Loose Ends

A is for Adla, eaten by bears. She is now gone for good, leaving no heirs.
B is for Boale and all the Myrmidon, killed by some brigands, whose name is unknown.
C is for no one, but the song needs this step.
D is for Dodd, attacked by his pet.
E is for Evroulf, who died of melancholy. It is also for Evaristos, poisoned, my golly!
F is for Fini, killed by a pirate. And since life doesn’t rhyme…
G is for Gruodland, who died in his prime.
H is for Herik, whose death was barbaric by methods generic.
I is for Istra, killed by her soups.
J is for Jalux, whose golem turned, oops! It is also for Janelee, betrayed by her troops.
K is for Kherasija, killed by the moon. It is also for K’eeron, gone way too soon.
L is for Lance, who choke on his arrogance.
M is for Misty, gin overdose. But is also for Marigold, who died as she chose.
N is for Naut, who travelled away, followed by Zebeline and by Daisy Mae.
For O, P, Q, R, there are no deaths to record, but we return with an S, before you get bored.
S is for Sopor, who never woke again. T and U are for skeletons, who died once in vain.
V is for Varouf, eaten by a serpents.
W is for Waltham who covers many names.
X is for secrets that die behind curtains.
Y is for Yvonne, Ruthie ran too far.
Z is for Zebeline, who fled with Z. R.

From this long roll of sorrows, a reason to cheer:
Nyatha Bark lives, but she’s out of here!

((With a bow to Edward Gorey))
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