A message to Friss

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The wizard gathered how much she could carry. She was representing the Vanguard, the donations should be generous and equally distributed by the boxes. Clothes and food, she thought, rather than weapons for people who wouldn’t necessarily know how to use them. The Royal Guard could organise some training, she could probably accommodate new young students in the Red School but, for now, there were bellies to fill and that was the priority.
After dropping by Brigobaen - alas! The worst timing for a chat, she found, given the vows of silence of some of the clerics - she went to Lerilin and, from there, she sailed to New Mirith. It was her first visit to N’eroth’s megalomaniac dream.
Now, she had to confess that the library was pleasant, with the shadow of the trees nearby and the lakes of salty water to freshen the air. Not finding anyone that could help her as to the whereabouts of the king (but she wanted to know the place first, anyway), it was in the library that she chose to sit for a while, and write a note to Friss. “Let’s test the postal service to the continent…”

Dear Friss,

I hope this letter finds you well, after the battle the other day. Thank you so much for giving the alarm!
It is about the circumstances in which you found the camp that I now wish to ask you.

As it happens, we have a suspicion that the evildoers who set that trap are less powerful than we suspected - which are good news, if we can take them down!

But I need to ask you everything you can remember about your finding. Were there mercenaries around? If so, which colour were they wearing? Was it the smoke that grabbed your attention? Or did you overhear conversations? Have you heard of any other similar setting? If so, what do you know, exactly? Were there tracks? Did the shadows move? Could you smell explosive dust, or any sort of magic?

I am sorry for flooding you with these questions. But I hope you understand that, for the safety of our people, from Mirith to Duldrus, Gohoran, and Marali, we really need to compile the smallest details.

I am presently in New Mirith, but I will return to the old world later tonight. Let us hope this letter reaches you swiftly.

Cassandra, of the Mirith Vanguard
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