The Witch Doctor Returns

As the Blue Moon waned and festivities died down, Sulovir Lichslayer and Lord Peku began their journey back to Mirith.

“You can set the bags down right there!” Sul commanded.

“Hey, I think you ought to show me a little more respect! I’m not your mule!” Peku retorted, as he placed bags of trinkets and weapons down on the steps of the bank.

“Yeah,” Sul snickered, “maybe when you learn to make your own money and quit relying on your inheritance!”

“Ha! What do you suggest - steal hard earned money from chests like you?! I’ll pass.” Peku brushed off his blue robe and noticed a letter on the steps of the bank. “Hey, what’s this?” He hands the letter over to Sul.

“Istra Falvo. Nope. Doesn’t ring a bell.” Sul said and tossed the letter back on the steps. “This sounds like a Maralian problem, just get this stuff back to the Guild Hall and I’ll make sure we have enough gold to afford food.” Sul gestured at the bags. “It sure seems like I’ve been spending a lot of gold on food lately,” Sul mutters to himself.

Sulovir was never too fond of sailing, as he rarely ventured out to sea. He enjoyed the peace and quiet of the mountain side. Sul wondered if this had anything to do with that Two-Toed Marie lady. He recalled that she mentioned someone by the name of Doc. Before he could think too much about it, more adventurers arrived at the bank.

After some chatter, Amere asks, “Let’s go to the Tree Maze and slay a couple dragons?”

Sulovir II and Nedved II nod in agreement and the trio set off for the woods. After working their way around the outside of the maze, Sul noticed a wounded elemental fleeing in his direction. Confused, as he didn’t remember fighting anything in that direction. The group pressed forward and saw a Stranger at the entrance of the maze. Sul and Amere ran at him, but were unable to apprehend him. The stranger shouted some words of black magic and disappeared.


A pair of brigands sprint out from behind the trees. “Where’d Lord Viri go?” the first yelled and was quickly decapitated as Amere and Sul ran after the second into the maze.

“After him!” Sul shouted.


They lost track of the second brigand and soon Satyricon joined them after hearing the commotion in the area. From outside the maze, they heard shouting, “Get a move on! He said low profile!”


The group stood confused, stumped by the maze. They decided they better double back to the entrance. The sound of boots reverberated throughout the maze.


They arrived back at the entrance and examined the bootprints.


Along the side of the maze, they were faced with a pair of forest dragons. The dragons stood no match and they continued following the tracks Northwest, to the coast.


When they arrived at the coast, they found supplies left behind and a note-in-a-bottle left in the mud.


As the evening grew darker, the group returned home and Sul headed to the Hidden Vale to make sure Peku put his stuff away in the correct spot. He then drafted a report to be sent out immediately to warn travellers of Doc’s return and the question of “Who is Lord Viri?”

He also writes a quick letter to Nial to be sent to the Marali Vanguard:

I know not of this Sea-Witch Instra Falvo you speak of, but I do know the seas may have many formidable allies. I have found evidence of Doc’s return, the Witch Doctor. I also heard another name that I am unfamiliar with. Lord Viri. Please do return any information on these two that you may find on your patrols and you will be the first to know should I hear news of Istra Falvo!

Safe travels,
Sulovir Lichslayer II

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