Marching Onward

Citizens of Andris:

The Enlightened City of Andris expresses their deepest condolences to the friends and family of the dearly departed Senator Jan Varouf, a man of the people, who to the very end, could be found working shifts in the mines as often as he could be found in the halls of governance. Rest in peace, Senator.

But our fair City must march onwards, and a Senate composed of only 4 Senators cannot govern as effectively a Senate should. Given this unexpected and tragic turn of events, it is now that we must announce the need to hold a Special Election, to find, again, a 5th Senator.

In the spirit of Senator Varouf, who pioneered the first Pamphlet for the Informed Andrisian Voter, the city shall be releasing another such pamphlet at the earliest convenience, after the Senatorial Election Committee has cleared and finalized the new set of candidates. Additionally, given the unusual circumstances, the City will be allowing absentee ballots for citizens who are unable to attend in person. Scheduling for this Special Election is yet to be determined, but more details will be released in the near future.

By the Grace of Elara and Nystral,
The Senatorial Election Committee


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    The City of Andris presents another Pamphlet for the Informed Andrisian Voter, for the Special Elections of 452. This pamphlet, only the second of its kind, was brought to you by the Senatorial Election Committee, now chaired by recently elected Senator Edwin Rahleus.

    Three candidates were cleared by the Committee. This time around, the citizens of Andris will be choosing only one of these candidates. The Date of the Election will be Day 207 of the Sleeping Moon. Mail-in ballots (*) will be allowed, but will not be accepted until after Day 195 of the Sleeping Moon.

    The winner of the Special Election will go on to assume the Fifth Senate Seat, recently vacated by Senator Jan Varouf, may he rest in peace.

    So, without further ado: here are your candidates!

    * * * * * * * * * *
    * * * * * * * * * *

    Jovan Florus

    Citizens of Andris,

    My name is Jovan Florus, Miner and Representative for The Miners’ Union. With the support of the Union, and the support of The Miners’ Nurses, I have served the city of Andris and its manual laborers for my whole life. Our proud city was built on the backs of us miners. Our efforts built the Andris of Today, and it will build the Andris of Tomorrow.

    But now, we miners and laborers are at greater risk than ever before. Now, the politicians are out for blood! They want to raise taxes on the Union! They want to make our lives harder than they are already! Don’t fall for their tricks - don’t forsake the laborers who built Andris up from the ground. It’s time we put a stop to this persecution. Join me, and protect our most vulnerable countrymen. Join me, and protect those of us who need it the most!

    Fight with Florus!

    * * * * * * * * * *
    * * * * * * * * * *

    Mauve Korlach

    Let’s face the facts, Andris.

    We enjoyed many years of safe and sound governance, under the leadership of fine senators like Fieltler, Janik, and Grantham.

    But now, after the results of the latest election, this sensible era is threatening to come to an end. It’s time we stand up, and save our city, with a vote for Mauve!

    Mauve Korlach has a proven track record.
    • Mauve has faithfully served as the Bank Manager of Andris for many years, following a successful career as a bookkeeper at WWW.
    • Even before her term as Bank Manager, Mauve saved the Bank from collapse in the mid-440s, by taking on corrupt Manager Waard, whose careless strategies were threatening to bankrupt the city.
    • If elected, Mauve will run Andris like she runs the bank!
    • Mauve will put a stop to ridiculously expensive proposals, such as the latest university boondoggle. Andris is already the most Enlightened City there is!

    Let's put a stop to the madness, and save Andris from ruin at the hands of these new upstart senators!

    Stem the Tide! Mauve's on Our Side!

    * * * * * * * * * *
    * * * * * * * * * *

    Silvaria Rose

    Friends, Family, Citizens of Andris, People whom I would love to know,

    I’m Silvaria Rose, and I want our city, the city of Andris, to breathe.
    RIght now, our city is so very much stone. Everywhere you look, stone. We could do better.
    A few parks here, a few trees here, a few places to watch our children play.

    I love Andris, with all my heart, but I can admit it’s not perfect. There aren't enough places for people to just sit down, to relax a bit, to play with their pets, to sit in the nice shade of a tree in full blossom.

    This is my goal. To make our lives a bit better, a bit more enjoyable, and make our city breathe more. To allow pets into our towns, so we can be together, all of us, with our loved ones. This will be a long journey, but a necessary one.

    Please, vote to make our city breathe once more.

    With love,
    Silvaria Rose.

    * * * * * * * * * *
    * * * * * * * * * *

    By the Grace of Elara and Nystral,
    The Senatorial Election Committee

    (* OOC Details: The Election will take place at the Saturday Hunt Time on August 22nd. For those who cannot attend, they may submit a mail-in ballot over Discord, by messaging their vote to the RTQ Fairy discord account in an IC format. These ballots will only be accepted for 24 real-life hours prior to the election. As before, all players are allowed to cast one vote - provided that the player character casting the vote is not a member of another city's Vanguard.)
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    As Dono walks through the forests about Andris, the sun begins to set. He reaches for a night vision potion to help him with the dim surroundings.

    “You can never be too careful in this forest with all the Bracken lurking about…” he mumbles to himself.
    *gulp gulp gulp*
    “Ah that’s better. Wouldn’t want to stumble unawares right into a----”

    Lightning strikes Dono in the chest as he passes a tree, now clearly in the view of a nearby Bracken.


    Dono stumbles backwards directly away from the Bracken, hoping to get out of range and heal himself before he can be hit twice—and perhaps lose his life. Just then, a second lightning bolt strikes his back from another Bracken he unwittingly backed into while trying to avoid the first.

    “Noo, not like this…”

    Within an inch of his life, Dono calls on his clerical magic, none too soon.

    *pur clar*
    *clar bur ber*

    “…oh…that was…close…” Dono pants to himself while just beyond the reach of the two Bracken.

    Just then, a rustling in the trees to his right brings Dono’s head up with a sharp snap. A woman emerges from the trees, followed by an enormous black bear that is clearly her companion.

    (Dono): “Oh hello there, Miss,” Dono says carefully, sizing up the stranger approaching him in the night. He readies a protective spell—just in case.
    (Stranger): “Hello, sir!” the stranger replies jovially, keeping a respectful distance.

    The woman pats her bear, tossing it a few raw steaks. She wears an Olive robe that nicely complements her long, red hair.

    (Stranger): “That’s a good girl, Luna,” she says fondly to her bear.
    Looking at Dono, the woman asks, “Would you like me to help?” nodding at the two nearby bracken, that are still scowling fiercely at the adventurers.
    (Dono): I think I’m doing alright now, but I suppose we could take care of these hateful trees.

    With a nod and command from the stranger, the massive bear, Luna, begins to make quick work of the first Bracken. Dono tries to be helpful by healing the bear and protecting it with magic-reflecting shields.

    (Dono): Fancy meeting someone here in the woods at night.
    (Dono): “Dangerous place for some,” he says, rubbing his chest and thinking of the twin lightning bolts that nearly ended him not too long ago.
    (Stranger): Ah, yes. The forests here can be quite tricky.
    (Stranger): Though I feel more at ease in the outdoors!
    (Dono): “Your bear friend proves that,” Dono says with a smile.
    (Dono): You're a druid then?
    (Stranger): Yes, I am!
    (Stranger): And you a cleric?
    (Dono): Yes! I've always been drawn to the healing arts. It is very fulfilling, and even exciting at times!
    (Stranger): It's a very noble profession, healing other living beings.
    (Stranger): Ah! Where are my manners. It's a pleasure meeting you. I'm Silvaria Rose.
    (Dono): A pleasure to make your acquaintance.
    (Dono): I am called Dono.

    By now the first Bracken was reduced to mere logs and roots. They turned to the second Bracken, and Luna fearlessly lunged to maul the glaring tree, shrugging off the trees desperate attacks until the second Bracken, too, was nothing more than kindling.

    Dono pauses. “Silvaria…that name sounds somewhat familiar to me. You don’t happen to be involved with city politics, perchance?”
    (Rose): Ah, well.. my name does appear on some pamphlets around town.. *blushes slightly* I'm running for Senator, yes.
    (Dono): Aha! It had hoped to meet you! I wanted to hear more from you and the other candidates about current issues in the city and surrounding areas.
    (Rose): “Yes, it's important to be aware of the issues and try to solve them.” She winks slyly, “And pick the right person for the job.”

    Dono pauses, trying to remember the many questions he had scribbled on parchment and left, unfortunately, back at the Guild House. Ah, that’s right--

    (Dono): What is it that inspired you to run for Senator?
    (Rose): “Hmm…” She thinks to herself for a moment. “Andris is a beautiful city…”
    (Rose): However, I feel that we lack somewhat with respect to the well-being of our people.
    (Dono): How so?
    (Rose): There is hardly any entertainment for people, or nice relaxing spots. People can't be with their beloved pets, a true shame, especially during the Festival. Though I might be a bit biased due to being a Druid…
    (Dono): Ah yes, my brother often complains about Andris’ restrictive pet policies. Though to be fair, as a Druid, you might be more in tune with this particular injustice than the rest of us.
    (Rose): I don't imagine being able to solve all issues myself, but I would love to be able to help people have a good, happy life, and be able to find enjoyment after a long, hard day at work.
    (Dono): What do you think you could do to help the community relax? As a Senator?
    (Rose): I would like to try and create a few more parks in town, where people can find a reprieve, and relax. And even a few safezones outside the town. For example, a possible beach that is protected, allowing parents and children to visit.
    (Dono): A safe beach? Near Andris? Now that would be something to be sure! Usually when I walk the beach I need to keep my wits about me…what with the Bracken and Giants about.
    (Rose): Haha, yes, it would be quite an endeavor. Though I think to the south east, or north east, would be ideal—past the rocks.
    (Dono): That sounds wonderful. And, mind you, due to my brother’s many complaints, I’m rather sympathetic to pets in the city. However, I've often heard allowing pets in town would destroy the wonderful pristine environment.
    (Dono): How would you propose lifting the pet ban but maintaining safe, clean, and un-damaged city streets? Your massive bear for example, must be the size of at least three of me!
    (Rose): I would like to start with small tests, and see how those work out. Perhaps by allowing pets inside the new parks. And if we take things slow, baby steps if you will, we should be able to react swiftly if problems arise.
    (Dono): *nods appreciatively* A very measured approach. That just might work.
    (Dono): Where would the new pet-friendly parks be located? Are you thinking to expand the city walls, or would you re-district some existing infrastructure?
    (Rose): That’s a good question! I think there might be room in the south west portion of town, near the Temple. We could, perhaps, rearrange things a bit.

    Rose looks up thoughtfully, considering the issue for a few moments before continuing.

    (Rose): Even if I were Senator, I wouldn't want to make such a decision all by myself, but would rather like to hear the opinion of those most affected by this decision, as well as the other Senators, of course. Perhaps others have their own ideas on how to implement some more greenery in the city.
    (Dono): Well it sounds like you have a very thoughtful and balanced strategy for improving the condition of Andris for its citizens—both human and animal!

    Rose smiles at this, and gestures toward the path leading back to the safety of Andris.

    (Rose): Are you from around here?
    (Dono): Alas, I am somewhat of a wanderer myself. Though I have spent a good deal of my time lately here in Andris, hoping to someday get the better of these wretched Bracken. Those aside—Andris is truly a delightful place. I can really appreciate your vision for Andris…

    By now Dono and Rose have begun walking through the forest back in the direction of Andris’ city gates. Dono is fiddling with his potion pouch as he often does, before resting his hand on a stash of ginseng. Luna lumbers just behind Rose, looking absolutely at ease in the dark forest. Dono spies some lesser creatures, that might otherwise cause trouble, catch sight of the gigantic bear, and turn tail in the opposite direction. Rose seems to be enjoying the evening and the forest, with its dangers and beauties, both. The converse casually until hailed by the guards, whereupon they bid their farewells. Dono thanks Rose for her assistance and kindness in the forest, and Rose hopes she sees Dono again. She doesn’t ever ask Dono for his vote. But she has certainly left a singular impression on the cleric.
  • Citizens of Andris:

    We are now but fourteen days away from the Special Election of 452! This time, the Election shall be prefaced by a brief Candidate’s Debate. Citizens who wish to submit questions in advance for this debate may do so at any point, or else bring their questions to the Debate. And as mentioned earlier, citizens who will not be able to attend may choose to submit an absentee ballot at any point between now and the Election.

    Plan ahead, and don’t forget to cast your ballot - your participation is what makes the City of Andris so resilient!

    * * * * * * * * * *
    * * * * * * * * * *

    (* OOC Details: The debate and election will take place on Sat, Aug 22nd, at 1PM GMT - the Saturday Hunt Time. Anyone wishing to submit a question may submit them now, via messaging the the RTQ Fairy Discord. In the same manner, anyone who wishes to submit an early absentee ballot may do so now, by messaging the RTQ Fairy. All messages must be IC. As a reminder, each player gets only one vote. The player character casting the vote must not be a member of another city’s vanguard.)
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    Ana counted the explosive dust in her pouch. Would that fit the urn?
    She had been a citizen of Andris for a while now. She has witnessed the farce, the succession of Senators, all promising the world and serving but their bellies.
    Long gone were the times of Artaud, Ninette, and their ally in clandestinity, that brave ranger from afar. From everywhere and nowhere? She should have talked to him more, when she had the chance.
    Maybe she would vote this time, just for the kicks. Maybe she should vote with a drawing. A caricature of Morgans being swallowed by the Void? A portrait of Varouf, Ellychas, and the future of the Miners’ Union lining up for the guillotine?
    Or she could be a good girl and contribute for the fairest and most enlightened regime in Oberin.
    She opened the heavy door of the tavern. All important decisions in life should be taken with a good drinking game.
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