The Elections of 452

Thus follows the detailed account of the Andris Senatorial Elections of Year 452, preserved by one Andrisian scribe, to the best of his abilities. Given the fast-paced nature of the events being documented, the present scribe humbly asks forgiveness for any and all unintentional omissions and errors. Any other observers, scribes, historians, and artists are cordially invited to contribute in the chronicling of this important new chapter in our fair city's history, not only to help ensure that history is preserved, but also to inform and thus include as many people as possible as we march inexorably forward into the future.

* * * * * * * * * *


* * * * * * * * * *

The appointed time arrives, and the various citizenry of Andris trickles into the northern end of the park, where the voting stations have been set up and decked out in the finest festival regalia.

(Gasby): Heeey!
(Official): Hello.
(Gasby): How does this work again?

(Official): An excellent question! Every eligible voter will be receiving two Blue Tickets from yours truly. You will be voting for two separate candidates, by giving one ticket to each of your two preferred candidates. Giving two tickets to the same candidate will disqualify the second one.

(Sulovir II): Run, Ruthie, Run!
(Gasby): And umm...who are the non-Ruthie candidates again?

(Official): In other words, you must pick two different people.

(Gasby): Dangit... :(
(Gasby): I wanted to vote for Ruthie twice!
(Annabel): Rahleus and Publius.

(Official): We have written the names in front of the candidates here, in case you need a reminder. Handing a ticket to this official * points * will be a vote for Ruthie Yvonne. This Official, Edwin Rahleus. And this official, for Norman Publius.

(Gasby): Run, Ruthie, Run!
(Gasby): * puts on her "I'm in the running!" red cap *
(Garath): Can we vote once and then abstain for our second?
(Sulovir II): Run Ruthie Run!

(Official): The red arrows tell you which official is standing in for which candidate. You do not have to vote, of course, and you do not have to use all your votes.

(Satyricon): All I know about these candidates is that one was sweating a lot.
(Gasby): The candidates explained their platforms earlier, dude.
(Annabel): Rahleus actually has a plan!
(Gasby): Ruthie wants to run! Rahleus wants reforms! And Publius wants things to stay historical!
(Shivani): Which one is allowing the pets???
(Gasby): I dunno, Shivani. Maybe Rahleus, since he wants things to be different...?
(Satyricon): I know who I will vote for then.

(Official): Now then, I shall begin disbursing your tickets! Think carefully - your choice is final! After you have finished voting, please join us on the chessboard to the south! And while results are being tabulated, let's have some refreshments!

* * * * * * * * * *

The voting proceeds swiftly, and all present meander on south to the chessboard, where an ice chest full of Blue Moon Gin awaits.

* * * * * * * * * *

(Official): Greetings once again! I am pleased to announce the results are in! The process seemed to go very smoothly, so nice job to all.
(Gasby): Yay! We're the best! :D
(Sulovir II): Run Ruthie Run!
(Annabel): *shakes head*
(Satyricon): Strange to hold a vote in the middle of the night... These Andris traditions?

(Official): After counting and double-counting, we emerge with the following results! For your new Senate Cohort, in the first position: Edwin Rahleus wins with a commanding lead!

(Suomous): :)
(Annabel): YAY
(Shivani): yay!
(Garath): Woo!
(Mokkia): yes!
(Shuab): :-O
(Gasby): Whaaat? >.<
(Gasby): That can't be right!
(Satyricon): I'm just glad that child didn't win
(Annabel): Same, Saty

(Official): And for the second position: Norman Publius takes a slight lead! As such, these two will be your newest Senators!

(Shivani): yeah!
(Shivani): ugh>_<
(Gasby): How...?!?!?
(Gasby): This is the worst day ever!
(Garath): Woohoo
(Satyricon): Ruthie got 1 vote?
(Shivani): >_<
(Sulovir II): Rigged!
(Garath): Sit Down Ruthie Sit down
(Gasby): * looks like she can't decide if she wants to run off or have a meltdown in place *

* * * * * * * * * *

Rahleus makes his way to the front of the throng gathered at the park...

* * * * * * * * * *

(Rahleus): My fellow Andrisians! What stunning news!!!
(Shivani): hello
(Varto): Shiv is a one issue voter
(Annabel): hello!
(Rahleus): Greetings, hello! Oh my goodness!!
(Annabel): congrats!
(nanasisan): nice robe
(Avendus): *hiccup*

(Rahleus): First and foremost, let me just say two words: thank you! Thank you to my amazing wife, Esme. And thank you to my wonderful and dedicate supporters - this victory is yours! We didn't have much money. We certainly didn't have any big endorsements... And oh, let us also thank our men and women in uniform! Whose service reminds us of our mission... to build a future worthy of their sacrifice!

(Shivani): What about the pets???
(Gasby): * seems to be close to crying, and they're not tears of joy *
(Shivani): Pets are people too!

(Rahleus): The people of Andris have spoken today, and demanded a new path forward. The path ahead will be filled with setbacks and difficulties, yes. But throughout it all, my fellow Andrisians, I will be beholden to you! And to the 4 Point Platform on which I ran. Together, we will invest in education, and expand the University! We will work harder to support those who keep our nation safe! We will fight to keep money away from politics, taking on the poisonous influence of WWW! And we will do it all with fiscal responsibility, and citizen input throughout!

(Shivani): And the pets???

(Rahleus): Working together, we will redeem the promise of Andris for every family, for every pet! Together, we will be pioneers of the future!
(Shivani): !!!!!
(Mokkia): :O
(Shivani): For EVERY PET!

(Rahleus): Together, we will let it be known: this Senate will truly be the People's Senate! Goddess bless you all... and Goddess bless Andris!
(Rahleus): * bows deeply *

(Shivani): :D
(Annabel): woo!
(Rahleus): I must go find Esme - we shall see you all soon!
(Gasby): * is quietly weeping *

* * * * * * * * * *

Publius then approaches the stand...

* * * * * * * * * *

(Official): Ah, hello!
(Shivani): It's the pet killer!
(Gasby): * cries more loudly *
(Shivani): maimer and murderer of pets!

(Norman Publius): Hello! That was an excellent speech from Rahleus.
(Official): Care to take the stand, sir?
(Norman Publius): I would, thank you sir. And thank you for your organization of this important day.
(Official): * beams *

(Norman Publius): My neighbours, a few moments ago, an old day turned into a new day. Time passes quickly in Oberin, perhaps far quicker than any of us are used to. Yet in many ways, time also stands still. I look around, and I see faces of warriors, adventurers, and historians from years past.

(Shivani): I see a pet killer!
(Gasby): Then you see how...freakin' angry I am!
(Shivani): *Throws Zombie brain stew but misses, hitting the official *
(Official): Dear me!!!
(Satyricon): Hey! Don't spend that precious food in that manner.
(Official): No respect! * storms off angrily *

(Norman Publius): By the weapons on your hip, the spells on your lips, and the fire in your heart... We have written our own destiny. We stand on the edge of a new beginning, however. After years of decline, our banks are busier, our dungeons visited more... People are returning. Not just here in Andris, but across the land. Our city, and every government, must make an intentional choice to embrace this revival. Andris must be at the forefront of that revival. No longer can platitudes be said, and then abandoned from action. Andris must, as it is said, walk the walk. I look forward to working with other senators, both new and old, on this vision, this journey. Whatever path is chosen, will, I believe, be the right one.

(Official): Hear hear!

(Norman Publius): But I promise you this. No longer shall a path be chosen, then merely stared at for years on end. I look forward to serving you all in the months ahead. * looks at the moon * We are very fortunate to have such a reminder of Andris' greatness every so often. May we not forget to do our own part to also demonstrate Andris' greatness.

(Garath): *polite clapping*
(Annabel): *claps*
(Official): * claps *
(Gasby): * throws an empty bottle of gin after him *
(Gasby): * almost hits the Official *
(Official): * dodges artfully *

(Official): Such wonderful speeches! Before we conclude this party, however, I have received an important missive. * unravels scroll * It appears to be a message from Ms. Ruthie Yvonne, who was out running today. It's rather short. She would like to mention that Sulovir, for now the Second, but future First...

(Gasby): Rrun, Ruffie...rrrrun!

(Official): ... has inspired her to preser... persrev... persevere... and follow her actual dreams. * rolls up scroll *

(Shivani): On this great day we managed to prevent blatant act of corruption from WWW
(Gasby): That sssseems real weird...
(Gasby): Why would Ruuuffie sssay tha'...?
(Satyricon): See
(Satyricon): She did not even care for this city
(Gasby): She cared about more than you do, you dumb Sadtree!
(Gasby): I wan' to hug Ruffie...!

(Satyricon): * He hold up a hand and makes a little sparkle at Gasby's cheek*
(Gasby): Ahhh!
(Shivani): have some bread, Gasby
(Gasby): Stop tha'!
(Shivani): you'll feel better
(Gasby): * reaches out an unsteady hand for the bread *
(Gasby): * also slurps up some Zombie Stew from Mokkia *
(Shivani): chase it down with this nourishing drink!

(Official): Oh! There was something else here, too. * inspects * It seems we will be receiving a visit from the Auctioneer, very soon!

(Shivani): Auction! Any hints on the wares??
(Official): Hmm... There will certainly be a variety of grandmaster items... As always. But there seems to be some other surprise awaiting as well! For now, then, let us ready our belongings, and make our way to the castle, where the Grandmaster Auction will take place.

* * * * * * * * * *

All present proceed to the castle. After a number of interesting finds, high price tags, masterful auctioneering, and dramatic bidding wars take place, the auction comes at last to the grand finale...

* * * * * * * * * *

(Auctioneer): Earlier, I saw someone run by, obviously frustrated and all in a huff..
(Sulovir II): Run Ruthie Run!
(Auctioneer): Saying something about not running well enough for people... or fast enough...
(Shivani): Run away from your Uncle!
(Auctioneer): That! It sounded like that, Sulovir!
(Auctioneer): Though much, much sadder...
(Shuab): :-O
(Amere): Aww
(Lenne): hahahah
(Sulovir II): :O
(Satyricon): sadder?
(Auctioneer): As I walked over to investigate, I noticed this individual had tossed a robe onto the steps of the bank
(Mokkia): ahahah
(Lenne): oooo
(Varto): SAD
(Sulovir II): SAD

(Auctioneer): I... I have never seen anything of its like before
(Nial): What sort of robe is it, if I may ask?
(Sulovir II): No don't ask!
(Sulovir II): Let him tell the story!
(Auctioneer): A Hibiscus Robe of Protection. GM.
(Lenne): :O:O:O:O:O
(Shivani): 200k!
(Shuab): :-OOOOO
(Nial): 500K!
(Varto): Can you please model it?
(Sulovir II): What the hibiscus!
(Auctioneer): You will only find this robe at the Blue Moon Festival. It is the only one in existence.
(Hayate): elegance

* * * * * * * * * *

The bidding takes off, and eventually concludes at 6,000,000 pieces of gold, to Varto. All present proceed to the Grand Arena for one last round of bloodthirsty excitement, and thus concludes the Blue Moon Festival of Year 452, finest in many years.

* * * * * * * * * *
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