Teeth, and another note:

My third lies in a cross of stone.

“My third lies in a cross of stone.”

We all had a puzzled look on our face. “So where should we look for this cross?” I asked. None of us had any idea of where to start. “The gooey room? Maybe?” I suggested, and we continued our search.

As we fought our way through the gooey room, the Frost Giants in the back took noticed and marched towards us. We continued to look for the cross, when the Giant laughed at us, “You not even find pillar cross.”

“Oh no,” I gasped, “the pillar cross is in the Ice Golem room.” I remembered back to the last time I was in that room, the pillars are placed in a cross pattern.

“Do you think we can kill an Ice Golem?” I looked over at Danery and Kanan, their armor heavily damaged.

“No” “Nope” “Nooo” They answered, almost in unison.

I chuckled and we began walking towards the room anyway. Two Ice Golems heard the commotion and began thundering through the hallway towards us. I roll to the side and sneak past them. “Nooooo” I heard Kiearah shriek in the distance as the two golems chased the group back towards the ladder. I stepped into the room and located the frozen chest. A third Ice Golem came thundering towards me from behind the pillar and a gaper lurked along the wall in the back of the room. I darted between the pillars, blocking them both from view. In a few swift movements, I decimated the gaper and made a run for the chest. Nervously, I removed the trap and picked the lock. Ice Crystal, Electrical Eels, and the note:

Say my name and I shall tell you more.


I looked up from the note to see a golem looming over me. I threw everything into my pack and ran as fast as I could out of there. As I approached the entrance I saw the others being chased still. We all looked at each other, then towards the ladder. The golems couldn’t follow us up a ladder. We made a break for it and reconvened on the icey island.

“Say my name and I shall tell you more.” I announced it to the group.

“There’s a few that come to mind,” I said, “Lancaster?”



“Crausaar?” We spent several minutes shouting names and nothing happened.

“What if what’s in the chests is a clue?” I thought. “Garlic, Eels, Dragon Teeth, Ice Crystal, Crystal Ring, Frost Axe..”

We tried a few more names. I didn’t know anything about regeants.

“Hmm, rel des bol” Kiearah said, using the regeants magical names, “Paralyze field.”

I felt a chill go down my spine as we heard an eerie whisper:

You have spoken my name.
I am raiment of purest blue. Cloth of frost and icey hue.
If you seek for me to find. Look to lords of lizardkind.


“Lizardmen?!” Kiearah shouted.

“The Ice War” Danery said. Recollecting from the previous war, the alliance of dragons and lizards.

“The lord of lizardkind… Dragons!” I shouted, “Shall we check the lair?”

“You think we can?” Kiearah asked, “And does anyone need potions?”

“Wouldn’t hurt to get repairs done,” Kanan said, gesturing out to the nearby island.

Danery, Kanan, and I sailed out to Miranda’s home and borrowed her forge for repairs while Kiearah restocked us on healing potions. We then made our way back into the Ice Dungeon and towards the lair.

“When this is over it may be time for another Ice War, as your kind calls them.” An Ice Dragon bellowed out from within the lair.

We ran to get into a better position to fight in.

The dragon bellowed out again, “Run while you can human, your legs soon will freeze.”

We stood our ground. Kiearah casted reflective armor over our plate, Danery armed his glaive, and Kanan got into his defensive stance. I hid in the shadows and gripped my dagger tightly.

“Humans scared to fight!” A Frost Giant hollered.

“Luring me are you? I suppose one such as you would think that is clever.” The Ice Dragon retorted as it hurled itself across the ice and towards Kanan.

I jumped behind and stabbed the dragon right in the back as Kanan and Danery blocked its deadly claws and teeth.

“Assemble the frost giants, send word to the lizard island. The humans have brought war!” The Ice Dragon roared.

“Master want you dead!” The Frost Giant hollered as it swung its club at Danery, separating him from the dragon.

“I will take one of your human cities for each insulting blow you strike against me.” The Ice Dragon continued.

“Masters will win!” The Frost Giant cheered, despite being outmatched by Danery.

Kanan and I finally downed the dragon as Danery chased away the frost giant. The path to the dragon room seemed clear, for the moment.

We made it to what seemed to be the final frozen chest. There was no note to be found underneath the pile of gold and the grand master quality light blue robe. It appeared we had won this battle.


“Out the way we came in?”

Relieved for the night to be over, we hurried out of the dungeon and returned to town.
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