Days of the Dead - An Epilogue for Three

Z. R. Naut had nothing left in Mirith to make him stay. Nafets was dead, Herik was dead, the poor fool of the seer was dead, the king was crazy, the treasure almost empty, after the folly of New Mirith. He had tried what he could to prevent it, but he could not do much.

It was the letter from Zebeline that made him decide it was time to go. The nurse was appalled by the recent events in Andris, by having been comrades with a traitor. The nurses were all shaken, especially the youngest one, Daisy Mae, who had already suffered enough in her short life to be going through such a horrid time.

So, Z.R. made up his mind. In his reply to his Andrisian friend, he challenged her to take a leap of faith. If only she agreed to meet him at midnight, exactly five days later, at the docks of Welif, that would give him time to gather a few things. She could bring her young friend with her, too, the more the merrier, or, at least, the fewer left behind in that crazy world, the better. The three could travel together. He knew where to start, though he didn’t know where they would end.

Zebeline wrote back as soon as she got the leter. Five days later, she and Daisy waited for the banker, wrapped in warm robes, by the docks of Welif. They had left Andris by portal, without a word to anyone. And now, they waved at the sight of a man approaching from Mirith, recognising their friend.

The three could finally leave, to meet the pirate who promised to take them through the mythical secret passages beyond the barrier of stars.
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