New Mirith

A letter arrives at the hall of the Mirith Vanguard, written in an elegant yet firm script.

To the Royal Guard Amere, and Lord Nedved II:

Greetings to you both. I pray you have been well, and not too bloodied up on account of the pale blue moon that shines above us! Per our earlier conversations at the bank, I write to inform you of some concerning news I have just received on the difficult subject that is New Mirith. Early this morning, I attended the services at the holy temple. There, I was able to briefly make contact with Mother Cecilia, an old mentor of mine and the cleric who has been assigned to serve at the temple of New Mirith.

Firstly, she was able to confirm a rumor that I had previously overheard on a trip to Lerilin, a rumor that His Majesty the King has been making plans to establish a bank on that wondrous, troublesome, man-made island. This particular project already appears to have driven off our bank manager, Mr. Z. R. Naut (for whom a replacement inquiry is already underway – if you happen to have any suitable candidates in mind, please do send them my way).

Secondly, and more worrisomely, Cecilia had another piece of information to share: that His Majesty the King desires to construct an immense bridge, to connect this new island to the Lerilin continent. Ignoring for a moment the enormous financial strains of such a project, I cannot even begin to fathom the diplomatic conflict that we may be forced into as a result.

But enough of my overly cautious misgivings - I would be very interested to hear both of your thoughts on this matter, and those of your associates, by whichever means you feel would be best. Whatever new challenges await, I am confident that we will be able to tackle them if we approach them together.

I look forward to our next meeting, but until then: may the Goddess’s blessings be upon you both!

Mother Emmalisse


  • A letter can be seen shoved into the doorway to the Royal Cleric's quarters located in the Castle of Mirith. By its appearance, it is obvious that neither time nor care were taken into consideration regarding this letter. The parchment was crumpled and, while it was sealed with wax, it was not pressed with the Vanguardian emblem. The writing was a hybrid between cursive and manuscript, which was used to write the letter as quickly as possible. The faster the letter was written the less Amere would be thinking about the contents of it.

    Dearest Mother Emmalise,

    I wanted to begin by letting you know I have not spoken with any of the Vanguard yet regarding your letter, so what is enclosed in the following paragraphs are my thoughts and mine alone.

    First, I can't imagine Naut will get alone well with the King. It is my understanding he is a man that appreciates structure and no surprises. As you look to fill his place, I would warn your applicants they may need to travel between Mirith and "New Mirith".

    Second, I know you hold yourself better than I, but I am at a loss for words regarding this bridge that you mention. Does our King have no sense of how limited our resources are? I can assure you we will not be forcing Mirith's citizens to pay taxes in order to construct such a monstrosity. On second thought, I am open to the idea of this being used to have Marali pay its debt back from their stunt to lure Fiadoryx into Mirith to get their Curio piece. I will run that by the MV.

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