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The group of adventurers - Lenne, Wong, Alidar, Cavan, Astronus, Luciella, Cyric, Kwoo, and Danery - returned to Brotherhood of Lonely Thieves’ fort on Lizard Isle to continue their investigation and to destroy the remaining outposts.


(Alidar): Portal here
(Lenne): Ohh

The sign reads “Tower”

(Astronus): Oooh, TOWER!!!
(Kwoo): Finally, we can get Lulu!
(Lenne): Lulu made it out already, somehow.
(Astronus): Humans, East.
(Lenne): Let’s check out the East path, first.

(Wong): Another portal here.

The sign reads “Crimson”

(Lenne): Crimson... red sand?
(Luciella): Probably
(Astronus): So, there's Tower - this one Crimson - isn't there one Northwest of here on the other sides of this wall?
(Lenne): Yep
(Astronus): So there's at least 3 more portals we haven't gone through…
(Lenne): Yuuup

Cyric disappears and reappears at the Crimson portal.

(Astronus): Cyric, did red sand take you somewhere?
(Cyric): Yes
(Astronus): Where was it?
(Cyric): On an island, full of more creatures that we’ve seen here

Iceane joined the crew.

(Astronus): Hey ya Ice!
(Iceane): Hey ya'all
(Cavan): A real cleric!

Prepared for a fight, the group used red sand to enter the Crimson outpost.

Dropped: Grain of Red Sand


(Kwoo): * rel des bol *
(Alidar): * clar bur ber *
(Kwoo): * rel des bol *
(Alidar): * rel des ber *
(Lenne): Stay to the Southeast
(Sand Dragon): You flee, as you should, but you cannot hide.
(Iceane): Oh god.
(Sand Dragon): On rock, grass or sand, I have every advantage.
(Lenne): Oh my god.
(Sand Dragon): Dust to dust.
(Cyric): oooOOOoooOOOooo
(Sand Dragon): Ah, the taste of human blood is sweet.
(Lenne): Portal out!
(Iceane): Go

Dropped: Grain of Red Sand

(Lenne): Emergency exit used!

Iceane appeared on the Lizard Islande side of the portal, and promptly died.

(Lenne): NOOOOO
(Iceane): oooOOOoooOOOooo
(Luciella): ><
(Luciella): I can stay on body and stealth

As they tried to figure out how to resurrect Iceane, Cavan appeared through the portal.

(Cavan): * shel *
(Lenne): Helll yeah!
(Luciella): YES! Time for res!
(Cavan): * pur shel des *

With Iceane resurrected, they brainstormed how to save the rest of their friends, stranded on the island.

(Lenne): I don't even know how we can help them…
(Cavan): We all used both of our red sand, right?
(Lenne): Yep
(Luciella): Yes
(Cavan): I have no more.
(Iceane): Oui
(Lenne): We'd have to get more.

The group ventured back into the fort to collect more red sand.

After they located more sand and regrouped, they readied to use the portal yet again.

(Luciella): If it gets too much portal out?
(Lenne): Yup
(Luciella): Ok
(Lenne): Ready
(Luciella): Ready
(Cavan): Ready
(Iceane): Arrrrr!

Dropped: Grain of Red Sand

(Cyric): oooOOOoooOOOooo
(Wong): oooOOOoooOOOooo
(Alidar): oooOOOoooOOOooo
(Kwoo): oooOOOoooOOOooo

(Human): Reinforcements!

Rahleus, Shuab, and some Andrisian guards joined the battle.

(Shuab): Dragon and Golem South/Southwest
(Shuab): * shel rel bol *
(Shuab): * flas bur des *
(Sand Dragon): Throw more fire at me, wizard. Perhaps I shall turn to glass.
(Shuab): * flas bur des *

The guards fought hard, but ultimately were felled.

(Human): Ugh!
(Human): Jensen!!!
(Human): No!
(Human): Not Len!
(Sand Dragon): You think you can evade my wrath? Amusing.
(Rahleus): Cowardly dragon! Kneel!

The dragon was finally defeated.


(Rahleus): We will honor their losses with the fallen.
(Rahleus): Are you all situated? I've lost my guard...
(Lenne): So sorry about your men.
(Rahleus): I will need to return to the city at once. I will arrange for another patrol if I can. I return command of the battlefield to you, brave citizens.
(Luciella): Thank you so much for the aid, Senator.
(Lenne): Thank you for your help
(Iceane): Thanks Senator
(Kwoo): Thanks for the help, senator.
(Astronus): Thank you for your assistance Rahleus
(Rahleus): Look for my coming, at first light!

(Luciella): Portal out?
(Shuab): Would have to fight our way into Andris, it's surrounded.
A pawn chess piece was found in the privateer’s belongings.
(Cyric): I got pawn

The faint humming in the background that you barely could notice...
...begins to quiet down.

(Cyric): Back through?
(Lenne): Yep back through
(Alidar): There is another portal close by

Dropped: Grain of Red Sand

Back on Lizard Isle
(Iceane): The need to do alchemy on a hunt is probably the best thing about being a cleric. I find it exhilarating!
(Kwoo): Could use GMP
(Iceane): Here you go kwoo <3
(Kwoo): Yay
(Shuab): 6 GHP 2 GMP 9 LMP pwease (pwease for Ice)
(Iceane): Oh my god Shuab, get lost
(Astronus): 4 FHP please? If not that's ok
(Iceane): Omg Astronus
(Lenne): I need 14 FHP ...
(Iceane): OMG LENNE

(Astronus): Anyone figure out the portal for this one?
(Lenne): Not yet

Several items were tried, but they were unable to figure out the key to this portal. They decided to try their luck with the Tower portal, instead.

(Cyric): Not sand

An Andrisian guard collapsed in front of them.

(Shuab): *gasp*
(Cyric): !
(Luciella): !
(Lenne): ???
(Luciella): Andris in danger?
(Shuab): Yeah, it's under attack
(Astronus): What happened?
(Lenne): to Andris?
(Astronus): Yes
(Astronus): to Andris

Before they could head toward Andris, Cyric disappeared. This time he did not return.

(Lenne): Cyric went through - it appears he used a purple egg.
(Astronus): Oh geeze!
(Cavan): Anyone else have purple eggs?
(Astronus): That explains why there were so many SS last time!

They readied themselves for another battle.

Dropped: Purple Egg

(Human): Get 'er!
(Wong): attack!
You are ready to fight again!
(Shuab): ARR!

The group fought back the many privateers and sea serpents.

(Human): Reinforce the Tower! Let 'em rot outside!
(Astronus): They all went in tower
(Iceane): This escalated quickly
(Iceane): Which is EXCELLENT
(Lenne): Alright, let's go, to Andris!

With Cyric revived, they moved on to Andris, which was under heavy attack by sand dragons and golems, privateers, scorpions, sand spiders, gapers, and other creatures.

(Iceane): Hi big sand man!
(Sand Dragon): At last you face me in open battle.
(Astronus): More stuff inside


||The Andris Footrace Classic of 455 - The Morganstown Circuit||
||First Place: Kwoo||


(Picadee): * pur *
(Picadee): * shel *
(Lenne): Hello!
(Picadee): * looks scared *

||The Andris Footrace Classic of 455 - The Morganstown Circuit||
||Third Place: Shuab||

(Big Rachel): Har har har!
(Iceane): * pur *
(Big Rachel): Arrrgh!
(Astronus): ARRR yourself!


(Big Rachel): * gulps potion *
(Iceane): She's so big!
(Big Rachel): Avast ye!

(Big Rachel): Ye dare taunt me?!
(Lenne): ya!
(Big Rachel): * gulps potion *
(Alidar): surround her.
(Alidar): block her in

(Iceane): So
(Iceane): anyone for a game of high low?

(Picadee): * pur *
(Lenne): :O
Critical Hit!
Your target focuses on you!
(Avendus): * shel rel bol *
(Lenne): your turn!
(Human): ARRRGH! Ye be a good player!

(Picadee): The Pants are sheltering.
(Alidar): safe zone
(Picadee): I told them to be safe!

(Rahleus): * flas bur des *
(Shuab): Hello!
(Rahleus): At last!
(Lenne): Hello again!
(Rahleus): Fancy meeting you here!
(Picadee): * tries to keep the well-dressed man alive *
(Iceane): It's always fancy when you meet Shuab
(Rahleus): You can say that again!

Despite the wreckage, the town still looked quite festive.


They stumbled upon Astronus, who seemed perplexed.

(Astronus): *investigates*
(Rahleus): This here's a game...
(Rahleus): But our situation is anything but!
(Avendus): Was there an exception made for pets in Andris?
(Rahleus): There is now!
(Rahleus): I'd lower the Fire Wards if I could! But it seems the clever enlightened city folk have found other means to defend!
(Picadee): * seems to be horrified *
(Rahleus): Dragon!
(Sand Dragon): You will stumble, you will die.

||Storyteller! 1000gps per turn||

They killed the dragon that was guarding the castle with ease.

(Rahleus): Ah! We've done it!
(Human): Senator! The keep is secure, sir!
(Picadee): What about the east gate?
(Human): The east gate still fights!
(Wong): East!
(Picadee): Thank you for the information!
(Rahleus): I must check below first! I will meet you there!
(Rahleus): Grantham, is she safe?
(Human): Yes sire!
(Rahleus): Good. * nods *
(Human): All's quiet here Senator.
(Rahleus): Very good!
(Rahleus): To the frontlines!

(Human): * cowers in fear*
(Avendus): Poor guy.
(Human): Make Andris SAFE again!!!
(Lenne): We will!

They made their way to the East gate to continue the fight.


(Sand Dragon): Can you turn into a dragon, druid? No? Then die as a human.
(Rahleus): Hold the line!
Critical Hit!
(Sand Dragon): Dust to dust.
(Avendus): oooOOOoooOOOooo
(Rahleus): Bah!
(Rahleus): You will go no further, scaly beast!
(Rahleus): The gate is ours!

||Sign: The grand City of Andris - No pets!||

(Rahleus): Our losses today have been steep… Not another Andrisian must perish!
(Human): S...Senator!
(Rahleus): What on… Hold tight, brave friends. I will send for the keys at once.
(Rahleus): The attack has been beat back!
(Human): Bless you! B-bbless yoou all!
(Rahleus): * nods * We won't forget you.
(Human): For ANDRIS!

(Rahleus): My Goddess...

Three headless guardsmen lay at the guillotines.


(Astronus): Poor guards
(Avendus): I'm going to have nightmares
(Rahleus): AAAAAARRGH!
(Lenne): Those poor guards :(
(Rahleus): Apologies... I had to hide. * mumbles * Musn't show tears…
(Lenne): No worries, senator
(Shuab): :(

(Lenne): Astro, do you track anything unusual?
(Astronus): I do not, all seems quiet now

(Rahleus): Friends, citizens, and all defenders of Andris! We have won a hard fought battle today, and the enemy has been routed. Many of you died to defend Andris... but the city still stands free.
(Gasby): * tries to manage a reassuring nod to Rahleus, but still looks worried *
(Astronus): Aye, but Senator - they are camping out in the tower. They will be back I am sure.
(Rahleus): * nods * I concur with your assessment, friend. Though we have been dealt a heavy blow, their losses seem steep, as well.
(Astronus): We attempted to attack them at the tower, but they fled inside.
(Rahleus): * nods * That is good to know.
(Astronus): *nods*
(Rahleus): We must use this time to clean up our city... and then rebuild our forces.
(Astronus): Indeed.
(Rahleus): I fear you are right, they will need to be dealt with at their source. Lest Andris be attacked again. We had so many guards at the ports... to avoid a repeat of the Fleece Massacre… And yet they came through the beaches! In all directions at once!
(Astronus): *shakes head*


(Human): Senator!
(Rahleus): Guardsmen, the threat here in the keep is now past. We will need to reinforce the gates at once. And I am sure the Senate will activate all remaining reserve forces. So much damage… I had thought the Golden Fleece Massacre was bad, but this…
(Lenne): Is there anything else we can do for you, now?
(Rahleus): * clears throat * Aye. It is going to take some time to recover and rebuild from this heinous attack. I will see to it that every valuable, every weapon recovered from our enemy today… will get to the hands of you, our brave defenders. But while we gather this, I will need reports filed from anyone who can.
(Lenne): Will do.
(Astronus): Stragglers have been dispersed at the Northwest sector of the city
(Gasby): * whispers to Wong * It might be a good idea to hide that NH… No pets in Andris, remember?
(Wong): * clar ber *
(Rahleus): * eyes the night harpie, sympathetically *
(Lenne): That harpie defended this city, I think he can stay.
(Gasby): * looks worried *
(Rahleus): May all the defenders of Andris rest and recover well, on this accursed day. I will enter their services into the record. May it do enough to change the minds of my colleagues... * trails off *
(Gasby): Thanks, Senator!
(Rahleus): Now then. You have my requests. Once we can uncover exactly what happened here, and have it all recorded...
(Shuab): * nods *
(Rahleus): I will disburse the spoils to you all at once. Until then, citizens, visitors.... Friends… May the Goddess's light shine on us all. For Andris!
(Astronus): *nods*
(Rahleus): * nods farewell *
(Shuab): Thank you, Senator!

(Lenne): We won!
(Human): Is it safe now?!
(Iceane): It's never safe!
(Alidar): 1 more portal in liz island...
(Luciella): Right


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    The city was quiet as Rahleus ambled through the midnight shrouded alleyways, paying no mind to the gentle raindrops as they fell on him, washing over the blood-stained streets below. The blood he no longer noticed, nor did he notice the dwindling smell of death which had persisted in the air ever since the invasion.

    The pale blue fighting moon was still quite new, and all was black and gray save for the dim glow of torchlight from the windows of the houses on either side. He barely noticed the black cat standing inside one of those windows, her beady little eyes following him as he moved past. He barely noticed even his clothes being drenched by the rain, for his thoughts still lingered on the meeting that had just adjourned.

    * * * * *

    “…and so Senator Rose will be returning ahead of schedule from her diplomatic visit to Lerilin, on account of this dreadful attack!” Janik took a deep breath. “Now! Helda, you’ve been so awfully quiet! What’s on your mind?”

    “My mind… my mind… why did they stop? I might’ve expected worse from such a well coordinated threat.” Senator Grantham said with a face as hard as stone. “Was what they took all they were truly after?”

    “Oh… oh my! How frightful! They wouldn’t be so bold! After all, they’re just… they’re just PIRATES!”

    “Pirates who overran our fair city, Ivanelda. And don’t you forget Fieltler! The man responsible for Fieltler is at the helm of this entire operation! To say nothing of that other witch, who by all accounts is even more powerful than he.”

    “We haven’t forgotten, Senator Grantham.” Rahleus said. “And I was there at the keep. Perhaps the pirates stopped because we stopped them! Our East Gate forces never fell completely. Ultimately, the only breach was in the West Gate. ”

    “The sizable -army- that stormed the keep did only come from the West, yes.” Grantham smiled wryly. “But they did not seem very intent on taking this keep. And mark my words, they easily could have.”

    “Well, la, there was damage enough… millions and MILLIONS of it!”

    “And how, Ivanelda dear, did all those fine weapons and rings go missing from the basement levels, hm?! The ones not locked in the vaults. There wasn’t any fighting down there. It’s not like they just grew legs and walked away on their own!”

    “Maybe…” Rahleus cut in. “Maybe they did. We had every available hand in the keep fighting at the moat for our treasured freedoms. Maybe… during the chaos… somebody slipped by unnoticed. Someone… in the shadows.”

    Janik let out a nervous squeak.

    “Maybe,” Rahleus went on, “they were even watching from the corner as I spoke on and on about our victory and resilience in the face of darkness. Maybe… they’re still here.”

    * * * * *

    Rahleus swung his head around his shoulders. But there was nothing. Nothing beyond the rain pelting the paving stones, and the same cat, her piercing gaze transfixed upon him. He bundled his robes up tighter and turned the corner, making his way back toward the park.
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