Business in Black

Day 231 of the Lucky Moon, year 453.

It was the early morning of one of the final days of the Lucky Moon. Sulovir II decided to tempt his fate and follow up on the wild Phase Serpent he had found weeks before. He had received no word from Andris and wondered if it was an ill fate he ran into.

He shuffled through some papers at his desk in his Marali office. He knew of Phase Serpents deep within the Catacombs, but found nothing, no leads on this occurrence. He grabbed his black robe and a couple trinkets from the bottom drawer of his desk. “Looks like I’ll be taking business into my own hands today,” he thought to himself.

As the sun rose, he activated the portal using his pure red crystal and headed south west into the waters. After paying extra attention to where he found the Phase Serpent, he decided he ought to sail west and scout out the other islands.

On the first island, he found a harpie nest. A pile of eggs laid undisturbed, but it seemed any harpies had left the area. Sulovir shrugged, and continued to the next island.


He looked ahead and saw the pillars of what was known as Temple Island. The Island from which he portaled to the Knights of Silver’s home years before. As he floated ashore, he heard a rustling among the trees and bushes as a shadow barreled towards him.


“This is a good sign?” he wondered hesitantly. He quickly side-stepped and disappeared into the shadow of the nearest tree. Another long battle ensued as he chased the Phase Serpent between the trees of the island.


After defeating it, he searched the corpse and still found no clue as to where the Phase Serpents were coming from. He continued searching island after island with no luck. The Skull Dungeon seemed normal. Even the Privateer Fort seemed as normal as you could expect. The Pirate’s Cove? Empty. It appeared these serpents weren’t the work of the Privateers.

Sulovir decided to head North. He passed the Lizard Isle and followed the smoke that billowed from the volcano of the Atoll. He dodged several sharks as he arrived at the rocks to the Atoll. He stepped onto the island and was greeted by a Black Draco.


“At least it’s not another Phase Serpent,” he chuckled to himself as he defeated the draco. Before he could get too far, he was met by another draco and several dracos.

Amidst fighting, Sulovir noticed the corpse of a man.


It appeared that nothing remained but a small pile of explosive dust. He looked around and saw nothing more out of the ordinary. He decided to circle around, before checking into the Atoll. He mentioned what he found to Rittah, but she did say much more than “Bad business… them Creed folks be at it again.”

“Of course,” he nodded and then headed towards the entrance to the Atoll. A lone mercenary stood guard at the door.


Several more were at the little hideout. When they saw Sulovir approaching, they high-tailed it out of the Atoll without a word. Sulovir attempted to chase after them, but was quickly ambushed by Skeleton Archers, grappling him.


When he managed to break free, a Bone Mage lingered outside waiting for him. “Definitely the Creed,” he assured himself.


On the shore of the Atoll, he found a chest with a single volcanic ash in it.


Confused, he continued to chase after the mercenaries. At the rock opening, he found a single crate containing a piece of coal.


Clearly, these were intended to slow down his pursuit. He looked out into the water, and to his dismay, it worked. There were no further signs of the Creed.


Sulovir Lichslayer II
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