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Cheers to the Blue Moon

edited April 17 in Role Playing
"Excellent! That'll be thirty-five pieces." Vern put on his best smile and set the platter of banana cake down on the makeshift table.

The boy reached out with his grubby fingers and dropped the coins into Vern's hand, snatching up the cake and darting off without a word. Vern couldn't help but laugh as the lout dodged his way through the evening crowds, nearly knocking the wine glass out of the hands of an older woman as he went, before finally disappearing into the park.

Vern sat back down and picked up his quill, his mind drifting again to the conversation from just a moment ago. It was a bit of an oddity, really. If that silver-haired merchant were to be believed, then it was only a postponed shipment that had caused the delay with the city's decorating committee. But at the same time, brigand sightings were on the rise, and who knew what troubles were lying in wait for an unsuspecting traveler on the roads. In any event, the matter was beyond his purview, and there were more pressing matters to deal with at the moment. The upcoming contract deadline with his baker from the north, for one. And more immediately, his inventory sign. Vern scanned the thing over one final time. Satisfied with the lack of errors, he took out a hammer and nail from the box at his feet and secured the parchment to the top of the table. It was time to get the old business back and running again, and not a moment too soon at that.


More soon...

On hold:
Silver Sickle (x2)
Silver Battle Axe (x2)
Silver Spear (x2)
Silver Broad Sword
Silver Glaive

Other Weapons
Long Sword of Power
Stave of Speed
Broad Sword of Speed
Spear of Power

On hold:
Mace of Speed

Food and Drink
Andris Banana Cake
Andris Champagne
Port Gast's Moonshine
Red Nate's Rotgut Rum

Black Rose (x12)
Purple Rose (x12)
Nevia Flower (x5)

On hold:
Red Rose (x12)

Pure Crystal Ring (x2)
Sunstone Ring (x20)
Lesser Protection Ring
Ring of Lightning Bolt
Ring of Remove Curse

Black Robe of Protection (x3)

Tarnished Necklace (x8)
Small Moon Fragment (x5)
Blue Egg (x5)
Green Egg (x5)
Merfolk Hair (x5)
Dwarven Hand Axe (x5)
Pure Black Crystal (x3)
Black Ferrite (x100)
Logs (x250)
Dragon Tooth (More soon...)

On hold:
Dragon Tooth (x100)
Grain of Red Sand (x25)

Prices are flexible, stock is rotating, and deals are plentiful!


  • edited April 15
    *Varto walks into Andris to scout out potential sellers in preparation for the BMF when he notices a new shop however the shopkeeper seems to be away for the moment*

    "What harm can come if I just look around the shop" Varto thinks to himself. Upon walking in the shop Varto could not believe his luck for the walls were full of silver weapons. Varto just recently gained enough ability to concentrate and still wield such weapons. In addition, the clerics at Brigo recently discovered the secrets of full mana potions which require a dragon tooth to make.

    *Varto hastily scratches a note for the shopkeeper*

    I would like to buy 1 dram of rum, all the silver weapons, the mace of speed, and 100 dt. Does 500,000 gp sound fair?

  • "You've got yourself a deal!"
  • Andris. Mixed feelings. She was there for duty, with the approach of the Festival, in a place where she once used to go for pleasure. Then again, she arrived early this year. Was it to compensate for the long absence? Was it because a short spell alone with the bracken was what she needed to bring her back to the social world? She wasn’t sure why, but she was in Andris.

    She passed by the stall of a merchant. Not unusual for the season, she thought, but the scent of roses caught her attention. Unfortunately, not her favourite kind. Maybe he can get the others?

    Since she had some time to spare, she scribbled a note to add to the already piling orders.

    Would you be able to get me some roses of the red kind? As many as you can, even if only one.
    I can buy them in gold or trade for some object of your interest.

    Cassandra, wizard of the Mirith Vanguard
  • "But of course! And wait—for all first-time customers, a freshly made candied apple, free of charge!" Vern picked up the delicacy with a practiced flourish and presented it to the younger gentleman.

    "Oye, that's brilliant." The man's face lit up as he turned to go. "Have a good one!"

    "And you as well!"

    Vern walked back inside the tent, dug out his reckoning tabs from the drawer, and made a note of the latest transaction. The list was already beginning to fill up, thank the Goddess, and indeed his second shipment had come in that very morning without a hitch, roses and all. Taking a quick peek outside to make sure there weren't any approaching customers, Vern took a seat and began to revise his inventory list.
  • First, her archives, now her chests. It was time for season cleaning. There was something about the new merchant in Andris that made her want to play along, to challenge him further.

    She had little money and had never been a collector of things other than red. Red robes, sometimes red eggs to feed one of her wizard friends, now grains of red sand. But roses were definitely her favourite.

    She opened one of the boxes, randomly. Rings. Regular rings. Some exotic rings. Ingredients to make yet other types of rings. She decided that, as proof of good faith, she would trade the first few roses for the special ring Beleth once gave her. She hated wearing it. Reagents got stuck. And, after all, she had a much more precious gift from the old Royal Mage, the one thing she would never give away: that book!

    Other than two strange keys whose matching lock she never found, most of her collection was made of offers. Iceane and Sophina always got her exactly the right gift. Others gave her things before travelling or going away for long exiles. How on earth did I get one silver leaf, let alone three! she thought. Valerquez had given her one, she remembered that. But the others? One she had used a long time ago, but there remained two. At some point, she entertained the idea of taking Majara for a picnic at the leaf shop, but she feared that, if they were seen, it would be taken as a display of Mirithian arrogance and extravagance. Mirith, poor frugal and empty Mirith, didn’t need that.

    How many roses would Vern get her for a silver leaf?
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