Concerning Lerilin

The Fighting Moon’s energy flowed through Budic as he was able to summon more elementals than ever before. He visited the forsaken Windswept Isles to test his abilities. With Tormenta, the black bear, by his side he was able to swiftly navigate from one island to the next. He heard rumors of a Zephyr that lurked deep within the coves of the isles, but he dared not venture that far.

He then travelled into the deep woods of Marali. Travieso, the blink hound, cheerfully trotted through the woods with him. They entered the mushroom portal into the world of Plum. Together, they were able to defeat Ancient Bracken, with the most powerful lightning bolts he had ever seen, until they were chased away by Sylphs, who seemed to represent a stronger form of pixie, but still much was unknown about them.

Budic took notes of his findings and added them to his report for Lerilin. He then returned to Mirith to grab his report over the Troll Palace. It seemed after further investigation, a chest was found with a Broken Ring and traded to a shopkeeper in Duldrus for a new, not-broken, ring. Several entrances to the Palace were found. Budic finished up his notes and headed down the path to Lerilin.

Before reaching the portal, he bumped into a familiar face. He recognized, but it seemed he lost track of her name amidst his travels.

“Oh!” She exclaimed.

“Hello there,” Budic smiles.

“Hello,” She smiles back, then examines the badge on Budic’s robe. “A Leriliner! How are you doing today?”

“I am well.” Budic replies, “And yourself?”

“Very good to hear it. I am well as I can be.” She says, then pauses for a moment. “I… hm.”

Budic tilts his head forward to listen, “Hmm?”

“You seem like a fine upstanding man… you hold your village in high regard, no?”

Budic seemed a bit surprised by the question, “Ah, uh, yes ma’am. I do”

They reminisce a bit over life in Lerilin, “It was, at one point, my home as well.” she explained to him. The smile then slowly seemed to fade away from her face, “I must confess, I worry quite a lot now. About the… “project” in the seas north of there. I in fact was just returning from a visit to your village and received a piece of news.”

“Oh?” Budic knew vaguely of the city being built out at sea, but cared little for it.

“It seems they are planning to put a bank there, of all things…” She continues with a long sigh. “New Mirith, they call it. Suffice it to say I have some mixed feelings on this whole affair.”

“Aye,” Budic nodded, “likewise.”

“Well do keep an eye out,” she nodded back, “and it was a pleasure meeting you sir… I apologize, I never asked your name.”

Budic’s cheeks flushed a bit, but was relieved that she also had forgotten his name from the last time they met. He smiled, “I am Budic, the pleasure is mine.”

“Budic, of Lerilin. Very good. I am Mother Emmalisse, Royal Cleric of Mirith.”

“Aha,” Budic chuckled, “I knew you were familiar!” The two exchanged farewells and continued on their way.

Budic soon arrived home, in Lerilin, and went to hand his report to the guard. The guard seemed rather on edge, retorted, “And who am I supposed to hand this to?”

Budic blinked in disbelief that the guard would say something like that. He wondered if the guard was new, but he has handed his reports to this guard before. “Uh,” Budic responded hesitantly, “to… Miss Marigold..?”

“Ah, you haven’t heard,” the guard sighed, “She is no longer with us.”

“Oh,” Budic responded solemnly. He placed his report back in his satchel and bowed his head as he entered the gates into town. “I guess I’ll stay in town for a little while,” he thought to himself. He needed time to reflect. Who would be the next one to step up for Lerilin? How will the Bank of New Mirith affect commerce for his town?

He made his way to the pub and ordered a bowl of zombie brain stew, which has gotten surprisingly popular, and his favorite Lerilin pale ale. After his meal he headed to the Lerilin Vanguard hall for the night, passing the myrmecologists. He was still ever so baffled at how they were able to tear down the walls for that..


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    “Keana… I am so proud of you. I know you will be able to do this. You know all the recipes by heart, you’re a natural in the kitchen… goodness, child, you’re already far better than I ever was at your age! Keana dear, you’ve always been so capable, so strong…”

    A tear began to form in Keana’s eyes. “Th-th… thank you, mom. I really needed that.”

    “Oh, come here, you.” Kaoveth said, pulling Keana close and squeezing her tight. “It’s not like I’ll be far, dear! You just come down to the offices anytime you need me, you hear?”

    “Yes, mom." The girl sniffled.

    “And Keana, dear, quit worrying about little Kyma - the girl’s practically taking care of herself these days!”

    “Yes, mom.. she really is.” Keana pulled herself off of Kaoveth and wiped the tears from her eyes with a smile. “She’s gotten so big already. But… but what about Relkin, mom? Have you heard from him yet?”

    “That boy!” Kaoveth threw up her hands. “Why he’ll be the death of me, Keana! Going off and running around with those ginseng-smoking layabouts at a time like this! He’ll be doing all your dishes for the rest of the year if he keeps this up!”

    Keana grinned. “But Mom! He’s a grown man now!”

    “No child of mine will ever be too grown for a good whoopin’!”

    The two burst out in laughter, and then turned in unison back to the stack of crates that was taking up space in the shop’s corner. Personal effects, books, letters, portraits… all the things that Kaoveth was going to need to decorate her new office. Immediately, she felt the tears well up in her eyes again. The empty office… and that poor little house in the northeast corner, with four hungry mouths and a father left alone to feed them. Kaoveth swallowed her tears and gave Keana one last shoulder squeeze. Carefully, she heaved a crate up over her shoulder, and made to leave. She stopped at the door, and took a quick look behind her - Keana was already back at the stove, stirring the big pot of spiced apple filling. Kaoveth hastened out the door and into the frosty early morning air - her darling little girl didn’t need to see her covered in tears at a time like this. The time for her own tears would come, and soon. But for dear Marigold, for her children, for her village… she would be strong.
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