Marching Onward

Citizens of Andris:

The Enlightened City of Andris expresses their deepest condolences to the friends and family of the dearly departed Senator Jan Varouf, a man of the people, who to the very end, could be found working shifts in the mines as often as he could be found in the halls of governance. Rest in peace, Senator.

But our fair City must march onwards, and a Senate composed of only 4 Senators cannot govern as effectively a Senate should. Given this unexpected and tragic turn of events, it is now that we must announce the need to hold a Special Election, to find, again, a 5th Senator.

In the spirit of Senator Varouf, who pioneered the first Pamphlet for the Informed Andrisian Voter, the city shall be releasing another such pamphlet at the earliest convenience, after the Senatorial Election Committee has cleared and finalized the new set of candidates. Additionally, given the unusual circumstances, the City will be allowing absentee ballots for citizens who are unable to attend in person. Scheduling for this Special Election is yet to be determined, but more details will be released in the near future.

By the Grace of Elara and Nystral,
The Senatorial Election Committee
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