Denreth and the D.D.D.

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Hey Sully,

Heard about your run-in with those brigands at the Tree Maze. So on Day 25, I tagged along on a hunting trip into those same trees with Lord Peku, Gohbo, Shivani, Elsbeta Balloc, Amere, Laricen, and Lillium. Looking for dragons, we instead found tragedy.

In the middle of the maze, brigands had set up two cages, with a pack of spirit animals crammed sadly into each. Research notes at the brigand camp revealed that the druid Denreth was behind it. Yes, that’s the guy who invented shapeshifting, and spirit animals themselves. More experimentation afoot?


Naturally we decided to put the animals out of their misery, and that was that.

Just one question I’m wondering about now: what is Denreth’s relationship with the DDD? The Division, I mean, not the dragons! We know that Rem and his underlings have been operating within the TM for some time now. And Denreth, well, he was part of a rival Black Hand faction, back in the day. Guess they found a way to be friends? Sounds like bad news for the spirit animals… and bad news for us.



  • Sulovir drops a note off at the Hidden Vale.


    After another expedition into the Tree Maze, we encountered Master Denreth. With the resources of the D.D.D., he is able to conduct his research. The details, though, he dared not say. He did, however, mention that “Any druid would be pleased with the results…”

    We must keep a close eye on the waterways, as I believe Doc is behind facilitating the exchanges of resources.

    Safe travels,
    Sulovir Lichslayer II
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    I got some sketches from Jedd, who joined another hunting party in the area. They fought more brigands and giants, and, um, something lots worse. Here, take a look. It looks like the DDD is making further use of their portal connection to the HM Lab. We got as close as the portal but didn't dare go further. If rumors about JJ's death are true, then there's no doubt that the DDD is jumping at the chance to take over the Lab, if they haven't already. I was originally thinking that the Creed would be taking over, given their association with JJ, but the DDD does have the advantage of the portal, as well as the resources.

    In short, I get the feeling that the DDD is going to get a lot more firepower, and soon. Hope you have enough RoRs.

    And oh, no sign of Doc yet, but I'm sure he's out there somewhere.



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