The Welif Fortress

Eldan was tired, his eyes weary from the afterglow of lightning bolts fireballs and other magics hurled by be and Shuab (the ever easygoing mage of the Mirith Vanguard.) His body hurt from freshly healed wound and diffused spell blasts from both pixie and bracken. As he sits in his hall he speaks wearily to the enchanted scrawling quill in his journal.

"I was not there at the start, my companions Annabel the Silver haired ranger, Shuab, Kynderyn the (Who he did not know well.) Budic the good druid of Lerilin, a rather odd and young rogue Harlan who he just met also. There was another fighter he did no see much of but did fight valiantly. They had all went ahead of him. through his orb he tracked them and saw their battle unfolding, They entered the wooden walled fort on the north-west side only to find Forest trolls,bears and Pixies all rearing to fight them. The melee had begun. Annabel let loose with a volley of deadly arrows as swift as the wind. Each arrow striking true and wounding or killing her foes outright. Shuab the ever excited was hurling lighting and paralyzing the trolls and bears. As Eldan made his way to the fort he knew he was tired but must press on. He fought a few trolls turning them to frozen statues, before sending them to their doom with lightning. Eldan was fighting one such troll and out of nowhere a dagger pokes out from the tunic of the troll! Ah young Harlan found his mark!. Kynderyn kept us all alive by frantically muttering the cleric spells of healing while being thrown around the field by pixie sorcery. The druid Budic sewed chaos throughout the ranks of trolls and other creatures by casting his provoking spells and unleashing his animals fury upon the infighting horde. The battle was short but brutal. Eldan was spent the trolls moving faster than he recalled so he did not hear much of the discussion something about an entrance to a "Troll Palace." which he recoiled upon hearing... The group decided it was far to late in the night for a full assault and the rest of this behemoth of a fortress would have to wait...."

((OOC I haven't written anything in a while my apologies it it is jumpy and not that great.))
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