Days of the Dead 4 - Marigold

“You should have seen it! Master Jalux healed the golem, and the golem turned on him! Then, oh, man, the screams! It was like he had an endless flow of fireballs prepared just for his master. Pow! Pow! Pow! One after another! And the guy tried to resist, but the golem hit him with his fists. Smash! Smash! Crush! Smash! In no time, it was over.”
“Was that the Valencius one?”
“Aye, like a late revenge or something. They used to be pals.”

The brigands chatted happily near the cemetery. One of them had received a parcel from Andris in the morning, and was waiting for the usual costumers, while telling his friends of what he had just seen at the volcano, on the way up, after his first delivery.

It did not take long until a slim and shy kid approached the men. He was wearing zombie shirts, and sported a long and unkept hair, but his cheeks were clean and rosy, as if his mother had just cleaned them with a moist rag before he left home, to make sure he’d look proper. Or as proper as teenage angst would allow for.

“Yo,” said the boy, looking extremely bored and weary, in a kind ennuie meticulously cultivated in front of the mirror, to the smallest detail. Eyes always down, a motionless mouth, hands hanging from the shoulders, feet dragging, as if any effort would be too much.
“Your friends are late today,” said the dealing brigand. “Is there anything going on at the village?”
“Dunno. Mum left in a hurry. School stuff.”

Eight full words. That was longer than any sentence he had said all week. Looking inside his black pouch, the boy collected a handful of gold coins he gave the brigand.

“Drop some extra for mum,” he said, “she asked me to buy stuff.”

The man laughed. He knew the kid well enough not to need excuses. He had heard rumours that all the traders in the village were wary of selling teenagers any herbs.

“So mummy mayoress now likes her gin stronger, eh?”
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